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Monday, March 8, 2010

At home, Bridget had a faraway look in her eyes as she recalled how Aggie's tumble down the stairs and the baby's tragic death had led Bridget into Owen's arms. Nick approached and said that Jackie and Owen were on their way over. Bridget had invited Brooke to the house, and Bridget preferred that to tell Brooke the bad news alone. Jackie and Owen arrived before Nick could deter them, and as Jackie hugged Bridget, Bridget stared knowingly at Owen.

Soon after, Brooke arrived, and a sobbing Bridget strode into Brooke's embrace. Bridget uttered that they'd lost the baby. Brooke consoled Bridget, who felt as if it had been her fault. Bridget felt that her unruly emotions had led to Aggie's fall. Brooke suggested that Bridget lean on Nick, but an upset Bridget rushed out of the room.

Later, Bridget returned to the living room, and Owen said that the others were making tea in the kitchen. Owen guessed that Bridget hadn't told Nick about the other night. Bridget said that she hadn't done it because Nick had suggested that they put the past behind them-especially the events that had just happened. Agreeing with Nick's sentiment, Owen suggested that they keep quiet and move on, for everyone's sakes. Bridget still felt burdened, and Owen and she blamed themselves for losing control that night. He warned that the indiscretion would tear their lives apart, if they didn't keep it a secret.

After Jackie and Owen left, Nick and Brooke consoled Bridget. Bridget regretted leaving the hospital after they'd heard the news, and Nick apologized for saying the wrong things to her. He suggested that they embrace acceptance and forgiveness. He asked if she could let go of everything that had happened, because that was the only way to move on. In Bridget's mind flashed her steamy moments with Owen. She tearfully said that if Nick wanted to do that, then she wanted to do it, too. They held each other and expressed their love for each other.

At Oliver's place, Oliver comforted Aggie about the baby. He blamed Bridget for forcing the pills on Aggie. Aggie didn't want to blame Bridget, who was also suffering. In Oliver's mind flashed the recording of Owen and Bridget having sex, and Oliver murmured that everyone handled grief differently. Aggie wished that she could commiserate with Bridget, but Oliver didn't think it was wise to try. He suggested that Aggie lean on him and Whip, not Bridget.

Aggie cried that she'd finally become a part of something, and she wasn't ready for it to end. Jackie M had been like a new home for Aggie, but she doubted that she even had a job anymore. She realized that she'd made those people an important part of her life, but she meant nothing to them without the baby.

Aggie wished that she'd left the Marone house when Bridget had told Aggie to. Oliver replied that Aggie wasn't the bad guy, and Bridget wasn't perfect. He asked how well Aggie knew Bridget, and Aggie answered that it wasn't as well as she'd thought. Aggie cried that she'd lost everything. Oliver hugged his sister and said that she still had him.

While having coffee with Stephanie at Insomnia, Steffy expressed pride that she reminded everyone of her grandmother. Steffy stated that after banishing Katie from the company, they'd have no trouble weeding out Brooke and Donna. Stephanie didn't think that it was a good time to go after Brooke, who'd just lost her grandchild. Steffy looked shocked, and Stephanie and Steffy remarked on how hard it probably was for Bridget and Aggie.

Steffy returned to discussing the Logan issue, and Stephanie figured that Brooke and Ridge would blow up on their own, probably over Brooke's children. Stephanie revealed that Brooke felt guilty about the mistakes she'd made with her children, especially Bridget. Stephanie felt that Bridget was an angel, but Steffy figured that no one was perfect-not even Bridget.

Later, Steffy sat alone at her table when she saw Oliver sit across the room. She meandered over to his table and noticed him staring at a device in his hand. She asked him what he was looking at, and he promptly turned the device down. Steffy guessed that he had hot pictures of his girlfriend on it. As Steffy teased Oliver about kissing Hope the other day, Steffy realized that he was Aggie's brother. Steffy asked how Aggie was doing, and Oliver wondered if Bridget would really toss Aggie aside. Noting the distain in Oliver's voice, Steffy guessed that his fondness for Hope didn't extend to Brooke's other daughter.

Steffy strode off, and Oliver hooked his device up to streamer. He propped up a menu to use as a screen and pressed play on his device. Just then, Steffy slunk up behind him and saw what he was viewing. "Oh, my -- Bridget and Owen!" Steffy gasped.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
by Pam

At Insomnia, Steffy insisted on viewing the video again on Oliver's phone. She was sure that it was Bridget and Owen having sex. Oliver argued that it wasn't what Steffy thought it was. At first, Steffy couldn't believe Bridget or Owen would cheat on their spouses. Then, Steffy smirked as she conjectured that Bridget was cheating on her husband with her father-in-law. She grinned and said she wanted to see it again, but Oliver refused. Oliver insisted it couldn't be Owen and Bridget.

Steffy started flirting with Oliver and wanted to know more of his story. She pressured Oliver to show her the video again, and Oliver said that he knew Steffy was accustomed to getting what she wanted. Steffy wondered how serious he and Hope were. Steffy told him that Hope would he interested in a lot of guys, so he would be sharing her. She said that it was the Logan way. Oliver wondered why Steffy had such a vendetta against the Logans. Steffy invited Oliver to Taylor's house for a swim. He agreed to show up. Steffy plotted to view the video while Oliver was swimming.

At Forrester Creations, Donna was tempted to eat one of the lemon bars on Pam's desk, but Pam stopped her and said that the dessert was for the owners. Pam reminded Donna how much Eric liked the lemon bars. Pam told Donna that she was working hard to rid all remnants of the Logan/Spencer regime. She planned to fumigate the place and pulled out industrial bug sprayer, and pointed it at Donna.

Inside Eric's office, Brooke and Eric discussed that Bridget was still emotionally distraught, but Eric said that Bridget had seemed better when he last saw her. Stephanie, Taylor, Ridge, and Eric sat down for a meeting, and Stephanie and Taylor encouraged Brooke to leave and spend time with Bridget. Stephanie wanted Eric and Ridge to force Brooke out, but they refused to get into a turf war, so Brooke stayed.

Brooke wanted to know what happened with the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Taylor suggested that Hope could take on a lesser role as the face of the youth line instead of the entire company. Taylor said that Hope would be applying for colleges and would be very busy. Eric and Ridge agreed that Hope would be best for the youth line and would still have time for her studies and a social life.

Everyone agreed, and then, out of the blue, Stephanie recommended that they dump the "Brooke's Bedroom" line. Brooke displayed a furious squint, but Stephanie said it did not ring true to the style and elegance of the original Forrester image. Stephanie reminded everyone that they wanted to return to the roots of what the company had been built upon, and that didn't include selling bras and panties.

Brooke replied that her line earned a lot of money and was driving the profits. Ridge told Stephanie and Taylor that it was a smart business decision to keep the "Brooke's Bedroom" line. Stephanie was disgusted and left. Eric, Ridge, and Brooke followed. Steffy entered and quizzed Taylor on why they couldn't get rid of the "Brooke's Bedroom" line.

Taylor told Steffy that Brooke always had Ridge's ear. Taylor whined that she and Stephanie wanted to return the company to grace and elegance, but Brooke had more influence. Taylor said that Forrester would be better off if Brooke were not involved in the company, and she left. Brooke returned, and Steffy said that she never would have guessed that Brooke would crash the first owners' meeting.

Steffy added that Brooke had always been "a thorn in Taylor and Stephanie's side." Brooke reminded Steffy that Ridge wanted her at the company, and Brooke claimed that she didn't want a battle with Steffy. Brooke wanted the relationship they used to have. Brooke suggested that Forrester Creations was big enough for both Steffy and Hope. She reminded Steffy that Ridge had enough love for both of them, as well.

Brooke warned Steffy to stop the feud between the families and to leave Hope alone. Steffy agreed. But after Brooke left, a sneering Steffy muttered that Brooke needed to worry more about her other daughter, Bridget, than Hope. Steffy remembered the video on Oliver's phone, and planned to get her hands on it. She snidely commented that if it was Bridget and Owen, "I'll own you, Brooke."

At Nick's, Nick assured Bridget that everything would be all right. Bridget and Nick ate pizza and drank wine and joked about the new management at Forrester Creations. Bridget said that Brooke was going to have trouble again since Stephanie and Taylor were in charge at Forrester. Bridget said that Steffy was becoming a force at Forrester.

Nick and Bridget chuckled about Nick's days as a sailor on the Marlin and the wenches at every port who took care of him. They got more serious about their marriage and all the challenges that they had encountered. They agreed that what they had survived would have destroyed most marriages. They vowed to let go of the past and move forward, Nick told Bridget that he loved her, and Bridget tenderly told Nick that she loved him "so much," and they kissed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
by Pam

In Eric's office, Brooke told Ridge that she feared Steffy didn't want her in the company, but Ridge said that he wanted her there. Brooke said that Steffy had made it clear she wanted to get rid of the Logans. She worried that Steffy was becoming increasingly more vindictive in her efforts to remove Brooke's family from Forrester. Ridge said that he would deal with Steffy, but Brooke admitted that she was worried about what Steffy might do to her kids.

Later, Brooke changed into some sexy red "Brooke's Bedroom" lingerie. She said that she wanted to remind Ridge of what the line looked like. She was grateful that he had stood up to his mother and Taylor when they wanted to dump the line. Ridge agreed that the line was a tremendous asset at Forrester. He said that he knew Brooke had helped build the company, no matter what Taylor and Stephanie said.

Brooke thanked him. Then she sat on his lap and kissed him. She decided to find another way to thank him, and he moved her to the desk and made love to her. Later, they lounged on the couch, and Ridge assured his wife that he couldn't run Forrester without her.

Brooke said that she hoped Stephanie didn't make her life a living hell. Almost on cue, Stephanie entered and suggested that Brooke and Ridge get a hotel room. She lashed out at them for having sex in the office and said that it was unnecessary to be fooling around at work. She also chastised Brooke and Ridge for not locking the door.

Stephanie said that Brooke and Ridge could have sex at home. Ridge told his mother that they were married, so there was nothing wrong with sex in the office. Brooke spoke up and said that Stephanie was only unhappy because Brooke made Ridge happy. Brooke said that she had a place at Forrester and with Ridge.

Brooke reminded Stephanie that there was nothing that Stephanie could do to get rid of her. Stephanie exited and Brooke shouted that she was never leaving. Ridge asked Brooke if she was ready for round two and they got passionate again.

Nick had a surprise trip planned for Bridget, and to keep it a secret, he had covered her ears with headphones and applied a blindfold. When she took off the headphones and blindfold, she was surprised to find that they were on the jet. Nick told her that they were traveling somewhere beautiful and relaxing. He wanted to leave all their worries in Los Angeles.

Bridget loved the idea, and they feasted on chocolate strawberries and champagne. Bridget called Brooke and told her that Nick was whisking her away on his jet. Brooke agreed that it was just what Bridget and Nick needed. Bridget told Brooke that she felt blessed to have Nick in her life. Nick watched and listened as Bridget told her mom that she never wanted Nick to forget how much she loved him.

After Bridget hung up with her mother, Bridget admitted to Nick that she was in so much pain that she had done things and said things that she didn't think she was capable of ever doing. She was grateful for how understanding Nick had been, and Nick said that it made them stronger than ever as a married couple.

Nick rubbed Bridget's feet as they talked about moving past their sorrow. Nick said that he wanted them to reconnect. He added that being with her at the end of the day made him a happy man. Bridget kissed him and he passionately kissed her. After they had sex, Bridget told Nick that she would never let him go.

At Taylor's, Steffy was wearing a bikini and waiting by the pool when she recalled the video of two people having sex that was stored on Oliver's phone. She was determined to get her hands on Oliver's phone so that she could view the video. Oliver showed up at the pool and they participated in some flirtatious banter. They both admitted to being curious about one another.

Oliver admitted that there was something interesting about Steffy, and he figured that she was trouble. Steffy quizzed Oliver about his relationship with Hope, and Oliver wondered if all she wanted to do was make Hope jealous. Steffy dismissed the idea, and said that she didn't want to talk about Hope and the Logans. She encouraged Oliver to put on a pair of swim trunks.

Oliver left his bag on a lounge chair and left to change into his swimsuit. Steffy pulled his phone out of his bag and hurried to access the video while Oliver was gone. He returned and caught her fooling around with his phone. He accused her of trying to view the video. Steffy denied looking at the video and said that she had answered his phone because it was ringing.

When Oliver quizzed her about what his ring tone was, she lied, and Oliver was disgusted when he realized that Steffy only invited him over to see the video. He vowed that she would never see the video and deleted it from his phone. When he left, Steffy didn't seem too upset to see him go, and she smirked as she waved to Oliver.

Steffy grabbed her laptop and feigned surprised that she had an email from Oliver. She viewed the video and assured herself that Owen and Bridget were indeed the two lovers on the video. She wondered what she could do with the video. "She is just like her mother," Steffy said of Bridget.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bridget and Nick arrived in the Hawaiian hotel room in which they'd honeymooned, and Bridget wondered if they could really regain balance after all that had happened. Nick believed that if they stayed true to their vows, they'd be just fine. The couple toasted to themselves and to Jack. Bridget said that they'd never need anything else.

Cuddling on the bed, Nick and Bridget fondly remembered honeymooning there. Nick laughed, recalling Jackie and Owen showing up there, too. Nick thought of how he'd once mistrusted Owen. Bridget felt that Owen really loved Jackie, and Nick joked that he'd strap Owen to a cement surfboard if he ever messed up with Jackie.

Bridget grew awkwardly silent, and Nick assumed that she was thinking of Aggie's fall. Bridget agreed to put it from her mind. He figured that his "sly, sexy" plan was falling into place, and he left to pick up a surprise from the front desk. Bridget called Owen, and he said he'd been worried about her. Bridget said that Nick and she were in "Mexico." Owen and she agreed that no one needed to know what had happened between them, and they bid each other a good night.

Nick returned with a guitar that he'd borrowed from a lounge musician, and Bridget said he'd thought of everything. The guitar was out of tune, and Bridget remarked that it was the same with their marriage. A hopeful Nick replied that they were working on it. She professed her love for Nick, and her gratitude for what they had. Bridget was happy that they were working on things, and she felt blessed to have him and Jack.

At home, Owen sprinkled rose petals on his living room floor. Jackie walked down the spiral staircase. She saw the romantic scene and figured that he either really loved her, or he felt guilty about something. Owen said he just wanted to find ways to spoil and pamper her. As they kissed, Jackie decided that she could use a long, hot soak. Owen prepared the bath, but he seemed distracted. Jackie assumed that he was thinking of Bridget and the baby.

Jackie realized that it had been a loss for Owen, too, because he'd really wanted a new baby in the family. Sensing that his heart had gone out to Bridget, Jackie reasoned that grief made people do crazy things. She prayed that Nick and Bridget could get through the loss.

Jackie went upstairs to get some candles. As she lit them, Owen flashed to the candles that he'd lit that night with Bridget. He hurriedly blew the candles out and told Jackie that she was light enough. He said that all he needed was she, and there was no one else in the world that he wanted. Jackie replied that he had her, and they began to make love.

At Forrester, Brooke congratulated Hope on her photo shoot. Brooke noted a glow about her daughter and teasingly asked if she had a boyfriend. Hope fervently denied it, but blushed. Hope's phone rang, and Brooke picked it up. Hope snatched it away and answered it to hear Oliver say that he'd pick her up shortly.

Hope went to get ready and when she returned later, Brooke noted that Hope looked adorable. "I was going for 'hot,'" Hope replied. Brooke insisted that her daughter be home by 11:00, and Hope agreed, as long as Brooke left before Oliver got there. Brooke agreed to leave -- after she met the boy. Hope cringed from embarrassment and wondered where Oliver was.

After ending the call with Hope, Oliver realized that Steffy had sent an email from his phone. He groaned, figuring that she'd sent the infamous video to herself.

On Taylor's deck, Steffy reveled in obtaining the Owen and Bridget video. She suspected that it was big trouble for Brooke, who'd do anything to protect her children. Oliver returned to the deck and confronted Steffy about stealing the video. Trying to be playful and flirtatious, Steffy told him to loosen up. He stopped her when she tried to rope her arms around him, and he demanded to know what she intended to do with the video.

Steffy laughed and said no one would have guessed about Bridget and Owen. She figured that the video was her bargaining chip, but Oliver warned her not to use it. Steffy asked who'd stop her. "You're looking at him," he replied.

Oliver discouraged Steffy from trying to ruin Bridget's marriage, especially after Bridget had just lost a baby. Steffy sympathized, but she said that Bridget had cheated. Oliver felt that Bridget and Nick had helped Aggie overcome her reclusiveness, and Oliver remarked that Owen had given Oliver a place to stay. Though Oliver had shot the footage, he didn't want to rip apart two marriages. That wasn't who he was, and he hoped that it wasn't who Steffy was.

Steffy said she'd stood by and watched the Logans hurt her mother, take away her father, and commandeer Forrester Creations. She insisted that, all the while, they'd brushed her aside as if she were nothing. She insisted upon using the video to get Brooke out of the company.

Oliver stated that he saw Steffy as a little girl with her nose pressed against the window, waiting for her father to return. Steffy sobbed that Brooke had taken her father away from her, and it was Steffy's chance to put Brooke in her place. Steffy asserted that had the perfect ammunition to get rid of Brooke, and he couldn't expect her not to use it. Touching Steffy's face, Oliver pleaded with her to delete the video-for his sake.

Friday, March 12, 2010

In Mexico, Bridget called Jack to say goodnight. After she hung up the phone, the Marones discussed how much they cared about the boy. Bridget said that she loved him as if he were her own. Nick said that Jack couldn't ask for a better mother. The couple began kissing.

Nick told Bridget that he wanted to thank her for teaching him an important lesson -- the value of integrity and commitment. Bridget looked guilty. Nick said that he had never met anyone who had values as strong as Bridget's.

Nick wondered why Bridget was so serious. She said that she was never going to let Nick down again. Nick said that Aggie's accident wasn't Bridget's fault. Bridget said that she realized that, but she was talking about what had happened after the accident. Nick said Bridget's running away was completely understandable, and told her to stop beating herself up about it. He said that it meant nothing. He reminded her that they needed to look to the future -- that she, Nick, and Jack were a family, and that was what they needed to focus on. Nick said that nothing would pull them apart again.

After making love, Nick told Bridget how worried Jackie had been about the Marones -- but that Owen was no doubt taking care of that. Bridget said that Owen loved Jackie the way that Bridget loved Nick. Nick said that he had finally realized that. The Marones decided that they were hungry and ordered room service, so that they wouldn't have to get dressed. Nick said that he wasn't quite done with Bridget yet.

Nick and Bridget dined in their room. Bridget thanked him for taking her to Mexico -- that she really needed to get away. She said that she had been messed up recently -- but that she felt like she could finally move on and focus on the future. Nick suggested that they just focus on the present. Bridget said that she could do that -- just her and Nick and no one else.

Bridget discussed how people made mistakes, and became stronger people because of them. She said that she was learning from her mistakes, and she wanted to let the past go. The Marones got up from their dining table and began dancing around their suite.

At the Knights', Jackie, wearing a pair of cat ears, entered the living room and meowed at Owen. Owen said that there was a cougar in the house. Jackie agreed, and said that she was really hungry. Owen and Jackie began kissing. Jackie wondered if their lovemaking would ever get old. Owen said that they might get old, but that their lovemaking never would. Jackie said that was definitely what she needed to hear, and that she was the luckiest woman in the world. They declared their undying love for each other.

Owen and Jackie made love. Owen said that he would always be there for her -- and that she should never question that. Jackie said that Owen had never given her any reason to. Owen admitted that he had made his share of mistakes. Jackie said that she had, as well, and mentioned her mistake with Whip, when she had thought that Owen had betrayed her.

Owen said that he sometimes wished that he could erase the past -- delete it as if it had never happened. Jackie, with a slightly worried expression on her face, asked Owen what he would like to delete. He said anything that he had ever done to hurt Jackie. Jackie said that Owen's problem was that he worried too much. He said that he wanted to be the perfect husband for her. Jackie said that their marriage was as perfect as it could get, and that was Owen's doing -- that she had his loyalty, and that she had never believed that she would find that with anyone. Jackie told Owen that he had shown her, time and time again, that she was the only woman in his life. She said that he was all hers.

At Forrester, Hope told Brooke that Oliver should have already been there to pick her up for their date. Brooke said that he was probably stuck in traffic, and wondered if Hope really wanted Brooke to leave before he arrived. Hope said, "Maybe not," and Brooke realized that Hope really did like Oliver.

Hope told Brooke that Oliver was taking her to the spring dance. Hope was happy, because the spring dance was special -- as big as the prom. Brooke said, "And you wanted to share it with your boyfriend." Hope replied that Oliver wasn't her boyfriend -- yet. Hope and Brooke laughed.

Hope called Oliver and got his voicemail. She left a message guessing that Oliver had gotten tied up somewhere, and told him that she was heading home. She asked Oliver to call her. Brooke wondered if Oliver knew to pick her up at Forrester. Hope said that he was a DJ, and that he had probably forgotten about some gig. As Hope left, Brooke asked her for a favor -- she said that Stephanie and Taylor wanted to see the proofs from Hope's photo shoot, and she asked Hope to drop them off at Taylor's on her way home. Hope said that she would -- and that she was sure they would be thrilled to see how fabulous she looked. Brooke laughed and told Hope to have fun with Oliver that night.

Poolside at Steffy's, Steffy and Oliver looked at the video of Bridget and Owen making love play on Steffy's computer. Steffy told Oliver that the video contained everything that she needed to force Brooke out of Forrester Creations -- video of Brooke's married daughter caught making love with Owen -- who just happened to be married to Bridget's mother-in-law. Oliver wondered if there was any way he could convince Steffy to do the right thing and delete the video. Steffy asked who she would be doing the right thing for -- for Brooke, or for Oliver's girlfriend, Hope.

Steffy said that Brooke would do anything to protect her daughters -- especially Hope. Oliver reminded Steffy that Hope was not an evil princess. Steffy said that Hope was just a princess who thought that Forrester Creations was her domain -- and that all the Logans felt that way. Steffy told Oliver that she wasn't going to allow Hope to get a foothold in Forrester Creations.

Steffy said that Oliver's video was the way to stop the Logans. Steffy thought that perhaps Brooke already knew about Bridget's indiscretions with Owen -- and the question was how far would Brooke go to keep it a secret.

Oliver told Steffy that what she wanted to do with the video didn't reflect the kind of person she was. He reminded Steffy of her tremendous loyalty to family -- that he had never seen anyone do anything as bold as she had when she had regained control of Forrester. Steffy said that she had seen an opportunity and she had grabbed it. Oliver thought that Steffy had taken a big risk -- from what he had read about Bill Spencer, he wasn't someone that you crossed.

Steffy said that what she had done to regain control of Forrester was worth it. Oliver added that she had done it for her family -- because she always put her family first. Oliver mentioned Phoebe. He said that he had read about the accident that took Phoebe's life. Steffy said that she still hadn't gotten completely over it. She told Oliver that she would have given her life for Phoebe.

Steffy told Oliver that she couldn't turn back -- that she had to get Brooke out of the company. She said that she couldn't share it with the Logans anymore -- and she knew that what she was going to do would hurt Hope. Steffy apologized to Oliver for that.

Oliver reminded Steffy that Bridget was a part of her family -- that Bridget was a Forrester too. Oliver said that the video could hurt Bridget, as well as other members of her family. He told her that if she showed the video, there would be collateral damage -- that it wouldn't be just Bridget and Nick who got hurt.

Steffy said that Nick wouldn't find out what Bridget had done with Owen -- that no one would. Oliver asked if that was because Steffy wasn't going to show anyone the video. Steffy said that she didn't say that. Oliver said that not showing the video was the only way to protect the Marones' and the Knights' marriages. Steffy said that Brooke would never let the video be seen -- that she wouldn't hurt her own daughter. Oliver wondered what would happen if Brooke called Steffy's bluff. He wanted to know if Steffy would carry out her threat and show the clip to Nick.

Steffy asked Oliver why he was trying to be her conscience. Oliver said that someone needed to be. She wondered if Oliver was her self-appointed guardian angel. Oliver asked if the job was open. Steffy laughed and said that for him, perhaps it was. He wondered if he was getting through to Steffy.

Oliver said that he was worried that it would get around that he had shot the video, and that it would be tied to him forever. Steffy wondered if Oliver was only concerned about himself. Oliver said that he was trying to look out for her too. She said that she didn't need him to look out for her. Oliver wondered if Steffy was cold and heartless. Steffy thought that maybe she was -- that all of the fighting had taken its toll and all she felt was bitterness.

Oliver said that maybe Steffy needed to feel something else instead. He took Steffy in his arms and began kissing her passionately. At that moment, Hope arrived with the photo proofs for Stephanie and Taylor. She was stunned when she saw Oliver and Steffy kissing, and made her presence known when she said, "Oliver?"

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