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Monday, June 21, 2010

At Oliver's house, Aggie claimed that she hadn't told Nick the truth because she wanted him for herself. Instead, she'd done it because Nick and Jackie didn't deserve the deception, and secrets had a way of surfacing. Remembering his indiscretion with Brooke, Oliver broke into a cold sweat. Aggie expressed concern about him, but he claimed that he was just drained. Before leaving, Aggie told him to be grateful for his uncomplicated love life.

At Jackie M, Nick ordered Bridget to say that Aggie had lied about the baby, but an apologetic Bridget begged him not to let one confusing night destroy everything that they'd built together. She explained how devastated she'd been following the miscarriage. Owen hadn't wanted her wandering the night alone, so he'd taken her to his old beach house. Stammering to explain, she called it an extraordinary situation, one that she felt unbelievably horrible about.

Nick rasped that she might not have been in any condition to object to sex, but Owen had been rational enough to prevent it. Nick demanded to know why Owen hadn't stopped it from occurring. "You slept with my mother's husband! You're pregnant with his kid! That son of a bitch!" Nick screamed. He concluded that Owen had used Bridget and Jackie, but it all would end that night. Nick barreled out of the office, and Bridget sobbed.

At home, Jackie and Owen talked about how awkward the baby shower had been for them. They discussed Bridget's suspicion that Aggie knew their secret. The couple concluded that if Aggie knew about the baby, Aggie wouldn't keep the truth to herself.

Jackie and Owen poured themselves some wine, and suddenly, Nick burst through the door. He said that he hated to interrupt their lovely moment, but he needed to inform Jackie of what Owen had been up to. "You Pig!" Nick exclaimed and struck Owen to the ground. He yanked Owen back onto his feet and struck him down again.

Bridget stormed in and urged Nick not to take it out on Owen. Nick revealed that Owen had been lying to Jackie, but to Nick's astonishment, Jackie replied that she knew about the transgression. "But I love Owen, and I know Bridget loves you," Jackie reasoned.

Clutching his head, Nick said that they'd all lost their minds. "Your husband had sex with my wife! She's pregnant with his child! Just what do you suggest that I do with that, Mother?" Nick bellowed. Jackie reasoned that the circumstances had been out of their spouses' control, and since Nick had been there before, he just needed to get past it and forgive.

At Big Bear, Katie, Brooke, and Bill were appalled when they stormed into the cabin to find Stephanie threatening to shoot Stephen again if he didn't shut up. Though Stephanie refused to relinquish the gun, she allowed the Logans to "go see Daddy."

As Brooke and Katie tended to Stephen's shoulder wound, Stephanie called Jerry, the caretaker, and chatted a little about the weather before informing him that she'd "winged" an intruder on her property. After the call, Stephanie informed everyone that the sheriff and paramedics were on their way. "Don't die before I get to put you in jail," she told Stephen.

Katie and Brooke accused Stephanie of trying to kill Stephen. "If I wanted him dead, I'd have shot him dead," she replied. She stated that she'd taught him a lesson for hurting Pam. Stephanie reasoned that they should feel lucky, because if she hadn't been a great marksman, they'd no longer have their daddy.

Katie thought that Stephanie should be in jail, but Stephanie stated that Stephen had brainwashed Pam into trying to kill her own sister. Stephen asserted that Stephanie had wanted him dead, just the same as she'd wanted Beth dead. He apologized for letting his girls down and said that, once again, Stephanie had won.

Stephen tried to explain the reasons behind his actions, but Stephanie interrupted to say that he wasn't the victim. If it had gone Stephen's way, Stephanie would be dead, and Pam would be on trial for the murder. A timid Pam asked Stephen if he'd been only using her. Stephen explained that he hadn't cared about her at first, but then he'd discovered that she was a wonderful woman, one that he regretted hurting.

As Stephen apologized to his daughters and Pam, Stephanie decided that he owed her an apology, too. He retorted that he'd never apologize to her, because she'd killed Beth and tortured his girls for years. Stephanie told him to spin his version of the truth, while she and Pam told the authorities what had really happened. "Right, Pammy?" Stephanie asked, stroking Pam's back.

A disillusioned Pam told Stephen that he'd been loving and tender with her. "I believed...You got me so confused. You almost had me-" Pam said, and gasping, she apologized to Stephanie. Stephanie said Stephen had hurt Pam, and he'd pay for it.

Later, Stephanie put Pam to bed and returned to the living room to find that everyone had left, but Brooke. Brooke requested that Stephanie show compassion for Stephen; however, Stephanie reasoned that it was one thing to grieve, but quite another to exude homicidal rage. She explained that Stephen had manipulated the virgin Pam; he'd taken advantage of her innocence and naivety. Stephanie realized that Brooke was a screw-up like her father, and Ridge was crazy to think that he'd live happily ever after with Brooke.

Just then, Oliver called Brooke and said that he needed to talk to her. She replied that it wasn't a good time and abruptly clicked off the line. Stephanie continued, saying that Brooke would do something to mess things up, because she just couldn't help herself. In Brooke's mind flashed the "Pose" moment at the party. "Who knows? You may have done it already," Stephanie concluded.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
by Pam

At Jackie's place, Nick ranted at Jackie, Owen, and Bridget about Owen and Bridget having sex and the pregnancy that resulted from their tryst. Jackie tried to persuade Nick that he had to accept the situation. Nick was furious. He hissed that Owen would leave Jackie as soon as the baby was born, but Owen insisted that he loved Jackie and would never leave her.

Jackie agreed that she and Owen had made peace over the one-night stand that Owen and Bridget had shared. Bridget and Owen tried to make Nick understand that they had not been having an affair and that their sexual encounter was one of grief. Bridget was grieving over Aggie's lost baby, and Owen shared his sadness that he would never become a father.

Jackie told Nick that the baby was a blessing, but Nick insisted that Bridget, Jackie, and Owen were insane to think that they could all raise the baby together. Bridget apologized to Nick for betraying him. Jackie said that she understood that Nick needed time to comprehend what had happened.

Nick disagreed. He said that he couldn't accept that Bridget was pregnant with Owen's baby. Nick insisted that his relationship with Bridget was over, and he left. Jackie consoled Bridget, and said that Nick needed time.

At Oliver's, Hope and Oliver hugged and enjoyed some time alone together. Hope thanked Oliver again for the necklace that he had given her because it meant that he was with her all the time. She remembered that she wasn't wearing it the night of the party. Hope remembered that she had left the necklace at Forrester and her mother had returned it to her.

Oliver remembered how shocked he was to see Brooke wearing Hope's necklace, and he flashed back to Brooke returning the necklace to Hope at the party. Hope noticed that Oliver seemed distant. She said that she understood that he didn't want to talk about the party, but it was the best time of her life.

Oliver promised to make all of their times together the best times. Somehow, conversation turned to Brooke, and Hope admitted to Oliver that Hope's biological father was Deacon Sharpe. Hope further explained that Deacon had been married to Bridget when Hope was conceived.

Oliver seemed incredulous that Brooke had an affair with her daughter's husband. Hope agreed that her mother had an interesting past, but insisted that her mother was a different woman. Hope got a call from Katie and had to leave.

At home, Brooke tearfully explained to Ridge that Stephanie had shot Stephen, and that Stephen had bought a gun and planned to coerce Pam into shooting Stephanie. Brooke admitted that her father was not well and needed help. Brooke added that Stephen had been living with Pam.

Brooke lamented that Stephanie was out to get all the Logans with a new vendetta and rage since Stephen had tried to persuade Pam to shoot Stephanie. Ridge consoled Brooke and told her that nothing would tear them apart.

Ridge invited Brooke to take a shower with him, but she declined. After Ridge got into the shower, Brooke got a call from Oliver, who insisted on seeing her immediately. Brooke said that she would drive over to his place.

After Brooke arrived at Oliver's, he accused her of playing games. Brooke had no idea what he was talking about, but Oliver babbled on about how he couldn't understand that she wouldn't have recognized her own husband's lovemaking and that it was impossible for her to mistake Oliver for Ridge.

Oliver worried that Brooke had every intention of using him the same way she used Deacon. Brooke was shocked that Oliver knew about Deacon, but Oliver dished that Hope had told him all about Brooke's affair with her daughter's husband.

Brooke tearfully insisted that she had mistaken Oliver for Ridge. She admitted that she regretted her affair with Deacon. Oliver accused Brooke of going after her daughters' husbands and boyfriends, and he wondered if he should tell Hope. Brooke cried that it would destroy Hope if he told her what had happened.

At Ridge and Brooke's house, Hope entered and asked where Brooke had gone. Ridge said that she had to run out. Hope told Ridge that she had shared her parentage story with Oliver. Ridge was surprised, but suggested that she save the discussion with Brooke for another time, since Stephen had been arrested for trying to shoot Stephanie.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
by Pam

At Oliver's, Brooke tried to deflect Oliver's accusation that Brooke was after him just as she had gone after Deacon, Hope's dad and Bridget's former husband. Brooke angrily denied that the experiences were anything alike. She told Oliver that it was difficult for her to talk about Deacon, but she admitted that they were having an affair.

Brooke added that her relationship with Deacon had no similarity to their situation. Brooke quizzed Oliver about why she would have had an intimate moment with him when she knew that it would devastate Hope and destroy her marriage.

Oliver insisted that Brooke had known her husband longer than Oliver had been alive and should have known every inch of his body. Brooke agreed, and Oliver recalled that Brooke had put her hands under his jacket. Oliver insisted that she had to know the exact height of her husband and what his body felt like under the jacket.

Brooke babbled that the lights, the fog machine, and the same black leather jacket were what she remembered. Oliver reminded Brooke that she was wearing the necklace that he had given to Hope. He recalled that Brooke would not allow him to remove the mask. Brooke couldn't explain keeping the mask on. She said that maybe it was the mystery. Oliver disagreed and insisted that nobody was watching and she hadn't seemed shy.

Brooke admitted that it was all a fantasy, but a fantasy with her husband, not a calculated move to go after her daughter's boyfriend. She tried to persuade Oliver that it was important to protect Hope, and she hoped that Oliver agreed.

Brooke said that she understood that he had trouble knowing how and what to feel. She gave him her version of sex. She said that it was not what anyone thought it was. She insisted that your entire body filled up with feeling and that your body was in kind of a silence and peace at the center of everything.

Brooke said that during sex, you didn't want anything more because you had everything that you want. She told Oliver that his feelings were real, but they were for somebody who wasn't there -- Hope.

Brooke told Oliver that they could not blame each other for what had happened. She convinced him that it would be selfish to be honest with everyone. It might make him feel better to tell the truth, but it would destroy Hope. She added that it could destroy Brooke's marriage. Oliver apologized for saying harsh things and said that he thought Brooke was a good person.

Brooke admired the special necklace that Oliver was wearing and how thoughtful he had been to purchase them for himself and Hope. She regretted that he had been so thoughtful since she was the one who had worn the necklace that night that he mistook her for Hope. She insisted that she and Oliver had to keep the secret forever.

At home, Hope looked through photos on her phone and she recalled kisses she had shared with Oliver. Ridge entered, and Hope told him that she was worried about her grandfather who had been shot. Ridge said that no one could visit him yet because there was a guard posted outside his door at the hospital.

Hope said that she couldn't believe that Stephanie had shot Stephen, but Ridge pointed out that Stephen was not blameless in the situation. Hope lamented that it was just another time that her parents would be caught in the middle of the Logan and Forrester feud. Ridge told her not to worry.

Hope said that she and Steffy were friends again, and she wanted to go over to Forrester because there was a photo shoot going on and Oliver was supposed to be working it. Hope wondered if she should have told Oliver about Deacon and Brooke, but Ridge told her that loving someone meant trusting them enough to share your secrets with them. Ridge added that if Hope's DNA mattered to Oliver, then he wasn't the guy for her.

Hope agreed. She added that she would never tell Brooke how she felt, but she couldn't understand how Brooke could have done such a horrible thing to Bridget. She also couldn't understand how Bridget had forgiven Brooke.

Ridge defended Brooke and said that Brooke never thought about her feelings, she just did it, and it was what he and everyone loved about her. Brooke was emotionally trusting. Ridge added that Deacon had given them Hope.

Ridge asked Hope if knowing about her true father had changed the way that she felt about herself or her mother, and Hope said that it had not made a difference. She was simply more aware of how other people saw her. She left and promised Ridge that she would be home by midnight.

At Forrester, Brio apologized to Steffy and Marcus for being so late, but she had been fogged in at her last location. Steffy thanked Marcus for returning to work, and she said that she had expected Oliver at the set. After Steffy stripped down to her Brooke's Bedroom bikini and bra, Marcus admired Steffy's body.

Steffy remarked that the bedroom line was all on her shoulders, and Marcus complimented her shoulders. Marcus later told Steffy that she seemed very comfortable and confident without her clothes on. Marcus remembered when she was less confident. Steffy wondered why he was enjoying the view -- of her -- so much when he had a hot girlfriend.

Marcus admitted that his girlfriend was saving herself, and Steffy sneered that Marcus' girlfriend sounded just like Hope. Marcus disagreed. He warned Steffy to back off Oliver because Oliver had found what he wanted.

Steffy said that she couldn't believe Oliver and Hope were having sex, but Marcus said he refused to comment. Hope entered and interrupted, and Marcus left. Steffy quizzed Hope about sleeping with Oliver, and Hope looked very surprised.

Steffy crudely asked if Hope was playing innocent, and Hope said that she and Oliver were not sleeping together. Marcus entered, and Hope insisted that she didn't care who knew it. After Hope left, Steffy told Marcus the he was mistaken.

Marcus told Steffy that Hope would probably never tell her anything because Steffy never kept her big mouth shut. Marcus tattled that he saw Hope and Oliver together at the graduation party. Steffy said that it could have been anyone because they all had masks, matching jackets, and matching dresses. Marcus said the he knew it was Hope because of the necklace. Steffy looked surprised.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In the Forrester studio, Steffy stored a picture of Oliver as her cell phone's screen saver, and she pondered whether Hope's innocence was just a fašade. Stephanie entered, wondering how Team Stephanie would rid themselves of the Logans. Proclaiming that the war was on again, Stephanie asked Steffy to kick her if she thought of calling a truce with the Logans ever again. Stephanie confided that she'd wanted to believe in Brooke, but the feeling hadn't lasted.

Steffy was sure that Stephen pointing a gun at Stephanie probably had something to do with Stephanie's change of heart. Steffy wondered what Stephanie thought of Hope's innocent act, and Stephanie remarked that Hope was Brooke's daughter; however, she couldn't be responsible for her mother or Stephen's behavior.

The two discussed Stephen's misdeeds, and Stephanie said that she understood the Logans' sense of loss, because she still felt the loss of her own mother. Though Steffy also sympathized, she claimed that Beth's death wasn't Stephanie's fault, and Stephen hadn't had the right to terrorize Stephanie through Pam. Remarking that Brooke was a screw-up, Stephanie said she wouldn't be surprised if Brooke handed them their ammunition on a silver platter.

Steffy left, and Stephanie recalled Anne's passing. To herself, she expressed sympathy for Beth's death, but she murmured that the Logan girls weren't the only ones to lose a mother.

On the rooftop, Brooke startled Oliver, who was sleeping on a workout bench. He said he'd sought to clear his head, but no matter what he did, he couldn't stop thinking of that devastating night. He explained that the tryst had caused him sleepless nights, and Brooke urged him to get himself together. She said that people would notice that he didn't act like himself, and he certainly didn't want anyone questioning his behavior.

Brooke took the blame for what had happened between them, but he said that it had taken two people. She admitted that though she seemed outwardly composed, she was a wreck on the inside. She feared that Steffy and Stephanie would find out about it, make a mockery of Hope, and attack Brooke's marriage. Brooke urged him to keep the secret between them at all costs.

On Hope's deck at home before her party, Hope and her friends from film class gathered to turn their cell phone footage of the graduation party into a video for the party that night. While chatting about her relationship with Oliver, her friends agreed that she had a lot of willpower to refrain from sleeping with him. The teens watched the "Pose" segment of the party, and her friends remarked upon Oliver's anxiety attack that night. Hope stated that Oliver hadn't been himself since, but he wouldn't say what bothered him.

Marcus and another guy arrived and flirted with the girls. Hope called Oliver to remind him about the pool party. She asked him to arrive at her place early to help her splice together a video of the graduation party, and he said he'd be there soon.

Later, Steffy went to the rooftop just as Brooke and Oliver were leaving. Steffy asked about Stephen, but a tight-lipped Brooke merely said that he'd be okay. After Brooke left, Oliver told Steffy that he was on his way to Hope's pool party, and he planned to edit footage of the graduation party. Steffy wanted to tag along, but Oliver didn't think it was a good idea. She tried to convince him that she and Hope were on better terms, but he still told her to stay put. After he left, Steffy browsed a rack of bikinis for the right one to wear.

When Steffy crashed Hope's party later, Hope claimed that it was cool, because Steffy was no longer a threat. Steffy overheard Hope's friends telling her that she was in the video dancing to "Pose." Hope stated that she hadn't been on the dance floor, but her friends pointed to the person wearing the "hope" necklace in the video.

Oliver gulped, and Brooke piped up that the footage was of her dancing with Ridge. She said she'd put the necklace on after Marcus had given it to her, because she hadn't had any pockets. Steffy watched Brooke and Oliver exchange glances before Brooke went into the house.

Steffy pulled Marcus aside to quiz him about what he'd seen at the party. She insisted that he said he'd seen Hope and Oliver dance and then go to the patio for sex. Shrugging, Marcus stated that it had been dark. He figured that he'd been mistaken, because Brooke had just explained that it was her and Ridge. Steffy pressed Marcus, but he stated that it had been confusing with all the dresses and masks.

Marcus wandered to the grill, and in her mind, Steffy deliberated everything that Marcus had told her. She pieced it with the knowledge that Brooke had actually worn Hope's necklace. "Oliver and Brooke!" she gasped to herself. "NoŚNoŚNo! No, there's no way!" Steffy stammered, her eyes bulging in amazement.

Friday, June 25, 2010

In his office, Ridge admired a photo of him and Brooke. Stephanie entered, worried about her heartbroken sister. Pam was back on her medications, but everything was still a mess. Ridge stated that Brooke was disturbed by what had happened with Stephen, and Stephanie decided that "disturbed" fit the entire Logan family.

"Well, I see you're back on the warpath," Ridge noted with a sigh. She cited that Stephen had tried to kill her, but Ridge reasoned that Brooke had nothing to do with that. He said that Brooke hadn't done anything to Stephanie in a long time, and Stephanie had no reason to believe that Brooke ever would again. Stephanie audaciously rolled her eyes.

Tired of the "haranguing" over his wife, Ridge asked his mother to leave. Stephanie cited that Steffy shared her grandmother's opinions, and Ridge stated that he didn't appreciate her roping his daughter into the vendetta. He asserted that he and Brooke were happier than ever, and he didn't want Stephanie looking to cause trouble. Stephanie claimed that she'd earnestly wanted to see Brooke in a different light, but Ridge always seemed to be the epicenter of Brooke's screw-ups. Stephanie just didn't want him hurt again.

As Hope's pool party got underway outside, Brooke was surprised to see Bridget enter the house through the living room. A distraught Bridget revealed to her mother that Nick had left her, and she couldn't blame him for it. Bridget confided in Brooke about what had happened regarding the one-night stand and resulting baby. She wished that she'd told Nick the truth, but in her heart, she knew it wouldn't have made much difference.

Brooke listened with compassion and offered to talk to Nick, but Bridget declined, because Nick couldn't accept another man's baby. She said that she finally knew what it felt like to be in Brooke's shoes. Bridget recalled her despair the night of the miscarriage, and she said that the comfort from Owen had just gone too far. Bridget figured that it was something that Brooke could relate to, and they hugged.

Brooke hoped that Nick would forgive Bridget in time, and Bridget remarked that Brooke's mantra, "no sin is too big to be forgiven," had been the thing to help her forgive Brooke. Bridget said that Brooke was an inspiration for turning her life around. It gave Bridget hope for her own life. Bridget decided go, and Brooke heavily sighed once she was alone.

On the deck, the teens watched their graduation video, which Hope hadn't needed Oliver's help in editing after all. When it reached the "Pose" song, Hope once again explained to her friends that it was Brooke and Ridge on the dance floor, not Hope and Oliver. Brooke arrived on the deck and exchanged worried glances with Oliver. Brooke and Oliver continued to look sickened as the teens discussed Brooke's dance moves. One guy called her hot, and a girl remarked that it looked like Oliver with Brooke, though everyone said it was Ridge.

Oliver and Hope went inside before he left for the office. Though he still seemed troubled, he said that it wasn't due to her. Oliver told her that he never wanted to hurt her. She explained that she'd always heard that the first love would end in heartbreak, but she had high hopes for them. She knew that he'd never hurt her. They said they loved each other, and he left. On the front porch, he sighed with guilt.

Later, Hope's party wound down, and her friends took off. Hope told her mother that she was the best, and the two hugged.

On the Forrester Creations rooftop, Marcus met Steffy, who was obsessively sketching the "hope" symbol on a pad. She demanded to know why he was desperate to cover up what he'd seen at the graduation party. "Dang! I never should have told you nothin'!" Marcus exclaimed. Steffy vowed to find out the truth, and if her hunch were correct, she figured that she'd uncovered the bomb that could blow Brooke out of their lives forever.

Steffy interrogated Marcus about that night, and she revealed her theory that Oliver and Brooke had been the ones having sex out on the terrace. "What? You're crazy; that's insane," Marcus replied. He asserted that it was Ridge and Brooke together, not Brooke and Oliver. Steffy was confident that her father wouldn't have sex at a graduation party that he was chaperoning, but she wouldn't put it past Brooke to do so.

Marcus warned that Steffy would hurt too many people if she didn't let it go, but Steffy yelled that she just wanted to find out who was on the terrace that night. "It was Brooke and Ridge; that's what I saw. End of story, Steff!" Marcus yelled, but a stubborn Steffy said, "We'll see. We'll see..."

When Oliver arrived at work, the sex with Brooke haunted him. Steffy strode in, and she commented that the pool party had been interesting. Oliver hoped that her attendance at the party could be the first step in her treating Brooke, Hope, and the Logans like humans. Steffy turned the conversation to the graduation party, and Oliver nervously fiddled with some CDs.

Focusing on the videotaped dance, Steffy figured that it must have been Brooke and Ridge on the dance floor. Oliver agreed, and Steffy remarked that the dancers had gone to the terrace. "It was you and Brooke," Steffy asserted, and a stunned Oliver dropped the pile of CDs.

As the CDs crashed to the floor, Steffy scoffed, realizing that she was right. "You and Hope's mom! I got you, Brooke. I got you," Steffy said with an evil grin.

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