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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, June 9, 2008

At Forrester Creations, Phoebe asked Ashley questions about Katie's health. Ashley did her best to answer while Felicia and Thorne listened. Jackie burst in looking for Katie's dress. Nick had called Eric and asked him to design a special dress for Katie because Nick had planned a special evening for her. Ridge and Eric had dropped everything and created the dress in a day. Felicia commented how gorgeous the dress was. Felicia also said it would be a shame if Katie could only wear it once. Jackie left and headed to Nick's to deliver the dress.

At Nick's home, Stephanie stopped by to visit with Katie. Stephanie noticed that Katie's fever had returned and asked Katie if she was giving up. Katie insisted she wasn't but her body was. Katie said she'd used all her miracles and didn't expect another. Stephanie said there would always be miracles. In a tender moment, Stephanie told Katie she loved her.

Katie talked about her boat ride with Nick. Stephanie watched Katie's face closely while Katie talked about Nick. Katie said how wonderful Nick had been to her. Katie changed the subject and asked if Stephanie was aware of what surprise was in store for Katie. Stephanie said she didn't and even if she did, she wouldn't tell Katie. Stephanie said she loved Katie and got up to leave, and Katie said goodbye. Katie said she was living in the moment, told Stephanie she loved her too and said goodbye. Stephanie kissed Katie on the forehead and said she'd see Katie later, refusing to say goodbye.

Downstairs, Nick returned and spoke to Bridget, Donna, and Brooke about Katie. He told them about Katie's wish to not take her pills. He said he didn't understand her wish at first but did later. Nick said he talked Katie into taking the pills for her family. He sat down and faced the three women. He told them Katie's wish was to not have to be hospitalized again. He said she wanted to die at home. Nick asked the women to honor Katie's wish and allow her to die quietly in his home. Although saddened to discuss their sister's impending death, Brooke and Donna agreed.

Jackie arrived with Katie's dress. Nick informed Brooke and Donna that, because Katie had missed her senior prom, he was throwing one for her. He hired a caterer and designer to set up his living room for the event. Excited, all four women went upstairs to help Katie get ready.

Stephanie came downstairs and saw Nick. She told Nick she hadn't realized he could be compassionate. She asked Nick if he had feelings for Katie. Nick said he did. Stephanie reminded him that Bridget was deeply in love with him. She asked him if he planned on sleeping his way through the Logan women. Nick said he was giving Katie an evening to remember. As Stephanie went to leave, she told Nick that more than one person would remember.

Upstairs, Bridget checked Katie's vital signs before she got ready. Katie still had no idea what was planned and none of the women would tell her. They all said that it would be a night Katie would never forget. Jackie and Donna swooped in to fix Katie's hair and makeup. After Katie was ready, Bridget escorted Katie to visit with Jack for a few moments.

Bridget returned to Katie's room. She informed Brooke and Donna that Katie's symptoms were progressing quicker than anticipated. Brooke said she thought Katie had a few weeks. Bridget sadly informed her that Katie had less time than that. As the three women tried to digest this information, Katie walked in. All three women looked up and smiled. Katie stood there in a gorgeous, fitted, sleeveless white lace gown with white gloves. She looked absolutely stunning. Brooke and Bridget told Katie how beautiful she looked. Bridget informed Katie that they were slipping out the back door. Katie was puzzled and asked why they weren't going. Bridget smiled and said that the evening was for Katie. Smiling, Katie said she always wanted to remember that moment, with all three women looking so happy. Katie hugged the women and then left to go downstairs. Brooke and Donna hugged one another and fought off tears.

Downstairs, Nick was in a tuxedo and the living room was completely transformed. There was a jukebox, disco balls, punch bowl and hanging decorations. As Nick started the jukebox, Katie came down the stairs. She was blown away at how amazing the living room looked. She commented it looked like a senior prom. Nick told her that's exactly what it was. He told her the night was as much for him as it was for her. He said he hadn't gone to his prom either. Nick pinned a corsage on Katie and walked her to the dance floor. Katie said that the evening would be special because of him. Nick pulled her into his arms as they began to dance.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At his home, Nick indulged Katie to the senior prom he arranged. They pretended that they were at an actual prom. Nick and Katie danced the night away. Katie told Nick that she was able to dance because strong pain medication she was taking dulled her pain.

Later in the evening, Katie revealed to Nick the dark secret she had kept about her own senior prom. Katie told Nick the story of how a popular boy that she had secretly admired unexpectedly invited her to the senior prom. While they were together at the prom she noticed other boys were giving her date money. Katie revealed that she was horrified to learn that her date had bet money that he would actually take an unpopular girl to the prom. Katie was so horrified and hurt that she left the prom in tears and ran home. Katie revealed that she never told Brooke or Donna what happened at the prom.

Meanwhile, Bridget worked frantically in an attempt to identify another heart donor for Katie. Stephanie and Brooke were also present. It surprised Stephanie to learn from Bridget that Nick and Katie had kissed. Bridget explained that she was aware of Katie's feeling for Nick, which was why she encouraged Nick to arrange a special night for Katie, perhaps her last one alive. Brooke tried to assure Bridget that Katie's declining condition was not her fault.

At the end of their "prom," Katie and Nick's relationship had been taken to a new level! Katie told Nick that she had finally met a man that she could love and trust. Nick carried Katie upstairs to her bedroom. Nick told Katie that there was no other place he'd rather be. He also commented that there was no other person he'd rather be with. Once upstairs, Nick gave a kiss to Katie.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In his office, Ridge was working on a dress design. Steffy walked in, walked up to Ridge, and held on. Ridge asked what was going on. Steffy told him she saw the dress he designed for Katie. She said it was a wonderful thing he had done despite his feelings towards Donna. He said he'd set those aside as he cared for Katie. He said he wanted to do something special. Steffy told him he'd succeeded.

Ridge asked Steffy about work. Steffy mentioned she was happy to be working in shipping. She mentioned Marcus to Ridge. Ridge was surprised to hear his father had hired someone without following normal hiring procedures. When Steffy told him Donna recommended Marcus, Ridge grimaced. Steffy and Ridge talked about Donna. Ridge agreed to set aside his animosity towards Donna as long as Katie was dying.

In the shipping department, Marcus and Donna chatted. Donna mentioned that Katie was dying. Marcus offered his sympathies and listened as Donna talked. She told Marcus he didn't need to be there for her. She didn't want Marcus to end up like Storm. She wanted to be there for Marcus because she wasn't there while he was growing up. Marcus said her sister was dying, and she needed someone to lean on. Donna reached out and held his hand. At the same moment, Steffy walked up and witnessed Donna and Marcus holding hands.

Bridget continued to do research on the Internet. She desperately wanted to find something that could help save Katie's life. Brooke walked in with sandwiches. She tried to get Bridget to let it go. Suddenly, Bridget got excited and called Dr. Patrick. Bridget insisted she needed to see him immediately.

Dr. Patrick met with Bridget. They went over some research Bridget had found. They realized there might be a way to save Katie's life. Dr. Patrick told Bridget to bring Katie to the hospital and the team would be on stand-by to begin treatment. Brooke argued with Bridget that Katie didn't want to go to the hospital. After a few moments of arguing, Bridget finally agreed to get Dr. Patrick to allow her to treat Katie at home.

Nick and Katie kissed. Although she was clearly ill, Katie said what a great kiss it was. She asked Nick to find her robe so she could change out of her gown. Nick helped Katie change instead. Katie's breathing was shallow and she began to cough. Nick wanted to get some help but Katie refused. She refused her medication when Nick offered it. Katie told Nick she had all she needed in front of her and held onto his hand. As Nick watched, Katie's eyes closed and she stopped breathing. Nick called out her name repeatedly but received no response.

Sad, Nick wandered downstairs and walked around the living room. He stared at the prom decorations and reminisced about his time with Katie. He sat down, devastated because of Katie's passing. Bridget and Brooke came barging through the door. They were starting to rush upstairs when Nick shouted for them to stop. When both women looked at him, Nick told them it was too late.

Upstairs in Katie's room, Bridget discovered Katie had a weak pulse but was still alive. Nick said he'd checked her pulse but didn't find one. Bridget assured him Katie was alive. Bridget and Brooke began to set up the treatment for Katie. Nick argued with them that they were going against Katie's wishes. Brooke pleaded with Nick and made him see that they were trying to save her life. Brooke handed Nick the I.V. bag and walked away. Nick walked to Katie's bedside and handed Bridget the IV. Bridget began setting up the I.V. to treat Katie while Brooke and Nick stood by and watched.

Thursday, June 12, 2008
by Pam

At Nick's, Katie seemed to be slipping away even though Bridget had administered an experimental treatment that she hoped might work. Donna took a call from their dad, Stephen, who couldn't get a flight from Paris due to bad weather. He was crushed because he wanted to be with Katie and the girls. Brooke and Donna worried that Katie wasn't going to get a second chance. Bridget kept checking Katie's blood counts and sending samples to the lab with a courier every few hours. Bridget continued to frantically contact the lab on her computer to see if there were any positive results, but Nick told her she had just checked.

Brooke, Bridget, and Nick left Donna alone with Katie. Donna told an unconscious Katie that Marcus said he knew his Aunt Katie was a special person, and Donna told Katie she would tell Eric that Donna was Marcus' mom. Donna wished that Katie could be there with her. Brooke returned and remembered aloud how their parents brought Katie home from the hospital. Brooke recalled that their parents called Katie a gift from God. Brooke worried that God wanted her back. Bridget returned and sat alone with Katie. Bridget apologized to Katie, telling that she had tried everything to make her well. Bridget remarked that Katie fought so hard to live.

Nick took his turn to sit at Katie's bedside, and he thanked her for the time he got to spend with her. Donna, Brooke, and Bridget returned as Bridget received a message from the hospital. She excitedly told everyone there had been an improvement in Katie's blood work, and they should see an improvement in her condition. Nick held her hand as Katie awakened. She looked at him, smiled, and asked if she was in heaven.

At Forrester, Ridge, Steffy, Phoebe, Ashley, Felicia, and Thorne worried that sales were suffering at the company. Felicia and Ashley claimed that Eric's marriage was hurting the company. They blabbered on that customer studies proved just that. They all whined that customers thought the company was unstable because Eric married a much younger woman.

Buyers, Felicia and Ridge claimed, felt that Eric and Stephanie embodied a classy image. Donna was viewed as a less classy woman, and Ridge and Felicia said the company needed to do something right away to preserve Forrester for the next generation. They also worried that Jarrett, the reporter from Eye on Fashion, was running an article that said Forrester started going downhill the day Eric married Donna.

Felicia continued her tirade that Donna shouldn't be at the company. They all chimed in that Donna should be out and Stephanie needed to be back in charge. Just then, Marcus interrupted and Thorne introduced everyone to Marcus. Felicia and Ashley remembered seeing Marcus at Storm's funeral. After he left, the Forresters discussed that Donna pressured Eric to hire Marcus. They all complained that Marcus had no experience and Donna was making hiring decisions. Steffy stuck up for Marcus, but the others were incensed that Donna had pushed to hire him, and Eric caved to her wishes.

They all agreed Donna had to be removed from the company, and Marcus overheard as he was eavesdropping outside the office door.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Katie awoke and found Brooke, Donna, Bridget, and Nick standing by her side. Katie said she felt different, better. Bridget checked and was ecstatic to realize Katie's fever was gone. Bridget explained that she had searched online and discovered some research being done in Stockholm. Bridget got clearance from Dr. Patrick to try that research on Katie and it appeared to be working. The family cried and laughed in relief knowing that Katie was going to be okay.

Bridget tucked Katie in and got an I.V. of fluids going. She grabbed the dirty linens and went downstairs to wash them. Brooke walked up to Nick and asked about the prom. Brooke asked if Katie had confided why she didn't attend her own prom. Nick said she did but he wasn't going to share it. He said Katie shared a lot of things with him she'd never talked about before. He said he was honored Katie could open up to him like that. In bed, Katie smiled upon hearing Nick's words.

Nick watched as Bridget checked Katie's temperature. She mentioned giving Katie a sponge bath when she woke up. Nick praised Bridget for not giving up or giving in. He said he finally realized that Bridget loved life. He felt that whether it was for family or a stranger, Bridget would have done the same thing. He told her how much he loved her and pulled her into his embrace.

Nick thanked Bridget for all she had done. He said that she encouraged Katie and Nick to spend time together. He said she did that even though she knew there were feelings beyond friendship. Nick said he felt a bond with Katie after all they'd shared. Bridget said she was secure in Nick's love for her and she loved him. She said nothing would come between them again. They kissed and then embraced. Nick looked over Bridget's shoulder at Katie with a troubled look on his face.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy finished a business call when Stephanie walked in. Stephanie brought lunch for the two of them. Steffy was thrilled to have lunch with her grandmother. Stephanie was puzzled why Steffy was working in shipping. Steffy smiled and said things were turning out differently than she expected. They chatted while they ate lunch. Steffy talked about the proposed mutiny of the Forrester children. Stephanie encouraged her to not take sides. Steffy said remaining neutral wasn't an option.

Steffy thanked Stephanie for lunch. Stephanie reminded Steffy to come around and visit rather than Stephanie having to seek her out. Brooke walked into the office and was thrilled to see Steffy. The two women hugged. Steffy and Stephanie asked how Katie was. Looking emotionally drained, Brooke filled them in about the new treatment. The other two women were relieved to hear Brooke's news.

Stephanie commented how emotionally drained Brooke looked. Brooke said she was fine. Stephanie mentioned all the tragedy Brooke had been through. Stephanie hugged Brooke and said Brooke had been through a lot. Stephanie told Brooke she didn't always have to be the strong one. Brooke cried as Stephanie held her. It was a very touching moment between two adversaries.

Pam poked her head into the shipping office. She nosed around asking Marcus questions about his qualifications. Marcus knew what Pam was up to and had witty remarks in return. Taking the hint, Pam left.

Donna returned to Forrester Creations. She went directly to Marcus' department and filled him in on Katie's condition. Donna said she realized life was short and wanted to tell Eric the truth. She planned on telling Eric that Marcus was her son. Marcus admitted he'd overheard a conversation among the Forrester children. He said he wasn't sure he wanted to be a part of a family that talked trash about Donna. She told him not to worry because Eric would understand and accept Marcus into their lives. After listening to Marcus' argument, Donna finally agreed to keep the secret a little longer. Marcus noticed Steffy heading in so he changed the subject to business. Donna thanked him and excused herself. Before Donna left, Steffy stopped her and said she was happy to hear about Katie.

After Donna left, Steffy inquired why Donna was there. Marcus said when a Forrester asked him to jump, he just wanted to know how high. Steffy apologized to him for not telling him the truth about who she was. Marcus said she lied about something important and that had made it so he knew how she worked. Steffy tossed it in his face that Donna got him the job. Marcus lied and said he stood up for Donna after hearing the Forresters' talk trash about her. He said Donna approached him afterwards and offered him a job. He excused himself to go unload a truck when Pam walked in.

Pam talked to Steffy about how Marcus was hired without a background check. She dropped Marcus' personnel folder in front of Steffy and subtly mentioned that Steffy could look into it. Pam smirked and walked out the door. Steffy picked up the folder and stared at it.

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