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Caroline stripped to her lingerie for Rick, but his mind was still caught up with Maya. Dayzee advised Maya to respect Caroline and Rick's relationship. After Taylor warned Katie about Brooke and Bill, Katie caught Brooke and Bill in a compromising position.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 18, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, March 18, 2013

In the Forrester showroom, everyone had left but Rick. Brooke and Bill emerged from backstage, and Rick beamed with excitement about the relaunch of Brooke's Bedroom. Bill touted that he'd said they could do it, and Rick and Brooke should remember that whenever they thought of doubting him.

Brooke was excited to work with her children again and optimistic about a rise in sales. Rick apologized for the poor sales report, but Brooke doubted he'd lose his job over one report. Brooke and Rick hugged, and he decided to head back to his office before Thomas concocted a coup of his own.

Rick exited, and Taylor strode in, charging that Brooke had made a complete spectacle of herself. Brooke, however, remarked that she'd done well because she'd gotten the go-ahead for Brooke's Bedroom despite Taylor's influence.

Taylor accused Brooke of hijacking Thomas' presentation. Brooke responded that it hadn't been personal; she'd just needed to get Eric's attention. "So you stripped down to your underwear?" Taylor challenged. Brooke scoffed that there was nothing wrong with underwear. "You wear it -- for Eric, apparently," Brooke quipped.

Taylor said that wearing underwear wasn't the point, but Bill asserted that it was precisely the point of Brooke's Bedroom, which was a proven winner. Taylor suggested that Bill ask if Thomas felt like a winner. Bill asserted that Thomas was talented -- but wrong. To Bill, Forrester Creations wasn't about warehousing and "click-and-buy." Instead, it was high-end and classy.

Doubting that Brooke in her skivvies was classy, Taylor asked why Bill was even involved. Bill claimed that he had a stake in the company. Brooke added that Taylor might be disappointed for Thomas, but it was all about the bottom line. Taylor called Brooke an attention junkie and a desperate, aging fool who couldn't dust off her decades-old act and pretend it was new.

Taylor declared that they weren't doing it. She was sure that Eric would return to his senses and realize how undignified the whole thing was. Bill asserted that Taylor's kind of thinking was what had hobbled the company. Bill challenged the very word "undignified" in their day and age. Taylor thought it was becoming obvious that Bill was Brooke's number one fan. Brooke quickly noted that Eric was Taylor's. "Eric is available!" Taylor exclaimed.

Bill decided that Taylor could use a few sessions on her own couch to help her put her personal baggage about Brooke aside and see the profit potential. Brooke told Bill not to waste his breath because Taylor couldn't think like a businesswoman.

"This is how it's going to be," Brooke said. Stepping toward Taylor, Brooke asserted that Forrester Creations wasn't going to pinwheel into the future with discounts and warehouse outlets, and they wouldn't change the structure of the business. Instead, they would do what worked, like Brooke's Bedroom, and there was nothing Taylor could do to stop it.

Taylor insisted that Brooke would make the company a laughingstock; however, Bill said that the same way the young demographic emulated Hope, the older demographic would emulate Brooke. Taylor asked if Bill planned to brainstorm with Brooke over bras and panties while his wife was at home, changing diapers. Taylor implored Brooke to examine what she was doing with her sister's husband and stop herself before the damage was irreversible.

Taylor exited, and Brooke growled with irritation. Bill told Brooke to forget about Taylor. He said Brooke had commanded the stage as if it were another day at the office. Brooke said she felt alive to be contributing to Forrester again, and she thanked Bill for giving her confidence and for believing in her.

Bill said he'd be by Brooke's side, and Brooke was glad for that because her doubts crept in whenever people like Taylor said, "at your age." Bill suggested that they let Taylor choke on her bitter pills. He was sure Brooke had secured her children's futures, and people would see her for the visionary she was. Brooke said she'd depend upon Bill, and he told her not to hesitate in doing so.

To celebrate, Bill popped open a bottle of champagne. Brooke didn't think it was a good idea, but Bill handed her a glass of bubbly anyway. Brooke toasted him, and he toasted her. Compromising, Bill said, "To us," and they gazed at each other as they sipped the drinks.

In Rick's office, Rick chuckled upon seeing that Thomas was awaiting him. Thomas advised Rick to enjoy it while it lasted because Brooke had saved Rick by doing what she did best. Though Rick understood that Thomas was upset because Brooke had blown his proposal off the map, Rick snarled that Thomas had better not disrespect Rick's mother again.

Thomas insisted that Forrester couldn't cling to the past, as the first quarter numbers had indicated. Rick said Brooke's Bedroom would turn it around, but Thomas quipped that a 50-year-old woman wearing lingerie was "Ooh, edgy." Thomas thought his vision would make the company relevant. Rick advised Thomas to let go of that vision because Thomas was the only one who believed in it.

Thomas asserted that his vision was the future, and Eric would realize it once the throwback to Brooke's Bedroom sank under its own weight. Rick said that Thomas could believe that Rick would lose his position, but for the time being, "that door" had Rick's name on it.

Thomas maintained that the next quarter's numbers would be worse, and Brooke would sink the place. Rick rebutted that Brooke had been nothing but an asset to the business, and Brooke Bedroom would open up a new market of "40 and over" women who embraced their sensuality.

Rick suggested that, instead of hoping for failure, Thomas design his own new line and be grateful that they'd moved in a new direction. Thomas guessed Rick would like Thomas to fall out of the running; however, Thomas said he knew what the company needed, and it wasn't a retro lingerie line.

Rick advised Thomas to accept that Taylor's exploitation of her relationship with Eric hadn't worked. Rick imagined that it was hard for Thomas to have his ideas fall on deaf ears, but Rick believed that Thomas was an asset. Rick said it would benefit everyone if Thomas would get on board.

Just then, Caroline interrupted and asked for a moment alone with the president. Thomas left, and Caroline slinked up to Rick to flirt with him. Rick noted that she was in a cheery mood, and she said she was hoping he'd give her a reason to be cheery. Rick remarked that a lot was going on, and Caroline noted that he also had his job at Dayzee's. She hoped they wouldn't lose him to the food industry. Grinning, Rick replied, "Not a chance."

Caroline said she wanted to show Rick that Brooke wasn't the only one who could rock some lingerie. As Rick drank some water, he looked at Caroline. Water sprayed from his mouth when he saw that she'd stripped out of her dress. "It's yours, Rick. Just reach out and take it," Caroline told him.

At Katie's house, Donna and Katie continued to talk about Bill and Brooke's friendship. Donna remarked that not many women would let Brooke near their husbands, let alone encourage a friendship. Katie replied that she trusted her husband and her sister.

The topic moved onto Bill's concern that Katie was overcompensating for lost time with Will. Katie figured that Bill could be right, and frustrated, she stated that he wanted more of her. "More attention, more..." Katie trailed off, and Donna concluded, "More sex?"

Katie wondered if she should plan something special for Bill, and Donna hopped at the chance to babysit. Donna said that Bill loved his wife, but he had needs. Katie wondered if someone else would fulfill them if she didn't. Katie murmured that Bill and Brooke had kissed, and Donna gasped.

Katie said Taylor had told her about the kiss, and when Katie had confronted Brooke, it had been written all over Brooke's face. Donna thought Katie seemed awfully okay with it. Katie was sure Bill and Brooke weren't having an affair, and Katie thought she couldn't be upset because she'd pushed them toward each other. Katie said they'd promised it wouldn't happen again, and she believed them.

Later, Katie was alone when the upset Taylor arrived to say that Brooke was up to her old tricks again. Taylor revealed that Brooke was walking around in her underwear again, and Brooke was doing it with Bill. Taylor claimed she knew the signs, and it would lead to nothing but heartache for Katie.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
by Pam

At Katie's, Taylor warned Katie about Bill and Brooke's latest liaison. Taylor shared that Brooke had pitched Brooke's Bedroom to Eric in some very inappropriate lingerie, and Eric had decided to relaunch Brooke's Bedroom. Taylor insisted that Bill had encouraged Brooke, and it had been his idea for Brooke to model. Katie argued that Taylor had been out to get Brooke for a long time. Katie accused Taylor of being a sore loser.

Taylor pressured Katie to do something because Taylor knew how Brooke operated when she wanted something. Taylor insisted that Brooke would be running around the office with hardly anything on. Taylor reminded Katie that Brooke and Bill had kissed and crossed the emotional line before. Taylor worried aloud that Brooke and Bill had a bond, and Taylor wondered how far it had already gone.

Taylor claimed that she had seen Brooke and Bill's connection in the showroom, and Taylor didn't like the way that Bill and Brooke had looked at each other. Katie looked concerned. Taylor continued her rant, and Katie begged Taylor to stop. Katie called Donna to babysit immediately. Katie asked Taylor to watch the baby until Donna arrived. Katie left for Forrester.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Caroline had stripped down to her underwear and begged Rick to spend some time with her. She said that she was "waiting to be ravished." Rick said he was the company president, and his sales figures had not been good. He explained that he had been distracted, and Caroline inquired who had distracted him. Rick was surprised. Caroline said she couldn't understand how Rick had gone from a guy who couldn't keep his hands off her to a man who no longer wanted her.

Caroline promised to get all glammed up and party with Rick all night. Caroline said they were long overdue for some fun, and she had missed that. They kissed. Caroline shook her head. She knew that Rick was thinking of someone else, and she left to get a massage. Rick looked at pictures of Maya on his phone and recalled their shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.

At Maya's, Maya explained to Dayzee how she had spent the day and night with a sweet waiter from Dayzee's. Maya shared her adventure at Forrester Creations boutique on Rodeo Drive. Maya confessed that she'd had no idea who the waiter was until one of the clerks in the boutique had called him Mr. Forrester.

Maya said she felt like she had been burned. Maya said she didn't want to be a charity case, and their meeting had been a fluke. Dayzee was surprised. Maya explained that Rick had told her that she had treated him like a regular guy for the first time in his life. Maya added that she and Rick had kissed on Rodeo Drive.

Dayzee warned that Rick was the president of Forrester Creations. Dayzee added that Caroline Spencer and Rick were very close, and Rick would probably marry Caroline -- they were from two of the wealthiest families in Los Angeles. Dayzee worried that photographers could have seen Rick and Maya, and Rick would have had to explain what he had done. Dayzee warned that she had given Maya a place to stay, but she added one restriction. "No more Rick Forrester," Dayzee said.

Dayzee admitted that she also was a Forrester. She explained that Marcus' adopted dad was also Rick's dad. Maya was surprised.

At Forrester, Brooke and Bill celebrated Brooke's victory with glasses of champagne. Brooke giggled and noted that Taylor was not happy that Brooke had won Eric over with a reintroduction of Brooke's Bedroom. Brooke said that Taylor would not take the defeat "lying down."

Brooke assured Bill that Taylor would do her best to convince Eric that Thomas should be president, and Brooke added that Eric and Taylor shared a bed. Bill wanted to give Eric the benefit of the doubt that he would make a good business decision.

Bill praised Brooke and recalled that Steffy had tried to pull off the lingerie line, but she had failed. Bill drooled that it had taken Brooke -- the expert in sexy lingerie -- to reintroduce the Brooke's Bedroom line.

Brooke giggled and reveled in the success. She said it reminded her of when she discovered BeLieF. She felt renewed. She thanked Bill for believing in her. Bill said that Ridge would kick himself when he discovered what had happened. Brooke said she was more motivated than she ever had been. She caressed Bill's hand and gazed at him with a sexy smile.

Bill poured more champagne, but Brooke said she was already tipsy. They shared another glass of champagne, but Brooke worried that someone might see them. She said that he shouldn't be drinking. Bill admitted that he was arrogant, brash, pigheaded, and "passionate about everything I do and everyone I love." He said that the Katie he had married was drawn to that, but he felt the new Katie was repelled by him.

Bill lamented that Katie wanted to transform him. "I am who I am, and I am not changing for Katie or anyone," Bill said. Brooke offered to talk to Katie again, and Bill agreed. He thanked Brooke and remarked that at one time, Katie was more like Brooke. Bill promised to buy everything Brooke sold, and Katie would wear every one of them -- or at least she would have at one time.

Bill worried that if he asked Katie to put on a teddy, she'd accuse him of having a sex addiction. Brooke advised Bill to be patient with Katie. Bill told Brooke she was back in the spotlight, and her new line would arouse the world, and he anticipated sales through the roof.

Brooke giggled and wondered how Bill knew she would be a success. Bill said he knew. He picked Brooke up and twirled her around, and they fell over on the bed. Katie entered, and she looked furious. Brooke looked guilty and tried to pull her lingerie to cover her bosom when she spotted Katie. "Take your hands off my husband," Katie seethed.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
by Pam

At Forrester, Katie shouted at Brooke and Bill on the bed. "Get the hell away from my husband," Katie seethed. Bill and Brooke tried to defend themselves. Bill admitted it looked bad, but the bed and Brooke's clothes had been props for the show they had pulled off at Forrester.

Bill said Katie was mistaken to think it had been anything else. Brooke explained that Bill had been supportive, and Brooke said they had celebrated their victory over Taylor. Brooke encouraged Katie to be happy for Brooke because she had successfully relaunched the Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke cooed that she and Bill had pulled off a major coup. They had prevented Thomas and Taylor from gaining control of Forrester.

Katie ranted about Bill's encouragement to get Brooke to parade around in her underwear in front of him. Katie angrily accused Bill and Brooke of being drunk. Katie added that Brooke and Bill knew that Katie disapproved of Bill's drinking. Bill objected that they had merely had a well-deserved toast to success.

Brooke warned Katie to lighten up and accept Bill for who he was. Katie lamented that she had trusted them, but she wanted to know if something else was going on. Brooke reminded Katie that Katie was lucky to have Bill. Brooke recommended that Katie should step back and join in the festivities.

Brooke asked Bill to leave the room, and he did. Katie issued a warning to her sister. "How dare you tell me what I need to do for my husband," Katie said.

Brooke reminded Katie that Bill was a very successful man, and Katie had been unavailable to him. Brooke told Katie to realize what she had. Katie mocked Brooke. Katie said that she had seen Brooke's pattern before. Katie said that because of Brooke's admiration and praise for Katie's husband -- it was obvious Brooke wanted Bill to be another of her victims.

Katie recognized that Brooke was on a mission to bed Bill. Brooke had the tone in her voice that she knew she could have any man she wanted, and Katie accused Brooke of using her flirty smile and giggle to get what she wanted.

Brooke wondered if Katie had stopped taking her meds. Katie countered that Brooke thought Katie was na´ve, but Katie warned Brooke that nothing would happen between Brooke and Bill because Katie would not allow them to work together. Bill returned and questioned if Katie was giving him orders.

Katie commanded Bill to tell Brooke that nothing would ever happen between Bill and Brooke. "She needs to hear it from you," Katie shouted. Brooke squinted at Bill and Katie.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Rick reviewed some paperwork, and Taylor interrupted and sniped at him about Brooke's performance. Taylor called it underhanded and embarrassing. Taylor felt Brooke had upstaged Thomas' presentation.

Rick reminded Taylor that Thomas had gotten his chance. Thomas had finished his presentation, and Brooke had had a much better idea, Rick said. Taylor disagreed, and she promised that Eric would rethink his decision after he returned from his out-of-town trip. Taylor said that Brooke would damage the company's reputation and that Katie agreed that Brooke and Bill should not work together.

Rick accused Taylor of alienating Katie because Taylor disliked Brooke. Rick reminded Taylor it was business -- not a personal vendetta against Taylor or her family. Taylor countered that she knew how Brooke operated when she wanted something. Taylor insisted that Brooke and Bill's connection was more than business, and Katie had agreed.

Taylor ranted about Brooke's inappropriate relationships, prancing around in her underwear and Bill Spencer's bizarre involvement. Rick suggested that Taylor "get over it and stop obsessing about Brooke Logan."

In another office at Forrester, Hope discovered the wedding dress design for Steffy, and Liam entered. Hope announced that Liam would find Steffy consoling Thomas because Thomas had gotten another chance to make a presentation to Eric, but Eric had chosen Brooke's presentation to relaunch the Brooke's Bedroom line.

Hope added that Bill had helped Brooke pull the presentation together. Liam questioned what had happened to Steffy's Intimates line, and Hope mentioned it would be on the backburner. Hope suddenly realized it would have to be on the backburner because Steffy was pregnant and would not be modeling lingerie.

Hope added that she had seen sketches for Steffy's wedding dress, and Liam and Steffy needed to get married soon, or Steffy's dress wouldn't fit. Hope started to break down. Hope said she couldn't stand seeing Steffy every day. Hope admitted that she had asked Steffy to leave Forrester.

Hope lamented that Steffy was having Liam's baby and was going to be his wife. "And I hate it," Hope said. Hope admitted that she would always wonder if Steffy hadn't gotten pregnant on purpose. Liam said the responsibility fell on both of them, but Hope claimed Steffy was too smart to make a mistake. Hope didn't trust her.

Hope cried that Steffy had taken Hope's life, and it was unfair. Liam sadly agreed. "It's done, and it's really over," Hope said. She acknowledged that Liam would have a family with Steffy, and it was Hope's worst nightmare. Liam didn't know what to say. Liam hugged Hope, and he left. Hope stared at the design for Steffy's dress. Liam peeked back into the office and sadly stared at Hope.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This was an anticipated scheduling change, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 25, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 20 episode concluded.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This was an anticipated scheduling change, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 25, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 20 episode concluded.

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