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Monday, November 7, 2011

In the basement office, Thorne recounted what Taylor had just relayed to him about the Aspen incident. He assumed that Steffy had somehow stopped the gondola. A distraught Taylor said that Steffy was telling Liam the truth at that moment. Thorne figured that meant Hope would learn it, too. Taylor sat in Thorne's lap, and he reminded her that Steffy was wonderful, just like her mother. Kissing Taylor, he bet that Liam and Steffy would make it, just as Taylor and Thorne would.

In Steffy's office, Steffy urged Liam to forgive her. Liam was angry that she'd taken it upon herself to do something about Hope. Steffy defended her actions by saying Hope hadn't put him first. Steffy said she'd told him the truth because they were nothing without honesty. Liam demanded to know why Steffy hadn't given him and Hope a chance to talk and why Steffy had faithlessly assumed that he'd go running back to Hope.

Steffy asserted that she wasn't na´ve. She claimed that Hope had only gone to Aspen because she couldn't stand it that Liam had gotten engaged to Steffy. Steffy claimed that it was that same thing that had happened between her mother and Hope's mother. Liam ordered Steffy not to turn it into a Forrester feud. Liam couldn't see how Steffy could use love to justify what she'd done. He doubted that they would agree on what love was. Steffy tried to talk to him further, but he walked out the door.

At home later, Steffy was staring at her wedding picture when Taylor arrived. Taylor asked where Liam was, and Steffy guessed he was with Hope. Steffy said she couldn't live without telling him the truth, and she had to wait to see if he still could live with her after hearing it. Taylor claimed that Steffy just needed to give Liam time to see what courage it had taken to tell the truth. Taylor figured that he'd love Steffy even more for confessing.

In Ridge's office, Hope walked in, and Thomas anxiously handed her a design he'd suddenly been inspired to make. Hope complimented it, noting that it had a sweetness and innocence to it. She remarked that he'd said he'd been inspired. "I was. I am," he replied, grinning at her.

As Thomas talked about designing, Hope got distracted with thoughts of Liam. She wondered if she'd ever get over him. Thomas placed Hope before a mirror and asked her how she saw herself. Insecure, she glanced away, but he said he saw a beautiful woman who was changing a society obsessed with instant gratification. He believed that she had too much going for her to be messed up in Liam's drama and vowed to always remind her of how special she was.

Hope didn't think she was special and said she couldn't even hold a relationship together. Thomas figured that humans could find ultimate happiness by concentrating on "what is," and not "what you think it should be." Hope dismally stated that she'd been certain that she and Liam would get married and have children; however, her dream had become Steffy's reality. Hope didn't know what she had to hold onto anymore, but Thomas replied that she had him.

Hope began talking about the gondola incident, and she wondered if Steffy were really capable of doing it. Thomas didn't know anything except Steffy could be her own worst enemy. Hope prodded him to find out if he knew anything about it; however, he stated that Steffy wouldn't confide in him, especially if she knew how he felt about Hope.

Thomas admitted that he'd begun to admire Hope in a new and exciting way. He said Hope had become an elegant woman with principles that had affected many. He stated that he knew what her morals had cost her, but Liam hadn't gotten it. Thomas told Hope that she was strong because she lived by her convictions, and he urged her not to let what had happened with Liam affect how she viewed herself. Thomas declared that she'd changed his life, and she didn't even know it. "I am a different guy because of you," he uttered and kissed her.

Just then, Liam walked in and saw Thomas kissing Hope. He backed out of the room, unseen, and then Hope left in a daze. Liam approached the door and saw Hope leaving. Thomas grabbed Liam and ordered him to let her go, because his place was at home with Thomas' sister.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
by Pam

At Forrester, Thomas told Liam to go home to his wife because Hope no longer belonged to him. Liam quizzed Thomas about why he was kissing Hope. Thomas said he found Hope to be a beautiful, fascinating woman. Thomas reminded Liam that he and Hope were both single, and Liam was not. Thomas suggested that Liam give Hope some space to move on. Liam wondered if Thomas expected Hope to move on with Thomas, and Thomas said he would be fortunate to have Hope in his life.

Liam said that Hope was vulnerable and fragile, and Thomas noted that Liam was making life more difficult for Hope. Thomas warned Liam to stop playing games with Hope's heart because Liam had committed to Steffy. Liam told Thomas what Steffy had done in Aspen. Liam lamented that Steffy had stopped the gondola and tricked Liam into marriage. Thomas said that Steffy must really love Liam to have done what she did and then come clean about lying to him.

Thomas told Liam to go live his life and leave Hope alone. Liam left, and Hope returned to the office.

Thomas told Hope that his new mission in life was to make her smile again. Hope said she was trying, but she kept thinking Liam would appear and say the wedding had been annulled or something. "For every year you're with someone, it takes 100 years to get over them," Hope said. Thomas said that was a depressing comment, and Hope agreed that she had made it up.

Hope laughed, and Thomas promised that he was the guy who was going to sweep her off her feet. Hope looked hopeful. Thomas suggested they kiss again to get her mind off of Liam. They kissed, but Hope chattered about Liam immediately, and she claimed that she could still smell his cologne. She began to cry, and Thomas embraced her.

At Liam's house, Taylor asked Steffy if she was sure that Liam had gone to see Hope. Steffy assumed that Liam had left her and that her confession would result in the end of her marriage. Taylor said that Steffy had told the truth, and it was the right thing to do. Taylor didn't agree with Steffy's approach, but she said she understood.

Taylor and Steffy rehashed that Steffy had been right to protect her instincts and her engagement in Aspen. Taylor said that Hope had no business following them to Aspen. Steffy lamented that Hope should have left them alone.

Steffy asked Taylor, as a psychiatrist, what she thought Liam would do next. Taylor reasoned that Liam was hurt and confused, but he also knew how much Steffy loved him. Steffy said that she had learned her lesson. She vowed that she'd never lie again.

Taylor left, and Liam entered. Steffy said that she had been worried about Liam. She guessed that he had gone to see Hope, and she begged him to say that things hadn't changed between them. She promised she would never let him down again. Liam hugged her, but said nothing. They kissed. Steffy told Liam how much she loved him, and he nodded that he knew.

Amber showed up in Rick's office, and she flattered him with compliments. She noted that he appeared to be an aspiring designer because he had left his portfolio behind at Dayzee's. Rick teased that she must have peeked inside, and she admitted that after she found it, she had studied the designs and found them inspiring. She excitedly said the designs were innovative and sophisticated.

She added that his drawing skills were horrible, but the concepts were groundbreaking. She added that his idea for a global line that adapted fashion ideas from different trends and cultures around the world was genius. She wanted him to have as much confidence in himself as she had in him. She said that it was a difficult, new idea to pull off, but he had done it.

Amber showed Rick designs that she had drawn based on his ideas. Rick was impressed and said that she had created exactly what he had envisioned. "Great minds," Amber said. She wanted to move ahead on the ideas as collaborators. She promised to draw the designs if he came up with the ideas. She begged him to let her make up for all her past screwups in their life together. Amber and Rick kissed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
by Pam

At home in the morning, Liam sat on the couch, working at his computer. Steffy walked in and asked why Liam was up so early. He said that he couldn't sleep. Steffy poured him some coffee. She told him that she was glad they had gotten everything out in the open. Liam said that he was glad she had told him the truth. Steffy said they knew exactly what to expect from each other.

Steffy kissed Liam, but he had an odd flashback to Thomas kissing Hope. He told Steffy that they didn't have to talk about the mountain and the gondola anymore. Steffy said she understood that he still thought about Hope. Steffy left to get dressed. When she returned, Liam was lost in thought. He pictured Hope and Thomas kissing. Steffy asked Liam to take the day off, but Liam refused.

Steffy thanked Liam for saving their marriage. She said that she loved what they had together. "We're married, and I'm still your wife for better or worse," she said.

Steffy recalled that Liam had asked her if she knew what love was, and she had said that love was when you'd told someone the worst thing you'd done, and you woke up feeling closer to them the next morning. She reminded Liam that Hope had kept changing her mind about him when they were engaged, but Steffy never had. "You're the only man for me," she said. Liam smiled, and they kissed. He left for work.

At Forrester, in Brooke's office, Brooke met with Hope about designs, but Hope was clearly distracted. "Thomas kissed me," Hope said. Brooke was surprised and wondered if Thomas had fallen for her. Brooke said that it was weird.

Brooke stated that she thought Hope still loved Liam, and Brooke asked if the kiss had made Hope uncomfortable. Hope said that she needed to get over Liam, and it was nice to have someone who understood her and appreciated her for what she was trying to do with her line and her life. Brooke left, and Liam appeared.

Liam told Hope that he had seen her kissing Thomas. Hope asked if he had been spying on her. Liam said that it didn't seem right. He didn't think she should be jumping into a relationship on the rebound. "You did not just say that to me," Hope seethed.

Liam admitted that he had no right to talk about rebound relationships. Hope reminded Liam that he was not her friend. She added that Steffy was his wife. Hope warned that Liam had no right to tell her what he thought. She said there was no getting used to his marriage or working out their awkward relationship. She said she planned to move on.

Liam argued, but Hope said that she wanted to be normal again and smile and laugh. She was tired of crying and being depressed. She added that Liam's marriage was a mess. She said that their lives weren't supposed to be that way. Liam admitted that it never should have happened. Hope asked if he really believed that his wedding shouldn't have happened. Liam looked confused.

At Forrester, in another office, Ridge teased Thomas about being in such a good mood. Ridge asked who the special lady was. Thomas wondered how Ridge knew it was a woman, but Ridge scoffed that it had to be. Ridge asked if he knew the special lady, and Thomas answered that Ridge knew her very well. Thomas admitted that it was Hope. Ridge was shocked.

Thomas warned Ridge not to jump to conclusions because Hope was half Logan and half Sharpe, so they weren't related. Ridge said that Hope had just come off a broken engagement and shouldn't be getting involved with anyone. Thomas explained that Hope had inspired him because her entire world had fallen apart in a very public way -- she had lost her fiancÚ; Steffy and Liam had gotten married; and it had all thrown her campaign and her collection off track, but she wasn't bitter. She had never lost her sense of self. She just wanted to move on. And Hope remained committed to her collection and making a difference in the world.

Thomas said that he had learned a lot from her because Thomas had been moping that he was stuck in the basement and had lost his collection. He had realized that he needed a more positive attitude like Hope. Thomas said Hope deserved to be with a man who appreciated her values and her attitude. Ridge seemed unsure, but Thomas argued that Ridge couldn't tell him what to do with his personal life.

Brooke entered and the conversation quickly turned to Thomas and Hope kissing. Brooke said that Hope didn't know what to say about the kiss. Thomas understood that Brooke was worried about Hope, but he promised to make her happy, and he left. Brooke told Ridge that Thomas and Hope had already gone too far.

Steffy arrived at work, and Thomas met her in her office. He told her that Liam had seen Thomas kissing Hope the previous night. Steffy was thrilled. Steffy said that Thomas needed to sweep Hope off her feet. She said they both needed to make Liam and Hope forget about each other. She told Thomas to turn on the charm and make Hope forget all about Liam Spencer.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

At Il Giardino, Brooke and Katie discussed their suspicions about Steffy's involvement in the gondola incident. Brooke then revealed that Thomas had kissed Hope. The situation worried Brooke, and she said Ridge hadn't realized that Thomas could be hurt by Hope's unresolved feelings for Liam. Katie figured that, despite Steffy's disdain for the Logans, Steffy would support Thomas, because it would eliminate the need to sabotage gondolas. Brooke still wished she knew the whole story about the lift, and Katie volunteered to figure out by talking to Liam.

In Steffy's office, Thomas and Steffy concluded that they weren't doing anything wrong by helping each other with their love lives. Thomas said he'd step in so that Liam could concentrate on his wife without worrying about Hope. Thomas gushed about his newfound feelings for Hope. Steffy wondered what it was about the Logan girls, and the siblings joked about Thomas hearing movie music whenever Hope was near.

Thomas figured it'd be easy to sweep Hope off her feet, as long as Steffy kept Liam busy. Just then, Marcus entered to remind them about a meeting. Steffy said they'd wait for Hope to arrive; however, Marcus announced that he'd just seen Hope and Liam talking across the hall.

In Ridge's office, Hope asked if Liam could see that his marriage was a mistake. Liam said he just wondered if some messes could be cleaned up. He stated that he did love Steffy, and Hope bitterly hoped so, since he'd married Steffy. He still wondered what would have happened if Hope had made it up the mountain. Hope replied that Fate -- a person -- had intervened. Liam persisted in pondering "what if;" however, Hope exclaimed that she hadn't made it in time, and he couldn't undo what he'd done.

Hope said she respected Liam's marriage, so she needed him to leave the situation alone. Liam asked if he had to leave her alone, too, because he didn't think he could. Taking his left hand, Hope explained that he'd accepted the ring on it, and he'd committed his life to Steffy while Hope had been trapped in the gondola. Liam started to tell Hope something; however, Thomas and Steffy entered.

Steffy made a show of kissing and wrapping her arms around Liam and na´vely asked if she'd interrupted something. Hope said they were done and guessed that she, Thomas, and Steffy should head for the meeting. Steffy decided she'd rather try on her lingerie line with her husband, and she tugged Liam out the door. Alone with Thomas, Hope seemed like she might explode with tears. She suppressed her sobs, but Thomas hugged her and said she didn't have to be so strong for his sake.

Hope recomposed herself, and Thomas asked her to keep her evening free for him. He wanted to show her something to make her tears go away, but she doubted she'd be good company. Agreeing, Thomas took a marker and wrote "Hope for the Past" on a "Hope for the Future" poster. Hope gasped at the changed poster, and he decided they'd cling to the past instead of hoping for the future. He changed another poster to "Hopeless," because someone had stolen her hopes and dreams.

Hope said she got it; she still had a life without Liam. Thomas asked her to make his day by joining him later, and then he kissed her. Hope saw his eager smile, and she nodded her agreement.

In Steffy's office, Liam recalled Hope telling him that their relationship no longer existed. Sashaying from behind a changing screen, Steffy said she'd prefer it if Liam didn't spend time with Hope. Liam gasped at the lingerie-clad Steffy as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She said she was his wife, and it was time to move on with their lives.

Steffy seemed to be okay with Liam having feelings for Hope; however, Steffy thought that it was cruel to lead Hope on. Liam didn't think he'd done that, but Steffy also reasoned that they didn't want to interfere in Thomas and Hope's budding relationship. Liam became perplexed, but the feeling melted away when Steffy locked the office door, stripped off his shirt, and passionately kissed his neck.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In Ridge's office, Hope agreed to go out with Thomas, as long as he didn't get upset if she decided to leave early. Later, they arrived at Dayzee's, where Dayzee was serving veterans for Veteran's Day. Dayzee, Marcus, and Oliver had all donned white aprons, and Thomas and Hope readily joined in to volunteer. As they handed out food, Hope smiled at Thomas from across the room.

During the event, Thomas gave a heart-felt speech to the veterans to thank and honor them for protecting America's freedom. One vet in his fatigues uniform described how tough it had been in the field. He said that, though it was hard, the country had counted on them. After some applause, Thomas announced that his friend, Bo Davidson, had agreed to play a song, and Davidson took to the piano. Davidson sang as a montage honoring veterans played across the screen.

Later, Hope expressed to Thomas that she'd been humbled by the inspiring day. Thomas said the veterans had faith in what they'd been doing, just as Hope had in her mission. He said Hope was a great person, who was changing the world. A touched Hope said Thomas had succeeded in making her feel better, and she'd never forget the day. "I'm crazy about you, Hope," Thomas uttered, kissing her.

In Steffy's office, Steffy tried to convince Ridge that Thomas and Hope getting together was a good thing. Ridge said it had happened fast, and Steffy mumbled that she needed it to be fast. Ridge heard her and asked if she and Liam where having problems. Steffy said everything would tie up nicely if Thomas and Hope were an item. As Brooke entered, she said not to count on that.

Steffy didn't see what the problem was, but Brooke told Ridge that Thomas' heart would be broken. Steffy asserted that Thomas' heart didn't break that easily, and Brooke ought to be thrilled by the development. Ridge told Brooke that Liam was married to Steffy, and Hope was interested in Thomas. Brooke said Hope was Thomas' friend, and anything more would be a rebound, just like Liam and Steffy. "Oh, Brooke, come on! Come on..." Ridge exclaimed. Steffy wished Brooke would be happy for her, but warned that Brooke would either support the marriage or stay away.

Brooke claimed she didn't want to see Steffy unhappy; however, Steffy was setting herself up for a fall. Ridge argued that Liam was committed to Steffy. Brooke countered that it was only because Liam thought Steffy was honest. Steffy asserted that she had been honest. Brooke stated that she'd apologize if she were wrong, but if she were right, then Steffy needed serious help. Steffy insisted that Brooke and her sisters respect Steffy's marriage, even though Brooke hadn't respected Taylor's.

At home, Liam saw a magazine ad of Hope's and recalled their happy times. Katie arrived and apologized for avoiding Liam and his new wife; however, she said she was still perplexed about the gondola incident. Liam revealed that Steffy really had prevented Hope from reaching him in Aspen. Katie implored him to leave the marriage, and Liam looked surprised when she suggested an annulment.

Liam stated that Steffy had told him the truth because she hadn't wanted to start the marriage based on a lie. Katie shot back that Steffy had taken action in Aspen because she knew that Hope and Liam would get back together. Katie insisted that Liam loved Hope. Though Liam didn't deny it, he said Katie had delivered her message, and he dismissively asked if there was anything else.

Katie pressed Liam to call a lawyer, but he said he didn't marry Steffy for sex. He said Steffy had been there for him when no one else had, including Hope. Katie stated that Hope was sorry, but Liam retorted that Steffy was, too. Katie saw no comparison between Hope's insensitivity and Steffy's lies, but predicted that his marriage would be filled with Steffy's lies if he stayed in it.

Katie wondered how Steffy had stopped the gondola and asked if Bill had been involved. Liam claimed he didn't know and didn't want to know. Katie imagined that Hope had been left helpless and trapped, just as trapped as Liam was in his dishonest marriage. Liam admitted that he loved both women. He said he was dealing with Steffy's deceit, but Hope was always on his mind. He didn't know what to do, because he'd never been in that position. Katie warned Liam that he should get out of the marriage as soon as he could, or else he'd lose Hope to Thomas.

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