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The Logans started pointing fingers at whodunit in the Stephanie shooting after seeing the gun photo that displayed a hand and a ring that appeared to belong to Stephen. Anne called Stephanie's sister, Pam, and noted that she had left her medication in Chicago and might be unbalanced. Anne wondered if her daughter had shot Stephanie, and ordered her to get on the next plane home. Brooke admitted to Nick and Ridge that she loved Baby Jack and wanted to be part of his life. Ridge told her it was Nick and Jack, or him. Brooke ran to Nick, and they shared an embrace aboard the Shady Marlin after failing to convince Ridge and Taylor to become one big happy family around the baby. Ashley spied the two embracing and tattled to Felicia. Taylor finally bonded with Baby Jack, who nursed comfortably. At his birthday party, Storm frightened Brooke when he revealed he had a ring similar to his dad's with a water polo figure on it. He wore it on a chain around his neck, and he shared some deep-seated Daddy resentment, saying that he knew she wondered if he had framed their dad as the shooter.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, December 10, 2007

After reviewing evidence found on Jake's camcorder, Katie has even more reason to believe her father is guilty of shooting Stephanie. After further examination of the photograph, Stephanie swears it is Stephen's hand in that picture. Stephen continues to proclaim his innocence to his daughters. Stephanie and Eric confront Stephen, urging him to confess. After learning about the shooting, Ann calls Pam and pleads with her to come home for her own sake. Meanwhile, Taylor returns, confesses how she's missed her baby and vows to never spend another night away from home.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Ridge confided to Ashley that Brooke is Jack's biological mother. Ridge explained that the lab in the hospital had made an error and mistakenly used the wrong donor's eggs - they used Brooke's! Ashley was a little surprised that all was not perfect between Ridge and Brooke. Ridge ensured Ashley that Brooke had signed her parental rights to Jack away and agreed to never have contact with him. Ridge was certain that Brooke would never ruin their relationship by breaching his trust over the matter with Jack. Ashley explained to Ridge that it was a very honorable and difficult act that Brooke did, but wondered how she would stay away from seeing her baby, Jack?

Meanwhile, Nick secretly invited Brooke to the Shady Marlin to see baby Jack. Brooke again held Jack. Brooke then felt guilty because of Ridge and Taylor and suddenly left. Brooke, however, returned a few minutes later. Brooke admitted to Nick that there was no way that she could keep from seeing baby Jack and being in his life. She admitted that she loves Jack. Nick and Brooke agreed to tell Ridge and Taylor the truth about Brooke's feelings for her child, Jack. Nick and Brooke decided that the four of them could all work together, stop the fighting between them and all come together for Jack's sake.

In Ridge's office, Brooke admitted to Ridge that she does not want to Keep Jack out of her life. Brooke admitted that she loves Jack. Brooke asked Ridge to understand her feelings for Jack. Brooke took Ridge by surprise with her sudden admission of her feelings of love for Jack.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ridge gives Brooke an ultimatum. Brooke must choose either him, or Nick and Baby Jack. Brooke becomes extremely upset when Ridge lets it slip that he discussed the donor mix up with Ashley. Nick blindsides Taylor by suggesting that they invite Ridge and Brooke to Baby Jack's christening. Taylor refuses to allow Brooke to have a greater role in their lives than what she already has. After overhearing a phone call from Nick to Brooke, Ashley goes to the Shady Marlin II. Taylor witnesses Nick and Brooke locked in an emotional embrace.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

At Forrester, Ashley wastes no time dishing to Felicia that she saw Brooke and Nick in an embrace the night before on the Shady Marlin. Ash admits she followed Brooke to the boat after overhearing Brooke plan the meeting with Nick on the phone. Ash and Felicia agree it's best not to tell Ridge, but they plan to keep an eye on Brooke.

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne tells a distraught Stephanie that Eric probably won't come back to her he really cares for Donna. Eric arrives and Steph begs him to move back in even if they stay in separate rooms. Eric gently reminds Steph that his future is with Donna. A thunderstorm rolls in, and the power goes out. Stephanie resurrects the infamous photo of the hand with Stephen's ring holding the gun, and she reminds Eric what the Logans have done, but Eric says it's Stephen not Donna who fired the shot.

At the police station, Storm argues with the Baker boys that his father is innocent, but the Bakers tell the Strom and Brooke that Stephen will be locked up because he violated the conditions of his release by visiting Stephanie, so he will now wait in jail to stand trial, and there is no possibility of bail.

At Storm's, Donna and Katie surprise Storm with a birthday celebration, but Storm is somber as he and Brooke share that Stephen will not be given bail. Katie points out that the ring is damning evidence, and Storm argues with her. The power suddenly goes out and all the Logans argue about Stephen's role in the shooting. Donna proclaims Stephen's innocence while Brooke waffles and Storm complains that he can't get Stephen out of jail. Katie blows up at all of them venomously reminding them that Stephen was never there for them growing up and he won't be there now because he's going to prison. To sweeten up the evening, the girls bring in a cake, and they chatter about old times and how Stormy isn't as angry at his dad as he once was.

Brooke makes herself at home looking through one of Storm's old yearbooks, and she is shocked to see a photo of him as captain of the water polo team and wearing his class ring! She looks up at a surprised Storm.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Taylor is in her bedroom looking at a sleeping Jack. She starts to cry and goes to sit down on the bed when Nick walks in. He asks Taylor what is wrong and she asks if he remembers how beautiful it was before the storm blew in. She tells him she took Jack outside with his toys and tub to bathe him. She says that Jack was laughing, kicking and splashing, getting her all wet and it was a great moment but then when she rinsed his hair, and saw light blonde hair growing in. Nick doesn't get it but she tells him it reminded her of Brooke. Nick tells her he has light blonde hair also and many babies do. She says "I know. But all I could think of was Brooke and I felt like she's mocking me. I felt like I was being mocked." He comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her as she cries and says she doesn't know why she feels this way, she just wants to have a normal moment with her baby.

Jack has awakened and Nick brings him to Taylor saying, "He wants his momma" as she's lying in bed looking down. Nick tells her, "Remember all those nights when we were in bed, talking about him when you were carrying him. All those hopes and dreams we had because we knew what a gift this boy would be." Taylor holds Jack and says she knows that. Nick tells her, "It's our job to make him feel safe and all these worries and doubt have to go as this boy is a part of us; he's who we are and he has to make sure he knows his place with you." Taylor tells him he's right and then notices the baby is trying to nurse and smiles and says, "Your right, he just wanted his mommy" as they both smile and put their heads together and look at Jack as he nurses.

Donna goes to the County Jail to visit Stephen and the guard tells him he has 10 minutes, as he removes his shackles. They hug and he asks what she brought. She tells him it's Storms' birthday cake and how the girls threw a party for him earlier. Stephen feels badly as he forgot it was his birthday. Donna tries to make excuses for why he forgot but Stephen tells her it takes a lousy father to forget his son's birthday. They talk about the changes in Storm over the last few weeks and how great he's been and Stephen talks about his regret in how he abandoned him so young.

Stephen talks to Donna about the letter Storm wrote to him, asking him to come home. Donna asks why he didn't come back. He tells her he felt if he did come home, he'd just end up disappointing everyone again and how he didn't even have the guts to answer his letter. Donna tells him it's all in the past and when Storm gets him out of jail, they'll all be together as a family, the Logans. She tells him, "Storm has been working his butt off to get you out of prison; he believes you're innocent and so do I." Stephen tells her, "He's my hope Donna; I have total faith in him."

In Brooke's living room, Storm is leaning on her chair by the fireplace and tells her he sees terror in her eyes. She thinks he means terror from the lights going out. He notices she's viewing his high school yearbook and he says "1982 State Water Polo Champs; like father like son. Is that what you were thinking?" She tells him they both played the same sport and he says "And we both have the same class rings. The similarities will never end." She tells him if she had pointed it out to him a few weeks ago, he would have jumped all over her and he walks over to the patio doors, looks out and says, "A lot has changed between dad and me over the last few days. Things will never be the same." She looks at him thoughtfully, closes the book and gets up to go upstairs, "As it's late", she tells him. He asks if she's kicking him out, with all the lights off and all the "alarming" questions running through her head and she tells him she doesn't know what he's talking about. She starts to walk towards the stairs, tells him it's late and she's going upstairs. Storm gets in front of her and quietly tells her "You're not going anywhere."

Brooke tells him she's tired and to let her by. He says, "So you can go upstairs and lie there and wonder what kind of feign your brother is?" She doesn't understand and he discusses the similarities between him and Stephen. She tells him she trusts him and he doesn't owe her any explanations and he tells her he wants to explain. Storm talks about his Water Polo Championship game and how he wanted to be the star of the team, just like his father. He tells Brooke how he wrote a letter to Stephen asking him to come home, even just for the day, for that game. Storm says, "I told myself if he would come to see this one time, I would forgive him. For the years of neglect, I would let it go. I talked myself into believing that. I remember looking up into the stands between plays, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. I remember you and the girls and mom, clapping and cheering and when they gave us that trophy. I kept praying dad would come home at the last second. That we'd go out for pizza just like all the other families. He never did come home. Never even wrote me back. I don't know, maybe it was just too much to ask."

Storm tells Brooke he did it for them, but who was he kidding, trying to be the man of the family. He was full of rage and frustration but no matter how hard he tried, he was never good enough. Brooke tells him he was their rock and he tells her he was your father, not me and he left and we paid the price for it. Storms says, "Talking about him gets me all riled up but the one thing I asked him for he didn't give me. So I never contacted him again." Brooke asks him about the ring; if he threw it away so he wasn't reminded. He tells her he kept it as a reminder. She asks again what he did with it and he tells her he put it on a chain around his neck, like dog tags, and never took it off as he pulls it out and shows her. Brooke is shocked and asks, "You've had that this whole time?" Storm says, "Didn't I just say that, I've never took it off." She tells him she never knew and looks scared as he walks slowly towards her and says, "I know what you're thinking about right now, it's that picture with dad's hand and ring on that gun. You're scared." He slides a table out of the way as Brooke says no and he says, "You're wondering if I did it. Maybe I set up dad to take the fall." She tells him to stop it and he asks if she thinks he did it, does she think her older brother is capable of shooting Stephanie. He yells at her to answer him as lightening flashes and illuminates the fear on Brooke's face.

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