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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, March 17, 2008

In her office, a frustrated Brooke had difficulty concentrating on her work. Rick showed up and asked what was so urgent that Brooke had him rush over. She expressed her concerns about Bridget being with Nick, but Rick reminded Brooke that Bridget was a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions. Brooke asked Rick to talk to his sister and Rick said he did-Bridget had made her choice and he supported her. Brooke said he didn't seem concerned about his sister and Rick said Brooke was becoming more like Stephanie every day by involving herself in everyone else's life but her own.

Brooke said she was concerned for Bridget but Rick said there was more to it than that. He said he had been a huge advocate for Brooke's relationship with Nick, but realized it wasn't going to happen and asked Brooke why she hadn't married Ridge yet. Brooke said that Ridge needed more time and Rick said it was because Brooke was at the custody hearing where she didn't belong. Rick said Brooke needed to think "outside the world of Brooke" because her inability to commit to one man had caused confusion for Bridget and hurt Taylor. Rick said she needed to make up her mind once and for all. He insisted Brooke could not choose Nick, as Brooke had stolen Nick away from Bridget once, and it had nearly killed Bridget-and he wouldn't stand by and watch Brooke do that to her daughter again.

Rick said Bridget was with Nick making love and Brooke got upset. Rick said she had no right to be upset, as Nick had moved on and she must accept it. He said she'd better realize it before Ridge moved on with someone else, possibly Ashley, but Brooke said she thought Rick was dating Ashley. He said he wasn't, that there was someone else. Brooke said she was glad, as Ashley was too old for him and this new woman was a lucky lady, probably tailor-made for Rick.

Rick said if Brooke wanted the family she claimed to want, she'd better let go of Nick before Ridge walked out on her. Brooke said she only worried that Bridget was making a mistake, and Rick asked if Brooke was more afraid that she had made the mistake of letting Nick go. Brooke assured Rick she was committed to Ridge, and Rick said Brooke needed to stick with her decision and allow Bridget her chance to be happy with Nick.

At Nick's house, a bored Katie began to poke through Nick's drawers looking at older photos of him. She went through another drawer, pulled out awards and a plaque he'd earned and was impressed by them. She pulled out a few small boxes and found Nicole's ultrasound picture, then pulled out a picture from Nick and Brooke's wedding and stared at it thoughtfully.

Upstairs in the bedroom, as Bridget kissed Nick, she said how long she had been waiting to be intimate with him again as Nick thought to himself that he needed to move on; Bridget was beautiful, innocent, and loyal to him, and he pushed himself to kiss and touch her. Nick pulled away from Bridget and she realized he thought it wasn't a good idea, but Nick said he didn't want anyone to get hurt. Bridget said she had no expectations so she wouldn't get hurt. As they kissed, the song Nick had written for Bridget came on the radio and she commented she loved the song. As the song played, a montage of the history with Bridget and Nick played on screen. When the song ended Nick and Bridget kissed passionately in bed.

After making love, Bridget said she was happy but knew there were no commitments after their night together. Nick said that they needed to take things one step at a time; Bridget agreed as they sealed it with a kiss.

Outside the café, Donna checked to see if she'd been shot as Pam laughed hysterically yelling "bang bang bang." Pam had been holding a gun with a flag that shot out of the barrel with the word "bang" on it and said it was a gift for RJ's birthday. Donna was convinced Pam was trying to kill her and planned on telling Eric so he would fire Pam. Donna said she would become Mrs. Eric Forrester and there was nothing Pam could do to stop it. Pam said if Eric didn't come to his senses before the wedding, Donna had better-or else, then Pam left.

Donna had walked into Eric's office upset and said for Eric to put Pam on a plane back to Chicago. She discovered Stephanie sitting there instead of Eric. Donna said Stephanie's sister, Pam, was a psycho but she shouldn't be surprised as it must run in the family. Donna said Pam tried to shoot her and Stephanie joked that shooting people runs in Donna's family not Stephanie's. Donna demanded that Stephanie call Pam off, but Stephanie smelled Donna's breath and asked her if she'd been drinking. Stephanie chalked up Donna's behavior to alcohol as Donna threw her hands up in frustration.

Donna tried to convince Stephanie that Pam had threatened her but Stephanie did not believe her. Pam walked in and denied Donna's allegations, and Stephanie sided with her sister. The two sisters had a quick chat about Pam antagonizing Donna, then Stephanie said Pam and Donna needed to get along, as they would be working together as the "new receptionist and the new bimbo." Stephanie chuckled and left the room as Donna told Pam that Stephanie may have bought her act but Donna knew what a dangerous sociopath Pam truly was. They continued to argue about Stephanie and Eric, and Donna grabbed Pam and tossed her out the door. As Donna attempted to get control of her emotions, Pam startled her by yelling "bang bang" from the door. Donna screamed as Pam laughed hysterically and shut the door.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

At Nick's house, Bridget told Nick that she never stopped loving him after their divorce. They decided to continue to take their relationship one step at a time. After Bridget left Nick's house, Katie arrived. She questioned Nick about his night with Bridget. Katie tried to determine if she did the right thing by encouraging Bridget to reunite with Nick.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke discussed Bridget's involvement with Nick. Ridge reminded Brooke that Nick and Bridget had been married previously and they were mature enough to know if they wanted to become involved with one another again. Ridge questioned why Brooke was so worried about Bridget and Nick.

Brooke was surprised when Ridge had a meeting with Ashley. Ridge met with Ashley to sample her new perfume for the fall line. Ridge mentioned to Ashley that there were complications in his relationship with Brooke. Ridge explained that Brooke's relationship with Nick and baby Jack was a problem. Ridge also said that Brooke had proposed to him and that he had turned her down because of his uncertainty of Brooke's feelings for Nick.

Ashley admitted to Ridge that she was hurt when he left her for Brooke. However, Ashley told Ridge that she was not a doormat for any man. Ridge flirted with Ashley despite what she had just told him. Ashley nixed Ridge's passes and left the office.

Meanwhile Bridget went to Brooke's office and apologized for arguing with her about Nick. Bridget told Brooke that all she wanted was another chance with Nick-without Brooke being in the picture.

Rick made a surprise visit to Taylor at her office. The real surprise was that he had baby Jack with him. Rick had told Bridget that he was taking Jack to the park, but he had intended to bring Jack to visit Taylor. Rick could see how happy Taylor was to spend time with Jack. Rick's wish was that Taylor would always be Jack's mother. Rick changed the subject and told Taylor that he had developed serious feeling for her. He told Taylor that he could not stop thinking about her. Taylor commented to Rick that Brooke would be ballistic if she found out that Rick had feelings for her. Rick agreed that when he did inform Brooke of his feelings for Taylor, she would be ballistic.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At the hospital, Eric surprised Bridget by stopping by her office. He said news traveled fast and asked if she was seeing Nick again. Bridget said they'd had a wonderful night together and she hoped something came of it. Eric said he was worried about Nick hurting her but Bridget said they were taking things one step at a time. Eric said it sounded more like Nick wasn't ready to commit. Bridget said Nick couldn't commit when he wasn't even divorced yet, so Eric asked if that was the case then what was Bridget doing with him.

Frustrated, Bridget assumed Eric's visit was prompted by Brooke but said she had her mother's blessing and she just wanted Eric to be happy for her. Eric expressed his feelings about Nick, whether or not he was the right man for Bridget, and said he was worried Bridget would get hurt again. Bridget said she only wanted to get back what she'd had with Nick before and begged Eric to be happy for her. Eric pulled her into a hug and they exchanged "I love you's."

Katie was livid Nick slept with Bridget when he didn't even know how he felt about her. Nick argued that Bridget wasn't a child and that their night together was consensual. Katie pressed him further, but Nick stopped her and said he was not comfortable continuing the conversation with her. She continued to yell at Nick while taking off her jacket, revealing a basketball jersey underneath. Nick asked what she was wearing and Katie said she loved basketball.

Nick tried a few times to get Katie to leave but she refused until she found out where he stood with Bridget. Katie continued to push Nick to give Bridget a second chance. He said he didn't know if he could give Bridget what she wanted and deserved, and a frustrated Katie told him he was full of hot air. He called her a pain in the ass and told her she was single because she was too much like a guy. They exchanged a few more insults and Nick said he didn't believe he was right for Bridget and as he described himself, they both realized how alike they were.

In separate offices at Forrester Creations, Ashley and Ridge reminisced about their near kiss. Ashley's thoughts were interrupted when Rick walked in and talked business with her for a few moments. He asked if she was smiling because there was a new man in her life, but Ashley denied it. She inquired if his smile was due to a new woman in his life or if he was too busy protecting Taylor. Rick said Taylor had been going through a rough time and he was only trying to give her support. Ashley said what he was doing said a lot about who he was and she confessed she was surprised that it was Brooke's son stepping up to the plate to back up Taylor.

Taylor poked her head in Ridge's office and said she was looking for a friendly face. Ridge said he would always be there for her and asked how she was doing. Taylor asked if they were going to have a friendly conversation or if he was going to give her a lecture about being an unfit mother. She updated him on the custody hearing and blamed Brooke's inability to stay away from Jack for all of her problems. Taylor said she would be doing better if the woman he was engaged to would be out of her life forever.

Taylor admitted she was feeling better and wanted to go before the judge to show him how stable she was. Ridge said he was surprised at how well she was doing after all the reports he'd heard. Taylor said Brooke probably painted her out to be a nutcase and Ridge replied Brooke was just concerned about Jack. Taylor said Brooke was out to ruin Taylor's life, but when Ridge denied it, she switched the subject. She asked him what happened to his relationship with Ashley but he didn't answer. Taylor said if he had any sense in his head he'd go back to Ashley because if he married Brooke he would be completely miserable for the rest of his life. Brooke walked in and yelled at Taylor.

Taylor accused Brooke of eavesdropping and wanted to know how much Brooke had heard. Brooke said she'd heard enough and told Taylor to stop undermining her engagement to Ridge. The two women started insulting each other and Ridge told them to stop before they started World War II again. Taylor said Ridge's life would be full of pain and misery if he married Brooke, because Brooke's life was too wrapped up with Jack and Nick. Brooke started to respond but Taylor stopped her and said that the only insane person in the room was Brooke. Brooke got in Taylor's face as they continued to argue and shout at one another and Brooke pushed Taylor. Taylor told Brooke not to do it again but Brooke did and said Taylor had only lost Jack because she was losing her mind. Rick walked in and shouted at Brooke to not speak to Taylor that way.

Rick said he would not allow Brooke to berate Taylor, and Ridge stood up for Brooke. Brooke said Taylor had attacked her but Taylor replied she was only sick of Brooke ruining everyone's life. Taylor accused Brooke of ruining Bridget's two marriages, Taylor's marriages to Ridge and Nick, and reneging on her agreement to give up Jack. Brooke claimed it wasn't true as Ridge got buzzed to go to the dock for an emergency. He told both women he didn't want either of them leaving in handcuffs or a body bag and left the room.

Brooke tried to talk calmly to Taylor but Rick cut her off and said Taylor had been through enough. Taylor thanked Rick and wondered how he had put up with Brooke all his life. Taylor pointed out Brooke had competed with her own daughter, Bridget, for a romantic relationship and told her it was sick. Brooke admitted she had made mistakes and hurt Bridget but those were not the reasons Taylor had lost custody of Jack. Rick got in Brooke's face and asked her who her destiny was because Brooke had hurt a lot of people trying to figure it out-but nobody had been hurt by it more than Taylor. Brooke asked why Rick was defending Taylor instead of her and wanted to know if he was blaming Brooke for Taylor's problems. Rick said he wasn't there to blame anyone but someone needed to come to Taylor's defense. Rick said Taylor had lost out to Brooke time and time again and pushed Taylor to the breaking point. Brooke said it was admirable that Rick was trying to defend Taylor out of the goodness of his heart but Rick shook his head and said Brooke didn't get it. A confused Brooke listened as Rick said he cared for Taylor, wanted to be with her and hold her. Rick turned to Taylor, said he loved her, and drew her into a kiss. Brooke cried and backed away as she watched them kiss, trying to understand what was happening.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness," today's entire lineup of CBS soaps was pre-empted. There will be no new episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. These pre-emptions were anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming changes.

Regular programming resumes on Monday, March 24th where Wednesday, March 19th's episodes left off.

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