The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 27, 2014 on B&B
Wyatt and Hope consummated their relationship, but with help from Pam and Charlie, Liam put an end to the road trip adventure. After Ridge declined Brooke's marriage proposal, Brooke asked him to move back in with her. Bill and Justin discovered questionable photos of Ridge in Paris.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 27, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, January 27, 2014

On the beach, Hope and Wyatt cuddled together after having sex. They returned to the trailer, where Hope lit some tea candles. He said it was cold, and she replied that it was a good thing they were inside. Wyatt kissed her, and she said she could get used to life on the road. She thanked him for the trip and said he'd made her feel comfortable and loved.

Wyatt and Hope had some wine, and Wyatt warned that he'd been spoiling her with the trailer, and in a few years, they'd be sleeping on the ground when they camped. "As long as you're with me," Hope replied, and they kissed.

Wyatt stepped outside to gaze at the night, and Hope asked what he was thinking about. He said he was thinking of the impact she'd made upon him. Hope joked that he'd been camping when they'd met, and he was still camping. He replied that camping had once been an escape for him, but it had become an adventure. Hope kissed him and stroked his face.

At Forrester, Pam asked Quinn what she'd done. Quinn prefaced her story by saying that Wyatt's act had been like something out of a romance novel, and though it had been wrong, it had been "oh-so-swoon-worthy." Quinn said she would have stopped Wyatt if she'd known of his plans ahead of time, but things had worked out in the end for everyone.

Quinn figured that Hope and Wyatt would tell their children the story someday. "It's a story I might tell the police someday," Charlie quipped, and he insisted that everyone needed to know the truth. Quinn dismissed Charlie as being dramatic; however, Charlie noted that two innocent men were in jail, and he declared that it was time everyone knew the truth.

Pam asked if they were discussing the heist. Quinn revealed that Wyatt had stolen the diamond for Hope, for publicity, and to make Charlie a hero, but Wyatt hadn't anticipated that real robbers would intervene. Pam guessed that Wyatt's actions had been weighing on Charlie.

Quinn claimed it had been a prank, and Pam could relate to that because she'd pulled a few in her day. Quinn stated that two thieves were behind bars, the company was thriving, and Hope and Wyatt were happy together. Quinn asked Pam to convince Charlie to keep it a secret between friends.

Pam stated that she understood about receiving second chances. She turned to Charlie and explained that the line between right and wrong wasn't always clear. Pam asked if he thought Quinn and Wyatt deserved a second chance. Charlie seemed uncertain about it, so Pam asked Quinn if anything like what Wyatt had done would ever happen again.

Quinn asserted that it definitely wouldn't, and Wyatt had learned his lesson. Pam asked if Charlie would give the second chance. Charlie agreed to do it for Pam's sake, and Quinn hugged Pam. Quinn thanked Pam and Charlie, and Pam replied that everyone made mistakes. Quinn didn't know how to repay Pam but offered to have another "mani-pedi" together soon.

Pam chuckled as Quinn left the office, but the moment the door closed, Pam said to Charlie, "We are telling." Charlie asked Pam what she'd said, and Pam stated that they were telling Liam.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Caroline was miffed that Hope hadn't posted any updates about the road trip yet. Rick explained that Hope and Wyatt were completely unplugged, and Caroline warned Rick not to dare try that with her. She guessed Brooke would be anxious to hear how the trip was progressing, but Rick said Brooke had her hands full with proposing to Ridge.

Rick thought of calling Brooke, but Caroline advised him to wait for Brooke to call him. Rick said it was hard watching his mother struggle with Ridge, but it had made Rick respect his own marriage. His marriage had taught him that things could be simple, and he wondered if it was time for Brooke to finally just give up on Ridge.

At Katie's house, Brooke told Ridge that she'd been hoping for the day that he'd return and put the ring back on her finger. She assured Ridge that they could be a family again, just as they'd always imagined. Ridge curled the ring back into Brooke's palm and said, "Not yet." He stated that it was too soon, and though he wasn't saying it would never happen, felt that he needed to be sure first.

Brooke asked if Ridge was worried about Bill, and she promised that she'd never go down that road again. Brooke asked Katie to tell Ridge that, but Katie cocked her head in uncertainty. Ridge said that the problem was that Brooke had actually gone down that road with her sister's husband. Brooke understood that it was hard to accept, but she asked if Ridge could just try to get beyond it.

Brooke wished that Ridge could open up and let her back in. She said that she and Ridge had already lost a year, and she didn't know why they'd let even one more day go by. She felt that if they'd just move forward with marriage, they could work through the problems, and she'd help him accept it. "Maybe I don't want to accept it," Ridge replied.

Brooke asked Ridge to think of their son, and she told Katie that whatever Katie decided about Bill, Brooke supported it and would also start making the right decisions for herself. Brooke said her ring could be the answer for everyone, and she and Ridge could have what they'd wanted most of their adult lives.

Brooke stated that she'd ask Ridge one more time to marry her. Ridge hesitated, and Katie told him to agree to it. Katie relayed that it was why he'd returned, so he needed to just do it. Ridge still seemed reluctant. Katie reasoned that Ridge and Brooke loved each other, and they'd always found their way back to one another. Ridge asked if Katie would do the same thing with Bill.

Katie exclaimed that it didn't matter what she'd do, and her situation was different. Katie said she'd love to reunite Will's parents, but she knew it wouldn't happen. She felt that her sister and Ridge had a chance. She urged them to take it, so there could be at least one happy ending.

Katie took Brooke's ring and placed it in Ridge's hand. Ridge handed it right back to Brooke and said he'd told her that he needed more time. Brooke shed tears, but she replied that she'd wait for as long as he needed. Brooke left, and Katie asked why Ridge had declined Brooke's proposal.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
by Pam

Wyatt and Hope sat outside the trailer near the beach. Hope told Wyatt that she didn't realize how much she'd needed a break until she had spent some time away with him. Wyatt wondered if Hope was happy. Hope said she was very happy and wanted more of everything. Wyatt promised to deliver, and he agreed that he had never been happier.

Hope recalled that she hadn't been sure about Wyatt in the beginning. She said that he had kissed her in Liam's house. Wyatt admitted that he had been extremely jealous of Liam. Hope was happy that Wyatt had been honest. She said she was happy and proud to be with Wyatt.

Wyatt told Hope that she was insanely sexy, and he suggested that they didn't have to go anywhere. He said they could return to the trailer, but Hope objected. She said they were on a road trip. "Let's hit the road," Hope said.

Later, outside the trailer, Wyatt looked at a bracelet. Wyatt called to Hope. Inside the trailer, Hope saw Wyatt's sword necklace sitting on a table. She picked it up and carried it outside. Wyatt put his necklace back on. He suggested they should have at least one adventure a month. They giggled.

Wyatt added that he didn't want to return to Los Angeles because he liked having Hope all to himself. He said they were away from all the drama. There were no ex-boyfriends or mothers -- nothing but sand, surf, and open road. Wyatt said that in honor of their stay in Emerald Bay, he had made green cocktails. They toasted and kissed.

At Forrester, Pam and Charlie discussed that Quinn had tried to win Pam over so that Pam would persuade Charlie to hide the truth about Wyatt stealing the diamond. Pam told Charlie that she had pretended to be Quinn's best friend. Pam insisted they had to go see Liam and tell him the truth.

In another Forrester office, Caroline worked with models, and Carter, Rick, and Ridge watched. Ridge offered a suggestion on one of the dresses, and he added that it maintained Caroline's edgy and youthful design but added some Forrester couture. One of the models called Ridge a genius. Caroline liked the idea, but Rick disagreed.

Caroline interrupted and said that Ridge's recommendation was a good one. The models and Caroline left, and Carter noted that the models had been enamored with Ridge. Rick and Ridge argued, and Carter took it as a cue to exit, but Ridge said he needed to talk to Carter later.

Rick quizzed Ridge about his feelings for Brooke. Ridge admitted that he had rejected Brooke's marriage proposal. Rick wondered what had happened because Ridge had always forgiven Brooke before for things she had done. "Is there someone else?" Rick asked.

Ridge said that he was reluctant to commit to any woman, and he had a hard time dealing with what Brooke had done to Katie. Rick worried that Ridge was hurting his mother, but Ridge said he needed time.

At Spencer, Liam thought about happier times with Hope. Pam and Charlie interrupted, and Charlie confessed that Quinn had persuaded Charlie to be quiet about the surveillance video. Charlie admitted to Liam that Quinn had threatened Charlie. Charlie had copied the video onto his phone, and he showed it to Liam. Liam watched the video that revealed Wyatt had stolen the diamond.

Pam said that she would have told Liam the truth, but she had just found out. Liam said he was happy to have proof. He planned to send it to Hope. Liam called Caroline to see if she had overheard where Wyatt and Hope had gone. Caroline shared that Wyatt and Hope had gone south on the Pacific Coast Highway and had mentioned a surfing safari. Liam checked out sites online on his computer, and he surmised that Wyatt and Hope might have gone to Emerald Bay.

At Katie's house, Brooke thanked Katie for her support and her encouragement of Ridge to marry Brooke. Katie suggested that Brooke had to be patient. Brooke admitted that she had been embarrassed that Ridge had rejected her offer. Brooke wondered why Ridge had refused to reunite with her. Katie said that Ridge couldn't accept what Brooke and Bill had done.

Brooke admitted that her relationship with Bill had been the worst mistake of her life. Brooke wondered if Ridge had met someone else, but Katie doubted it.

Brooke said she worried about Katie, who lived all alone in a big house. Katie said she was fine, and she added that Katie and Bill would not reunite. Brooke noted that Katie had been very loyal to Bill, and he had been Katie's true love. Brooke lamented her own history of falling in love so many times.

Brooke noted that Katie had a poetry book, and Brooke remembered that Katie had loved poetry in her youth. Katie said she had always enjoyed it and had rediscovered it. Brooke advised Katie to enjoy it because it made her feel good. "Never let it go," Brooke suggested. Katie held her poetry book and looked thoughtful. At Forrester, Ridge looked at a similar book of poetry.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Pam, Charlie and Liam tried to figure out where Wyatt and Hope had gone. Charlie and Liam figured it was Emerald Bay because Quinn's focus for her new collection was emeralds, and Liam remembered that Wyatt had warned that Liam would be "green with envy" when he heard where Wyatt and Hope had gone.

Liam headed out the door, and Charlie and Pam wished him luck with Hope. After Liam left, Charlie wished he had told Liam about Wyatt earlier. Pam said that Wyatt should have known better than to try such a stunt. Pam claimed that Hope would be disgusted with Wyatt's actions, and Pam anticipated that Liam and Hope would get back together.

Charlie guessed that Wyatt would be seeing more colors than emerald. Charlie believed that Liam would show Wyatt some black and blue.

In his car, Liam angrily counted down the miles on his way to Emerald Bay. Liam called Hope, but her phone went to voicemail.

At the trailer at Emerald Bay, Wyatt and Hope sat outside near the beach, drinking emerald cocktails. Hope nuzzled with Wyatt and told him that he had proven himself to her in all the ways that really counted.

Wyatt said that the trip had a theme with Emerald Bay and emerald cocktails. They toasted and kissed. Wyatt and Hope discussed how much fun they'd had together. Wyatt said he had a surprise for her. He asked her to close her eyes. He opened the jewelry box with the emerald bracelet he had looked at the previous day. Hope opened her eyes, saw the jewelry box, and put on the emerald bracelet.

Hope tied the emerald cocktails, Emerald Bay, and emerald jewelry all together. Hope teased that it was good to have a jeweler as a boyfriend. Wyatt noted that they were officially a couple. Hope smiled, and they made out. Suddenly, Liam showed up and interrupted. "Game over, Wyatt. Rock and roll," Liam ordered. Wyatt looked angry, and Hope was surprised.

At Liam's place, Brooke stopped in to see Bill, who was shirtless and sweaty after he had worked out. Brooke asked him to put on a shirt. Bill teased that Brooke was afraid she couldn't control herself.

Brooke ignored him and asked about the last time Bill had seen Katie. Bill wondered if something had happened. Brooke shared that she had seen Katie, and Katie had generously encouraged Ridge to get back together with Brooke.

Brooke urged Bill to see Katie. Bill quizzed Brooke about Ridge, and Brooke had to admit that Ridge had not accepted her marriage proposal. Bill scoffed that Ridge was not interested. "Ridge and I are fine," Brooke seethed.

Brooke urged Bill to get his marriage back on track with his wife, Katie. Bill maintained that Katie had stopped being his wife a long time before. Bill admitted that he and Katie shared a son and a lifelong bond, but Bill's feelings toward Katie had not changed. "I want you -- not your sister," Bill said.

Bill wondered how long Brooke intended to wait around for Ridge when he had already refused her proposal. Bill wondered if Ridge had been interested in someone else. Brooke looked skeptical. Bill suggested that while Ridge had been in Paris, he could have had several relationships. Bill noted that Ridge had always been known as a ladies' man and could have had a fling or two -- or something more serious.

"Maybe he feels guilty for being unfaithful to you," Bill said.

"That's beneath you, Bill," Brooke said. Brooke left. Bill called Justin and asked him to find out what Ridge had done while he had been in France. Bill predicted that Ridge had been involved with someone or a string of someones. Bill ordered Justin to get everything he could on Ridge.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

At Forrester, Rick and Pam busily worked in the CEO's office. Rick noted that Charlie had been vigilant since the robbery that he'd foiled with Wyatt. Pam scoffed and exclaimed that Wyatt was the problem. "He is not the hero!" Pam yelled.

Rick asked what Pam's problem was with Wyatt, and Pam replied that Wyatt had hoodwinked them. She asked if Rick wanted to know about the scam of the century, and she showed Rick the video of Wyatt stealing the diamond.

Rick began to fume as he realized that Wyatt had orchestrated the whole robbery. Pam stated that there was a fox in the henhouse, and any respected farmer would get rid of the fox. "And that fox is on a beach somewhere with my sister," Rick replied.

At Emerald Bay, Hope asked how Liam had found her and Wyatt, and Wyatt asked Liam to leave. Liam said he'd be going, and Hope would, too, after she heard what he had to say. Wyatt said that he wasn't going to let Liam have another minute alone with Hope, but Liam quipped that he wanted Wyatt to be there for every second of it.

Liam stated that there was something Hope needed to know about Wyatt and a certain jewelry heist. Wyatt decided that he and Hope were going for a walk, but Liam stated that he had a video to show Hope from the boutique surveillance camera the day of the robbery. Wyatt exclaimed that it was insane, and Liam agreed that it had been insane.

Liam showed Hope the video and asked her to watch the mirror in it. Hope watched but became confused. Liam played it for her a second time in slow motion. She asked Wyatt what was going on. "What does it look like? He stole your diamond," Liam declared.

Hope asked if Liam was telling her that the thieves hadn't been real. Wyatt claimed that they had been -- guns and all. "But they didn't steal the diamond, did they?" Liam asked. Liam accused Wyatt of faking the diamond heist for publicity when a couple of bad guys had just happened to arrive. Liam figured the thieves had made Wyatt's job easier because Wyatt had been able to make them the culprits.

Hope asked Wyatt to tell her that it hadn't happened. Wyatt looked away, and Hope exclaimed that two people were in jail for something they didn't do. Wyatt replied that the men were actual jewel thieves, but Hope exclaimed that they weren't guilty of a crime at the boutique. Wyatt asked Liam to give Wyatt and Hope a minute, but Liam replied that Wyatt's time was up.

Hope pleaded with Liam for time with Wyatt, and Liam quietly walked to the opposite side of the trailer. There Liam received a phone call from Rick, who asked if Liam was with Hope. Liam guessed Rick had heard about Wyatt, and agreeing, Rick asked to speak to Hope. Liam said Hope was with Wyatt, and Liam suspected that she was breaking up with Wyatt. "At least I hope she is," Liam added.

Back on the other side of the trailer, Hope asked Wyatt how he could have done it. She said he'd made a mockery out of everything she stood for in one stupid move, and all the publicity they'd gotten had been based upon a lie. Wyatt told her not to blow it out of portion, but she asked if he still hadn't figured out who she was after all that time.

Hope wondered if her life was a big joke to Wyatt, and she grew tearful as she said that she'd believed in him. "I started to believe in us!" she exclaimed. Hope couldn't believe that she'd stuck her neck out for him and his mother. "I gave myself to you, and you gave me a lie!" Hope yelled.

At Il Giardino, Ridge was eating with Brooke but thinking about Katie. Brooke apologized for putting him on the spot at Katie's house the other day. Ridge said he loved Brooke's impulsiveness, but Brooke said it had all been good until she'd crossed the line with her sister's husband.

Ridge explained that he wasn't judging Brooke because they'd both made mistakes. Brooke asked when he'd get over her mistakes. Ridge stated that her actions had changed his perspective on things. She said it felt as if they had just met, and Ridge figured it was the year they'd spent apart.

Brooke asked what Ridge had done with all that time, and Ridge asked if she were writing a book. She remarked that he seemed different. He said it hadn't been the time away; it had been the bombshells that had been thrown at him. "It's not like we haven't dealt with this before, right?" he said.

Just then, Ridge and Brooke spotted Katie and Caroline entering the restaurant. Brooke asked if Ridge wanted to invite the ladies over, but he declined. Brooke said it was good because she wanted alone time with Ridge. Brooke and Ridge agreed that Katie had a lot of loyalty and integrity. Brooke added that Katie wanted her family together. "And so do I," Brooke added.

Brooke said Katie was starting to forgive her, and Ridge could, too. Ridge remarked that it wasn't that simple, but she replied that in the past, they'd been able to get through things. Ridge asked if that was supposed to be their legacy, and Brooke asked him if they'd lost what they'd had.

Brooke said that being with Ridge at the table reminded her of the past. "Makeup dinners," Ridge replied, and she recalled that most of the dinners had ended up in the bedroom. Ridge replied that he'd never been able to resist her. Brooke stated that, even though he needed space, it was important to move things along a bit. "We could try again," she uttered.

Ridge noted that the bedroom had always been sacred for them. Brooke replied that it could be again, but Ridge disagreed because of Bill. She acknowledged that it was harder for Ridge than she'd thought it would be. "Yeah, it is," he replied and sneaked a look at Katie.

At Caroline and Katie's table, Caroline noted that Brooke and Ridge were across the room and asked if Katie wanted to go somewhere else. "Of course not," Katie awkwardly replied.

Katie changed the subject to Caroline and Rick, but Caroline was sure Katie didn't want to hear about marital bliss. Katie responded that she was happy for Caroline, and Caroline expressed that she feared that it would be over once Rick saw her without makeup. Katie responded that it wouldn't happen with the right guy, and she sneaked a look at Ridge.

Caroline cooed about working with Ridge earlier that day. She said he was very talented and not hard on the eyes. She thought Brooke had been lucky to have him all those years. Katie stated that everyone said Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Caroline exclaimed that they were legendary, and she couldn't imagine anyone with Ridge but Brooke.

Caroline remarked that people were saying that Ridge was different, and she wondered if Katie agreed with that. Katie said she'd seen a different side of him, and then she frowned, watching Brooke play footsie with Ridge beneath the table across the room.

Caroline asked if Katie was okay, and Katie refocused on her meal. Caroline guessed that Katie was deep in thought about work, but Katie said that she'd had other things on her mind.

At the cliff house, Justin and Bill discussed putting detectives on the hunt for information about Ridge in Paris. Justin said that Ridge had maintained a low profile overseas, but Bill was sure they'd find something. Bill declared that once they did find something, Brooke would be his again.

Justin warned that Brooke might hold Bill's fact-finding mission against him, but Bill doubted that. Bill felt that Brooke only wanted Ridge because she was pushing Bill toward Katie. Justin asked if Bill was over Katie. Bill replied that he'd never be completely over her, but he loved Brooke and wanted Brooke as his wife.

Justin hoped it worked for his sake and Bill's. Bill acknowledged that things had to be hard for Justin at Spencer. Justin said he'd been totally marginalized. Bill told Justin to hang in there, and if they could expose Ridge, things would get better.

Justin scanned the French tabloids but found nothing. Bill told Justin to keep at it. After a while, Justin did uncover something. Bill returned to the room, and Justin showed off his find. "Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?" Bill asked, staring at the computer in shock.

Friday, January 31, 2014

At the cliff house, Bill stared at a computer and wondered what Brooke would think about Ridge's activities in Paris. Justin was sure she'd never see Ridge the same way again. "With any luck," Bill replied and headed out of the house with an envelope of photos.

At the restaurant, Brooke talked about Hope's road trip and said that Brooke and Ridge should take a trip to Big Bear. Ridge replied that he'd think about it. Brooke, however, was done thinking. She wanted to touch, feel, and "just be us" again with Ridge.

Across the room, Caroline took a photo with Katie to post and asked if she could still call Katie "Aunt Katie." Katie reasoned that Caroline was married to Katie's nephew, so it was still okay.

The talk turned to Katie and Brooke's relationship, and Katie remarked that, though her relationship with Brooke wouldn't be the same, Brooke was still her sister. Caroline said that Ridge and Brooke reuniting would probably help ease tensions, and Katie half-heartedly agreed.

Brooke had stepped away from her table, and Katie decided to walk over to greet Ridge while Caroline ordered dessert. When Katie sat at the table with Ridge, the chef approached the table. The chef had heard that Ridge would be there with Ms. Logan but had assumed it would be Brooke and not her sister. Katie started to correct the chef but decided to just say that she'd enjoyed the meal instead.

The chef left, and Katie told Ridge she that was glad to see him with Brooke. Ridge shrugged, saying it was only lunch, but Katie urged him to make amends, because he knew he wanted to. Brooke returned to the table and hugged her sister. Katie said that her dessert had arrived at her table, and she hurried off. Ridge glanced awkwardly from one sister to the other.

R.J. sent Brooke a message that his classes at Ojai had been cancelled, and he needed a ride from the "station." Ridge volunteered to pick their son up and wondered why R.J. was in school far away. Brooke chuckled, stating that it was better than when she'd had to deal with R.J. being in Paris. Brooke figured that Ojai would be a good trip for her and Ridge to take together.

When Brooke began to talk about having romantic dinners in Ojai, Ridge said Brooke needed to slow down a bit. Brooke, however, said that he needed to consider moving in with her. She stated that they could take it slowly, but Ridge said he wasn't ready for it and didn't want to give R.J. false hope.

Brooke behaved as if moving in wasn't a big deal. She didn't know why Ridge was living with his father, anyway, when their family could be together. Ridge insisted that he wasn't going to let R.J. think his parents were getting together. Ridge began to add "if," but Brooke told him not to tell her that they weren't getting back together.

Brooke received a message from work. She told Ridge that she had to take care of something, but before leaving, she urged him to return to their former home whenever he was ready.

Back at Caroline and Katie's table, Caroline wondered if Ridge seemed different to Katie. Caroline remarked that Brooke didn't seem to have the same magical hold upon him. Katie replied that the couple went through phases but always found a way back together.

At Forrester later, Brooke was working when Bill entered the CEO's office. She asked what he was doing there, and he claimed that there was something she needed to know. She ordered him to leave, but he quipped that he was moving back in with her. "I don't have time for this," Brooke retorted.

Brooke relayed that she'd just had lunch with Ridge, and things were going amazingly well. Bill replied that there was a reason Ridge wouldn't go back to Brooke, and it had nothing to do with her and Bill. Brooke didn't want to hear it, but Bill was certain that she'd never have a relationship with Ridge again. Holding out an envelope, Bill asked if she wanted to know what Ridge had been up to in Paris.

Brooke ignored the envelope as she stated that Ridge had spent a lot of time with R.J. in Paris. Bill said Ridge had been doing more than that, and it would blow Brooke away. Brooke snatched the envelope away from Bill and took a look at the photos. She became confused as she saw Ridge patting a man on the back in one photo, gripping the man's shoulders during an excited greeting in another, and helping some men hold up a rainbow flag in the other photo.

In Emerald Bay, Hope was tearful and livid with Wyatt for lying to her after promising her that there would be no more secrets after Quinn's antics. "A fake robbery -- who does that?" Hope asked.

Wyatt replied that he did that, and he'd been trying to explain to Hope about the kind of person he'd been before he'd met her. He claimed that Quinn hadn't been the best role model; however, Hope had taught him that actions had consequences, and it "sucked" to disappoint someone he cared about. Wyatt apologized for his actions and asked Hope to forgive him.

Though Hope understood that people made mistakes, she declared that faking a robbery was stupid. She said Wyatt could have been hurt or arrested. She stated that she might have been able to look beyond it, but not telling her had been his calculated choice. Wyatt replied that he'd only wanted to make her line a success, and he'd never do anything like it again.

Wyatt insisted that Hope had changed him, and he reasoned that it had all worked out. Hope looked at him as if he was crazy, and she stammered, asking him if big sales and media coverage was all that had mattered to him. She asked if he had, at any point during the media frenzy, thought about telling her the truth. He claimed that he had, but she asked if he thought it would ever "come out."

Wyatt wasn't sure how to respond, but he said he'd enjoyed the way Hope had looked at him during that time, and he'd felt that he had been the guy who could give her what she needed. Quipping that she'd needed honesty, Hope hastily removed the bracelet and necklace Wyatt had given her. She gave them back to him and said she'd been making major life decisions based upon a lie.

"There's a certain kind of trust that I need, and I don't know what to do with you," the disillusioned Hope uttered. Liam approached to offer an idea; he said Hope could leave Wyatt and return home with Liam. Wyatt argued that Hope could make her own decisions without Liam's direction.

Liam told Hope that he was going home, and he really wanted to take her with him -- if she could put Wyatt behind her. Wyatt rasped that the two-timing Liam needed to go find his wife in Paris. Liam replied that he'd known what Wyatt had been like on the inside, and "now," so did Hope.

Liam and Wyatt began arguing over which man was better for Hope, and Hope silently fumed as she listened. Liam yelled that he no longer had divided feelings, but he didn't need to prove it to Wyatt. Wyatt said that Hope was with him, and they could get beyond his mistake. Wyatt thanked Liam for revealing the issue because it would make Wyatt and Hope's relationship stronger.

Wyatt ordered Liam to leave because Wyatt and Hope were still on their trip. "Trip's over," Liam quipped. Wyatt asked why it had to be that way over one mistake, and he asked if Liam had ever done anything he'd regretted. Liam roared that he regretted ever letting Wyatt speak a word to Hope.

Liam raged about how Quinn had trapped him in an elevator to prevent him from breaking up the surfing getaway. Wyatt scoffed, but Liam figured Wyatt had known all about it. Wyatt yelled that his mother had acted on her own.

As the men continued bickering with each other, they heard a door slam, and an engine revved up. They turned around and saw that Hope was no longer beside them.

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