The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on B&B
Taylor deduced that Brooke had attempted to use Eric to cover up an affair with Bill, which had almost produced a baby. Brooke's birthday party turned bad when Taylor insisted upon telling the guests the truth. Carter and Maya landed starring roles on Rafael's web series. A new prince charming entered Hope's life.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 24, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, June 24, 2013

In the woods, cartoon-romance-type music played as the stranger kissed Hope, and her eyes fluttered open. The harp, flute, and violin music continued play as he carried her to her cabin and set her on the sofa. She asked what had happened. He said she'd taken his picture, run off, and knocked herself out when she'd fallen.

Hope grimaced with embarrassment as her memory of it returned. She noticed that he'd located some clothes, and recalling the kiss, she asked if he had a habit of kissing unconscious women. He replied that she'd been the first. He remarked that it had seemed like a good plan at the time, and though it had been ridiculous, it had actually worked.

He asked if Hope always spied on naked strangers. Hope claimed she hadn't been spying; she'd been walking. He asked why she'd taken the picture, and she replied that no one would have believed she'd seen a guy showering in the woods without proof. She said he didn't have to worry about the picture winding up on the Internet because she'd probably lost her phone in the woods.

Hope giggled, embarrassed to be sitting with the guy she'd photographed nude. She swore stuff like that didn't normally happen to her. She showed him the door and apologized for being rude enough to take the picture. He replied that he was kind of flattered by the action.

Hope offered to let him use provisions at the cabin if he needed them, but he said he was set at his camp. She mumbled that it had been nice to meet him. He tried to kiss her on her cheek, but the kiss landed partly on her lips. After he silently left, Hope closed the door and grinned to herself.

At work, Liam was staring at photos of Hope on his phone when Brooke arrived to ask why he wasn't still at Big Bear with Hope. Liam explained that he'd left because he hadn't been able to stop thinking about what had happened to his marriage. Brooke said Steffy had gone, and he couldn't help that. Liam cited that it was irritating when people kept making decisions for him without consulting him.

Brooke asserted that Liam needed to stop making the same mistakes over and over. She declared that Hope was his future, and Steffy was his past. Liam explained that it would take time for him to wrap his head around Steffy leaving and abandoning their plans for a family.

Brooke understood that, but she warned Liam that Hope had been waiting a long time for him. Brooke wanted him to be the man for Hope, but Brooke wondered if he expected Hope to keep waiting around if another man offered his whole heart to her.

Brooke advised Liam to trust Steffy, who'd said to go back to Hope, because Steffy knew what was best for them all. Brooke left, and Liam texted Hope a message that asked her to call him.

At the studio, Rafael prepped Carter for his readings and chatted with Caroline about how great it was to see each other again. Caroline hoped she hadn't talked Maya up too much. Caroline said Maya was a novice but eager and pretty enough, if one liked the "rough-and-tumble" thing.

Caroline promised that the chemistry would be there with Maya and Carter, but Rafael wasn't too thrilled about Caroline using him to get rid of her competition. Caroline thought it would be good for everyone. He'd get his star, Maya would get a job, Carter would get Maya, and Caroline would get her boyfriend back. Rafael asserted that it was up to Maya; either she made the cut, or she didn't.

In Rick's office, Maya was excited about her new opportunity. Rick figured the part was already hers because she could do anything she put her mind to. She squealed, and they hugged. The nervous Maya asked for a kiss for luck. Rick kissed her and told her to go dazzle them. She replied that she wanted the job, but she really didn't need it because she was happy with how her life was at that moment.

Back at the studio, Rafael cringed as a woman on the set shouted her lines at Carter. Rafael dismissed the actress, and Maya arrived. Carter and Maya were surprised to see each other, and she asked if there was a job he hadn't done before. Carter said he'd always had an acting dream, and Maya remarked that it was a happy coincidence that they might be costars. Carter, however, called it fate.

Rafael set the scene for Carter and Maya, explaining that an administrative glitch would force the leads to share an apartment. There would be no romantic chemistry at first, but an eventual attraction would provide the angst for the show. Maya and Carter read for Rafael the scene in which the characters would discover that they'd rented the same apartment.

During the scene, an argument ensued between the characters, and it culminated in the pair's decision to share the apartment. Rafael could barely contain his pleasure as he watched the chemistry unfurl between the actors. After the reading, Rafael declared that he'd just found his leading lady.

Rafael informed Maya that his office would be in touch with her about the script and shooting schedule. He left, and the flabbergasted Carter and Maya hugged her each other. She couldn't believe she'd landed a role opposite Carter, and she couldn't wait to tell Rick. Carter's face saddened a little.

Back in Rick's office, Rick was reviewing Caroline's designs when she entered. She said that it was nice to know he liked her work, if not her personality. Rick replied that he liked her, but he'd met someone else. She wondered where "Martha," the barnacle usually on his hip, had gone.

Rick relayed that Maya had gone to an audition. Caroline hoped Maya got the part. Rick doubted Caroline's sincerity, but she said he had no idea how much she hoped it would happen for Maya.

As Rick signed for a package, Caroline received a call from Rafael, who raved about how good her advice had been about Maya and Carter. Caroline guessed it could be a win-win for them all. After the call, Rick noted that Caroline looked please. "Actually...I'm getting there," she replied.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Hope explained to Brooke that she had suggested Liam leave the cabin at Big Bear because it was too soon for them to get together.

Hope added that she and Liam had been in the same situation before. Hope insisted that she wanted him to commit to her and only her. Hope knew that Steffy was still in his heart.

The discussion between Brooke and Hope turned to how Hope had seen a handsome stranger taking a solar shower in the woods. Hope admitted that she had taken his picture and knocked herself out running away. She'd fallen and hit her head.

Hope said she had awakened to a kiss, and Brooke mistakenly assumed it had been a romantic gesture by Liam. Hope explained it had been the naked stranger -- who had found some clothes. Hope said that he had carried her back to the cabin, and they had talked. She said that he had seemed like a nice guy.

Hope said that she had later returned to his tent to thank him, but he had been gone. Hope's phone was lost. Brooke was surprised, and she reminded Hope that Liam loved her. Brooke got a call from Katie and had to meet with Katie. Hope told Brooke that it was time for Hope to get back to reality after her fairy tale.

Later, Hope walked outside on the grounds of Brooke's home, and she heard her cell phone ringing. She looked surprised and discovered that Wyatt was below the balcony, and he was holding her phone.

Hope was happy to see him, but she wondered how he had gotten through the front gates. He said he had entered with the gardeners and rung the front bell, but there had been no answer.

The man from the woods said that he knew she was Hope Logan, daughter of fashionista Brooke Logan. He took pictures of her with her camera phone and teased, "Show me shocked." They laughed, and the stranger asked Hope out for a cup of coffee. "You kind of owe me," he said.

Hope said she could do better than coffee. She invited him to her brother's Fourth of July party. The young man asked if he would be her date. Hope said he was her mystery man. He walked off, and Hope called after him to ask his name. He replied that his name was Wyatt. Hope smiled.

At Spencer, Bill quizzed Liam about his decision to meet Hope at Big Bear rather than follow Steffy to Paris. Liam said that he had called and texted Steffy, but he had gotten no response. It was clear that Steffy did not want to return home, and she wanted to end their marriage. Bill reminded Liam that Katie had taken off her rings and ended their marriage twice, but they were still together. Liam said it wasn't the same thing.

Liam lamented that Steffy was on the other side of the world and Liam still had feelings for Hope. Bill didn't believe that Liam could make it work with Hope when Liam still had strong feelings for Steffy.

Bill said that losing the baby had been a tremendous blow to both Liam and Steffy. Liam struggled with Steffy's decision to leave him, but he also wanted a chance with Hope. Bill stuck up for Steffy. Liam reminded Bill that if it had not been for the baby, Liam and Hope would have been married.

"There's no baby and no Steffy," Liam said. He didn't want to lose Hope again. Bill ordered Liam to travel to Paris. Liam disagreed and worried that Hope would find someone else. Bill scoffed that Hope would dump Liam for another guy.

At Katie's, Katie told Donna that she wanted to throw a birthday party for Brooke -- a celebration of Logan women unity. Discussion turned to Steffy, and Donna said that Steffy had hurt Hope many times. Katie said that she felt sorry for Steffy.

Donna quizzed Katie about why she wanted a party for Brooke. Katie regretted that she had been so suspicious of Brooke and Bill. Katie said that Bill had been indulging her lately, and she felt adored.

Brooke showed up, and Katie asked about panic attacks. Brooke said she had been fine, and she was happy that Katie and Bill had put their marriage back on track.

Katie took Will upstairs, and Donna and Brooke discussed how hard it was to keep Bill and Brooke's transgression and Brooke's former pregnancy secret. Brooke said that Bill was happy with Katie and Will. Brooke reminded Donna to keep her secret because she never wanted Katie to know.

Katie walked in and had overheard her sisters. She asked what Brooke and Donna wanted to keep from her.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
by Pam

At Katie's, Katie asked Brooke and Donna why they had said that Katie could never find out something. Donna and Brooke played dumb, and Katie said that she knew Brooke probably wanted to plan her own birthday party, but Katie already had plans for it.

Katie wanted to celebrate sisterhood, and Katie insisted that she would not allow Brooke to plan the party. Brooke pretended to agree, and Katie urged Brooke to get to work and leave the planning to Donna and Katie. Brooke left.

After Brooke left, Donna asked why the party was so important. Katie said there had been too much drama in the family in recent years. Their dad had moved to Texas, and they had lost Storm and their mom in recent years. Donna agreed a party was a good idea.

Katie admitted that she had invited Eric, who would bring Taylor. Donna acknowledged that Brooke would not be happy to see Taylor, but Katie said that she knew Brooke and Eric were close. Katie joked that their mother would never have been glad to see Eric with Brooke, Donna, or Taylor.

At Forrester, Taylor entered Eric's office and announced that life was good. Eric wondered how Taylor had coped with Steffy's decision to leave for Paris. Taylor said that she had spoken to Steffy and felt that it was good for Steffy to spend time with her father. Taylor said that Steffy had sounded good during their conversation, and Steffy had demanded that Taylor stop worrying about Steffy. Taylor smiled, and Eric did, too.

Taylor announced that she was planning a party, and Eric asked what they were celebrating. Taylor said she wanted to get the family together, and she even promised to invite Brooke. Taylor said that she knew that Brooke and Eric were close. Eric kissed her and left.

Later, Eric picked up a magazine on Pam's desk and recalled his time with Brooke when she had recreated their honeymoon tent. Eric was lost in thought when Pam appeared and offered Eric a lemon bar. Pam asked if Eric was bored with Taylor yet. Eric laughed and said that everything was fine.

At Forrester, Brooke entered Eric's office and encountered Taylor, who warmly greeted her. Taylor asked about Katie, and Brooke wondered if Katie was still Taylor's patient. Taylor said that her goal had always been to help Katie. Brooke said, "I'm too tired to even argue that one."

Taylor wondered why Brooke was so tired. Taylor asked if the new man in Brooke's life was wearing her out. Brooke looked away and rolled her eyes.

Brooke said that things had not worked out with her new man. Taylor peppered Brooke with questions. Taylor recalled that Brooke had said she'd met a very special person that Brooke had wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Taylor said she didn't mean to probe. Taylor apologized and said she regretted that she had accused Brooke of having an affair with Bill.

Taylor explained that it was a professional hazard that she was always trying to get to the truth of things with patients. She admitted that she had been wrong about Brooke, and she was glad that she was wrong. Brooke smiled.

Later, Taylor met with Gustav, the party planner, who suggested that foam parties were the latest thing and a total blast. Taylor said she was interested in something more elegant and classy like a giant white cabana. Gustav dished that he had just done a similar event for Brooke Logan behind her home. Taylor quizzed the planner about the big party, but Gustav said it was an intimate affair. He shared that he'd had special orders from Brooke to recreate a tent with a Southwest theme that duplicated her Palm Springs wedding and honeymoon from years before.

Taylor was incredulous because Brooke's Palm Springs wedding had been to Eric. Gustav realized he had gotten himself into trouble and ran out.

Eric entered the office, and Taylor paced the room, clearly agitated. Eric asked about her meeting with Gustav, and he couldn't wait to see the ideas. Taylor said that Gustav had had plenty to say. Eric tried to hug Taylor, but she held him at bay. She wondered about the new man in Brooke's life and said that she knew it was not Bill. "No, it's not," Eric replied.

"Are you that man," Taylor inquired. "Is there something going on between you and Brooke?"

Eric looked shocked. He wondered if Taylor was serious. Taylor shared that Gustav had told her he'd installed the tent, bed, and more in Brooke's back yard to recreate her Palm Springs wedding. Taylor knew that wedding had been to Eric.

Eric proclaimed that there was nothing to tell. Eric said that he had told Brooke that he was committed to Taylor.

Taylor noted that Eric had been at Brooke's and never shared what Brooke had done. Eric said that it wasn't what Taylor thought. He added that Brooke was not interested in him. Taylor countered that Brooke had gone to a lot of trouble to recreate their wedding. Taylor accused Eric of covering for Brooke. "What is it? Is Brooke hiding something?"

In another office, Brooke was at work, and Donna interrupted. Donna told Brooke that Taylor would be at her birthday party because Katie had invited Eric. Brooke was unconcerned because she'd had a civil conversation with Taylor earlier.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

At Katie's house, Donna and Hope helped Katie prepare for Brooke's birthday party. Katie had gathered some pictures from Forrester to decorate with, and she showed off one of Bill and Brooke. Donna murmured that it was Brooke's day, not Bill's.

Katie expressed that she was grateful for the help Brooke had lent Bill in the past, and she wanted Brooke to know it. Donna's expression soured, but Katie didn't see it. Katie beamed that she wanted Brooke to know that nothing Brooke had done would go unnoticed.

Katie revealed that she'd invited Liam to the party. Hope was okay with that; she wished he'd just decide what he wanted. Donna said that Hope was a Logan girl and shouldn't settle for less than what she wanted. Hope replied that Brooke had said the same thing.

The three women each said they looked forward to the party because it was a celebration of Logan strength. Donna wished that being a Logan didn't require so much strength. That statement reminded Katie that she'd meant to ask they how felt about Taylor being at the party. Hope thought it would be good for Taylor to see Brooke outside of a scandal and witness how Brooke had changed.

Later, Hope and Donna were talking about how well Hope thought Brooke was doing without a man in her life. Hope had once felt that Brooke had needed a man to make her happy, but Brooke was doing okay on her own. Donna questioned whether Hope thought Brooke was okay. Hope acknowledged the breakdown Brooke had experienced, but Hope said she knew what the stress of the limelight was like -- and she hadn't been on stage in her underwear.

In Eric's office, Taylor wanted to know what Brooke had been trying to accomplish with her tent seduction; however, Eric claimed he couldn't say, and Brooke probably couldn't, either. Taylor was amazed that Brooke had tried to get Eric to spend the night with her, and he asserted that he hadn't done it. "Then why keep it a secret?" Taylor asked.

Taylor thought she had a right to know if Brooke were after Eric. Eric replied that Brooke wasn't after him, and she hadn't gotten whatever she'd wanted. He stated that he was faithful to Taylor, and no walk down memory lane would change that.

Eric declared that he loved Taylor, and Brooke was not a threat to their relationship. Though Eric said Taylor was his future, Taylor asked if Brooke had wanted him to leave Taylor. He replied that he wasn't going anywhere. Guessing that Brooke had been devastated that she hadn't gotten her man, Taylor wondered if Brooke had used Eric as a distraction from Bill.

Taylor was certain that something was going on with Brooke, who'd been stressed and grieving. Taylor noted that whatever it was had put Brooke in the hospital. Eric insisted that Taylor leave it alone, but she asked why. He said he wasn't as fascinated or intrigued with Brooke's issues as Taylor was.

Later, Taylor had gone, and Katie arrived in Eric's office. Eric hoped she was looking for a babysitter, because he had good references. Katie doubted she could afford him. Katie invited him to Brooke's party, but he wasn't sure a party was a great idea after Brooke's anxiety attack. Katie said it would just be close family and friends, and he could even invite Taylor to join him.

At Dr. Caspary's office, Taylor arrived. Dr. Caspary assumed the visit was about Steffy. Taylor claimed Steffy was moving on, working overseas with her father, and Brooke was moving on, too. The doctor tensed but relaxed when Taylor added that Brooke was moving on from the anxiety attack.

Taylor claimed not to know the details of it, but she wanted to give Dr. Caspary the names of anxiety specialists for Brooke. Dr. Caspary said she'd visited Brooke when Brooke had been admitted. Taylor was surprised, but the doctor assumed Taylor would have done the same thing for a patient.

Leading Taylor out of the office, Dr. Caspary asked Taylor to email the list. Dr. Caspary closed her door and left for her break, but Taylor lingered by the door until the opportune time to sneak back in. Once she was back inside, she asked why a gynecologist would check on an anxiety disorder patient.

Taylor pulled open a drawer and located Brooke's medical file. Taylor's mind flashed back to the fishy exchanges she'd witnessed between Bill and Brooke. Figuring that there would be no problem if Brooke had nothing to hide, Taylor opened the file. She read that Brooke had exhibited high levels of hCG, and an ultrasound had been administered when Brooke had last been in the hospital.

Taylor instantly guessed that Brooke had miscarried Bill's baby. Taylor recalled asking Brooke if she'd slept with her sister's husband. "Oh, yes you did," Taylor said aloud.

At Bill's office in the evening, Brooke entered, and Bill asked her if she was ready to be in the spotlight at her party. The wary Brooke replied that she didn't feel worthy of Katie's special attention. Bill suggested that Brooke tell Katie not to throw the party. Brooke spaced out as she recalled her time with Bill. He snapped her out of it and asked her to let him know if she couldn't get past their affair.

Bill said that Brooke couldn't let "this one thing" keep her from being happy. Brooke replied that it hadn't been just one thing. Flashbacks of Brooke and Bill's time together played as they discussed what had led to Katie removing her ring. Tears flowed down Brooke's face, and Bill asked if Brooke was antsy about the party because of something she hadn't told him.

Brooke recalled her conversation with Liam earlier about him feeling uninvolved in his own life choices. Bill replied that, at times, Liam didn't seize the chance to act, but one could at least be informed. Brooke yelled that the information would only complicate things.

Bill wanted to understand what had changed after he and Brooke had put their indiscretion behind them. He recalled her collapsing at his house, and he noted that she could barely look at him anymore. He asked if she actually wanted to tell Katie. "No, I want to tell you," Brooke uttered.

Bill stated that Brooke could say whatever she needed to say, and she was probably getting worked up over nothing. Brooke claimed it wasn't nothing, and he guessed that she wanted to say that she still had feelings for him. Bill didn't want Katie or Brooke to be hurt. He said he was there for Brooke, but he needed her to be honest with him.

Brooke admitted that she hadn't been honest, and Bill declared that keeping the secret from Katie was too big of a burden for Brooke. Brooke relayed that she was keeping a secret from him, too. She uttered that she'd been grieving. "Grieving the loss of our baby," she added.

Bill became confused, and Brooke conveyed that before she'd collapsed, she'd been about to tell him that she'd been pregnant. Bill noticed that she'd spoken in the past tense, and she replied that she'd lost the child. He staggered; becoming morose, he said that he was sorry.

Brooke sobbed. She said she was sorry, too. She'd wanted to tell Bill sooner; but she'd been worried about how Katie would react. Bill hugged Brooke as she cried.

Friday, June 28, 2013

In Rick's office, Hope and Rick presented Brooke with a spa certificate and a CD of her favorite songs for her birthday. Though Brooke said she'd prefer to spend the day with them at the party, Rick and Hope expressed that they were just as eager as Katie to celebrate Brooke. As the three left the office, they decided to listen to the CD on the drive to Katie's.

At home, Bill ducked under Brooke's birthday banner to enter the living room, where Katie was setting up for the party. He flashed back to Brooke telling him about the miscarriage. Bill warned Katie not to wear herself out with the party, but Katie was giddy about honoring Brooke, who'd taught Katie to love and trust. Katie claimed she hadn't trusted men before Bill, and she'd always trusted Brooke.

Donna arrived with Marcus and Dayzee, and soon afterward, Eric arrived alone. Katie asked if Taylor would be there, and he murmured that he hoped so. Bill cited that Taylor and Brooke were not best friends, but Katie replied that it was time everyone got over the animosity.

Rick arrived with Maya, and Bill called Maya his new favorite person. She complimented his home and remarked that it was better than a jail cell. Bill quipped that she was the expert.

Brooke and Hope entered next, and the party-goers exclaimed, "Happy birthday!" Katie hugged Brooke, who exchanged looks with Bill.

In Eric's office, Taylor was telling Thomas about Brooke's tent seduction. Thomas didn't see why Brooke would want to seduce Eric. "Except to be the father of her unborn baby!" Taylor claimed. Thomas was shocked that Brooke was pregnant, and Taylor said Brooke had miscarried the baby.

Thomas asked who the father was, and Taylor claimed it was Bill Spencer. "I knew it! I knew she was lying!" she exclaimed. Thomas asked if Katie knew about it. Taylor stated that Katie was Taylor's patient, and eventually, Taylor would have to tell Katie the truth.

Thomas asked if Taylor was sure about the baby. After flashing back to reading Brooke's medical file, Taylor said she as positive.

Eric called Taylor to ask why she wasn't at the party. Taylor said to trust her when she said that she didn't think he wanted her there. He insisted that she attend for the benefit of their relationship.

After the call, Taylor said she didn't know how she could go to the party. Thomas figured Eric would understand why she didn't want to attend if he knew what she'd learned. Taylor was sure Eric already knew about the pregnancy, and the pregnancy had been the reason for Brooke's attempted seduction. Taylor couldn't believe Brooke had tried to steal Taylor's man just to save face.

Certain something would happen between Bill and Brooke again, Taylor believed it was her duty to be at the party for Katie. Thomas figured Taylor only wanted to be there to expose Brooke. Taylor said Brooke deserved it for ruining Taylor's marriage, and Taylor refused to let Brooke do that to Katie.

Thomas figured that Taylor would break Katie's heart if Katie heard the news; however, Taylor insisted that her job as a doctor was to help people face reality. Thomas suggested that she tell Eric she was sick. Taylor felt she had to tell Katie one day, and waiting wouldn't make a difference.

Thomas warned that those involved could grow to hate her. Taylor said they might, but she'd at least feel that she'd done the right thing. She was confident that Katie couldn't be happy with Bill until the secret "came to light." Thomas questioned whether Katie could be happy with Bill if it did. Taylor admitted that she wouldn't be happy with herself if things worsened while she remained silent.

Back at the party, Maya told Marcus and Dayzee that Maya and Carter had filmed the first episode of the web series. Across the room, Liam greeted Hope and asked what she'd done at the cabin after he'd left Big Bear. Hope stammered that she'd taken a walk, and she quickly changed the subject to Steffy. Liam hadn't heard from Steffy but guessed she was in Paris, getting settled in.

Eric and Donna chatted about the party. Donna figured that, due to Brooke and Taylor's history, the party might not be the best place for Taylor. Eric said he wanted Taylor there, and he hoped everyone could get over the past. Donna offered to keep him company if Taylor didn't show up.

Bill sat with Brooke, and she uttered that they had to protect Katie at all costs. Just then, the intense-looking Taylor arrived. Bill gave his seat up to Taylor, who said she had something to say to Brooke. Brooke hoped it was, "Happy birthday," but Taylor smugly replied that it wasn't.

Donna stood to make a toast to three wonderful women. Donna said they were celebrating Brooke on her birthday, and Katie, who'd thrown the party. "And lastly, to celebrate me because I'm a Logan," Donna added. Everyone toasted to the Logan girls, and Taylor grimaced.

Next, Hope praised her mother, someone she'd admired her entire life. Hope said no one loved and comforted her like her mother, who'd always put her children first.

Eric took the seething Taylor to the balcony to ask why she was glaring at Brooke. Taylor revealed that she knew that Brooke had been pregnant with Bill's baby. Eric asked who'd told Taylor that. She asserted that it didn't matter how she'd found out. She was outraged that Brooke had tried to steal Eric to cover up for an affair with Bill.

Eric didn't want to talk about it. He said it was Brooke's birthday, and they'd smile, have cake, leave, and talk about it at home. Taylor, however, raged about how Hope had raved about her "loving mother," who was really a liar. Though Eric asked Taylor to stop going on about it, Taylor insisted that Brooke didn't deserve it, and the party was a joke.

Eric commanded Taylor to calm herself down. He said he was returning to the party, and she could join him once she'd calmed down. Eric left, and Taylor took a breath and returned in time to hear Katie and her family talking about their favorite Brooke moments. Taylor flashed back to times when she and Brooke had been at each other's throats, and again, Taylor grimaced.

Katie asked if anyone had anything else to add or share about Brooke. Taylor decided that she did. She stated that all the toasts to Brooke were lovely, but untrue. Eric interrupted, but Taylor insisted that what she had to say was truer than any other thing that had been said.

Katie stated that no one wanted to hear what Taylor had to say. Taylor apologized to Katie but insisted that Katie needed to hear it. Katie said she'd invited Taylor there with the hopes of getting along. Taylor asserted that the Brooke who Katie knew was a lie. Bill stated that it wasn't the time or place, but Taylor declared that it was the perfect time.

"Do you want to tell them, Brooke, about your ugly secret, or should I?" Taylor asked.

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