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Monday, March 1, 2010

In the koi pond, Taylor bet her stake in Forrester that Brooke couldn't dunk Taylor in the water again. Brooke pounced, but Taylor dashed out of the way and left Brooke in the pond.

In the corridor at Forrester Creations, Donna was horror-stricken to see lemon bars on the reception desk. Pam shrieked that she was back at the company and offered Donna a lemon bar. Donna claimed that she didn't eat those things. Pam quipped that Donna had been eating something, because Donna was "porking up." An appalled Donna went into Ridge's office.

Later, a soaked Brooke joined Donna in Ridge's office. Brooke was aghast that Taylor had tossed Brooke into the pond in lieu of having an adult conversation. The sisters lamented their lives being turned upside down. They were happy for their husbands, but they hated the idea of being bossed by Stephanie and Taylor. Additionally, they hated that everyone hailed Steffy as a savior. Donna and Brooke were sure that Steffy had seduced Bill into selling.

In Eric's office, the Forrester team toasted their win. Ridge congratulated Steffy on somehow reclaiming the company, and Eric told Stephanie that it was nice to have his co-pilot back. A sopping wet Taylor entered, telling Ridge, "Your wife is a psycho! She jumped me!" Even though Taylor had pushed Brooke into the koi pond first, Taylor claimed that Brooke had instigated it. Hope said that it didn't sound like her mother, but Steffy quipped that it sounded exactly like Brooke.

Hope announced that she'd donated everything labeled Spencer Publications to charity. Marcus and Rick hauled out Bill's portrait, which had hung in the lobby, and Jerrett entered just as Eric and Ridge drew gnashing teeth and horns on it.

Later, Donna and Brooke listened outside Eric's door as Steffy told her family that she'd waited for the right time to make Bill Spencer an offer that he couldn't refuse. As the family lauded Steffy, Donna was disgusted to see Steffy playing the family heroine. Brooke thought it was time to tell Ridge the truth about Steffy before things got out of hand.

Brooke entered Eric's office to invite Ridge into the hallway, and Steffy watched the couple leave. Steffy whispered to Thomas that no one could know how she'd convinced Bill to sell. Seeing Ridge and Brooke through the doorway, Thomas asked Steffy how much Brooke knew about it. Steffy replied that Brooke knew just enough to start trouble.

Hope stood by the door as, in the hallway, Brooke asked Ridge to think about how Steffy might have influenced Bill. Ridge assumed that his daughter had used her wit. Brooke remarked that Steffy was smart, but also devious. "I hate to say this about your daughter, but I think it's time," Brooke whispered. A concerned Ridge locked eyes with Steffy.

After an intense argument with Bridget, Aggie grew dizzy and tumbled down the stairs at the Marone home. Aggie awakened later in the hospital, and Nick and Bridget informed her that she'd fallen. Aggie sobbed that she only remembered getting dizzy. When Dr. Caspary entered, she confirmed that the bleeding had stopped, but Aggie's cervix had dilated. Dr. Caspary did an ultrasound, and Bridget sobbed at the image on the screen. Aggie asked why it was so quiet, and Bridget uttered, "It's gone, isn't it?" Dr. Caspary looked gravely at Bridget.

Aggie cried that she'd simply fallen. Dr. Caspary replied that she detected no heartbeat, which meant that the fetus was no longer viable. Bridget tore out of the room, and Nick briefly touched Aggie's hand before following Bridget into the corridor.

Alone, Aggie apologized to the baby for failing it. She said that it had given her a reason to be better. She was sad that it would miss its great life, and she asked it to forgive her.

In the corridor, a devastated Bridget sobbed about their loss. She cried that she'd known something bad would happen, because it always did. She wondered if she'd been wrong to force Aggie to take those pills. As Bridget sobbed, Nick said that he wouldn't let her blame herself. Bridget decided that he was right. "It's your fault!" she concluded.

Bridget blamed Agnes for lying. Bridget then blamed Nick for going along with the lie and for inviting Agnes to dinner. Morose over their setbacks, Bridget wondered how many more heartbreaks they could take. Nick said that they might not be meant to have a child. She gasped, saying that maybe they weren't meant to be together at all. Nick tried to object, but Bridget ran off. Meanwhile, from inside her hospital room, Aggie heard Nick begging Bridget not to leave.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke finally came clean to Ridge that Steffy had been seducing Bill in order to get the company returned to the Forrester family. Ridge couldn't believe that Brooke had withheld the information, but Brooke defended her actions. She told Ridge that he had been so upset that she didn't want to add to his stress.

Brooke said that she had spoken to Steffy about her actions and Steffy had promised to stop pursuing Bill, but she never did. Ridge insisted that Bill must have made a pass at Steffy in order to prompt such behavior, but Brooke told Ridge that Steffy had started pursuing Bill before Katie and Bill were married. She added that Steffy had been after Bill the night before Bill and Katie's wedding.

Brooke explained that Steffy's actions had caused the rift between Steffy and Katie. Brooke added that Steffy had to stop playing dangerous games and throwing herself at a married man. Brooke worried that Steffy would hurt herself or someone else. Brooke also worried about Steffy's actions because she was clearly on a crusade to rid the company of all Logans. Steffy entered and sneered at Brooke.

Ridge asked Steffy if she had slept with Bill in order to regain control of the company. Steffy said that she never would have let her actions get out of control. She justified her behavior and she told her father that she and Bill had grown close. She had used that attraction to her advantage. Ridge was disappointed that Steffy allowed Bill to even touch her.

Steffy countered that she had used Bill. She said that during every kiss, she was in control. She said that she led him on and used his feelings for her to regain control of Forrester for the family. Steffy asked Ridge to be proud of her. She had taken Bill Spencer down when no one else could. Ridge was silent, and Steffy begged him to say something. She asked him to remember how miserable he had been. She added that she couldn't watch him suffer any longer. She didn't want Ridge to tell Taylor about her behavior.

Brooke interrupted and added that Steffy had almost ruined Katie and Bill's marriage, but Steffy ranted that she did it all to save her family and to save the company. She flippantly said that Bill and Katie were fine and would have a long and happy marriage. Ridge said that he couldn't judge her. He didn't approve of what she did, but he knew why she did it. A shocked Brooke blasted Ridge for condoning Steffy's actions.

Steffy turned the tables on Brooke. Steffy pointed out that Brooke and her sisters walked all over Eric and Ridge during their ownership days. Steffy added that she had once again made Ridge and Eric proud after they had been so miserable and heartsick. Steffy haughtily claimed that she had repaid her father for all his love. She had helped him to reclaim his dream. She tearfully dished that Ridge was the most important man in her life. Ridge grabbed Steffy and hugged her. Brooke looked on disapprovingly as Steffy glared at her.

At Jackie M, Jackie was looking through a baby catalog when Owen started kissing and caressing her. She told him that he was going to make a hot step-granddad. Owen was planning to cancel her appointments and romance her, but Jackie got a call from Nick.

At Nick's, Nick had just returned from the hospital to find an empty house. Bridget was gone.

Nick asked his mother to meet him at his house. When Jackie entered, he told her that Aggie had lost the baby after falling down the stairs. Nick said that Bridget had raced out of the hospital and told him that they weren't meant to be together. Nick lamented that he had no idea where Bridget had gone.

Jackie said that Bridget must have been devastated to lose a second child. She assured Nick that he and Bridget would mend their marriage. Nick continued to call Bridget, but she did not answer any of his calls.

At Jackie M, Bridget stood in the doorway of Owen's office. She broke down and shared that Aggie had lost the baby. Owen caressed a crying Bridget. Owen told Bridget that she was only human to have expectations and dreams. Bridget said that she felt the baby was a little girl.

Owen asked about Nick, but Bridget said she left him and Aggie because she just couldn't talk to either one of them. She refused to go home to Nick. Owen promised to take care of her. Owen took Bridget to his beach house. She tearfully shared that she had wanted to protect the baby, but she had failed.

Bridget said that she had realized that some things were not meant to be. Owen listened with sympathy. Bridget said that she had so much love for the baby, but it wasn't enough. She couldn't understand why it wasn't enough to save her child. Owen held her closely and caressed her.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge discussed her pursuit of Bill, and Ridge forbade her from ever having any involvement with Bill again. Steffy agreed. Brooke told Steffy that Ridge had to hear the truth, and Steffy said that it had made her closer to her father. Brooke left, and Ridge encouraged Steffy to be more respectful of Brooke.

Steffy told Ridge that Brooke no longer owned the company, but she owned Ridge. She apologized for being disrespectful, but Steffy wanted her father to be proud of her. Ridge wondered if Steffy was competing for his attention. Steffy whined that Brooke was always in the way of her receiving his attention.

Steffy told her father that they had to dump the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Steffy admitted that she was jealous that Ridge spent so much time with Brooke and her family as opposed to Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy.

Forrester, Steffy insisted, was going to be great again with Steffy and Ridge leading the way. She wanted to ensure that their time together at Forrester was special and that Hope and Brooke couldn't interfere. She continued her crusade against Brooke and Hope. Steffy pressed her father to admit that the "Hope for the Future" campaign was a bad idea.

In another office, Taylor had signed the papers to become a 25 percent owner of Forrester Creations. Whip surprised Taylor with a visit and they kissed to celebrate her new role as an owner. Taylor entered Ridge's office, and announced that she was one of the new owners.

Steffy excitedly hugged her mother and congratulated her. Steffy, Ridge, and Taylor discussed dropping the "Hope" campaign. Steffy stumped again for her "Afterparty" campaign. Brooke and Hope entered, and Brooke said that Hope was ready to get to work on the new campaign.

Steffy happily announced that Brooke and Hope needed to understand that the campaign had been shelved in favor of another idea. Taylor supported Steffy, and Brooke and Hope argued that they couldn't drop the campaign. Brooke asked Ridge if he supported the idea, and Steffy asked her father to tell Brooke and Hope that "Hope for the Future" was over.

At Nick's, Nick called Bridget numerous times and left messages. Jackie tried to console Nick about the loss of the baby, but Nick felt that it was his fault because he never should have invited Aggie over to the house for dinner. He should have known that they didn't like each other, and it wasn't a good idea.

Nick was concerned that he had also lost his marriage. Jackie told Nick that Bridget would recover, but Nick said that he had made a huge mistake when he didn't tell Bridget about Aggie's real identity. He had kept secrets from Bridget, and he knew that he never should have hidden anything from her.

At Owen's beach house, Owen tried to console Bridget, but she said that she had never gotten over the loss of Nicole. Losing another child was too much for her to bear. She lamented that Agnes seemed like the perfect surrogate, but Bridget was convinced that Agnes was only after Nick. She said that Agnes could have him.

Owen told Bridget that he knew she loved Nick, but Bridget argued that she no longer had a marriage. Bridget told Owen that Nick had said that Bridget wasn't meant to have a child. Bridget wondered if Nick meant that she would be a terrible mother. Owen assured her that she would be a wonderful mother.

Bridget tearfully shared that Nick had lied to her about Agnes. Bridget started to cry again and freaked out that she was beyond hope. She had not protected the baby. She consoled herself that the baby was with God. Owen assured her that God would protect the baby.

Bridget gathered and lit all the candles in the house to create a kind of altar. Bridget asked Owen to join her in prayer. Owen knelt next to Bridget and held her hands as she prayed that God would take care of her child. She apologized for doing something wrong. Bridget prayed for help. She said that she wanted to be a mother.

Bridget broke drown in tears again. She stopped momentarily and calmly acknowledged that her baby was with God and he would take care of her. Owen held her closely and caressed her. Owen kissed Bridget on the forehead. Bridget looked up at Owen and she moved her lips closer to his. She kissed him and they kissed again and became more passionate.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

At Nick's house, Jackie and Nick worried about Bridget. He said he needed his wife, and he hoped that she wasn't alone. Nick stared at his wedding photo, and he recalled his vows. Jackie reasoned that he had a strong marriage, and it wouldn't waver under the stress. Nick uttered that Bridget had lost yet another child, but she'd chosen to suffer it alone.

At Oliver's apartment, Bridget and Owen kissed and peeled off each other's clothes. The two sank to the floor to have sex. Bridget suddenly panicked and said she'd heard a noise. Owen figured that it was just the wind, and they resumed caressing each other.

After Owen and Bridget had sex, Bridget wrapped herself in a blanket and wondered what they'd been thinking. A guilty Owen said they'd just gotten carried away, and it was a big mistake. She thought of Nick and noted a ton of missed calls on her phone. Owen reminded her that she'd gone through something that day that no one should have to go through. Bridget said that the sex never should have happened, and she rushed off to take a shower.

After Bridget and Owen dressed, Bridget called Nick. He was relieved to hear from her. She apologized for being out of touch, but she'd needed some time. She said that she was sorry, and she was on her way home.

After the call, Bridget told Owen that she had to tell Nick the truth. Owen reasoned that it would ruin their marriages, but Bridget didn't want to be a hypocrite after stressing honesty to Nick. Owen asserted that he wanted his marriage. "Do you want yours?" he challenged. He figured that if she did, she'd keep the sex a secret. A disillusioned Bridget left, undecided about what she'd do. Owen grimaced as he worried.

When Nick got off the phone, Jackie wondered if Bridget were okay. Nick wasn't sure. Jackie decided to leave, but she asked him to call if he needed anything. At Jackie and Owen's place later, Owen arrived home to find Jackie staring out the window. She uttered that Nick and Bridget had lost the baby. Owen hugged Jackie as she sobbed.

When Bridget arrived home, Nick immediately said that he was sorry, but Bridget replied that she was the sorry one. They realized that they'd lost the baby, and so much more. Bridget said she'd been at the beach, and there was something that she had to tell him. Nick had something to say, too, and he asked to speak first.

Nick stated that he'd made vows to be honest and to never betray her. He knew how important truthfulness was to her. He admired how she'd never kept secrets from him, and he was ashamed that he'd kept one from her. Nick felt responsible for what had happened with the baby, and he said that Bridget was the most important thing to him. He promised to never keep anything from her, or betray her again. Bridget hugged him, and he sighed.

A nervous Bridget replied that she loved him very much. However, she had to tell him something. Bridget wanted to explain what had happened to her that night, and she figured it'd be the hardest thing that she'd ever had to tell him.

In Ridge's office, Steffy insisted that Ridge drop the "Hope for the Future" campaign, and Brooke accused Steffy of putting him in an awkward position. Taylor quipped that Ridge could speak for himself. Steffy persisted that she'd gotten the company back so that Ridge and she could have something together. She wanted them to return to the classic Forrester image, not perpetuate the Logan image. Brooke deduced that Steffy was crying out for Ridge's attention. Taylor asked Steffy to give Ridge time to think; however, Ridge said he knew what to do.

Ridge apologized for not being there for Steffy as much as he should have been, but it didn't mean that he didn't love her. Steffy said it wasn't about that. While Ridge would lay down his life for Steffy, he didn't believe that letting Hope go was the answer. He felt that the key to their strength was their unity, not division. Ridge promised to spend more time with Steffy, and he asked Taylor, Hope, and Brooke to leave him alone with his daughter.

A pouting Steffy pouted and murmured that she hadn't been asking much, but Ridge still refused to turn his back on Hope. "So, instead, you turn your back on me?" Steffy countered. Ridge replied that she was too smart to believe that. Steffy stated that when he'd left Taylor, he'd left the whole family. Steffy had connected with Bill, because she'd felt just as abandoned as Bill had. Ridge felt her pain; however, he hadn't abandoned her, and he never would. He wanted to take Steffy's pain away, but he couldn't do it at the risk of another vulnerable, teenage girl, who also thought of him as her father.

Ridge reasoned that he might not have been there for Steffy enough in the past, but he'd be there for her from that point on. He didn't think that he had to risk alienating Hope in the process. Ridge said that nothing was more precious to a father than his daughter. Steffy cried as he said that Steffy was his heart. Steffy sobbed that she felt his love, and the two hugged.

Friday, March 5, 2010

In Ridge and Brooke's bedroom, Ridge suggested that they all go on a vacation. Brooke wanted to know who Ridge meant when he said "all." Ridge said him, Brooke, and the kids. Brooke pressed -- she wanted to know which kids. Ridge responded Hope, R.J., Steffy, and Thomas. Ridge rolled his eyes when Brooke wondered if he thought that Taylor should go. Brooke reminded Ridge that they weren't really one big happy family -- that they were splinters of two families. Ridge said that he wasn't going to give up on pulling the family together.

Brooke said that Ridge might have to devise a strategy for everyone involved. She said that Hope probably needed a longer leash and more encouragement, and Steffy needed a lot more of Ridge. Ridge admitted that Steffy was adventurous and fearless -- and that she didn't want Ridge to pay her too much attention. Brooke said that Steffy wanted something -- although "attention" might be the wrong word.

Ridge admitted that Steffy had always been independent. Brooke said that Steffy didn't want Ridge to do anything for her -- she just wanted him to be around. Ridge said that Brooke always knew how to say the right thing. Brooke said that after all the years that Steffy had been in Phoebe's shadow and had been the "other" twin, Steffy finally wanted to be Ridge's "number one."

Ridge said that he knew that being a father wasn't rocket science -- but sometimes it was difficult. He was thankful that he had Brooke to help him with his parenting skills. Brooke wondered whether Ridge was about to make a "blind leading the blind" joke. Ridge said that Brooke knew everything -- and that was why he married her again... and again... and again. Brooke joked that she thought it was for the sex. The Forresters began kissing.

At the Knights', Jackie told Owen that Bridget was totally beside herself when Aggie lost the Marones' baby -- that she had blamed herself, Aggie, and Nick. Jackie said that Bridget had run out of the hospital and that Nick had no idea where Bridget had gone, until Bridget had called and said that she was headed home. Owen said that the baby had been so important to Bridget that her soul had probably been torn apart. Owen told Jackie that whatever Bridget had to do to get past it, no one had the right to judge Bridget.

Owen and Jackie shared a romantic bubble bath. Jackie asked Owen if he thought that she should call Nick. Owen said that if Nick had something to say to Jackie, it could wait until the next day. He told Jackie that all she needed to know that night was how much he loved her. As Jackie began washing Owen, under his breath he whispered, "Make me clean."

At the Marones', Nick wondered if something had happened that Bridget wanted to tell him about. Bridget said that what she had done to Nick was inexcusable -- making herself out to be the one who was always right. Bridget said that it was time that Nick found out exactly who he was married to. Nick thought that perhaps that night wasn't the right time to talk.

Bridget said that she had realized that night exactly what she was capable of. Nick told Bridget that Aggie's accident wasn't Bridget's fault. Bridget said that she had betrayed Nick when she ran away from him at the hospital. She told him that she had left because she wanted to "feel nothing."

Nick said that Bridget was starting to scare him. She said that she was starting to scare herself with her selfishness and all of the things that she had blamed Nick for. Nick said that he realized that both he and Bridget felt an emptiness inside them since they had lost Nicole, and that night they had lost another child. He told Bridget that he wouldn't be able to get through the situation without her.

Bridget said that she had turned her back on Nick, and that he deserved better than her. Nick told Bridget to stop -- he said that he felt like they were scorekeeping and trying to figure out which one of them was more wrong. Nick said it was ridiculous that, after losing a child, they were squabbling about who got to feel worse.

Nick declared an amnesty. He said that, from that moment on, whatever they had done to each other in the past was irrelevant. He told Bridget that he chose a life with her -- which included the good and the bad. He wondered if Bridget could say the same thing to him. Bridget said that she could.

Nick wondered if he and Bridget were okay. Bridget said that they were. Nick said that they should never go backwards and lose each other again. Bridget said there was no going back, no letting go, and no losing Nick. The couple kissed.

Marcus and Steffy went out for dinner at Insomnia. Steffy asked if they should order. Marcus wondered if she was in a hurry. Steffy said that she thought that Insomnia might be closing early, because Oliver, the DJ, was sitting at a table text messaging, instead of playing music. Marcus said that Oliver was probably just on a break.

Marcus wondered why they were at Insomnia -- he said that when he had invited her to dinner, he had wanted to take her to someplace nice -- not to have a snack at a coffee shop. Steffy said that she was tired of "nice" -- that she wanted to get rowdy. When Steffy saw Hope enter Insomnia and approach Oliver, she said that things should start getting interesting.

Marcus became irritated that Steffy was staring at Hope and Oliver. He asked Steffy if she wanted to invite the couple over, but Steffy said no. Marcus wondered what Steffy had against Hope, aside from her being a Logan. Steffy said that she didn't need any other reason.

Marcus asked Steffy why they didn't just put her in charge at Forrester. Steffy joked that she was. They discussed how Steffy had managed to get Bill to sell the company. Marcus said that he knew that Steffy was attracted to Bill, and he wondered if she had ever slept with him. Steffy adamantly denied that. She wondered if there were rumors about her and Bill floating around at Forrester. Marcus said that the staff knew better than to talk about Steffy in front of him.

Marcus said that the staff called Steffy the "new Stephanie." Steffy wondered if that was good or not. Marcus said that was good -- when they were irritated with Steffy they called her, "Stephanie, Jr." Steffy laughed and said that she and Stephanie were nothing alike. Marcus wondered what he should call Stephanie when Stephanie returned to work at Forrester. Steffy pointedly mentioned that Hope called Ridge, "Dad," even though she wasn't his daughter.

Hope apologized to Oliver for being late. She and Oliver began flirting with each other. Oliver showed Hope a new electronic toy that he had acquired -- a pocket projector that enlarged recorded cell phone video. He played some video of the Pacific Coast Highway that he had recorded that evening on the way home. Hope asked Oliver where home was. Oliver said that he was staying at a house at the beach that was owned by a friend of Owen Knight's.

Oliver told Hope that, when he had arrived at the house earlier that evening, there was someone else there -- someone who liked candles. Hope jokingly wondered if that made Oliver homeless. Oliver said that his plans were always flexible. Hope said that she wished she could be more like that. She told Oliver that things were really up in the air at work, and she needed to have more of a "Hey, whatever" attitude about things. Oliver wondered how Hope's job could be in jeopardy, since her father ran Forrester. Hope told Oliver that Ridge had another daughter, Steffy, who wasn't crazy about anyone named "Logan."

Oliver asked Hope if she was going to be a model. Hope said that she wasn't exactly sure -- and asked Oliver if he thought the name "Hope for the Future" sounded too plastic, or too much like an oil company advertisement. Oliver kissed Hope, and said that the name sounded just right. He said he knew that he wanted Hope in his future.

Hope said that she should go, but she was concerned that Oliver might have to sleep in his car. He said that he would stay at Aggie's, if he could find her. Hope suggested that he go back to the beach house -- perhaps whoever was there would be gone. Oliver said that when someone lights an incredible number of candles, they weren't going anywhere for a while. Hope said that perhaps there had been an electrical outage. Oliver said that he could check to see if there had been a power failure -- and turned on his pocket projector.

Hope asked Oliver what he was looking for. Oliver said that when he had arrived at the beach house and saw the candles burning through the window, he had taken out his cell phone and recorded some video of the house. Oliver had some trouble setting up the projector, but told Hope that he would get the equipment working. Hope and Oliver said goodnight to each other, and Hope left.

Finally getting the projector to work, Oliver saw that he had recorded a couple making love inside the house. He was shocked to see that the couple was Owen and Bridget.

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