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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Pose" reverberated through Brooke's mind as she cried on the rooftop. Oliver approached, but before they could speak, Rick arrived with some models to review their dresses in natural sunlight. Brooke whispered for Oliver to go home and wait for her there.

Brooke scurried to Ridge's office to get her purse. Hope gave Brooke a floral bouquet to show her appreciation for a memorable party. Hope had been terrified that something bad would happen at the party, but it hadn't because Brooke had looked out for Hope and Oliver.

Hope realized that Bridget and Brooke had experienced problems because of Deacon. Brooke replied that she'd give anything to take back what she'd done, but it had given her Hope. Hope stated that she never listened to the tabloids or gossip, because she knew that she had a loving, caring mom. Hope called Brooke her best friend, and as they hugged, Brooke shed tears.

At home, Oliver recalled the "Pose" incident at the party. He told himself that it had been a case of mistaken identity, and neither of them had meant for it to happen. He grimaced. Brooke arrived on Oliver's doorstep and said that he knew why she was there. "Yes, Mrs. Forrester," he mumbled like a child bracing for chastisement.

Brooke guessed that he knew about the mix-up with the necklace and the jackets at the party. She explained that she'd thought that he was Ridge, and he'd thought that she was Hope. With those assumptions in mind, they'd gone to the terrace. "Yes, Mrs. Forrester," Oliver agreed.

Brooke cried that she'd been a chaperon because she'd wanted to protect Hope from Steffy, or anyone who'd interfere with Oliver and Hope's relationship. "And it was me! It was her own damn mother!" Brooke raged and sobbed into her hands. She swore that she hadn't known that it was Oliver, and she wailed at the thought of doing that again to another of her daughters. "What have I done? What have I done!" she screamed, yanking her hair.

In Ridge's old office, Ridge and Eric reviewed designs. Eric remarked that Ridge seemed happier than he'd been in a while. Ridge replied that he and Brooke were in a good place. Recalling his trip to Big Bear, Eric mentioned that Stephanie had even offered to soften toward Brooke, and Eric hoped that would be the end of the Logan war.

Later, Stephanie entered when Eric was alone. She revealed to him that Stephen sought to use Pam in a revenge plot against Stephanie. Eric was shocked that Stephen claimed to be in love with Pam. "Yeah. Pam and her lemon bars," Stephanie quipped. She further elaborated that Stephen had moved into Pam's house. Stephanie wasn't sure how far Stephen planned to take it.

Later, Stephanie called Lieutenant Baker to Forrester to discuss her concerns about Stephen. Baker reasoned that Stephen might actually care for Pam. Under Stephanie's glare, Baker responded, "Yeah, right, we're talking about Pam Douglas, 'the Lemon Bar Bandit,' here." He offered to keep an eye on things, but he couldn't do much else.

At Pam's house, Pam fretted about whether she'd done the right thing, because Stephanie had always known what was best for Pam. Stephen tried to reassure Pam; however, she decided that Stephanie was right, and Stephen had to go.

Stephen urged Pam not to let her sister dictate her life. Pam began to have a meltdown and screamed that she couldn't let her sister be mad at her. She wanted one of her pills, and she admonished herself for letting him toss them down the drain. Stephen told her that she didn't need the pills, because they kept her on lockdown. As he tried to calm her down, she whined Stephanie's name. Stephen yelled that he was tired of hearing about Stephanie.

Stephen insisted that Stephanie had taken advantage of Pam, and she'd never appreciated Pam's sacrifices. Pam sobbed that she really hadn't minded, but he insisted that Stephanie was a controlling woman. He vowed that Pam would no longer answer to Stephanie. Pam wondered whom she'd answer to. "You are going to answer to you," he said.

Stephen asserted that she'd answer to Pamela Douglas, and she'd do what Pam needed and what Pam desired. Pam whimpered that she couldn't, but he persisted, "Yes, you can. Yes, you can..." As he repeated the phrase, he moved closer to her, and they began kissing.

Stephen sympathized with Pam's confusion, but he felt that it wasn't too late for her to reclaim her life. He wanted to guide her to the next magical part of her life. Pam grasped for her pearl necklace, but he intercepted it. He said he'd never let her put that chain around her neck again. She gasped as he broke the thread, and the beads scattered across the floor.

Stephen took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Stephen guided her to the bed and kissed her again. As he laid Pam down on the mattress, he thought of Beth. In his mind, he said, "Forgive me, Beth," and he sank onto the bed.

After the two had sex, they cuddled in bed. Pam said that it had been what she'd missed her entire life. He wondered if she still wanted him to go. Pam whispered, "No," and they cuddled. He asked if she'd continue to do what Stephanie wanted her to do. "No, I'm going to do what you want me to do," Pam replied. Stephen looked at her with surprise, and she uttered that she was all his. They kissed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
by Pam

In Pam's bedroom, Pam told Stephen that she enjoyed their lovemaking session, and he told her that she was wonderful. In his mind, Stephen apologized to Beth, his dead wife, for betraying her. Stephen told himself that befriending Pam was necessary to protect their daughters from Stephanie. Stephen justified his actions because he needed to avenge everything that Stephanie had done to his girls.

Pam said she had found a new hobby to replace baking and she wanted some more action from Stephen. She teased that she was worried that she had already worn him out. Pam decided she had better get back to work. Stephen wondered how Pam was going to face Stephanie, but Pam insisted that she wasn't worried. Stephen wondered if she needed any support, and she said that she would be fine.

After Pam left, Mike showed up and surmised that Stephen was much more clever than Mike had expected. Mike guessed that Stephen had someone lined up to kill Stephanie. Stephen wanted Mike to leave. Mike said that he didn't care what Stephen did or how he did it. Mike warned that he didn't want anyone to trace the gun that Mike had sold to Stephen back to Mike. After Mike left, Stephen put on his gloves and held the gun in his hands as he thought about all the horrible things that Stephanie had done to Donna, Beth, and Brooke.

At Forrester, Stephanie got Katie and Bill to agree to a meeting. Stephanie told them that Stephen was living with Pam. Stephanie said that she was concerned about what Stephen was doing with Pam. Stephanie was convinced that Stephen didn't have any good reason to be hanging around Pam's house.

Katie and Bill couldn't believe that Stephen was spending so much time with Pam. They argued that Stephen was grieving the loss of his wife and would never have taken up with Pam. Katie insisted that Stephen would never have befriended Stephanie's sister of all people.

Pam entered, and Katie quizzed her about the living arrangements at her house. Pam proudly announced that Stephen was living with her and that she and Stephen were in love. Pam admitted that she and Stephen had been making love, as well. Katie was in shock, and Bill said that Stephen was grieving and had no idea what he was doing. Stephanie gave Katie and Bill the address to Pam's place, and they promised to talk some sense into Stephen.

After Bill and Katie left, Stephanie warned Pam that Stephen was using her to get back at Stephanie. Pam whined that Stephanie was trying to destroy her happiness. Pam said that she was in love with Stephen and never planned to give him up.

Stephanie grabbed Pam by the arms and said that they needed to take a trip away from Los Angeles to get Pam away from Stephen. Pam tried to push Stephanie away, but Stephanie wouldn't back down. Pam sat down on the floor like a child and fought her sister, but Stephanie dragged her toward the door.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Hope asked Rick where Oliver had gone. Rick said that he had seen Oliver and Brooke talking when he had arrived on the rooftop. Rick teased that their mom was protective, and Hope smiled and agreed. She added that Brooke was protective of Rick as well.

At the rented beach house, Brooke and Oliver lamented about how horrible it was that they had mistakenly had sex with each other. Brooke kept saying that she thought Oliver was Ridge. She added that she never realized it wasn't Ridge until he seemed to know nothing about it.

Brooke discovered that he had been outside during the Daddy Yankee song that she loved so much. Brooke laid into Oliver about his promise to wait to have sex with Hope. Oliver explained that Hope had told him that she would whisper in his ear when she was ready to have sex.

Oliver said that he was surprised when Brooke, whom he thought was Hope, whispered into his ear that she was ready. He assumed that it was Hope. He said that he was also surprised that Brooke couldn't tell that he was inexperienced compared to her husband.

Brooke said that it had all happened so fast. Brooke apologized, and then cursed the masks. Oliver insisted that they forget it ever happened. Brooke worried that if she had been Hope, they would have had unprotected sex. Oliver's eyes widened and Brooke told him that pregnancy was not an issue for her, but it certainly would have been for Hope.

Brooke told Oliver that they needed to keep their mistaken identity sex a secret. Brooke begged Oliver not to let their tryst hurt Hope. Suddenly, Hope entered and was surprised to see Brooke at Oliver's place. Brooke and Oliver covered by saying that they were having another conversation about protecting Hope.

Brooke apologized and hugged Hope. She told Hope that she didn't want anyone to hurt her. Oliver agreed, and Hope said that she understood. After Brooke left, she peeked back in the window and saw Oliver hugging Hope, but he guiltily stared at Brooke.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
by Pam

Stephanie dragged a handcuffed Pam into the cabin at Big Bear, and warned her that she was going to stay there until she came to her senses. Pam complained that Stephanie had embarrassed her by dragging her out of Forrester with her hands tied. Pam said that Stephanie had made a career of humiliating her.

Stephanie cut the ties on Pam's wrists, and Pam ranted that she didn't want to be at the cabin because it was full of awful memories. Stephanie interrupted and reminded her sister that the cabin was only awful because it was where Pam had kidnapped Donna and tried to feed her to the bears. Pam guiltily looked away. Stephanie reminded Pam that she had been off her meds when she tormented Donna, and Pam admitted that she had indeed been off her meds.

Pam told Stephanie that she no longer needed the meds. Pam added that Stephen had been right about Stephanie wanting to control Pam. Stephanie listened intently as Pam droned on about how Stephanie had tortured the poor Logan girls all their lives. Stephanie pointed out that Stephen must have been brainwashing Pam for her to dare call them "poor Logan girls."

Pam disagreed. She said that the Logan girls had done nothing more than marry Stephanie's sons and husband, whom Stephanie had never made happy. Stephanie turned the tables and the conversation back to Pam and her meds. Stephanie forced Pam to admit that she was no longer taking her meds because Stephen had talked her out of it.

Pam parroted Stephen's mantra that the meds were just another way for Stephanie to manipulate her. Pam cried that Stephanie had controlled Pam her entire life by forcing her to take care of their mother. After Pam and Stephanie argued, Stephanie discovered that Stephen had dumped Pam's prescription medication down the drain.

Stephanie said that they had to get the medication refilled immediately. Stephanie went out to her car to retrieve her phone and call a pharmacy. She warned Pam not to try to escape out the back of the cabin because Pam should remember all too well that the woods were filled with hungry bears.

At Pam's home, Stephen put on his gloves, and took the gun he had purchased from Mike out of the drawer. He looked at pictures of Beth and apologized for his behavior with Pam. He justified it, though, with the promise that he would take care of Pam and Stephanie so that they would never again have the ability to hurt his girls. He wept as he looked at a picture of Beth.

Stephen was startled out of his tearful sorrow when Katie and Bill knocked on the door. Stephen quickly hid the gun, gloves, and picture of Beth with a bunch of other family pictures in a dresser drawer in the bedroom. When Stephen answered the door, Bill and Katie quizzed him about why he was getting involved with Pam Douglas.

Stephen claimed that he knew he what he was doing. Katie gently tried to remind her father that he was in mourning, and that sadness could make people do foolish things. Bill agreed. Bill asked if Stephen had some ulterior motive in staying with Pam, and Stephen refused to share any more information. Bill told Stephen that they were all family, and he wanted to help. Stephen's phone rang, and he excused himself.

Pam was on the phone, and Stephen went into the bedroom to talk to her. She cried to Stephen that Stephanie had kidnapped her and dragged her to the cabin. Pam told Stephen that she knew Stephanie would never let her see him again. Stephen agreed that Stephanie was trying to break them up, but he had a plan.

Stephen asked Pam if she wanted to be with him, and she said that she did. He promised to travel to Big Bear and rescue her. He told her that she would have to fight Stephanie to get away from her, and that it was time for her to take a shot at a new life.

While he was talking, Stephen had donned his gloves and, leaving the pictures of Beth and the Logan girls behind, pulled the gun out of the drawer. He slipped out the back of Pam's house and prepared to drive to Big Bear. Stephen vowed aloud that Stephanie would die.

Back in the living room at Pam's, Bill and Katie became suspicious that Stephen was taking so long on the phone.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the CEO's office, Katie and Bill rushed in to tell Brooke about Stephen's involvement with Pam. Brooke, who was on her way to Bridget's baby shower, didn't believe it, but Katie replied that Stephen had insisted that he and Pam were bonded by Stephanie's victimization. Katie explained that when she and Bill had visited Stephen, he'd slipped out the back, and she had no idea where he'd gone.

The sisters didn't understand how the unseemly romance had kindled or how their father had wound up living with Pam. "Know your enemy," Bill said. He reasoned that Stephen was using Pam to get to Stephanie. Brooke asserted that the war with Stephanie and the Logans had gone on for far too long, and they had to stop their father before someone got hurt.

Brooke and the Spencers went to Pam's house, but no one was home. Mike knocked on the door, and after Brooke answered, he claimed that he had the wrong apartment. Brooke recognized Mike and wondered how he was mixed up in things. When Mike stammered that he knew Stephen, Bill closed the door and said that Mike wasn't leaving until they got answers. It didn't take much pressing to get Mike to admit that Stephen was using Pam to get at Stephanie.

In his car on the way to Big Bear, Stephen glanced at Beth's picture, which lay beneath the gun. He said that Beth would finally rest in peace after that night.

At Big Bear, Stephanie insisted upon picking up a prescription for Pam. Pam raged that she didn't need the pills, and she didn't need any help. She screamed that she was in love, but Stephanie decided that they'd discuss it after she returned from the store. Heading out the door, Stephanie ordered her sister to "sit and stay."

Once alone, Pam grumbled that she wasn't sick, and she wasn't staying. She called Stephen to implore him to get her out of there. He said that he was speeding to the woman he loved, and once he got there, Stephanie wouldn't be a problem for them anymore.

When Stephen arrived, Pam scurried out the door; however, Stephen ushered her back inside. He insisted that Pam end Stephanie's cycle of abuse that very night. Fearing a confrontation with Stephanie, Pam pleaded with him to return to the city. Stephen, however, reasoned that Stephanie's manipulations would never stop. He cited that the moment that Pam had found happiness, Stephanie had tried to crush it. He said that only Pam could stop Stephanie.

Pam implored Stephen to take her home. Stephen agreed to leave--if Pam were that afraid of Stephanie. Pam swore that she wasn't. He claimed that she'd be proud of herself once she stood up to Stephanie. He reminded her that she'd spent her life biting her tongue, while Stephanie just took and took. He said Stephanie wanted to take Pam's only chance at happiness. Pam figured that she could make Stephanie see things clearly over time, but Stephen urgently replied that there was no time. "It's me or Stephanie," Stephen decided, and he and Pam kissed.

Just then, Stephanie swung open the door, and upon seeing Stephen, she said, "I should have known you'd show up." Stephanie figured that she should have taken Pam's cell phone. Stephanie said that she didn't want Stephen to hurt Pam, whom Stephanie considered to be agitated and confused without her pills. Stephen claimed that Stephanie was the one hurting Pam. Fed up with Stephen's "BS," Stephanie dragged Pam to the door. Stephen pulled a gun out and yelled that no one was going anywhere.

At Whip and Taylor's house, Bridget's baby shower got underway by the pool. Jackie and Owen boasted about the baby seat they'd bought, and Thomas said it was just the thing that a grandpa would buy. Nick and Bridget arrived, and though Aggie rendered a smile, it was a sour one. Steffy flirtatiously told Oliver that since they were related by marriage, they'd be seeing a lot of each other at family functions.

While Nick and Bridget opened gifts, Aggie murmured to Oliver that Owen and Jackie had gifted the type of thing that parents would pick out on their own. Oliver had assumed that Aggie had let the situation go, but she claimed that she just worried about Nick. She sensed that something was off about Bridget. Aggie knew that Bridget worried about the baby's health, but she suspected that Bridget might also be worrying because Owen was the baby's father.

Oliver thought that was a long shot, and he figured that Bridget wasn't the type to lie about something like that. Aggie decided that if Owen were the baby's father, Nick deserved to know, and if Bridget wouldn't tell Nick, then Aggie certainly would. Bridget glanced warily at Aggie, who flashed a fake smile in return.

Later, Aggie watched Bridget and Owen slip away from the party to meet each other inside the house. Nick thanked all the guests for being there, and he stopped Aggie to talk just as she was pursuing Owen and Bridget. He hugged her as he thanked her for attending the party. She claimed that she needed to check on something, and she skirted past him.

In the house, Bridget expressed her suspicion that Oliver might know something about what had happened at the beach house. Owen didn't think so, but Bridget said that she could have sworn that Aggie had been glaring at her earlier that evening. Owen assured Bridget that their marriages were fine, and most importantly, "our baby" was fine. Outside on the terrace, Aggie reeled over what she'd just overheard Owen say. She gasped, glancing at Nick below.

Friday, June 18, 2010

At the baby shower, Steffy told Oliver that it was a good thing that Hope was working late, or else he'd be ignoring her, too. Oliver replied that he had a lot on his mind. Steffy assumed that it had to do with Owen, Nick, and Bridget, whom Oliver had been watching all night. She mentioned the sex tape, but Oliver asked, "What sex tape?" Steffy reminded him that she'd seen it, and Oliver cast a look of doom.

On the terrace, Aggie eavesdropped as, inside Taylor's house, Bridget and Owen discussed if, or when, to tell Nick that the baby was really Owen's. Aggie peeked at the two hugging and then returned to the party to tell Nick that she had something important to discuss with him. Bridget and Owen rejoined the party, and Bridget looked alarmed to see Aggie and Nick heading into the house.

Jackie saw Bridget's grave expression and wondered what was wrong. Bridget uttered that Aggie was with Nick. Jackie doubted that Aggie was a threat to Bridget's marriage. Bridget murmured that she hoped not. Jackie insisted that no one else knew about the secret, and she encouraged Bridget to focus on her husband.

Inside, Aggie told Nick that she hadn't been completely honest with him. She explained that she'd actually seen Bridget and Owen making love. "That is a lie! He is married to my mother," Nick replied. Aggie elaborated that Bridget had been with Owen the night of the miscarriage, and Owen was the father of the new baby. Nick ordered Aggie out of his loved ones' lives, but she insisted that she wasn't lying. She said she'd overheard Owen and Bridget discussing it at the shower, and if Nick didn't believe it, he could ask his wife.

Nick returned to the party in time to hear Taylor making a toast to Nick and Bridget's marriage. She said that she and Whip were happy to celebrate the Marone miracle. After the toast, Nick asked Bridget to accompany him to the office for a talk.

Later, Aggie grimaced to see Jackie and Owen kissing. Oliver asked Aggie why Bridget and Nick had left the party. Aggie replied that it wasn't Nick's baby, and she'd told him so.

At the office, Nick told Bridget that she'd been right about Aggie all along. Bridget wondered what had happened. He hugged her, and she asked what Aggie had said. Nick replied that Aggie was insane and needed help. "She said that you had an affair on me, and it was with Owen, of all people...Get this. She said this baby is Owen's," Nick revealed. He said that Bridget could fire Aggie first thing in the morning. Bridget looked guilty, and Nick grew pale. He apprehensively asked her to tell him that it wasn't true.

At Pam's house, Bill, Katie, and Brooke got Mike to admit that he'd sold Stephen a gun. Mike claimed that he didn't know why Stephen had wanted the gun, but he revealed that Stephen had chosen the smaller of two firearms. Bill figured that Stephen didn't plan to use the smaller weapon himself. Brooke called the office and learned that Stephanie and Pam had gone to Big Bear. Suspecting that Stephen had headed up there, too, Katie, Brooke, and Bill took off.

At Big Bear, the gun-wielding Stephen didn't intimidate Stephanie, but a sobbing Pam was absolutely terrified. Stephanie called him weak, and he admitted that it was true. He'd been weak until he'd fallen in love with Pam. Stephen talked about all that Pam had lost because of Stephanie, and Pam rushed into his arms. Stephanie exclaimed that Stephen was spinning sick fantasies for Pam, a woman who didn't know reality without her medication.

Stephen stated that Stephanie had never given Pam a second thought. He decided that Pamela, who'd lost so much because of Stephanie, would set things right. Handing Pam the gun, he said that she knew what she had to do. Pam sobbed, and Stephanie looked horrified as her sister grasped the weapon.

"Pam..." Stephanie called. Stephanie's voice sounded like an echo as she told Pam that Stephen was just using Pam. Stephen gently explained that he and Pam could never be together if Pam didn't stop Stephanie. Pam aimed the gun at her sister.

Stephanie maintained her composure and tried to reason with Pam, but Stephen kept whispering Stephanie's misdeeds into Pam's ear. Pam sobbed, wondering why Stephanie had never thought about her sister. Stephanie said she loved Pam, and she'd always protect Pam. Stephanie placed her hand over the gun barrel. "Shoot her now!" Stephen yelled.

Pam's knees buckled, and she released the gun to Stephanie. A defeated Stephen turned his back, and Stephanie cocked the gun. To his astonishment, she fired, and a bullet struck his left shoulder. "Damn, that felt good," Stephanie said with a grin. She loomed over Stephen and aimed the gun. "Say hello to Beth for me," she instructed.

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