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Monday, August 22, 2011

On the catwalk during the show finale, Liam knelt before Hope and proposed marriage. She stammered, tugged his hand, and led him out of the showroom. The room filled with light and whispers, and everyone wondered why Hope hadn't accepted the proposal. Ridge asked the shocked Steffy if she'd known about the proposal. She said she'd thought Liam would end it with Hope. Ridge suggested that Steffy leave, but Steffy opted to stay because it wasn't finished.

Steffy went backstage, where Oliver was in a gloomy mood. Steffy advised him not to give up on Hope, because Steffy and Liam's ordeal had changed everything. Oliver believed the couple would get engaged, but Steffy replied that she didn't think Hope was ready.

Steffy walked off, and Thomas advised Oliver to give up on Hope. Oliver noted that Steffy had hope for herself and Liam. Wondering when Steffy would learn, Thomas advised Oliver to get over Hope, or be brokenhearted like Steffy.

Marcus spoke to the press, most of whom assumed the proposal had been a gimmick. Marcus teased the reporters a little, but assured them that the proposal had been a surprise. He said to stay tuned, because anything could happen at a Forrester showing.

After the press left, Dayzee told Marcus that he'd been sexy at his press conference, and she wouldn't be surprised if Eric promoted him. Marcus replied that he'd like Dayzee to promote him to boyfriend. With a kiss, Dayzee said that he could consider himself promoted.

On the executive level, Steffy looked for Liam. Pam said he was with his fiance. "We'll see," Steffy replied, marching off. Further down the hall, some models told Steffy that Liam and Hope had gone to the rooftop, and Steffy headed that way.

In Ridge's office, Ridge told Taylor, Brooke, and Stephanie that the Internet was buzzing with positive press, but Forrester wouldn't make a statement without an answer from Hope. Brooke thought they'd receive good news from Hope, but Taylor countered that Liam and Steffy had feelings for each other. Brooke scoffed, saying Liam had just publicly proposed to Hope. Taylor figured that Liam was just overcompensating with Hope due to his feelings for Steffy.

Brooke sighed and suggested that everyone be positive. Taylor thought that was easy for Brooke to say because Brooke's daughter hadn't been hurt. Brooke noted that Steffy had been hurt of her own accord, because she'd allowed herself to develop feelings for Liam. Stephanie thought the point would be moot if Hope wasn't ready to get married.

Eric arrived and suggested downplaying the proposal until they heard from Hope. Brooke was confident that an engagement was on the horizon, but Taylor insisted Steffy's feelings for Liam were sincere. Brooke stated that there would be a wedding, and Steffy would just have to accept it. Taylor said Hope had walked off the stage, and Brooke's assumptions were premature.

On the rooftop, Liam asked Hope what had just happened. She said she needed a minute to catch her breath. Liam was worried that his proposal had been goofy and overbearing, but Hope said it had been crazy, charming, and romantic, just like he was. He figured that it might not have been how she'd envisioned it, and a speechless Hope hugged him.

Convinced that he'd embarrassed Hope, Liam wondered how he could repair the damage. A flustered Hope gushed that it had been her big moment, and there he'd been, holding up signs. She said it was the moment that she'd always dreamt of, and it had happened in front of her whole family and the media. She said millions of people were still watching it on the Internet. She gasped to think of the moment and all the cameras, and she admitted that she'd panicked. "But Liam, that was a moment that I will never, ever, forget," Hope told him.

Hope said that Liam was amazing, and Liam seemed relieved. Hope told him that she'd needed to be alone with him to savor the moment. She announced that they'd made it, and she hugged him again. In her mind flashed a montage of special moments between them. Hope grinned, and the couple kissed and laughed.

Hope asked Liam to say the words once again. Liam pulled out the ring, bent down on one knee, and said he'd always love her. Unbeknownst to them, Steffy entered the area. Liam asked Hope to be his wife, and she giddily said, "Yes!" He slipped the ring onto Hope's finger, and the couple clung to each other. "We're engaged!" Liam announced, and Steffy returned inside.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

by Pam

At Brooke's place, Hope entered, and Brooke told Hope that she had been worried about her because no one had heard from Hope after Liam proposed on the runway. Hope apologized. Hope told her mom that she had been overwhelmed and didn't know what to do in front of all the people at the fashion show. Hope explained that she and Liam had ventured up to the rooftop and stared at the stars. She giggled that Liam had proposed again under the stars, and Hoped had accepted. Brooke and Hope hugged and gushed about how romantic it had been, and they both admired Hope's ring. Hope explained that she planned to spend the night at Liam's house because "It's time."

Brooke worried that Hope had not been ready for an intimate relationship, and Brooke asked why Hope had changed her mind about waiting until she was married. Hope said that she and Liam were committed to each other, and it was enough for her. Hope excused herself to pack a bag for the night.

When Hope returned, Brooke asked what Hope had packed, and Brooke quizzed Hope about protection. Hope was embarrassed, and Brooke wondered if Hope had packed some lingerie. Hope said that she had packed her nightshirt, but Brooke insisted that Hope might want something a little more romantic. Brooke went upstairs and grabbed some samples that had been her favorites from the Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke said that they were samples, and she had not worn them. She held up several transparent camisoles, and Hope said that they weren't for her.

Brooke suggested that some negligee might make Hope feel special. Hope tried to hide her disapproval, and said that it wasn't for her. Brooke said that Hope would be beautiful no matter what. Brooke hoped that the night would be everything that Hope had dreamed about.

At Forrester, Liam showed up in Ridge's office, and Ridge wondered why Liam had pulled such a stunt at the fashion show. Liam said that he thought it would be romantic, but he had clearly overwhelmed Hope. Liam said that he and Hope had needed some time alone, and Hope had agreed to marry him. Liam asked for Ridge's blessing. Ridge grilled Liam about his commitment because the entire family knew that Hope had promised to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Liam explained that he and Hope loved one another. They had been through a lot together, and they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives.

Liam acknowledged that the Spencer and Forrester families did not get along, but Liam hoped that Ridge understood that Liam was not the same person as his father, Bill Spencer. Ridge expressed concern that Hope would marry a Spencer, but Ridge added that Liam had saved Steffy's life and truly seemed to love Hope. Ridge added that he was worried about Steffy because she had expressed that she had feelings for Liam. Ridge wanted assurance from Liam that Liam did not have feelings for Steffy. Liam acknowledged that he and Steffy were friends and they had bonded when Liam saved her life.

Liam added that he loved Hope and had always loved Hope -- the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Ridge demanded that Liam treat Hope well, and Liam promised that he would give her all the love and attention she deserved for the rest of their lives. Liam addressed Ridge as Mr. Forester; Ridge gave Liam his blessing and said to call him by his first name, Ridge. Liam laughed and agreed. They shook hands.

At Forrester, Dayzee and Marcus discussed Liam's proposal, and Dayzee said that it had been incredibly romantic. Marcus joked that Liam had topped every other proposal he had ever seen. Marcus and Dayzee joked about proposals and marriages, and they kissed. Marcus called Dayzee a keeper.

Amber showed up with Rosie, and she gushed that Rosie had missed her daddy. Amber chattered on about how Marcus had made Rosie laugh and what a great father he was. Marcus held the baby and cooed to her. He pulled Dayzee in close to nuzzle with Rosie. Dayzee said that Rosie became more beautiful every day.

Amber said that life hadn't been the same since Marcus had moved out. She suggested that he could still return. Marcus reminded Amber that he was thrilled to be a dad, but he was planning a future with Dayzee. He headed off to show Rosie off to his fellow Forrester employees. Amber asked to talk to Dayzee. Amber begged Dayzee to step aside because Amber wanted a second chance with Marcus. Amber knew that she didn't have a chance with Marcus unless Dayzee stepped aside.

Dayzee said that Marcus had been very clear about what he wanted. Amber whined that she didn't want Rosie to grow up without a father like she had. Dayzee reminded Amber that Marcus was never going to be an absentee father, and he had made it clear that he had no intention of living with Amber. Dayzee gently reminded Amber that Amber should be grateful that Marcus had been so generous despite everything that Amber had done. Dayzee warned Amber to stop waiting around for something that was never going to happen. Amber looked bitterly disappointed, and she admitted that she had feelings for Marcus.

Ridge returned home from the office, and Brooke rushed into his arms. She announced that Hope and Liam had become engaged. Ridge pretended that he was shocked, and then said that he knew all about it. Ridge surprised his wife and said that Liam had already visited Ridge and had asked for his blessing. Brooke told Ridge that Hope had gone to spend the night with Liam. Ridge seemed surprised, and he looked concerned as Brooke gushed about how it was a significant step for Hope.

At Liam's, Liam had decorated his house with dozens of candles. He smiled, and Hope entered. They kissed, and Liam said that he wanted the evening to be everything that Hope had ever dreamed of for her first time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Oliver reviewed photos of Hope that he had taken during the fashion show. Steffy entered, and teased that Oliver was a little creepy, and she guessed that he had photos of Hope all over a closet somewhere. Oliver said they weren't in a closet. He asked about Hope and Liam.

Steffy admitted that she had seen Liam place an engagement ring on Hope's finger. Steffy whined that Liam was just another man who had not been interested in her. She explained that she had felt a connection with Liam, and she wondered what had happened. Oliver lamented that he had wasted a lot of time waiting for Hope, and he had finally realized that it was time for him to move on.

At Liam's house, Hope and Liam made out in the living room, and Liam and Hope professed their love for each other. Liam said that he was glad that they had waited to make love. He said that he knew Hope wanted everything to be perfect. Liam guided Hope to the bedroom, but she stopped him.

Hope asked Liam to wait while she changed. She went into the bedroom and recalled Brooke's recommendations of the sexy lingerie. She pulled out her T-shirt and cast it aside. She looked through the box of Brooke's Bedroom items and donned sexy black lingerie, makeup, scented oil, fishnet stockings, and black high heels.

Hope called to Liam to join her in the bedroom. When Liam saw Hope, he was surprised. He smiled, and Hope unbuttoned Liam's shirt while they kissed. Liam carried her to the bed. He noted that the essential oil she had dabbed behind her ears smelled good. They kissed, and Liam told her to relax. Hope stopped him again.

Hope said that something wasn't right. Liam was disappointed. Hope said that the sexy outfit wasn't her, and she wanted her T-shirt instead of the lingerie. Hope lamented that everything she had on was her mother's idea. The lingerie, the oil, the heels -- and she was trying to be someone else. She wanted to be comfortable and feel like herself. She said that she smelled like her mother's bedroom.

Liam suggested that she change or take a shower. He said that he wanted her to be comfortable. Liam said that he understood that Hope felt that her mother had talked her into something that she didn't want to do. Hope chattered that everything was all wrong. She begged Liam to do one thing for her. Liam said that he would do anything, but Hope asked him to wait until they were married and on their honeymoon for lovemaking. Liam looked completely disappointed.

At home, Brooke and Ridge discussed Hope and Liam's relationship. Ridge worried that Hope wasn't really ready for sex. Brooke teased that Ridge was uncomfortable with it. Ridge wondered why Brooke was comfortable with Liam and Hope's relationship. Brooke said that Hope had become an adult and was engaged to be married to a wonderful young man.

Ridge admitted that he thought Liam was a great kid, but he was uncomfortable with Liam's father, Bill Spencer, as a role model. Ridge worried that Liam could treat Hope the same way that Bill had treated Katie. Brooke disagreed. She assured Ridge that Liam was very different from Bill. She added that Bill had been loyal to Katie in the end, and that was what mattered most.

Ridge expressed his concern about Steffy's feelings for Liam. Ridge worried that Liam had admitted that he and Steffy shared a bond. Ridge added that Liam and Hope were too young to understand what they were getting into with marriage.

Brooke changed the subject to Hope's first experience with intimacy, and she added that she had given Hope some wardrobe from the Brooke's Bedroom line. Ridge warned that Hope didn't need a coach, and he added that he didn't want to talk about Hope's love life. Brooke defended her actions. Ridge said that Brooke should have stayed out of Liam and Hope's relationship, but Brooke said that she wanted the evening to be perfect for Hope.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

At Liam's house, Liam figured that he and Hope needed to calm things down for a moment. He tried to figure out what had gone wrong. Hope said he'd asked her what she wanted, and she'd realized that she earnestly wanted to wait until they were married.

Liam asked if it were fear, and not the clothing, that held Hope back. Hope claimed that the clothes were clich, but he replied that sex was supposed to be fun. Hope figured that things would change once the big moment happened; however, marriage was "the container" that would keep them together afterward. Hope wondered if she were being a big tease. Liam said he understood how she felt, and Hope replied that he meant a lot to her.

Hope took a shower and put on Liam's robe. She wondered if she'd ruined their engagement night, but he assured her that she hadn't. She thought about setting a wedding date for a couple months from then, and Liam wondered if she thought a couple ought to know if they were sexually compatible. Hope doubted they'd have any trouble figuring it out, but she said she only had one shot to do it right. She attributed her caution to seeing men go in and out of her mother's life, and she conveyed that she just wanted to be different and special.

Hope pondered how she'd been affected by seeing men go in and out of Brooke's life. Hope wanted to build something with Liam that would last forever, and she asked why they'd rush if they had their whole lives ahead of them. Liam disagreed that things had been rushed. On the contrary, it had felt right to him. "Look, Liam, if you really want this..." she started to say.

Liam insisted that he didn't want her to do it just for him, and he was okay with waiting if she needed that. Hope said it was about the "Hope for the Future" campaign, too. Though Liam admired her principles, he'd been hoping their engagement would put her at ease. She asked him to hang in there, and in a dopey voice, he agreed to do it. They kissed and hugged.

At Brooke's house, Steffy arrived to see Hope. Brooke said that Hope and Liam were together, celebrating. Steffy wanted to congratulate them and figured that it wouldn't be hard to track them down. Noting that Steffy was smart and sexy enough to find her own man, Brooke warned her not to make the same mistake twice. Steffy replied that she'd arrived to give an engagement gift, not seek guidance counseling.

Steffy showed Brooke a framed photo of Hope and Liam on the catwalk during the proposal. Brooke gasped, believing that the couple would love it. Steffy claimed she didn't hate Hope, and she and Hope would be friends, if there weren't such bad blood between their mothers.

Brooke offered to add a gift card to the present, and as she and Steffy rewrapped it, Steffy reasoned that the best part of her rescue was that Bill couldn't have the satisfaction of assuming she'd taken her life because she couldn't live without him. Steffy regretted going after Bill because he'd betrayed her, which was something she felt Liam would never do. Brooke said Liam and Bill shared the fact that they were both unavailable. Steffy wasn't sure the young and inexperienced Hope was ready for marriage. Brooke said it wasn't about experience, but making wise choices. Brooke felt that Hope would be happy experiencing life with Liam.

Brooke offered to give Hope the gift, because she didn't expect Hope home that evening. Amazed, Steffy said she'd thought Hope was freaked out about sex. Brooke claimed Hope had a healthy outlook on sex, and Steffy figured Liam was about to be rewarded for the engagement.

Steffy apologized for sounding crass, and Brooke noted that Steffy hardly knew Liam. Steffy recalled that she'd met Liam first, and she sighed to think that she'd looked right through him. Brooke hinted that Steffy's feelings had more to do with Bill than Liam. Steffy said she'd thought she'd wanted a self-assured man, but really, she wanted a man she could be sure of. Realizing that she shouldn't be discussing it with Brooke, Steffy left.

Later, Hope arrived home, saw the framed photo, and became curious about how Steffy had known of the engagement. Brooke, however, was curious about how things had gone at Liam's house. Hope said she'd decided that she'd wanted to wait. "For...?" Brooke asked.

At the Bikini Club, Oliver and Steffy met for beers, and she teased him, saying that he could have had her once. Oliver reminded her that she'd been just trying to stick it to Hope and had forgotten all about him. Steffy tried to pretend that wasn't true, but Oliver let her off the hook by saying that the people they were interested in weren't available. Oliver spotted Liam at the bar and groaned. Steffy marched right over to Liam and said he shouldn't be there.

Steffy figured Hope must have tossed Liam out of bed. Liam looked confused, and Steffy explained that it was his engagement night, and she knew he and Hope had planned to be together. He said it wasn't her business, but Steffy assumed he was sulking because his grand gesture had bombed. Liam claimed everything was fine; Hope just wanted to wait. "For what?" Steffy wondered. Liam sighed and murmured, "The wedding night."

Friday, August 26, 2011

At the office, Ridge ended an international call as Taylor entered, looking miserable. She said she was happy for Hope, but wished Hope's joy wasn't at Steffy's expense. Taylor didn't intend to sound cynical; however, she was worried about how losing another man to a Logan woman would affect Steffy. Taylor couldn't reach Steffy and was worried about her being alone. Ridge called Brooke, who said Steffy had been at Brooke's house looking for Hope. Brooke added that Hope and Liam hadn't consummated their relationship.

Once Ridge was off the phone, he explained to Taylor that Steffy had gone looking for Hope, but Hope had been with Liam for a special night. Taylor wondered what had happened. Ridge said he knew what hadn't happened, but it wasn't anyone's business but Hope and Liam's.

Though Taylor agreed, she wondered if Hope's conflict was about compatibility, not morals. Ridge asked if Taylor just wished it were that way. Taylor believed that Steffy had developed healthy feelings for Liam, and if he weren't meant for Hope, then he might be meant for their daughter.

At Brooke's house, Brooke wondered what had changed Hope's mind about giving herself to Liam. Hope tried to head up to bed, but Brooke continued to question her daughter about her bad night. Hope exclaimed that it had been a wonderful night. Still perplexed, Brooke asked if Liam had liked the lingerie and "Brooke No. 5" perfume. Hope said Liam had liked it, but Hope hadn't felt like herself. She asserted that she'd felt like Brooke, but she and Brooke would never have the same views about men.

Brooke knew she hadn't been the best role model. Hope stated that she just wanted to make different choices. Brooke expressed pride in Hope and figured Liam was proud, too. Hope revealed that Liam wasn't thrilled about waiting, but he understood her. She believed he'd wait.

At the bar, Oliver watched Steffy yank Liam outside. Oliver meandered to the bar, and a model whispered to Madison that Oliver would be asking "Hope who?" by the end of the night. The model slipped up to Oliver, kissed him, and invited him to dance with her. Oliver was preoccupied with watching Steffy and Liam in the cabana, and Madison and the model wondered why Liam wasn't with Hope that night.

In the secluded veiled cabana with Liam, Steffy expressed her feelings about Hope reneging on the decision to be with Liam that night. Liam stated that it was a private matter, and waiting for the honeymoon wasn't the end of the world. "It just feels like that, huh?" Steffy asked, placing a consoling hand on his shoulder.

Liam claimed that it wasn't a big deal, and he'd arrived there after taking a walk on the beach to clear his head. Steffy asserted that Hope had been messing with his head all evening; however, fate had intervened, drawing him and Steffy together as it had when he'd saved her. Liam rebutted that she hadn't even known what had happened with Hope. Steffy was sure Hope's issues had freaked Hope out. Revealing that she knew about the supposedly special night, Steffy assumed Hope had paraded around in her lingerie and then cruelly snatched herself away.

Liam touted Hope's morals, but Steffy said Hope was trying to control him. She predicted that Hope would be the same way about sex after marriage. Steffy figured that Liam already knew that. He insisted that Hope wasn't playing games, but Steffy asked what Hope's hesitance was doing to him. Liam said Hope was making the best choices for herself, but Steffy said sex was a celebration. Steffy claimed that she'd planned to respect his decision to get married; however, seeing his suffering had caused her to reach out to him.

Steffy theorized that Hope would prolong the engagement, which would stall the wedding night. Steffy implored Liam not to drag himself into a marriage that wouldn't fit his needs. Steffy told him that he knew things weren't right for him. She took his hand and said she was falling for him. Because he'd saved her life, she wanted to save his. Steffy pulled him close and swayed with him to a slow song that was playing. She whispered for him to leave Hope. As they danced, Hope called his phone, but got no response.

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