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Monday, July 5, 2010

In Stephanie's office, Oliver stopped Steffy in her tracks and ordered her not to breathe a word to Ridge or Hope. Oliver disbelieved that she was truly that vindictive, but Steffy replied that it was about justice, not vindictiveness or revenge. He guessed that she'd lied about caring for him, since she'd readily destroy his relationship with Hope. Steffy, however, blamed the Logans for Phoebe's death and claimed that Phoebe should be in the spotlight instead of Hope.

Steffy assumed that Oliver would do anything to protect Hope, and he enthusiastically agreed. Steffy decided that she'd keep the secret on three conditions: Brooke would resign from Forrester and never return, Hope would leave for Boston, and Oliver would consent to a relationship with Steffy. As Oliver balked at the idea, she insisted that he felt their connection, and she demanded that he give her an answer right away.

In the studio, Hope prepared for a photo shoot. When Rick entered, they contemplated what could be bothering with their sister, Bridget. Brio arrived, conducted the photo shoot, and left. Hope wondered why Oliver hadn't shown up yet, and Steffy entered. On Rick's way out, he warned Steffy to be nice. Steffy told Hope that she knew how much Hope loved working at the company, but it was all going to end.

In Ridge's office, Brooke told Ridge that she'd gotten carried away at the graduation party, and she'd believed that Ridge had, too. "You're right. It was me," he told her. She quizzically responded that it was Oliver, but Ridge stated that he'd just let Oliver think that it had been Oliver. "Everything that happened at that party-I set it all up," Ridge confessed.

Brooke was aghast that Ridge would do such a thing. He explained that he should have come clean, but Oliver had been "so proud" of himself for his accomplishment. Ridge didn't want Oliver or Hope to know, but Ridge had been the one to who'd "scored" Daddy Yankee, not Oliver. Ridge hadn't told his wife about it, because he knew that she couldn't keep a secret from Hope. Brooke agreed, saying that she couldn't keep a secret from Ridge, either.

Brooke stammered that she'd promised no more scandals, and she didn't want to disappoint Ridge. He assured her that she hadn't. After tearfully remarking on the beautiful life they'd created, she insisted that she tell him something before Steffy could. She emphasized that he and the kids were her life, and she didn't to embarrass them. Brooke mumbled that fate was interfering with destiny, and Ridge insisted that she just tell him what was on her mind.

Just then, Oliver burst into the room and implored Brooke for a moment of her time. Brooke explained that she and her husband were talking, but Ridge decided that they could resume their conversation after she'd dealt with Oliver. Once Ridge stepped out, Oliver urgently stated that they could stop Steffy if they met her three conditions.

Upon hearing that her resignation was the first condition, Brooke said that she'd already agreed to leave Forrester. She scoffed at the second condition that Hope be ousted and sent to Boston, because she didn't want to send her daughter across the country. "I'm the third condition," Oliver said, explaining that Steffy wanted a relationship with him. Brooke and Oliver agreed that it was ridiculous for Steffy to think that'd he'd manufacture feelings for her in Hope's absence, and Oliver refused to break Hope's heart that way.

Brooke reasoned that they had no choice. Hope's heart would be broken either way; however, Ridge and Hope would be humiliated if the truth surfaced. Brooke concluded that, as much as they'd hate it, they had to comply with Steffy's demands.

On his boat and wearing a skullcap, Nick smoked and drank whiskey. He saw an incoming call on his phone from his wife, but he ignored it.

At Jackie M, Whip sensed that something was wrong in Bridget's marriage; however, he didn't want to pry. Bridget admitted that something was wrong, and she was anxious to fix it, if it were even fixable. Whip told her that it was best to do it in person, and Bridget agreed. She knew where Nick was, and it was time for her to find out exactly where her marriage stood.

When Bridget arrived at the boat and saw Nick, she remarked that he was back to his "disgusting" smoking habit. She asked where Jack was, but Nick just glared into space. She said she missed him and Jack, and they'd never straighten things out without talking. Gazing at the table, Bridget discovered Nick's wedding ring discarded on top of a legal petition for dissolution of marriage. She implored him not to end things, but Nick just stared out the window.

Bridget refused to give up on the marriage, and she didn't believe that they'd stopped loving each other. She begged Nick to put the papers away and just try. In his silence, she sobbed, urging him to tell her what she could do.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
by Pam

After the photo shoot at Forrester, Steffy rattled Hope in the studio by telling Hope that she should never have been born. Hope was shocked and hurt. Steffy half-heartedly apologized, and Hope reminded Steffy that her mother was a different person than she was when she had had an affair with Deacon.

Steffy disagreed, but she told Hope that she didn't blame her for being a part of Brooke's family. Steffy dissed Brooke and her sisters. Hope gently reminded Steffy that they were all family because Ridge was Hope's dad as well as Steffy's father.

Steffy freaked on Hope for daring to call Ridge "Dad." Hope said that she understood it hurt Steffy, but Hope said she had no intention of hurting her. Steffy railed at Hope that she was not Steffy's sister. Steffy pointed to Phoebe's photo on the wall and reminded Hope that Phoebe was her sister.

Steffy hated the Logans, and Hope tried to reason with Steffy to no avail. Steffy reminded Hope that she didn't belong at Forrester because the name Forrester was on the sign. Steffy blasted Hope because Steffy didn't want to share Ridge with Hope. Steffy pressured Hope to take the scholarship at the Boston college that kept calling her. Steffy left in a huff.

Hope's phone rang, and Hope talked to the woman who had offered her the college scholarship. Hope said that she didn't want to leave Los Angeles, but thanked her for staying in touch. Rick entered and talked to his sister about college, but he was interrupted when he received a text message from Amber Moore.

Hope remembered that the family had sent Amber out of town to get rid of her, but Rick said that he needed to find out what was going on with Amber. Hope said that she felt sorry for Steffy, but Rick warned against it.

In another office at Forrester, Oliver and Brooke nervously discussed what to do about Steffy's insane demands for silence about their sexual encounter. Oliver worried that caving to Steffy was too high of a price, and he wanted to come clean to Ridge and Hope.

Brooke frantically tried to persuade Oliver that hearing the truth about their mistaken-identity sexual encounter would destroy Hope. Brooke worried that Steffy would blab all about Brooke's past indiscretions with Deacon, Hope's father who was married to Bridget when Brooke had an affair with him. The affair resulted in Hope's birth.

Brooke feared that Steffy would try anything and everything to hurt Hope. Oliver didn't want to hurt Hope by lying to her that he didn't love her – one of Steffy's conditions. Brooke insisted that they accept Steffy's deal. Brooke told Oliver that few people ever got together with their first true love, but Oliver argued that Brooke and Ridge were together.

Oliver wanted to stand up to Steffy, but Brooke refused. Steffy entered and quizzed Brooke and Oliver about their intentions. Brooke was sickened by Steffy's demeanor, but Steffy continued to blather on about Brooke's past indiscretions and how they had all finally caught up with her. Steffy encouraged Brooke to persuade Hope to go to school in Boston and get away from Los Angeles.

Brooke wondered how she could trust that Steffy wouldn't get everything she demanded – Brooke and Hope out of Forrester and a relationship with Oliver – and still tell everyone about Brooke and Oliver. Steffy feigned that she was offended that Brooke didn't trust her, but Steffy promised her silence. Oliver said that he believed Steffy.

Steffy also warned that she would tell everything to everyone and destroy Hope in the process if Brooke and Oliver did not agree to her demands. Brooke couldn't believe that Steffy could be so cruel, but Steffy defended her actions. Steffy said that Brooke had a history. Steffy insisted on an answer, and Brooke squinted while Oliver looked confused.

At the Shady Marlin, Bridget continued to beg Nick to save their marriage, but he refused to raise another man's child. Bridget told him that after all they had been through she couldn't believe that he wanted a divorce. She reminded him about all the things that she had forgiven, but Nick made fun of what holidays would be like with a baby that was fathered by Jackie's husband.

Bridget cried, but Nick coldly told her that he could not put the pieces back together. Bridget wanted to leave to give Nick time to think, but he insisted that she sign the divorce papers before she left. Bridget begged him to wait, but he refused. Bridget signed the divorce papers and left her engagement and wedding rings. Nick callously told her to do everything that Dr. Caspary told her to do in order to take care of the baby.

At their condo, Jackie and Owen enjoyed a bubble bath, and Jackie worried that Nick and Bridget's relationship was falling apart. Bridget entered and told them that Nick insisted that she sign divorce papers when she visited him on the Shady Marlin. She wondered where she would live, and Jackie suggested that Bridget could stay nearby in Whip's old apartment.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
by Pam

At home, Ridge was changing his clothes, and he worried that something was troubling Brooke. Stephanie walked right into the bedroom and started badmouthing Brooke. Ridge told her to stop. He wondered what had happened to Stephanie's glowing comments about how she had finally realized that Brooke was the only woman for Ridge.

Stephanie insisted that something was up with Brooke. Ridge agreed. He said that he was tired of Stephanie and Steffy's Logan bashing. Ridge said that he was sure that something was wrong with Brooke, and it had everything to do with Steffy and Stephanie's treatment of her.

Stephanie deflected any blame for Brooke's problems, and she said that Steffy had a mind of her own. Ridge blamed Stephanie for encouraging Steffy and keeping the Forrester-Logan war in full swing. Ridge told his mother that he was tired of it, and he wanted her to leave. Stephanie left.

At Forrester, Steffy waited anxiously for Oliver and Brooke to decide what to do about Steffy's offer. Brooke tried to remind Steffy that Brooke had made contributions to Forrester, but Steffy didn't want to hear it. Steffy reminded Brooke that Steffy had gotten the company back from Bill Spencer and she planned to return it to Forresters and only Forresters.

Steffy wanted to return Forrester to its fashion roots as her grandmother had suggested. And Steffy wanted the family company to return to the same ownership that it had long before Brooke and her sisters had been involved. Steffy insisted that Forrester had to be Logan-free, and she demanded that Brooke and Hope had to be gone by the next day.

Oliver and Brooke said that it was impossible to meet Steffy's demands overnight. They needed time to convince Hope to go away to school. Steffy refused. She told Brooke that Hope had a great scholarship offer and needed to spend some time back East in college instead of working at Forrester. Steffy whined that Hope had been an intern for all of five minutes before the Logans gave her a clothing line with her own name on it.

Brooke said that sending her daughter away was cruel. Hope had never done anything to Steffy except try to be a sister to her. Steffy dismissed Brooke's comments and said that the only sister she had was Phoebe, and it was Rick's fault that Phoebe was dead.

Brooke realized that Steffy clearly hated all the Logans. Oliver tried to intervene, but Steffy warned him that she had to have all three conditions met in her pact, or she would spill all the dirt about Oliver and Brooke to everyone. And Brooke and Hope had to be off the premises, never to return, by the next day.

Brooke couldn't believe that Steffy was so willing to hurt her father. Brooke suddenly called Steffy's bluff and refused the deal. Oliver disagreed. He insisted that they had to do what Steffy wanted, or she would destroy Hope in the process. Brooke and Oliver agreed to meet Steffy's demands, and Stephanie walked into the office just after they closed the deal.

Brooke and Oliver looked guilty and Steffy looked happy. After Brooke and Oliver left, Steffy told her grandmother that Brooke and Hope would be out of the company the following day. Stephanie wondered what dirt Steffy had on Brooke, but Steffy said that she had worked her magic to get rid of more Logans.

At Oliver's place, Hope was busy cooking dinner for Oliver as a thank-you gift for her graduation party. Aggie was there to help. Hope and Aggie talked about how happy Hope was to be in a relationship with Oliver. Aggie told Hope that Oliver was happy, too. Aggie wondered if Hope ever thought twice about passing up the opportunity to go away to college. Hope said that she had everything she wanted in Los Angeles -- a great job and Oliver.

After Aggie left, Oliver arrived and he hugged Hope, but Oliver looked hopelessly sad. Hope said that she and Aggie got along really well. Hope mentioned that the college recruiter had called her again and reminded Hope that they were holding the scholarship for her. Oliver quietly suggested that Hope should accept the scholarship. He said that he felt it would good for her. Hope was incredulous that he would suggest such a thing.

At home, Brooke entered the bedroom where candles were lit, wine was chilling and Ridge was lying seductively on the bed. Ridge kissed Brooke and told her that he was worried about what was wrong and why she was so distraught. Brooke looked conflicted. Ridge said that he had told his mother to leave them alone. He promised to have the same conversation with Steffy.

Ridge wondered why Brooke had been so different after the graduation party. Brooke became emotional, and said that she was leaving the company. She said she couldn't take the constant fighting with Stephanie and Steffy. She was tired of always trying to defend herself when she knew how much they wanted all the Logans to out of the company.

Ridge refused to allow Brooke to quit. He wanted to know what was the matter and he wanted to know the truth about why she was so upset. He said that they had worked their entire lives for him to be in charge at Forrester Creations. He refused to allow her to leave.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

At Forrester, Thomas had a "Hope for the Future" campaign question for Steffy, but she touted that there was no "Hope for the Future." He sensed that his sister was up to something, and she hinted that if things went well, the last two Logans would be out of the company forever.

In his bedroom, Ridge demanded to know why Brooke would leave Forrester Creations. She said that she wanted him to run it with Steffy, but he claimed that there was enough room for Brooke there, too. Ridge guessed that Steffy and Stephanie had been pressuring Brooke again. Distracted by Ridge's bare chest, Brooke touched his arms and murmured that she knew him well. "It's so bizarre that that happened," she uttered.

Finding the whole matter bizarre, Ridge asserted that he didn't want her to leave, and she didn't really want to go. He declared that she belonged there, and he wouldn't let her quit. Brooke agreed that it wasn't what she wanted; however, it was what she needed to do. Ridge couldn't believe that she'd let Steffy and Stephanie drive her out of the company, and he demanded to know what had happened to Brooke's fighting spirit. No longer interested in fighting, Brooke insisted that she wanted peace, and she announced that her time at Forrester was over. "Just let me go," she implored as he hugged her.

Ridge figured that more plagued Brooke than just Steffy and Stephanie, and an agitated Brooke stated that her mother's death and her father's predicament weighed heavily on her. Sensing that his wife was stressed out, he said he'd support her decision to leave Forrester. As they hugged, he remarked that her selfless commitment to her family was the part of her that he knew very well, and he believed it was the reason that she'd given up her position.

Just then, Steffy called, and Ridge revealed Brooke's decision to leave the company. Brooke took the phone, and Ridge left the room. Steffy told Brooke that she could make her resignation announcement in the morning, but Hope had to go, as well. When Steffy started to thank Brooke, Brooke hung up on her and stared sadly at a runway picture of Brooke and Ridge.

At Oliver's house, Hope was stunned that Oliver wanted her to go to Boston. He told her that sometimes life took people in different directions. Hope stammered, wondering if she'd been wrong about their relationship. He said that he couldn't imagine not loving her, but he didn't want that love to hold her back. She wondered if he still wanted to be with her, and he swore that he did. Hope guessed that Oliver was trying to protect her from Steffy, who had power over them. "Over you, especially," she remarked.

Oliver reasoned that Steffy wasn't running Hope off; instead, Hope was running toward the chance of a lifetime. He presented her with two plane tickets, and he announced that he wanted to help her settle into her new school. She worried about their relationship, but he assured her that the distance wouldn't change their love. Still wary about the turn of events, Hope said that she needed to think about it and discuss it with her parents first.

On his boat, Nick strung together a fishing net, and Jackie entered, telling him to tie a knot and hold on when he'd reached the end of his rope. Nick claimed that he was moving on, and he suggested that his mother take note, because she'd have to do the same thing. Jackie, however, had no intention of divorcing Owen, because they'd worked through the indiscretion and would tackle the future together. Nick asserted that Owen would leave Jackie for Bridget. "That's where this is headed. Deep down, you know it," Nick declared.

Jackie insisted that Owen was committed to her and their marriage. Nick saw no reason that Owen wouldn't be, after Jackie had given him a glamorous life. However, Bridget was carrying Owen's baby. Nick figured that Owen was a simple man who'd gravitate toward whomever had what he needed. Since Bridget had the baby that Owen had been dreaming of, he'd go to her. Nick said that he'd told Bridget to go for it with Owen.

Nick urged Jackie to face the fact that while Owen had been her last stop, she'd been Owen's first stop. She'd dusted him off, wiped the snot out off his nose, and taught him to be a gentleman; however, life was just beginning for Owen, who had an opportunity for a family with Bridget. Though Nick was hurting, Jackie refused to allow him to diminish her relationship with Owen. Before leaving, she insisted that her and Owen's marriage was real, and she admonished Nick for encouraging Bridget to go after Jackie's husband.

Owen worked out at home, and Bridget entered with a baby catalog that she wanted to go through with Jackie. Since Jackie wasn't home, Owen offered to do it-unless Bridget was uncomfortable being alone with him. As they reviewed the catalog, Owen wondered what Bridget wanted, a boy or girl. She thought it would be great to give Jack a sister.

Bridget grew sad because she'd thought she'd be preparing for the baby with Nick. Owen said he was sorry that she was stuck with him instead. Bridget stated that there was just a lot to sort out, and Owen remarked that she'd have to tell her family that he was her baby's father. Bridget didn't know how she'd do that, but he was sure she'd deal with it as the strong woman that he knew her to be. Bridget conveyed that she'd lost her husband and her home, but all she could think about was the baby. Owen assured her that the baby would make it, and they hugged.

Friday, July 9, 2010

At Jackie's house, Bridget joined Owen and Jackie for breakfast, and Jackie readily apprised them that Nick had encouraged Bridget to go after Owen. Owen and Bridget looked shocked, and Jackie said that disparaging her marriage was just Nick's way of coping. Owen was sad because he and Nick had just started to have a good relationship. Jackie felt that once the baby was born, Nick would see that Owen could be devoted to her and the baby, and he'd finally understand their unwavering commitment.

Bridget cleared the table as, on the sofa, Owen wondered if Jackie were really okay with what Nick had said. She replied that Owen had a bond with the baby, but to say that he'd leave her was laughable. She considered that a younger woman could intimidate the average woman, but she was secure enough not to delve into such nonsense. Jackie also knew that Owen was too passionate and smart to leave her for a brief and loveless marriage. "No offense to Bridget, but it's ridiculous," Jackie uttered. They kissed as Bridget intensely watched them.

Before Jackie left for work, she suggested that Owen persuade Bridget to go to the office, as well. When he did so, a glum Bridget said that she just couldn't. He hugged her, and she relayed that her situation was finally resonating with her. She felt single, pregnant, and lonely, but he assured her that she had him and Jackie on her side.

On the Forrester rooftop, Steffy asked how the breakup had gone. Oliver replied that Steffy was blackmailing him into dating her, and he warned that she'd wind up a bitter, angry woman, just like her grandmother. As Oliver left to meet Hope, Steffy assured him that Hope would probably have a new boyfriend in two months. The morose Oliver told Steffy to keep saying that if it made her feel better.

Stephanie arrived dressed in royal blue, just like Steffy, and Steffy complimented her grandmother's outfit. Stephanie wondered if they could oust Brooke from more than just the company, but Steffy replied that she wasn't out to get Brooke; she just wanted a place for their family.

Oliver met Hope at his house to hear her decision. He tensed as she explained that she understood that he wanted the best for her. Though it was a difficult choice for her, she'd decided that he was right; she needed to go to Boston. Hope said that she'd have breaks, and they could make the relationship work. Oliver reminded her that they'd be living separate lives, but he'd always be thinking of her. Agreeing that they'd make it through, the couple kissed.

In Ridge's office, Brooke figured that Steffy and Stephanie already had a press release and party in the works to celebrate Brooke's resignation. Ridge thought it wasn't too late for her to change her mind, and he asked if she were really sure that she wanted to go. "I have to," she responded, and they hugged.

Stephanie, Thorne, Steffy, Eric, and Rick arrived to hear Brooke's announcement. Taylor, however, was in Las Vegas at a conference. Brooke explained that her family had been under siege, and she didn't want her problems to interfere with business. Though it pained her to do it, she resigned from the company, effective that day. Thorne balked at the idea, and Eric asked her to consider taking a hiatus instead of quitting. Brooke said it was the end of an era, and she couldn't see herself ever returning.

As Brooke toted her things through the parking lot, an employee approached to say that it wouldn't be the same without Brooke. Steffy and Stephanie watched from the curb, and Stephanie agreed that it wouldn't. "Thank God," she added. Brooke tried to leave, but Stephanie stopped her to say that it meant a great deal to have the company back in the family's hands. She bade Brooke to have a wonderful life as a wife and grandmother, because Forrester Creations was no longer her concern.

When Brooke returned for more stuff, she encountered Steffy again. Brooke stated that with her out of the company, it made no sense for Hope to leave for Boston. Brooke contended that Hope's departure wouldn't change Oliver's love for her. Just then, Oliver called Brooke with the news that Hope had decided to go to Boston. He told Brooke that Steffy had promised to let him off the hook in a few months. He'd give Steffy a chance, but his heart was with Hope.

Brooke ended the call and told Steffy that Hope was leaving. Brooke hoped that Steffy would keep her part of the deal, and Steffy replied that she hadn't even told Stephanie anything. Steffy reassured Brooke that it'd be good for Brooke and Hope, and Brooke retorted that Steffy made it sound as if it weren't self-serving. Steffy lauded Brooke's achievements at Forrester, but she rejoiced that it was Forrester Creations once again.

Steffy wandered off, and Brooke meandered through the parking lot, as she remembered the BeLieF formula discovery and her triumphs on the runway. She stared longingly at the building, and Ridge approached. She lamented that "so much" of her life had been there, and it was hard to walk away. "Then don't go," he said. She repeated that she had no choice, and they hugged as Steffy and Stephanie looked on from the rooftop.

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