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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 5, 2011 on B&B
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Due to the Labor Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This was a planned pre-emption and there will no be "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 6, and pick up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
by Pam

In Paris, Hope thanked Eric for her wedding gown. She loved the design and the fit. She asked Eric if he thought that three months was a long time for Liam to wait for their wedding night. Eric said that he admired Hope's courage and that other teens would also admire her. He inquired if Liam was supportive, and Hope said that Liam understood how important waiting was to her.

At Liam's house, Steffy arrived and said that she was checking up on him. She teased Liam about being inspired by her lingerie campaign. Steffy also delivered dinner, and they shared a few beers while they ate Chinese food.

Steffy added that Hope never should have left for Paris with Liam feeling unappreciated. They argued over Hope's wishes to wait for their wedding night for sex. Liam said that he agreed to Hope's terms.

Steffy warned that it was a power trip for Hope to manipulate Liam. Steffy guessed that Liam didn't share Hope's values. Liam said that his neck hurt. Steffy persuaded Liam that he needed a massage. She removed his shirt and massaged his shoulders.

Steffy noted that Liam had knots in his shoulders. Steffy said that she had given her dad massages. She wondered if she was messed up because her dad had been in and out of her life so much. Hope called and asked Liam what he was doing, and he did not tell her that he was with Steffy. She excitedly told him that she was wearing her wedding dress, designed by her grandfather. Liam hung up.

In her wedding dress, Hope practiced her wedding vows in front of the mirror.

At Liam's, Steffy continued the massage. Liam inquired what Steffy was looking for in a man. Steffy said that when he had saved her from drowning, it had changed her attitude about men. Steffy said she that wanted someone real that she could hang with. Liam said that he wanted the same thing. They argued about whether unconditional love was possible. Liam said that unconditional love was not easy among adults.

Steffy said that she respected Hope's convictions, but she worried about Liam. Steffy guessed that Hope wasn't interested in Liam's feelings about premarital sex. Liam said that he supported Hope and her decision.

Steffy wondered what would happen if Hope didn't like sex once Hope and Liam had married. Liam laughed, and continued to defend his relationship with Hope. Liam advised Steffy that marriage was sacred to Hope, but Steffy argued that Hope's dreams -- her fairy princess dreams -- would make Liam miserable even if he was the handsome prince.

Liam told Steffy that he had never felt the way he felt about Hope. He had never cared about another woman the same way, and three months didn't seem so long to wait. Steffy grabbed Liam and kissed him on the lips.

At Jackie M, Jackie viewed the Forrester campaigns and nervously noted that Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan's campaigns captured a more youthful market for Forrester. Owen persuaded Jackie that Hope and Steffy were just kids marketing to kids. He said that Jackie had a youthful appeal. He praised her and kissed her.

At Spencer, Katie met with her heart doctor, and they discussed Katie's recovery. The doctor explained that she was returning to South Africa that night. Outside, Justin and Bill waited while Katie met with the doctor. Bill told Justin that Katie was getting a clean bill of health from her doctor. When Bill told Justin who the doctor was, Justin seemed surprised and distracted.

Bill had to leave, and he asked Justin to let Katie know that he had another commitment. Justin waited until the doctor was alone after Katie left. He entered, and they discussed that they had known each other in South Africa. The doctor said that she was leaving. Justin suggested that she stay for a few days, but she didn't think it was a good idea. She had heard that he was married. She said goodbye and kissed him on the cheek, but he moved closer for a kiss on the lips.

Donna arrived and thanked the doctor for taking such good care of her sister. Justin told Donna that he knew the doctor because Spencer had an office in South Africa. Donna hugged Justin, and Justin appeared distant.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
by Pam

At Dayzee's, Anthony apologized that he had trouble giving Taylor a psychic reading. Dayzee showed up and said that Anthony was rusty. Anthony asked for a picture of Taylor. He closed his eyes, held the picture, and said that he knew that she had been lonely. He promised that would change. He told her that a man would knock on her front door, and he would be the man for Taylor.

Taylor joked that a lot of men came to her door, including gardeners and mailmen. Anthony suggested that she would know it was about to happen because a storm and a stray cat would be signs that something new would begin.

Stephanie showed up and admitted that she was behind the reading by Anthony. Stephanie said that she had wanted to see Taylor. Stephanie had hoped that they could be friends again. Stephanie noted that Taylor had been cordial at Hope's fashion show. Stephanie saw that as a positive sign. Taylor reminded Stephanie that Taylor would not have made a public scene at the fashion show because that was Stephanie's role. Stephanie asked what she had to do to be friends again.

Taylor refused to allow Stephanie to control and dominate her life. She refused to be friends. Stephanie and Taylor argued. Stephanie tried to persuade Taylor that Stephanie had had Taylor's interests at heart in trying to reunite her with Ridge. Taylor angrily said that she was over Ridge. She never wanted him back in her life.

Taylor asked why Stephanie had an envelope, and Stephanie explained that she had documents that would help them work things out with the shares of stock. Taylor furiously told Stephanie that Thomas was never giving up the shares that Stephanie had gifted to him. She ripped up the papers into tiny pieces.

Stephanie argued that that Thomas didn't need the shares because he would inherit part of his father's shares. Stephanie begged Taylor to agree to the legal withdrawal of shares so that Stephanie could undo the damage she had done.

Taylor angrily refused. She warned that it was the price Stephanie had to pay for her mistake. Stephanie lamented that she had coerced Thomas into lying in order to get Ridge and Taylor together. Stephanie warned that Ridge would never have returned to Taylor and agreed to marry her if Stephanie hadn't encouraged Thomas to lie.

Taylor was furious that Stephanie believed that Ridge had never loved Taylor enough to return to her. Taylor admitted that she had spent too much of her life waiting for Ridge to return to her, and Stephanie had encouraged it. Taylor said those days were over. She didn't need any help from Stephanie ever again. Taylor said that she planned a new life and a new beginning without Stephanie or Ridge.

At Amber's, Justin and Donna visited Rosie. Justin changed Rosie's diaper and enjoyed spending time with his granddaughter. Donna reminded Amber that Justin hadn't gotten to see Marcus because Donna had given him up for adoption. Justin was elated to take care of Marcus' baby.

Amber said that Marcus was a great dad. Amber wondered what Donna and Justin thought about Amber and Marcus raising Rosie together. Justin was supportive, but he added that Marcus was in a relationship with Dayzee. Justin and Donna admitted that they had trouble with Amber's past.

Amber admitted that she had made some terrible mistakes. Donna and Justin reminded Amber that she had almost robbed Marcus of his child because Amber had tried to pass the baby off as someone else's for money. Amber apologized and tried to explain all her past actions. She claimed that Rosie was her salvation. Donna said that she understood.

Donna added that if Justin had forgiven her for all her past mistakes, they could easily forgive Amber. Donna added that Marcus might be happy with Amber, but it had to be Marcus' decision. They promised not to stand in the way of Amber's happiness. Marcus called from Dayzee's, and Amber said that his parents were playing with Rosie. Marcus hung up.

Marcus had promised Dayzee to help with a food drive for the homeless. He kissed her, and Dayzee coolly told him that he couldn't just show up and kiss her. Dayzee asked Marcus if Amber was bonding with his parents. Dayzee and Marcus discussed that Dayzee was no longer involved with Thomas.

Marcus left and arrived at Amber's. Amber wondered what Dayzee had that Amber didn't. Amber apologized for all her lies and said that she didn't want anything to get in the way of a relationship between them. She poured out her heart to Marcus and promised to stop lying. She kissed Marcus, and he kissed her back. Amber said that she wanted a fresh start.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The crew at Jackie M was on edge due to Bill's silence about their deal. Nick guessed that Bill was making them sweat it out. Jackie suggested calling Steffy to see if she knew anything, but Nick ordered Jackie to leave that family alone, because they need time to heal. Nick admitted to being concerned about Taylor, who deserved better than being dumped on her wedding day. Owen concluded that it was a habit of Ridge and Taylor's.

Nick felt that Taylor just needed to find the right man. "She found you," Jackie responded, and Nick mirthlessly chuckled. Owen added that she'd found Whip and Rick, too, but Jackie said all but one had been substitutes. Nick rolled his eyes and hoped Taylor had learned that it just wouldn't happen with the dressmaker. Jackie urged Nick to visit Taylor and then left with Owen for the night. With a drink in hand, Nick pondered something and then took off.

At the coffeehouse, Stephanie was bummed about Taylor, but Dayzee was sure that things would work out for the old friends. Upon doing some thinking, Stephanie realized that Dayzee was falling for Marcus. Dayzee shrugged, and Stephanie said she was sorry that things hadn't worked out for Dayzee and Thomas. Dayzee stated that Marcus was honest and trustworthy. Stephanie concluded that trust meant a lot to Dayzee.

Later, Anthony, Stephanie, and Dayzee discussed the romance prediction for Taylor. Stephanie found it amusing, but Anthony insisted that he'd seen a new man for Taylor. Stephanie asked about Dayzee, and he said no mystery surrounded the identity of the new man in Dayzee's life. Alone with Stephanie, Dayzee admitted that she cared for Marcus. Stephanie asked how Amber factored in, and Dayzee said Amber was a fact of Marcus' life, but he'd chosen Dayzee.

At Amber's house, Amber, who'd felt a spark while kissing Marcus, teased that he'd liked it too, and she asked if he wanted another one. Marcus said he'd always be there for Rosey; however, Amber should not to have any illusions about him. She wondered if he were attracted to her, but he called that a loaded question. He kissed her forehead and left. "He didn't say no," Amber told herself.

At the office, Brooke sat in Ridge's lap as they "worked late." Ridge mentioned that Thorne and Thomas had returned from Paris ahead of Eric and Hope. Brooke expressed her desire for Steffy and Taylor to find significant others, and Ridge admitted to worrying about Taylor and feeling guilty for hurting her and their two kids.

Oliver and Thorne arrived with a report from Paris. Monitoring the Internet, Oliver noted that there were questions about Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor. Ridge groaned about it and said Taylor needed something different in her life. Brooke believed that Taylor was beautiful and intelligent, and she'd find someone in no time.

Ridge contemplated checking up on Taylor at her house, but Brooke wasn't sure Taylor would want to see him. Oliver offered to check on Taylor, but Brooke said it would be too obvious that people were worried. Oliver and Thorne left, and Brooke sent Ridge home to rest. Before going, Ridge asked Brooke to be careful on the roads later.

Brooke worked alone until a morose Stephanie entered. Brooke guessed that Stephanie missed her best friend, but Stephanie said she no longer deserved Taylor's friendship. Brooke stated that Stephanie had done it all for Taylor, and Stephanie had also had the guts to end the charade before it had gone too far. Though Stephanie said it was kind of Brooke to say, Stephanie didn't want credit for that. Coughing, Stephanie stated that she wanted Brooke to know that Stephanie wasn't that kind of person anymore.

Brooke asked about the coughing spells, and Stephanie said she was alive only because of Brooke. It amazed Stephanie that Brooke still wanted her to live. Stephanie wished to prove that she was worthy of Brooke's friendship and really hoped Brooke would let her try.

At home, Taylor heard a knock at the door. Recalling Anthony's premonition, she curiously answered it, but sighed to see that it was only Steffy. Steffy asked what was wrong, and embarrassed, Taylor explained that the clairvoyant Anthony had predicted that a cat and then a man would walk into her life on a stormy night. Just then, thunder rolled in the sky, and Steffy said, "Now all we need is that stray cat."

Steffy and Taylor watched the rain from the window, and they heard meowing. A cat appeared on the balcony, and the two women giggled. Steffy thought "Prince Charming" really might be on his way. Taylor wasn't in the mood to take the prediction seriously, but Steffy said it was okay for Taylor to feel lonely. Steffy offered to move back in, and though Taylor turned her down, Steffy vowed to be there for her mother no matter what.

Alone later, Taylor observed the cat and murmured that it was ridiculous. Just then, she was startled by a knock at the door. Apprehensively, she opened it. "Oh, my goodness. It's you," she gasped.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 12 and pick up where the Thursday, September 8 concluded.

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