The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on B&B
Katie spied on Brooke and Bill with a nanny cam. Caroline hoped to help Rick keep his position and win him over by being herself. Wyatt struggled with his feelings for Hope and his newfound family, and Liam punched Wyatt after finding him making a move on Hope.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 29, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, July 29, 2013

At the restaurant, Hope gave Brooke the rundown about how Hope had solved the sword mystery and found her future brother-in-law. Hope explained that Quinn and Bill had recognized each other, and Quinn had been unloading on Hope when Brooke had happened by. Hope was sure Quinn was furious with her, and Brooke said she couldn't blame Quinn for that.

Though Brooke didn't appreciate the way Quinn had talked to Hope, Brooke felt that Hope could have spoken to Quinn in private and then let Quinn go to Wyatt on her own. Hope said there was no way Quinn would have listened. Brooke figured that there was no turning back time, and she wondered how Bill was handling having a new son.

The subject changed to Brooke's last talk with Katie, and Hope guessed that Brooke missed Katie. Brooke said she loved Katie, and it had been all Brooke's fault. Hope joked that impulse control wasn't Brooke's strong suit. Brooke promised to work on it and changed the subject to the wedding.

Hope said she wouldn't dream of eloping. She wanted to do something different, but she wondered how Liam was going to deal with the wedding and his new brother, who was close to him in age. Brooke asked if she thought the men would get along, and Hope said she did.

At Spencer, Katie met with an interior decorator about the office dÚcor. Next, Katie's assistant arrived to go over Katie's schedule. Katie's mind drifted off to her argument with Brooke, and Donna snapped Katie back into reality. The assistant left, and Donna tried to figure out what was wrong with Katie. "You think I forgot that you betrayed me, too?" Katie asked.

Katie guessed that Donna was more loyal to Brooke, but Donna explained that she hadn't wanted to tell Katie the truth because of Katie's heart condition and Bill and Katie's reconciliation. Donna added that Brooke had sworn her to secrecy. Katie said she didn't know who to trust anymore.

Donna offered to leave, but Katie didn't want that. Katie didn't want to be angry with Donna, and Katie didn't know how Bill and Brooke could have done it to her. Katie and Donna discussed Katie's role in Bill and Brooke's hookup, and Katie insisted that no matter what she'd said in the past, Bill should have been off-limits for Brooke. Katie assumed that Bill and Brooke had feelings for each other, and Katie couldn't begin to understand how to work through that.

Donna tried to say that Bill and Brooke had thought the marriage had ended, but Katie wasn't buying that they'd really think that within five minutes of her ending it. Katie advised Donna to leave it alone; however, Donna couldn't do that because, as sisters, they needed each other. Though the emotions were too raw, Donna figured that as long as they were alive, there was still hope.

The topic turned to Bill and Will, and Katie cited that Bill hadn't asked to spend time with Will yet. Brooke called Donna to find out where Katie was, and Donna said that she was with Katie. Brooke wanted to meet Katie because there was something important Katie needed to know.

Katie refused to meet Brooke and scoffed when Donna put Brooke on speakerphone. Brooke asked if Katie knew anything about Quinn, but irritated, Katie said she didn't know any Quinn. Brooke explained that Quinn had dated Bill in the past, and Bill had just learned that the two shared a son, who Bill was with at that very moment.

At the Quinn warehouse, Wyatt was ready to bolt, but Quinn demanded that he respect her as his mother. He asked where her respect had been for him when she'd let him believe that his father had died. Quinn stated that he didn't want a father like Bill, but Wyatt yelled that he hadn't had a chance to decide. Bill stated that Wyatt had the chance "now."

Quinn ordered Bill to stay out of it; however, he proclaimed that those days were over, and she couldn't stop their son from knowing him. Quinn told Bill that he wasn't going to show up and take her son from her, and Wyatt asserted that Bill hadn't been the one lying Wyatt's whole life.

Quinn begged Wyatt to listen and said he didn't need to be alone. "He won't be. He's coming home with me," Bill announced. Softly, Bill rephrased his words and said he was hoping Wyatt would go home with him. Bill asked if he could have at least an hour of Wyatt's time. When Quinn tried to interject, Bill said that Wyatt was a grown man and could make his own decisions.

Quinn yelled that Bill hadn't even wanted Wyatt to be born, but Bill had the nerve to claim rights. Wyatt was outraged that his mother had let him work across town from his father without saying a word about it. He decided he'd go with Bill, but Quinn implored Wyatt not to.

Quinn followed Wyatt outside, all the while begging him not to walk away. Wyatt, however, said he needed to get away from his mother, who'd lied to him each day of his life. From behind her, Bill said that she had to accept it. Quinn yelled that she'd never accept Bill being in Wyatt's life.

After instructing Liam to meet at the house, Bill hopped into Wyatt's truck. The men drove off, leaving Quinn crying in the parking lot.

Later, Wyatt and Bill arrived at Liam's house. Wyatt was impressed with the place, but he said everything was a lot to take in. Bill figured that the life change would be dramatic, and Wyatt noted that it had been him and his mother all of his life. Wyatt was disillusioned by his mother's lies, but Bill said that they shouldn't be too judgmental of Quinn.

Wyatt thought Bill was being awfully graceful. Bill admitted he'd been reckless in his youth, and he'd handled Quinn badly. Since then, Bill had learned to value family. Wyatt asked what was next. Bill guessed they'd do some manly bonding. Wyatt asked what to call Bill. Shrugging, Bill said it was Wyatt's choice. "I kind of like 'Dad,'" Bill suggested.

"Dad," Wyatt repeated, and Bill hugged him. Liam arrived and smiled at his brother and father.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
by Pam

At Liam's, Bill welcomed Wyatt as the newest Spencer family member while Liam prepared to cook steaks on the grill. Liam announced that he served only red meat when his dad was around. Wyatt agreed that he loved red meat and liked it rare. Liam noted Wyatt was just like Bill.

Liam offered Wyatt a glass of wine, but Wyatt asked if Liam had any scotch. Liam agreed that he had scotch, and Wyatt announced that he preferred it neat. Bill agreed he liked it the same way. They toasted to welcome Wyatt to the family.

Liam returned to the grill, and Bill and Wyatt discussed Quinn's business. Wyatt said that he wanted to take the business international someday. Bill believed that Wyatt would be able to do it. The doorbell rang, and Wyatt answered the door to Hope, who greeted everyone.

At Katie's, Brooke entered and thanked Katie for inviting Brooke over. Brooke picked up Will. Katie commented that Will had another half-brother. Brooke seemed evasive, but Katie knew that Brooke and Bill talked all the time. Katie wondered how Bill felt about another son. Brooke said she thought they were all having dinner with Hope.

Brooke asked Katie for a second chance and a chance to heal. Katie reminded Brooke that Brooke had done nothing but defend Bill. Brooke acknowledged that she had been wrong. Brooke added that Donna had reminded Brooke that Brooke had never apologized to Katie. Brooke tearfully apologized.

Katie dismissed Brooke's apology. Brooke admitted she had been deeply sorry. Katie tearfully said she had to leave for work. She asked Brooke to stay and watch Will. Brooke agreed, and she hugged Katie.

At Liam's, during dinner, discussion turned to food, and Wyatt had been surprised that Liam had eaten a veggie burger. The group talked about how Hope had been responsible for Wyatt's opportunity to meet his father. Wyatt remarked that he never thought he would say "Dad" or "my father." Wyatt lamented that Quinn had kept them apart. Bill warned Wyatt not to blame his mother.

Wyatt asked about Bill and Quinn's relationship. Bill said they had been very young, and he had been a dumb kid who had picked up a beautiful young girl. Bill asked about the necklace. Wyatt explained it had been in a safe, and he'd started wearing it as soon as he had found it.

Wyatt said how happy he had been that he'd found and worn the necklace because Hope would never have made the connection among the Spencers if she hadn't seen the necklace on Wyatt. Bill stepped away from the conversation when he received a call from Katie.

On the phone, Katie asked Bill to relieve Brooke, who was babysitting Will at the house. Bill agreed. Bill told Liam and Wyatt that he would return later, but he had to take care of something.

Later, Liam and Hope headed to bed and told Wyatt where everything was in the guest room. In the bedroom, Liam admitted to Hope that he had started the day with only a baby brother and ended it with an additional adult brother.

Liam noted that Wyatt was different, and there was something that bothered Liam. "He is very much like your father," Hope said. Liam agreed and decided to take a shower. Hope returned to the living room to retrieve her phone, and Wyatt asked her to stay for a minute.

Wyatt called Liam a gentle soul and teased that it was fine if someone liked that sort of thing. Hope agreed she did. Wyatt added that Liam had looked good in his apron. Hope defended Liam and said that Liam could teach Wyatt a few things, but Wyatt countered that he could teach Liam a few things.

Wyatt joked about how Hope had seen Wyatt naked in the woods. Hope called Wyatt a flirt, but Wyatt teased that he knew Hope couldn't get their meeting out of her head. He teased that she dreamed about him, but Hope said it was more like a nightmare. Wyatt advised that to make nightmares stop, a person should make them real. He offered to relive their moments in the woods, but Hope declined.

Wyatt thanked Hope for changing his life. He added that he had studied Native American jewelry and that Hope had meant peaceful. He said he felt peaceful when he was with her. He teased that he felt other things too, but Hope suggested they stick with peace. Wyatt leaned in to kiss Hope, but she stopped him.

At Spencer, in her office, Katie logged into her nanny cam and watched Bill and Brooke chat and laugh with Will. Brooke and Bill commented that Katie had begun to trust them and had invited them into her home. Bill and Brooke hoped that it would not be long before Katie asked Bill to return home to his family.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
by Pam

At Liam's place, after Wyatt had thanked Hope, he tried to kiss her. Hope stopped him and warned that he had to remember that she was going to marry Liam. Wyatt smiled and told Hope that he had just wanted to thank her. Wyatt joked that he had forgotten all about Liam.

Hope said that Wyatt didn't have to thank her. Wyatt insisted that he would send a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Hope went to Liam's room, but Wyatt promised that he would leave his door to the guest room unlocked in case Hope started sleepwalking.

In Liam's bedroom, Liam had lit candles and created a romantic setting. Hope entered, and Liam wondered if Wyatt was okay. Liam told Hope that she should be the official father/son matchmaker. Hope said she no longer wanted to talk about it. Liam wondered what Hope did want to talk about, and he teased that he could stop talking. Liam removed Hope's robe, and they made love.

In Liam's living room, Wyatt checked out photos on display, and then Wyatt explored the Internet, where he reviewed Liam's multiple marriages to Steffy and Hope. Tabloid features he read were particularly hurtful to Hope.

Later in Liam's bedroom, Hope started to get dressed and planned to return home. Liam worried about her driving home alone, but Hope said she was fine. Liam argued there were countless reasons for her to spend the night, but Hope said that Liam, his dad, and Wyatt would probably want to have breakfast together and bond. Hope needed to meet with a wedding planner first thing in the morning, so she thought it was best to leave.

Hope teased that she had already told the wedding planner that Liam wanted chocolate cake, and Liam was grateful. Hope reminded Liam that they would be married soon, and he would have her to himself every sunrise for the rest of his life. Liam made Hope promise to be there every day. She did.

Hope exited to the living room in search of her car keys. A shirtless Wyatt surprised her. He advised that if she had been Wyatt's girlfriend, she wouldn't want to leave. Hope was speechless. Wyatt said goodnight, and he remained in the doorway after Hope walked away. Liam caught a glimpse of Hope leaving from the hallway, and he noticed Wyatt had watched her for a long time from the open door. Liam looked concerned.

At Katie's place, Bill told Brooke that he had put Will to bed. Brooke and Bill discussed that Katie was working late, but Brooke felt Katie had begun to trust them again. Bill wasn't sure Brooke was right, but he acknowledged how important family was to him. Bill said he felt like a visitor in his own home. He hated that feeling.

Brooke tried to encourage Bill, but Bill said he wanted to be there for Will, unlike he had been for Wyatt and Liam. "I want my family back," Bill said.

At Katie's, Bill took Will into the living room for a diaper change. Brooke teased that Bill hadn't changed many diapers, but Bill reminded Brooke that Brooke had been there for his first diaper-changing lessons. Brooke and Bill joked about Will, and Brooke wished that Katie had been there to see Bill with his son.

At Spencer, Katie watched Bill and Brooke on her surveillance camera. Donna entered and overheard Brooke's voice on the computer. Donna told Katie that she was one sneaky sister. Katie justified her actions because she had trusted Brooke and Bill before.

Donna watched the video feed and remarked that Bill was a wonderful dad. Donna pressured Katie to stop watching because it was wrong. Katie defended her actions and said she needed to know who Brooke and Bill were when they thought no one was watching.

Donna and Katie watched Bill and Brooke's conversation change from diaper changing to promoting the Brooke's Bedroom line. Bill encouraged Brooke to get out and promote her line at a media festival in Monte Carlo.

Donna told Katie that they had started to talk business. Donna left and discouraged Katie from watching. Katie warned Donna that Donna had better keep Katie's secret about the surveillance camera because Donna had kept Brooke's secret. Donna teased that she was going to watch Big Brother, because the participants knew someone had been watching them.

At Katie's, Brooke and Bill agreed what they had done was wrong. Brooke admitted that she had made things worse when Brooke confronted Katie. Brooke explained that Donna had encouraged Brooke to apologize to Katie. Brooke said she felt it had helped to mend her relationship with her sister. Brooke and Bill were hopeful that Katie had begun to trust them again.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

At Il Giardino, Bill sized Wyatt up and said, "I don't see it." Wyatt was outraged that Bill had asked Quinn to get an abortion, but Bill replied that Quinn had been even younger than Wyatt was. Bill recalled that Quinn had been working her way through design school and rebelling against her parents.

Bill remembered that he and Quinn had hooked up, but he was irritated that she'd walked into his lunch hour, professing to have his son in tow. Bill claimed to be used to money-grubbers, and Wyatt asked if Bill was his father. Quinn affirmed it, and Bill demanded an explanation. Wyatt ordered Bill to shut up and said Quinn owed nothing to a man who'd wanted Wyatt dead.

Wyatt asked his mother how it had happened, and she explained that it had been like when Wyatt had met Hope. Bill frowned, and Quinn said she'd never met anyone like Bill before. He'd entered the jewelry shop she'd worked in to buy something for the most beautiful woman in the city. "'That would be you,'" she quoted Bill's past words. Wyatt guessed she'd never heard a pick-up line before.

Quinn claimed she'd never been that close to people like Hope and Bill, who'd been born with everything. Quinn claimed people like that never had to try or ask for things. Quinn said that it could be mistaken for charm or strength. "And you can mistake it for love," she murmured.

Bill interjected that he hadn't grown up with everything, but he found it interesting that Quinn had concluded that. He asked why she hadn't contacted him or told him that he'd had a son. She quipped that she'd had a son, but he'd had a ticket back to New York. She hadn't thought she'd needed to inform him that she'd used his abortion money for rent.

Wyatt said Bill could have called Quinn, but Quinn had failed to let Wyatt decide if he wanted to have his father in his life. Quinn asserted that she hadn't wanted him to be like Bill. Wyatt felt it hadn't been her choice to make. Wyatt noted that he was finally face-to-face with his father, the tooth fairy who'd put money beneath his pillow before he'd been born with the hope that he wouldn't be.

Wyatt was done talking to his parents. He didn't trust Quinn anymore, and he said that Bill could have called to ask how the abortion had gone. Bill admitted that he and Quinn had made mistakes and reasoned that Wyatt would make a few if he lived long enough. Wyatt quipped that the dog had probably eaten Bill's homework, too. Quinn asked Wyatt to wait, but he hopped in his truck and took off.

At a table in the restaurant, Liam told Hope that it was a little odd that she'd met Wyatt, Wyatt had become smitten with her, and suddenly, Wyatt might be a Spencer. Hope figured she knew what Liam was getting at, but she said the paternity question had been her doing, not Wyatt's.

Liam was upset that Hope hadn't warned him about the situation, but Hope claimed she hadn't wanted to put the idea in anyone's head. He countered that she'd put it in Wyatt's head. At first, Hope said she hadn't, but then she admitted that she had. Liam asked how Hope had even met Wyatt.

Hope glossed over details in her explanation of meeting Wyatt on a walk at Big Bear and apologized for opening it up the issue. Liam said the problem was that he'd wanted a brother while growing up. "But now, I don't even know what I would do with one," he helplessly concluded.

Hope had strong feelings about family but remarked it had never gotten her anywhere with Deacon. Liam stated that he felt closer to Bill than anyone would have guessed. Hope said Liam didn't have to know Wyatt, and Liam asked if Hope had to know Wyatt. She replied that she didn't have to, but if Wyatt were Liam's brother, she'd want to know him.

Liam decided to find out what was keeping Bill, Quinn, and Wyatt. As Liam paid the bill, he asked why his father couldn't drink scotch aged after World War II. Hope replied that Bill would accept nothing but the best, and neither would she. "And that's you," she told Liam, and they kissed.

At Forrester, Donna and Pam had paged Rick to their desk to discuss whether he should be with Maya or Caroline. Donna was for Caroline, but Pam quipped that all Caroline and Donna had ever discussed were things pertaining to hair. Pam was all for Maya, who wasn't stuck up.

Rick stifled his irritation with the ladies and told them he'd be in his office, ignoring their pages. Pam asked him to hold on, and she pitched the idea of Maya wearing their designs on the web series. Donna protested, but Rick decided he'd talk to the show's producer.

At the studio, Maya quickly deduced that Caroline had been behind all the raunchy scenes on the set. Carter joined the conversation, and Maya expressed disappointment that Rafael wasn't legitimate. Rafael explained that he'd tried to make everyone happy because his actors had great chemistry and because Caroline's family had more money than God.

Rafael decided to return to the original script and incorporate the guinea pigs. Caroline balked at the idea, and Maya asked how Rafael could let Caroline take over the show. Caroline admitted to rewriting a scene or two, but she quipped that someone had a guilty conscience. Rafael walked off, and Carter asked Caroline why Maya would feel guilty. "It's all on video," Caroline replied.

Maya asked if Caroline had been out to humiliate Maya and if Carter had known about it. Carter replied that he hadn't, but to him, it was apparent why Caroline had done it. Maya figured out that Caroline had been trying to make Rick upset enough to issue Maya an ultimatum about their relationship. Caroline asked what Maya would have said if Rick had asked her to give up acting.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You don't deserve him," Caroline concluded in Maya's silence. Caroline claimed she'd never do what Maya had done for a job, but Maya said it hadn't been the job until Caroline had made it so. Caroline snipped that she hadn't seen Maya complaining.

Carter replied that Maya had protested, and Maya added that she would have left if she'd been working with any actor other than Carter. She told Caroline to understand that Caroline's tricks wouldn't have worked because Rick hadn't left Caroline for Maya; he'd left Caroline because he'd been done with her.

Rafael called everyone to their positions and noticed that one guinea pig was missing. Caroline followed Maya on the set, arguing that Rick had adored Caroline. Caroline stated that Maya hadn't seen what all the magazines had been writing about Caroline and Rick because Maya had been in jail. Caroline wondered what they'd write about Maya and "Wonder-Abs" once the scenes aired.

As Rafael approached and fired Caroline, Rick arrived and noticed a rodent on the floor. Caroline squealed and hopped on the waterbed in her heels. She stomped on the bed, screaming in terror, and her heels punched holes in the bed lining. Water shot up like a geyser and soaked the pouting Caroline.

Rafael helped Caroline out of the bed and wrapped a towel around her. She called him a traitor, but he claimed he'd done all that she'd asked. He apologized to everyone for failing to make something good for everyone. Carter figured that they at least had footage for their portfolios. Maya hoped they'd still get paid, and agreeing, Rafael murmured that he'd be broke again.

Carter and Rafael left in search of the guinea pig, and Caroline guessed that Rick hated her. Rick said Caroline had tested his relationship, and it had passed. Caroline insisted that there was something between Carter and Maya. Rick shook his head, saying he didn't know what to believe about Caroline anymore. Caroline said she loved him, and love made people do crazy things.

Caroline sadly walked off, and Rick hugged Maya.

Friday, August 2, 2013

At the cliff house, Hope demanded that Liam get an annulment. Liam didn't know how he could do that, given how Steffy felt about it, and he understood Steffy's reasoning. Hope became upset that what Steffy wanted would once again take precedence, but Hope refused to accept it that time.

Liam didn't know what to do, and Hope ordered him to fly to Paris and fight Steffy. Hope told him to convince Steffy that she was wrong. "Do you want to marry me or not?" Hope asked.

Hope was concerned that she'd plan a wedding, and five months later, Steffy would return to steal Liam away. Liam insisted that he'd meant it when he'd proposed. Recalling the gondola incident, Hope said that she always felt as if she were trapped somewhere as his fallback while he lived it up with Steffy. Liam claimed it wasn't true, but Hope asked him to prove that she was the priority.

To Hope, Steffy was controlling things from halfway around the world, which was almost worse than having Steffy in town. Liam promised to get his lawyers on it and suggested starting the marriage before the wedding. Hope balked at the idea because she wanted to start the marriage off right, and she said he knew how she felt about living together before marriage.

Liam claimed to respect Hope's wishes, but he also wanted to respect Steffy's. He asked if Hope could understand it. His phone rang, and Hope urged him to answer it. He discovered that there was a problem at work, and Hope told him to go fix it because he certainly couldn't fix the problems at home.

Liam left, but in the car, he thought about Hope's words and made a U-turn.

Back at the house, Hope apologized to Wyatt for having to overhear the argument. Wyatt thought it had been eye-opening. He didn't see why Liam had been reasonable about Steffy's needs instead of fighting for Hope's. Hope said it had always been that way. Though Wyatt was supposed to like his new brother, he understood Hope's frustration.

Hope didn't understand why Steffy needed an annulment when she'd been the one to leave Liam and instruct him to go to Hope. Hope said the whole world knew that Liam and Steffy had been married, and Hope didn't know why the ending mattered. Hope found it to be suspicious and guessed Steffy might be stalling while she sought medical treatment.

Wyatt didn't think it should matter if Steffy returned with the ability to have children because Liam should be fully committed to Hope. Hope felt that Liam had a hard time proving that, and she didn't know what he'd do if Steffy returned.

Wyatt said Hope shouldn't be treated that way. He was grateful to Hope for the new world she'd exposed him to, and he was worried about losing it. Hope asked what he meant, and he said he wasn't like his brother. Wyatt believed in going after what he wanted, and that had been why he'd run after Hope that day. "I wasn't about to let you go," he said.

Wyatt felt like a jerk because his half-brother had invited him into the house, and all he wanted to do was hit on his half-brother's girl. Wyatt reasoned that Hope actually wouldn't be Liam's girl for another six months. Wyatt had never felt that way before, but Hope responded that she was engaged to marry Liam. "Not anytime soon," Wyatt uttered, nearing her.

Wyatt said Liam might be the type to wait six months, but Wyatt wasn't. Wyatt kissed Hope, but she pulled her face back. In a warning tone, she said his name. He moved in on her again, but in an instant, Liam jerked Wyatt by the arm, whipped him around, and punched him to the ground.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Maya expressed her joy that the web series had returned to its original concepts. Rick tried to be happy for her, but she noticed that something was the matter with him. He put on a chipper demeanor, but Maya saw through it. Rick admitted that this job was on the line, and if he didn't turn things around, his father would replace him.

Feeling responsible, Maya said that his personal life and the drama she'd added to it had contributed to the problem. Maya added that it hadn't been as much drama as Caroline had caused, and Rick remarked that Caroline had stuck her neck out for him and had committed herself to helping him reach his goal. Maya warned him that Caroline would expect something in return.

Rick said that Caroline wasn't up to anything, but he'd told her that he'd do anything to reach his goal. Maya grew leery, but he claimed Caroline hadn't asked for much in return. "A weekend away," he revealed, and the upset Maya crossed her arms under her breasts.

Rick explained that running the company was his dream, and he wanted the CEO position once Eric stepped down. Maya wanted Rick to follow his dreams, but she wished Caroline wasn't involved. Maya said she'd never trust Caroline. "But I trust you," Maya uttered, and Rick hugged her.

In the showroom, Caroline was whipping models into shape when Rafael arrived. She squealed and thanked him for his advice. Caroline had returned to being the best she could be, and it felt wonderful to her. Rafael liked the change in her. Caroline said she'd stopped showing Rick that Maya was wrong for him and had started showing him that Caroline was right for him.

"And it's already working!" Caroline added, giving Rafael a hand slap. Rafael asked what would happen if someone mentioned Maya's name. Caroline smiled and said that Maya was a talented actress, and Rick respected her and Caroline's talents. Caroline beamed that being positive was fun, and instead of badmouthing Maya, Caroline would focus on her own good attitude.

Later, Maya entered the showroom and apologized to Caroline for being late. Caroline politely said it was fine. Models bustled around, catching Caroline's attention as Maya said she wanted to talk to Caroline. When Caroline finally got a moment, Maya said she knew what Caroline was trying to do.

Caroline didn't know what Maya meant, but Maya explained that she knew Caroline was expecting a weekend getaway for helping Rick. Maya called it a cute idea but advised Caroline to drop it because it would never work. Claiming to understand Maya's leeriness, Caroline apologized for her infantile behavior in the past.

Caroline was sorry for belittling Maya and pretending not to know her name. Maya guessed that meant Caroline would give up on Rick. Disagreeing, Caroline replied that it meant she'd stop manipulating. Instead, Caroline would focus on work and helping Rick reach his goals, and she'd win him over in the process.

Maya thought that was still manipulation; however, Caroline claimed to be sincere in her efforts to be the best Caroline and friend to Rick that she could be. Maya called Caroline crazy. Agreeing, Caroline replied that she was also talented and fun, and she'd lost sight of who she was. Caroline intended to do her all to make the line successful and suggested that Maya do the same.

Teresa and Oliver entered, and Caroline asked the models to practice the new walk. Maya looked confused, and Teresa said that Caroline had suggested that the models ditch the zombie runway walk and for a smiley stroll with more pep. Maya watched in disbelief as Caroline coached the models.

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