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After Taylor dished to Katie that Steffy and Bill were embroiled in an affair, Katie refused to believe it. Katie emotionally confronted Bill with Taylor's news. Bill admitted it, but he pointed out that Katie had left him. Katie went ballistic and collapsed with a heart attack. At the hospital, Bill confessed to Brooke and Donna that he had planned to leave Katie for Steffy. Katie took a turn for the worse, and she begged Bill to stay with her. Bill obliged, and Katie miraculously showed signs of recovery. Bill visited Steffy and told her that he was staying with his wife. Steffy tried to persuade Bill that he wasn't responsible for Katie's heart attack, but Bill disagreed. Katie sneaked out of her hospital room and confronted Steffy. Brooke worried that Katie could die because of heart problems that Bill and Steffy's affair had caused.
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Katie suffered a heart attack after learning of Bill and Steffy's affair
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Monday, August 1, 2011

In Bill's office, Katie caught her breath and assured Taylor that she was fine. Taylor said she'd debated telling Katie about Bill's affair, but had decided that Katie had a right to know. Katie called Taylor's assertions absurd and insisted that Steffy was delusional. Taylor, however, revealed that she'd seen the pair with her own eyes.

Katie disbelieved that Taylor had seen Bill and Steffy having sex, and Taylor said she'd caught them in Steffy's bedroom before it had gone that far. Taylor explained that Bill had vowed to leave Katie, but when he'd gone home to do it, he'd walked into the renewal ceremony. Taylor hoped Katie could talk some sense into her husband. Katie sniped that Steffy was the one to talk sense into, because she was trying to wreak havoc on a perfectly healthy relationship.

At Steffy's house, Bill said Taylor still saw Steffy as a little girl. Steffy said she didn't expect Katie to understand things, and Bill said he'd help his wife. Steffy figured Katie might not let him go; however, Steffy was sure that he was never going back to Katie. Bill and Steffy made out on the sofa, but Bill insisted that he had to leave to get to his board meeting and to talk to Katie, because the deception was unfair to everyone involved.

Later, Liam rushed into Steffy's house after receiving an urgent call from her. She asked him how he liked her place, and he asked her where his father was. Steffy cooed with laughter upon realizing Liam knew about her and Bill. She revealed that her mother knew, too, and Liam said Bill was about to be in a tougher position than he'd been in at the renewal ceremony.

Back in Bill's office, Bill entered, and Katie wondered if he'd canceled the board meeting without telling anyone. He said she knew him better than that. Katie replied that she'd thought she had, but not according to Taylor. Bill became puzzled, and Katie revealed that Taylor had been on a mission of mercy to reveal Bill's affair with Steffy to his dutiful wife.

Katie explained how ridiculous such a notion was. Bill's conspicuous silence didn't seem lost on her as she said he wouldn't do something like that after the vows renewal, and certainly not with someone only out to strike back at the Logans. Knowing that Steffy was an ego-stroker, Katie said Bill's flirtations with Steffy sent the wrong message.

Bill's back was to Katie as she advised him to cut off all contact with Steffy, because it only encouraged her games. "That's what little girls do; they play games. But you wouldn't have some stupid affair with some stupid little girl, would you, Bill? You wouldn't throw away everything we have for that, right? Tell me it's not true. Say it's not true!" Katie demanded. Bill silently turned to her, and upon seeing his guilty face, the trembling Katie asked what he'd done.

Bill said he'd planned to tell Katie, but she'd set the ceremony in motion. Katie told him that he'd stood there, and he'd made promises to her. Katie sobbed, demanding to know how long he'd been making a fool of her. She cried that she'd always defended him, but he'd made a joke out of their marriage and her. "How long have you been kissing her with the same mouth that you kiss me? How long have you been touching her with the same hands that you touch me? Oh, my God, I'm going to be sick!" Katie exclaimed.

Bill claimed that he'd meant his vows on their wedding day; however, Katie had walked out on him, and she'd betrayed him over the Amber situation. Katie launched herself across the room, and pounding his chest, she railed at him for blaming it on her. Bill grabbed the phone to cancel the board meeting, and when he turned around, he saw Katie passed out on the floor.

At Marcus' house, Marcus packed up to move in with Oliver. Amber was worried that she'd done something to make Marcus leave. Marcus said they'd been having a great time with their child, but he didn't want her getting the wrong idea. Donna entered with the baby, and to Amber's chagrin, Dayzee arrived.

Amber and Donna left to tend to the baby, and Dayzee noted that Amber seemed worried that Dayzee would put the moves on Marcus. He replied that he wouldn't mind it. He realized that fatherhood complicated his personal life; however, he was happy to have Rosie in his life -- and Dayzee, too. Marcus kissed Dayzee, and Amber grimaced upon entering the room.

Marcus and Dayzee took his things out to the car. Donna set Rosie in her stroller, and Marcus told Amber that he'd be back in the morning. Everyone left Amber alone, but Dayzee returned later to retrieve her sunglasses. Amber accused Dayzee of putting the moves on Rosie's father. Dayzee claimed she wasn't doing that, but she figured Amber was upset because she wanted to have the money and power of a Forrester.

Amber cited that she and Marcus were friends, and he really cared about her and the baby. She quipped that if Dayzee wanted Marcus, it wouldn't be a slam-dunk against Amber, who was fighting for her baby's future.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
by Pam

At lunch, Donna and Brooke gushed about how wonderful Katie's life was. She had married the powerful Bill Spencer and she had become a more confident woman. Donna and Brooke discussed how solid Katie's marriage was and Bill's love for Katie. They laughed that Katie had turned Bill into an honest man.

Donna shared that Bill had spoken eloquently and emotionally about his love for Katie at the vow renewal ceremony. Brooke reminded her sister that Katie had always wanted to make Storm proud, since she had been given a new life, thanks to Storm's heart. The sisters agreed that Katie had made the most of a second chance at life.

At Spencer, after Katie had collapsed on the floor of Bill's office, Bill called 9-1-1 and pleaded with them to hurry to his office because his wife had collapsed. He raced to Katie's side and begged her to open her eyes, but she remained still and silent. Bill caressed her hair and begged her to regain consciousness and hold on because help was on the way.

The ambulance team arrived, and Bill told them that he and Katie had been "talking" when she collapsed. The paramedics asked if she had clutched her chest or complained of pain or heart problems recently. Bill said that she'd had a heart transplant a few years before. The paramedics called ahead to the hospital to advise that a heart transplant patient was on the way and to prepare a crash cart. Bill asked what had happened, and the paramedics told him that they had to move fast. Bill accompanied them in the ambulance.

At the hospital, Bill called Brooke and told her to meet him at the hospital because Katie had collapsed in his office. Again, he said, that they had been "talking," not arguing, when she "keeled over." Brooke and Donna hurried to the hospital. Outside the emergency room, a cardiologist explained that Katie had suffered a heart attack. The cardiologist warned that it was very dangerous to a transplant patient. She said that Katie's heart had been compromised. She advised that the next few hours and few days were critical to Katie's recovery.

Bill asked to see his wife and the cardiologist hesitated, but Bill pressured her to allow him to see Katie for a few moments. Brooke and Donna wanted to accompany him, but Bill refused. He wanted to see Katie alone. In her hospital room, Katie awakened when Bill touched her cheek. He promised that they would make her well. He said that the best people available were taking care of her. He vowed to stay by her side every step of the way until she had fully recovered.

Bill reminded Katie that she was a fighter, and she had to fight to recover. Katie tearfully asked Bill if she had lost him to Steffy. Bill pulled his hand away from Katie's face. His eyes darted around the room, and Katie waited for an answer.

At Steffy's new place, Steffy told Liam that she was in love with Bill. Steffy prattled on about how she and Bill were perfect together. She said that she and Bill shared numerous emotional ties.

Steffy said that she understood Bill and how he had felt abandoned and betrayed by Katie when Katie had left him. Liam interrupted and said that Katie had never abandoned Bill. She had wanted him to admit his feelings and deal with his anger issues. She had returned to him.

Steffy argued that Steffy and Bill were on common ground. Both had been abandoned by their fathers. Steffy reiterated that she and Bill understood each other and loved each other. Liam acknowledged that Bill loved Steffy, and Steffy happily asked what Bill had said about her. Liam teased that it had been a private conversation. Liam worried about Steffy. He wondered if Bill would actually leave Katie as quickly as Steffy had anticipated. Steffy promised that by the end of the day, she and Bill would be together and planning a future.

Liam reminded Steffy that Bill very clearly loved Katie. Liam warned Steffy that it would not be easy for Bill to leave Katie, who would be devastated because she thought her marriage was solid.

Liam suggested that Bill and Steffy had acted too quickly in assuming that they had a relationship. Steffy argued that she could make Bill happy, and Katie would not be able to do that. Steffy told Liam that Bill had "been there" for her every time she needed him. She reminded him of the search for Brooke and Thomas and more recently when her father had left Taylor at the altar. Liam warned that Steffy might have been reading too much into her feelings of gratitude.

Steffy argued and Liam finally concurred that Steffy and his father had plenty in common and cared for one another. Steffy teased that she would become Liam's stepmother. Liam and Steffy laughed. Liam warned that Steffy might be hurt if things didn't work out.

Liam suggested that if Bill left Katie, the Logans would be after Steffy, but Steffy responded that she didn't care. She had dealt with the Logans before, and she could do it again. She knew that, in the end, she and Bill would end up together and everyone would get over it.

Steffy quizzed Liam about Hope. Steffy had been amused to learn that Hope was still a virgin. Liam admitted that Hope wanted to wait, and he loved her enough to wait until she was ready for sex. Steffy scoffed, but she added that Liam must really love Hope. Liam added that Steffy and Hope were a lot alike with beauty, brains, and sweetness in common. Steffy balked, but she agreed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
by Pam

At the hospital, Katie frantically asked Bill if he was going to leave her for Steffy. Katie desperately begged Bill to answer. She panicked and moaned in pain as alarms went off on her monitors. The hospital desk personnel hurried in to see what had happened. Katie was clearly in pain and calling out to Bill. The doctor asked Bill to step out because he had upset his wife. Bill wanted to stay, but both the attendant and doctor shouted at him to get out.

Outside the room, Brooke and Donna worried about what had happened to Katie. When Bill exited Katie's room, Brook and Donna grilled him about Katie's condition. Confused and conflicted, Bill finally caved in and told them that Katie had collapsed in his office because he had told her that he was in love with someone else.

Brooke and Donna angrily confronted Bill. Brooke said that all Katie had ever done was worry about Bill's happiness, his business, and his well-being. Bill looked guilty and admitted that he was in love with Steffy. Brooke and Donna read him the riot act. Donna called Steffy a "little slut," and Brooke tried to reason with Bill.

Brooke and Donna angrily told Bill that he had caused Katie's heart attack. Bill stepped away from his sisters-in-law. Donna told Brooke that she wanted to strangle Bill. Brooke said that they needed to try to reason with Bill.

At Steffy's new place, Steffy had finished sunning herself on the deck upstairs. A delivery person dropped off champagne, and Steffy thanked him. Oliver showed up to connect Internet service for Steffy, and Oliver wondered if the loft had belonged to Owen and Jackie. Steffy said that it had, but she had purchased it for herself and Bill Spencer.

Oliver listened intently as Steffy prattled on about how she had chased Bill for a long time, but Bill had recently sought her out right after her father had left Taylor at the altar. Steffy had been impressed that Bill loved her enough to care about what had happened to her after her father cancelled the wedding to Taylor.

Oliver seemed unsure that Steffy was going to get the happy ending she anticipated, but Steffy argued that she and Bill belonged together and they loved each other. Oliver wondered how Bill was going to tell Katie that he planned to leave her. Steffy said that she knew it was all about to happen. She expected Bill would be moving to the loft soon.

Steffy's phone rang, and Bill quickly shared the news that he was at the hospital because Katie had suffered a heart attack. Bill told Steffy that he would call her later.

After Steffy had hung up, Steffy shared the news with Oliver, who wondered how Bill could leave his sick wife. Steffy seemed unmoved. "I hope she survives," Steffy said.

Oliver reminded Steffy that Bill loved Katie, and her heart attack could be a game changer. Steffy disagreed. She said that she wished that she could join Bill at the hospital. Oliver was somewhat surprised that Steffy didn't understand that Katie's heart attack could delay any plans Steffy had with Bill. Steffy confidently stated that she and Bill would be together soon.

At the hospital, Brooke talked to Bill. She reminded him that Steffy was appealing, young, and aggressive. Brooke added that Katie had been loyal and loving, and had given Bill the family he had never had. Brooke reminded Bill that he was part of the Logan family, and he needed to listen to her because he was destroying his family. Brooke gave Bill a pep talk and urged him to do the right thing for Katie's sake. Bill seemed even more confused.

The doctor updated the family on Katie's condition and said it was possible that Katie had suffered another heart attack on top of the first one. It was also possible that she'd had a stroke. The doctor wondered what Bill had said to upset her so much.

Bill said that he had to talk to Katie, but the doctor refused to allow him to upset her again. Bill insisted that Katie needed to hear what he had to say, but the doctor said that Katie might not be able to hear him. Brooke and Donna encouraged Bill to do the right thing.

Brooke asked if Katie was in a coma, but the doctor said that they had to wait to see what had happened and how much damage had been done. Bill entered Katie's room and sat at her bedside. He begged Katie to return to him. He flashed back to when he had asked Katie to marry him. He remembered their wedding and their honeymoon.

Bill caressed Katie's cheek and emotionally petitioned Katie to stay with him because he loved her. He said that she had taught him all about love, and he couldn't imagine his life without her. Katie miraculously awakened and caressed Bill's hair. Bill promised Katie that he would not leave her.

Brooke, Donna, and the doctor hurried into the room and discussed the miraculous change of events. The doctor said that she had no medical explanation for Katie's recovery. Brooke, Donna, and Bill teased Katie to never scare them again. Katie said that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bill. Katie tearfully recognized that her sisters knew the truth about Bill and Steffy. Donna and Brooke acknowledged that they knew what had happened. They told her that Bill had promised to stay with Katie.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the hospital, Bill vowed to be there for Katie. The doctor entered to say that the EKG showed improvement, and though she awaited more tests, the doctor was hopeful. Bill kissed Katie and said he loved her. He told her that he'd be back, and he went into the corridor, where Brooke and Donna questioned his commitment to Katie. Bill claimed that only Katie's recovery mattered. He said he was stepping out for a moment, and Donna guessed it was to see Steffy.

Later, Hope and Liam arrived, anxious to know about Katie's status. Donna claimed Katie's episode had been caused by stress, but when Hope questioned it, Donna blurted out that Katie had collapsed because Bill had been about to leave her for Steffy. Brooke grimaced and added that Katie had nothing to fear from Steffy, whose hold on Bill had ended that day.

Brooke and Donna went into Katie's room, but Hope remained in the hallway, reeling from Bill's betrayal. Liam comforted her and urged her to visit her aunt. She sucked in her tears before she and Liam entered Katie's room. Katie guessed that Hope knew everything and asked Liam if his father were in the corridor. Brooke answered that Bill had followed the doctor's orders by letting Katie rest, and Katie's visitors would do the same.

The doctor returned to let everyone know that there hadn't been damage to Katie's heart, and Katie should make a full recovery. The doctor left, and Katie's family huddled around her bed. Liam left the room. Brooke said she needed to call Stephen, but instead, she followed Liam into the corridor to note that he hadn't been shocked about Bill and Steffy.

Liam stammered that Bill had revealed it. Brooke assumed it was a conquest for Steffy, but Liam held the opinion that Steffy was in love and planning a future with Bill. Brooke declared that Bill's future was with Katie, and Steffy's misconceptions needed to be clear up right away.

Later, Liam saw Brooke checking on the sleeping Katie. Brooke whispered that Liam needed to find Steffy and convince her to give up her fantasy about Bill. Liam guessed Steffy was at Jackie's old place, which Steffy had bought for herself and Bill. Katie's eyes opened, and she eavesdropped as Liam continued to tell the stunned Brooke that Steffy would be crushed to learn she no longer had a future with Bill. Though Brooke had no sympathy for Steffy, she felt someone needed to warn Steffy that once Katie recovered, she'd be out for blood.

Alone later, Katie stewed over what Brooke and Liam had said in the room. Recalling that Liam had said Steffy was at Jackie's old house, Katie sat up in the bed and stealthily removed her tubes and monitors.

At home, Steffy primped in the mirror and gazed at her sword necklace. When Bill arrived, she threw her arms around him and offered her empathy for the difficult task he'd just performed. He grumbled that his wife was in the hospital because of him. "Wife?" she asked and then demanded to know if he'd told Katie the truth.

Bill explained that the truth had caused Katie's episode. Steffy cited that he still wore his wedding ring, and he said Katie had collapsed before hearing everything. Steffy almost complained again, but after a stern look from Bill, she sighed and expressed sympathy for Katie and the Logans. Bill revealed that the Logan women knew why the collapse had occurred, and he blamed himself for landing their sister in the hospital.

Steffy figured that the Logans would be out for revenge, but Bill said they wouldn't. She replied that Bill didn't have to protect her. He stated that the Logans were concentrating on Katie, but Steffy reasoned that they'd go after her once Katie had healed. "They won't," Bill asserted. A confused Steffy wondered if he were saying that the Logans didn't blame her, but Bill said all he could focus on was helping Katie, who needed him. Steffy claimed she needed him, too, but Bill replied that it wasn't about him and her.

Steffy disagreed, but Bill insisted that they'd been about to lose Katie. He was worried that they still might. Steffy reminded him that he'd said he was starting a life with her, but Bill apologetically said it wouldn't happen like they'd planned. Steffy claimed it had already happened, but Bill declared that his betrayal had broken Katie's heart. Steffy exclaimed that Katie was healing; however, Bill said it was because he'd promised to stand by Katie. Steffy questioned why he'd do that. "Because I'm her husband," he responded.

Bill claimed that he didn't know how bad Katie's health was, or how long she had to live; however, he did know was that she'd made him into a better man -- the kind of man who wouldn't walk away from his responsibilities. Steffy screamed that he wasn't responsible, and the attack could have been inevitable. Steffy quipped that he wasn't doing Katie any favors by pretending. Bill replied that he wasn't pretending, because he loved Katie.

Steffy whimpered that he loved her, too. Unable to handle it, Bill tried to leave; however, Steffy pulled him back and cried that he didn't have to feel guilty. Clinging to him, she implored him to go forward, because things were already out in the open. Grabbing her wrists and shaking her, Bill bellowed, "Enough!" He stated that Katie had survived a heart attack, and every day that Katie lived was a miracle. Steffy declared she'd waited long enough. Vowing that he wouldn't leave Katie, he said he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did.

Friday, August 5, 2011

In Ridge's office, Taylor and Ridge discussed Taylor discovering their daughter with Bill. Brooke entered, and Taylor admitted that she'd known about Bill and Steffy for a while, but Taylor insisted that she hadn't thought anything would develop because Bill was married. Brooke insinuated that Steffy had bought Jackie's place to be with Bill, and a shocked Ridge asked why he was just then hearing about all of it.

Brooke flippantly asked if Taylor were happy that Bill had kept his promise and landed Katie in the hospital. Taylor said she'd tried to help Katie by telling her what was happening behind her back. Taylor added that Bill had convinced Steffy that he was leaving Katie, but Brooke replied that even Bill wasn't cold enough to do that.

When Brooke announced that Bill had recommitted himself to Katie, Taylor figured that it would devastate Steffy. Ridge agreed, but Brooke wondered if that wasn't exactly what Steffy deserved. In unison, Ridge and Taylor flashed offended glares at Brooke, who wondered why Steffy's broken heart should take precedence over Katie's failing heart.

Taylor asserted that she and Ridge had to live up to their responsibilities as parents, but Brooke guessed that meant shielding Steffy from the consequences of what she'd done. Though Taylor didn't condone Steffy's actions, Taylor understood that Steffy was fragile after losing a family member. Brooke refused to let it be about Ridge abandoning Steffy, because he hadn't. Brooke declared that it was always about Steffy and what Steffy wanted. "As parents, it's your job to tell her no! Is it not?" Brooke asked.

Ridge suggested that they talk to Steffy before jumping to conclusions. Taylor said she's already done it, but Steffy was set in her feelings. Ridge hated the thought of Bill's hands on his daughter, but he also hated the thought of seeing Steffy brokenhearted over Bill dumping her.

At Steffy's house, Bill didn't have answers for Steffy, but promised that they'd work it out one way or another. She persisted in complaining about his vagueness, but then apologized for her selfishness. Bill claimed he wasn't like the others who'd let her down. He stated that he'd meant what he'd said about being together, but they were in an extraordinary situation.

Steffy pouted because Bill couldn't say when he'd see her again. He tried to go, but she pulled him back. He said not to make it harder than it was, and Steffy apologized. She said she loved him for what he wanted to do for Katie, and she could wait to start their life together.

At the hospital, the sickly Katie found her phone and called a cab. She slipped onto the elevator after Hope and Liam left the waiting area. Hope and Liam returned to Katie's room, where the doctor was trying to figure out where Kate could be. Bill entered, and upon seeing the empty bed, he frantically asked where Katie was. Liam said he might know the answer.

Later, Katie let herself into Steffy's loft through the unlocked front door. Steffy hurried over to the winded Katie and said she shouldn't be there in that condition. Katie replied that someone had to deliver the news that Bill would never be with Steffy, or set foot in that house again. Steffy refused to discuss it, and Katie quipped that it was probably harder when Steffy had to look at Katie. "Life is tough on cowards," Katie seethed.

Steffy claimed she'd never thought about Katie one way or the other. Steffy was sorry that things had happened the way they had. Katie insisted that Bill was done with Steffy. As Katie spotted a hospital visitor's tag on a table, Steffy said it wasn't the impression she'd gotten.

Katie figured Bill had been there to say he'd never return. "Until you're recovered," Steffy added. Katie said Steffy was a beautiful girl, but she was doomed by her selfishness, her coldness, and her lack of imagination. Katie figured that, in Steffy's mind, if a powerful man like Bill had taken an interest in Steffy, then she'd be as extraordinary as everyone had always told her that she was "supposed" to be.

Katie said Steffy hadn't thought about what it was like to be Katie, who was just an object in Steffy's way. Steffy claimed that she couldn't imagine going through the shooting ordeal with her own brother. Steffy asserted that the Logan women were addicted to drama, and Bill didn't need an emotionally fragile woman who thought anger was a medical emergency.

Katie said she'd made mistakes; however, Steffy didn't get to lord them over her, or deem her unworthy. Not wanting to give Katie another heart attack, Steffy said that she knew Bill would be with Katie, and she knew everything he'd promised Katie. Steffy conveyed that she was fine with it, because she could wait.

Later, Katie returned to her hospital room, where Bill was yelling at Liam to reveal where he thought Katie had gone. Katie ordered everyone out of her room, but Bill, who commenced to lecturing her about strolling out of the hospital in her tenuous condition. Katie figured it would suit his purposes. She tossed the visitor's pass at him and guessed he knew where she'd found it. He said she shouldn't have left the hospital. "You shouldn't have been with Steffy," she retorted.

Katie accused Bill of lying to her, but he swore that he hadn't. Upon more thought, Katie agreed. She said she knew what'd he'd said about being there until she got better, but she'd thought he'd been recommitting to her. She asserted that he'd made promises to Steffy, too, and Steffy was sitting around in her apartment, waiting for the day that Bill would tell Katie "goodbye and good luck." Katie demanded to know which woman he'd been lying to.

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