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Monday, December 5, 2011

In Liam's office, Katie told Liam that they had to keep their eyes open about Bill and Steffy. Liam refused to be paranoid, but Katie reasoned that Bill and Steffy might not even be conscious of their feelings. "But when they're together...." Katie insinuated, and Liam left. Once alone, Katie called Hope and claimed to need her at Spencer to give more quotes to fill a Forrester piece for Eye on Fashion.

At Forrester with Brooke later, Katie announced that she'd just pushed Hope and Liam together. Katie couldn't care less if Bill didn't like it, because he'd put Steffy on the Spencer board. Brooke was shocked by the turn of events, but figured nothing would break Liam and Steffy up faster than if Bill and Steffy "appeared" to have crossed the line. Katie said it'd be the end of her marriage, too, but she had to believe that he was smart enough not to get sucked in by Steffy.

In Bill's office, Steffy knelt before Bill and cleaned his shirt. Bill's mind flashed to the passion that had once existed between them. Abruptly, he hopped from his seat and strode across the room. She wondered what had gotten into him. Bill explained that Steffy was an amazing woman, but Katie, with her brother's fragile heart, did have a point about him and Steffy.

Confused, Steffy stated that nothing would happen between her and Bill, because she was his son's wife. Bill agreed, adding that he and Steffy needed to be more sensitive to Katie. Nodding, Steffy said she understood, and then she left. An assistant entered to give Bill the newest press kit for the "Intimates" line. After she left, Bill pulled out photographs of Steffy and pensively stared at them.

Across the hall, Hope arrived in Liam's office, looking for Katie. Liam asked if he'd do, and the two commenced work on the quotes. Later, a tense Hope complimented his office and decided to return to Forrester. Liam guessed Hope's visit had been Katie's idea, and Hope called her aunt a hopeless romantic, who believed that love conquered all. "Which is pretty crazy -- so I'm just gonna go," Hope said and dashed to the door.

Liam remarked that her Thanksgiving speech had meant a lot. Hope replied that she'd only ever wanted him to have the life that he deserved, and then she took off. Liam stared at Hope's picture on his laptop. Steffy entered and hugged him. Hope glanced at them through the doorway and left unseen. Steffy suggested that she and Liam make love all night.

At Jackie M, Jackie donned a curly red wig and made a toast to Sally Spectra, the knockoff queen. Nick entered and said Jackie had completely "flipped her wig." Jackie demanded more designs, and Nick replied that if Jackie lost the wig, he'd motivate Pam.

At Forrester, the showroom buzzed with activity. Oliver noted that it was like Fort Knox around there, and Pam overheard Rick express confidence that no one would get their hands on Forrester's newest designs. Nick called Pam, who murmured that she couldn't talk right then. Pam nearly jumped from her skin when Hope greeted her.

Next, Eric arrived with the showstopper while Pam was still on the line with Nick, and Nick asked if she could get a picture. "I'll try for you," Pam said and made kissy noises. After Pam's call, Eric gathered everyone around to get a glimpse of the showstopper. Stephanie startled Beverly, who was admiring one of the gowns. Stephanie noted that Beverly was intimidated by all the opulence, but said the internship would serve her well. Beverly strummed her fingers over the gowns' expensive fabric.

Later, Hope returned to the showroom, and a security guard said that only the intern was inside working. Hope entered and was stunned to see Beverly smiling as she photographed the designs hanging on the mannequins. Hope watched Beverly move on to photograph the showstopper.

Back at Jackie M, Jackie put a bow one of their dress recreations. Pam fretted that "they'd" find out. Jackie ushered the models out before Pam said too much, and in the corridor, Nick swore the models to secrecy regarding the designs. When he returned inside, he pulled up an emailed photograph that Pam had taken of the showstopper. Jackie gasped, saying it was inspirational.

"And now, thanks to you," Nick added, referring to Pam, "it's ours -- along with the rest of the Forrester line." Jackie said they owed everything to Pam, and Nick promised that Pam would always have a place at Jackie M.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
by Pam

At Forrester, Hope tattled to Stephanie that Beverly had photographed Forrester's new line, which was forbidden. Stephanie planned to confront Beverly, but Hope told that Stephanie that no one had instructed Beverly not to shoot photos. Hope added, however, that no one at Forrester knew Beverly. Stephanie agreed, but said that she had offered a paid internship to Beverly based on Dayzee's recommendation. Hope didn't think that anything was wrong, but Stephanie realized that Hope was correct when she said that no one had forbidden Beverly to take photos.

In the showroom, Beverly watched models on the runway with Eric, Rick, and Ridge. Beverly left to meet with Stephanie. Marcus, Oliver, and Thomas joined Eric, who thanked everyone for their contributions. Eric said that he didn't know how many collections he had put together, but that this one was most exciting because he had everyone in the family working together. It included Thomas, Rick, Ridge, Thorne, and Marcus. Eric said they were at the top of their game, and the influx of new, young talent was exciting.

At Jackie M, Jackie made adjustments to dresses that copied Eric's designs. Jackie rushed everyone at Jackie M because she said it was critical that they show their line before the Forresters had a chance to figure out what had happened. Pam entered and worried that someone at Forrester would find out that she had stolen the designs. Pam told Jackie that she needed a guarantee that she'd always be welcome and appreciated at Jackie M because she had nowhere else to go. Pam said that she needed Jackie's friendship too.

Jackie promised that Pam always had a place at Jackie M. Jackie also reminded Pam that Stephanie had taken advantage of her for many years. Jackie laid it on about how Stephanie had left Pam to take care for their mother while Stephanie went off to a life of luxury.

Pam left, and Jackie called for champagne to be ordered for the show. Owen entered and noted that Jackie was too confident about the new showing. Owen noted that the new designs were far from Jackie's style. He asked if she had taken tips from Sally Spectra and resorted to fashion espionage.

Jackie laughed and asked if Owen had taken the designs home. Owen said that he had not taken anything home and that he and Bridget rarely saw each other with her schedule at the hospital. Jackie wanted to be sure that Bridget hadn't seen the designs because she didn't want Forrester to know anything about her new line. Owen worried that something was up, but Jackie assured him that everything was fine.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick chastised Donna for taking a 20-minute shower that had used all the boat's hot water. Donna apologized and thanked Nick for letting her stay on the boat. She asked him for a ride around the marina. Nick said he had to get back to work because he was worried about business. Donna begged for one quick trip. Nick finally agreed.

Nick and Donna sat close to one another as Nick steered the boat. Donna wore a bikini with a cover-up and Nick's shirt flew open in the wind. Donna flirted, and Nick enjoyed it. Donna convinced Nick to allow her to steer, and they spent the day on the boat together and embraced. Later, they toasted with wine glasses and shared a kiss as they watched the sunset.

At Forrester, Beverly met with Stephanie and Hope, and Stephanie asked about the photos. Beverly said that she hadn't realized taking pictures was forbidden. Hope warned that designs had been stolen before, and they were trying to keep tight security on the entire line. Beverly said that she understood, and she offered to delete the photos off her camera. Stephanie was reminded of her own excitement the first time she had seen the designs. Stephanie warned Beverly not to show the designs to anyone. Beverly apologized.

Later, Pam entered and confronted Stephanie about how Stephanie had dissed Pam at Thanksgiving and had left her in Chicago to take care of their mother years earlier. Pam chastised Stephanie for Pam's years of loneliness and isolation, but Stephanie said that their mother had cared for Pam, not the other way around.

Pam argued and angrily lamented that when she finally met Stephen and fell in love, Stephanie had put the kibosh on the relationship. Stephanie scoffed at Pam's complaints. Pam warned that she felt unappreciated. Stephanie claimed that she would not lose her sister after all that had happened. Stephanie told Pam to grow up and do her job. Pam angrily quit her job, and warned that Stephanie should have appreciated her. Pam tearfully walked out, and Stephanie wondered aloud what was wrong with Pam.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
by Pam

At Forrester, everyone prepared for the fashion show and Eric and Ridge instructed Oliver that no one was permitted to use a webcam backstage or anywhere. Outside the showroom, Pam sat at her desk while Donna raced in to talk to Brooke and Katie in the hall. Donna said she had some special news to share. Pam was eavesdropping and eating a lemon bar while the phone was ringing. She refused to answer it and paid close attention to Donna until Brooke shouted at her to answer the phone. While Pam was on the phone, Donna pulled Katie and Brooke into an office. Donna said she didn't want Pam to her news because Pam had been so despondent since their father had left Pam. Donna excitedly blurted out that she and Nick had gone out on the Shady Marlin and kissed. Katie and Brooke were surprised. Brooke made a quick exit.

Donna noted that the discussion had to be awkward for Brooke and Katie, and Katie agreed that Nick had a history with all of them. Katie said that Nick had good taste in women and the Logan girls had good taste in men. Donna said she felt that she was acting like a school girl. Katie remembered that Nick could do that to women. Donna wondered if she was getting her hopes up unnecessarily, but Katie said that Nick Marone did not play games.

At her desk, Pam continued to eat lemon bars and fantasized about how she would tell Stephanie that she had stolen the collection. In her fantasy, Pam advised her sister that she had made a decision to destroy something really close to Stephanie. She shouted that she had stolen all of Eric's designs and given all of them to Jackie M. Stephanie screamed. "What did you do?"

Stephanie entered and startled Pam out of her reverie. The phone rang, and Pam ignored it until Stephanie insisted that she answer it. Jackie was calling to make sure that Pam didn't cave to family pressures. Pam assured that she would handle everything. Stephanie asked if she needed to take the call. Pam told Jackie that she would return the call later.

At Jackie M, Owen walked in on Jackie, and overheard the phone conversation. Owen couldn't believe that Jackie had coerced Pam into stealing the collection. He insisted that Jackie had to call it off. Jackie tried to justify her actions because Jackie M was about to go under. She hoped that the showing would bring in orders that would continue paychecks for the employees who could keep food on the tables for their kids. Owen again demanded that she call off the show. Jackie refused and said that she realized there would be repercussions when the collection hit the runway. Owen left.

Jackie nervously ordered her staff around. She talked to herself and to the picture of Sally on the wall claiming she had a "date with destiny." Nick entered and told his mother that he had spent the afternoon out on the Shady Marlin with Donna because sea air was good for stress. Jackie nervously worried that Donna could grow suspicious, but Nick told her that Donna had nothing to do with Forrester. Jackie added that Pam was the one that Nick needed to spend time with. Jackie reminded Nick that in a few days, no one at Forrester would want anything to do with them. Nick left.

Later in Nick's office, Brooke showed up and told him how happy she was that he and Donna were seeing each other. Brooke pressed Nick for more information, and Nick wondered if she was asking about his intentions. Brooke laughed and said that she knew Nick would never hurt anyone in her family. Brooke wished Nick luck on his fashion show. Nick said that the company would do what it had to in order to survive.

He added that Jackie M was Forrester's competition, but he pointed out that it was business and not personal. "Remind your sister of that," he said. Nick seemed apologetic, and Brooke wondered if something was wrong, but his phone rang and he said goodbye to Brooke.

Brooke suspected that something else was going on, but Nick told her that he had to get back to work. Later, Nick told Jackie that Brooke had visited him and Jackie panicked that Brooke might have seen the designs. Jackie told Nick that Owen also knew about the designs. Nick noted that they were going to war with people they cared about. Jackie seemed oblivious. She said they would make fashion headlines around the globe.

At Forrester, Rick said that one of his contacts told him that Jackie M had scheduled a showing for the following day. Eric and the staff were surprised because Jackie M had no designers. Eric noted they had turned down Bill's offer to purchase the company. All the Forresters agreed that if Jackie M did have designers Bridget would have known and told them. The Forrester wondered how Jackie M pulled together a collection so quickly. They guessed that Jackie had stolen the designs. Eric worried and called a staff meeting. Eric chastised Pam for allowing Katie and Donna into the office.

Pam was surprised, and Rick and Stephanie defended her. Rick said that Donna and Katie were family who had visited Brooke. Eric said that he realized it seemed extreme, but he was frantic about security. Rick and Stephanie said that they shouldn't have to worry about family. Pam sheepishly exited the meeting. After Pam and the others left, Stephanie toasted Eric and Ridge. She said that she was happy to see them working together again and she looked forward to a show that was guaranteed to generate excitement.

Pam returned to her desk and looked at photos of when she was happy with Stephen. She had another photo with Stephanie and Pam apologized aloud to picture of Eric and Ridge. Pam recalled how she had told Stephanie about her relationship with Stephen and Stephanie had scoffed at her. Pam recalled that her mother had told her that she needed her to take care of her. Pam said that she had been powerless her entire life, but not anymore.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In Nick's office, Nick scrambled to secure last-minute details before the show. Pam entered, saying she needed a hug. Nick ill-politely complied. Pam expressed her nervousness about her life beginning anew that day.

Pam said that Jackie and Nick were all Pam had, because Stephanie would hate her. Nick replied that the Forresters would hate them all, but Pam was welcome at Jackie M. Pam asked for a kiss for reassurance. Nick pecked her on the cheek, but she dragged him into a liplock.

In front of Sally's recycle poster, Jackie fretted about the consequences of stealing the Forrester designs. Sally's voice encouraged Jackie, who then declared that Jackie M would become the new Spectra. Jackie went to the showroom, which was filling up with people. Reporters questioned the precarious position that Jackie M was in and wondered why they hadn't taken Bill up on his merger offer. Jackie asserted that her company hadn't needed a merger, and everyone was about to see why not.

When Jackie arrived backstage, she saw Owen, who was worried about Bridget's reaction to what Jackie M had done. Nick entered and gave his crew a pep talk. He assured them all that it would be Jackie M, not Forrester, making headlines. Moments later, the lights dimmed, the announcer commenced the showing, and the models paraded out in the Forrester knockoff gowns.

Back in Nick's office, Pam watched the showing on television. Stephanie called Pam's cell phone, because she couldn't find Pam in the Forrester building. Pam murmured that she wouldn't be in. Stephanie told Pam to get some rest and return to work. Pam replied that she was where she belonged, and she felt a sense of peace.

Noting that Pam sounded different, Stephanie hoped to see Pam soon. Pam replied that she was different, and they'd see each other soon enough.

At Forrester, the brunette Bridget arrived in Ridge's office. She greeted Ridge, Brooke, and Stephanie, and she became awed by the design boards displayed in the office. Ridge said the showing was in a few days, and Bridget wondered how Jackie M, whose showing was that day, could ever compete.

Bridget traveled to Jackie M and arrived as their showing was in progress. Owen was surprised to see her there, but she said she'd wanted to lend her full support to Jackie M. She glanced up and saw the gowns sailing down the runway. Gasping, Bridget alerted Owen that she'd just seen those very designs in Ridge's office.

Owen slipped away as Bridget whipped out her phone to call Stephanie. Bridget asked for Ridge or Eric, but neither man was with Stephanie. Bridget revealed that Jackie M had ripped off the Forrester collection. "I'm on my way," Stephanie said.

Still on her call, Stephanie hopped in her car, and Bridget urged Stephanie to get there quickly. Stephanie asked that Bridget not say anything to Jackie, because Stephanie wanted to surprise her. Bridget wondered who could have done it, and Stephanie vowed to make whomever it had been pay.

Meanwhile, at Forrester, Ridge and Brooke met in the steam room for a makeout session. Marcus tapped on the door, and Ridge responded, "Marcus, not now!" Marcus entered the steam room anyway. Brooke shrieked, and frazzled, Marcus half shielded his bulging eyes with his hand. Marcus apologetically said that Ridge really needed to hear that their whole collection had just been ripped off by Jackie M. "Sorry, Auntie," Marcus murmured as he and a livid Ridge exited.

Backstage at Jackie M, Owen informed Nick that Bridget knew of the theft and had called Stephanie. Nick said Stephanie would find out anyway, and there was nothing anyone could do about that. Owen asserted that the designs were stolen, but Nick contended that they belonged to Jackie M, who'd just premiered them.

Nick strode out on stage and announced the show-stopper, which seemed to float around the model as she sashayed down the runway in it. Speaking into his recorder, an impressed Jarrett said the legacy of Sally Spectra had endured once again.

The show concluded, and Bridget looked ill as Jackie took the stage to revel in the applause. Jackie's smile, however, faded when she spotted Stephanie in the crowd. Jackie left the runway, but Stephanie quickly caught up to her backstage. Jackie turned, and Stephanie smacked Jackie across the face.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Backstage at Jackie M, Jackie threatened to call security. Stephanie accused Jackie of stealing, but Jackie feigned ignorance about any theft. Stephanie guessed the sabotage had to do with Eric, but Jackie laughed at the thought of her exacting revenge on a man she pitied for being with Stephanie. Jackie thought Stephanie was just bitter because some of Jackie's designs looked similar to Forresters'. Stephanie raged that Jackie had stolen the entire line, and she berated Jackie for turning the place into a knockoff factory. She declared that Jackie had become Sally Spectra, "the Queen of Knockoffs."

Stephanie wished Jackie had appealed to her instead of resorting to thievery. Jackie quipped that Stephanie had better not pretend she hadn't turned on Jackie the moment she'd suspected something between Jackie and Eric. Jackie proclaimed that she and Stephanie had shared fond memories, but they were over. "All we are to each other is competitors!" Jackie declared.

Stephanie immediately figured the design theft had been an inside job, and Jackie had bribed someone or used her sex appeal. "Not mine," Jackie murmured under her breath. Stephanie pressed for an answer, but Jackie said she wouldn't bicker with Stephanie after having the showing of her career. Scoffing, Stephanie vowed to figure out who the accomplice had been, and she swore it wouldn't be pretty. "And you know me," Stephanie ominously whispered before striding out.

In Nick's office, Nick entered and saw Pam sobbing. Pam said she didn't regret hurting Stephanie; however, Pam felt bad for the others at Forrester. She felt as if she were leaving her family. Hugging her, Nick said she was joining a new family, Jackie M. Nick received a call alerting him that Stephanie was in the showroom with Jackie. Pam guessed it was time for her to face the music. Nick, however, said Stephanie might not be aware of Pam's involvement, and they should keep it that way.

Pam thought it wouldn't be hard to figure out what she'd done, especially since she'd be at Jackie M. Nick nodded, but hinted that it would be a shame to lose access to the Forrester designs. Pam guessed that he wanted her to remain a spy at Forrester. He reasoned that they should keep quiet until the Forresters discovered the truth on their own -- if they ever would. Nick figured that if no one found out about Pam's involvement, then he and Pam could be "helping" each other for a long, long time.

As Pam fretted about the situation, Jackie entered. Pam asked if Stephanie suspected Pam. Replying that Stephanie had never had any regard for Pam in the past, Jackie wondered why Stephanie would start thinking about Pam "now." Nick said Pam was in the clear, and she could keep pilfering designs. Pam, however, had hoped to be free of Forrester, and the thought of returning and pretending was unappealing.

Nick asked Jackie to give him and Pam time alone. Jackie left, and Nick took Pam's hands. He expressed sincere gratitude for what Pam had done for them, and he asked her to keep doing it -- for him. Pam wanted to keep helping him, but she'd dreamed of the day she could finally tell Stephanie off. Nick said Pam couldn't confess because there was much more to accomplish. He suggested that Pam make amends with Stephanie and see how far the partnership could go.

Pam whined in displeasure, because she belonged at Jackie M. She felt uneasy about answering phones and baking for those she'd betrayed and said she couldn't do it. Nick kissed her on the lips and uttered that she could. Pam melted and said that when he kissed her that way, there was nothing she couldn't do. She decided that she'd steal more designs and even nab office supplies. She asked for one more kiss for courage, and after he obliged her, she vowed that no one would suspect a thing of her.

Pam left, and Jackie returned. Nick explained that Pam had agreed to continue infiltrating Forrester. Jackie asked what he'd said to Pam, but then wondered if it were something he'd done. With a tissue, Nick just silently wiped lipstick from his mouth.

In the corridor at Forrester, Beverly strode up to greet Oliver, who informed her that Jackie M had ripped off their designs. Beverly didn't understand what had happened, and Oliver explained to her about design knockoffs. He said whoever had helped Jackie M would be in serious trouble.

Meanwhile, Brooke was still damp from the steam room as she rushed into Ridge's office. Eric entered in time to hear Ridge say that Jackie M had really stolen the entire collection. Hope rushed in next, and the four of them discussed how it possibly could have happened. Hope and Eric guessed that an outsider had outsmarted their security, but Ridge suspected that it had been an inside job. Eric felt as if he'd be sick, but Brooke assured him that they'd find out who'd done it.

Hope accessed Internet pictures of Jackie M's showing, and Eric was livid to see that the knockoffs were their exact designs with bows added to them. Ridge wondered how Jackie M had gotten their hands on the showstopper. As Hope silently thought of Beverly, Stephanie blazed in, rasping about Jackie and the stolen collection. Hope said she had a clue as to who'd helped Jackie, and Hope reminded Stephanie that Beverly had been taking pictures. "I think she stole our designs!" Hope declared.

Eric made a call to summon Beverly to the office and then joined Ridge and Brooke in questioning Stephanie and Hope about the incident with Beverly. Stephanie and Hope said it had really seemed as if Beverly hadn't understood that she'd done something inappropriate. Beverly knocked on the door, and Eric asked everyone to be careful with her.

The moment Beverly entered, she sensed the tension in the room. She figured that something was wrong and guessed it had to do with the Jackie M showing. Stephanie bluntly asked if Beverly had sold their designs to Jackie M. Hope said she'd seen Beverly taking the pictures, but Beverly stated that she'd explained that already. Hope replied that the explanation was no longer good enough because all Ridge and Eric's hard work had just wound up on the Jackie M runway.

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