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Monday, July 7, 2008

As Owen continued to push Marcus to pay him for services rendered, Donna arrived. She asked if he was a friend of Marcus' and Marcus said yes. Owen corrected him and said that actually, he was the one who paved the way for their reunion. Donna beamed.

Brooke paid another visit to Katie and asked if she should apologize for asking Katie about her intentions where Nick was concerned. Katie said no, and added that it was understandable; she was, after all, Bridget's mother. Brooke agreed and said that Bridget had been through heartache like this before, and Brooke accepted personal responsibility for it as she knew Nick left Bridget for her the last time. Brooke told Katie she just wanted to make certain her daughter would not get hurt that way again.

Downstairs, Bridget talked on the phone with an insurance company and fought for a patient's prescription to be approved as Nick arrived with armloads of flowers. Nick took the phone from Bridget and told the insurance people that Bridget would have to hang up as he needed to ask her to marry him! Bridget's jaw dropped in disbelief.

Ashley and Felicia shared lunch on the rooftop café and watched curiously as Donna visited with Marcus and Owen. Felicia asked Ashley to drag her feet on approving the new Forester perfume to be named after Donna. She speculated that if Eric and Donna's marriage were to fall apart, he wouldn't want a thousand bottles of perfume lying around with Donna's name on them.

Bridget told Nick that she didn't think it was the right time for them to remarry. She reminded him that the last time they got married, they rushed into it to prove something to people, and she asked him to remember how badly that turned out.

Brooke told Katie she might have had the conversation with the wrong person, that she probably should have discussed things with Nick. Brooke believed she saw something change in Nick after the time he spent with Katie. Brooke suspected that Nick developed feelings for Katie. Katie denied Brooke's supposition and told her what they felt was only a moment in time under crazy circumstances and that whatever they felt was gone.

Katie told Brooke that the two of them were very different people, and that even without a relationship, she was genuinely happy. She said that life was big and mysterious and full of opportunity, and she wanted to cherish each day. Katie's doctors told her she might be able to live for ten years with her new heart, and she wanted to make each moment count. She didn't want to waste time on regrets. Katie said she wanted to feel everything, good and bad. Katie told Brooke that if she was the catalyst that brought Nick and Bridget back together, she was content with that role.

Marcus went back to work, and Donna continued to talk to Owen. She asked him if he had ever done anything so bad that whenever he thought about it he felt like a bad person. He responded, "I don't know you well enough to answer that." Donna volunteered that was how she felt about giving up Marcus for adoption and that Owens' help in reuniting them had given her a chance to make things right. She told him she would never forget what he had done for her. Owen looked pleased with the notion that Donna was indebted to him.

Katie and Brooke discussed the possibility of Katie having a child so she could experience motherhood.

Back downstairs, Nick explained the timing of his proposal to Bridget after she asked if it had to do with Katie. Nick admitted that it did have to do with Katie, but not in the way that Bridget thought. He told her that when she first moved back in, she was cautious and afraid of stepping on the memories of their past failed marriage, but during the health crisis with Katie, she rediscovered herself. Nick told Bridget he watched her in her element, confident and determined to help Katie, and he remembered the woman he fell in love with in the first place. He told Bridget he wanted her to go into the world and do her thing to change the world, and then to come home to him at night. He told her he wanted his son Jack to have a piece of a wonderful woman like Bridget in his life, too. After his impassioned declaration, Bridget finally agreed to marry him as Katie watched from the upstairs balcony.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bridget asked Donna, Eric, and Brooke to meet her at Eric's house. Once they were all present, Bridget announced that she and Nick were remarrying. Eric expressed hope that she and Nick would be happy. However, once alone, Donna pointed out to Brooke that Nick and Bridget marrying would devastate Katie. Brooke supported Bridget's point of view and told Donna that she wanted Bridget to be happy. Brooke later questioned Bridget about the situation with Katie living with her and Nick. She reminded Bridget that Katie had deep feelings for Nick. Brooke wanted to know if Katie's presence made her jealous or insecure. Bridget admitted that she was cautious when she told Katie that Nick proposed to her. Bridget added that if Katie hadn't been instrumental in getting her and Nick together again, she would be insecure with Katie.

While making love, Rick expressed his love and passion to Taylor. She reminded him that Brooke did not approve of their relationship. Rick commented that he did not care to hear about Brooke's opinion of his relationship with Taylor. Rick commented that Bridget was very happy to be remarrying Nick. Taylor remarked that she had moved on and that Nick should move on also.

At home, Jackie asked Katie why she was planning Nick and Bridget's wedding. Katie expressed that she was happy for Nick and Bridget. Katie wondered why Jackie would not be happy with Bridget for a daughter-in-law. Jackie commented that she liked Bridget very much, but just wanted to be certain that Nick would be happy.

Donna went to Nick's house and questioned why Katie was planning the wedding for Nick and Bridget. Donna, who knew that Katie had feelings for Nick, encouraged Katie to fight for Nick. Katie informed Donna that she would not fight for Nick, because she would not want to hurt Bridget. Katie explained if she won Nick's love, she would always feel guilty about hurting Bridget. Katie continued to explain that she would not be happy with herself and that would taint her love. Katie expressed that she felt that Nick and Bridget's relationship was right and that they were soul mates. She pointed out that she and Nick just had a brief moment together when everyone thought she was dying. Katie tearfully asked Donna to never mention her feelings for Nick ever again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brooke, Eric, and Donna hugged and congratulated Bridget on her engagement to Nick.

Rick and Taylor made love and lounged in bed together. Rick called Taylor his beautiful fiancée, and asked her if she was okay with Nick and Bridget's engagement. She said she was, and that she wanted Nick to move on with his life as she had moved on with hers.

Jackie asked Katie if a wedding date had been set. Katie replied that the date was set for Friday. Jackie told Katie that what she was doing was incredible. Katie shook off the compliment and said she was merely helping two people she loved plan an incredible and perfect day.

Brooke admired Bridget's ring, and Eric also added his sentiments. Bridget tried to convince her parents that she and Nick had both grown and changed since their last marriage and that this time she believed it would work out for them. Bridget told Eric and Brooke that she and Nick realized that they could no longer stand to be apart. Eric told his daughter he was thrilled for her and that he believed she and Nick would make their marriage last the second time around.

Donna privately expressed her concerns to Brooke about Katie and her feelings for Nick. Brooke said she realized Katie had feelings for Nick. Donna corrected her and said Katie instead was desperately in love with Nick. Brooke told Donna that Katie was a strong woman and that she would get over her feelings for Nick. Donna was not convinced and reminded Brooke that Nick sat by Katie's bedside while he thought she was dying and held her hand in what they thought would be her last moments. Donna said that what the two of them shared was an incredibly deep experience. Brooke told Donna that a deathbed vigil was not a basis for a solid relationship and that Nick and Bridget were better suited for one another in the long run. Donna disagreed. Donna told Brooke that Katie deserved to be happy, and Brooke said, "She will be, but not with Nick."

Jackie expressed concern about Katie's health and said Katie shouldn't work on the wedding. Katie told Jackie she was feeling better every day. Jackie suggested to Katie that her physical health wasn't her only concern. She asked Katie to examine her motives and ask herself why she really wanted to help Bridget and Nick get married. Katie said she didn't need to examine herself; she was clear about her motives. Katie expressed to Jackie that she merely wanted to thank Bridget and Nick for what they did for her.

Eric asked Bridget for her measurements as he intended to make her a gown. Bridget protested and asked him not to go to any trouble. Eric insisted that any daughter of his had to be married in a Forester Original. Bridget agreed, and requested his design to be simple and elegant.

Brooke looked positively stunned when she discovered that Katie was handling the wedding plans.

Donna and Katie discussed the wedding plans, and Donna said Katie could not be the maid of honor in Bridget's wedding for the simple reason that she was in love with Nick.

Rick and Taylor continued to roll around in bed together and Rick told Taylor she was the most important thing in his life. Taylor told Rick he spoiled her and that she felt undeserving.

Brooke expressed to Bridget that Katie would not be alive if it weren't for Bridget's assistance. She suggested to Bridget that it must be very hard for Katie to work on a wedding for Bridget and Nick, considering that Katie had feelings for the impending groom. Brooke asked Bridget how she felt about Katie crushing on her fiancée. Bridget told Brooke that Katie was the person who brought them back together, in fact pushed for them to reunite. Brooke asked Bridget if she was jealous of Katie.

Meanwhile, Donna pressed Katie for answers about her feelings for Nick. Donna told Katie, "You have to fight for what you want in this world!" and encouraged her sister not to play the martyr. She reminded Katie that Bridget and Nick were married in the past and that their marriage had failed. Donna asked Katie to admit that she wanted Nick for herself and that Katie should be the bride.

Rick asked Taylor if it bothered her that he adored her. Taylor said no, she enjoyed being adored, but didn't feel worthy of his overly spoiling her. Taylor reminded Rick that his mother disapproved of their relationship. Rick said he didn't care, that he had fond everything he ever wanted in a woman when he found Taylor, and that was all that mattered.

Bridget assured Brooke that she did not feel insecure around Katie. She told Brooke she felt very connected to Nick. Bridget said she knew that Nick loved Katie, but that he loved her in a different way-he loved Bridget in a "lifetime commitment" sort of way and that she felt certain of his devotion to her alone.

Katie told Donna to back off, that there was more to life than chasing your own desires. Katie said she loved Nick, and that she loved Bridget, and that more than that-she loved them as a couple. She believed they belonged together and were soul mates. Donna encouraged Katie to be a participant and reminded her that life was not a spectator sport. She told Katie not to set aside her own feelings and desires to save Bridget's feelings.

Katie told Donna that Nick told her he believed people charted their own course and that he had chosen to chart his course with Bridget, and that was the end of it. Katie told Donna she loved Nick enough to let him go so he could be with the person who makes him happiest, who was Bridget. She went on to say that even if she had divulged her love for Nick, there was no guarantee he would have chosen her anyway, and in the process, she would have destroyed her relationship with Bridget.

Donna told Katie she should give Nick the choice to make. Donna continued to say that Katie was afraid of getting hurt. Katie replied tearfully that she already had been hurt, that her very heart had been ripped out of her chest. She told Donna that she made her choice so she would not hurt other people. She said if she had pursued Nick and hurt Bridget, she would have become a person she didn't like, and that any happiness she found with Nick would have been tarnished. She told Donna that the choice she made was the right choice for her, and begged Donna to never talk to her about it again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008
by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke gave the speech to Bridget about how she wouldn't interfere in Bridget's marriage this time. Brooke added how sorry she was that she had made so many mistakes. They discussed that Brooke and Nick were over, and that Nick and Bridget were going to be very happy. Brooke added that Katie wouldn't interfere either. Bridget cried tears of joy that she and Nick were going to get a second chance and that she knew he was worth waiting for.

At Nick's, a shirtless Nick enjoyed a cigar and a glass of whiskey as Katie came in. He asked her if she wanted to join him, but Katie said that wasn't a good idea for heart patients. He put out his cigar and Katie said she would be moving out so he could be comfortable with his cigars. Nick didn't want Katie to move, but she said it was for the best. She picked up Jack and told the baby that she might not be around forever to see him grow up, but she hoped to see him as long as she could. Nick told her to stop being so depressing. Katie said she was being realistic because she knew her heart would not last forever. Nick changed the subject and bet Katie that he could beat her at indoor basketball. The two started to play a game and wound up in each other's arms staring at each other. Nick offered to call the game a tie. Katie pulled away and said she would see him tomorrow at his wedding to Bridget. He agreed. She walked out and stood outside, looking wantonly at the door. Inside, Nick did the same thing.

At the Forrester mansion, Felicia laid into Eric again that she couldn't believe he had chosen "floozy" Donna over Stephanie, and Eric told her to stop calling Donna names, and he was tired of her insults. Felicia whined that Eric needed to go see Stephanie since Stephanie had locked herself up in the beach house and wasn't answering the door.

Later, Eric and Donna chatted about their successful engagement pool party for Nick and Bridget. Donna said she wanted some alone time with Eric, but he said he had to go visit Stephanie. Out at the pool, Owen looked for his clothes and dropped his towel when Donna startled him. After he wrapped up in the towel, they talked and Owen flattered Donna. She shared that Eric had gone to visit his depressed ex-wife. Owen told her that if Donna were his wife, he'd appreciate her more. Donna thanked Owen for being so nice, and expressed her gratitude for sending Marcus back to her. Owen told her that he located her name and address when he saw Eric and Donna's wedding announcement. He added that he had paid for Marcus' plane ticket. Donna offered to reimburse him, and they agreed to meet at Forrester the next day so Donna could give him a check. Felicia was eavesdropping on the conversation. After Donna left, Felicia stepped in and introduced herself. She started up some flirty banter with Owen and said she wanted to meet him the next day. He offered to take her out for a drink, but she said she would see him the next day at Forrester.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Katie walked into Nick's house to find him shirtless and smoking a stogie. He asked her if she cared to join him and she said she didn't think that heart patients were supposed to smoke cigars. Katie suggested Nick could smoke if he pleased as that was his home, his bachelor pad for one more day. She said that when she was gone, he could smoke as much as he liked. Nick appeared startled and asked her where she was going. Katie said that once he and Bridget were married, they wouldn't want her around, and that she planned to move out of their house. Nick said that he had heard about Bridget's and Katie's conversation. Katie seemed surprised, but Nick said that he and Bridget didn't keep secrets from one another. Nick informed Katie that he and Bridget wanted to make sure she was taken care of and that there was no rush for her to move, but Katie continued to pack.

Katie held Baby Jack and expressed her love for him and said he was lucky to be getting a mommy like Bridget. She said to Jack that she would stay in his life as long as she possibly could. Nick chastised her and told her there was a difference between being realistic and fatalistic and asked her to stop talking that way.

As Katie was packing, Nick handed Katie the mini basketball and hoop set he gave her earlier. She challenged him to a game. He wanted to make a ten dollar wager, and Katie persuaded him to up it to twenty. She said she felt guilty about trying to fleece the groom on the night before his wedding. The two of them played happily, and suddenly ended up face to face in one another's arms. There was a moment of tension between them and Nick suggested they call it a tie and end the game. Katie said she should go, and we saw each of them with their heads on either side of the door looking a little sad.

Felicia went to Eric to express her concerns about Stephanie. She asked Eric how he could leave her mother for a floozy like Donna. Eric took offense to the term and asked Felicia what she meant by that. Felicia replied that she didn't see Donna as the faithful type. Eric asked if her assessment was based on Donna's wardrobe, and assured Felicia that he knew Donna better than she did and that Donna would never cheat on him. He assured Felicia he would go to the beach house to visit Stephanie, who was still moping around. Eric said he didn't want Felicia walking around town with a long face and encouraged her to smile.

Donna came in from the pool party and had planned to spend the rest of the evening alone with Eric. When Eric said he was leaving to go and visit Stephanie, Donna was visibly disappointed. She asked Eric if he could wait until the next day to visit Stephanie, and he said he could not. He reminded her that he had two families.

Owen searched the pool area for his clothes, and accidentally dropped his towel just as Donna came around the corner. They both laughed uncomfortably. Owen thanked Donna for allowing him to stay at the party. He gushed about how much he admired her home, and speculated that he would have to find a lot of missing people to ever own a home like hers. He asked to speak to Eric to thank him, too, but Donna explained Eric had gone out to visit his ex-wife. Owen said that Eric was a fool to leave Donna after she spent her whole day throwing a party for his daughter. Owen said to Donna "If I were your husband..." but trailed off, never finishing the thought.

As Donna and Owen talked, Felicia was lurking in the bushes eavesdropping. When Donna offered to go get her checkbook to write Owen a check, Felicia came out of hiding and introduced herself to Owen. She asked him to meet her at Forester Creations for a further conversation. He asked if she wanted to continue talking over cocktails that evening, but she declined and asked him to meet her in the office in the morning.

Bridget and Brooke discussed the upcoming wedding. Bridget said that she never imagined she would be this happy again. Brooke assured Bridget that although she had made mistakes in the past that Bridget did not have to worry about her interfering in her marriage to Nick this time around. Bridget assured Brooke it was unnecessary for her to make such promises. Brooke asked if she felt that way due to her firm commitment to Ridge. Bridget said No, it was because Nick was over Brooke. Brooke told Bridget she was going to have a wonderful future. She said Bridget would have a perfect wedding, just as Katie planned, and that Katie knew Nick and Bridget had given her back her life, and in turn, Katie returned the favor.

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