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Monday, November 21, 2011

At work, Steffy talked to Liam on the phone about their Thanksgiving plans. Liam preferred going to Hawaii to being with either family, but Steffy said she wanted to show off her new husband. Liam guessed they'd go to the Forresters', and Steffy said he had to break the news to his father.

After the call, Hope appeared in the doorway and bet that Steffy wanted to show off her prize to everyone but Hope. Steffy was unapologetic for wanting her husband to stay away from Hope; however, Hope replied that she'd see Liam, and each time she did, he'd think about Steffy's lies.

Steffy claimed that her actions had been to protect her marriage, but Hope stated that Steffy hadn't been married at that point. Hope taunted Steffy with the idea that Liam regretted the marriage, but an undaunted Steffy decided to put it to the test by having Liam and Hope in the same room for Thanksgiving dinner. Steffy seriously doubted Liam would spend the evening brooding over Hope, but Hope eagerly took the deal. Once Hope left, Steffy looked less confident.

Steffy called Thomas into her office and fretted about getting herself roped into Thanksgiving dinner with Hope. Steffy hadn't wanted Hope to see a chink in Steffy's armor, but sharing a holiday with Hope and Liam was the last thing Steffy really wanted. Thomas advised his sister to go to the Spencers' for dinner, but Steffy griped about having dinner with "The Mother-in-law-From-Hell." Steffy wished she could find a way to make Liam decide he wanted to be with his family for the holiday, even though they'd already agreed to be with hers. She said the holiday was a minefield of emotions, and she didn't want to find out what effect it would have on Hope and Liam.

In Ridge's office, Brooke sat in Ridge's lap as they discussed the holiday dinner to be held at Stephanie's house. Brooke credited Ridge with fixing things between his parents, and he said he hoped to do the same thing with Steffy and Hope at the dinner. Unsure that it was a good idea, Brooke suggested that Liam and Steffy spend the holiday with Bill and Katie. Ridge told Brooke to have faith, because that time of year usually inspired the best from people. Brooke grunted in response.

Brooke and Ridge called Hope into the office to warn her of the possibility that Liam and Steffy would be at Thanksgiving dinner. Hope replied that, after talking to Steffy, Hope was looking forward to it. Steffy entered and pretended she was on board with dinner. Hope stated that Steffy had made it a test of Liam's happiness, but Ridge told them that dinner wouldn't be a competition.

Steffy offered to go elsewhere for the meal, but Ridge said healing wouldn't happen if they hid from each other. Ridge warned his daughters that the dinner table was no place for their issues. Steffy asked Hope if she wanted to back out, but Ridge insisted everyone would be there and on their best behavior.

Brooke and Ridge left, and Steffy warned Hope not to let the emotion of the holiday get the better of her. Hope assumed Steffy was worried about Liam's reaction to Hope. Steffy said she knew Liam had lingering feelings, but he'd married her and chosen to remain with her even after learning the truth. Steffy laid out all the things Hope had to be grateful for, but said that Liam was Steffy's.

Steffy advised Hope to accept that, not mope about what could have been. Steffy warned Hope not to interfere with Steffy and Liam's first Thanksgiving together and then asked if she'd made herself clear. "I guess we'll find out tomorrow," Hope said and left.

In the corridor, Stephanie was looking for Pam, who hadn't arrived at work. Madison remarked that she wouldn't get out of bed, either, if her engagement had ended that way. Pam rounded the corner and overheard Stephanie reply that some things were for the best. Pam greeted the ladies and pretended she was "peachy;" however, once Madison left, Pam railed on Stephanie for saying the breakup had been for the best. Pam claimed that Stephanie didn't know anything about Pam and Stephen, because Stephanie just hadn't wanted to know.

Pam accused Stephanie of chasing Stephen away, the same way that their mother had chased men away from their doorstep. Pam had thought she'd have freedom in Los Angeles, but Stephanie hadn't allowed Pam to make her own choices. Declaring that she'd had enough, Pam said it wouldn't happen anymore.

Just then, Oliver walked over with designs hot off Eric's easel. Pam readily offered to take the sketches to the cutting room for Oliver, and he left. Stephanie asked Pam to end the feud for the holidays, because Stephanie had wanted Pam at the holiday dinner. Pam offered to make her lemon bars, but Stephanie said the dinner would be catered. Pam complained because the dessert had to be homemade. "So, will you come?" Stephanie asked, and Pam reluctantly agreed. Stephanie assured Pam that she wasn't alone, because Stephanie would always be there for her baby sister.

At Jackie M, Jackie fretted about the company failing. Sally Spectra's recycle poster spoke, ordering Jackie to lighten up. Sally said they'd always live to fight another day. Smiling, Jackie thanked the poster.

Nick strode in and showed Jackie the emailed drawings from Pam. Jackie said she could kiss Pam, and Nick responded, "Some of us had to." Nick relayed that Pam was willing to get as many designs as they needed, and Jackie purred that she didn't have to guess how his night had gone. Nick said he'd never been anyone's Prince Charming, but he kind of liked it.

Jackie was surprised that the evening with Pam hadn't been miserable for Nick. Nick said Pam was more upset with Stephanie than he'd realized, and he felt that Pam shouldn't be dragged into any messes. He stated that Pam just didn't want to be alone, but Jackie replied that Pam wouldn't be, because she'd be a part of the Jackie M family again. Nick revealed that Pam had asked for a kiss, and he'd obliged her. Jackie jokingly asked if he'd curled Pam's toes.

On speakerphone, Nick called Pam, who'd become reluctant about their plan, because Stephanie had invited her to the holiday dinner. Nick asked if the night before had felt right, and Pam gushed about how wonderful it had been. Nick hinted that two designs weren't enough to whet his appetite, but if she helped him out, he'd make it worth her while.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
by Pam

Brooke and Hope dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, and Brooke realized that Hope had referred to Ridge by his first name rather than "Dad." Hope wanted to forget the whole dinner. Ridge entered and apologized for the tension between Hope and Ridge, but he reminded Hope that he expected her to respect Steffy and Liam's marriage at dinner. Hope looked disgusted, but acknowledged that Ridge wanted her to move on.

At Liam's, Steffy buttoned Liam's shirt and said that she wasn't sure she wanted to spend the holiday with her family or Liam's family. Liam wondered if she'd feel the same way if Hope weren't going to be at the Forrester celebration. Steffy said that her choice was between Hope and Katie, and they were both bad news. Liam said that his father didn't want them to stay away, and Liam knew that Ridge was expecting them.

Liam said that they had to visit his dad's place at some point. Steffy said she didn't want to skip her family dinner because Hope might think they were avoiding her. Steffy feigned that she wasn't feeling well. Liam felt her head, and said that she didn't feel warm, but he told her that she looked hot. Steffy suggested they stay home. They kissed and then passionately disrobed.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie met with all the servants to make sure that everything was perfect. Eric and Dayzee watched. Dazyee remarked that Stephanie had been equally as energetic at a dinner the previous day. Stephanie acknowledged that they had been talking about her. Stephanie said that Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, and she had a lot for which to be thankful. She had a great friend in Dayzee, and a handsome fellow who had put up with her for many years.

Marcus appeared with a bottle of wine, and joked with Stephanie and Eric. Thorne arrived, and Stephanie wanted to know where Aly was. Thorne said she was admiring the garden outside, but he said that he also had a surprise for everyone, Taylor and Thomas followed him in. Stephanie paused and told Taylor that she was delighted Taylor had attended the dinner.

Stephanie discussed with Eric that she had spoken to Sally. They recalled all the good times with Sally and how much they missed her. Stephanie admitted that she did not miss all the times that Spectra had stolen Eric's designs. Pam arrived with a fresh batch of lemon bars -- a triple batch. Pam was upset that Stephanie had catered desserts, but Stephanie reminded her sister that pumpkin pie was a Thanksgiving tradition. Pam was furious and angrily blamed Stephanie for everything from Stephen's leaving her to past problems. Pam scurried out the door.

Ridge entered with Brooke and Hope. Thomas told Hope she looked beautiful, and they embraced. Thomas promised to get Hope through the day. Ridge noticed them hugging.

Rick entered, and told Brooke that Bridget was busy working at the hospital and was unable to attend. Rick privately warned Thomas that making a move on Hope was a mistake. Thomas told Brooke that he loved to make Hope laugh, and he hoped to help her get over Liam. Thomas and Hope shared some tender moments, and Hope thanked for Thomas for all his support.

Ridge spoke privately to Taylor. He asked about her relationship with Thorne, but Taylor offered no information. Steffy and Liam entered, and Steffy called across the room to Thomas to interrupt his conversation with Hope. Within seconds, Hope left for the terrace at the sight of Steffy. Liam prepared to follow, but Ridge warned Liam not to let Steffy down.

Eric stole the scene by kissing Stephanie in a passionate embrace. Ridge and all the family applauded. Ridge and Eric repaired their relationship. Eric thanked Ridge for making him see how important Stephanie was to him. Ridge apologized for confronting Eric, but Eric agreed that he had needed the pep talk from Ridge. They embraced.

Liam sneaked out to meet Hope on the terrace. Hope told Liam that it was harder than she had ever imagined to see him with Steffy. Liam apologized. Hope asked if Liam was happy, and Steffy interrupted. Steffy clung to Liam, and Hope saw her engagement ring glint in the light. She flashed back to all the times she had seen Steffy kiss Liam while wearing the engagement ring that Liam had bought for Hope.

Shaking her head, Hope walked away from Liam and Steffy. She headed for the front door, but Ridge stopped her, and told her not to dare and leave during a holiday celebration. Hope glared at him, and walked out the door. Ridge and Liam followed. Hope said she couldn't stand being in the same room with Liam and Steffy.

Ridge ordered Hope not to cause a scene and to get back inside and respect Liam's marriage. Ridge demanded that both Hope and Liam had to move on immediately. Hope glared at Ridge with contempt and asked how she was supposed to move on when Steffy was leading the life that she was supposed to have had with Liam. Helplessly, Liam looked on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
by Pam

Outside at the Forrester mansion, Ridge continued to insist that Hope and Liam had to move on. Ridge advised Liam to honor his vows to Steffy and to stay away from Hope.

Hope insisted that she was the person who should have been married to Liam. Ridge waxed about sharing a holiday together as family and getting along. He commanded Hope to acknowledge that Liam and Steffy were married by offering a toast at dinner. A horrified Hope refused. She said that the marriage was all a farce based on lies and deception. Ridge said that the marriage was very real to Steffy and to Liam.

Liam and Hope told Ridge that he was asking too much for Hope to toast the marriage. Liam said that it was unnecessary. Hope said that it was cruel. Ridge advised Liam to make his first holiday with Steffy special for her. Ridge insisted that Hope make the holiday special too. Ridge said that he was counting on Hope, and he left.

Hope sorrowfully shared with Liam that her life had not turned out the way she had expected, and it seemed to be over. She asked if Liam was really happy with Steffy, a liar who had been passionate with his father. Liam refused to discuss it. He told Hope that she had a lot to live for, and her life was just beginning. Hope said that Ridge was right, and she should move on. Hope kissed Liam and then feigned an apology and said it was Thanksgiving. Liam left.

Inside the Forrester mansion, Eric knew that Stephanie was worried about Steffy and Hope. Rick and Brooke chatted about Ridge's blatant support of Steffy when everyone knew that Hope was devastated about losing Liam. Brooke said that it was driving her crazy, and she wanted Ridge to stay out of Liam's relationship with Steffy and Hope. Thomas and Steffy wondered what Ridge was talking about with Hope and Liam.

Taylor told Brooke that their daughters had carried on a rivalry that Brooke and Taylor had started. Taylor suggested they support both of the daughters and each other to set a better example. Ridge entered and told Steffy that Liam and Hope needed to talk. Steffy freaked out that they were alone, but Ridge reminded Steffy that Liam loved her. He told her to let Hope and Liam talk.

Liam returned, and Steffy asked if everything was okay. He said that he needed a glass of wine. Ridge suggested that Thomas should try to help Hope cope with her feelings. Thomas said that he was doing his best. Thomas warned Liam that he needed to focus on Steffy.

Thomas said that he and Hope were a good match. They were both artists, while Liam wanted to rule Spencer, and Steffy wanted to take over everything else. Liam agreed. He realized that Thomas and Hope had a lot in common and seemed to enjoy one another's company. Thomas found Hope outside on the terrace. Thomas acknowledged that whatever Ridge had said to her, Ridge was often an insensitive jerk. Hope agreed and smiled.

Ridge took Brooke outside and explained that he had told Hope to toast Liam and Steffy's marriage at dinner. Brooke said that the marriage was based on lies, and she argued that Ridge had asked too much of Hope. Inside, Eric and Stephanie thanked Ridge for reuniting the family. Ridge thanked his parents for all the lessons he had learned from them.

Ridge gathered everyone for dinner, and Thorne told his parents that he planned to watch football in the den with Allie and RJ. Stephanie refused to allow Thorne to sit at the "kids'" table.

Everyone stood at the adult dining table, and Hope asked for their attention. Brooke told Hope she didn't have to say anything. Hope told her mother that it was okay. Brooke interrupted again, and Hope shushed her. Hope said that she hadn't wanted to attend the family dinner, but she had attended because nothing was more important than family, honesty, and love. She said if you found true love, you should grab it and hang on for as long as you could. She congratulated Liam and Steffy on their marriage.

As a blessing, Stephanie gave a speech about how blessed the family had been. Hope and Liam caught each other's eye.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not broadcast an original episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not broadcast an original episode of The Young and the Restless. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at, we want you to know that we are so thankful that you choose to get your soap opera information from us. Your support over the years has been amazing. We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving

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