The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 22, 2013 on B&B
Maya foiled Caroline's grand plan to make Carter and Maya fall for each other. Hope and Liam got engaged and consummated their relationship. Hope and Wyatt concocted a meeting that resulted in Bill Spencer learning that he had yet another son.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 22, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, July 22, 2013

In Brooke's garden, Liam extended an engagement ring to Hope and asked her to marry him. Hope said she hadn't expected a proposal, and he replied that it was their time. Overwhelmed, Hope gasped, and Liam assured her that no one would love her the way that he did. He asked to her to tell him that she'd marry him.

In a breathy voice, Hope stated, "Of course I'll marry you!" Liam placed the ring on her finger. The two hugged, kissed, and laughed in disbelief. Hope's phone rang. She answered it, and between kisses, she told Rick, "I just got engaged!" Rick congratulated her, and she clicked off the line.

"Come on; let's go!" Hope said and grabbed Liam's hand. She pulled him along the maze of garden paths until their trail ended at Brooke's cabin. Once they were inside, Liam lit candles. He said there would be no more waiting, and their life started "now."

Hope passionately kissed Liam, and he unzipped her dress. In the candlelight, the two made love and then cuddled near the fireplace under some blankets. Hope reveled in being in Liam's arms again, and a flashback montage of their past romance played on the screen. Liam said it was just the beginning, and they called each other Mr. and Mrs. Spencer.

At Liam's house, Karen told Bill that he should really get his own place. Bill claimed to have a place with his wife, but Karen called him delusional. He asked why Karen had sold out her own brother, and he concluded that family meant nothing to her. Karen didn't appreciate his lectures after what he'd done, but he claimed he'd looked out for her all her life and had made her sick amounts of money.

Karen contended that Bill had caused her a lot of grief, too. Bill guessed that Karen's problem was sibling rivalry, but Karen said he'd never seen her as a rival. She felt that he'd never lower himself to compete with a woman; however, he was in a position where he had to, and Katie would win.

Bill couldn't believe he couldn't get support from Karen after all the support he'd given her. She claimed that she couldn't support what Bill had done, but he said she could have given him the benefit of the doubt. She replied that there was no doubt about what he'd done. He reminded his sister that he'd supported her when she'd revealed her sexuality, and he'd built up the company for both of them.

Karen said Bill had done some good things, but she was the one who'd received all the complaints about his bad deeds. Bill reasoned that complaints went with the territory, but she said there would have been less of them if he hadn't sidelined her.

Bill asked what Karen's agenda was, and she claimed to be supporting an emotionally abused woman. Bill said Katie was making a big mistake by siding with Karen, and he wouldn't let it happen.

At Spencer, Brooke apologized for slapping Katie but insisted that Katie had deserved it. Katie claimed that a woman who'd sleep with her sister's husband was a slut, and Brooke asked what to call a woman who'd pushed her husband to sleep with her sister.

Brooke asserted that Katie had set up the seductions, but Brooke still wanted Katie to fight for her marriage. Brooke said Katie could hate her, but Katie shouldn't destroy her life. Katie, however, said she didn't hate Brooke; she'd just never trust Brooke. Katie felt that her life had taken a turn for the better. Running the company was what Katie wanted, and she declared that it wouldn't change.

Brooke urged her sister to take Bill back because what had happened between Brooke and Bill hadn't changed anything. Katie yelled that it had changed everything. Katie said that he'd been her husband, but he'd become "ours, or yours, -- or something." Katie insisted that she didn't want Bill, but Brooke doubted Katie meant it.

Katie stated that Brooke didn't know Katie. Guessing that Brooke thought Katie was weak and pathetic, Katie declared that wasn't who she was. Brooke asked Katie to think about Will, but Katie was appalled at Brooke's audacity to mention him. "This divorce is because of you. If my family has been damaged, it's because of you," Katie seethed.

Katie asserted that Brooke had betrayed her in the most disgusting way possible. Katie ordered Brooke to get out and to never bother returning because security wouldn't let Brooke back in.

Brooke strode out, and Katie flashed back to the day she'd taken Spencer from Bill. Bill arrived, and with an exasperated sigh, she asked how he'd gotten in there. Bill said it might be surprising, but he had a few friends in the building. Katie reached for the phone to call security. He warned her to call a lot of them because he wouldn't go easily that time.

Katie asked what Bill wanted, and he said that he wanted her, their home, and their family. Katie claimed that he'd had her until Brooke had happened along. Bill said Brooke had nothing to do with it. Katie figured he only wanted the mother of his child, but insisting that she could have the job and the company, Bill said that nothing else mattered but Katie and his family.

Katie claimed that it was no use, but the fighter in Bill refused to give up. Though he wasn't fighting for the company, he planned to fight for her and his family, and he intended to win. Katie was convinced that Bill wanted Brooke, but he said he wouldn't be there if that were true.

Katie decided that Bill wanted their marriage because, without it, he wouldn't have any power. Bill couldn't care less about the power and told her that she could have it. He only cared about having a life with her. He said it wasn't even about Will; it wasn't about the money or the power, either.

Katie uttered that Bill had broken her heart. Bill said they'd fix it, just like the other times. Katie didn't know how to fix it, and she no longer saw Bill in the same way. Bill was confident that she would again, but she asked him not to make it harder. Bill, however, refused to give up.

Later, Brooke arrived home, and Rick greeted her. Brooke expressed her frustration with Katie, and Rick wondered what more Brooke could do. Brooke didn't know, but she felt responsible for the unraveling of Katie and Bill's marriage.

Rick said that, on the bright side, Hope and Liam were engaged. Brooke gasped and giggled in excitement. She hugged Rick and said it was wonderful news. Rick replied that the world hadn't fallen apart after all.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
by Pam

At Quinn's, Quinn asked Wyatt why he had not stopped wearing the pendant. Wyatt wondered why it had been so important. Quinn accused Hope of causing problems between Quinn and Wyatt. Wyatt noted that Hope had stirred up innocent questions about the coincidence that Wyatt's necklace was the same as Liam and Bill Spencer's necklaces. Wyatt professed that he felt Hope was someone he wanted to get to know, and he planned to know her better.

At lunch at Il Giardino, Bill and Liam discussed that they both had news. Liam suggested that Bill share his news first. Bill confessed that he had probably made things worse with Katie, but he promised he would never give up. Bill said he knew that Katie was angry with him, but he would never give up trying to convince her that their son deserved to grow up in a home with a mother and a father.

Liam wondered if Bill shouldn't stay away from Katie for a while because Bill had lost the company, and Katie had already signed divorce papers. Bill explained that nothing was final. Bill added that Justin had been working on regaining ownership of the company, and Bill planned to work on convincing Katie not to give up on their marriage.

Bill changed the subject to Liam's love life. Bill asked if Steffy was on her way home from Paris. Bill anticipated that Liam and Steffy had patched things up because Liam had gone to Paris. Liam lamented that he had gone to Paris, but Steffy had told Liam that their marriage was officially over. Liam admitted that he had moved on, and he had proposed to Hope. Bill wondered what had happened.

Liam responded that he had wanted Bill's support, not a lecture. "Be happy for me," Liam advised, and he stood up to leave. Bill promised to change his attitude toward Hope. Bill encouraged Liam to sit down because Bill didn't want to lose Liam over anything. Bill promised not to push Liam away. Bill wanted to pull his family back together. Bill admitted he missed seeing Katie and Will.

Bill hoped that Liam planned a long engagement. Liam warned that it would be a very short engagement. Liam advised his father to figure out his mess with Brooke and Katie in a hurry, because Bill would not be crashing at Liam's place when Liam and his bride returned home after their wedding.

At Brooke's house, Brooke hugged and congratulated Hope on Hope's engagement. Hope shared that Liam had proposed in a very romantic moment. Hope said that she hadn't expected a proposal. Brooke said she had to leave for Forrester and asked for permission to tell Donna the news. Hope said it was fine.

The doorbell rang, and Brooke answered it on her way out. Brooke opened the door to Wyatt, who introduced himself. Brooke assumed Wyatt was the guy from the woods. She left and congratulated Hope. She promised they would celebrate later. Wyatt asked about the celebration.

Hope explained that Liam had proposed. Wyatt was surprised. He said that Liam had to have pulled out all the stops to get Hope to marry him. Hope agreed. Wyatt noticed Hope's ring and commented that Liam had great taste. Hope didn't want her relationship with Wyatt to become awkward. She was glad she had met him.

Wyatt joked that they'd had a fairytale meeting with a kiss in the woods. He added that neither of them would probably ever do that again with anyone. Hope wanted to remain friends. Wyatt agreed, and he asked a favor.

Wyatt advised Hope to let go of her suspicions about his sword pendant. Liam reminded Hope that his mom had told him his dad was dead, and asking questions about Bill and the Spencers had made his mom very tense. Hope wondered why Quinn would be so upset if Wyatt had talked about the Spencers -- someone Quinn had supposedly never met.

Hope suggested that Wyatt could arrange for an impromptu meeting between Quinn and Bill because Hope knew that Bill and Liam had arranged to meet for lunch at Il Giardino where Chef Daniel's pizza was delicious. Wyatt joked that he was always up for great pizza. Wyatt called his mom to arrange for her to meet him at Il Giardino.

Wyatt arrived at Il Giardino, and Hope watched from a distance. Quinn showed up, and a waiter took Wyatt and Quinn to a table near Liam and Bill. Bill and Quinn saw each other and locked eyes.

At Forrester, Brooke shared the news of Hope's engagement with Donna. Brooke asked Donna to tell Katie about the news. Brooke confessed that Katie would refuse to talk to Bill or Brooke. Donna said that Brooke needed to change her attitude.

Brooke shouted that Katie had hurt Bill by taking the CEO job at Spencer, firing Bill, and stealing the company out from under him. Brooke added that Will was caught in the crossfire.

Donna justified Katie's feelings and explained that Katie felt she had lost everything including her family. Donna believed that Katie was holding onto the only thing that was stable -- Spencer Publications. Brooke complained about Katie and Karen's attitude toward Bill.

Donna chastised Brooke because Brooke had blamed Katie for Brooke and Bill hooking up. Brooke defended Bill, and Donna interrupted. Donna warned that Brooke had to stop defending herself and Bill because Katie would never forgive them.

Brooke complained that everyone had made bad decisions and mistakes. Donna reminded Brooke that Brooke's mistake was hard to forgive. Brooke said Katie had been unfair to Bill. Brooke spouted off that Katie and Karen had been underhanded in stealing Bill's company from him.

Donna warned Brooke to stop blaming everyone for what Brooke had done. Donna urged Brooke to apologize to Katie.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
by Pam

At Il Giardino, Hope and Wyatt watched as Bill and Quinn locked eyes. Liam tried to get Bill's attention to order dessert, but Bill was mesmerized when he saw Quinn. Hope stood hidden from Bill and Liam's view, but Wyatt saw her after Quinn and Wyatt sat at their table.

Liam asked Bill about the woman, and Bill said he had known her a long time before. Liam suggested that Bill talk to her. Liam said that the woman was very beautiful. Bill teased that Liam was engaged and shouldn't have commented on other women. Liam asked how Bill had known her, but Bill said he wasn't sure if he did know her. Liam pressured Bill to talk to her.

At their table, Quinn begged Wyatt to leave the restaurant, but Wyatt demanded to know why she wanted to leave. Quinn made excuses about an order she had to fill. Bill walked over to the table. "I was right; that is you," Bill said to Quinn. He called Quinn by her full name, but Quinn pretended not to know him. Wyatt asked how Bill had known Quinn.

Bill asked who Wyatt was, and Quinn told Bill it was none of his business. Alarmed, Bill thanked Quinn for making his sword necklace years earlier. Wyatt silently watched as Bill teased that surely Quinn remembered him because he hadn't changed that much. Quinn ran off, and Wyatt followed her. Liam joined Bill and asked what had happened. Bill was baffled.

Hope showed up and explained to Liam and Bill that Wyatt also had a sword necklace. Bill asked about Wyatt, and Hope said that Wyatt was Quinn's son. Bill was surprised. Bill said he'd had a relationship with Quinn when she was young.

Bill confessed that Quinn had told him she was pregnant back then, but ... he trailed off. Bill went after Quinn. Outside the restaurant, Wyatt confronted Quinn. "My father didn't die in an accident. He's been alive all these years, hasn't he?" Wyatt asked. "Hasn't he?"

Wyatt demanded answers. Quinn admitted that Bill Spencer was Wyatt's father. "I didn't tell you because I was trying to protect you," Quinn blubbered. She explained that she had been a teenager when she and Bill had dated. She added that Bill had given her the money for an abortion, and he had left her. She told Wyatt that Bill had wanted nothing to do with either of them. Bill overheard the conversation, and he walked toward Wyatt and Quinn. Wyatt turned and scowled at Bill.

In the restaurant, Liam and Hope discussed that Hope had seen the necklace on Wyatt, and it had been the first clue to a connection between Quinn and Bill. Hope added that Wyatt had never known who his father was. Wyatt had spent his entire life without a dad. Liam noted that Wyatt could be Liam's half-brother.

At the studio at work on the web series, Caroline argued with Rafael. She suggested a waterbed would be a sexy addition. Rafael complained that Caroline had a personal agenda and didn't give a damn about Rafael's project. Caroline teased that she'd paid for the waterbed herself. Rafael said the waterbed could stay, but he didn't think it worked in the middle of the living room. Caroline encouraged him to revise the script -- it would all makes sense.

Carter wondered if he'd have had a chance with Maya if Rick weren't in the picture. She said Carter was a good guy and great catch. They discussed the script changes where Maya and Carter were supposed to profess their love for one another and make love. Maya warned Carter there were lines she wouldn't cross for any gig.

When they started shooting the series, Maya asked Rafael why they were rushing things and not working the romance into the script. Rafael complained, and Maya told Rafael that he acted like two different people in his direction of the show. Rafael excused himself, and Carter told Maya that she had blown their chance at acting careers. Maya disagreed. She said something wasn't right.

Maya followed Rafael to the control room where Maya overheard Caroline insist that Rafael had to demand tongue kissing in the scenes. Rafael argued, and Maya caught Caroline telling Rafael what to do.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

At Il Giardino, Bill sized Wyatt up and said, "I don't see it." Wyatt was outraged that Bill had asked Quinn to get an abortion, but Bill replied that Quinn had been even younger than Wyatt was. Bill recalled that Quinn had been working her way through design school and rebelling against her parents.

Bill remembered that he and Quinn had hooked up, but he was irritated that she'd walked into his lunch hour, professing to have his son in tow. Bill claimed to be used to money-grubbers, and Wyatt asked if Bill was his father. Quinn affirmed it, and Bill demanded an explanation. Wyatt ordered Bill to shut up and said Quinn owed nothing to a man who'd wanted Wyatt dead.

Wyatt asked his mother how it had happened, and she explained that it had been like when Wyatt had met Hope. Bill frowned, and Quinn said she'd never met anyone like Bill before. He'd entered the jewelry shop she'd worked in to buy something for the most beautiful woman in the city. "'That would be you,'" she quoted Bill's past words. Wyatt guessed she'd never heard a pick-up line before.

Quinn claimed she'd never been that close to people like Hope and Bill, who'd been born with everything. Quinn claimed people like that never had to try or ask for things. Quinn said that it could be mistaken for charm or strength. "And you can mistake it for love," she murmured.

Bill interjected that he hadn't grown up with everything, but he found it interesting that Quinn had concluded that. He asked why she hadn't contacted him or told him that he'd had a son. She quipped that she'd had a son, but he'd had a ticket back to New York. She hadn't thought she'd needed to inform him that she'd used his abortion money for rent.

Wyatt said Bill could have called Quinn, but Quinn had failed to let Wyatt decide if he wanted to have his father in his life. Quinn asserted that she hadn't wanted him to be like Bill. Wyatt felt it hadn't been her choice to make. Wyatt noted that he was finally face-to-face with his father, the tooth fairy who'd put money beneath his pillow before he'd been born with the hope that he wouldn't be.

Wyatt was done talking to his parents. He didn't trust Quinn anymore, and he said that Bill could have called to ask how the abortion had gone. Bill admitted that he and Quinn had made mistakes and reasoned that Wyatt would make a few if he lived long enough. Wyatt quipped that the dog had probably eaten Bill's homework, too. Quinn asked Wyatt to wait, but he hopped in his truck and took off.

At a table in the restaurant, Liam told Hope that it was a little odd that she'd met Wyatt, Wyatt had become smitten with her, and suddenly, Wyatt might be a Spencer. Hope figured she knew what Liam was getting at, but she said the paternity question had been her doing, not Wyatt's.

Liam was upset that Hope hadn't warned him about the situation, but Hope claimed she hadn't wanted to put the idea in anyone's head. He countered that she'd put it in Wyatt's head. At first, Hope said she hadn't, but then she admitted that she had. Liam asked how Hope had even met Wyatt.

Hope glossed over details in her explanation of meeting Wyatt on a walk at Big Bear and apologized for opening it up the issue. Liam said the problem was that he'd wanted a brother while growing up. "But now, I don't even know what I would do with one," he helplessly concluded.

Hope had strong feelings about family but remarked it had never gotten her anywhere with Deacon. Liam stated that he felt closer to Bill than anyone would have guessed. Hope said Liam didn't have to know Wyatt, and Liam asked if Hope had to know Wyatt. She replied that she didn't have to, but if Wyatt were Liam's brother, she'd want to know him.

Liam decided to find out what was keeping Bill, Quinn, and Wyatt. As Liam paid the bill, he asked why his father couldn't drink scotch aged after World War II. Hope replied that Bill would accept nothing but the best, and neither would she. "And that's you," she told Liam, and they kissed.

At Forrester, Donna and Pam had paged Rick to their desk to discuss whether he should be with Maya or Caroline. Donna was for Caroline, but Pam quipped that all Caroline and Donna had ever discussed were things pertaining to hair. Pam was all for Maya, who wasn't stuck up.

Rick stifled his irritation with the ladies and told them he'd be in his office, ignoring their pages. Pam asked him to hold on, and she pitched the idea of Maya wearing their designs on the web series. Donna protested, but Rick decided he'd talk to the show's producer.

At the studio, Maya quickly deduced that Caroline had been behind all the raunchy scenes on the set. Carter joined the conversation, and Maya expressed disappointment that Rafael wasn't legitimate. Rafael explained that he'd tried to make everyone happy because his actors had great chemistry and because Caroline's family had more money than God.

Rafael decided to return to the original script and incorporate the guinea pigs. Caroline balked at the idea, and Maya asked how Rafael could let Caroline take over the show. Caroline admitted to rewriting a scene or two, but she quipped that someone had a guilty conscience. Rafael walked off, and Carter asked Caroline why Maya would feel guilty. "It's all on video," Caroline replied.

Maya asked if Caroline had been out to humiliate Maya and if Carter had known about. Carter replied that he hadn't, but to him, it was apparent why Caroline had done it. Maya figured out that Caroline had been trying to make Rick upset enough to issue Maya an ultimatum about their relationship. Caroline asked what Maya would have said if Rick had asked her to give up acting.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You don't deserve him," Caroline concluded in Maya's silence. Caroline claimed she'd never do what Maya had done for a job, but Maya said it hadn't been the job until Caroline had made it so. Caroline snipped that she hadn't seen Maya complaining.

Carter replied that Maya had protested, and Maya added that she would have left if she'd been working with any actor other than Carter. She told Caroline to understand that Caroline's tricks wouldn't have worked because Rick hadn't left Caroline for Maya; he'd left Caroline because he'd been done with her.

Rafael called everyone to their positions and noticed that one guinea pig was missing. Caroline followed Maya on the set, arguing that Rick had adored Caroline. Caroline stated that Maya hadn't seen what all the magazines had been writing about Caroline and Rick because Maya had been in jail. Caroline wondered what they'd write about Maya and "Wonder-Abs" once the scenes aired.

As Rafael approached and fired Caroline, Rick arrived and noticed a rodent on the floor. Caroline squealed and hopped on the waterbed in her heels. She stomped on the bed, screaming in terror, and her heels punched holes in the bed lining. Water shot up like a geyser and soaked the pouting Caroline.

Rafael helped Caroline out of the bed and wrapped a towel around her. She called him a traitor, but he claimed he'd done all that she'd asked. He apologized to everyone for failing to make something good for everyone. Carter figured that they at least had footage for their portfolios. Maya hoped they'd still get paid, and agreeing, Rafael murmured that he'd be broke again.

Carter and Rafael left in search of the guinea pig, and Caroline guessed that Rick hated her. Rick said Caroline had tested his relationship, and it had passed. Caroline insisted that there was something between Carter and Maya. Rick shook his head, saying he didn't know what to believe about Caroline anymore. Caroline said she loved him, and love made people do crazy things.

Caroline sadly walked off, and Rick hugged Maya.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Inside the restaurant, Brooke and Eric were having lunch. Brooke informed Eric of Hope and Liam's engagement and guessed Taylor would want Eric to boycott the wedding. The glum Eric revealed that Taylor had walked out on him, and he wasn't sure if she'd be back.

Eric conveyed that he'd called Taylor out on her behavior at the party, but Taylor had been convinced that she'd done the right thing. Taylor had left, and he hadn't spoken to her since. Brooke expressed sympathy for him, but he didn't want to dwell on what wasn't meant to be.

The topic turned back to Hope and Liam's wedding, and Eric offered to design the gown. He asked if Brooke wanted to hold the wedding in Italy again, but she said she didn't want to dredge up bad memories. She didn't think it mattered where the couple got married. The important thing was that Liam had made up his mind, and no one would get in the way that time.

Outside, Liam pulled his car up beside Bill and Quinn. Hopping into the car, Bill ordered Liam to follow the green truck. After they had sped off, Hope approached Quinn and asked if Wyatt and Bill had caught up to Quinn. Quinn quipped that it had all caught up to her, thanks to Hope.

Hope guessed that her suspicions about Wyatt and Bill were true. Quinn seethed that her son had never been so angry, and she asked what had given Hope the right to interfere in something that personal. Quinn said that Wyatt was all she had, but Hope had jeopardized their relationship.

Hope explained that growing up wondering about one's father was a difficult thing. Quinn asserted that she'd solved that by telling her son that his father had died. Hope, however, was glad that Bill and Wyatt knew. Quinn asked if Hope was trying to earn a badge for messing with people's lives.

Quinn didn't even know if she'd see her son again. Hope was sure that Liam and Bill could help to calm Wyatt down, and she stated that it was better for everyone that the truth was out. Quinn countered that the truth was what one made of it, but Hope's "truth" had ruined everything.

Quinn argued that doing the best for Wyatt while he'd gown up had sometimes meant making tough choices. "Like lying," Hope concluded. Quinn called Hope "so young" and black and white, and she said Hope had no idea what kind of man Bill Spencer was.

Hope asserted that she knew what kind of man Bill was, and she and Bill barely tolerated each other. Hope stated that regardless of Hope's feelings for Bill, they'd had a right to know. Quinn argued that it had been her decision and guessed that Hope had done it because she had an interest in Wyatt.

Hope explained that she was engaged to Liam. Quinn hoped Liam would keep Hope busy, because Quinn wanted her away from Wyatt. Hope reckoned that it would be hard to avoid her brother-in-law, but she assured Quinn that, as bad as Bill was, he loved his family and took care of his own.

Quinn murmured that Bill would take Wyatt away from her, and she wanted to know why Hope hadn't minded her own business. Brooke walked up and asked what was going on. Quinn retorted that Hope had stuck her privileged nose in where it hadn't belonged, and Quinn left to search for her son.

As Brooke and Hope returned to Brooke's table, Hope explained that it had been Wyatt's mother, Quinn. At the table, Eric bade the ladies farewell and took off. Brooke inquired further about the incensed Quinn, and Hope reminded Brooke about the sword charm mystery. Brooke was shocked when Hope revealed that Wyatt was Bill's son.

Before entering the Quinn warehouse, Bill asked for Liam's help in convincing Wyatt to embrace being a Spencer. Bill and Liam made their way up to Wyatt's apartment, and Wyatt noted that they'd followed him. Bill asked if Wyatt lived in the warehouse, and Wyatt retorted that he "used to."

Wyatt explained that they were in Quinn's jewelry warehouse. Noticing Wyatt's bags, Bill asked where Wyatt was going. Wyatt replied that he'd go camping because he couldn't stay at the warehouse.

Bill began to explain that he hadn't known, but Wyatt countered that Bill had given out abortion money without caring enough to see if the job had gotten done. Bill claimed to be glad that Quinn hadn't done it. Chuckling, Bill stated that he had three sons. "We're like the Cartwrights!" he exclaimed and explained it was like the family on a Western television show he'd seen as a kid.

Wyatt said that if Bill wanted a touching reunion, it wouldn't happen because Wyatt wasn't the mushy type. Liam remarked that it was like father, like son. Wyatt yelled that Bill was Liam's father, not Wyatt's. Liam said he knew everything Wyatt was feeling because Liam hadn't known Bill, either.

Liam recounted that his mother had been dead, and he'd had no family. After finding his father, he couldn't imagine his life without Bill and his little brother, Will. Liam understood that it was a lot to take in, but he asked Wyatt to give his two brothers and father a chance before running off.

Grabbing his bags, Wyatt decided he was headed for the woods. Bill stopped Wyatt from leaving until he'd heard Bill out. Bill didn't peg Wyatt as one who'd run away. Instead, it seemed like Wyatt confronted things head-on. Wyatt said he'd done that, and he was finished. Bill, however, disagreed.

Bill felt that he and Wyatt owed Quinn a chance to explain. Wyatt yelled that Bill didn't deserve anything after telling Quinn to "fix it" on her own. Bill admired that Wyatt still defended his mother.

Wyatt grabbed his bags to leave, and Bill told him to throw two more sleeping bags in there, so that Liam and Bill could go, too. Liam said he was up for camping. Wyatt yelled that he wanted to get away from all of them; however, Bill said that Wyatt could never get away from family.

Wyatt figured Bill preferred traveling first class to sleeping on the ground. Bill said he didn't fly first class; he had his own jet, and he was just as comfortable there as he was on the ground. Liam said he'd like to see Caroline go camping. "That'd be your cousin," Liam added, turning to Wyatt.

Bill conveyed that he didn't care where they went, as long as they got to know each other. Wyatt stated his full name and began to toss out trivia about himself, such as his favorite color and ice cream flavor. "There. You know me," he concluded.

Bill asked what the markup was on the jewelry, and Wyatt replied that it was three hundred percent. Bill thought that was huge, but Wyatt explained that Quinn had been practically giving it away in the years before he'd been old enough to help her with distribution and marketing. Bill noted that the sword had been her first piece, and he was glad that Wyatt was talented like his mother.

Wyatt stated that he was just fine without a father, and Bill replied that Wyatt would see how much better he'd be with a father. Bill said they'd been separated their entire lives, but they were one and the same. "You're not alone anymore," Bill told Wyatt. Befuddled, Wyatt said he didn't even know who he was or who Liam and Bill were.

"You're a Spencer. Welcome to the family," Bill uttered, extending his hand. When Wyatt shook it, Bill pulled him in for a tight hug and added, "...Son..." Liam and Bill smiled at the accomplishment, but Quinn rushed in and demanded that Bill take his hands off her son.

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