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Monday, September 15, 2008

Donna went home to visit Eric but Thorne blocked her entry and said she was not welcome. Donna said her husband needed her, but Thorne reminded her that it was Eric who asked her to leave. When Donna still refused to go, Thorne had a security guard escort Donna off the property with instructions not to let her on the premises again.

Donna proceeded to Brooke's house and shared the happy news about Eric's recovery. Brooke was thrilled, but was curious about why Donna had come to tell her in person rather than call so she could stay home with Eric. Donna confessed that there had been a big misunderstanding. Brooke asked what sort of misunderstanding and Donna said she had been asked to leave. Donna filled Brooke in about being caught in a compromising position with Owen by Eric.

Donna insisted to Brooke that she had not been unfaithful to Eric; she said she was vulnerable and Owen had been comforting her. Donna admitted that she had been alone in a bedroom with Owen, but assured Brooke that she loved Eric and had not been unfaithful to him. Donna explained that for weeks everyone told her that she had to accept that Eric was not coming back and would not recover, and admitted she had begun to lose faith. She gave into a moment of weakness and let Owen hold her and kiss her, but nothing more.

Brooke called Ridge and suggested that she stop by to visit Eric. Ridge said that Eric only wanted to be with his immediate family and that Brooke should not come. Brooke hung up and informed Donna that she was not welcome to visit Eric either.

Dr. Patrick examined Eric and said he was doing remarkably well for someone who had been in a coma for so long, but warned the family he would still need a lot of physical therapy, as his muscles had atrophied. The family felt compelled to share their story about Donna's infidelity with Dr. Patrick, who looked oddly uncomfortable with the revelation. Dr. Patrick said the family should give Eric all the love and support he needed during his recovery. Ridge said it was their mother's love and support that brought Eric back. Thorne added they wouldn't have anything to celebrate without Stephanie's intervention.

The family explained to Eric that it was Aunt Pam who had been the one to trigger his heart attack. Eric was in shock. They said Aunt Pam had been off her meds for months and that no one had known until it was too late. They said they were sorry that Eric had to wake up to such bad news, both about Aunt Pam and about Donna.

Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne gathered into a family huddle holding hands, and Eric asked them to forgive him for losing his way. Eric said he realized he was exactly where he wanted to be, with Stephanie and his children. He asked for their forgiveness, and they all gave it.

Stephanie decided to pay a visit to Donna. Stephanie went to inform Donna that she did not want her to call Eric, drop by the house, or to show up at the office. Stephanie said Donna should cut her losses and just walk away. Stephanie noted that Owen was a perfectly nice guy and great-looking, and noted she was sure Owen was a great lay.

Donna said Stephanie had it all wrong and, although Eric was disappointed in her, he would forgive her eventually, and Donna would get her husband back.

There was silence at Rick and Taylor's house while baby Jack took a nap. Jack was snoring and Rick said he didn't know babies snored. Taylor was distressed that Rick was able to get the baby to fall asleep when she was not. Rick advised her that she was tense and her tense energy upset the baby, and that it was not catastrophic. He urged her to just calm down.

The instant Jake woke up, the incessant crying started again, much to Taylor's dismay. She said that everything she tried had failed. Rick suggested that they call Nick, but Taylor made Rick promise not to involve Nick. She assumed if he knew she had been having trouble, he would try to regain sole custody. Rick assured Taylor that he would not let that happen. However, Brooke left a voicemail for Nick and mentioned she was worried about Jack, and asked Nick to call her right away.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At the Forrester Creations corporate offices, Brooke made her case to Ridge about why Donna needed to visit and spend time with her husband, Eric. Ridge insisted that he and his family were trying to protect Eric from Donna, since he had witnessed her in a compromising position with Owen. Ridge added that it was Eric who requested not to see Donna. Brooke made a request of Ridge that if Eric asked to see Donna that his family would not stop it.

Later at Forrester Creations, Rick overheard Brooke leaving a voice message for Nick from her cell phone about baby Jack. Rick became upset with Brooke for interfering with Jack. Brooke boldly informed Rick that Jack needed her. Rick tried to make clear to Brooke that Jack did not need her help because he had his mother, Taylor. Brooke declared again that she was also Rick's mother and intended to be there for him.

Bridget and Rick went to visit Eric. Before they went to his room to see him, Stephanie stopped them. She told them that Eric had witnessed Donna in a compromising position with Owen and became short of breath. Therefore, Stephanie made Bridget and Rick promise that they could not mention Donna's name to Eric, as they might upset him and worsen his fragile condition. When they entered Eric's room, Bridget and Rick were elated to see their father sitting up and looking well. Rick explained that Brooke had not joined them because she was not certain that he was well enough for many visitors. Eric expressed that he wanted to see Brooke right away so they could all be together.

Back at Brooke's house, Donna explained to Marcus that the Forrester family was not allowing her to see Eric. She explained that Eric saw her and Owen in a compromising position and misunderstood what he saw. Marcus gave Donna his full support. He agreed to deliver a letter to Eric personally. As he left the house, Owen arrived to see Donna. Marcus told Owen to stay away from Donna. He ignored Marcus and went into the house anyway. Donna gently told him that they could no longer see one another because of the predicament that she was in with the Forrester family. Owen protested and told Donna that he would not leave because he loved her. He insisted that they had something special between them. Donna reminded him that she never indicated to him that she wanted to end her marriage to Eric. Donna agreed that she never really expected Eric come out of his deep coma but, surprisingly, he did. Suddenly, Owen passionately kissed Donna. He explained that Eric could never give her that type of passion. Donna felt the chemistry between them, but tried to ignore it.

Marcus managed to get into Eric's house. He walked past Thorne and went directly upstairs to Eric's room. Eric was happy to see Marcus. He explained that Donna had sent a letter with him. Eric asked Marcus to read the letter to him. Before Marcus had finished reading the letter, Thorne arrived with security and threw Marcus out of the house. Marcus left the letter with Eric, who finished reading the letter. Stephanie came in, took the letter from Eric, and threw it into the trash basket. When she left, Eric read over and over the last page that he had managed to hide from Stephanie. He read many times how Donna loved him, missed him, and never gave up on him when everyone else did. He pictured Donna in his mind and recalled all of the good times they had shared together, including their wedding day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brooke and Ridge discussed their upcoming wedding. Ridge showed her several sketches of wedding gowns. Brooke asked if he was designing a gown for their upcoming wedding or one for every time they had gotten married in the past. Ridge chuckled and said he was very excited about their wedding because Eric would be able to attend, and a few weeks earlier, Ridge didn't think that would be possible. Ridge said he was going to visit Eric, and Brooke asked Ridge to give Eric her love.

Brooke's cell phone rang and it was Nick. Brooke expressed her concern about baby Jack and said she would go to his house to discuss the matter in person.

Taylor held Jack as he cried again, and Taylor had flashbacks of the day she found out she was pregnant, the day Jack was born, and the day she discovered that Brooke was the egg donor for Taylor's baby. Steffy stopped by to visit her Mom and noticed that Taylor was upset about Jack's crying. Steffy reminded Taylor that babies got fussy sometimes, and that didn't mean Taylor was a bad mom. Steffy pointed out that Taylor was the same mother that raised her, Phoebe, and Thomas. She also reminded Taylor that they had all behaved the same way when they were babies. Taylor said perhaps she was just out of practice at mothering an infant.

Steffy asked Taylor if it still bothered her to know Brooke was Jack's biological mom. Taylor said it did not affect how much she loved Jack, but she did not want Brooke to judge her on how she raised Jack. Steffy asked if Rick had told his mother about their issues with the baby. Taylor said no, that Brooke dropped by unannounced at a bad time and she had witnessed the tension for herself. Taylor was afraid Brooke would try to stir up trouble and would try to take custody away from her again. She said she had better go to talk to Nick before Brooke told him her side of the story.

But alas, Taylor was too late. Brooke had already arrived on Nick's doorstep, bursting to tell him about what a lousy mother Taylor had been and expressing her concern for Jack. Nick defended Taylor initially and said Jack spent half his time at Taylor's house and if there was a problem with the baby, he would know. Brooke said she believed that Taylor worked hard to hide the problems she was having with Jack from Nick. Brooke said she suspected things would get worse once Nick and Bridget split up because Jack would be spending more time alone with Taylor once Bridget was not around to take care of Jack anymore. Nick said Bridget wasn't gone for good yet, she just wasn't there at the moment.

Brooke said Jack had been crying the last two times she visited Rick and Taylor, and Rick admitted he and Taylor found the situation stressful. Brooke asked if perhaps Taylor had heard that he was having another baby with Katie, or if Taylor knew that he and Bridget had considered trying for another baby. Nick said he didn't know and noted that perhaps Bridget had let it slip. Brooke reminded Nick it was all a moot point, because his marriage to Bridget was over.

Nick wondered aloud about how different things would have been if he and Brooke had just stayed together in the first place. Brooke agreed that things would be very different and that Bridget would not have gotten hurt again, but that wasn't the way things happened.

Nick said if there was truly a problem with Jack, he wanted to know about it. Brooke said Taylor might try to hide it, but based on her past history, the situation was an enormous red flag. Taylor walked in and overheard Brooke trashing her, but didn't seem particularly surprised.

Taylor told Nick the reason she didn't tell him about the trouble she was having with the baby was for that exact reason--she did not want Nick and Brooke judging her mothering ability and didn't relish repeating the horrible custody battle. Taylor said she didn't want to live with a pendulum hanging over her heard just waiting for someone to take away her baby. Nick and Brooke said all three of them were on the same page and they just wanted what was best for Jack. Brooke said that if Taylor needed help, she needed to ask Brooke and Nick to help her. Brooke expressed very sincerely that Taylor should ask for help, and said she wanted to support Taylor in raising Jack.

Beth and Stephanie descended the stairs at the Forrester mansion together as though they were the best of friends. Stephanie allowed Beth to visit Eric on the condition that she would not make the visit about Donna. Beth agreed. Beth thanked Stephanie for allowing her to see Eric. Stephanie asked Beth how she was doing and about her condition, and Beth said she was taking things one day at a time. Stephanie said Beth seemed well, and explained that she was not being spiteful with her refusal to let Donna visit Eric. Beth said she understood and realized Stephanie was only doing what she thought was best to aid Eric in his recovery. Beth said visiting Eric reminded her that there was still a reason to believe in miracles. Beth left and thanked Stephanie again, and added that the Logan family would be praying for Eric. Stephanie rolled her eyes after the door closed.

Ridge arrived, and Stephanie and he discussed Eric's amazing progress. Ridge said in no time at all, Eric would be asking them for his sketchpad. Ridge told his mom that Eric's recovery would not have happened without her. Stephanie admitted that she had almost given up hope for Eric's recovery and she was worried she would never be able to set things right with Eric. She was thankful for a second chance. Ridge reminded her that every relationship faced challenges. Stephanie said Ridge should know because he and Brooke had faced their share of challenges, as well. Ridge said he hoped that he and Brooke would exhibit the sort of commitment that Stephanie had shown Eric over the years through some admittedly rotten times.

Stephanie said she was proud of how Ridge had faced the challenges in his own relationship, like discovering Brooke had a baby with Nick. Ridge explained it was rough at first, but that it wasn't an issue anymore, because Brooke knew he would not stand for her being involved with Jack. Ridge said Brooke didn't have any contact with Nick and Jack; she had let them go to be with Ridge, Hope, and RJ. Ridge assured Stephanie that Brooke accepted Taylor as Jack's mom. Stephanie noted that it must have eased Ridge's mind when Nick and Bridget remarried, because Nick was no longer available. Ridge said his history with Brooke went back much longer and was more powerful than whatever she once shared with Nick. Ridge said Brooke knew that Ridge was completely unwilling to have any part in raising Nick Marone's baby.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie continued to screen Eric's visitors and calls. She prevented Brooke and Donna from seeing Eric. In his room, Eric was mumbling Donna's name as he mooned over what was left of Donna's letter, the part that Stephanie hadn't snatched from him and tossed in the trash. Ridge and Stephanie spoke to the doctor about Eric, and the doctor told them Eric seemed preoccupied about something. Stephanie told Eric not to worry about his recovery. She said he was back with his family, but Eric mumbled "Donna."

At Brooke's, Donna whined again to Brooke that it was unfair that Donna couldn't see Eric or even talk to him. Brooke agreed, and she decided to take things into her own hands. She took off for the Forrester mansion to see Eric, even though Ridge had previously told her she should not see him. Marcus saw Donna and told her that he had delivered her letter to Eric. Marcus told his mom that Eric seemed fine, but weak. Marcus told Donna that Eric recognized Marcus, and Marcus reassured Donna that there were no mental effects from the coma. Marcus added that he was sure Eric still loved Donna because he could see it in his eyes. Marcus and Donna agreed she had to get in and see Eric. Marcus said he had a plan.

Brooke arrived at the Forresters' and insisted on seeing Eric, but Stephanie refused. Ridge told Stephanie that Eric would want to see Brooke, so they all trooped up to see Eric together. Stephanie warned Brooke not to bring up Donna's name. Eric was pleased to see Brooke and he told Ridge and Stephanie to leave them alone. Brooke told Eric how worried everyone had been about him. She mentioned that Pam had terrorized all of them and told him of all the incidents with Pam breaking into the house and later leaving Donna as bear bait. Eric looked surprised, and Brooke was shocked that no one had told him. She worried that the family was keeping a lot of information from him. Brooke added that Donna never should have sought comfort from Owen, but Donna had been through some traumatic times. Brooke explained that during Eric's coma, Donna was the one who protected Eric and the company. Brooke told Eric that the family wouldn't let Donna near Eric, or she would be there.

Downstairs, Stephanie worried to Ridge that Brooke would upset Eric. Steph felt Brooke had been up there too long, so Stephanie returned to Eric's bedside and grabbed Brooke just as she spilled the beans on the family keeping secrets from Eric. Stephanie told Brooke she had been there long enough. Brooke reminded Stephanie that she was not Eric's wife-Donna was. And Brooke believed Eric wanted to see Donna, and she would make it happen. Stephanie warned Brooke that she and the family would never let Donna hurt Eric again.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Stephanie entered the room while Brooke was visiting Eric and said it was time for her to leave. Brooke said she had just started her visit, and Stephanie said she had already said enough. Brooke said that Stephanie couldn't keep Eric isolated from everything and everyone. Stephanie said she was just trying to keep Eric away from stress. Brooke disagreed and said she was trying to keep the truth from Eric about Donna.

Brooke explained to Eric that she realized what he had seen was painful, but that Donna had an explanation for what happened between her and Owen. Brooke said she came to get Eric's permission for Donna to come and give Eric her side of the story. Stephanie chimed in and said that if Eric wanted the whole truth, she could fill him in. She proceeded to tell Eric that she had come to visit Donna the night he woke up at the hospital and that she, too, had found Donna and Owen in bed together. Brooke mentioned that Stephanie left out the part about sending Donna to Paris with Owen, and the part about Donna being attacked by Pam, and Owen having saved her life.

Stephanie asked Brooke to leave, and closed the door behind her. Stephanie apologized to Eric and said she was sorry if Brooke upset him. Eric said no, he wanted to know. Stephanie said she understood his desire to know what had happened, but that she wanted him to focus on getting well.

Some deliverymen dropped off boxes at Eric's house. Ridge and Thorne speculated it was probably more medical equipment. Ridge said maybe Eric wouldn't need it; he thought perhaps Eric might come bounding down the stairs. Thorne seemed unconvinced. Ridge informed Thorne that Stephanie and Brooke were both upstairs with Eric. Thorne said that couldn't be good. Ridge said he didn't hear any screaming and thought it was a good sign. Thorne asked if Eric wanted to talk to Brooke about Donna, and Ridge said he supposed so. He explained to Thorne that Brooke thought Donna had a right to give Eric her version of the story. Thorne said maybe she did, but added that since Eric had seen Owen and Donna in bed, he couldn't imagine what Donna would say to explain that away. Ridge said if anyone could convince Eric to agree to see Donna, it would be Brooke.

Thorne said he was curious about where things stood with Ridge and Brooke, and asked if their wedding was still on hold. Ridge said he couldn't wait to make Brooke his wife again and said the two of them were working on wedding plans. Ridge admitted that he and Brooke had experienced some tension lately over the feud between their two families. Thorne said he bet that was an understatement because Brooke was extremely loyal to her family, and he knew how loyal Ridge was to his family. Thorne said that every time Ridge and Brooke tried to get married, something got in their way. Ridge said not this time. Thorne said there was still a war between their two families. Ridge said it was Stephanie's war, and not his.

Thorne asked Ridge if he thought it was a good idea to have let Brooke go upstairs to visit Eric. Ridge said that Eric had insisted. Thorne asked if Ridge thought Eric had really made a firm decision to keep Donna out of his life. Ridge admitted he was not certain. Thorne said he hoped Eric had the good sense to stay away from Donna. Ridge said that Thorne had to admit that Eric was really in love with Donna, and had been carefree and happy for the first time in his life. Thorne said that Eric had nearly died, and Ridge reminded Thorne that Donna could not be blamed for that. Thorne said, no, it was Aunt Pam who had hurt Eric, and the two of them discussed where Aunt Pam could be hiding. Ridge said Pam was very dangerous, and that she was more clever than they had realized.

Thorne said that Aunt Pam's breakdown had to be hard on Stephanie, and that he was glad she and Eric were together. He said the latest family trials had the possibility of bringing the two of them closer than ever before.

Brooke went downstairs and proclaimed to Ridge and Thorne that Stephanie was holding Eric hostage. She told them Stepahnie had kicked her out. Thorne asked her what she said to get kicked out. Brooke said Stephanie believed she could control everything, whom Eric could see and what he was allowed to know. Ridge asked what she meant. Brooke said she could not believe that nobody informed Eric that Donna had nearly been killed and that Owen saved her life. Both Ridge and Thorne were peeved that Brooke told Eric about that incident. Thorne said after Donna cheated on Eric, she didn't have the right to have Eric's concern. Brooke said Owen and Donna did not have an affair.

Ridge said it was all about Eric's recovery. He was supposed to avoid stress, and he didn't need Brooke giving him more things to worry about. Brooke said Donna wanted to participate in Eric's recovery, and Thorne said he could not listen to anymore of that crap and stomped out of the room. Ridge said it wouldn't happen. Brooke said his family refused to admit Eric was deeply in love with Donna at one point and that she believed he still was, so Donna's presence could help.

Stephanie came down and asked Brooke why she was still there. Stephanie said there was no need for Brooke to wait for Ridge, and offered Brooke a car to drive so she could leave immediately. Brooke said she was waiting on Stephanie so the two of them could talk. Brooke said she believed Stephanie was making a mistake by keeping information away from Eric. Stephanie accused Brooke of lying to Eric when she said Owen had just been "comforting" Donna and asked if that was the new term for a roll in the hay. While the two bickered, Donna's eyes appeared in an opening from one of the delivered boxes. Brooke said Donna still loved Eric, and Stephanie rolled her eyes and said Donna had a funny way of showing it.

Stephanie said she had never understood the Logan girls and Brooke asked that she please not make this about her family. Stephanie said Brooke had started it by coming in and defending Donna. Brooke said Donna would have spoken for herself except Stephanie wouldn't let her in the house. Brooke said Stephanie was up to her old manipulative ways, and was terrified of losing Eric to Donna. Stephanie said that was true, she was afraid of losing Eric and she would not let anyone jeopardize Eric's recovery. In the meantime, Donna was quietly slithering out of the crate behind them.

Eric had flashbacks of what he had seen happen between Owen and Donna. Ridge came in and said that the more things changed the more they stayed the same, because Brooke and Stephanie were downstairs fighting over Eric. Eric smiled. Ridge explained that both women wanted what was best for Eric, they just could not agree on what that was. Ridge assured Eric he was not a prisoner in the house, but everyone was being overprotective because they had nearly lost him. Especially Stephanie, said Ridge, because Eric awakening from the coma had given Stephanie new meaning and purpose. Ridge said Stephanie loved Eric all the way down to her toes.

Donna snuck upstairs and hid behind plants until Eric was alone. She went into his room and he looked happy to see her, but also held up his arm to keep her at a distance. She said she understood he was hurt and she refused to leave until he had heard her side of the story. She said even if Stephanie called every guard to drag her out, she would not leave. She asked Eric not to give up on them and said she could not live without him, then she quietly cried. She sat down on the bed beside him and took him in her arms. He tried to lift his arm to return her embrace, but was not able to hold her. She continued to hold Eric close and whispered that she loved him and would not let him go.

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