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Bill pulled one over on Katie and Brooke to regain his empire, but he wound up with only a pile of leaves. Wyatt gloated about his closeness to Hope, but Liam showed Hope some romantic moves of his own.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 11, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, November 11, 2013

At Katie's house, Katie couldn't believe what she was hearing. Brooke assured Katie that Bill was home for good, and he was all Katie's. Katie remarked that men had a hard time walking away from Brooke, but Brooke replied that Bill should never have been with her in the first place.

Bill stated that it wouldn't be easy. He hated to put Brooke through it, but he hoped that she'd eventually understand why he'd done what he had to do. He claimed that he was where he wanted to be, and he asked Katie to take him back.

Katie couldn't believe it was real, and Bill conveyed that it was real because returning home to her had been the only thing to help him survive. Katie asserted that too much had happened, and Bill had been with Brooke. "Every man wants you!" Katie exclaimed. Brooke claimed it wasn't true, and Katie quipped, "Every man you decide on, then."

Brooke was used to man-stealing accusations from Taylor and Stephanie, but not from Katie, and Brooke regretted not supporting Katie as she should have. Brooke was sorry for betraying her sister and doubted that Storm and Beth would forgive what Brooke had done. Brooke said that she couldn't forgive herself. Katie asked to talk to Bill alone, and Brooke silently left.

Once alone with Bill, Katie noted Brooke had seemed sincere and bet Brooke would feel guilty the next time she slept with Bill. It was no wonder to Katie that the near-death experience would make Brooke want Bill to go back to his family, but Katie bet Brooke would get lonely soon. Bill insisted that it wasn't about Brooke, and even if Brooke had begged on her knees, but he'd still be at Katie's door.

"Maybe," Katie uttered.

Bill claimed that, for the first time in his life, he'd been scared -- scared that he'd never see Katie again and that Will would lose his father. Bill recalled hating how Katie had lived under a cautious cloud after getting a second chance at life, but getting his own second chance had finally made him get it. He claimed that he didn't want to be reckless; he wanted to be a father and a husband if she'd have him.

Katie was reluctant to open herself up to Bill if it were due to a momentary bout of guilt. She insisted that her sister got under a man's skin. "I don't want her!" Bill declared. Katie told him that she couldn't just take him back in one night. "I need time," she decided and strode out of the room.

Upstairs, Katie put her baby monitor on her dresser, got into bed, and touched the pillow on Bill's side of the bed. "Time's up," Bill announced, entering the room. Wondering what he was doing in there, Katie suggested that he go to Liam's house. Bill asserted that he wasn't going anywhere.

Katie directed Bill to take a guest room, but sitting on the bed, Bill declared that it was his home and his bed. "And I want to be in it with my wife." The confused Katie wanted time to figure out what was real, but Bill refused to wait any longer after what he'd been through. He said that he wanted nothing more than to be there with her.

Katie admitted that she'd longed to hear those words, but she couldn't abandon all reason. She asked Bill to tell her how to trust him and know that it was real. Bill said that she knew him better than anyone, and he asked what she saw in his eyes. "Love," Katie replied, and Bill kissed her. "Oh, thank God you're home," Katie said and clung to him.

At Brooke's house, Liam arrived at Hope's behest. He joked that she'd called because she needed a big, strong man to check the property for jewel thieves. He added that he'd seen Wyatt hugging her in the press photos. Hope said it had been just for the photo, but she'd called Liam there to discuss their parents.

Liam said that he first wanted to say that he felt that Hope had overreacted about the video. Though he understood her point of view, he believed she was wrong to believe that he'd go back to Steffy. He cited that Steffy hadn't tried to contact him because the video had signified to her that the marriage was over. Liam said nothing was standing in their way. "Marry me, for God's sake!" he asserted.

Liam noted that Hope had wanted to take time to figure things out, but to him, there was nothing to figure out. He said that her line was a hit, and she was exactly where she wanted to be professionally. He thought that the only thing left was for her to get to where she wanted to be with him. He assured her that he was ready to go, and there was no reason to wait.

Hope relayed that it wasn't that simple, and Liam guessed it had to do with Wyatt. She agreed in part, and Liam assumed it felt good to have men fighting over her after being the one fighting for so long. Hope agreed with that, too, but she said it wasn't the reason that she was hesitant.

To Hope, the way Liam had just told her that she'd overreacted had shown her that her feelings didn't matter to him. Hope said that no matter the reason for the video, her feelings about it were still valid, and whether Steffy contacted him had nothing to do with how Hope expected to be treated.

Nodding, Liam said he could "hang with that," and instead of pressuring Hope, he should give her space to sort it out. Hope asked if he knew how badly she wanted to kiss him. Liam claimed it wasn't half as badly as he wanted to kiss her, and he said they'd be good as long as she kept that feeling alive.

The conversation changed to Brooke and Bill's mountain-climbing incident, and Hope told Liam that his father had experienced an epiphany that had caused him to go back to Katie. "Shut up," Liam replied, and he wondered how Brooke was doing. Hope said her mother was hurting, but she hoped Brooke was relieved that it had ended before the scandal had gotten even bigger.

Brooke arrived during Hope and Liam's discussion, and Hope asked what had happened at Katie's house. Brooke announced that Bill was back with Katie. Liam asked if Katie had taken Bill back, and Brooke said she believed that Katie would do it. Hope felt that Bill had made the right decision.

With a blank stare, Brooke agreed. She said she was happy for Katie and Bill, and reuniting their family was the best thing. "I just feel like such a fool..." Brooke murmured, and Hope hugged her. Liam asked if Bill were sure about it, and Brooke replied that Bill had better be. Brooke claimed to be happy for Katie, who had her family back.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
by Pam

At Katie's, Bill gazed at Katie while she slept. Katie awakened and lovingly greeted Bill. Katie admitted that she had missed Bill. Bill asked how Katie felt, and she said that she felt better than she had in a long time. They kissed. Bill said he felt like a new man. He noted that his near-death experience had made him see things differently.

Bill had realized what he had missed, and he promised that he had a new outlook on life. He said that it was the first step toward fixing their relationship and their family. The baby monitor indicated that Will had awakened, and Katie got up to get the baby.

Katie returned with Will, and Bill played with his son. Katie said that she couldn't believe Bill had returned. Bill noted that when he had been on the mountain, he had realized that his last discussion with Katie would have been an argument. Bill recalled that he and Katie had argued about the company and where Will was going to spend the night.

Bill didn't want another one of his sons to grow up without him. Bill vowed that things would be different. Bill said he had to teach Will how to be a Spencer.

Bill thanked Katie for not throwing him out after he had returned. He apologized for everything. "You're here, and that's all that matters," Katie said. They hugged. Bill looked pensive. Katie said that she had no plans to go to work so that they could spend the day together.

Justin showed up with papers to sign. He added that he'd heard congratulations were in order. He said that Hope and Liam had shared that Bill and Katie had reunited. Justin said that he needed Bill's mojo back in the office and at the board meetings. Justin wanted Katie to rescind some of her previous conditions and allow Bill to see Will. Justin also wanted Katie to restore Bill's position at Spencer. Bill said it was all too premature.

Katie asked if it was what Bill wanted, and Bill said that he wanted his wife and family. He wanted his company but thought they could make a good first step by reuniting their family. Katie asked where to sign. Katie signed, and Bill and Justin watched.

At Brooke's Brooke caressed the leaves she had collected in Aspen with Bill. Donna arrived, and Donna admitted that Hope had told Donna that Bill had left Brooke and returned to Katie. Brooke said Bill had returned to his family, which was where he belonged. Donna wondered if Bill had apologized to Brooke, but Brooke said Bill's near-death experience had changed him.

Brooke didn't blame Bill, but Donna did. Brooke lamented that she should never have allowed herself to be involved with Bill. Brooke had flashbacks to arguments with Katie. Brooke added that she had told Bill to stay with Katie many times, but he had made her believe that they had something special.

Brooke flashed back to how she had encouraged Bill and Katie to get back together, but Bill had insisted that his marriage had ended. Brooke recalled being in bed with Bill. She wondered how she had given in to her passion.

Brooke remembered that she had told Katie that Brooke and Bill were friends, but Katie had shouted that Brooke had no friends. Brooke also had remembered that she had been worried sick when Katie had suffered a heart attack after Bill and Brooke had made love.

At Spencer, Liam was in his office, and Hope entered. Liam said that neither Katie nor Bill had been to the office. Hope said that Bill had had emotionally destroyed her aunt and mother. He had pitted them against one another.

Hope noted that the new cover of Eye on Fashion featured Hope. Liam added that he had needed to remove Wyatt from the photograph. Liam added that Logan women had a way of bouncing back. Hope reminded Liam that she loved him. Liam said that it was enough for him until Hope was ready for more.

Liam knew that Hope didn't feel that way about Wyatt. Liam regretted that Hope had been enamored with Wyatt's attention, but he knew that Hope and Liam would be together. Hope and Liam kissed.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
by Pam

At Katie's, Justin and Bill discussed that Bill's near-death experience had made Bill see things differently. Justin congratulated Bill and Katie on their reunion. Justin pressured Katie to sign the legal papers that Justin had delivered so that Bill could return to work at Spencer and spend more time with Will.

Katie hesitated, and Bill said there was no rush, but Justin said he wanted to move things forward as soon as possible. Katie signed the papers, and Bill encouraged Justin to leave so that Bill and Katie could have time alone. Katie asked if it was what Bill wanted, and Bill said that he wanted his wife and family. He wanted his company.

Katie went upstairs to get Will. She said that she had been convinced that Will had slept better since his father had returned to the house. Bill noted that it had only been one night. Katie agreed, but she said that she had slept better since Bill had returned also.

Katie apologized to Bill for everything that had transpired. Bill said that he had missed his son, his job, and Katie. Bill said that they needed to put it all behind them. Katie admitted that she had been hurt. Bill said that he had been hurt also. Katie wondered how long it would take her to get used to everything.

Katie admitted that she was unsure of signing the papers. Bill grabbed the envelope with the papers in it. Katie said she had wanted to hold their family together more than anything. Bill said he wanted to return to work to spread the good news that he had returned to Spencer. Bill left with the envelope of papers that Katie had signed.

Later, Katie held Will and said that everything would be fine because Will's daddy had returned to them.

At Brooke's, Brooke lamented to Donna that Brooke had made terrible mistakes and had set a horrible example for her children. Donna tried to encourage Brooke not to be so hard on herself. Donna noted that most of Brooke's kids were grown adults, with the exception of R.J., who was in boarding school.

Brooke regretted that she had been so weak and vulnerable that she couldn't resist her own sister's husband. Brooke said that she could have turned Bill down, but she had fallen in love with Bill.

Donna reminded Brooke that Brooke had realized that what she had done was wrong. Brooke had stopped before there had been a wedding. Donna praised Brooke for that. Brooke agreed that Bill had returned to Katie, and everyone would be happy. However, Brooke added that she still loved Bill.

Brooke said that she had to move on, but she had trouble getting past her betrayal of Katie. Brooke said she deserved to feel the pain that she had felt because of what she had done to Katie.

At Forrester, Hope informed Wyatt that Bill had some big changes in his life. Wyatt asked what Hope meant, and Hope discussed everything that had happened in Aspen -- especially the fall from the mountain. Hope noted that Bill had been fine, but Bill had apparently had a moment of clarity and returned to Katie after the Aspen trip.

Wyatt was surprised. Wyatt had believed that his dad would remain with Brooke. Wyatt was glad that Bill had chosen Katie. Hope agreed, but she noted that Brooke had been devastated. Wyatt said that he knew Hope would help her mother recover. Wyatt assured Hope that Brooke would find someone else. Hope said that her mother needed to get over Bill and move on with her life, but Brooke needed some stability -- not just another man.

Wyatt suggested that Brooke needed to return to work and help Hope with PR for her line. He added that they were very busy and could use Brooke's expertise. Hope appreciated Wyatt's ideas, but she said that she didn't want to tie Hope for the Future to her mother. Hope explained that her mother had a public sensuality, and Hope didn't want to be in the same category with her mother.

The conversation turned to all the magazine covers that Wyatt and Hope had been on recently. Wyatt teased that they made a great team. Wyatt complimented Hope, and Hope thanked Wyatt for making her a star. Wyatt kissed Hope.

At Brooke's, Bill entered, and Brooke told him to get out. Brooke seethed that she had told Bill to return to his wife for a long time. Bill said he needed to explain something. He said that he had lost his life and hadn't been able to focus on anything because he had lost his job and his son. Bill thanked God for Brooke.

Bill said that everything had become clear to him on the mountain. Bill had realized that he had needed to do something to regain control of his life. Brooke noted that Bill had made a decision to return to his wife.

Bill argued that it was not the decision he had made. Bill said that he wanted Brooke and the life they had planned. Bill admitted that he had created a scenario that made Katie and Brooke believe that he had wanted his life with Katie. Bill said it had been the hardest thing he had ever done to tell Brooke that he no longer wanted her, but he added that it had all been worth it -- to make a few days of sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness with Brooke.

"I had to lie to you and Katie," he said. Bill said that he had needed Katie to believe him and he had needed Brooke to agree. Bill said that he had only returned to Katie to get joint custody of WiIl and to become reinstated at Spencer with irrevocable control.

"I don't have Katie, and I don't want Katie," he said. "This is my home, and I love you. I did what I had to do to get control of my life back. This was the only way," Bill maintained.

Brooke looked at Bill in horror. "You can forgive me," Bill said.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In Forrester's CEO office, Hope met Caroline to thank her for the successful relaunch. Caroline was stoked about their accomplishments and excited about becoming Hope's sister-in-law. Hope noted that Caroline seemed very happy, and Caroline responded that she was ridiculously happy.

Caroline cooed that she was engaged to the most fantastic man, she was successful at the work she loved doing, and she had a new "BFF." Flattered, Hope remarked that Caroline had to have New York friends. Caroline said women usually didn't like her very much, and that was why being at Forrester and working on the line with Hope meant so much to her.

The conversation turned to Maya's return, and Hope asked if Caroline was really okay with it. Caroline tersely nodded, but with a smile, she said that she and Maya were marrying Rick and Carter respectively. Hope suspected that Caroline might grow to like Maya. "Rick and Carter are threatening to make us spend time together -- socially," Caroline said, rolling her eyes.

Caroline noted that Hope was very social with the Spencer men, but Caroline wondered if it would be Liam or Wyatt for Hope. Caroline thought that Hope had a lot of power and should explore her options. Hope said she was very in love with Liam but intrigued by Wyatt. Caroline figured that Hope would be married for the rest of her life and should take the time to choose the right man.

In Rick's office, Liam arrived as Wyatt was reassuring Ricardo that the diamond had never been in any danger. While introducing the men, Wyatt reluctantly called Liam his brother, but Liam quickly cited that they were half-brothers.

Ricardo was satisfied with the media exposure that Wyatt had gotten for the diamond, but Liam replied that Wyatt hadn't counted on an attempted heist. Ricardo called it a thwarted heist and said that Liam's brother was a very impressive man. Liam forced himself to grin.

Ricardo exited, and Liam explained that he'd arrived to tell Wyatt about Bill and Brooke's breakup. Wyatt revealed that he and Hope had discussed it -- as they did all their vested interests. Liam quipped that his half-brother had engineered things well.

Neither son had seen Bill since the incident, and Wyatt didn't know if losing Bill would have been worse on Wyatt, who'd just found Bill, or Liam, who'd gotten to know Bill. Liam didn't think it could be qualified that way, and he said it would have devastated each son. Wyatt quietly agreed.

Wyatt took a call from a reporter who wanted to interview him and Hope on-camera, and afterward, he bragged that he and Hope were media darlings. He cockily complimented Liam for airbrushing him out of Liam's magazine cover photo. Wyatt stated that Hope's visibility was off the charts, and Liam guessed Wyatt wanted the credit for it.

Wyatt quipped that the credit went to Charlie and his hot coffee, which Wyatt had thrown on the thieves. Liam said that once Wyatt was done patting himself on the back, he should point out where Liam was supposed to be impressed. Wyatt readily pulled out international news reports detailing how more jewels were being recovered. "'Hope and her Hero,'" Liam flatly read one of the headlines.

Wyatt wondered why Liam couldn't say that it had been a job well done. "Wait for it," Liam replied and looked around the room. Quipping that Liam was really funny, Wyatt claimed that hiring him and his company had been an excellent move for Liam's ex-fiancée and Wyatt's future wife.

Though Liam advised against gloating, he admitted that Wyatt had scored points. "Wyatt Fuller for the big win!" Wyatt exclaimed and mimicked a crowd roar. Liam hoped Wyatt understood that Hope wouldn't be Wyatt's prize for it. Wyatt said that they'd see, and Liam decided that it was game on.

At Spencer, Katie strode into the CEO's office, where Justin was putting Bill's photos and awards back in place. Justin guessed he was in her office, but she said it was Bill's office again. Justin figured that she'd miss it, but Katie stated that nothing compared to having her family back.

Justin hadn't seen Bill there yet, and Katie found that to be odd, since Bill had left the house first. Justin assumed Bill was visiting employees. "Yeah, that must be it," Katie replied, forcing a smile.

Justin asked if Katie would remain at Spencer, and Katie replied that she would. He said she'd done well there, and things had worked out for everyone. "Except for my sister, but what can you expect when you insert yourself into someone else's marriage?" Katie replied.

Alison entered to welcome Bill back but stopped short when she saw Katie and Justin in the office. Katie asked if Alison had seen Bill. Alison hadn't but offered to give him a message. "No, that's okay. You don't have to tell him anything," Katie replied, smiling against her inner doubts.

Alison guessed that Bill was happy to be home. "So it seems," Katie responded and decided to leave. Once outside the office, her smile disappeared.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was aghast that Bill had lied to her and Katie about his epiphany. Bill claimed that he'd never intended to leave Brooke, but he'd had to lie to her to get equal custody of Will and reclaim his company. He still intended to spend his life with Brooke, but Brooke shouted, "No!"

The dumbstruck Brooke couldn't believe Bill expected her to congratulate him for deceiving her sister. Bill pointed out that Katie had deceived him, and sometimes in life, people had to do unpleasant things to reclaim what was theirs. "Unpleasant?" Brooke incredulously responded. Bill told her to focus on what was most important -- she hadn't lost him, and they could get married as planned.

Brooke asked if Bill had somehow gotten the papers signed and then told Katie that he'd go back to Brooke. Bill replied that he'd wanted to tell Brooke about it first, and in his world, that was how high stakes deals got done. Brooke asserted that it wasn't business; it was his family and her family. Bill stated that the business and Will were his children, and he'd done the only thing he could.

Brooke told Bill not to justify the heartless thing he'd done, and she exclaimed that Katie had trusted him. Bill claimed that it had been hard, but he'd done it for himself and Brooke. Brooke refused to condone his cruelty and callousness. He raged that Katie had been using Will as a weapon, and while facing Katie's manipulations, it had been an easy call to trade a momentary lie for a life with Brooke.

Brooke couldn't reconcile how Bill had looked her in the face and left her or how he'd made fake promises to Katie. Bill yelled that he'd done it for them, and Brooke slapped him. She raged at him for lying to her and to Katie. "Not okay!" Brooke bellowed. He asked if it would have been "not okay" for him to die on the mountain while distracted by Katie's manipulations.

Brooke said that they could have dealt with Katie in time had Bill not chosen to play with the women's emotions. Bill claimed he'd merely righted a wrong. He said he'd reclaimed his CEO position and gotten joint ownership of his son. "You don't own a child," Brooke retorted with disgust.

"Okay -- custody. Whatever!" Bill rephrased himself. He said the point was that he had an equal part of Will and obtaining that alone had made it worth it. He said he'd always love and care for Katie, but she'd been wrong and misguided to steal his company, take his son, and reduce his stature in his own business. He felt that she'd made retaliation her life's mission, and he wouldn't put up with it.

Bill explained that he hadn't wanted to see his family destroyed; however, it had happened, and he was committed to a life with Brooke. "I don't want you anymore," Brooke replied with abhorrence.

Unbeknownst to Bill and Brooke, Katie had pushed open the front door. She entered, and her jaw dropped as she heard Brooke and Bill arguing by the fireplace. Brooke was yelling that he'd really pulled one over on her and Katie, but Brooke refused to celebrate with him or have a life with him.

Brooke ordered Bill to get out, and they looked toward the foyer. "You lying bastard," Katie seethed to Bill. Katie asserted that she'd known it when he hadn't been at the office earlier but hadn't admitted it to herself. Katie declared that the other night had been a lie, and he'd used her.

Brooke began to speak, but Katie said she knew Brooke hadn't had anything to do with it. Katie added that the women at least knew what Bill was capable of because he'd lied to Brooke, too. "Lies, all lies," Brooke replied, glaring at Bill.

Friday, November 15, 2013

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Liam arrived as Hope was ending a phone interview about the attempted heist. He still didn't know how everything had fallen into place for Wyatt, and Hope teased that Liam was a still a little jealous.

Liam concluded that Wyatt could have the limelight and heroism, but Liam had the girl. "You've got me, huh?" Hope skeptically asked. Grinning, Liam asserted that he was certainly the front-runner.

Later, Hope was trying to schedule something for that afternoon, but Liam took the phone, and in a terrible country, feminine accent, he told the caller that Hope was in a meeting and would need to call the person back. He tucked her phone in his pocket and said he was keeping it because distractions weren't permitted on their private luncheon.

Hope loved the sound of it but claimed she couldn't get away. Liam took care of that problem by phoning Pam to ask her to redirect Hope's calls to Rick while Hope was out. Hope was turned on by Liam's take-charge attitude, and he said there was more than one bad boy around there. Liam grabbed Hope by the hand and whisked her out of the office.

Liam took Hope to the cliff house and led her through the trees and foliage. He asked if she noticed anything different. Liam revealed that he'd put in a new walkway leading to the front door and an awning on the deck. He claimed the pathway construction had blistered his hands, and she asked if he'd done it himself. "If I said yes, would you be impressed?" he asked.

Hope claimed to already be impressed, but she was curious to know the reason for all the changes. Liam said she knew why. Bashfully, he explained that it was because of her, and he was looking forward to them being married. He assured her that it was going to happen.

As they walked the grounds, Liam asked Hope to admit that she missed the house, the ocean, and him. Hope replied that she saw him almost daily, but he said it was at their offices, not in their home. He stated that he wasn't pressuring her, and he was happy to give her the time she needed. He was sure she was enjoying her time with Wyatt and didn't see why she wouldn't after everything with Steffy. "But?" Hope expectantly asked.

Liam revealed that it was going on for a long time, and he was starting to feel as if he were being punished. He started to wonder how much longer it would be, but stopping himself short, he decided that he'd said his piece. Hope asked if she could say hers, and he asked her to keep it brief because of their picnic. Promising to keep it less than five words, she said, "I love you," and Liam kissed her.

At Brooke's house, Brooke couldn't believe that, after a near-death experience, Bill had begged Katie to take him back without any real intention of going back. Bill claimed that he'd hated lying to Brooke, "but if you'd had the slightest inkling that I -- " Brooke cut him off, saying that she would have told Katie everything no matter when he'd chosen to reveal his plan.

Katie murmured that Bill always said that the end justified the means in business, but Brooke replied that it wasn't business. In his defense, Bill reminded Brooke that Katie's ploys had distracted him almost to the point of death, and he'd had to regain control of things. Brooke told him that conning her sister wasn't the way, but Bill asked who had conned whom in the first place.

Bill recalled that Katie had teamed up with his sister to take the company from him, and he wondered how what he'd done had been any different. Brooke wondered if he really thought she'd defend what he'd tried to do to her little sister. Brooke was finally beginning to see what Katie had been feeling over the last months.

Bill quipped that everyone knew what the long-suffering martyr Katie had felt. Katie stated that the words had been from the man who'd pledged his undying love to her earlier. Bill claimed that if Katie had been just a tiny bit reasonable, then he wouldn't have had to go to such lengths.

Bill figured that it had been done, and all they could do was move forward. Brooke declared that there was no moving forward, and he'd killed any hope of a future when he'd lied to her and Katie. Bill claimed that he was sorry that it'd had to be that way, but Katie doubted he'd lose any sleep over it. "You might be surprised," he responded.

Katie ordered Bill not to bother trying to make her believe that it was hurting him as much as it was hurting her. She congratulated him on the performance he'd put on to get her to sign the papers, but she wondered if his son would be proud upon learning what kind of man Bill was.

Brooke, who'd been across the room, decided that Bill needed to go. Picking up his envelope, he said he wasn't giving up on Brooke, and he knew that they could get past it. Brooke asserted that they wouldn't, and no one treated her and her sister that way. Bill quietly exited.

Katie stated that she felt like a fool, but she'd wanted to believe Bill. Brooke said that she felt the same way, and she'd been happy for Katie. Brooke felt responsible for Katie being a divorced, single mother. Katie guessed she and Brooke would pay the price, and Bill had gotten everything he'd wanted.

"Or so he thinks. Bill is not getting anything!" Brooke declared. Katie didn't know how that was possible because she'd signed the papers. Brooke got a sneaky look on her face and grinned knowingly. "Brooke, what did you do?" Katie asked.

At Spencer, Alison and Justin anxiously awaited Bill's return. Adele rushed into the CEO's office, saw them, and asked where Katie was. Alison said that Adele should be prepared to pack up and leave. Justin added that Katie was no longer in charge, and Alison stated that Bill was back as CEO.

Later, Alison was feeling sorry for Adele but noted that Justin hadn't revealed his role in things. From the doorway, Bill responded that Justin wouldn't, and Alison and Justin greeted Bill with hugs and handshakes. "Your majesty," Alison said, showing Bill to his chair. Sitting down and kicking up his feet, Bill announced that he was back in business, and Alison passed out drinks for a toast.

Alison had restocked his scotch and said the cigars were on the way. Justin stated that he'd gotten the press releases about the change together. Bill toasted to his triumphant return and to securing equal custody of his son. He concluded that it hadn't been easy, but it had been well worth it.

Later, Bill had just explained something to Justin and Alison, and Bill said that what he'd told them would stay in that room. Alison replied that he never ceased to amaze her. Bill stated that he'd been in drastic times, and he'd refused to let Katie hold Spencer and Will hostage. Justin asked about Brooke, and Bill replied that she'd warm up to it in time.

Alison figured Bill would have it all. Nodding, Bill remarked that he'd have his company, his son, and the woman he loved. Bill gave his envelope to Justin so that everything could be executed and legal, and Alison guessed that Bill would call his sister to gloat.

Justin alerted Bill that they had a problem and handed back the envelope. Bill frowned when he looked inside it, and he angrily turned it upside down. Leaves fell out and landed on the desk.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke revealed to Katie that, while Katie and Bill had been arguing, Brooke had removed the documents from Bill's envelope and replaced them with her Aspen leaves. "You did that for me?" Katie humbly asked. Brooke admitted that she'd caused her sister a lot of pain, but she declared that nothing would ever come before Katie again.

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