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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 4, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Jackie shows up at Stephanie's unannounced. She and Stephanie exchange a few nasty comments and Jackie shocks Stephanie by telling her that Brooke is Jack's mother. Stephanie doesn't believe her at first and calls her delusional. When Jackie discovers Bridget is on her way over, she tells Stephanie that Bridget will back her story up.

Bridget walks in and greets Stephanie, then stops short, shocked when she sees Jackie there. Stephanie tells her about Jackie's claims and asks her if it's true. Bridget gives Stephanie a brief run down of what happened in the lab, but confirms that Brooke is Jack's biological mother. Jackie goes on about how the truth is making Taylor come unhinged and she feels it's not good for the baby. Stephanie asks if she wants Brooke and Nick back together, and Jackie tells her she does. Bridget angrily tells Jackie to butt out of it and not ruin lives or marriages because of what she wants. Bridget's beeper goes off and she leaves to head to the hospital.

Jackie tells Stephanie that they now have a goal in common-breaking up Brooke and Ridge. She tells Stephanie that as much as they loathe the idea, they can work together to get Nick and Brooke back together, then Stephanie can be Logan-free. Jackie tells Stephanie that if Taylor isn't drinking yet, she will be. Stephanie prays she's not and Jackie tells her she should help her for Taylor's sake, as she is the mother of her grandchildren. She tells Stephanie it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Taylor continues to lash out at Brooke and blame her for her insecurities. Brooke asks to speak with Nick alone, and Brooke and Nick leave the room, with a puzzled Ridge watching. Taylor tries to justify her actions to Ridge and wonders why he hasn't married Brooke yet. Although he thanks her for her surprise, Ridge tells her the timing hasn't been right for them to get married, with all that has happened. She pleads with Ridge to convince Brooke to get married right away.

Nick and Brooke are in his den. Brooke asks Nick to get Taylor to back off. Nick apologizes for what has happened and tells her he didn't know what Taylor had planned. Brooke vents to Nick about feeling cornered, but asserts that it's her life and decisions to make. She tells Nick that Taylor should be focusing on him and Jack, not Brooke.

Ridge tells Taylor that while her intentions are good, it's bad to try to force Brooke into this spontaneous marriage. Taylor reassures Ridge that she is fine, but doesn't understand why Brooke won't marry him. The minister comes into the room and announces he needs to leave for an emergency, but assures them he can perform the ceremony later if they need him to. After the Minister leaves Taylor begins to cry, sits down, and tells Ridge everything is falling apart.

Nick and Brooke return to the room, and Brooke apologizes to Ridge that they won't be getting married, not under such preposterous circumstances. Taylor is offended and lets Brooke know that she is. She tells Brooke that she has given up everything for her and tried to the take the high road only for Brooke to tell her it's preposterous. She grabs a glass of wine off the table and offers up a toast to Brooke and puts the glass up towards her mouth, as Brooke and Nick beg her not to drink it. Instead of drinking it, Taylor smashes the glass against the wall, cutting her hand. She tells them the party is over and to go home, as Nick, Brooke, and Ridge watch her in stunned disbelief.

Nick is wrapping up Taylor's hand and as she cries about their ruined evening. She tells him all she wanted was closure for everyone, but Brooke ruined it. Nick tells her to try to look at it from Brooke's point of view. Taylor asks him why he can't defend her for once, and Nick reassures her that he supports her and always will. She tells him she wants to believe it and she loves him.

Back at home, Ridge expresses his concern for Taylor and how upset she was. Brooke tells him she's been trying to say it for weeks, and now he's seen it firsthand. Ridge sits down and tells Brooke that she had a chance "to do something wonderful tonight," that they are married in every other way, so what was wrong with saying a few words? Brooke tells him she wants to get married on her terms, not to ease Taylor's ridiculous fears and insecurities. Ridge gets up and heads into the bathroom.

Nick calls Brooke to let her know that Taylor calmed down and is asleep. He tells Brooke that she handled herself very well. She thanks him for his support and tells him he always did understand her. He tells her she'll always have his support. They both hang up and look out their windows at the moon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In their little hideaway, Donna and Eric have spent the early morning hours making love. Eric leaves the room to get dressed for work and Brooke knocks on the door. Donna lets her in and asks how Brooke found out where Donna was. Brooke says Katie told her, and that she knows Donna ended it with Eric and how hard it must have been for her. Eric walks in the room in his bathrobe and Brooke gasps in shock. Eric walks up to Donna and puts his arm around her. Donna tells Brooke they are still together. Donna explains her plan to Brooke, and Eric assures her they will be careful, that nobody will find out. Brooke tells them that nobody knows better than she does that Stephanie can find any little secret and exact her own brand of justice. Brooke tells Donna and Eric that she knows they are in love, but she is worried about what will happen to Storm in all of this. Eric promises her they'll be careful, but Brooke tells him that Stephanie will find out-that she's been out to get the Logans for years.

Donna and Eric are snuggling on the bed. Donna asks Eric if he can keep Stephanie from ruining what they have. Eric kisses her and reassures her that he will not let Stephanie ruin their relationship.

Brooke shows up at Stephanie's to meet Ridge but Stephanie tells her he's left already. Stephanie tells Brooke she's glad she stopped by as she needs to talk to her about her baby son, Jack. She asks Brooke why she didn't marry Ridge the night before. When Brooke doesn't answer, Stephanie tells Brooke that things are no longer simple now that the baby is involved, and she doesn't want Ridge involved in the mess. Brooke asks Stephanie if she will still support Brooke for the rest of her life and Stephanie tells her that was before things got messy. She asks Brooke if she is still in love with Nick.

James shows up at Nick and Taylor's at Nick's request. Nick says he is lost, that his marriage is in crisis, and he doesn't know what to do, as Taylor listens from the top of the stairs. James asks if Taylor is drinking and Nick says no. James looks up and sees Taylor standing there. Taylor comes down and admits to Nick she heard everything and knows he's committed to her. James asks her to talk about what's going on. She sits on the couch and tells them both that she's not coping well at all. She tells them she feels scared and insecure, and that she doesn't fully believe Nick when he says he doesn't see Brooke when he looks at Jack. She gets up and walks around and tells both of them she's been tempted to drink. Nick looks up in surprise as she admits she actually has taken a drink and it's the only thing that's helped her ease the pain. Taylor tells both men that with everything she's been through with Brooke, she's not sure if she'll ever find peace of mind again.

Taylor apologizes to Nick and admits she's had more than one drink. Nick tells her it's his fault because he is the one who wanted a child, not her. Taylor walks to him, crying, and tells him not to blame himself; she wanted to give him a child. She turns and begs James to help her. James asks her to think about her statement about peace of mind and asks her what she would tell a patient if they made such a statement. Taylor tells him real peace doesn't come from the outside, but the inside. Taylor asks Nick to leave so she can have a moment with James, so Nick kisses her and leaves the room.

James listens as Taylor pours her heart out to him. She tells him that she loves Nick but she is not the wife and mother that he and Jack deserve. She tells him she wants to be the woman Nick fell in love with again, then cries and begs for James to help her.

Nick comes back downstairs and tells James that Taylor is in bed resting. He thanks James for listening and helping. James tells Nick that he's never seen Taylor like this before, but only Nick can help her. Nick asks how and what he has done. James tells Nick it's not something he's doing consciously but Taylor feels the key to her problems is Brooke. Nick tells James he is aware of that, but Taylor has to get past it. James asks Nick if he is still in love with Brooke.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the Forrester living room, Stephanie tells Brooke that she believes Brooke still has feelings for Nick. Brooke denies it and tells Stephanie that she and Ridge are committed to each other. Hope and RJ come rushing in and hug Brooke, with Felicia trailing behind. Felicia had taken them on a play date with Dominick. Brooke wants to leave, but Felicia brings the kids into the kitchen for cookies so Stephanie can finish talking to Brooke. Brooke is furious and wants to leave, but Stephanie keeps asking her if she still loves Nick.

Brooke says Stephanie has no right to interfere in her life. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's just trying to help now that she knows about Jack. Brooke wants to know if Stephanie feels RJ doesn't deserve a life with two loving parents together-if she shouldn't marry Ridge. Stephanie tells her under the circumstances, no, she should not marry Ridge, because RJ would be damaged if Brooke married Ridge when she is still in love with Nick.

James asks Nick if he still loves Brooke. Nick doesn't answer the question but instead says that Taylor is the one who has issues with Brooke. James reminds Nick of the deep relationship he shared with Brooke once, and how she isn't the kind of woman one can forget. He tells Nick that he needs Nick to answer honestly if he's to have any breakthrough with Taylor. Nick yells at James and tells him he'll answer, but James stops him from answering. James tells Nick to take time, and go to a place where he can think and search deep in his heart and soul for the answer.

Taylor comes downstairs and asks James where Nick is. James tells her he's off thinking, so Taylor inquires as to what they talked about. At first James is reluctant to tell her, but he finally gives in and tells her he asked Nick if he was still in love with Brooke. He tells Taylor that her problems aren't with Brooke but with Nick's feelings about Brooke. Taylor gets upset and tells James she wishes he hadn't done that.

Taylor walks around the living room and begins to hallucinate as she hears the door open. She sees that it's Brooke and asks why she is there. Brooke laughs and tells Taylor it's her house and wants to know where her husband is. Taylor tells her Nick is her husband and Jack is her son, not Brooke's. Brooke heads upstairs and Taylor gets in front of her. Brooke tells Taylor that she could never compete with Brooke because all the men want Brooke more than Taylor. She laughs and walks past Taylor. Taylor screams at her and begs for Brooke to go away, and Brooke laughs and reminds Taylor that Nick is her husband and there is nothing Taylor can do about it. Brooke's words continue to echo in Taylor's head as she collapses on the stairs. She holds her head and cries.

Nick goes to The Shady Marlin and walks around inside the cabin as James's question reverberates in his head. He picks up his guitar, sits down and starts to play his and Brooke's song, "Going Back Again," and reminisces about happier times with Brooke and her kids. As he finishes the song, he looks up to see Brooke standing there smiling. He puts down his guitar and asks Brooke what she is doing there. She tells him she needed to clear her head so she drove down to the marina to think, and she saw his car. She tells him she was reminiscing about their times together and he smiles and tells her he was doing the same thing.

Nick and Brooke talk about how they both feel the sea air helps them to think. Brooke tells Nick she knows he can think better on the boat and she remembers how much he enjoys being on it. He says that his life was easier when he lived there. Nick tells Brooke about James coming and helping him and Taylor, and that James asked him just one question. Brooke asks him what the question is. Nick responds that when he searches his heart, the only woman he sees is Brooke. Brooke listens with tears in her eyes.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brooke and Nick look wantonly at one another on the Shady Marlin as Nick admits that he is still in love with her. Nick realizes that James was correct when he said that Nick's preoccupation with Brooke is ruining his marriage to Taylor. Nick says he is committed to Taylor and Jack, but it doesn't change the way he feels about Brooke. He says the walls have been caving in on his marriage ever since everyone found out about Jack being Nick and Brooke's son. In spite of everything, he still wants a life with Taylor and Jack, but he believes he must tell Taylor he still loves Brooke. Brooke thinks it will send Taylor into a breakdown, and begs him not to tell. Nick and Brooke cozy up to one another, whispering that they still love each other, but can't hurt Taylor and Ridge. Nick wonders if the fact that Jack is their biological son isn't some kind of sign. Brooke's eyes fill with tears, and Nick goes home.

Bridget and Rick talk about how the fact that Brooke and Nick are biological parents to Baby Jack is affecting Taylor. Rick is concerned, and defends Taylor as a wonderful, strong woman who is falling apart. Bridget says she feels responsible and worries that Taylor will lose Nick to Brooke. Rick agrees and says that Taylor can't ever seem to escape Brooke's interference in her life.

While at home, Taylor is falling apart as the Brooke vision moves into Taylor's bedroom, claiming that Brooke will be the one to end up with Nick and Jack. The Brooke vision blabs that Brooke gets every man Taylor ever wanted. The Brooke vision unpacks her overnight bag pulling out sexy lingerie and laying down on the bed telling Taylor that Eric, Thorne, and Ridge all adored her and couldn't get enough of her. Now, Brooke will take Nick, too.

Taylor screams at the imaginary Brooke as James, the preeminent psychiatrist, walks in and sees Taylor yelling at the walls. She grabs James and says, "Help me. Help me."

James tells her that Nick's feelings for Brooke are fueling her visions, and she must find out how Nick truly feels about Brooke before James can help Taylor move on. Taylor wonders if James is telling her to walk away from her marriage to Nick. Then she rants that the entire scenario of Jack being Nick and Brooke's child was a conspiracy between Bridget and Brooke.

James tells her to stop unraveling. She needs to talk to Nick and then make her decision. Nick walks in fresh from his soul-searching trip to the Marlin. The good doctor leaves the couple alone as Nick admits he's been searching his heart as James suggested. Taylor asks him if he is still in love with Brooke.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Taylor pleads with Nick to answer her, so Nick finally admits that he is still in love with Brooke. He says that he is still committed to Taylor but that Brooke is not in his head and he'll deal with it. Taylor says she doesn't want him to bury his feelings as it's a recipe for disaster. She tells Nick that deep down she knew the truth and she needs to deal with reality the way it is, or she'll have some kind of mental breakdown. Nick tells her they'll get through it and she says they won't as she's already been down this path with Ridge. She says she can't get comfortable with her life as long as Brooke controls his heart. Taylor thanks Nick for being honest with her, but tells him that she feels it's time for her to move on, that they should go their separate ways.

Nick asks Taylor if she's leaving him and she says yes. Taylor tells him he stood by her and he's been wonderful through everything. Nick says that he will try harder and support her forever. She tells Nick that she loves Jack but James is right, she won't get better until she removes herself from the situation. She says she will move to her house in Bel Air. Nick angrily says her home is with him and Jack. He sees she is going to remove her wedding bands and he begs her not to but Taylor takes off her rings and places them in Nick's hand. She says she loves him enough to let him go, but she is doing this for herself. Stunned, Nick watches her walk out the door.

Brooke walks in her door and finds Rick waiting for her. Rick tells her that he's been thinking about the whole situation with Jack and he feels it's meant to be. He says that Nick and Brooke have a deep connection and she must know he is still in love with her. Brooke admits that Nick just told her he was. Rick argues with Brooke that Nick loves her and she needs to go be with him. Brooke's phone rings-it's Nick calling to tell her Taylor left him. Rick overhears Brooke's conversation and runs out the door as Brooke tells Nick she's on her way over.

Taylor walks in her old house, drops her purse, takes off her shoes and curls up on the couch. Rick walks in and quietly inquires how she's doing. Taylor says she just did one of the hardest things in her life and she's never felt so alone. Rick sits down on the couch near her and says she's not alone, because she's got him. Taylor fills him in on everything that happened. Rick tells her that she's done the right thing by getting out and she needs to surround herself with people who support and love her, people like him.

Taylor paces the living room and says she is tired of competing with Brooke. Rick tells her she's not competing with Brooke. Taylor says she always loses everything to Brooke and she's afraid to get attached to anyone or anything for fear of losing them again. She calls herself a loser and insecure. Rick walks up to her, holds her arms and tells her she's not any of those things. Taylor says she doesn't understand what Brooke has that she doesn't as she's lost two husbands to Brooke. Rick tells Taylor she is beautiful, smart, and intelligent, and that he cares about her then he leans in and kisses her.

Brooke walks into Nick's bedroom as he's trying to calm a fussy Jack. Brooke takes the baby and Jack settles down as Nick comments that she has a mother's touch. Nick brings Brooke up to date with everything that transpired with him and Taylor. She says she never wanted to hurt Taylor that way. Brooke sits on the bed holding Jack, then looks up at Nick and asks him who is going to be a mother to Jack.

Brooke puts Jack in his crib and asks Nick again who is going to be Jack's mother. Nick gazes at her and Brooke takes a step back. She says she can't as she is committed to Ridge and they are planning a life together. Nick says he wants her to be part of Jack's life as she is his mother, his biological mother. He says they'll be forever connected by Jack. He asks why she came over, if it was to be with him and Jack, and she whispers yes. He walks close to her, foreheads touching, telling her he loves her, and asks if she can say the same thing. She whispers yes as they fall into a passionate kiss.

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