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Monday, October 4, 2010

At Stephanie's house, Stephanie guessed that she'd been cursed by Brooke's knowledge of the cancer. Stephanie couldn't understand why Brooke, of all people, wanted her to live, and she reasoned that it was Brooke's chance to become the matriarch of the family. Brooke wasn't interested in taking Stephanie's place, and she asserted that Stephanie was a liar if she kept insisting that she wanted to die.

Stephanie had already accepted her fate, and she just wished to pass on gracefully. Instead of agonizing with tubes protruding from every orifice, she wanted to do the wild and crazy things that she'd never experienced in life. Brooke asked if Stephanie's family and their needs mattered, and Stephanie bellowed that Brooke didn't have a say in the matter.

Brooke urged Stephanie to fight, but Stephanie said she wouldn't dream of depriving Brooke of a life without her mother-in-law. Stephanie looked forward to being free of Brooke in the afterlife, and Stephanie wondered if she'd make it to heaven. Brooke insisted that they talk about Stephanie making it to her doctor's appointment instead of heaven.

Stephanie explained that she had stage four cancer, and her end was near. Brooke replied that the doctors hadn't deemed Stephanie's case hopeless. Stephanie reasoned that it was their job to try to save her life at any cost, but she wasn't interested in going through rigorous treatments to give herself a little more time. Stephanie was okay with the fact that her life was ending. "Well, I'm not okay! I'm not okay with it at all!" Brooke responded.

Stephanie explained that she was just being realistic, but Brooke doubted that the family would see it that way. Brooke knew that the family would want Stephanie to fight, because they didn't want to lose her. Stephanie figured that she'd done her best, but she'd been a cantankerous wife and nagging mother. She stated that her daughters had moved away to be free of her.

Brooke claimed that it wasn't so; Stephanie's daughters adored their mother. Brooke admitted that Stephanie had always been like a mother to her, too. "A very abusive mother, I suspect," Stephanie replied, and her expression softened. Agreeing, Brooke conveyed that she'd hated Stephanie for that, but she loved Stephanie, too. Brooke admired Stephanie's strength and courage, which were the exact traits that Stephanie would need to battle the disease.

Stephanie placed her arms around Brooke and uttered that, before modern medicine, people had gotten ill. There hadn't been choices to make, and it had been simple. Stephanie asked Brooke to respect Stephanie's desire to make her death simple. Pulling away, Brooke said she wasn't ready to let go, and she didn't think that Stephanie was, either. Brooke vowed not to give up until she changed Stephanie's mind, and Brooke and Stephanie hugged again.

At Bridget's house, her aunts arrived to check on her after the incident at the fashion preview. Bridget claimed that she had nothing to complain about, because she had the child of her dreams. Donna asked about Owen, and Bridget responded that he was a devoted father. Frowning, Bridget added that he was also committed to his wife.

Katie was sorry that Bill had publicized Logan's paternity, but Bridget figured that it was probably good that he had. Bridget reasoned that it would enable her, Jackie, and Owen to make decisions and move on with their lives. Bridget's aunts sensed that Bridget had feelings for Owen. Bridget agreed that she did; however, she refused to disrupt Jackie's marriage. Considering Owen's loyalty to Jackie, Bridget doubted she could break them up if she tried.

At Jackie M, Jackie reminded Rick that she was already married. Rick, however, saw that as a minor technicality. He figured that they didn't actually have to get married; they'd just have a long engagement. While they enjoyed each other, the headlines would cease to depict her as the "dissed wife" and start hailing her as the "Divine Jackie M that men can't get enough of."

Jackie guessed that Rick wanted to rescue her, but he said she didn't need rescuing. He felt that they both needed to break free of their public images. Rick figured that he was next to be driven out of Forrester, so he wanted to do something wild to change his life. "Like proposing to a happily married woman?" Jackie asked. He said it would only be wild if she accepted the proposal. Holding up the ring, he pressed for her answer.

Jackie tried to reason with Rick again, but he only wanted to hear, "Yes, I will marry you." She decided that he'd developed a "Jackie M addiction" and needed an intervention. Rick flipped on some French music and danced Jackie around the office as he enticed her to accept. He opened the ring box again, but Jackie snapped it shut as Owen entered the office.

Jackie told Owen that Rick was justó"Leaving," Owen concluded for her. Rick left, and Jackie chuckled as she explained that Rick had just proposed marriage to her. Owen was outraged, but in a playful tone, Jackie defended Rick's intention to prevent her from being "the woman scorned" in the newspaper headlines. Though Owen was sorry for what Jackie had to go through, he insisted that Rick's nonsense wasn't the answer.

Jackie thought that Rick's protectiveness of her was sweet, but Owen felt that Rick was using her. Jackie replied that it was impossible, because she'd never allow herself to be used. She understood that she was Owen's wife, and Owen was her husband. Owen said that he believed in his marriage and in its ability to weather any storm. He implored her not to let Rick get between them. Owen hugged Jackie, and she seemed to ponder something as she hugged him back.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
by Pam

At Forrester, Liam and Hope were making out in Ridge's office, and Hope teased Liam that he was taking a big risk that her dad might catch them. Liam said that he couldn't help himself, and Hope said that they were safe because her dad was out of the office for the day and she was working on a project. Hope added that she wanted to avoid the photo studio. So she was using Ridge's office.

Hope and Liam reviewed Hope's photos for the "Hope for the Future" line, and Liam marveled that all of them were gorgeous. He said that one caught his eye more than the others had. Hope agreed on his selection.

Liam said that he had to get to work, but he wasn't very happy. He shared that his dad had him fetching coffee and making copies. Liam didn't feel that he was making much of a contribution at Spencer Publications. Liam added that he loved working with his father, but he wasn't sure his father trusted him enough to allow him to do anything important.

Liam prepared to leave Hope, but on his way out of the office, Liam stopped and remembered that he had removed the sword necklace that his father had given him. Hope reminded him that his dad had told him to wear the necklace "with pride." Hope suggested that Liam remember his father's wishes.

Hope added that a necklace could get him into trouble. She recalled her horrible experience with a necklace. After Liam left, Oliver entered. Oliver told Hope that he missed her and he wanted to get back together. Hope said that she couldn't get past Oliver's night with her mother. Oliver pulled out the matching necklace that he had given her and reminded her about the special times that they had shared together.

Hope agreed that they had experienced some special and wonderful times together, but that they were in the past. She said that the necklace reminded her of the worst night of her life. Hope apologized for hurting Oliver, but she told him that she was with Liam. She told Oliver that he had to let her go.

At Bill's office, Steffy showed up, and promised that she had a great deal for him. Bill pretended to snooze as Steffy told Bill that his magazine had become more of a scandal sheet than the serious fashion magazine that had made it great. Bill countered that his magazines were flying off the shelves and his Web site had more hits than it had ever had.

Steffy said that she had a plan. She promised to buy a lot of ad space at full price for Forrester, but in return, she wanted a ten-page spread and a cover on the new bedroom line. Bill snickered, but said that he was impressed that Steffy had taken over the bedroom line from Brooke.

Bill and Steffy bartered over pages to allot to a layout, but Steffy pressed on with her deal-making skills. She promised that she would be on the cover and that she would be wearing lingerie. She added that she would also do the interview in lingerie, and she requested that Liam conduct the interview.

Bill agreed to Steffy's demands, but he reminded Steffy that Liam was dating Hope. Steffy acknowledged the fact, but she said that she was making a business proposition. Bill suggested that Steffy would make a man out of Liam.

Liam entered and apologized for interrupting a meeting, but Bill encouraged him to join them. Bill told Liam that he would be working on his first big assignment, and he explained the interview with Steffy. Liam was nervous and grateful. "Thank you, sir," Liam said. Bill reminded Liam to call him Dad, and Liam obliged. Then, Liam left and said that he had a meeting.

Later at Forrester, Oliver visited Steffy's office, and he shared that Hope had pretty much dumped him for Liam. Oliver lamented that he had ruined his entire life over one night. Oliver begged Steffy for help. He asked Steffy to go after Liam.

Steffy sympathetically told Oliver that even if Liam dumped Hope, there was no guarantee that Hope would return to Oliver. Sullen, Oliver agreed, but he said that it would at least give him an opening. After Oliver left, Steffy muttered that Liam and Hope's days were numbered.

Liam returned to Forrester and shared the news with Hope that he had been given his first big interview assignment. He explained that it was with Forrester. Hope asked if he was interviewing her, but Liam said that he was covering Steffy's bedroom line. Hope congratulated him, but she looked worried. Liam kissed her, and promised that he only cared about her, not Steffy. Oliver peeked through the door and saw them kissing. Oliver remembered the times that he had kissed Hope, and he walked away from the office. He clutched Hope's old necklace in his hand.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
by Pam

On the Forrester rooftop, Liam and Hope discussed that Liam's interview with Steffy would be difficult, at best, because Steffy would be hitting on Liam. Hope said that she had faith in Liam, but he had to know what he was up against.

After Liam left, Marcus showed up, and he told Hope that he knew Steffy was making every effort to impress Liam, just to get Liam's attention. Marcus warned Hope that Steffy could not be trusted. Hope disagreed. She said that Steffy was unwavering in her desire to get a man, but Hope said that she knew Steffy would not embarrass herself or Forrester in the interview. Marcus didn't seem so sure.

In Ridge's office, Thomas and Ridge discussed that Brooke should be back at work. Thomas said that it was time for Steffy and Stephanie to get over their hard feelings. Thomas said that the company needed Brooke because she had great insight, and Thomas was worried that while they tried to cover Brooke's responsibilities, they shouldn't have had to do so.

Ridge was happy that Thomas felt that way. Brooke was at the door, and she overheard the conversation. She entered the office and thanked Thomas. Ridge wondered if Brooke was ready to return to work. He warned that the craziness had not changed and that things could end up out of control with Stephanie and Steffy. Brooke giddily responded that she couldn't wait to return to work.

Thomas suggested that Brooke barge in on Steffy's interview with Eye on Fashion. Thomas advised Brooke that Steffy had cut a great deal for ad pages and a cover with Spencer Publications on the bedroom line, but Steffy was the model and the focus of the article. He reminded Brook that Steffy would be promoting her takeover of the bedroom line that Brooke had started.

Brooke was gracious and said that she was happy the line was continuing and that she knew Steffy would handle it well. Ridge said that he knew it would not be easy to break the news to Stephanie and Steffy that Brooke was returning to work. Thomas said that it was the best thing for the company.

Liam knocked on Steffy's office door and hesitantly entered. Liam saw Steffy wearing an elegant red bra and matching panties. He prepared to ask her questions, and Steffy posed seductively. She encouraged Liam to relax, but he was clearly uncomfortable.

Liam asked a few questions and managed to get the interview under control, but Steffy wanted to steer the conversation to something more intimate. Liam instead talked about her vision for the bedroom line. Steffy took on seductive poses as she sat in chairs and on her desk, but she cleverly answered that the new bedroom line would be sexy and classy. Liam liked the description.

Steffy decided to change outfits, and returned from behind a dressing screen in sexy, black-lace lingerie. Steffy told Liam that he needed to feel the quality of the material, and she suggested that he touch the black see-through outfit that she was wearing. She moved closer to Liam.

Instead, Liam moved away and said that he had more questions to ask at another time. Steffy teased that she hadn't wanted to scare him off, but Liam said the he knew exactly what was going on. He reminded Steffy that he was committed to Hope, but he added that Steffy had possibly the most perfect body that he had ever seen.

Liam left and promised to return at another time. Steffy went behind the screen to change. She heard her office door reopen, and she assumed that it was Liam. Steffy excitedly told him to sit down in her desk chair. Steffy promised a show like none other. She added that she would put on some music, and she encouraged him to enjoy the show.

When Steffy returned from behind the screen, she turned on some music and started to dance seductively. She assumed that Liam was sitting in her office chair, and she promised much more than an exclusive interview.

Hope was the person sitting in Steffy's office chair, and she called Steffy out on continually throwing herself at men. Hope felt sorry for Steffy, but Hope added that she was not going to stand for Steffy throwing herself at another of Hope's boyfriends.

Steffy countered that Hope was not in a committed sexual relationship with Liam, and Hope was not wearing a ring. Steffy warned that she intended to spend a lot of time with Liam during the interviews and photo shoots, and hoped to develop a relationship. Steffy promised that Hope would have a contest on her hands to keep Liam and Steffy away from one another.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

At the mansion, Stephanie enjoyed a mimosa as she worked on her "Bucket List," but she grimaced when Brooke arrived. Brooke announced her return to Forrester Creations, and Stephanie revealed her preoccupation with estate planning. Brooke wished that Stephanie would preoccupy herself with fighting her illness instead.

An agitated and coughing Stephanie asserted that she wanted to live in the moment and have fun until her life ended. Brooke admitted that she'd almost told Ridge the secret, but he'd urged her to keep Stephanie's confidence. Brooke implored Stephanie to reveal the cancer to Ridge, but, still coughing, Stephanie almost choked as she insisted upon doing it her way.

Dismissing Brooke's concerns, Stephanie stated that she had a "rendezvous with fun" at the Santa Monica pier. "I'm going to ride the roller coaster," Stephanie said. Brooke hopped from her seat and asked why sliding through the living room hadn't been exhilarating enough. Stephanie said that the coaster was first on her list, but Brooke replied that Stephanie should be at the hospital, not drinking mimosas and riding roller coasters.

Stephanie coughed more, and Brooke noted that it would only get worse. Stephanie declared that she'd enjoy herself until her body shut down. "Now, out of my way, or I'll knock you down," Stephanie warned. She charged out of the house, and Brooke pursued her.

In a chauffeured sedan, Stephanie folded Ann's scarf and warned Brooke not to ruin things. A man called Stephanie about a helicopter. Brooke exclaimed that it was enough about the "Bucket List." Undeterred, Stephanie reserved the helicopter anyway.

When they arrived at the pier, Brooke tried to talk Stephanie into leaving, but Stephanie giddily dragged Brooke to the "West Coaster" ride. She pulled Brooke into the front car with her, and the attendant pressed down their safety bar. "Honey, hang on tight. This is going to be great!" Stephanie exclaimed.

The coaster trekked up the steep incline, and Brooke realized that it was too late to get off the ride. "I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!" Brooke screamed, squeezing the safety bar. As their car swished down the slope, Brooke cried in terror, and Stephanie erupted with laughter.

At Jackie's house, Bridget couldn't believe that Rick had proposed to Jackie. Jackie, however, reinforced her commitment to Owen, Bridget, and Logan. Jackie assured Owen and Bridget that their foursome would endure despite the naysayers. "Including Nicky," she added.

Bridget and Owen wished to return to work in their regular capacities. Jackie had wanted to talk it over with Nick, but due to the scandal, she doubted that it was the right time. Owen quipped that Logan would be an intern at Jackie M by the time Nick got over what had happened.

At Jackie M, Amber interrupted Nick and Aggie's makeout session to present Nick with a confidential envelope. Aggie decided to take off, but before going, she told Nick that she loved him. Amber asked when the "L" word had reared its head, but Nick claimed to love everybody.

Nick said he wanted to execute their plan before things got more out of control. He told Amber that Rick had complicated the fiasco by proposing marriage to Jackie. Nick stated that Jackie was basking in the attention of yet another young stud while sales tanked. Stunned to hear that Rick had proposed to Jackie, Amber guessed that she'd finally learned why he hadn't returned her calls. She realized that Rick had moved on, and she should do the same.

Amber asked Nick what would happen next, and he decided that he'd make his move. He called Jackie to request that she, Owen, and Bridget meet him at the office. After the call, Amber asked if Nick were sure about things. He confirmed it, and she ecstatically hugged him.

In another office, Whip congratulated Aggie on her relationship with Nick. She asked Whip about the top-secret plan that Nick had in the works, but Whip wasn't forthcoming. The pair went to Nick's office, where Jackie, Owen, and Bridget had joined Amber and Nick. Jackie hoped that Nick was ready to put the affair behind them and move on. Nick agreed that it was time to do so, and they'd start at that very moment.

Jackie rejoiced, assuming that they'd all work together again. Nick, however, cited that the public viewed her personal arrangement with Owen and Bridget as immoral and disgusting. Owen felt that they could rebound from it, but Nick asked Jackie to leave her pretend family and continue at the company without Bridget and Owen. Jackie declared that she would not abandon her family, and Nick concluded that she'd left him no choice.

Stating that he'd immediately take the company in a new direction, Nick played a video presentation. In it, the "Jackie M" logo transformed into an "Amber Moore" logo. Photos of Amber flashed on the screen, and Nick announced that she was the new face of the company.

Figuring that Nick had made Amber the head designer, an indignant Bridget couldn't believe he'd take the position from her after all she'd contributed. Nick pulled out a picture of "Madame X" and recalled how Bridget had been the shining star of the company. "And I couldn't take my eyes off you," he added, and Aggie fidgeted.

Bridget realized that she'd ruined her and Nick's marriage and their dreams for the company, but she hadn't thought she'd lose him completely. She claimed that she could settle for viewing him as a co-worker, and she pleaded with him not to shut her out of Jackie M. "No, no, I'm sorry. Amber's the new designer. That's the only way I can deal with this," Nick decided.

Friday, October 8, 2010

At Jackie M, Bridget pleaded with Nick to change his mind about firing her. She pointed out that Amber had only been hired to fill in during Bridget's maternity leave. Amber quipped that Nick had made his choice. Bridget declared that she had put Jackie M on the map. However, Nick reasoned that she hadn't done it single-handedly. Bridget agreed, saying that Owen and Jackie had assisted; Amber, on the other hand, hadn't even been around back then.

Jackie couldn't believe that she'd been summoned there to disavow her family, and not to reunite their team. Nick bellowed that Jackie had involved herself in a bizarre family triangle, and she insisted upon raising a baby that wasn't even hers. He concluded that Jackie, Owen, and Bridget's lifestyle choices had blown up in their faces.

Aggie urged everyone to trust Nick, who knew what was best for Jackie M. Bridget, however, doubted that it was wise to get rid of an executive and the entire design team. "Sometimes, there's a better replacement," Amber quipped.

Nick cited that Brooke had stepped down from Forrester due to her scandal, and he asserted that he had to let Owen and Bridget go for similar reasons. Nick wanted Jackie to remain at the company, but without Bridget and Owen. Jackie implored Nick to be rational, and Nick frankly admitted that he didn't want Bridget in the building with a baby that he'd once believed to be his. Though Jackie knew that exiling them wouldn't ease Nick's pain, she conceded to do it Nick's way for the time being.

Bridget asked to speak to Nick alone, and the others left the room. Bridget uttered that she was sorry for everything that had gone wrong. She said she'd regret hurting Nick for the rest of her life, but he stated that she shouldn't waste time on regrets. Citing that she finally had the child she'd always wanted, Nick advised her to start a new life with Logan instead of concentrating on what might have been. Bridget strode out crying, and once alone, Nick broke down and sobbed, too.

Nick poured himself a drink, and Amber entered to cheer him up. He said he was fine, and she guessed that he had a girl waiting for him in every port he'd visited. "'Never let 'em get under your skin.' But one did," he sadly said and gulped his drink.

Amber figured that he was still hurting over Bridget. Nick said that Bridget had gotten what she'd wanted, and he just desired to turn Jackie M around. Amber beamed that they'd do just that. She claimed that he'd want to rename the company "Jackie M and M" once they were done. Starry-eyed, she imagined how amazing it would be to work together. "You are just incredible! You know, I'm just so excited!" she exclaimed and kissed him.

In another office, Whip assumed that Aggie was fine with Nick's decision to oust Bridget and Owen. Aggie replied that Nick knew what he wanted in business. From Aggie's silly grin, Whip gleaned that Nick knew what he wanted in his personal life, too. Aggie tried to contain her joy, but erupting with excitement, she exclaimed that she was hopelessly in love with Nick.

As the "West Coaster" whizzed around its track at the pier, Stephanie howled like an ecstatic kid. Brooke, however, looked as if she'd heave her last meal at any moment. Ann's scarf floated out of the car, and Stephanie panicked, wondering where it had gone.

Once off the ride, the frazzled Brooke was ready to concentrate on beating the cancer. Stephanie, who was still worried about the scarf, said that she had cancer, not a mosquito bite. Checking over a rail for the garment, Stephanie asked Brooke to ensure that Steffy inherited it once Stephanie was gone. "You're not going anywhere, Stephanie, not yet," Brooke asserted.

Stephanie solemnly remarked that she'd always thought that Brooke would be the death of her; she'd never considered having cancer. Stephanie grinned when she spotted a corn dog vendor, and she wandered off in that direction. "Corn dogs? Gross!" Brooke exclaimed.

Later, Brooke found Stephanie admiring a man's parrot and finishing off a corn dog. Stephanie saw a homeless man and recognized him. Though the man had aged, she recalled to herself that he'd been one of the homeless people whom she'd encountered during her bout with amnesia. Stephanie became pensive, but then shrugged off her thoughts.

Stephanie suddenly coughed and complained about a chest pain. Brooke urged her to go to the hospital, but instead, Stephanie strode over to a cotton candy vendor for dessert. Stephanie stuffed a puffy ball into her mouth, and Brooke complained that Stephanie didn't need the sugar. "Are you a kill-joy like this with Ridge?" Stephanie wondered. Ordering Brooke to pay the vendor, Stephanie took off in search of her scarf.

At the edge of the pier, Stephanie watched an older couple strolling on the beach and a child splashing in the water. She made her way down the shore, where a homeless woman was organizing things beneath the pier. The woman had Stephanie's scarf, and when Stephanie asked for it back, the woman brandished a broken beer bottle.

Brooke strode onto the beach and located Stephanie beneath the pier. Upon seeing the woman aiming the bottle at Stephanie, Brooke cried out Stephanie's name.

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