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Monday, November 29, 2010

At Stephanie's house, Brooke made it clear that "Taboo" was Ridge's idea, not hers. Taylor figured that it was up to Stephanie to make Ridge see reason. Reminding Stephanie of Brooke's history, Taylor realized that Thomas was the only male Forrester that hadn't been involved with Brooke. Taylor and Stephanie agreed that it would stay that way; however, Stephanie thought it'd be punitive and paranoid to bar Thomas from working with Brooke.

Though Stephanie didn't approve of the campaign, she wasn't inclined to fight with Ridge about it. Stephanie said only a foolish person would believe that Forrester would glorify a real family scandal. Stephanie asserted that Brooke had been a friend when Stephanie hadn't deserved or wanted one, and Brooke had proved her loyalty. Stephanie hoped that she wouldn't regret putting her trust in Brooke. Brooke thanked Stephanie and left.

"I used to be the one you trusted," a pouting Taylor said. Taylor thought she was losing Stephanie, but Stephanie assured Taylor that it wouldn't happen. Feeling juvenile for thinking that Stephanie was favoring Brooke, Taylor claimed that she understood the situation. After all, Stephanie had "kicked [Taylor] to the curb" before in the name of family unity.

Stephanie said that there was nothing she wouldn't do for Taylor, and Taylor implored her to help protect Thomas. Taylor realized that she sounded irrational and paranoid; however, the last time she'd remained calm and rational about Brooke, it had cost too much. Stephanie uttered that she didn't know what to say. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Taylor replied and left.

In Ridge's office, a blonde model in a bikini left the room as Madison arrived to flirt with Thomas. He mentioned that he was working late every night on his line, and she hinted that she was a big girl who could stay up late. Madison left, and Brooke strode in with garment bags. "Are you here to corrupt me?" Thomas asked, and Brooke giggled.

Thomas asked how the meeting with Taylor and Stephanie had gone, and Brooke expressed her relief that Stephanie had been levelheaded about things. He asked about his mother, and Brooke answered with an uncertain shrug. Complaining that he wasn't ten years old, Thomas decided that someone needed to give Taylor something big to worry about.

Later, Thomas modeled one of his shirts in the mirror, and an unknown blonde woman approached him from behind. She ran her hands up and down his chest. Taylor entered the room in time to see Brooke's face in the mirror as Brooke and Thomas kissed. "No!" Taylor screamed.

Liam took Hope to their spot on the beach. She explained that Oliver hadn't been behaving inappropriately with her at the photo shoot, and she wondered what had happened to Liam's big meeting that day. Liam replied that, next to her, everything else was small.

They set out picnic food, and Liam asked Hope to let him know if he ever got too needy. Having a traveling model for a mother had made him accustomed to being alone. Though he hadn't minded it, Kelly had tried to compensate for it with lavish trips. They'd started out rich, but the illness had left them with practically nothing. He'd been content with life until he'd begun to want things he'd never even seen before. "Like you," he uttered.

Liam hated saying Oliver's name because doing so would acknowledge the rivalry between them. Hope said Oliver understood that Liam hadn't been responsible for the breakup; however, Liam admitted that the other night, he'd seen a bit of himself in Oliver. Hope thought the men were nothing alike, but Liam said that if he lost Hope, he'd feel exactly the way Oliver did. An empathetic Hope kissed Liam.

Liam wondered if he'd scared Hope away yet; however, she said she feared that he'd eventually figure out how ordinary she really was. Liam asserted that she was different from anyone he'd ever known, and people fell in love with her everywhere she went. He couldn't think of a greater calling than to give her back all the love she spread wherever she went. The couple shared a long kiss and then cuddled.

At Oliver's house, Oliver returned home and told a bikini-clad Amber that Liam had dragged Hope out of their photo shoot. As Oliver brooded, Amber suggested that he write Hope a poem. "I can be as pathetic on paper as I am in person," Oliver grumbled. Amber said he was just in love and hurting, not pathetic.

After Amber had gone for a swim, Oliver offered her a beer and a shirt. She thought he was being sweet; however, he said he was prepping to tell her something that hopefully wouldn't sound harsh. Amber guessed that he wanted her to move out or get a job, but he said he needed her to stop trying so hard to be his friend.

Tricking Hope had been embarrassing to Oliver, and ploys like that just weren't his style. Amber apologized, but said she'd really wanted to help him get Hope back. Oliver felt that the right way would be for Hope to remember her feelings on her own. Amber thought that Hope was young, and it would take a while for Hope's memories and love to fall back into sync.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
by Pam

Taylor opened the door to Ridge's office and she gasped in horror because she had seen a blonde with her back to the door. The blonde had been caressing and kissing Thomas and her face had been reflected in the mirror. It looked exactly like Brooke. After the blonde turned around, Taylor was relieved that it clearly had not been Brooke. Thomas introduced his mother to Summer, a model.

The model left and Thomas coldly stared at his mother and asked why she had been so shocked. Taylor said that she had thought that Brooke had been kissing him. Thomas looked disgusted, and Taylor attempted to apologize. Thomas told Taylor that she had embarrassed him enough. He added that she had made working at Forrester awkward for him as well.

Madison entered and reminded Thomas that they had scheduled a date. After Madison exited, Thomas reminded his mother that he had every right to date many women, and all of them, he assured Taylor, were around his age.

Taylor hugged Thomas, and agreed that dating several girls his own age had been a healthy pastime. Thomas pointedly reminded his mother that he had not been pining away for his stepmother. Taylor seemed apologetic. She begged Thomas to forgive her. Thomas told Taylor that she had to stop worrying that he had fallen for his stepmother because nothing had taken, or ever would take, place with Brooke.

Taylor agreed, and Thomas rejoiced that he had finally gotten through to her. Taylor admitted that she realized how much she had hurt Thomas when she had given all her shares to Steffy. Thomas said that it didn't matter.

Taylor appeared confused, and Thomas confided that Brooke had taken away the pain of that transaction. Thomas explained that "Taboo" had restored the confidence he had lost in himself because he had nothing to show for working at Forrester.

Thomas added that with Brooke's help, "Taboo" had given him an opportunity to put his name out in every major media outlet in the world. Taylor hugged Thomas, and Thomas stared over her shoulder at a framed picture of Brooke sitting on his father's desk.

At lunch, Stephen, Donna, and Katie had waited for Brooke's arrival. Stephen told Katie that his trip to Paris with Pam and Donna had been a nice getaway. Stephen added that Donna had enjoyed spending Eric's money in Paris, but Donna said that she'd have been much happier to have spent time with Eric rather than his money. They all agreed that it had been a time to start over -- for Donna and Stephen.

Stephen explained that he missed their mother, but he had moved on with Pam. Stephen pointed out that Beth would not have wanted any of them to be mourning and grieving for a long time. Stephen wanted the girls to understand that he would always love Beth. Donna and Katie agreed. Brooke arrived, and the family chatted about Brooke's new relationship with Stephanie.

Brooke said that Stephanie had supported Brooke in her latest media stunt with Thomas, and Brooke thought that it had become a turning point in their relationship. Stephen surmised that Taylor had been unhappy about "Taboo" and the kiss with Thomas.

Brooke said that it had all been in the interest of an ad campaign. After Stephen left the table, Donna told her sisters that she could hardly stand spending days with Pam and their dad. Donna showed her sisters photos on her camera that she had taken of Pam and Stephen.

Brooke showed Donna and Katie photos of the new "Taboo" ad campaign. Donna and Katie looked at one another with surprise, and they told Brooke that she and Thomas looked "hot" together. Brooke prattled on about how much Thomas looked exactly like Ridge had at that age.

At Oliver's place, Oliver gently reminded Amber that it would be difficult to explain to Aggie or Hope why Amber had been living with him. Amber begged to stay because she had nowhere else to go. Aggie knocked on the door, and Amber hid out on the patio. Aggie entered and surmised that since she had seen two bottles of beer on the table, Oliver must have been entertaining someone. Oliver said that he had not been entertaining.

Aggie told Oliver not to give up on Hope. Aggie said that he had to stay away from Amber, and Aggie called Amber a tramp. Oliver stuck up for Amber, but Aggie never let up. Aggie turned to close the patio doors, and ran into Amber hiding on the patio.

Aggie shouted at Oliver that he had made a huge mistake by inviting Amber to his home after she had already used him once to steal Forrester designs. Amber haughtily replied that she lived with Oliver. Aggie, Oliver, and Amber argued about Oliver's living arrangements.

Aggie pointed out that if Hope ever discovered that Amber had been living with Oliver, it would be a deal breaker. Aggie shouted that Oliver would never repair his relationship with Hope. Aggie added that Amber had been using Oliver again, and she could not believe that Oliver could be so na´ve.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
by Pam

At Oliver's beach house, Amber and Aggie argued about Amber living with Oliver. Amber made it clear to Aggie that Oliver had invited Amber to live with him. Aggie advised Oliver that he had made a huge mistake and needed to kick Amber out immediately. "Tell her to get out now," Aggie shouted.

Aggie called Amber a liar and a thief and reminded Oliver that Amber had been Aggie's friend at one point. But that had ended when Amber flirted with Nick. Aggie said that Amber didn't care about anyone but herself. Aggie warned that shacking up with Amber would create more problems for Oliver.

Aggie reiterated that Amber had stolen the designs from Hope and Forrester. Aggie wondered how everyone at Forrester, especially Hope, would feel about Oliver living with the thief who had stolen the designs. "Where is your loyalty?" Aggie asked Oliver.

Oliver asked Aggie to leave so that he could talk to Amber alone. Aggie argued, but Oliver reminded his sister that it was his life that they had discussed. He knew that he had to make a decision. "Make the right one," Aggie said. Amber looked concerned.

Later, Amber had changed her clothes and returned to the living room. Amber said that she was braced for bad news, but Oliver grabbed Amber by the hand. Amber admitted that everything Aggie had said was true. Oliver disagreed and said that it was an opinion, but not his. Amber looked sincere and revealed that she would never have stolen the designs if she had known Oliver or Hope.

Amber reminded Oliver that they'd had some good times together. They both needed friendship. Oliver told Amber that he didn't want to do anything to hurt Hope, and he needed Amber to leave so that he wouldn't be hurting Hope any longer. Amber couldn't believe that Oliver wanted her to leave.

Amber tried to reason with Oliver, but Oliver said that she had to go. Amber solemnly headed for the door, but stopped. Amber told Oliver that Hope didn't appreciate him. Amber reminded Oliver that no one in town would speak to her after she had stolen the designs, but the one person that she had hurt the most had taken her in. Amber begged Oliver to let her stay. She said that she understood that he was committed to Hope, but she had no place to go.

At Taylor's place, in her bedroom, Taylor thanked Ridge for meeting her. Taylor said that she needed to talk, and then she recounted the entire incident with Thomas that had taken place at Forrester Creations. Taylor admitted that Thomas was kissing a beautiful young blonde model, but Taylor had seen Brooke -- not the model.

Taylor said that she had screamed and embarrassed herself and Thomas. Ridge acknowledged that Taylor had allowed herself to become totally stressed out over little things. Taylor said that she had overreacted. Ridge said that it was perfectly natural for Taylor to want to protect her son, but she had become worked up over nothing. Taylor told Ridge that he had always understood her better than anyone. She grabbed his hand.

Taylor acknowledged that she and Thomas had drifted apart ever since Taylor had given her shares in Forrester to Steffy. Taylor justified her behavior with the realization that she had made Thomas angry, and then Taylor started panicking about every incident. She said that she could no longer communicate with Thomas and they drifted further and further apart.

Ridge told Taylor that she would not lose her son, but he warned that Taylor had to understand that Thomas loved his work and he was excited about it. Ridge said that he was confident that Thomas knew how to separate personal and professional feelings, and he and Brooke only worked together -- nothing more. Ridge added that Taylor could no longer treat Thomas like a child.

Taylor agreed, and she admitted that she could no longer treat Brooke like the enemy. Ridge said that Taylor had made life very uncomfortable for everyone. Taylor promised to move forward, and Ridge advised her to start trusting everyone involved.

Taylor said that she was not comfortable with "Taboo," but she would stop fighting it. Ridge gave Taylor his word that the "Taboo" line would be successful. He added that it was risky, but Thomas wanted to take that risk. Ridge kissed Taylor on the forehead.

Ridge admitted that if he had been worried about Thomas and Brooke, his marriage to Brooke would have been over. Taylor looked thoughtful and hopeful. She teased that Ridge always forgave Brooke. Ridge acknowledged that some lines could never be crossed, and Brooke understood that. "My family has seen its last scandal," Ridge announced. He said that he and Brooke had engaged in a frank discussion about scandals.

Ridge and Taylor agreed that they didn't talk to each other openly often enough. "We seem to have a crisis every other week," Taylor said. Ridge added that he wouldn't trade his years with Taylor for anything and Taylor agreed. Ridge told Taylor that even though they were not married, Taylor would always be one of the most important people in his life because of their history and a very special connection. "We can depend on each other," he said. Whip appeared outside the door and prepared to enter, but after he listened for a while, he walked away.

Ridge continued to tell Taylor that he was confident nothing would happen to Thomas. "If anything ever happened between our son and my wife, my marriage would be over," Ridge said. "I would take flight to safety -- straight to you." Taylor looked surprised.

At Forester, Hope and Marcus discussed a speech that Hope had written about the wonderful things that Dayzee and Stephanie had done to inspire everyone at Forrester. Aggie knocked on the door of the office and asked to see Hope. Marcus exited. Aggie said that she didn't want Hope to be uncomfortable.

Hope said that she had remained friendly with Oliver and she was not uncomfortable. Aggie said that if Hope still cared for Oliver, they might still have a chance because Oliver needed Hope. Aggie begged Hope not to give up on Oliver.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

With her bags packed, Amber implored Oliver to let her remain at his house. Oliver said Hope wouldn't understand the living arrangement, and he couldn't allow himself to sleep with Amber again. He was also done with tricks, and he vowed to get Hope back the right way.

Amber said Oliver was an incredible guy, who made her want to be a better person. She thanked him for his hospitality and promised to repay it. As she tearfully turned to leave, Oliver asked her to wait. He produced a key to his garage apartment, but warned that the owner of the beach house couldn't know that she was staying in it. Amber sobbed, and hugging him, she said that Hope needed to realize how incredible he was.

At Forrester, Hope was happy that Oliver was rid of Amber, and Aggie hoped that the troublemaker was out of their lives forever. Aggie asked how Hope's party had gone, and Hope conveyed that she'd spent most of her time trying to locate Liam. Aggie pointed out that Oliver had been there, regardless of the potentially awkward situation, because he was loyal to a fault. Aggie asked Hope not to give up on him, because he'd do anything to get her back.

Later, Aggie went to Oliver's house and was pleased to see no sign of Amber. Oliver said that Amber wasn't as bad as Aggie believed. Aggie asserted that Amber and Oliver meant nothing to each other, because Oliver loved Hope. Aggie had figured that Hope needed to know it, and that was why she'd gone to see Hope.

Oliver was irritated that Aggie had talked to Hope, but curious to hear Hope's response. Aggie replied that it wasn't Hope's words; it was the look in her eyes when she'd spoken of him. Aggie felt he still had a chance, as long as Hope didn't find out about Amber.

Back at Forrester, Amber arrived, hoping to ask Rick for a job. Hope asserted that there was no job for Amber at Forrester, because no one there would ever forgive her. Amber stated that one person had forgiven her -- Oliver. She said that he was true blue, loyal, and totally in love with Hope. She suggested that Hope be smart enough to give him a second chance.

Hope grew indignant that Amber would tell her what to do. Amber wished Hope could see how lucky she was that Oliver was totally and completely in love with her. Amber wondered how much Hope could count on Liam. "What if he ends up being a ruthless S.O.B. just like his old man? Then where will you be?" Amber asked.

At home, Ridge and Brooke made out in bed. Ridge was glad that cooler heads had prevailed during her talk with Taylor and Stephanie. Amazed that Stephanie had sided with her over Taylor, Brooke believed it was a new era. She mentioned that Taylor still didn't trust her; however, Ridge announced that he'd gotten through to Taylor, and she'd back off, as well.

Brooke was astonished that Taylor had decided to support the "Taboo" line. Ridge said that tolerating it was more like it, and he conveyed that Taylor had realized that her behavior had been hurting her relationship with Thomas. Brooke was relieved that Taylor would go back to her nice marriage with Whip, and Brooke and Ridge would go on with theirs.

Brooke showed Ridge some photos from the "Taboo" photo shoot and commented that Thomas was just like his father. She noted that she and Ridge had lasted through all the ups and downs, and nothing would stand in their way again. She tossed her phone aside, and they kissed.

In her bedroom, Taylor could hardly work as she thought of what Ridge had said to her earlier that day. Stephanie entered, and Taylor said she'd asked Stephanie there to talk about Ridge. "Something happened today, and I've got to tell somebody!" Taylor beamed, and she predicted, "Something is coming. I can feel it!"

A confused Stephanie stated that Ridge was in love with his wife; however, Taylor insisted that things were very different, because Ridge had vowed to end his marriage if Brooke created another scandal. Stephanie was sure Ridge hadn't meant to dole out false hope, but Taylor asserted that she wasn't pining away for him. Smiling bashfully, Taylor admitted that the talk had been nice, and Ridge had revealed how he really felt. He'd said that he still loved her.

Stephanie considered that a given, since Taylor was the mother of his children. Laughing uneasily, Stephanie said she didn't understand the reason for their talk because Taylor was happily married to a wonderful husband. "So-so I'm just confused," Stephanie stated.

Taylor insisted there was more to the story. Stephanie's eyebrows quizzically rose upon hearing that Ridge planned to take flight straight to safety with Taylor if Brooke messed up again. Taylor asserted that she didn't need Ridge, but he'd need her once everything fell apart. "And that day is coming. It is going to happen. It is inevitable," Taylor declared.

Stephanie worried that Taylor might still be in love with Ridge, but Taylor insisted that Brooke couldn't change. "Her condition is chronic," Taylor stated. Having gone through her own life-changing experience, Stephanie said she had to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt. Taylor, however, worried that Stephanie and Ridge were headed for an obvious devastation.

In her mind, Taylor recalled Ridge's words about taking flight to her. She told Stephanie that Brooke and Ridge might be in each other arms that night, but Brooke couldn't help herself. "She's going to let him down. It's just a matter of time," Taylor persisted.

Friday, December 3, 2010

At Forrester, Hope asserted that Bill and Liam were nothing alike, but Amber insisted that there was no denying DNA. Hope didn't understand why Amber had become Oliver's cheerleader. Amber said he was a wonderful guy, and she could see why he loved Hope. Amber admitted to knowing Hope's father and being married to Rick; however, she'd never measured up to the Forresters' standards. Amber smarmily said Hope was everything the family stood for.

Hope asked if Oliver knew that Amber had gone to see her, and Amber replied that he'd never allow such a thing. Recalling her party, Hope revealed that Liam hadn't shown up, and she'd wound up at Oliver's house. Amber thought it ought to mean something that Liam had blown Hope off, but Hope defended him and said that his limo driver had gotten lost. Amber nodded as if it were a likely excuse, but she reminded Hope that Oliver would always be there for her.

Hope asked why Amber was pleading Oliver's case, and Amber stated that after she'd hurt Oliver, she wanted him to be happy. Amber said Liam was satisfactory, but Hope and Oliver belonged together. "You never really forget your first love, do you?" Amber asked.

At home, Oliver was sifting through Hope's photos when he received a surprise visit from Liam, who insisted that they discuss Hope. Oliver expressed his discontent that "caveman" Liam had dragged Hope from the photo shoot. Liam said he knew Oliver had tried to make moves on Hope, and Oliver retorted that she'd been into it, too, after Liam had stood her up at her party.

Oliver stated that he and Hope would still be together if it hadn't been for the "Pose" incident, which Liam had helped expose to the world. Liam wondered what they'd do about the situation, and Oliver vowed to keep reminding Hope of what they'd had, because it wasn't over. Liam contended that he wasn't giving up either; however, Oliver didn't think it looked that way, since Liam had made his job a priority.

The men bickered more, and Oliver said they'd reached a stalemate. "May the best man win," Oliver concluded. Liam retorted that the best man had already won. Unbeknownst to Liam, Oliver saw Amber through the window and subtly hinted to her not to enter the house. Liam asserted that Oliver had already lost. "Do the right thing and let her go," Liam said.

Once Liam left, Amber entered to say that she'd pleaded Oliver's case to Hope. Oliver appreciated the help, but he wanted Amber to stay away from Hope. He also said there would be no more stunts. In her Russian accent, Amber assured him that "Natasha" had retired, and Hope wouldn't find out where Amber was living.

While dressing after making love, Ridge and Brooke turned their attention to Hope's love life. Ridge figured that a woman would enjoy having two men pining away for her. Brooke corrected that they were fighting over Hope, and that wasn't Hope's style.

Hope entered, and Brooke inquired about the photo shoot that day. Hope revealed that Liam had interrupted it, and Brooke stated that it must have been awkward. Agreeing, Hope said Liam was her boyfriend, but Oliver couldn't be just friends with her. Hope couldn't believe that she had two men putting her on a pedestal, but Ridge said that she deserved it.

Hope knew that she lived a charmed life, and she began musing about Stephanie's bravery in helping others while battling cancer. Hope even felt that Stephanie had softened toward Brooke. Brooke didn't believe that Stephanie would ever like her "all that much," but their relationship had improved.

Ridge turned the conversation back to Hope's life, and Hope said someone had caused her to think about how she'd been treating Liam and Oliver. Explaining that she'd been upfront with each man, Hope said Liam had promised to balance his work and personal life. Oliver, however, refused to give up, even after she'd tried to draw a line with him. Brooke stated that all Hope could do was be honest, but she couldn't control Oliver's reactions.

As Hope wondered if she should cut off her friendship with Oliver, Liam called to find out if they were still on for that night. She confirmed, and they expressed their love for each other. After the call, Brooke said that if Liam were the one for Hope, then things would fall into place. "You just have to follow your heart," Brooke advised, and they hugged.

In Bill's office, Justin revealed that he'd used a license plate number to track down the limo company that had picked up Liam the night of Hope's party. The shoddy business had claimed that they had no female drivers. Bill, who considered himself a high-profile person, was concerned about an unknown person so easily picking up his son. He vowed to find out who'd pulled the stunt. "And they ain't gonna get away with it," he declared.

Justin did more digging and discovered that the car with the unknown driver had been paid for on Oliver's credit card. Bill ordered Justin to find out Oliver's address, because Bill intended to teach Oliver the golden rule. "Don't mess with Dollar Bill," Justin stated.

Later, Oliver was recalling kissing Hope when Bill arrived on the doorstep. "I'm not a Jehovah's Witness," Bill told the speechless Oliver. Bill grabbed a beer off the table and made himself at home on the sofa.

Bill said that even though he practiced meditation to keep his temper under control, certain things still got under his skin: slow drivers in the fast lane, lukewarm coffee, and staring at endless pictures of someone's pet. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot -- anyone who screws with my family...You messed with my son and his girlfriend, and now, you're going to answer to me," Bill stated, swigging his beer.

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