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Monday, June 27, 2011

At the office, Thorne demanded to know what was going on with Brooke and Ridge. Ridge didn't want to discuss it, but he announced to his father and brother that he was marrying Taylor. Thorne thought that was insane, because Ridge belonged with Brooke. Thorne left, and Eric said Thorne might react differently if he knew the truth. Eric conveyed his disappointment in Brooke's actions. He figured she'd blocked it out because it was too terrible for her to recall.

At Taylor's house, Stephanie arrived with congratulations for Taylor. Steffy and Taylor bubbled about the wedding, and Steffy left for work. Calling herself an official Forrester, Taylor vowed to wear Stephanie's ring for the rest of her life. Stephanie said it was Ridge and Taylor's chance to shine. Taylor stated that the ring represented Stephanie's belief in Taylor, and Stephanie was the reason that Taylor and Ridge were remarrying.

Stephanie was glad that Ridge had kept his word about taking flight to safety with Taylor. Taylor said that the pain might not be worth it, but she finally felt vindicated about Brooke. Taylor felt free to love Ridge because Brooke was history.

At home, Hope wished her mother a good morning and then noticed that Brooke had turned her wedding photo facedown. Hope figured Brooke was burying her pain in her foundation work, but couldn't understand why Brooke wanted Stephanie to be a part of it. Hope tried to get Brooke to remember the things Stephanie had done to break up Brooke and Ridge in the past; however, Brooke insisted that Stephanie had a right to be sickened by Brooke's actions, and Brooke blamed herself, not Stephanie, for ruining her marriage.

Brooke announced that Ridge had asked Taylor to marry him after Brooke had prodded him to do so. Hope was upset and confused by Brooke's acquiesce in the whole matter. Brooke insisted that it was best for Ridge. Brooke mentioned her sisters' disillusionment with what she'd done, but Hope promised that Brooke's kids would stand by her.

Hope left, and later, Ridge arrived. He and Brooke discussed how to handle their son, and he asked if she'd remembered more about the island. She hadn't, but vowed to keep trying until she knew exactly why she'd done the unthinkable. Ridge said the act didn't define her, but Brooke reasoned that it had defined their future, and tragically so. "Logan..." Ridge uttered. He asked if he could still call her that, and she said she'd always be his Logan.

Brooke said Connor had sent over the divorce papers. Divorcing Ridge was painful for Brooke, but she believed he needed to move on with Taylor. "I proposed to her last night. I did what you thought was best for everyone. I did what you wanted me to do," Ridge replied.

Brooke sucked in a sob, and Ridge said Taylor wanted to get married quickly. Brooke figured it was best. She said she'd cherish the times they'd shared, and they'd be connected by their son. Brooke was sorry that she'd hurt Ridge, but because she couldn't fix it, she had to let him go. She said she'd always love him. The two hugged, and Ridge kissed her. He regretfully pulled himself away, walked to the door, and then stared sadly at her before leaving.

Later, Hope went to work. She dropped files off for Steffy, who was busily planning her parents' wedding. Steffy thought Hope was taking the situation very well, but Hope replied that it was because she doubted the wedding would even happen. Hope recalled that it hadn't worked out for Ridge and Taylor the last time, and the offended Steffy asserted that Brooke had messed up big time, and she'd ruined Thomas in the process.

Hope guessed it might be hard on Thomas -- if he were actually telling the truth. Steffy was shocked that Hope would call Thomas a liar, but Hope responded that his memory might be fuzzy. Steffy called Hope desperate, and Hope decided that she didn't need to deal with Steffy's rhetoric. Steffy continued, saying that her family had repeatedly taken a backseat to Brooke, but that time, Brooke would have to go somewhere else, because Ridge was off the market.

Steffy reasoned that Stephanie had been right, because goodness and integrity always triumphed. Steffy claimed that her mother had it, but Hope's mother didn't. "My mother allegedly slept with your brother. Your mother definitely slept with mine!" Hope retorted. Steffy claimed that the two were completely different situations, but Hope quipped that Steffy should know that Brooke was Ridge's destiny. Steffy rolled her eyes and declared that her parents would be remarried. Hope quipped that they'd just have to see about that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
by Pam

At Brooke's place, Brooke welcomed Dayzee, who wondered what had happened with Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Brooke declined to discuss it and said that she wanted Dayzee to accept a board position with the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Dayzee accepted, and Brooke thanked her. Brooke said that Stephanie had been reticent to become involved, but she was confident that Dayzee could be persuasive.

At Forrester, Steffy and Hope argued about who belonged with Ridge. Steffy continued to sputter that her mother and Ridge belonged together, but Hope disagreed. Hope added that everyone knew that Ridge truly loved Brooke and that it was only a matter of time before they were together again. Steffy told Hope that Hope was in denial and would become heartbroken when Ridge and Taylor married. Hope countered that it was Steffy who would be saddened when Ridge eventually left Taylor to return to Brooke. Hope received a call from Liam, and left to meet him at the beach house.

At Taylor's house, Taylor gabbed about her plans for the wedding to Stephanie, but Stephanie was not listening. Taylor asked Stephanie what was wrong, and Stephanie answered that she had a lot on her mind. Taylor would not give up. She worried about Stephanie's health and her cough. Stephanie said that she was fine and had gotten a good report from the doctor with no new lesions. Taylor asked Stephanie to stand up with her at the wedding as her matron of honor.

Stephanie was surprised because she thought that Taylor would want Steffy as her maid of honor. Taylor said that she wanted both Stephanie and Steffy to stand by her side as she recited her vows to Ridge. Stephanie's phone rang, and it was Brooke, who asked Stephanie to join her at her home for a meeting with Dayzee.

Stephanie wondered why she was having a meeting, and Brooke begged her to join them for a few minutes. Stephanie chattered about how busy she had been because she was helping Taylor to plan her wedding. Brooke said that she understood, but she only needed a short time. Stephanie agreed and told Taylor that she knew it was about the foundation.

Stephanie prepared to leave, and told Taylor that she would return. Ridge entered, and Stephanie greeted him. She told Ridge that she had always wanted him to be happy, and she knew that his marriage to Taylor would deliver peace to his life. Ridge kissed his mother.

After Stephanie exited, Ridge told Taylor that he had visited Brooke to break the news that he had proposed to Taylor. Ridge said that he hadn't wanted anyone else to tell Brooke. Ridge admitted that it had been difficult. Taylor promised to take away the pain. Ridge said that he didn't know what he would have done without Taylor, since he'd had so much sorrow in the past few weeks. He told her how grateful he was to her. He added that he would turn his life around soon.

Taylor made iced tea, and she handed the tea to Ridge, but he was clearly still very glum. Taylor promised that everything would improve. She added that she would marry him immediately if it would help. Ridge smiled and said that it was unnecessary.

Steffy arrived, and Taylor asked her daughter to be the maid of honor at the wedding. Steffy happily agreed, and Taylor added that Stephanie would be the matron of honor. Taylor explained that she and Stephanie had taken care of all the wedding plans.

At the Malibu beach house where Amber had been staying, Amber opened the door to find Bill and Liam. They wondered where the baby was, and Amber answered that Rosie was with Marcus. Amber said that she knew they had arrived in order to boot her out of the house, and Bill agreed. He noted that she was already packed. He suggested that she move out quickly. Amber tried to apologize to Liam and Bill, but they ignored her.

Hope arrived, and Amber also apologized to Hope. Amber asked all of them to forgiver her, but Bill said that she needed to move on quickly. After she left, Bill was elated. He told Liam that he needed to hire a Hazmat team to get the place scrubbed from top to bottom. He recommended that Liam change the locks and then move in.

Liam was shocked, and he asked why Bill would give him the beach house. Bill said that Liam had suffered through a rough patch and deserved some happiness. Bill left, and Liam and Hope celebrated that they were alone and had no more worries hanging over their heads.

At Brooke's, Stephanie arrived and found that Dayzee, Nick, and Jackie had been meeting on the topic of the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Stephanie was not happy about the foundation, and Jackie was incredulous that Stephanie could be so callous. Jackie warned that Stephanie should be grateful that Brooke had made such a lovely gesture. Stephanie softened.

Dayzee added that the community needed the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Brooke discussed that funding for the foundation would continue through a few annual fundraisers per year in addition to the money that she had donated. Stephanie seemed reticent to be involved, but Nick, Dayzee, and Jackie insisted that she should enjoy the experience.

R.J. walked down the stairs and asked his mother to read to him. Brooke said that she would be happy to, and she told the group that they had finished all the business she had needed to cover. Brooke sent R.J. upstairs to wait for her. Nick, Dayzee, and Jackie left, but Brooke asked Stephanie to remain.

Stephanie asked about R.J., and Brooke said that the transition had been hard on R.J. Stephanie stammered that she would help in any way that she could because she loved R.J., and he was her grandson. Brooke thanked her. Brooke reiterated her feelings that Stephanie had been a role model to her and that Stephanie had made Brooke want to become a better woman. Brooke thanked Stephanie again for all that Stephanie had done for Brooke.

Stephanie was embarrassed and reminded Brooke that she had done things "to" Brooke rather than "for" her. Brooke said that in recent times, Stephanie had been very helpful, and Brooke hugged Stephanie. Stephanie looked sickened and guilty.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke heard a knock at the door, and Taylor entered. Taylor said that she wanted to make some things clear about her relationship with Ridge. Taylor suggested that Brooke get some family counseling because Ridge and Taylor had planned to marry in a few days. Brooke seemed surprised but accepting, and she wished Taylor and Ridge the best.

Taylor asked if Brooke had told her children about the divorce, and Brooke said that Hope knew everything, but Ridge and Brooke had planned to talk to R.J. together. Taylor said that she knew some of the most successful therapists in Los Angeles, and Brooke said that she wasn't ready for that yet. Brooke asked Taylor to make Ridge happy, and Taylor agreed. They embraced.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie relived her last conversation with Brooke. She poured a glass of water and then added some liquor to it. Eric entered and reminded her that her doctors had said that she shouldn't be imbibing. Stephanie corrected him and said that it was all right once in a while, and she planned to take advantage of it.

Eric asked what was wrong, and Stephanie admitted that she had been with Brooke. Stephanie claimed that she wanted nothing to do with the foundation, but she knew that Brooke was not going to give up on it. Eric said that Brooke appeared to be trying to clear her conscience after what had happened with Thomas. Eric lamented that the situation had torn Thomas apart.

Eric recalled that Thomas had been so excited about designing and looking forward to his future at Forrester. Eric said that after the island debacle, Thomas had become a different person and had none of the enthusiasm he had once had.

Stephanie looked surprised, and said it would all work out in the end. Eric shook his head and went upstairs to bed. Stephanie caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and chastised herself for becoming a liar.

At Taylor's place, Dayzee and Thomas appeared at odds. Dayzee said that Thomas had changed since he had returned from the island. She wanted him to open up and tell her what was wrong, but Thomas was quiet. He poured champagne for both of them and asked her to join him at the pool, but Dayzee said that sounded more like something that he would enjoy with Summer or Madison.

Dayzee knew that something had happened on the island that had changed Thomas and Brooke forever. Thomas tried to hide his feelings, but Dayzee persisted. She begged Thomas to tell her what had happened. Thomas finally opened up and recounted the story of eating the hallucinogenic berries and the euphoria that he and Brooke had experienced.

Thomas added that he and Brooke had connected, and he looked guilty. Dayzee asked if they had been intimate, but he admitted that he had allowed Brooke to believe that they'd had sex, but nothing had happened.

Dayzee was shocked, and Thomas tried to explain that he knew his father would never forgive Brooke and that it would allow his parents to reconnect. Dayzee wondered why Thomas would have hurt Brooke so deeply in order to get his parents back together. She asked if Steffy had somehow been involved in forcing him to lie. Thomas said that it had all been Stephanie's idea. Dayzee was aghast.

In the Malibu house on the cliff that Bill had presented to Liam, Hope and Liam lounged and embraced. Hope wondered what would happen to Amber, but Liam didn't want to talk about it. He was elated that they were alone together. Hope said that they had become much stronger as a couple after all they had been through. They agreed that nothing would tear them apart.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

At Liam's old house, Marcus told his mother and two aunts that he'd taken over Liam's lease. The Logans cooed over Rosey, and when Amber entered, Marcus promised that it wasn't an ambush. Brooke asked to speak to Amber alone, but Amber apprehensively dodged the conversation. Undeterred, Brooke said she wished Amber had learned her lesson in the past with Rick, because deception always caught up to a person.

Brooke asked Amber to raise her child well, and Amber promised that she'd do it right that time. Cradling Rosey, Amber told everyone that she didn't know why she kept screwing up and making one bad decision after another; however, she'd change for Rosey's sake. Amber hoped to do everything right for Rosey, who'd become a strong Logan woman someday. Katie, Brooke, Donna, and Marcus seemed touched by Amber's words.

At the mansion, Stephanie looked in the mirror and told herself that she was the liar, not Brooke. Eric entered and noted that Stephanie was still obsessing about Brooke. Stephanie said she'd been thinking of all the men in the family that Brooke had used, and Stephanie vowed never to forgive Brooke for the lengths to which she'd forced Stephanie to go.

Eric offered to help Stephanie, but she claimed to be okay. She just wished she'd been able to stop Brooke years earlier, because things would have been different. He hugged Stephanie and urged her to join him upstairs. She agreed to do it, but after he left, she returned to her toiling.

Talking to Thomas' photo, Stephanie said he had to understand the dark history driving her motives and that she had to protect the people she loved from more pain. Stephanie recalled all the times she'd lost to Brooke, and grimacing, she hoped that Thomas would someday understand and forgive his grandmother.

Stephanie returned to the mirror and saw Brooke's reflection instead of her own. Stephanie said not all the memories had been bad. Stephanie recalled the reluctant hugs they'd shared, the stolen smiles between them, and their allegiance in battling the cancer.

At home, Brooke thought of it, too, and she smiled as she finished her paperwork. She saw Ridge's picture, and her smile faded. She cradled the photo and took it upstairs with her.

At Taylor's house, Dayzee didn't understand why Stephanie and Thomas would hurt Brooke that way, if they loved her. Thomas explained that he'd taken Stephanie's shares in a deal to thwart Brooke, and he'd been guilt-ridden ever since. Dayzee figured Thomas had wanted more than money from the deal, and Thomas explained that upon seeing his parents bonding over his rescue, things had changed for him. He knew that it had been wrong to lie, but he didn't know what to do about it. Dayzee replied that he knew exactly what he had to do.

Dayzee said that it was okay to want to reunite a family, but lying was unlike Thomas. She asserted that he had rid himself of the guilt by stepping forward with the truth. Thomas agreed and said he'd talk to his grandmother first thing in the morning. Dayzee promised to be by his side when he did it. She said they'd make it right and tell Ridge and Taylor the truth.

At the cliff house, Liam and Hope made out on the sofa, but she stopped him from undoing her shirt. She still wasn't ready for sex. Though disappointed, Liam understood that making love for the first time was a big step for her. Hope said she'd decided that she needed to wait until everything was right, and Liam guessed that meant she wanted to wait for marriage.

The two agreed that it was old-fashioned, but Liam said he wouldn't dream of pressing Hope. The couple cuddled by the fire, and Hope wished the night wouldn't end. He said she could spend the night, and he'd hold her until dawn. He promised not to pressure her, and she said she trusted him.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Liam and Hope awakened on the sofa at the cliff house. As he cuddled her in his arms, she thanked him for not pressuring her the night before. Later, Bill arrived and noticed that Hope was wearing only Liam's tee shirt. Bill said he didn't want any details, and Hope left to change clothes. Bill decided that Hope was one of the few people in the world that he actually liked.

Liam explained that Hope and he were waiting until marriage to have sex. Bill found the concept strange, but he was proud of the couple. Liam thanked Bill for the house, because it would make a huge difference in Liam's life. "Not your sex life," Bill quipped. Liam concluded he was just happy to be with Hope.

Bill wondered where Liam's relationship with Hope was headed, and Liam said he wanted to take it easy, so Hope didn't get overloaded. Liam cited that Hope was devoted to her mother, who was having marital problems. Liam said Hope wouldn't discuss it, and Bill suspected that it had to do with Taboo -- or "little Tommy himself."

When Hope arrived home, the morose Brooke shook off her musings about Thomas's revelation about the island sex. Hope beamed about her night with Liam, but clarified that they hadn't slept together because she was waiting for the wedding. Brooke wondered whose wedding, and Hope said it'd be her own wedding, which would take place someday.

Hope said Brooke was a good mother, who'd taught Hope to demand respect. Brooke believed she could have been better, and then she regretted the events on the island. Hope said she wouldn't believe the sex had happened until Brooke remembered it.

Brooke mentioned that her foundation board members were at Taylor's shower. Hope thought the pending nuptials seemed unreal, because Ridge and Brooke just didn't seem to be over. Brooke insisted that after her horrible mistake with Thomas, Ridge belonged with Taylor.

At Taylor's place, Stephanie and Steffy set up a high tea bridal shower. Steffy observed that Stephanie seemed pensive and tired, and she wondered if her grandmother were up for the event. Stephanie said she'd waited a long time for it. Steffy replied that Stephanie was Taylor's biggest supporter, without whom Taylor wouldn't have survived.

Taylor entered and beamed about the lovely setup. Steffy said Taylor was a Forrester, so she deserved it. Pam and Jackie arrived, and as they all drank champagne, Steffy wondered where Dayzee, their final guest, was.

On the Forrester rooftop, Thomas worked out as he and Dayzee discussed the lie that he'd told. He felt relieved because Dayzee had convinced him to confess. Dayzee said she was proud of him. He felt that he shouldn't have lied in the first place, and wanting his parents to be together wasn't a good excuse. He mused about blowing his mother's world apart at her own bridal shower, but Dayzee said Taylor would be happy that Thomas had unburdened himself of the horrible, physical toll the lie had taken on him.

Later, Thomas and Dayzee arrived while Taylor was opening lingerie gifts. Thomas immediately interrupted to ask to speak to Stephanie. "I'm coming, too," Dayzee added, and Stephanie's eyebrows rose. The couple followed Stephanie to Taylor's bedroom, and everyone at the party wondered what "the heck" that was. Taylor dismissively said Thomas was going through some things, and the ladies resumed the party.

In Taylor's room, Stephanie asked what the issue was, and Thomas pointedly replied that she knew exactly what it was about. "You didn't!" Stephanie asserted, livid that Thomas had spilled the secret to Dayzee the day before the wedding.

Thomas said he couldn't live with the secret. Dayzee chimed in, but Stephanie told her to stay out of it, because it was best for everyone. Dayzee doubted it was best for Brooke, but Stephanie retorted that Taylor and Ridge would be married if it weren't for Brooke. Dayzee asserted that it was wrong to manipulate Brooke's life, but Stephanie bellowed that it was indeed right. Stephanie figured that Dayzee knowing the secret didn't change anything, but Thomas declared that it changed everything.

Stephanie tired to contain the situation, but Thomas said his mother wouldn't be happy that her life was based on a lie. Thomas didn't like that he, Ridge, and Brooke had to be miserable, while Steffy and Taylor were clueless. Thomas wondered if Stephanie could be happy knowing that her deception had engineered her family's happiness. He figured she wouldn't be able to live with it, and he asserted that couldn't live with it either. He refused to keep propagating the lie about sleeping with Brooke. "I'm finished," he declared.

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