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Monday, January 4, 2010

Brooke sought Whip out at Jackie M to ask him about Sandy, a.k.a. Agnes. Whip assumed that Nick had blabbed to Brooke about Sandy being Whip's cousin. Brooke said that even though she'd reconciled her past with Whip, she found it too coincidental that Whip and Sandy had wound up in Bridget's life.

Whip laughed at the thought that he'd set Sandy up to be Bridget's surrogate. He admitted, though, that Stephanie had hired him with the hopes that he'd make a play for Brooke. Brooke scoffed, and Whip hoped that she'd keep her suspicions to herself, because Sandy was really trying to turn the page on a bad time in her life. Brooke asked why Whip would say that, and he cryptically responded that Sandy lived as if she'd lost everything.

During lunch with Stephanie at Il Giardino, Stephanie seemed intrigued when Bridget asked if Stephanie would be a part of Bridget's family. Bridget recalled being a confused child, who'd always felt as if she had save her mother. She hadn't felt that she could call Stephanie her stepmother, because of the warring between Brooke and Stephanie. Bridget remembered writing her mother off for the Deacon issue and writing off Stephanie for faking a cardiac arrest.

Bridget noted that she'd since mended her relationships with Stephanie and Brooke. Bridget felt that Stephanie could teach Bridget's child many things. Bridget asked if Stephanie would be a grandmother to Bridget's child. Stephanie laughed, wondering how many grandmothers a child needed. Bridget said that she'd be remiss if she didn't share all of the most important people in her life with her children.

In the smoky storage room S80, Nick asked Lieutenant Baker why the room brimmed with untested evidence for hundreds of rape cases . Lt. Baker gravely apologized, but Sandy demanded to know why no one had processed the kits. Lt. Baker hoped it was because the district attorney hadn't needed them to prosecute, but Sandy said that she would have heard if there had been a trial in her case. Zev prodded Lt. Baker to tell Sandy the full story.

Lt. Baker stated that some cases were low priority. An offended Sandy quipped that her case was low priority just because police had doubted that a bartender could be raped. Lt. Baker said the police didn't make those kinds of determinations. Zev interjected that they couldn't comment because the department might be sued. Nick and Sandy scoffed, but Lt. Baker said he wasn't silent out of fear of litigation; rather, he was ashamed that the police had failed Sandy.

Lt. Baker explained that DNA tests cost at least $1,000, so the D.A. gave precedence to winnable cases or those involving murder and child endangerment. Baker assured Sandy that the tests would be done, even if it took years. Sandy and Nick suddenly realized that Sandy's kit could be among the hundreds stored in that room.

Sandy became outraged that women's lives had been shattered while the evidence to give them justice wasted away in that storage room. She grabbed a bag and saw that it belonged to a woman who'd been waiting eight years for an answer. "Do hers, too. Do hers first!" Sandy pleaded. She said that if it were about money, she'd work to pay for it herself somehow.

Sandy grabbed more kits off the shelf and shoved them at Lt. Baker for processing. Nick said that Sandy needed to find her own kit, but Sandy replied that she was no more important than all the other victims. Sandy grabbed a kit with clothes inside. "She was wearing this for someone special, for someone she loved, but he got to her first," Sandy said. She handed it to Lt. Baker and pleaded with him to do that kit, as well.

Sandy sobbed that all those women slept with baseball bats and lived in fear, but they didn't call the police, because they didn't want to bother them. She said those women had summoned the courage to report the crimes, but the police couldn't summon the courage to tell those women that they wouldn't get help.

Later, Lt. Baker called his son to start an investigation. Zev said he'd learned that Sandy's kit had never been processed. Zev assumed that it could still be in that room. Nick and Sandy started sifting through the crates, and Lt. Baker and Zev silently joined them.

After searching for a while, Lt. Baker asked if there might be any identifiable items in Sandy's bag to help them find it faster. Sandy recalled that she'd handed over a blue silk like shirt. Zev and Lt. Baker decided to get a court order to open all the bags. Suddenly, terror struck Sandy. She saw a bag with a blue shirt in it. She trembled and sobbed, showing the bag to Nick. He hugged a crying Sandy as she cradled the bag.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke acknowledged to Ridge and Steffy that the plan was working and risky, and the "Dare" launch was only a few days away. Ridge agreed that it was very risky, but it would be a big win if they could get the company back. Brooke feared that it would ruin her relationship with Katie forever. Ridge caressed Brooke and apologized for putting her in a tough situation. Steffy questioned that Brooke was losing her resolve. Brooke admitted that she felt guilty for deceiving Katie.

In Katie's office, Katie had invited Jarrett to a private preview of the "Dare" line. Jarrett was surprised that he had not been invited to the preview that she and Bill had held earlier, but Katie said that she and Bill were the only people to see the top-secret designs. She wanted to give Jarrett a sneak preview because he had always been fair, and she trusted his judgment.

Jarrett said that he expected that the new line would rock the fashion world, since Eric and Ridge were working together again. Marcus wheeled in a rack of clothing hidden by garment covers. Katie thanked him for delivering the dresses to her first, rather than to Ridge. She said that she would handle Ridge. Marcus left, and Jarrett removed the garment cover and said, "Eric and Ridge, what have they done?"

Katie pressured Jarrett to tell her what he thought, but Jarrett looked uncomfortable and wondered how he could diplomatically tell her what he thought. Katie wondered if the designs were as bad as she thought they were. Jarrett answered that they were worse. He said that they were atrocious, and it appeared that the Forresters were sabotaging their own collection. He quickly added that there had been instances in the past that he was wrong about Eric's designs.

Jarrett couldn't believe that Eric would ever do anything to hurt his own company. Jarrett pointed out that Brooke and Donna were Katie's sisters and would never knowingly deceive her. Jarrett left, and Katie examined the gaudy gowns. She called Brooke and asked her to drop whatever she was doing and meet in Katie's office.

As Brooke hung up the phone, Ridge and Steffy tried to bolster Brooke to handle her sister. Brooke agonized that Katie had seen the entire collection, including the most outrageous design of the collection.

After Brooke left the office, Ridge told Steffy that he never should have sent Brooke to see Katie alone. He regretted that they had deceived Katie because they had talked about how the company was all about family and that family was important above all else. Steffy encouraged her father, and said that Brooke wouldn't cave to Katie's pressure.

In Katie's office, Brooke noticed the clothing rack with all the new designs. Brooke told Katie that she wished she had waited to see them, but Katie angrily asked if Brooke wanted Eric and Ridge to do another sales job on her. Brooke was very quiet.

Katie said that she felt foolish and na´ve for telling Bill that all she had wanted for Christmas was for Bill to return the company to the Forresters so that she could have her family for the holidays. Katie said that she didn't care about money or power because family was more important. Brooke tried to stop Katie, but Katie pressed on telling Brooke that she had heard all the excuses about how the Forresters blamed Bill for stealing the company. The truth, Katie noted, was that Bill had paid top dollar for the company. She understood that Ridge and Eric wanted to blame Bill, but she felt that Donna and Brooke were stabbing her in the back. Brooke looked uncomfortable.

Katie said that family meant more to her than anything. She trusted Brooke for advice, guidance, and truth. She warned that she was going to ask Brooke one more time for the truth about the designs. Brooke turned her back on Katie as Katie demanded to know if the designs were legitimate or if all the Forresters were betraying her trust. Katie said that she wanted to believe that the designs were for real, but she had a feeling that it was all a big joke, and Katie was the punch line. Katie demanded the truth as Brooke squinted at her sister.

At Jackie M, Nick poured Sandy a glass of water, and she reiterated her concerns that so many women had been treated so badly by the police department; the women believed that their cases were progressing when lack of money had prevented a room full of rape kits from ever proceeding for DNA testing. Nick assured her that she would get justice.

He reminded her that they would have DNA results in a few days. She thanked Nick for taking her to the police station because she said that if it hadn't been for him, she would never have known what happened. She thanked him for giving her hope. Nick told Sandy that he was uncomfortable not telling Bridget about the situation. Sandy begged Nick to wait until they had some results.

Bridget entered and Sandy left. Bridget wondered why Sandy was in such a hurry, and she worried that Stephanie was working Sandy too hard. Nick teased that Bridget was a worrywart. He wanted her to stop worrying that bad things would happen. He kissed her and hugged her as she shared that she had heard a rumor about the Forrester "Dare" line.

Nick joked that it was once again Ridge and Eric's best work, but Bridget said she had heard that it was a total departure and not classy or elegant. She wondered if Bill had taken control of the designs and her father had lost his inspiration. Nick said that he had found his inspiration, and he kissed Bridget.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At Insomnia, Steffy called Brooke at the office, but Madison answered, saying that Brooke was still meeting with Katie. Steffy worried that the meeting seemed long. After the call, Bill strode up. He said he was on his way to Forrester to check on the "Dare" line. Steffy offered to tell him everything he needed to know, but Bill said that he'd rather confer with his CEO. Steffy retorted that Katie and Bill were on the Forresters' backs like third grade teachers. Bill wondered if Steffy's attitude resulted from her lingering crush on him.

Steffy scoffed that he should get over himself. She said that she actually hated him for sticking his wife in her grandfather's office. Bill said that, truth be told, he didn't like Steffy much, either. Bill and Steffy exchanged banter until his order was ready. He told Steffy to be a good girl, but Steffy quipped that she was a woman. Bill said that he stood corrected. As Bill left, Steffy stifled a smile. She recalled the kiss at Big Bear and grinned all over again.

In Katie's office with Brooke, Katie insisted upon knowing if the Dare line was really a breakthrough in fashion, or if Katie would go down in infamy as the CEO who ruined Forrester. Brooke said that in Katie's heart, Katie knew that Forrester Creations belonged to the family, and it was impossible for Ridge and Eric to work under Bill. Katie recalled that Brooke had said that the collection was everything that it needed to be. "What does it need to be? A success or a failure?" Katie asked. Brooke hung her head, saying, "A failure."

Katie asserted that her sisters had set her up. She said that her own family would stoop to ruining her professional reputation just to get what they wanted. Brooke said that she knew it was wrong and hurtful, but Bill had left them no choice. Katie felt insulted that Donna and Brooke didn't have faith in Katie's abilities.

Brooke stated that it was about righting a wrong, not Katie's aptitude. Katie couldn't believe that her sisters, who were supposed to protect her, had set out to destroy her. Brooke whimpered, saying that she loved Katie. Katie retorted that Brooke didn't get to say that after what she'd done. Katie insisted that she'd never do something like that to her sisters.

Brooke asked if Katie would tell Bill, and Katie said that she'd definitely tell him, because he was her husband. Brooke warned that the fallout would be enormous, with consequences for everyone involved. Brooke remarked that she'd always protected Katie, and Brooke was still protecting Katie by asking that Katie think hard about the ramifications before revealing the plot to Bill. Both women cried as Brooke hoped that Katie would one day forgive Brooke. Katie didn't say a word as Brooke left.

Later, Bill entered Katie's office and immediately noticed that she was tense. Katie conveyed that something serious had happened, and it was her job to mediate. At Bill's curious prodding, Katie said that the Forresters still wanted the company. He shrugged, saying that they could try. Katie revealed that they'd already tried. She said that the Dare line wasn't really designed to be a breakthrough for Forrester, but rather a breakdown concocted to run the company into the ground.

Bill chuckled wryly to learn that the Forresters tried to botch a line to get the company back. Katie wanted to explore that option, but Bill barely heard her as he stewed in anger. Katie implored Bill to let her handle it, because it was her fault. He replied that she couldn't be faulted for trusting her family. "No, it's our family now, remember?" he sarcastically corrected.

Bill couldn't believe that they thought that their little disaster would sink him. Katie insisted that he let her handle it, because she was the CEO. Bill raged that he controlled the Spencer board; the Spencer board did not control him. Katie tried to get Bill to calm down, but he bellowed for her to get the Forresters into the office at that instant.

In the basement office, Ridge and Eric worried that Katie was onto them. Donna said that Katie wasn't stupid, and she'd been suspicious from the start. Donna guessed that with a rack full of hideous designs in Katie's office, Brooke had no choice but to lie more. "Or tell the truth," Ridge reasoned. Donna called their actions outright treachery, and she felt that they should expect the worse.

Steffy entered, and Eric and Ridge decided to head upstairs to lend Brooke some support. When Ridge opened the door, a tearful Brooke stood on the other side. She cried that Katie knew everything. Brooke said that she couldn't lie to Katie anymore, and Katie felt like she'd been stabbed in the back. As they discussed what had happened with Katie, Madison entered to say that Katie wanted them all upstairs. "She sounds upset," Madison added.

When the Forrester family arrived in Katie's office, Bill silently fumed from behind Katie's desk. Ridge and Eric told Bill to save his speech, because they already knew what he'd say. "You have no idea what I'm going to say--or do--to all of you," Bill quipped ominously.

Thursday, January 7, 2010
by Pam

At Forrester, Bill was furious with Ridge, Eric, Brooke, Donna, and Steffy for sabotaging the "Dare" line. He was calm at first, but Eric sputtered that he had built the company and thought he had found a way to get it back. Ridge agreed.

Bill sarcastically said, "Poor little Ridge Forrester getting paid millions to design pretty little dresses." Eric insisted that his family had been living and breathing the fashion industry forever, and they saw an opportunity to get their company back and they took a chance.

Bill told them to let go of the fantasy that they would ever get the company back. Bill reminded Eric that Eric had built the company, but Bill had bought it, and the Forresters all worked for him. He reminded them that he could hire other designers, but Katie interrupted and said that no one was suggesting that anyone quit. Bill told them that they all had non-compete clauses. He had no intention of firing them, but they were welcome to quit.

"I understand they're hiring at the mall," Bill said. "Take the leap. I dare you."

Bill said that he had saved their butts by catching onto their plan. If they had introduced the "Dare" line, Eric and Ridge would have embarrassed themselves, but never hurt Forrester Creations.

Ridge said that the Spencer board would have forced Bill to sell Forrester, but Bill said, ""Ridge, Ridge, Ridge, how stupid are you?"

Bill explained that he controlled the board and all the media. So he had just saved them from ruining their own careers and looking like fools. Donna sarcastically asked if they were supposed to thank him. Bill said that he didn't like her tone. Katie tried to stop him.

Bill said that he could understand why Eric and Ridge would foolishly try a stunt to get the company back, because they had actually worked there. Donna, he said, had her title because she married into the family. He also went off on Brooke, who he said had slept her way through the Forrester family to establish a position at Forrester. Ridge freaked out and made a move toward Bill, but Eric stopped him, and Bill smiled and said that Ridge could do nothing to stop him.

Brooke and Donna looked insulted, but Bill had only just begun his tirade as Katie begged him to stop. He insisted that it was all the truth and that the Logans, "paragons of virtue," had given up all the Forrester integrity and pride when they schemed with their husbands to destroy the company and Katie.

Bill lashed out at Donna and Brooke. He told them that he was shocked that they could hurt their sister the way they did. He reminded them that Katie wanted to get married in her childhood neighborhood so that Bill could see how she and her sisters had grown up.

Bill sarcastically told Brooke and Donna that family was so important to them that they sold Katie out. They would have embarrassed her in front of the entire world and ruined her career. Brooke interrupted and said that they loved Katie, but Bill disagreed. He told Donna and Brooke that they were selfish. They had everything --wealth, fame, and power--and they flaunted it like movie stars, but it wasn't enough. The minute Katie got close to making a name for herself and achieving a place at the top, they stabbed her in the back. "You're not sisters at all," he said. "You are jealous little tramps."

The Forresters asked what Bill expected them to do, and he said he half-expected Brooke to take her clothes off to the save the company. Ridge freaked out, and Donna called Bill sick and twisted. Bill told them that they would all suffer because he owned them. Katie asked him to stop, but Bill stared at all of them and walked out, calling Katie to follow him. Katie glared at all of the Forresters and followed Bill.

At home, Katie and Bill shouted at each other about misplaced loyalty as Katie defended her sisters for trying to get the company back for their family. Bill was livid and told his wife that her family had betrayed her. Katie fired back that they were still her family and not just employees that he could treat badly. She worried that he had said things that he couldn't take back when he called them tramps. Bill said he had no plans to take any of it back. He added that if his sister had ever treated Katie as badly as her own sisters had, she would pay dearly. He didn't see that same loyalty in Katie for him.

Instead, he said that she was angry with him for wanting to punish the Forresters. Katie tried to reason with Bill and tell him that she had wanted to handle the situation, but Bill told her to shut up and listen. She angrily asked if he was speaking to her so insultingly as his wife or his employee. He couldn't believe that she could forgive her sisters when they had hatched a plan that would have made Katie a joke in the fashion world.

Katie disagreed and said that it was not all black and white, but Bill continued to remind her of how her sisters would have ruined her career. He was frustrated with her blind devotion to her sisters. Katie said that she needed to get some air, and she was going out for a drive. Bill warned her not to walk out on him, but Katie opened the door and, with lightning, thunder, and rain surrounding her, she stared at her husband defiantly.

Back at Forrester, Ridge said that he hated Bill. Donna and Brooke regretted how they had treated Katie, and they agreed that Katie was angry, but she seemed to soften before she left. They were hoping that she would convince Bill not to do anything that would destroy the company. Steffy blew up at everyone. She called Katie names and said that Katie had told Bill the whole plan. Brooke asked her what she expected Katie to do. Steffy told Brooke and Donna that Bill had been right. The only way any of them got their jobs was because they had slept their way through the Forrester family. She reminded Ridge that Katie was sitting in his chair -- he had earned the title of CEO, not Katie.

Steffy blamed all the Logans for Forrester failing in business. She correctly identified an all-Logan hierarchy at the company with Katie as CEO, Brooke as president, and Donna as vice president. She remembered when Forrester had flourished while her grandmother was on board, but they had all kicked Stephanie to the curb. Eric and Ridge tried to stop Steffy and told her that she needed to redirect her anger at Bill, not the Logans.

Steffy didn't stop. She reminded Donna that all she had done at Forrester was pour honey all over Eric and Steffy remarked that it was disgusting. Steffy stood up to Brooke, but Ridge stepped in, and Brooke stopped him. Brooke said that she wanted to hear what Steffy had to say, and then Brooke planned to remind Steffy of what Brooke had accomplished. Steffy acknowledged that Brooke had make contributions in the past.

Steffy said Forrester had been on a downward spiral after Stephanie left, and that was why Bill was able to buy it. She warned them not to blame Bill Spencer but rather to blame themselves. Eric and Ridge stuck up for the Logans, and Brooke tried to convince Steffy that Katie would stick up for all of them with Bill. Steffy sarcastically wondered if they expected that Katie would walk out on Bill because of her sisters. "She's not going to walk out on a rich husband any more than either of you would," she said to Brooke and Donna.

At Jackie M, Nick and Bridget set a table in Nick's office for dinner, and Owen and Jackie entered. Bridget told them that since they were all working late, they wanted to share dinner together. During dinner, Bridget and Nick thanked Owen for connecting them with the surrogacy agency. Owen modestly said that he was glad to help. He added that he was just realizing that he was going be a grandfather. Bridget and Nick agreed, and said that they had gifts for him to prepare for becoming a grandfather. Bridget presented him with items that she remembered her own grandfather using: a pipe, slippers, hearing aids, and, finally, a T-shirt that said "World's Best Grandpa."

Owen thanked them and said that he would proudly wear the shirt. Nick joked about Owen having the best six-pack of any grandfather. On a more serious note, Nick told Owen that he was very happy that Owen had made Jackie so happy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

As a massive storm raged, Bill tried to stop an upset Katie from walking out of their house. Katie told Bill that they both needed to cool off -- and that she was afraid that she might say something that she would regret. Bill said that Katie was going to have to make a decision to choose either her sisters or him. Katie was angry that Bill was forcing her to make that choice. Bill said that it wasn't him putting her in that position -- rather it was Brooke and Donna, and that nothing good would come from Katie walking out. Ignoring Bill, Katie left in the pouring rain.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Donna agreed that it had been risky trying to trick Bill, but reminded each other that they wanted to get Forrester back from him. The sisters discussed the argument that had occurred in Katie's office. Brooke said that even though Katie had gone home with Bill, at least she had supported Brooke and Donna during the office argument.

Brooke was concerned about how Bill would retaliate for the "mutiny" at Forrester. Donna said that they should expect the worst. Brooke answered a knock at the door and found a rain-soaked, hysterical Katie. Katie said that she had been arguing with Bill and defending her sisters, although what Donna and Brooke had done was indefensible. Katie said that because of Donna and Brooke's actions, she had walked out on her husband.

Katie told Brooke that Bill couldn't believe that she was defending Brooke and Donna after everything that they had done. Katie, still hysterical, said that she didn't know what she was doing visiting her sisters. She said that she was driving around and that she wanted to talk with her best friends, and she realized that Brooke and Donna, the people who had stabbed her in the back, were her best friends.

Donna said that they had hated lying to Katie. Katie said that Brooke and Donna were willing to sacrifice Katie in order to save their husbands' "bruised egos." Katie wondered how she could ever trust her sisters again. Katie began freaking out and told her sisters that she had to go back to Bill. Brooke said that Katie was too upset to drive, particularly in the storm. Brooke suggested that Katie call Bill and let him know that she was all right.

After Katie left, Bill began drinking heavily. Steffy showed up, and Bill told her to leave. Steffy refused. Bill wondered whether Steffy was Forrester's "Avenging Angel." Steffy said that she was glad that Bill was drinking, because he was going to need to be drunk when she was through with him.

Bill once again asked Steffy to leave, but she said that she wasn't going anywhere. She nonchalantly asked Bill how Katie was. Bill didn't respond, and Steffy correctly guessed that the Spencers had fought and that Katie had walked out. Bill received a text message from Katie, "I'm okay. At Brooke's."

Steffy asked Bill why he wouldn't give Forrester Creations back to the Forresters. She accused Bill of taking the company from Eric and Ridge. She said that if Bill gave up the company, it would improve his marriage. Bill said that he would never give up the company -- that Steffy's family had tried to make him look like a fool, and that he would never forget that.

Steffy told the drunk Bill that this could be his opportunity to get away from the Logans -- particularly Katie, who did not "get" Bill. Steffy reminded Bill that Katie had walked out on him. Bill told Steffy that she needed to go because the storm was getting worse -- and that Steffy had no idea what she was dealing with. Steffy told Bill that it was obvious that he was upset that Katie was at Brooke's. She told Bill that "those Logans" stick together, and that Katie would end up hurting Bill. Steffy advised him to get out of the marriage while he still could.

Bill insisted that he loved Katie. Steffy said that was a mistake on Bill's part. She related how Ridge had been taken away from her because of Brooke, and that Steffy's life hadn't been the same because of that. Steffy said that she often felt that she never had a father. Bill and Steffy began connecting when Bill replied that he knew what that was like. Steffy said that she had learned to live with the Logans in her life, but that it wasn't too late for Bill -- he could still escape. Steffy pressed the point that Katie had made a choice by walking out on Bill.

Brooke offered Katie a glass of wine, but she refused it and said that she had to go home. Brooke again told Katie that she and Donna had never meant to hurt her. Katie said that they knew that she would be collateral damage. Brooke turned the tables on Katie and asked her if she would have turned Bill away if her husband had asked for her help. Katie said that she didn't know -- she only knew that she felt beat up, inside and out.

Brooke urged Katie to stay at Brooke's that night. Katie insisted that she needed to go home. Brooke said that it wasn't safe to be out driving, but Katie said that she hated the idea of being away from her husband. She insisted that she loved Bill, even if Brooke didn't feel that Bill was worthy of Katie's love. Katie began to cry and lamented the fact that Brooke, who Katie had always considered her best friend, had betrayed her. Katie said that she didn't know if she would ever be able to trust Brooke again. Brooke hugged Katie.

Bill told Steffy that she was in way over her head. Because of the storm, the power failed and Bill began to light some candles. Bill said that Steffy was a confused little girl, and that he had said all he was going to say to her. Steffy said that if Bill were her husband, she wouldn't have walked out on him. Bill insisted that Katie would be home soon, and that he didn't want her to find Steffy there. Bill received another text message from Katie, "Staying at Brooke's. See you in the morning."

Steffy told Bill that she was sorry that Katie wasn't returning home -- that it wasn't right. Steffy and Bill began kissing passionately. Steffy broke free of the kiss and ran out of Bill's house. As Bill looked out the front door, Katie texted him again, "I miss you. I love you."

At Jackie M, Nick was surprised that Sandy was working late. Nick offered her a ride home, but Sandy said that she would call a cab. Nick said that he was proud of Sandy for standing up for herself with Lieutenant Baker. She said that she owed it all to Nick.

Nick said that it took real guts for Sandy to walk into the police station and demand her rights. Sandy said it was hard to believe that there were so many unprocessed rape kits in the basement room at the station -- thus so many rapists walking around because the police department lacked funding to process the kits. Nick said that with Baker in charge, Sandy's rapist would be captured, and she would get to have her life back.

Sandy said that she realized that she might come face-to-face with the man who had raped her, adding that she had waited for years to look him in the eye and ask him why he had done it. Sandy told Nick that the rapist had taken her life away from her -- she was never going to be a carefree spirit, able to go out for a night with her friends. Nick said that her rapist was a coward. Sandy agreed, saying that the rapist got his kicks by attacking a drugged, helpless woman. She vowed to put the rapist in jail for the rest of his life.

Nick said that they should hear from Lt. Baker soon regarding any leads in Sandy's case. Baker showed up at the office and told Sandy and Nick that the police department hadn't been able to find a match to the DNA from Sandy's rape kit. Baker said that meant that the attacker had no felonies or priors that would have led to his DNA being in the database.

Sandy became upset, thinking that her attacker would never be brought to justice. Baker said that his men were on the case, and that they wouldn't stop until they found Sandy's attacker. He gave Sandy his business card and told her to call him anytime. After Baker left, an upset Sandy told Nick that she couldn't believe that her rapist had gotten away with his crime. Nick said that the rapist didn't get away with anything, and that the investigation was just going to take a little more time than she had hoped. Sandy said that the one ray of light in the situation was that she had become friends with Nick and Bridget. Nick promised that one day Sandy would feel safe again.

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