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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Brooke said Ridge had no idea how difficult it was for her to let Rick go. Ridge thanked her for making the difficult choice she made and doing what was best for Forrester Creations. Brooke said she loved her son and felt she had turned her back on him, but Rick had left her no choice.

Ridge said it could be the kick in the butt Rick needed to get his life back on track. Brooke said Rick would never look at her the same again. Ridge said in time Rick would appreciate her tough love and that she cared enough about him to bust him on his reckless behavior. Brooke sighed and said she hoped Ridge was right. Ridge hinted that he might welcome Rick back into the fold one day; he just wanted Rick to grow up and take time to realize what pain he had caused their family with his shenanigans. Ridge said he hoped Rick had the good sense to stay away from him and especially from Steffy.

Steffy asked Rick if his proposal was serious, and he assured her it was the real deal. He wanted to spend his life with her and asked her again to become his wife.

Steffy asked if he wanted to elope to Vegas. He said sure, that would be fine. Steffy said she had always dreamed of Hawaii, and Rick said that was an even better idea.

Steffy said she wished it were as simple as dreaming. Rick said it was. He said they loved one another and that was all they needed to make it work. Rick said he still had a lot of contacts in Paris and they could move there. He said he would sell Eiffel Tower key chains to tourists. Steffy mentioned a lot of her friends lived in London. Rick said that was good, too-- he could sell Big Ben key chains.

Steffy said it all sounded wonderful, but she wasn't sure they should do it. Steffy said if they married, it would hurt a lot of people, and that it was very selfish of them. Rick said that was what people did when they were in love; they made choices only for one another. Steffy asked Rick if that was really what it was about. She wondered if he was really in love with her, or if marrying her was merely another act of revenge on her dad.

Rick was visibly stung by her words. He asked her if she thought he had made up his feelings for her. Steffy said no, but she had to question the motivations he might have subconsciously. Rick asked her who was feeding her the psychobabble. Steffy said her whole family questioned his motives. She pointed out that just months before, Rick had proposed to Taylor and blamed Ridge when that relationship didn't work out, so it would stand to reason he would want to get even with Ridge. She asked Rick point-blank if he was using her.

Rick said he realized their relationship didn't start up with roses and love letters. He admitted at first he just wanted to date her to get under Ridge's skin. He explained when he was with her mother, he had tried to be Taylor's savior, but what he felt for Steffy outweighed anything he had ever felt for anyone. He assured her he was not faking his feelings and then went in for a long deep kiss.

Steffy said that Rick proposed to her right after her dad kicked him out of the company, and that he stole Eric's designs supposedly for her, too. She said Rick didn't think before he did things, he made spontaneous grand gestures that hadn't been thought out. Steffy said she believed they were meant to be together, but it wasn't only her parents that had kept them apart. She said Rick's recklessness played a key, too. Steffy stated that she could not live a life where she had to wake up every morning afraid of what crazy, reckless thing Rick would do next in the name of love.

Rick said Steffy was absolutely right. He had done everything wrong and he would not do that anymore. He vowed that he would live his life in such a way that she would see him differently. He said he would do everything right from that point on and would become the man she wanted him to be. Rick set out to prove to Steffy he could be the man she hoped he would be.

On the way out, Rick stopped by to visit Eric. Rick apologized to Eric for the trouble he had caused and thanked Eric for all his help. Rick expressed sorrow at the way things had ended. Eric assured Rick that it was not the end. Eric said he believed Rick would be back working with him in the future, and he implored Rick to seek the help he needed. Rick said he intended to get help and he would not expect his parents to solve his problems again.

Rick said he was sorry he had disappointed Eric. Eric said he had been hurt by Rick's actions, but he was not disappointed in him. Eric loved his son and always would. Ridge and Brooke walked in and Rick apologized to Brooke, too. She asked Rick to think long and hard about the reasons she was forced to fire her own son from the family company. Rick said he had lost all self-respect and was ashamed of his behavior. He said he was going to work on regaining his self-respect and then he would work hard to earn back the respect of their family, too.

After Rick left, Ridge said he thought Rick was up to something. Eric and Brooke assured Ridge that their son was sincere and wanted to change, but Ridge remained unconvinced.

Rick tracked Steffy down on the roof and asked her to wait for him. He said he believed they could be together if he turned his life around. He said he would be back for her and asked her to promise to wait.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At a military recruitment headquarters, Rick enlisted into the US Army. Meanwhile at the Forrester Creations headquarters, Eric and Brook discussed Rick's recent actions. He admitted that, even tough Rick had betrayed both him and Forrester Creations, Eric still loved his son.

Shortly afterwards, Rick appeared at Eric's office to announce his military enrollment to his parents. He told Eric and Brooke that he had joined the US Army and would be leaving for boot camp in the near future. Brooke reacted in shock, while Eric clearly showed complete surprise. Rick explained that he wanted the Army to straighten him out and make him a man that would make his parents proud. Brooke worried that he could be killed if he were deployed to a war zone. Once Rick left, Brooke felt responsible that Rick enlisted in the Army. She told Eric if she had not asked him to leave Forrester Creations, he would have not gone to the military.

In the mail room, Steffy daydreamed about Rick. She recalled when Rick had said that he loved her. Steffy began to cry. Ridge tried to comfort Steffy. He explained to her that letting go of somebody was difficult even if the person wasn't right for you. Ridge asked his daughter if she realized that she could never trust Rick again. Steffy remarked that she thought it was possible that Rick's exit from Forrester Creations might have been a wake-up call for him. Ridge commented that Rick had told everyone in the family that he was trying to change. Ridge remarked that he did not believe that Rick was sincere, and that what Rick had told the family was just an act.

After Ridge left, Marcus approached Steffy. He reflected that their relationship was never the same after Rick sent him to Paris. Marcus asked if Steffy were involved with someone else and if that someone was Rick. Steffy didn't acknowledge it was Rick, but commented that she could not be involved with a man who was trouble for her family. She remarked that her family was already going through too much pain with the loss of Phoebe.

At the Jackie M. Boutique offices, Bridget revealed to Nick that she wanted to take off her Madam X disguise. However, she feared her family would find out that she worked for the competition. Nick questioned her as to whether Katie had a problem with Bridget and he working together at Jackie M. Bridget pointed out they did not actually work together. She teased Nick by saying if he wanted to wear a pair of sunglasses and become a clothing designer, they would work together closely. Bridget was playful and mysterious at the same time. Nick remarked that he really liked her when she behaved in that manner. He said that "he wondered," and then Bridget finished his sentence by saying he wondered why he married her twice. Bridget facetiously commented that they both got what they deserved. She got a new career as a fashion designer and he got a marriage to Katie. Nick said he was not sure if Bridget meant the remark in a nice way or not, Bridget proclaimed that she was always nice, and she wished her ex-husband only the best.

At home, Katie discussed the fact that Nick was spending much more time at work. Jackie said something that made Katie believe Nick was at the office more because of Bridget's presence there. Their conversation suddenly turned hostile. Jackie disclosed that she considered her son a prince and that she did not like what Katie had done to his life.

Jackie voiced her distaste of Katie's behavior to Katie who was shocked to hear it from Jackie. She commented to Katie that Bridget and Nick were deliriously in love. However, Katie slept with Nick while he was engaged to Bridget. Jackie portrayed Katie as the Black Widower and stated the reasons why she was the Black Widower. She explained that first Storm killed himself after he had shot Katie by accident. Next Katie took her brother's heart. She stepped into Bridget's home and bed and, while she recuperated, she slept with Nick. Jackie called Katie a disgrace to her brother's memory, her family, and her niece, Bridget. Jackie declared war on Katie. She told Katie that it was her mission to reunite Bridget and Nick. Jackie repeated that Katie was a disgrace and had repaid her niece, who saved her life after the heart transplant, by stealing her husband.

Nick arrived home, heard the argument, and intervened.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nick walked in to find Jackie verbally attacking Katie. Nick asked his mother not to speak to Katie that way. Jackie said she had kept her mouth shut for months because of the baby, but she could not hold it in any longer-Katie was the most pathetic woman she had ever met.

Jackie said Nick only planned to marry Katie because he felt guilty for the way he hurt Bridget, Jackie assured him that marrying Katie would not assuage his guilt. Jackie said Nick had a kind impulse and went to the island to help a dying woman, but was met with seduction and manipulation from Katie. Katie was shocked by Jackie's accusations.

Nick proclaimed that he had not been seduced. Jackie said Katie had tempted Nick with the one thing he could not resist: becoming a hero and fulfilling a dying woman's last wish. Nick tossed Jackie her coat and kicked her out of his house. Jackie said she had said what she had come to say and only hoped that Nick truly heard her. After Jackie left, Nick reassured Katie that he was completely committed to her in spite of his mother's blustering.

At the beach house, Rick explained to Steffy why he had to enlist in the Army. Joining the military was Rick's way to prove to Steffy and the family that he had become a man worthy of her love. Steffy wisely noted that "going to war is scary." And that people in wars had guns and bombs. Rock assured Steffy he could handle all that, but he could not handle losing her. Steffy said she was selfish and did not want Rick to go. Rick said it was a done deal; he had already signed the papers at the recruiter's office. Rick assured her it was the best thing for them, and promised her he would not die.

Rick said it was the first big step to change Ridge's mind about him. Steffy said it was more akin to jumping off a cliff. Rick said he saw no other way to change her father's mind. Rick said it was the only way the two of them could have a future together.

Rick observed that it took a man of great character to make a commitment like that to his country, and he wanted to be that sort of man. He told Steffy he had already spoken to his parents and related that his mom had tried to talk him out of it, but his dad understood. Rick said he would be gone for a few years, and needed to know that Steffy would wait for him while he was away. Rick knew there would be a lot of men sniffing around Steffy while he was away, but said he needed to know she would wait. He needed the assurance that he would come home to find Steffy waiting for him.

Rick said he needed a picture of Steffy he could hold onto while he was away. He asked her to make love to him so he could prove to her how much he loved her before he left for induction. The two embraced and fell on the couch together tangled up and kissing.

Clarke observed Madame X's designs. He said she had not made the choices he would have made, but that her designs were interesting. She asked him for advice. Clark said hell must have frozen over if a Forrester had asked him for advice. Clarke said that Bridget could design paisley muumuus and Jackie would still have hired her. He implied there were ulterior motives lurking in Jackie's mind.

Bridget pointed out that Jackie hired "Madame X" before she knew it was Bridget. Bridget said that she and Nick were over and all she wanted was to make a new life for herself. Clarke sarcastically noted that her new life happened to be in the office where her old life spent most of his days. Bridget said she was passionate about design. Clarke countered that design was not the only thing that stirred Bridget's passions.

Jackie returned to the office and asked Bridget if she would take Nick back if she had the chance. Bridget said she thought she had made it clear to Jackie she was there to design and not for Nick. Jackie implored Bridget to use her influence to save Nick from Katie. Jackie believed Nick would take a way out if he had one. Bridget said if Jackie wanted her to continue working there, she had to stop talking that way.

Katie told Nick she thought they should forego a large wedding, after all, and keep it small, since so many family members had conflicts with their relationship. Nick asked her if she really meant that. Katie said yes. Nick said they already had a license and proposed they get married immediately. Katie agreed.

A caterer called the Jackie M offices to confirm a change in the order. Jackie took the call and was stunned to discover Nick planned to get married right away. Jackie begged Bridget to go with her to stop the wedding before Nick made a horrible mistake.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

At Brooke's, she worried that Rick would be sent into combat, but Ridge scoffed. He noted that the military would never accept anyone with one kidney. Ridge added that he was certain Rick knew that. Brooke couldn't believe that Ridge wouldn't give Rick the benefit of the doubt. She said Rick was trying to be a better person. Ridge disagreed and said it was clear that he wanted sympathy, and would do anything to get it. Ridge worried that Rick was specifically hoping for sympathy from Steffy, and Ridge assured Brooke that he would intervene to ensure that didn't happen. Brooke worried about her son and wanted Ridge's support, but Ridge said he hoped Rick was sent as far away from Steffy as was possible.

At the Army Recruiting Office, Rick conjectured that he would be taking a transport plane to basic training, but discovered he was taking a commercial plane. Rick started to whine, but then he marveled that he was going to South Carolina on the East Coast. He said that might be a good thing. Then, he wondered to himself if he was really ready for combat. Rick met with the doctor about his physical, and the doctor asked about the recent fall and paralysis. Rick said he had fallen over backwards onto his head. He added that he had recovered. The doctor called Rick's doctor and returned to tell Rick that he could not be admitted into the armed services after a fall and paralysis. Rick sheepishly said he was disappointed, but he clearly looked relieved as he left the office.

In the shipping office at Forrester, Marcus visited with Steffy and asked her what was going on with her and Rick. He sternly asked if she had slept with him, and Steffy adamantly denied it. Steffy said that Rick had joined the Army. Marcus left, and Rick arrived. He told Steffy that he was rejected from the Army. Rick told her they could still be together, but they needed to leave Los Angeles. Steffy refused to hurt her dad. Rick again pressured her to be with him and make love with him. Steffy laughed that he wouldn't give up. Rick agreed. Steffy said Rick and Ridge would have to make peace in order for her to have a relationship with him. Rick disagreed, and he said he would have Steffy with or without Ridge's approval. They embraced.

At Jackie M, Bridget wore her Madame X disguise as Jackie encouraged her to help in breaking up Nick and Katie's wedding. Bridget said she couldn't do that, but Jackie persisted and said that Katie was a conniver who destroyed Bridget's marriage. Jackie refused to allow Katie to get her claws on Nick and Jack through marriage. Bridget said Nick wasn't blameless in her marriage's breakup. He had slept with Katie. Jackie said it was probably more of a pity seduction, and she was stopping the wedding with or without Bridget.

At Nick's, Katie and Nick prepared for the minister to arrive. Nick gave Katie some flowers from the garden. Beth arrived and told Katie how beautiful she was. Katie wore a strapless white gown and told her mom that Nick made her very happy. Beth agreed that she could tell that Nick made Katie happy. Beth wondered where the guests were, and Katie shared that Beth was the only guest. They wanted a small, intimate wedding. Beth said she understood, since Jackie didn't care for Katie. Minutes later, the minister arrived with Bridget-without her Madame X disguise-and Jackie. Katie asked what they were doing there, and Jackie insisted that she would not allow Nick to marry Katie no matter what she had to do.

At Forrester, Ridge went to visit Steffy and caught her in an embrace with Rick. He was livid.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jackie insinuated herself into the middle of Nick and Katie's wedding and said she would not allow her son to marry Katie. Jackie pointed out that Nick was in love with Bridget when he went to the island with Katie, and that he was in love with Bridget when he returned. Jackie proclaimed that the only reason Nick ever slept with Katie was because he pitied a dying woman and wanted to give Katie her final wish.

Katie said Nick was about to marry her because of genuine feelings the two of them had developed for one another. Katie stated that she did not feel the need to apologize to Jackie for her feelings or choices. Jackie told Nick that she knew he had developed feelings for Katie, but the feelings began with lies and deception. Katie became indignant and asked Jackie how she would dare say such a thing. Bridget jumped in and asked Katie how she dared to do what she had done. Bridget said she trusted Katie and took Katie into her home and Katie betrayed her.

Katie said the two of them had talked about it many times, and she thought it was resolved. Bridget said she had merely pushed her feelings to the side, and as she watched Nick prepare to marry Katie, she realized she couldn't push those feelings down anymore. Bridget said Katie just kept pushing her buttons. Nick suggested that the ladies take their buttons to neutral corners.

Nick chewed Jackie out and said she was trying to control and manipulate him. Jackie told the pastor to leave because there would not be a wedding. Nick countered and said there would be a wedding and, when Katie came back downstairs, he would expect Jackie to give Katie a warm reception.

When Katie came back, both Jackie and Bridget offered half-hearted apologies. Katie told them if their intention was to ruin her wedding day, they had succeeded. Katie said it was not the day she envisioned for her and Nick. She asked to speak to Nick privately, and Bridget, Jackie, Beth, and the minister left.

Katie admitted that the concerns Bridget and Jackie raised were true. She realized that she had destroyed Nick's marriage to Bridget and she didn't know what to do about it. Katie ran up the stairs crying while Nick remained below with a confused expression on his face.

Ridge looked on while Rick and Steffy embraced. He used self-control and didn't instantly barge in and punch Rick, but instead lingered outside the door to try to determine what was going on. When Ridge heard Rick tell Steffy that he had been rejected by the military for health reasons, Ridge scoffed - it happened just as he predicted it would. Ridge started talking to himself and said he couldn't believe Steffy was falling for Rick's lines.

Steffy asked Rick to please leave, it was harder for her when he was so close, she explained. Rick said the only one standing in their way was Ridge, but Steffy countered that all the bad things Ridge predicted had a way of coming true. Steffy mentioned that when she was in Rick's car, they almost crashed. Rick pointed out to her that they almost crashed because Ridge was chasing them to try to kill Rick. Steffy begged Rick to leave and he finally did. When Ridge saw Rick leave, he followed Rick.

Rick went up the back stairs at Forrester to the roof, and Ridge tailed him all the way to the top. Ridge confronted Rick and reminded Rick that he had said to stay away from Steffy. Rick explained that he had to tell her what was going on. Ridge accused Rick of faking the whole enlistment plan. Ridge said Rick must have known going in that he would not be accepted. Rick said he didn't; he seriously intended to serve his country, but once again, Ridge ruined things for him.

Brooke and Steffy talked, and when Ridge didn't come back to the office, they put two and two together and realized he must have seen Rick talking to Steffy. Brooke and Steffy set out to find Ridge and Rick, fearing the worst.

Ridge said he had warned Rick 50 times to stay away from his daughter, but Rick never listened. Ridge asked if he had to rip Rick's head off to make him keep his distance from Steffy. He slammed his palm into Rick's chest as Rick tried to exit. Rick asked Ridge to take his hand off of him, but Ridge hit him again.

Ridge blamed Rick for Phoebe's death again, and Rick said he had tried to stay away from Phoebe and had not meant to hurt her. Ridge laughed in disbelief. Rick said Ridge never gave him the benefit of the doubt and never believed a word Rick said.

Rick said if Ridge were out of the picture, his Dad would respect Rick, Brooke would be happy, and Rick and Steffy could be together. Then Rick taunted Ridge and said he would be with Steffy one day and that Ridge could count on it. Ridge became enraged and rushed at Rick and tried to knock him over the roof. But Rick dodged and Ridge went over the ledge instead. Rick caught Ridge by the arms and had Ridge's life firmly in his hands. Ridge asked Rick to pull him back up, but Rick just glared at him as Ridge dangled over the edge.

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