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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Taylor was pleased to hear that Rick had agreed to keep his mouth shut about Thomas' involvement in the attacks against him. Ridge pointed out that Rick had an agenda. Rick's demand was that Ridge and Taylor cease their interference in Rick's relationship with Steffy. Ridge was convinced Rick's demands had more to do with Rick's desire for revenge and enjoying control than Rick's great love for Steffy. Taylor concurred.

Steffy dropped in to brag to her parents about what a great guy Rick was and she told them Rick would do the right thing by her brother. Ridge expressed his skepticism to Steffy and said just because Rick hadn't told anyone about Thomas yet didn't mean Thomas was in the clear.

Thomas arrived and expressed that he felt like he was walking into an ambush. Steffy did her best to quiet his fears. She assured Thomas that Rick would not say anything. Ridge was not convinced. He reminded Steffy that Rick despised Ridge and would do anything to hurt him. Steffy said that was true, but Rick wouldn't take his best ammunition ever and give it up. Thomas agreed. He said instead, Rick would wait until he wanted something and blackmail them with it.

Thomas chided himself for confessing to Rick. He guessed he would spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulder, waiting for Rick to put him behind bars. Steffy defended him profusely. She said after the meeting, her family would have to admit how wrong they were about Rick.

Donna was jittery and on edge when she heard about Pam's release from jail. Eric assured Donna that Rick would be safe. Eric reported that he had hired a 24-hour guard for Rick. Donna was still uneasy about Pam being out and on the loose again. Bridget said the police wouldn't have released Pam if the evidence against her were solid; it had to be someone else.

Brooke stopped by to thank Rick for making a good choice about the Thomas situation. Rick said it should have been Ridge who thanked him, because Rick saved Ridge's son's butt. Rick bragged to Brooke about his demands and how he could make Ridge do whatever he wanted. Brooke looked disappointed that Rick was using the situation to his advantage.

Rick said he might have to tell the family about Thomas because they were still concerned for his safety. Brooke was furious because Rick promised Ridge his silence. Rick said he wasn't going to the police, only to his dad so he would call off the security guards. Brooke said Rick could not tell anyone at all, family or no. She reminded him that he had promised Ridge.

Rick made it clear that he didn't care about Ridge. Rick stated that he was calling the shots and intended to do what was best for himself, period.

As the family gathered, Rick gallantly explained that he knew who his attacker was, but would not name the person. The family pressed for a name, and Rick refused to give them one. Rick explained that everyone had a line and could be pushed beyond it. He admitted he pushed someone beyond the line, and they acted hastily. Rick assured them this person did not mean to kill him, merely send him a message.

Bridget pointed out that it was one heck of a message they sent, because Rick was walking to his car when it blew up. Eric added that Rick was trapped in his house when it was set on fire. Rick said there was a cycle of revenge that had escalated, and people kept retaliating in worse and worse way. Rick said he was stopping the revenge cycle and refused to press charges against his assailant.

Eric was flabbergasted by Rick's decision. Eric asked Rick if he was really going to let the person who tried to kill him get away with it. Rick reminded Eric that someone had done something like that for him once, and that it had "made one hell of an impression."

Rick said in spite of everything that had happened, he felt very optimistic about the future.

After Rick left the room, Bridget, Brooke, Donna, Katie, and Eric discussed what they had just heard. Brooke explained that Rick had confronted his attacker and they worked things out. The rest of the family was wary and asked how Rick could be sure it wouldn't happen again.

Brooke reminded them that no one cared more about Rick's safety than she did, and if she thought Rick was in danger, she would say so. She reminded them that Rick had genuine feelings for Steffy and would never put her in harm's way, either. Brooke requested that the family follow Rick's wishes and just let it all go.

Back in Ridge's office, Rick pointed out that a little gratitude might be in order. Thomas said although he still thought Rick was "an arrogant jerk who had caused nothing but pain to [his] family and was all wrong for [his] sister," he thanked Rick for saving his life.

Rick sarcastically remarked that Thomas' words were very touching and should be put on a greeting card. Steffy snuggled up to Rick and reminded her parents and Thomas that Rick had really come through for them. Thomas apologized to Steffy and said he was sorry he disappointed her. Thomas extended his hand to Rick and said Rick saved him. After a brief pause, Rick shook Thomas' hand and the two made some sort of peace.

After Thomas left, Rick asked Ridge if he would follow Thomas' lead and accept his relationship with Steffy. Rick said he had made a lot of mistakes in his life, so he would not hold Thomas' against him. Rick said, "Truce?" and extended his hand to Ridge. Ridge reached out, accepted Rick's hand, and shook it firmly.

Steffy was elated and asked if that meant her dad would finally stop fighting her relationship with Rick. Ridge said he would do one better and opened the office door. A man handed him a garment bad. Inside the bag was a sparkling white wedding gown that Ridge had designed for Steffy.

Steffy jumped, squealed, and cried for joy. Rick didn't look nearly as enthusiastic. Ridge explained he had been working on the gown for Steffy for years, and had designed the perfect gown for his daughters' special day.

Steffy couldn't contain her excitement and hugged Ridge tight around the neck. Ridge asked that she think long and hard before she decided who she wanted to spend her life with, and Steffy promised. Rick added that Steffy had already decided whom she wanted to be with. Rick said it was a great gown for someday down the road when they got married.

Ridge smiled slyly and suggested that he and Taylor leave to give the happy couple time alone to celebrate. Once outside the office, Taylor asked Ridge what in the world he was thinking when he gave Steffy a wedding gown. Taylor was stunned that Ridge would encourage a wedding between Rick and Steffy.

Ridge explained that he didn't want Steffy to marry Rick at all. He was out of options and had to let his daughter go and make her own choices. Ridge said he hoped Steffy would use good judgment and realize what a train wreck Rick was once Ridge was out of their way.

Ridge explained that the more they fought Steffy, the closer she and Rick had become. He thought if they got out of the way and let her go, she might realize what sort of man Rick was on her own. Taylor disagreed and said Rick has Steffy under his spell. Ridge said Rick was responsible for Phoebe's death and Thomas' meltdown. He hoped with his whole heart that Steffy would finally realize Rick was the wrong man for her on her own.

In Rick's office, Steffy was on cloud nine and talking about how perfect their lives would be once they got married. Rick smiled and kissed her and seemed somewhat excited, but when Steffy's back was turned, Rick's eyes looked confused and bewildered.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At the Forrester Creations Headquarters, Rick bragged to his mother that Ridge no longer disapproved of his relationship with Steffy. Rick explained that Ridge had changed his opinion of Rick because Ridge was grateful to him. He continued to explain that he had not informed the police that it was Thomas who had set the fire in his home and blown up his car.

Meanwhile, Owen went to Jackie's office after she had called him. When he arrived, Owen told him that she was not going to hire him as a designer because she realized that he had other talents. She offered him a position as a special assistant to her. She told him that she needed assistance with contracts, negotiations with suppliers, and other various tasks. She promised him that she would introduce him to many business contacts. Owen was happy with the offer. Jackie and Owen celebrated their new business deal by taking out a bottle of champagne.

At Eric's office, Bridget informed her father about a couple of things. She told Eric that she had developed an interest in designing clothing. She then showed him her sketches. Bridget then disclosed to Eric that she was Madam X and that she worked for the Jackie M Boutique. She explained to her father that Jackie had not known that it was her who had created the sketches. Bridget explained that at the time, she felt it was very important to her to prove herself as a designer before it was known by anyone that she was a Forrester.

Bridget told her father that she was pleased that he was not upset with her for working for the competition. Eric told Bridget that rather then being upset he was happy for her. He exclaimed that she had proven herself to be a competent fashion designer! Eric invited her to return to the family business at Forrester Creations. He told her to break her contract with Jackie and return to the family business right away.

Bridget told her father that she would return to Forrester Creations, but only after Jackie's company was financially stable. Eric complimented his daughter. He told her that she had been gutsy and courageous, and that was what he had expected.

Bridget was so happy about her father's approval that she couldn't contain herself emotionally. She went directly over to see Jackie. When she arrived at Jackie M., she found Owen instead of Jackie. Owen asked Bridget why she seemed so excited. Bridget admitted that she was happy because she had informed her father of her employment as a designer at Jackie M. and he was and supportive of her. Owen gave Bridget a kiss then quickly stopped. He told her that he wouldn't do it again, since it was so soon after her marriage ended.

Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke called Ridge and invited him to the stream room. While they were in the steam room, Brooke thanked Ridge for coming to a truce with Rick. She acknowledged that their families would have a chance to heal. She gave him an extra special thank you by making love to him in the steam room.

When they returned to the office, Brooke noticed a wedding veil on Ridge's desk. He informed her that it was the veil for Steffy's wedding gown that he had been working on. He commented that he had worked a very long time on the wedding gown, but never figured that she would use it so soon. Brooke commented that because Ridge had just given his approval to Rick and Steffy's relationship that she was surprised how soon he gave Steffy a wedding gown.

Ridge then revealed that Steffy and Rick were getting married. However, he expressed to Brooke that he hoped that Steffy would see Rick for what he was and change her mind about the wedding.

Ridge disclosed to Brooke that Rick did not protect Thomas out of kindness. He then stated that Rick had blackmailed him. Rick had agreed that Ridge would not interfere with his relationship with Steffy, and in exchange, Rick would not inform the police about what Thomas had done.

While trying to control his anger, Ridge called Rick deceitful. He pointed out to Brooke that she didn't see the evil side of Rick because he didn't show his mother his bad side.

Ridge summarized that he had lost his daughter Phoebe because of Rick, Thomas needed help with mental health problems because of Rick, and if he lost Steffy because of Rick, he wouldn't be able to handle it at all.

As Steffy walked by Marcus in the corridor with her wedding gown, he mistakenly thought she had taken the wrong dress, which belonged to a buyer. Steffy bluntly explained that it was her wedding gown and that she and Rick were getting married.

Rick, who was nearby, sarcastically told Marcus that congratulations were in order. Rick further taunted Marcus and told him if Ridge could accept Rick, then Marcus could do the same.

Rick and Steffy left the building for a romantic afternoon together. At the end of their day, Rick gave Steffy a huge engagement ring.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ridge and Taylor shipped Thomas off to see James Warwick and wondered if he had arrived safely. Taylor said she hoped James could help Thomas; she did not want to lose her son.

Jackie shared the good news with Nick about hiring Owen, but Nick wasn't sure it was the right move for Jackie M. Jackie assured Nick that what she planned to pay Owen would hardly put a dent in their budget. Jackie needed the help and felt Owen was the perfect person for the job. Jackie also filled Nick in about Bridget; Madame X's secret was out of the bag. Bridget confessed the truth to Eric who was very supportive of her.

A banker showed up and mentioned that Jackie M was a late on their payment after two months of on time payments. Jackie asked for a little more time, but the banker seemed unwilling to extend the date for them. Jackie hinted that she would soon reveal the identity of Madame X and that would get Jackie M back in the fashion news again.

The banker seemed unmoved, until Jackie caved in and mentioned that Madame X was Bridget Forrester. At the mere mention of the Forrester name, the banker seemed appeased and said he would take that name back to his board. Perhaps they would be able to extend her loan after all.

Stephanie burst in to Eric's office to tell him that Steffy and Rick were engaged. Eric thought it was a little fast for the two of them to talk about marriage. Stephanie said timing had nothing to do with it; those two should not be together. Eric said if Ridge and Taylor had decided to accept Rick and Steffy's relationship, they should try too.

As Stephanie began to put up a fight, a hand holding a plastic honey bear slid into the door and began doing a suggestive puppet show. Then, a bare leg emerged, and Donna pole danced into the office. As she writhed in backwards, pouring honey on herself, she bent backwards and caught a glimpse of a disgusted Stephanie.

Stephanie asked Eric if it would be possible to keep his sexual antics at home. Stephanie pointed out they were at a place of business and not in their bedroom. She felt Eric needed to adjust his priorities for the sake of professionalism. Eric said it wasn't him that needed to adjust his priorities. Stephanie pointed behind her at Donna and said "There's a bottle of honey on the other side of the room that says otherwise."

Stephanie noted that it was wrong to have Stephanie Forrester marry Rick Forrester. Eric said they didn't share a single strand of DNA even though they were in the same family and had the same name. Eric reminded Stephanie it was her fault for lying to him all those year ago about who Ridge's real father was.

Stephanie listed a lot of other reasons Rick and Steffy shouldn't be together other than the fact that they shared a last name. She said it was obviously more important for Eric to pour a bottle of honey over Donna than be concerned about his kids and grandkids. Stephanie said Eric just wanted to walk around with "that slut" on his arm.

Eric became enraged and demanded that Stephanie speak to his wife with respect and said Stephanie had better respect him as well. Eric said he had a breaking point and there was a limit to what he would tolerate. Stephanie argued and said Eric would tolerate anything and had always been that way. Stephanie accused Eric of putting his blinders on, finding a pretty girl to have on his arm, and ignoring everything else.

Stephanie said she had to blame herself because she let him get away with that behavior when they were married to one another all those years. Donna jumped in and reminded Stephanie that Eric was not her problem anymore. Donna said Eric was her husband and she would be the one to take care of any problems Eric might have.

Stephanie looked at Eric and sighed. Stephanie said she had built Forrester from the ground up and the company had enjoyed a reputation all over the world for elegance and style, and he let Donna and her family ruined it. Stephanie predicted their clientele would leave them soon and the company would be bankrupted by his bad choices.

Eric pointed out it wasn't her company and she had not built it alone, Forrester Creations would be nothing without Eric's designs, he stated. Eric said he was too old to continue to fight with Stephanie all the time. He mentioned the heart attach he had and that he didn't know how many years he had left. He only knew he didn't want to spend them fighting with Stephanie.

Eric said Stephanie was fired and he asked her to leave. Stephanie chuckled and didn't believe he meant it. She said it was just a mistake. He said it was no mistake, Stephanie was always negative and controlling and angry about something and he was to weary to spend any more of his life fighting with her. And that fighting was the only thing she did anymore. He said he didn't need her, and didn't want her.

Stephanie said when Rick double crossed him again, or when he got tired of all the Logans running up and down the hall at Forrester Creations, he should not knock on her door. She vowed she would not answer and left Eric's office. Outside Eric's office, Stephanie looked crestfallen.

Stephanie went to Ridge and filled him in. Ridge could not believe his father had fired his Mom. Stephanie said she didn't want to stay there under the circumstances. She didn't want to be where she was not wanted. Ridge said she owned half of the company. Stephanie agreed, but noted the other half owner was married to Donna and it was uncomfortable for her to watch her husband frolicking with Donna every day. She wondered aloud why she had done that to herself.

Stephanie said she didn't want to stay where she was not wanted and that it was time for her to leave the company. As she went through things and began to box up her office, Stephanie reminisced about happier times.

Eric went to Stephanie's office to fight some more, but she cut him off. She said she didn't want to lose anymore of her dignity and asked if he could just make a clean break and let her go in peace. Stephanie said she truly wished Eric every happiness. She added she believed one day he would look back at this moment and regret it. She felt Forrester Creations had lost something it would never be able to get back.

Nick and Jackie had a discussion about Stephanie Forrester and bow they admired her role in the success of Forrester Creations. Jackie said Eric had the designs, but Stephanie was the one who kept the company on task and the one who had the reputation for class, elegance and grace. Jackie wondered how the company would fare with Donna as Eric's right hand instead of Stephanie. Jackie said she was happy to have Bridget on staff; just the Forrester name alone brought them instant legitimacy. Nick agreed and said he also admired Stephanie's business sense. The two of them praised her efforts and appeared to truly respect her contributions to Forrester Creations.

Thursday, April 2, 2009
by Pam

After being fired by Eric and telling her kids she agreed it was time for her to move on, Stephanie said her goodbyes to the Forrester employees as they all gathered in the lobby. She thanked them all for sharing their lives, families, and children with her.

Felicia wanted to go with her mother, and Thorne expressed the same sentiment, but Stephanie said that she would be the only one leaving Forrester. She gave an emotional speech about the grand years that characterized Forrester, and she said she understood that things were going in a new direction. She added that she was very proud of everyone and everything she had accomplished with the staff.

Eric whispered to Ridge and Donna that he needed to say something, but Ridge dissuaded Eric, telling him that it was "Mother's moment."

Stephanie got on the elevator and reminded everyone that Forrester stood for grace and dignity. She didn't want to see that fade away. She blew them all a kiss as the elevator doors closed.

Donna, Brooke, Felicia, Eric, Ridge, and Thorne stood in Eric's office in stunned silence until Felicia suggested someone tell her the entire thing was a joke. She went into her usual tearful tirade that Mother belonged at Forrester and Donna did not. Thorne chimed in with agreement.

Even Brooke said that Forrester would not be the same without Stephanie. Eric said that Stephanie would be fine. It would take her some time to recover, but she was the most resilient woman he knew. He pointed out that she agreed it was time to leave. He said that there could be only one vision at Forrester, and he had the vision. He was tired of arguing over everything with her.

Donna chimed in that Stephanie had disagreed with everything Eric did ever since he married Donna. That gave Felicia ammunition to start in on what a silicone woman Donna was and that Stephanie had done everything for Eric, even caring for him while he was sick, and nursing him back to health. Then, Felicia looked accusingly at her father as she pointed out that he still chose Donna over her mother.

Eric demanded that they all stop fighting, but Thorne pointed out that most of the staff would have left if Stephanie had asked them to go with her.

Stephanie went to the waterfront and looked out on a spot where she and Eric first discussed naming the company Forrester Creations. She envisioned herself and Eric in their younger days as they romantically planned their future. They talked about the baby she was pregnant with. The vision faded, and the memory was bittersweet as Stephanie mumbled that she was all alone. She stepped out onto the rocks and looked over the water with tears in her eyes.

At Jackie M, Owen met Nick, and Nick asked about working at Forrester. Owen informed Nick and Jackie what a force Stephanie was at Forrester. He told them about her interaction with the staff and that Stephanie had the loyalty of everyone at Forrester - far more than anyone else in the building did.

Jackie handed a book on Forrester history to Nick and told him to study it. She added that they needed to understand their competition in order to beat them. Nick looked thoughtful and took the book with him as he left.

Jackie's real estate agent, Gretchen, walked in and offered to take Jackie to visit a property. As Gretchen pumped up a property in the city, Owen agreed it was a great opportunity because the area was developing nicely with new spas and restaurants. Gretchen added that the place was great for couples and offered many couple discounts. Jackie and Owen realized she had mistaken them as a couple, and Owen played along, romancing Jackie and suggesting that the discount at exercise facilities was appealing but that Jackie certainly didn't need any exercise.

Gretchen invited Owen to the appointment, and he agreed, adding that it was the time he and Jackie usually slipped away from the office together.

As the trio looked over the city home, Owen encouraged Jackie to enjoy the view, but she was concerned about privacy, since walls of windows surrounded the space. Gretchen assured her that it was privacy glass - she could see out but no one could see in. Owen ran upstairs to see the patio view from the second story. When he returned, he told Jackie to buy it, but she balked, saying that it was a home for young people just starting out and she was far beyond that.

Owen playfully told her she had to see the master suite because they would be spending a lot of time up there. Jackie smiled but declined. Owen asked Gretchen to leave them alone for a minute.

Jackie told Owen to stop the pretense because he would never be living there, and Gretchen was not going to make a sale. Owen asked what was wrong, and Jackie said she was concerned that Gretchen found a home for a "cougar," an older woman after young men. Owen argued that Gretchen found the home long before she met Owen.

Owen added that he was only being playful. And he thought the place was a great home for a successful woman on the way up. Gretchen returned, and Jackie said she wasn't interested.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stephanie stared out over the ocean pondering the life ahead, and remembering the one left behind. Nick was headed to his boat, noticed Stephanie down by the water, and walked in her direction. It was very cold and windy by the water, and Nick invited Stephanie into the Shady Marlin to get warm. He retrieved a blanket and placed it around Stephanie's shoulders.

Nick asked why Stephanie was standing alone at the water on such a chilly day. She said she was just taking a walk. Nick pressed a little harder and invited her to tell him why she was really there.

Stephanie explained it was a sentimental spot for her. Many years before, Eric and Stephanie stood on that beach and decided to stay in California, raise their kids, and start Forrester Creations. Nick deduced it was an anniversary of sorts. Stephanie corrected him and said it was not. Nick asked why she was thinking about those things at that moment. Stephanie sadly explained that Eric let her go from Forrester and said he didn't need her anymore. Nick was stunned by her news.

Nick pointed out that Stephanie was no shrinking violet, and asked why she allowed Eric to bully her out of her own company. Stephanie said she could have stayed and beat her head against a brick wall, but after a while, she explained, that hurt.

Stephanie noticed Nick was reading a book about Forrester Creations. He said Jackie's company was in trouble and he was trying to learn as much as he could about fashion, but he realized book learning alone wouldn't cut it. Stephanie smiled and said that book was a great place to begin. Nick said it would be better if he could learn from an expert and pointed to Stephanie's photo on the back cover. She smiled again.

Nick reminisced about the way his dad taught him about ships. Stephanie asked if Nick had heard from Massimo, and he said he had not. Nick asked if she had heard from him. Stephanie said no and remarked that it was a sore subject for her. When Eric discovered Massimo was Ridge's real father, it created a lot of trouble in their marriage. Stephanie admitted that she blamed Brooke for her marital problems for many years, but a lot of the problems in her marriage were her own doing.

Nick said Eric was a wimp, and he left Stephanie for a younger woman because he wasn't man enough to live up to Stephanie's high standards. Nick said Stephanie shouldn't waste her time shedding one tear over Eric. She smiled at Nick and said she wasn't planning on it. She said she was hurt and angry, but was not going to cry over Eric.

Nick offered some unsolicited advice and said Stephanie was better off without Eric. Stephanie looked at the photo on the back of Nick's book and said she didn't know who that woman was. She said if she was not Stephanie Forrester of Forrester Creations, she didn't know who she was.

Stephanie said life was a paradox. At the beginning, life consistently moved forward. She got married, had kids, built a business, things were always in forward motion. But one day, Stephanie cautioned Nick, you unexpectedly reached a crest, and suddenly your life was all about looking backward. Life became an examination your achievements and your memories, and then you realized it was over, Stephanie wearily recounted. She added that no one prepared you for that.

Stephanie said Eric didn't feel that, because he had his young wife, Donna, and was still trying to convince himself he was moving forward. Stephanie sighed and said it was supposed to be the Golden Years for her and Eric; it was their dream to grow old together. But Eric lost sight of that dream and she had lost him.

Stephanie admitted that she was a controlling woman who ordered people around, and that Eric had probably gotten tired of it. She said she assumed that was what happened, at least. The mad passionate love they once shared had become perfunctory. She said they shared a martini at night, attended social functions, and gave one another a peck on the cheek.

The intimacy they once shared had faded and she knew she could not compete with a young girl like Donna. Stephanie said she devoted her life to Eric, their children, their company, and she thought at the end of the road they would find peace, contentment, and happiness in their old age. But it had merely been a dead end, she said as tears streaked down her cheeks. Nick said Stephanie was too strong to be a victim.

Stephanie said she was allowing herself a little time to wallow in self-pity. She thanked Nick for the instant coffee he made for her, and for being a "port in the storm" and said she had to go. As she left, Nick watched her leave with genuine compassion in his eyes.

Stephanie went back out to the shore and looked at the sea. She said to herself that she believed her best days were ahead of her.

Brooke discovered Ridge staring at a photo of his parents and noted it was the end of an era. Ridge agreed, and was unhappy that his father fired his mother. Ridge pointed out that Stephanie had made incredible contributions to Forrester and should not have been so carelessly dismissed. Brooke encouraged Ridge and said he could carry his mother's traditions into the future of the company. Ridge vowed to try to do just that.

Rick and Steffy cuddled together on the sofa at the beach house while Steffy admired her massive engagement ring. Rick said it was so bright, he was afraid it would blind him. Steffy said she had better get him a cane, because she had no plans to remove the ring. The two of them laughed and kissed in utter bliss; they were finally free to be together.

Brooke dropped by and noticed Steffy's massive diamond. Steffy squealed and explained Rick had just given it to her, so their engagement was official. Steffy remarked the next item on her agenda was to book a church. Brooke asked if that meant they had set a date. Rick stated they had set a date, they knew how the felt and had no reason to wait.

Rick wondered aloud how Ridge would like Steffy's ring, and Brooke remarked that Rick already knew the answer to that question. Brooke asked if they didn't think they were rushing things. Rick said no, they were in love and knew they wanted to be together. Rick stated he was not one of those guys that was afraid of commitment; he didn't want to keep Steffy waiting. Steffy asked if Brooke would help them find a venue for their wedding, and she reluctantly agreed.

Eric went to visit Taylor, and confessed to Taylor that he had fired Stephanie. Taylor pointed out that Forrester Creations was Stephanie's life and meant everything to her. Eric said he realized that, and that was why he went to see Taylor; he needed her professional advice.

Eric explained that there was a lot of tension at Forrester, and Stephanie was always stirring things up with Brooke and Donna, and he lost his temper after an argument and fired her. Taylor asked Eric if he regretted that choice. Eric said he did not regret it, but still cared for Stephanie and was concerned for her welfare.

Taylor assure Eric she would be Stephanie's friend and support system, so Stephanie would not go through losing her company and Eric alone. Taylor said Stephanie was stronger than Eric thought.

Ridge called Taylor and left a voice message on her phone. Ridge wanted Taylor to help him plot a way to break up Steffy and Rick; he said he could not live with it if the two of them actually got married.

Brooke arrived back at the office and Ridge asked her how her visit went. She informed him that Steffy and Rick seemed truly happy together and Brooke wished he could have seen it. She let him know the two kids were anxious to get married. Ridge said if Steffy and Rick wanted to play house until their affair played out, he could live was that, but he would not allow a wedding to happen.

Brooke looked perplexed and said she didn't think there was anything Ridge could do to stop them. Ridge assured her that he could stop them, and added that marriage between Steffy and Rick was where he would draw the line.

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