The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on B&B
After Wyatt horned in on Liam's romantic picnic with Hope, Liam turned to Bill for help. Eric hired his granddaughter, Aly, to shadow Hope at Forrester. Brooke returned her engagement ring to Bill, and Quinn jabbed Bill with his sword charm.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 18, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, November 18, 2013

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Donna was impressed by the attention Wyatt had gotten from the attempted jewel heist, and she remarked that his fan page had received 5,000 likes. Wyatt replied that HFTF's page was on its way to four million likes, and winning felt good to him.

A messenger delivered some photos of Hope, and as Donna and Wyatt reviewed them, Wyatt wondered where Hope was. Donna revealed that Liam had whisked Hope off to his place, and Wyatt remarked that he hadn't been to Malibu in a while.

On the grounds at the cliff house, Hope and Liam strolled to Liam's house for their picnic. She loved that he'd planted her favorite flowers outside, and she imagined Liam and his brother together at the new fire pit. Liam grumbled "half-brother," and she asked why he disliked admitting that he and Wyatt were family.

Liam replied that Wyatt was smooth and slick all the time. It was phony to Liam. Deciding to end the Wyatt talk, Liam kissed Hope. The two changed into beach attire and headed to the new awning in the sand beside the deck, overlooking the beach. Hope thought the lunch setup was beautiful, and he replied that he'd even ordered the sunshine just for her.

When Hope and Liam sat down for lunch, Wyatt strode up the pathway and said he'd just had to find Hope because the new photos were amazing. Liam grimaced and asked if Wyatt could see that they were in the middle of something. Wyatt said he'd figured that his "bro" would want to see them, too.

As Hope studied the pictures, she raved about the job Oliver had done. Wyatt pulled right up to the table next to Hope and wondered what "we" were having. "We?" Liam repeated.

Wyatt decided to get comfortable and took off his pants. "Whoa, dude! What are you doing?" Liam exclaimed. Beneath Wyatt's pants were shorts, and he claimed it was beach attire. Liam shook his head with annoyance as Wyatt invaded the private lunch Liam had planned Hope.

Hope wondered what it would take for the half-brothers to get along. Shrugging, Wyatt said that Liam needed to man up a little. Hopping up from the table, Liam pelted something at Wyatt and declared, "Here's me manning up!" The men charged off from the table.

The song "Maybe" by Bosshouse played as Hope rolled her eyes and followed the men to the beach. The song continued to play as Liam challenged Wyatt to a game of beach paddleball, and Wyatt managed to lodge the ball in Liam's mouth.

Next, the men competed in a hot peppers eating contest. Liam wound up drinking water first, and Hope and Liam seethed when Wyatt revealed that he'd really been eating carrots, not hot peppers.

Wyatt played pranks on Liam and turned a tennis match into Liam versus a tennis ball machine. As Hope checked on Liam, who'd been bruised by the pelted balls, Wyatt declared that he'd won. Hope asked why everything had to be a competition. The exasperated Liam told Wyatt to just go. Wyatt asked if Hope wanted him to leave. The music stopped, and Liam glared at Hope.

At Brooke's house, Katie was astonished that Brooke had swapped the custody and CEO papers for the Aspen leaves. Katie wished she could see the look on Bill's face once he realized that he'd been played. She regretted not listening to her instincts when Justin had popped in with the papers.

Brooke said that none of it would have happened if she hadn't given in to her feelings for Bill. Katie stated that Bill had wound up without her, his business, Will, or Brooke. "What does he have? Nothing. Bill has nothing," Katie asserted.

Later, Katie was at home in her bedroom with Will when Donna arrived to hear about Bill's homecoming. Katie revealed that it had been a good twenty-four hours, but Bill had gone back to being Bill. Katie explained that Bill had been humble and apologetic that night, and the following morning, Justin had magically arrived with papers to reinstate Bill as CEO and give Bill equal custody of Will.

Katie conveyed that Bill had acted surprised and had told her that it could wait. She revealed that, as soon as she'd signed the papers, Bill had run straight to Brooke to tell her that he'd faked their breakup in order to get his company and Will back.

Donna was empathetic to Katie's feelings of betrayal and glad she'd divorced Justin, who'd been in on it. Donna figured that Brooke wouldn't have anything to do with Bill after that. "You never know," Katie replied, shrugging. Katie added that Brooke had been very angry with Bill. Donna was proud of Brooke and said it had been just like the old Brooke to pull something like the leaf trick on Bill.

Donna wondered if Bill knew what had happened yet and if it would change his feelings for Brooke. Katie assumed he did know but doubted his feelings for their sister would change. Katie was sure he'd try to manipulate Brooke into forgiving him. Donna doubted Brooke would give in, but Katie replied that she'd stopped trying to predict what Brooke would do.

At Spencer, Bill crushed leaves in his fist, and Alison asked what was up with the leaves. Bill replied that Brooke had brought them back from Aspen, and he guessed that she'd switched them with the papers when he hadn't been paying attention. Alison wondered what he'd do, and Bill replied that he had to go and see Brooke.

At Brooke's house later, Brooke touched some leaves in a decorative dish. "Dead leaves. Nice touch," Bill said from the doorway. He closed the door behind him and asked if Brooke had shredded or burned the papers. Brooke asserted that he'd had to be stopped.

Bill asked if Brooke knew what she'd done to him. He didn't know why she hadn't just let it be, and he said that, despite the front that Katie had put up, she'd been relieved about resigning from a job she'd never wanted in the first place. He concluded that Katie had never wanted him, either.

To Bill, it had all been a game for Katie, who wanted to see how far she could push him before taking off on him again. Brooke declared that Katie had wanted him to return home, but he insisted that Katie had only wanted to win. Brooke said he'd lied to everyone, and Bill apologized for lying to her.

Brooke felt that his actions were unforgivable. She had packed his things for him, and she told him that he was no longer welcome in her house. She was surprised by the level he'd stoop to in order to get what he wanted. "You mean to Katie's level?" Bill replied.

Bill insisted that Katie had cut him off at the knees, and she'd conned him out of the company and joint custody of his son. Brooke understood his view, but she was livid about the way he'd played her sister. Admitting that it had been misguided, he claimed that he'd done it for him and Brooke.

Bill said that all he'd wanted were his son, his company, and Brooke. "We had it, Brooke. We had it all. How could you take it away?" he asked. Brooke told him that he had problems and deep, dark issues. Bill claimed that it had made him successful. She decided that he'd gone too far, and she wondered if he'd ever considered how his actions affected others.

Bill said he'd been focused on accomplishing the goal and hadn't considered the consequences. Brooke asked if he'd really believed that she wouldn't be upset about what he'd done to her sister, and he claimed that his fall had profoundly affected him and his judgment. He was sorry for the pain he'd caused. "Especially to you," he added.

Brooke felt that it hadn't changed what Bill had done, and she noted that it had even topped other things that he'd done. Bill said it was the ying and yang within him that had made him a lot of money and landed him in the doghouse more times that he cared to admit.

Though Brooke shed tears, she sternly told Bill that he had to stop before he wound up with nothing. Bill admitted that he'd screwed up and that he'd been wrong, but he asked Brooke not to give up on their relationship. "I need you to forgive me," he said.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
by Pam

Brooke and Bill met at Brooke's house, and Bill noticed that Brooke had packed his bags. Bill begged Brooke to forgive him. Bill told Brooke how much he loved her and wanted her to return to him. Brooke guessed that Bill just wanted the papers that Brooke had stolen from him. Bill quickly asked if Brooke still had them.

Brooke wondered if Bill would have someone break into her house that night if she did have the papers. Bill told her that she needed to admit that it wasn't any nobler of Bill to pretend that losing his company and son were acceptable to someone like him. Brooke lamented that everything Bill had lost had been due to his relationship with Brooke. Bill argued that he had lost everything because of Katie. "We can be happy again," Bill said.

Bill apologized that he had hurt Brooke, but he noted that Brooke had been punishing him. Brooke disagreed. She said that she didn't intend to punish Bill. "We just never should have happened, and I wasn't strong enough to let you go until you broke my heart," Brooke said.

Brooke cried, and she said it was impossible for them to be together. She chastised Bill for everything he had done and the way he had hurt Katie. Bill defended himself and said that docile people were accepting of what happened to them, but Bill was not content to wait for something to happen.

Bill said that life would never make sense without Brooke. Bill insisted that Brooke needed to remember Monte Carlo and Aspen. Brooke flashed back to kissing Bill in various places in Monte Carlo, and she recalled the balloon ride in Aspen. Bill promised that he could make everything better. Bill begged Brooke to say that they had a future.

Brooke looked away and handed Bill his bags. Bill wanted to take them upstairs, but she refused. She handed him his engagement ring and told him to go. Bill argued that no matter what happened with Brooke, he would never return to Katie. Brooke said that it didn't matter. She needed to be able to look in the mirror and respect herself.

Bill predicted that there would be no redemption for Brooke as far as Katie was concerned. Bill insisted that Katie would never forgive Brooke. Bill had started to dish some more predictions about Brooke's lonely future without Bill. He warned that they belonged together, but Brooke interrupted. "Goodbye, Bill," she said. Brooke walked away.

Bill picked up his bags and took one last look at the diamond engagement ring. He put it in his pocket, picked up his bags, and left Brooke's house. Brooke cried after Bill walked out the door.

At Liam's, Hope maintained that Wyatt and Liam had had fun playing tennis and other games together, but Liam disagreed. Liam insisted that Wyatt had to leave so that Liam could salvage some time alone with Hope. Wyatt refused to leave and asked Hope if she wanted him to leave. Hope discovered that she had a message from Eric and needed to return to Forrester with Wyatt.

"Come on, Hopi. Let's get out of here," Wyatt said.

Liam insisted on taking Hope to the office, but Wyatt said that he wanted to drive Hope to Forrester. Hope intervened and told Wyatt to meet her at Forrester.

At Forrester, Aly walked in on Eric and Thorne in a meeting. Aly warned that corporate spies could walk in on them and get all of their information. Thorne welcomed her home. Aly worried that Thorne was going to be mad at her and disappointed. Thorne wondered what was wrong.

Aly explained that she had been approved to have an independent study for her last semester at college, and she had chosen a law firm. Aly related that she had met with staff from the law firm and discovered that people mistreated one another. She added that she had told the attorney who would have been her boss that she had been in the wrong place, and she had walked out.

Aly wondered what Thorne thought. Thorne said that he had never really wanted her to be a lawyer. Aly worried that she had to find another independent study. Thorne said that his daughter had a variety of skills. Eric offered an independent study at Forrester.

Aly was thrilled and said that she thought she could bring a line of shoes to Forrester. Eric and Thorne listened intently. Aly said that she had been in touch with Sally Spectra, and Aly recalled growing up looking at shoes at Spectra. Aly perfectly imitated Sally sharing her advice that Forrester had never had a decent line of shoes. Eric agreed.

Aly said that Sally had always called her Einstein, a throwback to what Sally had often called Darla, Aly's mother. Thorne laughed at the memory of Sally Spectra and Darla. He flashed back to Aly's birth when Thorne, Sally Spectra, and Gladys -- filming the entire birth -- had been in the delivery room. Thorne and Eric recalled that Gladys had had "more careers than a caterpillar has legs." Eric said that Gladys had even performed a wedding ceremony for Eric and Stephanie.

Aly said that Sally thought Aly could follow in Thorne's footsteps or Sally's footsteps. Aly imitated Sally's advice that if Aly had tried her hand at the family business, it would have made Queenie -- Sally's nickname for Stephanie -- very happy.

Hope entered and greeted Aly. Liam and Wyatt followed Hope into the office, and Hope introduced everyone to Aly, her cousin, but Aly added that they weren't really related. Aly was thrilled to meet Wyatt -- the hero who had foiled the jewel heist.

Hope wondered how Aly's pre-law studies had been going, but Eric pointed out that Aly would be doing an independent study at Forrester. Eric added that he wanted Aly to shadow Hope. Aly stammered that she couldn't ask Hope to take time away from her job, but Eric said that he had already decided it would happen.

Aly thanked Eric, and Eric and Thorne left. Liam said that he also had to leave. He kissed Hope goodbye, and he left. Wyatt also said that he had to leave, and he kissed Hope far more passionately than Liam had. After Wyatt left, Aly looked at Hope. "Oh, yeah, I want to shadow you," Aly said with a laugh.

Outside the office, Eric asked Thorne if he had shared his news with Aly, and Thorne said that he had not. "Don't keep putting it off," Eric advised.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
by Pam

At lunch, Brooke waited for Katie. Brooke's phone lit up with a message from Bill, but Brooke ignored it. Katie sat down, and Brooke promised to make things up to Katie. Later, Katie asked about where Bill had been living since Brooke had sent him packing. Brooke said she didn't know, and Brooke reassured Katie that she had ended it with Bill.

Brooke said she had encouraged Bill to return to Katie, but Katie forced Brooke to admit that it had hurt Brooke to give up on Bill. Brooke said that she could finally look at herself in the mirror.

Brooke begged for forgiveness, but Katie did not promise to forgive her sister. Brooke admitted that she had betrayed Katie. Brooke said that she still had something to offer as a sister and wanted to be a part of Katie's life. Katie tearfully made no promises.

At Liam's, Bill had surprised Liam and claimed that he was moving back into the beach house. Bill assured Liam that Bill would be gone before Hope ever returned to live with Liam. Bill added that Hope clearly had no immediate intentions of returning to Liam.

Liam said Bill needed to make up his mind between Katie and Brooke. Liam said that Bill seemed confused. Bill explained that he had wanted to spend his life with Brooke, but Brooke had turned him away after what Bill had done to Katie. Bill noted that Brooke had stolen the papers that would have allowed Bill to get his life back on track.

Bill admitted that he loved both Brooke and Katie, but he wanted a life with Brooke. Liam wanted Bill to make it a short stay at Liam's house. Bill argued that it was his house, not Liam's house. Later, Bill teased that it was Liam's house. Liam accused Bill of enjoying that fact that Wyatt and Liam had competed for Hope. Liam wanted Bill's support, and Bill agreed that Liam deserved Bill's support. They embraced.

At Forrester Creations, Hope and Aly reviewed how to match jewelry with dresses. Hope complimented Aly's choices. Wyatt entered. Aly left, and Wyatt told Hope he wanted the same amount of time and kisses with Hope that Liam had gotten. Wyatt also wanted more than that -- he noted that Hope had lived with Liam. Hope refused. Liam gave Hope a passionate kiss and begged her for a chance.

Quinn entered, and Hope left. Wyatt and Quinn agreed Hope would be happier with Wyatt. Aly entered and shared that Hope was in the steam room. Liam left to find Hope.

In the steam room, Hope lay down on the bench. She heard the door open and warned that the steam room was occupied. Wyatt, wearing a towel, acknowledged that he had known she was there. He kissed her legs and arms. Hope warned that someone would come in. Hope stopped him.

Wyatt reminded Hope that there was no ring on her finger, and they were two adults alone together. They kissed passionately. "I love you," Wyatt said.

In the offices at Forrester, Brooke arrived and discovered Aly had returned. They chatted, but Aly left when Brooke's phone rang. Brooke received a call from Bill, who apologized again to her.

Bill admitted he had been wrong and he loved Brooke. He couldn't live without her. He vowed to win her back because he couldn't live any other way. He promised they would be together. Brooke hung up without saying anything. She sat down with a pained look.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

In Thorne's basement office, Thorne was swamped with fabric orders. Offering to help, Aly claimed that she could learn anything quickly. Thorne said he didn't want her going into fashion for his sake. Aly replied that fashion was in her blood, but she was sure Darla would have preferred for her daughter to have worked for the unfortunately defunct Spectra Fashions.

Thorne sighed, saying Darla had missed out on a lot. Pointing to their hearts, Aly said that Darla was there and hadn't missed a thing.

As the two worked, Thorne received a message from Rick, and Aly asked if it was weird for Thorne to work for Uncle Rick. Thorne didn't see it as working for his brother, but she replied that Rick was president. Thorne said he'd worked there much longer and didn't need a title to justify his worth.

Aly figured that it was still something her father had wanted. Thorne replied that he could have run the company better than anyone, but he would have missed out on a lot of her childhood. He said that after what had happened to Darla, he'd figured out what was important in life.

Aly noted that a lot of kids couldn't wait to get away from their parents, but she wanted to work with her father. Thorne told his daughter not to pretend she was there for him because he knew she really wanted to follow Hope. Aly remarked that Hope was an excellent role model with two hot guys after her. Thorne told his daughter to hold it, but Aly asked who wouldn't want to be Hope Logan.

Thorne was sure Aly had had enough of helping him, but Aly asked why he thought she wasn't interested his work. He was sure that she was interested, but he believed she was more interested in the glamorous side of things. Aly said she was there to learn it all -- unless he didn't want her around.

Thorne wanted Aly there, but after talking about the presidency he'd begun to feel that he'd let her down. Aly replied that they'd just discussed how cool it had been that he'd been there for her growing up. She said he'd been her mother and her father. He'd taught her about boys and how to be a woman, and it meant everything to her that Thorne had been around while she'd been growing up.

Three employees arrived to remind Thorne about the birthday cake for Linda, another employee. Thorne wondered how to surprise Linda, but one employee said everyone knew Thorne made a big deal of birthdays. Thorne and a male employee chest-bumped each other as they discussed their company softball team's impending victory.

The employees left, and Aly wondered if Rick knew the employees' birthdays or if he was on the softball team. Thorne replied that Rick was a busy man. Aly said that Rick was the president, but Thorne was the core that made the business a family. She asked if Thorne would want it any other way.

Thorne and Aly hugged, and Aly expressed her pride in her father's choices and sacrifices. Thorne claimed that raising her hadn't been a sacrifice; however, Aly insisted that he'd had to make choices. Thorne said he wouldn't have his life any other way, and while Rick had the title, Thorne had relationships with the employees and with his daughter.

Aly said she'd always looked up to her father no matter his job, and she'd always known that she'd been in good hands and safe during the confusion in their lives. Thorne replied that, sometimes, being her father had been the only thing that had gotten him through, and they hugged.

At the cliff house, Liam sensed Bill was about to say something negative about Hope. Bill insisted that he'd stand behind his pledge to support Liam's relationship, even though Bill still thought that Steffy "was" the right woman for Liam. Liam started to speak, but holding his hand up, Bill emphasized, "Was. Just like Katie was the right woman for me when I married her."

Bill understood Liam's need to move on and promised to talk to Wyatt. Liam stood in disbelief, but Bill claimed he'd meant it when he'd said he'd support Liam. "So let me support," Bill added. Bill planned to have a nice father-son chat with Wyatt and was sure Wyatt would back off.

In the Forrester steam room, Wyatt made out with Hope. She uttered that they couldn't do that; however, he said they were two adults, and she had no ring stopping her. "Let me show you how I feel," he requested and suggested locking the door.

Though Hope remained hesitant, she allowed Wyatt to kiss her. She pulled away a little, and Wyatt asked if she were engaged to Liam and if she liked kissing Wyatt. Hope let Wyatt kiss her again but then stopped him. She said that if he thought their first time -- if there'd be a first time -- would be in a public steam room, then he didn't know her as well as he thought he did.

Hope kissed Wyatt and exited the steam room, and the bewitched Wyatt half-chuckled.

Later, Hope was working at the sky lounge when Liam arrived and noted that her hair was damp. She said she'd been in the steam room, and he wished he could have joined her. "That would have been entertaining," she awkwardly replied. Hope wondered what had Liam smiling, and he told her to brace herself because Bill had decided to support their relationship.

Hope recalled that Bill had said that before, but Liam added that Bill had decided to do his fatherly duty by asking Wyatt to back off. Hope's countenance dropped, but she played off her feelings by asking how long Bill would live with Liam. Liam suggested that she move in to make Bill leave quicker.

Hope said it was a nice try and asked what Bill would say to Wyatt. Liam explained that his father would ask Wyatt to stop being a jerk to Liam and back off. She reasoned that it wasn't exactly Bill's place to do that, but Liam said it was the least Bill could do after sabotaging Liam and Hope.

Hope didn't think telling Wyatt to back off made up for all Bill had put her and Liam through, and she doubted that Wyatt was easily intimidated. Liam felt that it wasn't about that; he said Wyatt valued being a Spencer and would listen to Bill.

Hope still wasn't convinced, but Liam didn't care how Wyatt reacted. Liam said that having his father on his and Hope's side removed the biggest obstacle from their way and took them one step closer to marriage, which was the only outcome Liam would accept for himself and Hope.

In Rick's office, Wyatt entered and was shocked to see Bill there with his feet up on the desk. Wyatt acted surprised that Bill was back from Aspen and asked if everything was okay. Bill remarked that his incident had made him focus, and Wyatt assumed Bill was referring to returning to Katie. Bill said it was complicated and that he was living with Liam.

Wyatt assumed Katie hadn't taken Bill back, but Bill repeated that it was complicated. Wyatt started to back off, but Bill stubbornly admitted that Brooke had tossed him out. Bill claimed that it was okay because she just needed time to cool off. Wyatt was still confused about it but glad that Bill was okay. Bill warned that Wyatt might not be after he heard Bill out. "Liam and I were talking," Bill began.

"Oh, here we go," Wyatt quipped. Bill claimed to support Wyatt in almost anything he did -- except in the pursuit of Hope. Bill figured that Wyatt was a good-looking guy and could find a woman of his own. Bill explained that Liam and Hope had been through a lot, but Wyatt contended that Liam had never treated her right. Bill said Liam hadn't really had the chance. "Let him have it," Bill added.

Wyatt stated that it was up to Hope, not himself or Bill. Bill conveyed that Wyatt enjoyed sticking it to his brother, and though Bill had enjoyed watching his sons spar, Hope was important to Liam, who'd been there first. Bill asked Wyatt to back off.

Wyatt refused to back off unless Hope and Liam were married. Bill said the couple would get there, and speaking from experience, he added that it was a waste of time to think otherwise. Wyatt asserted that he wasn't calculating or meddling, and he felt that he had something with Hope.

Bill suggested that Wyatt see other girls, but Wyatt said he wasn't interested in other girls. Bill figured that Wyatt was getting caught up in a crush with the first girl around. "First?" Wyatt repeated and said Bill didn't know Wyatt's history or anything about Wyatt. Wyatt claimed that he'd dated a lot, and his past relationships had made it clear how right Hope was for him.

Bill said he understood, but Wyatt's brother loved Hope, too. Wyatt argued that he hadn't even known he'd had a brother, and Liam treated him like crap. "Because you have no respect for his relationship," Bill declared. Wyatt wondered why he should. Bill said that his sons were feeding off each other, and someone had to be the better man. Bill urged Wyatt to behave like a brother.

Wyatt claimed he was grateful to find Bill. Wyatt hoped he wasn't messing things up with his father again, but he refused to allow Hope to settle for less than she deserved. Wyatt said Bill could side with Liam, but Bill had to respect that Wyatt was fighting, too. Wyatt refused to back down. Bill sympathetically patted Wyatt's shoulder.

Friday, November 22, 2013

At Eric's house, Thorne and Eric awaited Aly's arrival, and Thorne worried about how Aly would take some news that he had to deliver to her. Aly arrived and noted that it had to be Thorne's "thing" to take off from work in the middle of the day. Eric replied that Thorne had just wanted to speak to her away from the office, and she immediately grew worried that she'd done something wrong.

The men assured Aly that she'd done well at work, but Thorne said he needed to talk to her about their family. Thorne told his daughter that, though their house hadn't been for sale, a persistent buyer had kept contacting him with higher and higher offers. The final offer had been so good that Thorne hadn't been able to refuse it, and he and Aly had to move right away.

Thorne was sorry there hadn't been time to talk to Aly first, but the offer had been too high to refuse. Aly asked if their memories were worth anything, and he said they'd always have the memories, just not the house. She asked how Thorne would feel if Eric sold the mansion. Eric replied that he'd thought about it because it was way too much house for one person.

Aly insisted that the house was where she felt closest to Darla. Thorne said that Darla hadn't had a steady home. Sally had been Darla's home, and the Forresters had been Darla's home. Eric recalled that Thorne and Darla had gotten married in the Forrester living room.

Thorne said she'd loved the mansion. Aly loved it, too, and said it was the only other place that made her feel close to Darla. "Then you should live here, too," Eric decided. Surprised by the offer, Aly said that she and Thorne could get their own place with the money from the offer. "Full of wonderful memories like this?" Eric asked.

Eric explained that the house had filled with light when Darla had entered, and it felt the same way when Aly did it. Without that light surrounding him, Eric felt like a caretaker of a museum. Aly looked at pictures of her mother and recalled memories of the mansion. She said she'd do it if Thorne would do it with her, and Thorne and Aly hugged.

At the sky lounge, Quinn stood behind a vine-covered wall and eavesdropped on Liam and Hope's discussion about Bill's support for their relationship. Hope said she wouldn't let Liam go to a bachelor party planned by Bill -- if she and Liam were planning a wedding. Liam replied that they would be eventually, and it would be nice to no longer have to defend the relationship against Wyatt.

After Quinn had slinked off, Liam said that he and Hope didn't even have to acknowledge Wyatt's name "after this," but Liam wanted to make sure it was okay with Hope that Bill had gone to talk to Wyatt. "Who?" Hope responded, and Liam laughed at her attempt to forget Wyatt's existence. She smiled, and Liam vowed to work overtime to keep the smile on her face.

In Rick's office, Bill said that he wanted to see his sons getting along, but it wouldn't happen until Wyatt agreed to leave Hope alone. Wyatt claimed that it wasn't about his brother, and he had real feelings for Hope. Bill thought that was all the more reason to back off.

Wyatt cited that the couple was no longer engaged, but Bill yelled that he didn't care if Hope had left Liam at the altar. "You stand by your family. You don't interfere," Bill insisted. Bill concluded that continuing to chase Hope would cost Wyatt his relationship with his brother and with Hope. Wyatt asked if he'd lose Bill, too, and if Bill was rendering an ultimatum.

Quinn arrived outside Rick's office in time to overhear Bill saying that there would be no doubt about it if Bill were issuing an ultimatum. Bill assumed he wasn't saying anything that Wyatt hadn't heard from Liam or from Hope. Wyatt claimed that Hope hadn't said anything like that in a while, and Bill replied that it was why Wyatt was hearing it from Bill.

Wyatt theorized that Liam was nervous because Hope had asked for time to think, and she was spending the time thinking about Wyatt. Wyatt asked why Bill had suddenly changed his opinion about Hope and Liam, and Quinn barged in, wanting an answer to that question, too.

Quinn asked Bill why Liam's happiness mattered more than Wyatt's. Bill replied that he'd never said Hope would make Liam happy. Wyatt received a message about a shipment and left to deal with it.

Quinn asked how Bill dared to interfere with her son. "You should know that 'how dare you' is not a good way to start a conversation with me," Bill replied. She claimed it wasn't a conversation; it was him listening to her.

Bill prepared to leave and suggested that Quinn see him after she'd cooled off. Stepping in Bill's way, Quinn insisted that they'd do it right then. Quinn was amazed at how Bill was pulling strings for Liam and expecting Wyatt to just listen to Bill. Bill said Wyatt would listen. "Because you're his father?" Quinn scoffed. Bill replied that it was because he knew how it would end.

Bill claimed that Hope and Liam had endured many things, but Quinn called the couple's hardships mere setbacks. Quinn thought Wyatt was much better suited for Hope, and she warned Bill not mess with it or the success that Wyatt and Quinn had built for themselves. She felt that Wyatt had earned his chance with Hope, and Bill should give Wyatt what he'd never given Quinn.

Rolling his eyes, Bill replied that it wasn't about Quinn. "You tainted me!" Quinn asserted. She claimed that Liam treated Hope the way that Bill had treated Quinn, but Hope had a better alternative than Quinn had ever had. Quinn refused to let Bill deny Wyatt happiness as he'd tried to deny Wyatt's existence. "I think we're past that, don't you?" Bill replied.

Quinn ranted that Bill had stripped her of her dignity and was trying to do the same to Wyatt. Bill stated that Quinn was making way too much of it, but she asked if Bill knew that Wyatt was talking about marriage. Bill decreed that it wasn't going to happen, but she responded that Bill didn't get to decide what the rest of Wyatt's life would be like.

Quinn raged that she'd been young and na´ve when Bill had thrown money at her and told her to disappear. She asked if Bill knew how it had affected her life. She said she'd told Wyatt that his father was dead because she hadn't wanted him to know the despicable Bill. "I've been called worse," Bill retorted. He attempted to leave, but she put up her hands and stopped him again.

Quinn claimed she wasn't that girl anymore, and Bill wasn't the king of the business world. He wasn't even CEO of his own company, she added. She said that Brooke and Katie were finished with him, and if he wasn't careful, Wyatt would be, too. Bill stated that he'd take his chances.

Quinn claimed that Wyatt didn't need Bill, and Wyatt was as happy and successful as he'd ever been. She refused to let Bill ruin it. Cupping Bill's sword charm, she recalled that she'd made it for the fiercely protective, strong-as-steel man who'd never turn his back on his own blood.

"What the hell?" Bill exclaimed. He looked down to see that Quinn had jabbed him with the tiny sword. Quinn sucked his blood off her thumb and stated that revenge tasted "so sweet."

Back at the sky lounge, Liam and Hope kissed each other goodbye as Wyatt arrived. "Bold move, yoga boy," Wyatt said. Liam replied that he hadn't had any luck himself in getting through to Wyatt, and Wyatt quipped that Bill hadn't, either. Wyatt told Hope that Liam had invited Bill to interfere in her life, and Wyatt asked if Liam planned to enlist Eric next to rip up the jewelry agreement.

Hope tried to mediate between the two, but she got called off to a meeting and had to leave.

Wyatt asked if Liam planned to run to Daddy again; however, Liam asserted that Wyatt was right, and Liam needed to deal with it on his own. Sick of the issue, Liam said Wyatt was having fun with his game-playing, but it was Liam's life. With his Joker-like mannerisms, Wyatt said Liam could live life as he wanted to, but Liam should know that he might not be living it with Hope.

Liam reasoned that there was something off about Wyatt and deduced that it was the way Wyatt did things. Liam said it was the way Wyatt kissed Hope, the way Wyatt disrespected Liam and Bill, the way Wyatt had inserted himself into Forrester, and that sketchy attempted robbery.

Wyatt called Liam jealous; however, Liam insisted that something just didn't feel right. The cocky Wyatt claimed that it did feel right to Hope. Liam persisted in saying that Wyatt knew better than to show it to Hope, but there was something very wrong about Wyatt and his mother.

Wyatt sardonically said it was classy of Liam to drag Wyatt's mother into it. Liam claimed that Quinn had dragged herself into it by snooping through his private emails. "She crossed the line. That is shady, Wyatt, and now I know where you get it!" Liam declared that he would enlist his father, and Eric, and anyone or anything that would keep Wyatt in check.

Liam told Wyatt to savor the attention he was getting from Hope; however, Liam warned that slow and steady won the race, and Wyatt was two steps shy of blowing it. Wyatt erupted into laughter. "Oh, God, I love it! I love it." Liam shook his head and walked off. Still laughing, Wyatt mocked, "'slow and steady wins the race.' All right."

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