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Monday, August 29, 2011

At Brooke's house, Ridge asked why Brooke was so concerned about Hope and Liam. Brooke was worried that Hope was trying to make a statement that she wasn't "that kind of Logan." Ridge mentioned that Taylor had concerns about the engagement's effect on Steffy. Brooke said Steffy had arrived with a gift for Hope and Liam earlier, and Brooke assumed Steffy had given up after learning that Hope and Liam were together that night.

Ridge insinuated that Taylor had aspirations for Steffy and Liam, but Brooke hoped Ridge had set Taylor straight. Brooke was sympathetic to Ridge, because he had two daughters involved. Brooke said that Liam was Steffy's hero, but that didn't mean he had to be her boyfriend. Brooke assured Ridge that Steffy was starting to accept that.

Brooke stated that no one would have expected her to have a traditional daughter, because she'd been traditional only in the sense that she'd loved one man all her life. Ridge remarked that they'd been married several times and had taken several honeymoons, each filled with fresh wedding night jitters. She wished that Hope would have lasting love in her marriage.

In her room, Hope called Liam, but he didn't answer his phone. She tried Bill's house, but still didn't reach him. She called Oliver to see if he'd seen Liam. Oliver, who was still at the Bikini Bar, said Liam was there with Steffy. Upset, Hope announced that she'd be there soon.

After the call, Madison and Ashleigh, the model, gossiped to Oliver about Hope, Liam, and Steffy. Madison said there was a rumor that Steffy liked the Spencer men, and Madison and Ashleigh weren't sure whether to congratulate Liam on his engagement. Oliver was puzzled about the engagement, too, because it wasn't the vibe he was picking up that night.

In the cabana, Steffy told Liam that he didn't have to go through with the wedding to a girl, because he needed a woman. She said the Logans used sex to control their men. Liam continued to respect Hope's decision, but Steffy likened it to Brooke dangling everything Taylor ever wanted in front of Taylor's face and then snatching it away. Steffy guessed he'd never thought he'd wind up at the bar that night, yet she bet he was glad that he had.

Steffy blamed Hope's problems on Brooke, who'd been the ultimate sex object. Liam wanted to help Hope work out the issues, and he said neither Hope nor Steffy needed to define herself by the past. Liam admitted that if he weren't engaged, he might be interested in Steffy. However, he loved his fiancée, and Steffy had to support that if she wanted to be Liam's friend.

Steffy scoffed at the word "friend." Liam asked her if she were really "that girl" who always lost and who always fell for unavailable men. Liam said Hope had problems with her mother, but so did the rest of the world. Liam asked Steffy to see that Hope was a part of Steffy's family, and no matter what had happened that night, Hope was the best part of his life.

Unbeknownst to them, Hope saw Liam and Steffy in the cabana. As she marched over, Liam left the cabana. Hope strode in, and a surprised Steffy asked what Hope was doing there. Steffy said it had been obvious what had not happened between Liam and Hope that night. Hope guessed that Steffy viewed her as a tease. Steffy reasoned that Hope just wasn't mature enough to handle her issues, or to give her man what he needed.

Steffy said she'd advised Liam to break off the engagement, because Hope's issues wouldn't disappear on the wedding night. Liam eavesdropped from the entrance as Hope expressed her seriousness about her convictions, and she claimed the honeymoon night would be filled with fireworks. Steffy hoped so, since Liam was serious about Hope. Steffy claimed she'd respect the engagement to avoid going down the same road Taylor had with Ridge and Brooke.

A speechless Hope decided she should go find Liam. When she left, Liam slipped back into the cabana to thank Steffy for what she'd said. Steffy, who'd gotten Liam's message earlier, stated that she was done wasting her life on things she couldn't have. Steffy didn't want to cause Liam trouble or to hurt Hope, and backing off was the least she could do for the man who'd saved her life. Steffy bade Liam goodbye, but after he left the cabana, he paused in reflection.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
by Pam

At Forrester, Eric, Thomas, Marcus, and Thorne congratulated Hope on her engagement. Ridge announced, "There's our girl." Eric interrupted and said that Hope was not a girl. She was an engaged woman. Eric kissed her. Marcus said that he wanted to admire the bling. Thorne agreed that Hope was a beautiful woman. Thorne admired her beautiful ring and everyone commented on its beauty.

Eric said that he wouldn't expect anything less from a Spencer. Ridge added that he thought Hope had found the good Spencer. Hope teased that Ridge shouldn't be insulting her future father-in-law. Everyone discussed that Hope's engagement and the fashion show for Hope for the Future had garnered a lot of media and Internet attention. Thorne suggested that Hope had earned some time off to plan her wedding.

Hope asked Eric if she could get married at his home because it was something that she had always wanted ever since she had been a little girl. She added that Liam would want to marry soon. Eric was elated.

Ridge called Hope's attention to models, who entered wearing dresses for the new line. A few of the gowns had very low-cut necklines and Hope asked that the necklines be altered so that they weren't so revealing.

Ridge later announced that Hope would be taking a press trip to Paris. Hope was excited, but said that she had just become engaged. Ridge noted that it was important for her to visit Paris immediately in order to capitalize on the attention they already had for the new line. Ridge said that she would be leaving as soon as the Forrester pilots could get a flight plan in place.

The group also discussed Steffy's new collection, which Steffy had chosen to call Intimates. Ridge said that Steffy was not attending the meeting, but Oliver had prepared everything and would handle the promotion that would flood print, cable, and the web.

The team looked at a commercial in which Steffy modeled lingerie to the musical accompaniment of a song called "Stop Being a Good Girl." Hope left, and Oliver, Marcus, and Thorne talked about how different Hope and Steffy's campaigns had been. Eric noted that it moved the company into a much younger demographic.

In Steffy's office, Steffy told Taylor that she had skipped the morning meeting because the entire family would be celebrating Hope's engagement. Taylor felt sorry for her daughter, but Steffy announced that she felt sorry for Liam. Steffy told Taylor that Hope had left Liam at his home and returned to her parents after their engagement. Steffy announced that Liam had been hoping for a night of intimacy with Hope, and he had been denied. Taylor disagreed that Hope's reticence to have sex was a bad thing.

Taylor worried that Steffy was repeating a pattern of pursuing unavailable men. Steffy claimed she was worried about Liam. Taylor and Steffy argued over the benefits of waiting until marriage for intimacy, and Steffy felt that Hope was using it as a control device. Taylor disagreed and worried that Hope's love life had become too important to Steffy.

Steffy prattled on that Hope had rejected the man who loved her. Taylor reminded Steffy that it was very honorable for two people to wait until marriage if they both agreed to it.

At Liam's, Bill used his key to let himself in along with Katie, Donna, and Justin. Bill wanted to be the first to congratulate Liam on his engagement. Bill said that he had been inundated with reporters, who had talked about Liam and Hope's engagement, and didn't want to interrupt Hope and Liam's celebration the previous night. Bill teased that he had wanted the story for Eye on Fashion.

Bill told Liam how proud he was of Liam for such a romantic proposal. Bill suggested that he wanted a photo shoot and a celebration, but Liam said that Hope was at Forrester for an important meeting to review the results of the fashion show.

Bill started making calls to set up engagement photo shoots, but Liam balked that he hadn't proposed to create a media frenzy. Bill said that he understood. Bill hugged Liam, but added that he would make it an entire family photo shoot. Liam refused. Donna and Katie reminded Liam that he was marrying an extraordinary woman, and they left.

Alone with Liam, Bill acknowledged that Liam and Hope had been through a lot in the past year. Liam finally spelled it out that the previous night had not been a romantic adventure. He explained that Hope wanted to wait until their wedding night to become intimate.

Bill was incredulous and promised to gas up the Spencer jet for a trip to Vegas. Liam said that it wasn't what Hope wanted. "Sorry, kid, I don't know what to tell you," Bill said.

Liam's phone rang, and it was Hope. Bill teased that maybe she had changed her mind. Hope said that she was on her way over. When she arrived at Liam's, Liam announced that her family was sending her to Paris immediately. Liam was unhappy. Hope explained that her family wanted to capitalize on the great press her new line had received.

Liam agreed that his family also wanted to capitalize on the media with a photo shoot and fashion spread. Hope told Liam that she would quickly plan their wedding and had already asked Eric to hold it at the Forrester estate. She said that she could pull it all together in three months. Liam looked disappointed.

He said that he wanted her to have the wedding of her dreams, and he didn't want her to rush. But he wondered why they were waiting to show their love to one another. Hope said that she thought he had understood her position, and that she felt all the passion and desire that he felt.

Liam said that they were in love and engaged. He wanted to spend all day with her. He begged her not to leave for Paris. Hope said that she had to leave, but Liam disagreed.

Liam reminded Hope that she had a beautiful message of honor in her collection, but she was not her collection. He said that they were in love, and he wanted to make love to her. He didn't understand what there was in waiting. He wanted to show her his love immediately, and they kissed passionately.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
by Pam

At Liam's place, Liam reminded Hope that they had just become engaged. He tried to persuade Hope not to leave for Paris without letting him show her his true feelings for her. Hope asked him to join her in Paris, but Liam said that he didn't want to go on a business trip. He wanted time alone with her. He said that they were not connecting on her idea of waiting until marriage for intimacy.

Liam said that the inability to physically connect was driving him crazy. He added that their reasons for waiting were her reasons and not his reasons. Hope wondered if Liam thought that she was selfish. Liam said that he respected her for her convictions, but he disagreed on waiting because he would like for them to totally connect mentally and physically before they married.

Liam knew how important virginity was to Hope. He didn't want to pressure her, but he didn't like that she was headed to Paris, and they had no idea how long she would be gone. He begged her not to expect him to wait for months. He asked her not to wait at all, and kissed her passionately. "I can't stop wanting you," he said. Hope said that she felt the same. "We'll both be so glad that we waited," she said. She kissed him and left. Liam looked distraught.

At Forrester, Thomas asked Steffy if she wanted to join the group headed to Paris. Steffy warned that a trip to Paris meant becoming a part of Hope's entourage. Steffy noted that Hope was living under a lucky star. Steffy suggested that Thomas back out of the trip, but Thomas reminded Steffy that he was still in the doghouse.

Thomas asked how Steffy felt about Liam's marriage proposal. He noted that Steffy had feelings for Liam. Steffy wagered that Hope and Liam would never make it to the altar. She said that she would put money on it. Thomas warned Steffy to stop chasing unavailable men. Steffy countered that engagements were called off all the time. She added that Hope had unrealistic expectations.

At Brooke's, Brooke, Donna, and Katie gathered. Donna and Katie chatted about Hope's upcoming nuptials, but Brooke didn't seem too excited. They discussed that Hope hadn't spent the night at Liam's house. Brooke said that Hope wanted to save herself for marriage. Katie wondered how Liam felt about Hope's decision to wait. Katie added that they had just left Liam, and he had seemed disappointed and unhappy.

Brooke said that Hope had gone to see Liam before she left on a trip to Paris to promote her line of fashions. Brooke explained that Liam had been very understanding, but Katie disagreed. The sisters all agreed that it was not the best time for Hope to take a trip.

Brooke left to catch Hope before the plane took off. Donna and Katie vowed to keep an eye on Steffy while Hope was in Paris because they didn't trust her to stay away from Liam. Donna left. Katie's heart doctor called and needed to see Katie to review all her lab and test results. The doctor said that she would see Katie at her office.

Hope joined Thomas, Eric, and Thorne on the Forrester jet. Brooke showed up and asked to speak to Eric. She warned that Hope should not be leaving on a trip. Eric disagreed. Hope interrupted and wondered why Brooke was so concerned. Hope worried that Brooke had no faith in Hope's ability to impress the French media, but Brooke said that it had nothing to do with that.

Brooke worried that Hope was leaving Liam alone too soon after they had become engaged. Hope admitted that Liam had been unhappy about her leaving him, but Hope trusted Liam. Hope said that Steffy had promised not to interfere with the engagement.

At home, Liam nearly salivated at photos of Steffy in lingerie in a magazine. He looked at Hope's framed photo on his desk. He went for a swim, and Hope called. She begged him to be patient. After he had hung up, Steffy showed up. They argued about Hope's wishes to remain celibate until their wedding, and Steffy tried to persuade Liam that Hope was trying to control him. Steffy declared that marrying Hope wasn't what Liam wanted. She put her arms around him and held him close.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

On the jet, Thomas apologized to Hope for what he'd done to her mother. Hope forgave him, but said it had almost destroyed her mother's life and had sent Steffy into Bill's arms. Thomas and Hope joined Thorne and Eric in a meeting about the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Hope once again explained the message she wanted to convey about slowing down and savoring youth. Hope asserted that young women should know that being sexy wasn't what womanhood was all about. Thorne asked how Liam felt, and Hope said they were waiting until marriage. Eric was impressed that Hope was standing by her convictions.

At Spencer, Jackie held Bill's proposal in her hand and expressed skepticism about his motives for buying into Jackie M. Nick recalled Bill's desire to crush Forrester Creations, and Bill said that would be the bonus on top of him promoting "the hell" out of Jackie M. After Jackie and Nick left with the proposal, Bill called Justin to say that before they knew it, Bill would own half of Jackie M, and Ridge Forrester wouldn't know what hit him.

Just then, Ridge arrived, and Bill asked if he wanted to go more rounds. Ridge suggested that they get along because their kids were engaged. Bill guessed it wasn't solely about the wedding, and Ridge revealed his idea to collaborate on a media blitz, in which Spencer would promote Forrester's two main lines in all of its media outlets. Bill asked what was in it for him, and Ridge said it was the thing Bill liked most -- money. Additionally, Ridge offered Bill an exclusive on the "Intimates" line. Ridge gave Bill a preview link and left.

At Liam's house, Steffy tried to convince Liam that Hope wasn't acting in his best interest. Steffy didn't blame him for being frustrated while playing by Hope's rules. Liam stated that he wasn't frustrated with Hope, and he respected her wishes. Steffy thought Hope's ideals were sweet, but insisted that, just like Brooke, Hope was using her body to control men.

Steffy decided that she and Liam needed to go out, so he could shed his gloomy mood. Liam turned down her ideas to go walking or swimming at the beach, but was stunned when she mentioned bowling. Steffy joked that she bowled in her heels. Liam appreciated Steffy for caring, but he thought she should leave. She urged him not to feel guilty for being hurt that Hope was withholding something sacred from him, and she offered to wear bowling shoes if he changed his mind about going out. She hugged him and left.

Later, Liam arrived at Spencer, where Bill was watching Steffy's new "Stop Being a Good Girl" video. Liam was highly intrigued, so Bill explained about Ridge's proposal. Bill put Liam in charge of it, because Ridge was worried about Bill being near Steffy. Liam remarked that she wasn't into Bill anymore, and Bill scoffed that Liam still thought Steffy was into him. "Dad, at this point, I know she is," Liam declared.

Bill insisted that Steffy was seeking revenge against Bill. Liam called his father arrogant, but Bill said that was beside the point. Bill reiterated that the scorned Steffy was just targeting Liam, and Liam had better keep his guard up. Bill left, and Hope called Liam from her hotel in Paris. Liam tried to tell Hope that he really just wanted to be with his fiancée, but she assured him that their honeymoon night would be worth the wait. After the call, Liam looked at the lingerie-clad Steffy on the laptop screen. He groaned and shut it off.

In Steffy's office, Brooke and Taylor were both looking for Steffy. Brooke feared that, with Hope out of town, Steffy had gone to see Liam. Taylor asserted that Steffy could go where she pleased, and Brooke should trust Liam. Brooke countered that she didn't trust Steffy, who'd formed a dangerous habit of going after unavailable men.

Steffy arrived, and Brooke asked where she'd been. Steffy replied that it wasn't Brooke's business, but Steffy had been at Liam's house. Brooke pursed her lips and prodded Taylor with a pinch. Steffy declared that something wasn't right about Hope and Liam's relationship, and even Taylor, the psychiatrist, could see that. Taylor thought Hope's choices were admirable, but wondered if they derived from a healthy place. Steffy accused Hope of making Liam feel guilty about something completely natural.

Taylor wasn't sure that Liam was on board with Hope's choice, but couldn't blame the emotionally damaged Hope, who'd seen her mother traipse around with various men. Brooke ordered both women to stay out of it, because Hope and Liam would be fine. "Maybe, maybe not," Steffy quipped. Brooke warned Steffy that the Logans were watching, and going near Liam would be the worst mistake Steffy could make.

Friday, September 2, 2011

In Paris, the press plied Thomas and Thorne for details about Forrester's campaign, but each said Hope would reveal all soon. From the dais, Eric convened the conference, and after Hope discussed sustainable apparel, a reporter asked about the engagement. Flashing her ring, Hope announced her engagement. She said her fiancé backed her concept of waiting for marriage, because sex shouldn't be entered into lightly. She emphasized that her peers didn't have to enter into anything if they weren't ready, and truly loving partners would wait until they were.

After the conference, the room cleared out, but Hope was on a natural high. Eric approached her with garment bag and said the proposal had lit a fire beneath him. From the bag, he pulled out an amazing wedding gown. She gasped, and Eric said that if Ridge wished to design Hope's actual gown, he could take hints from Eric's work. Hope pressed it to her chest in front of a mirror, and awestruck, she proclaimed, "It's really happening. I'm getting married!"

Hope tried on the dress, and Eric grinned at her. The flabbergasted Hope declared that it was the dress she'd get married in. Gazing at herself in the mirror, she gasped again.

In Bill's office, Bill teased Liam for drooling over Steffy's video. Liam claimed he was working, but admitted that Steffy looked hot. Bill decided that they'd run with the ad to give Ridge a bang for his buck and to instill fear in Jackie and Nick. Alone later, Liam found himself playing Steffy's video again, and he picked up his cell phone.

In Steffy's office, Taylor and Steffy scoffed at Brooke's threat to corral the Logan troops, but Brooke asked why Taylor was encouraging Steffy in the wake of the Bill disaster. Brooke said Steffy's mother should be the first person to stop Steffy from continuously putting herself in those kinds of situations, and Brooke again warned Steffy to stay away from Liam.

Steffy reasoned that Brooke had taught Hope to control men through mind games, and Taylor concluded that having sex and withholding sex resulted in the same thing -- control. Brooke declared that she was proud of Hope's principles, but Steffy replied that Liam didn't want to wait. Brooke said it was Hope's body, and whether he liked it or not, he had to wait. Brooke asserted that Liam respected Hope's choice, and "You two had better do the same!"

Brooke stormed out, and Steffy received a call from Liam. He asked why she hadn't told him about her new campaign. He said Forrester had bought advertising space with Spencer, and he'd done a layup for her. Liam told her that it -- and she -- was beautiful. She asked how he was, and he admitted to being bummed without Hope. He really didn't want to discuss it and figured he'd be better once he went home and called Hope.

Liam went home to the cliff house, grabbed a beer, and accessed Steffy's "Stop Being a Good Girl" video once again. He made some calls to put the ad into production, and afterward, he stared at the monitor and recalled the proposal to Hope. As Steffy pranced on the screen, he remembered Hope asking him to wait until the wedding night, and then he thought of Steffy saying that he shouldn't be roped into a marriage that would deny him what he needed. Just then, Steffy slipped into the house and saw her video on the screen. She asked why he'd watch that when he could have the real thing.

After home later, Ridge and Brooke donned robes and had wine in bed. He said the press conference had gone well, according to Thomas. Brooke informed Ridge about the run-in she'd had earlier with Taylor and Steffy. Ridge said that Liam would make his commitment to Hope clear to Steffy. Brooke agreed, but realized that Hope had asked a lot of Liam. Ridge said Liam loved Hope for who she was, and he'd be able to handle it, no matter what Steffy did.

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