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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, none of CBS's four daytime drama series aired new episodes. The holiday has been accounted for in the schedule and there will be no lost or "missed" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.

Tuesday, January 1, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of The Gator Bowl, the entire CBS Daytime lineup of daytime dramas The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd and pick up where the action ended onFriday, December 28th.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2007

At the Forrester Mansion, Brooke is begging Stephanie to go to the police and lie. Stephanie tells Brooke that Storm is a danger especially as it appears he put a lot of thought into shooting her and framing his father. She worries about what will happen if he gets upset with her again or Ridge if he leaves Brooke or Eric if he breaks it off with Donna so she tells Brooke no. Frustrated, Brooke tells Stephanie that she gave her word that she would do anything for her forgiveness and all she wants is to save her family.

Brooke tells Stephanie that Storm is not a danger, he needs help but he won't get what he needs in prison. She informs her that Storm wanted to confess but Brooke wouldn't let him. Stephanie doesn't want to put her life or the lives of her family members at risk. She tells Brooke to go home, say goodbye to Storm, have him get his affairs in order and turn himself in or she will. Upset, Brooke grabs her purse and leaves saying, "Why did I think you would ever do anything for anyone but yourself?!"

At Brooke's house, Storm is reading the paper as Donna is anxiously pacing, worrying about what is taking Brooke so long. Storm expresses concern over Brooke obstructing justice by going to Stephanie and that he's turning his sisters into criminals. The doorbell rings and Donna opens it to find Eric standing there holding an envelope. Storm leaves the room to give them privacy and Eric tells Donna he's bringing Stephanie the divorce papers. Donna is thrilled but worries about the timing as Eric looks puzzled.

Eric asks Donna if she doesn't want him to divorce Stephanie and she ends up telling him that Brooke is over there with her trying to make peace. Eric thinks the timing is good as Stephanie will be in a good mood but Donna tells him it's about Stephen's case so she's not sure. They both agree that no matter what happens with the case, it won't get in the way of their relationship. Eric asks Donna to meet him at Forrester Creations after, kisses her and heads over to Stephanie's.

Katie and Donna are worrying about Brooke when she walks in and breaks the bad news. She's upset that after all the lies Stephanie has told that she couldn't tell one more. Katie is relieved that at least they didn't lose anything by trying and Brooke is forced to tell them she let it slip that Storm shot her. Crying, Brooke tells them about her conversation with Stephanie and Storm walks in. Having heard the conversation he sadly hugs Katie and tells them they should break out the champagne and get his bon voyage party started.

Brooke walks over and hugs Storm; apologizing for telling Stephanie the truth. Storm isn't worried about it as he was going to turn himself in anyway. He tells them that they will be fine; they don't need to be together to be the family they were meant to be. He feels he is ready to take responsibility and everyone has forgiven him and that is all he needs. Brooke and Donna offer to take him but he tells Brooke to be with her kids and Donna to be with Eric. He tells them that Katie can take him and that he doesn't want to say goodbye at the police station. As they leave, Donna breaks down crying in Brooke's arms.

Stephanie lets Eric into the Mansion and after some small talk; she asks what he's holding. Eric tells her she knows already and Stephanie's face drops and she takes a step back. She tells him she thought he was happy at Christmas and he tells her he is sorry if he gave her the wrong impression. He says how he will always be happy at the house as it holds a lot of memories for him but it is time for him to move on. Stephanie realizes that he is going to marry Donna. She tells him she can't do this right now so he puts the papers on the coffee table and leaves.

At a loss, Stephanie walks around the living room, stops to look at the family pictures and reminisces about happier times with Eric. She calls Brooke and finds out Storm has left for the police station and tells Brooke to stop him. She asks her if she meant it when she said she'd do anything for her family and Brooke says she did. Stephanie tells her that maybe there is a way they can help each other, she's on her way over.

Thursday, January 3, 2007

Brooke gets Stephanie's call to stop Storm from confessing because she's ready to play "let's make a deal." Brooke calls Storm and Donna's cell phones and leaves messages as they are telling Det. Baker Jr. they have information that will free their dad. Baker has to run out and later returns as Storm explains that the person who framed his dad hates him. Baker is interrupted with a call from Brooke -- stopping Storm from spilling his guts. Brooke tells Katie to get Storm out of there, and come home right away! Meanwhile, Stephanie arrives at Brooke's, and explains the deal -- that she will tell the police she knows Stephen and Storm were not involved as long as Donna walks away from Eric. Brooke is skeptical that Eric will return to Stephanie even if Donna is out of the picture, and demands that Steph stick to the deal even if Eric refuses to take her back. She agrees.

On a romantic date, Eric reveals a private fashion collection inspired by the woman he loves. He tells Donna he will take her on a trip to a private island with a villa right on the beach and he has her clothing already designed. Models wearing dresses and a swimsuit model for them, as Donna notes the designs don't require much fabric. Eric tells her she is wearing too much fabric already. Brooke calls Donna's cell phone, but she doesn't answer it. Wedding music starts as Eric proposes to Donna and tells her he loves her. Donna is overwhelmed with joy, and her cell phone rings again. It's Brooke telling her she must come home. Eric tells Donna to go -- they will have a lifetime of magical moments to look forward to as he says, "I love you Donna -- now and forever."

Storm and Katie enter Brooke's house as Storm apologizes to Stephanie for shooting her. She says she is in a lot of pain - but she remarks that she can see he is too. Suddenly, Donna shows up. Stephanie dishes that she will talk to the police and clear up the entire matter, but it is a limited time offer, and she leaves. The Logans all want an explanation from Brooke who asks Storm and Katie to leave her alone with Donna. Brooke tells Donna she needs to walk away from Eric in order to save their brother and father. Donna is shocked as Brooke apologizes.

Friday, January 4, 2007

In the Forrester Creations showroom, Eric is on his cell phone making arrangements for dinner and flowers to be brought to Big Bear when Felicia walks in and eavesdrops. When he hangs up, he tells Felicia that it is dangerous and misleading to eavesdrop. She knows he went to the house to meet with Stephanie and assumes they've made up but Eric corrects her when he tells her he asked Stephanie for a divorce.

Felicia tells Eric that Stephanie is going to contest it and wants to know if he's going to ask Stephanie to move out of the house again. Eric tells her that he will always love Stephanie but they shouldn't remain married as it won't be good for either one of them. Felicia tells him she's never heard anything so cheap come out of his mouth. Eric lets her know that his life is changing and he is marrying Donna. Felicia is upset about the news and they tell each other they are disappointed in one another. Eric wants her to know that he'll do his best to respect her feelings and hopes she does the same.

Felicia asks if Stephanie signed the papers and what she said but Eric tells her it's none of her business. He tells her he is worried about Stephanie and knows he can't be the one to comfort her. Felicia tells him she'll take care of her and he thanks her but she tells him he has no right to thank her, Stephanie isn't his concern and she walks out crying.

In the County Jail visiting room, Stephen flashes back to the scene where he agreed to plead guilty to shooting Stephanie. The door opens, Stephanie walks in and he's surprised because he thought it was Brooke. Stephanie jokes about how all his daughters want to be Mrs. Forrester at one point or another. She fills him in on how Brooke went to bat for him with her and how she finds it pathetic after he abandoned his daughters and son. She gets his attention when she tells him she knows about Storm; so he walks to the table and sits down.

Stephanie tells Stephen she hates to squash his one attempt at nobility but she'd rather have her husband back. Stephen tells her to get a chauffeur; she'll never know the difference. Stephanie tells Stephen that she is prepared to give a statement to the police to free him and not bring Storm into it. Her only hope is Storm goes into a psychiatric sanitarium to get help. Stephen is surprised she's going along with it and sarcastically asks Stephanie if she thinks Eric will be so grateful, he'll go back to her. Stephanie tells him her condition is that Donna gives up Eric now. She knows Donna will go to Stephen for guidance and she hopes that he will give her good fatherly advice.

Stephen gets upset with Stephanie, paces the room and she tells him he doesn't want Eric's hands all over his daughter anymore than she does. He worries what it will do to Donna as she loves Eric and Stephanie tells him that Donna is young; she'll get over it and move on. Stephen points out that there is no guarantee she'll get Eric back and Stephanie tells him that's her problem. He is worried Stephanie will use Storm over his head for the rest of his life and what he'll get out of it. Stephanie tells him redemption; he'll finally have his family and he can be there to dry Donna's tears.

At Brooke's, Donna repeats Stephanie's condition in exchange for freeing Stephen. She feels that Stephanie is pathetic and refuses to give up Eric for her. Donna is upset with Brooke for asking her to do this and when Brooke asks her how long she thinks it will last, Donna informs a surprised Brooke that Eric had proposed to her. Brooke feels bad that she put them in the position and Donna tells her there's enough blame going around but it's not her guilt or Brooke's. Neither wants to see Storm go to jail and Brooke feels Storm won't make it out of jail alive as he's not strong enough to survive it. She tells Donna she would not be asking her if there was any other way and Storm walks in and asks what they are talking about.

Storm gives them each a cup of tea and jokes about practicing his kitchen skills for jail. Brooke tells him she'll get a recommendation for a doctor from Taylor and he can go back to San Francisco to his old firm. He reveals that he can't because he helped Donna with her landlord, who was letting himself into and out of Donna's apartment. Donna tells Brooke her landlord was one of the firm's biggest clients so they fired Storm when he went to bat for her. She apologizes to Storm and he leaves to help Katie make dinner.

Donna and Brooke sit on the couch and Donna whispers to Brooke that she does not need to remind her of all the sacrifices that Storm has made for her. She would take the hit if it was just her, but she won't hurt someone she loves in the worst possible way. She tells Brooke that Eric will think she played him all along and he'll think he's the fool Stephanie told him he would become and she won't do that to him. She wants to know why Brooke is doing this to her. Brooke reminds her that Stephanie and Eric's history is a powerful thing. That is what Stephanie is counting on to draw him back to her and with Donna out of the picture she believes they will get back together. Donna knows Eric will be miserable and he'll just become Stephanie's whipping boy again. Donna tells her the choice she is giving her is sending her own brother to prison or sending the man she loves back to his jailer.

Brooke wonders if Donna can live with her decision if she chooses Eric. She lays the guilt on pretty thick, upsetting Donna. Brooke's phone rings and it's Stephanie; she gives Brooke one hour for Donna to get onboard or she's going to the police. Brooke hangs up and tells Donna they are out of time. As Donna starts crying, Brooke tells her that she loves her and knows she'll make the right decision.

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