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Quinn kissed Bill, but he said it wasn't happening between them. Liam tried to convince Katie to act upon her feelings for Ridge. Brooke accepted Ridge's marriage proposal, and Bill made a Valentine's Day plea for Brooke's affections.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 10, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, February 10, 2014

At Katie's house, Liam arrived at Katie's behest. She was surprised she hadn't heard from him the previous night about her memo. Liam flashed back to seeing Ridge and Katie together. Katie explained that she needed to build a team of people she could trust at Spencer, and she felt that Liam would be better-suited as the vice president of the company.

Liam's eyes bulged in shock. Katie felt that Liam deserved the position, and she was sure Bill would agree. Liam was honored by the offer and noted that Katie had proven her leadership abilities. She appreciated his loyalty, and he expressed excitement about the new job.

Liam admitted that he'd thought he'd been about to get fired, and that had led him to go to Katie's house the previous night. "You did?" Katie nervously asked. He added that he hadn't wanted to interrupt her and Ridge because it had appeared that something had been going on. Katie couldn't imagine what things had looked like, but she assured him that she and Ridge were just friends.

Liam asked if Brooke knew, but Katie insisted that there was nothing to know. She asked Liam not to say anything to anyone. He promised not to say anything and remarked that he hadn't known that she and Ridge were such close friends. Liam smirked as Katie explained that she and Ridge were friends who just got together with their kids occasionally.

As Liam stared knowingly at her, Katie explained that Ridge had a child with her sister, and she had one with Liam's father. Liam thought she had real feelings for Ridge. Liam said he could be wrong, but he'd picked up on a vibe. "And it seemed like something was about to go down," he added.

Katie admitted that she cared about Ridge. She said that was as far as it went, and she'd be beyond hypocritical to let it go further. Katie decided to send Ridge a text message to make sure that he was on the same page with her. Liam said that she deserved to be happy, and he saw nothing wrong with Katie being with Ridge. Katie insisted that it wasn't who she was. "I'm not Brooke!" she asserted.

Katie relayed that it had been a long time since she'd relaxed and had fun, but she'd gotten caught up in a fantasy. She insisted that it wasn't real, and it could never happen for her and Ridge.

In the CEO's office, Rick, Brooke, Ridge, Maya, and Carter were having a meeting. They wondered where Hope was, which sparked a discussion about Hope moving on from Liam to Wyatt. Rick said that sometimes relationships just ran their course, and Brooke and Ridge exchanged looks.

Rick wondered when everyone would get a wedding invitation from Maya and Carter. Carter stated that Maya was the holdup. Maya claimed that wedding planning was intimidating, and everyone joked about Brooke being an expert at it.

Maya decided that she needed to meet Oliver about some proofs, and she flashed back to Oliver kissing her. Ridge told Maya that he'd make it easier for her by volunteering the Forrester estate as the wedding location. Carter asked Maya what they were waiting for. Maya stated that it was a wonderful idea, and they would discuss it after her meeting.

Maya left, and Carter explained to Ridge that she was probably overwhelmed by the wedding venue offer because she wasn't accustomed to people being nice to her. Ridge replied that they'd change that. Carter and Rick left the office, and Brooke looked at Ridge expectantly.

"All that wedding talk..." Brooke said, and Ridge wondered how he had known Brooke would say that. Brooke said she couldn't help but think about their wedding. "Which one?" Ridge wondered. "All of them," Brooke uttered, but she was especially thinking of the one that hadn't happened yet.

Ridge changed the topic to R.J., who wanted to go to school in Los Angeles. Brooke said it would happen eventually; she just thought they needed to work some things out first. Brooke wanted R.J. to return home once both of his parents were living under the same roof.

Just then, Ridge received a message on his phone, and he told Brooke that he had to deal with something. With a kiss, Brooke replied that she'd be waiting, and he took off.

Rick returned to the office and asked Brooke what was going on with her and Ridge. Rick recalled that Ridge had been eager to reunite with Brooke when he'd returned. Brooke said a lot had happened in the previous year, and Ridge hadn't expected the situation with Bill. She felt that she had to earn Ridge's trust and respect again, but she was sure that he'd return home. She insisted that she'd always be the love of Ridge's life.

In the studio, Oliver was with Brandon, a guy who volunteered with Pam at the animal shelter. Holding some newly adopted puppies, Brandon explained that Pam volunteered at the shelter in the name of Tiny. Maya arrived, and Brandon left with the puppies.

Oliver was excited to show Maya some photos, and he thought that she was gorgeous in them. As he stared amorously at her, she told him that the kiss had been a mistake, and they couldn't do it again. He apologetically said that he hadn't meant to make her feel awkward. She claimed that she hadn't felt that way, but she was in love with Carter and didn't want to let him down.

Oliver reasoned that it had been just a kiss, and they'd felt something within the moment. He gave her permission to blame it on him for initiating it and said she shouldn't feel guilty. "But I do," she replied. Oliver figured it was because she was an amazing woman.

Maya shuddered, grabbed her phone, and sent Carter a message to meet her in the steam room. Oliver was staring at their campaign pictures and noted that they made a great team. He felt that, no matter what, their work had to continue. Smiling, Maya agreed.

Later, Maya arrived in the steam room, and Carter said it had better be his fiancée entering. They kissed, and he stated that he hadn't been able to remember the last time they'd met in there. He was glad she'd invited him. Carter relayed that he liked meeting her in the steam room, and he also liked the idea of marrying her. Maya claimed to feel the same way.

Carter thought it was amazing that Ridge had offered to let them get married at the estate and wondered what her answer to it was. Maya claimed that they had their whole lives to talk, but she couldn't talk and kiss at the same time. Ryan Shaw's song, "Morning, Noon, and Night," played as Maya and Carter made out in the steam room.

Later at Katie's house, Katie was alone when Ridge arrived. Katie relayed that Liam had seen her and Ridge together the other night and had asked if anything was going on between them. Ridge asked what she'd said to Liam. Katie stated that she'd said nothing was happening except her and Ridge finding a connection with each other through their pain.

Katie insisted that it was nothing more. "So you don't want me to care about you?" Ridge asked. Katie explained that Liam wouldn't tell anyone what he'd seen. Ridge said they hadn't done anything wrong, but she replied that they could have. Katie refused to do to her sister what her sister had done to her, and he asked what Katie wanted of him.

Katie said she'd enjoyed spending time with Ridge, and she thanked him for being nice to her. Katie didn't want to feel like she was keeping a secret. Her feelings for Ridge frightened her, and she said she couldn't see him anymore.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Hope told her mother about Wyatt's role in the jewel heist. Brooke was amazed that Hope had forgiven Wyatt -- and quickly. Hope made excuses and raved about how wonderful and romantic Wyatt had been. Hope professed that Wyatt was unlike any other man that she had met.

Brooke was amazed, but she added that she wanted Hope to be happy. Hope asked her mother about Ridge. Brooke answered that she had hope that Ridge would return to her soon. Brooke admitted that Bill continued to pursue her. Brooke promised she would never return to Bill.

Brooke insisted that Ridge was the only man for her. Hope acknowledged that Brooke and Ridge had always been in love. Hope asked if Brooke had loved Bill. Brooke said it had been different from what she had felt for Ridge.

Hope wondered if her Aunt Katie was glad that Ridge had returned. Brooke hoped that Katie and Bill would patch things up, and she anticipated that Ridge would soon return to her. Brooke exited to prepare for a press conference.

At Wyatt's house, a shirtless Bill had been working out on the deck, and Quinn showed up looking for Wyatt. Quinn noted that Wyatt was generous with his house, allowing Bill to hang out there. Bill reminded Quinn that Bill had purchased the house for Wyatt.

Quinn advised Bill that Wyatt and Hope were officially a couple. Quinn wanted Bill to convince Liam to leave Wyatt and Hope alone. Bill was skeptical. Quinn asked Bill about Brooke. Bill confessed that Brooke felt guilty about what Brooke and Bill's relationship had done to Katie.

Bill was convinced it was only a matter of time before Brooke returned to Bill. Quinn mentioned Ridge, and Bill believed Brooke was meant to be with Bill. "Not the most loyal bitch in the kennel, is she?" Quinn asked.

"All class aren't you?" Bill responded. Quinn wondered what Bill had seen in Brooke. He responded that Brooke was unpredictable and sensual. Quinn wondered if Katie had feelings for Bill, and Bill admitted that he didn't think Katie cared anymore. Quinn surmised that Katie would always care about Bill. Like Quinn, Katie had given birth to Bill's son, and she would always see some of Bill in her son. Quinn felt the same way about Wyatt.

Quinn moved closer to Bill. She caressed the sword necklace she had given him years before. They bantered about what had happened the last time she had touched his necklace -- she had stabbed him. She grabbed him and kissed him. Afterward, she cooed that she had wanted to see if it felt the same. Bill asked if it did, and Quinn looked thoughtful.

At Katie's house, Katie and Ridge discussed how much fun it had been doing things together with the kids. Katie said she had loved every minute of feeling like a family. She hadn't felt that in a long time. Ridge agreed he also hadn't felt that way in a long time. Katie insisted that the kids would always be family, but Katie said that she and Ridge had to stop.

Katie and Ridge talked about how long they had known each other, but Ridge pointed out that he felt like he had just met Katie. Katie confessed that she had always admired Ridge. Katie said she had feelings for him, and Ridge acknowledged that he felt the same.

Ridge put his arms around her, but Katie said she didn't want to turn into Brooke. Katie begged Ridge to return to Brooke because his son deserved to have both parents. Katie added that Ridge had always been the symbol of Forrester strength. "Marry Brooke and put your family back together," she said.

Ridge stepped in close to Katie and looked at her. Katie tearfully looked at Ridge, and he walked away. Later, Katie recalled good times with Ridge.

At Forrester, Ridge found Brooke dressed in a stunning white dress, and he told her she was beautiful. He told her that he had spent a lot of time trying to figure out what he had needed and wanted. He said he knew what it was -- her. Ridge asked Brooke to marry him. Brooke looked relieved.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge asked Brooke to put his engagement ring back on her finger. "Marry me -- be my wife," he said. Ridge recalled originally giving Brooke the ring in the olive garden in Italy. Brooke cried.

Brooke tearfully asked about Ridge's previous request for more time. Ridge said he didn't want to lose any more time, and he apologized for not creating something more elaborate for a proposal. He suggested that he should have spirited her away, but Brooke claimed that she did not need to be spirited away for a romantic proposal.

Brooke lamented that she had thought they would always be together the last time they had married. She vowed that she would accept the proposal only if their marriage would last forever. She never wanted to worry that what had happened before would ever happen again. Brooke insisted that Ridge had to promise that if they married, it would be forever.

Brooke said all she needed was Ridge, and Ridge promised that he was ready and committed to putting their family back together. Ridge remembered that he had loved Brooke since the first time they had met at the party that Brooke's mom had catered at the Forrester home. Brooke said in her heart, she was already his bride. They kissed.

Brooke wondered whom they should tell first. Ridge suggested that they tell R.J. Brooke suggested that they surprise R.J. after they had married. "I love you so much," Brooke said. They kissed passionately.

At Spencer Publications, Liam thanked Katie for the promotion. Liam admitted that he had worried that Katie planned to fire him. Katie told Liam not to worry. Liam teased that he had seen Ridge and Katie together. Katie said that any relationship with Ridge had been over before it ever started. Liam doubted that Katie was over her feelings for Ridge, and she threatened to revoke his promotion.

Katie noted that Ridge and Brooke belonged together. Liam agreed that everyone said that, but it had never worked out between Brooke and Ridge. Katie said she had recommended that Ridge propose to Brooke. Liam suggested that Katie had thought of R.J. Liam wondered if Ridge might be better off with Katie. Liam continued to suggest that Katie and Ridge belonged together, but Katie refused. Liam assured Katie that he would always respect her no matter what she did.

Katie admitted that she and Ridge had plenty in common, but she wanted Ridge and Brooke to be happy. "Follow your heart," Liam advised. Katie believed that she and Ridge had been two lonely people who had found a connection. Liam disagreed. He said that Katie had been selfless.

Liam said that Katie and Ridge had plenty in common. Katie admitted that they both loved poetry. Katie countered that Ridge had always loved Brooke. Katie reasoned that Brooke and Ridge would patch up their relationship. Liam left, and Katie reflected on good times with Ridge. She realized what she had given up.

At Wyatt's beach house, Bill and Quinn broke away from their kiss. Bill asked what the kiss had been all about. Quinn said she had been very young and innocent when she and Bill had been together. Quinn had wanted to recall what they'd had all those years before. She admitted she had enjoyed the kiss.

Bill and Quinn discussed that their personal lives were not stable. Quinn guessed that Bill was unhappy -- a sexy, virile man going without sex for weeks. Quinn wondered what had been so appealing about the Logan women. Quinn also guessed that Katie and Ridge were better matched than Brooke and Ridge.

Bill teased that Quinn had been coming on to him. Quinn asked about Brooke. Quinn noted that Brooke's interest in Ridge would never die, and she knew that Katie did not want Bill back in her life. Quinn added that Ridge seemed to have attracted attention from both Brooke and Katie. Quinn claimed that Ridge was ideal for Katie.

Bill asked about Quinn and Eric. Quinn said that no one could compete with the memory of Stephanie. Quinn teased that Katie had kicked Bill to the curb. Brooke had done the same. Quinn wondered what Bill would do if he lost both women.

Bill said he hadn't given up. He claimed he had Valentine's Day plans to woo Brooke. Quinn asked about Katie. Bill said Katie would find another man who was worthy of her. "Anyone but Ridge," Bill said.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Eric, Donna, Hope, and Rick gathered together to hear Ridge and Brooke's big news. The couple announced that they were getting married, and everyone congratulated them. Brooke and Ridge planned to have a courthouse wedding and tell R.J. about it after it was official, but Eric told the couple that there would be no courthouse wedding.

Eric said they could keep the event small, but Ridge and Brooke would have it at his house. Donna gushed about how romantic it would be for Ridge and Brooke to marry in the same spot where they'd first laid eyes on each other.

Giggling, Brooke said a proposal had been the last thing she'd expected, but Ridge's timing had been perfect. Ridge added that her answer had been perfect, and a "yes" from the right person was as beautiful as poetry. Ridge and Brooke insisted upon a simple wedding because they couldn't possibly top their past weddings. Donna and Hope said it should be the biggest wedding yet for the couple.

Eric believed that Stephanie would be happy for the couple, and the group joked about Stephanie's portrait jumping off the wall during the ceremony. Donna wondered why Katie wasn't there to hear the news, and Brooke replied that she wanted to tell Katie alone.

At the sky lounge later, Hope cooed about the upcoming wedding, but Rick was skeptical. He hadn't seen a ring on their mother's finger, and he remarked that Ridge had had issues with Brooke. Rick wanted to be supportive, but he wondered if Brooke had thought about once again putting her faith in a man that had let her down many times.

Hope felt that it was different because Brooke wasn't competing with any other woman, and Brooke had no other man in her life. Hope thought that all ugliness about the situation with Bill and the guilt about Katie had gone, and it was a new chapter for Ridge and Brooke.

In Katie's office, Liam arrived to discuss some advertisers, and Katie said they couldn't meet the advertisers' needs without knowing what they were. Liam quipped that meeting other people's needs was a big thing for Katie. Liam began discussing Katie and Ridge, but Katie said it was a moot point because Ridge was returning to Brooke. Liam said Brooke had no idea of the gift Katie had given her.

Katie didn't want to speak any more on the topic, but Liam didn't understand why she'd pressure Ridge to be with Brooke. Katie exclaimed that Ridge had returned to town for Brooke, whom he loved. Liam claimed that he'd seen Ridge's feelings for Katie, but Katie replied that Liam wasn't helping.

Liam stated that if Katie had a chance with Ridge, she owed it to herself to take it, and if someone made her happy, she should be with that person. Liam urged her not to wait for the circumstances to be perfect or to look good to others. "I'm telling you, nothing feels worse than knowing you had a chance and letting it slip away," Liam warned before leaving.

Later, Liam arrived in Eric's office, where Ridge was sketching. Liam told Ridge not to worry about what Liam had seen at the house, and Liam added that he didn't think Katie had meant it when she'd backed off Ridge. "Katie doesn't play games, and my future's with Brooke," Ridge responded.

Ridge informed Liam that Ridge and Brooke were getting married. The shocked Liam stammered to congratulate Ridge but said he could have sworn he'd seen something between Ridge and Katie. Ridge asserted that he was focused on his marriage to Brooke. Liam asked if Ridge was sure, and Ridge insisted that he wouldn't have proposed if he weren't.

Liam noted that Ridge had spent a lot of time with Will and Katie. Liam stated that he had a lot of respect for her, and Ridge said he had a lot of respect for her, too. Liam suspected that she felt the same way about Ridge and believed that it wasn't often that a person could make one see new things. "Like poetry," Liam cited, picking up a book. Ridge asserted that he was committed to his family, and it was best that Liam take Katie's advice about letting it go.

Back at Katie's office, Brooke arrived to give Katie some news. Katie noted that her sister was smiling. Brooke stated that she deeply regretted her mistakes and the rift she'd made between them. Brooke wanted to fix it more than anything, and she believed that very day was the day to do it.

Katie asked what Brooke meant, and Brooke said Ridge's name. Katie guessed Ridge wanted to work things out with Brooke, but Katie gasped when Brooke relayed that he'd proposed. Brooke said she knew Katie didn't want to return to Bill, but the proposal proved that Brooke didn't want Bill, either.

Brooke had grown to understand Katie's hesitance in forgiving Brooke because Brooke had felt the same hesitance about recommitting to Ridge. Brooke said she'd needed to know beyond any doubt that he wouldn't do what he'd done to her again. Brooke understood that Katie needed the same reassurance from Brooke, and Brooke was there to give it.

Brooke explained that she'd marry Ridge soon, and Katie could put her doubts about Brooke and Bill to rest. Brooke wanted Katie to know that no matter what happened, Brooke would never stand between Katie and a man ever again. Brooke stated that they were sisters first. Katie tearfully uttered that she was happy for Brooke. The sisters hugged, and Katie shed tears.

At the beach house, Bill worked out with a punching bag. He told Wyatt that Quinn wanted him. Bill explained that she'd kissed him to see if it felt as she'd remembered, but he felt that Quinn needed to understand that it wasn't going to happen. Wyatt asked if Bill had made himself clear. Bill claimed that he had, but "you never know with her, do you?"

Wyatt believed that his mother was more interested in his love life than her own. Bill asked if things with Hope had gotten serious. Bill guessed that he'd picked the right son to live with because it was apparently going to get crowded at the beach house. Wyatt claimed Hope wasn't moving in yet, but due to the pace at which the relationship had been moving, Bill thought she would.

Bill assumed that Hope and Wyatt had gotten beyond their issue, and Wyatt said that Hope was giving him a chance to make up for his mistake. Bill murmured that it was good, and Wyatt was surprised that it was all Bill had to say. Bill remarked that he hadn't understood why Liam had always felt the need to prove himself to Hope. Bill hadn't known why any guy would want to put himself through it. "But now I do," Bill stated.

The talk turned to Bill's love life, and Bill asserted that he wasn't worried about Ridge, the dressmaker. Bill felt that Ridge had what he wanted right in front of him but wouldn't pull the trigger, and after he'd cut her off for an entire year, Ridge had no right to dictate with whom Brooke spent her time.

Wyatt asked if Brooke agreed with Bill. "She should," Bill quipped and added that Ridge had jerked Brooke around for a long time. Wyatt guessed the door was open for Bill. Bill said that it was true -- if he could get Brooke's mind off Katie.

Bill noted that Valentine's Day was around the corner, and he felt that Ridge couldn't compete with what Wyatt's "daddy" had planned. Bill claimed it would be the best Valentine's Day that Brooke had ever had. Wyatt asked about Ridge. "Well, he's gonna have to make some other plans," Bill concluded.

Friday, February 14, 2014

At Wyatt's house, Hope arrived, and Wyatt handed her candy and flowers. He nervously said it was Valentine's Day, and he refused to botch the most romantic day of the year. Hope embarrassingly said she hadn't gotten him anything, but he said she'd gotten him "this." Hope giggled as he kissed her.

Hope excitedly announced to Wyatt that Brooke was engaged to Ridge, and Wyatt saddened as he noted that Bill had been confident about winning Brooke back. Hope replied that it had just been a matter of time for Brooke and Ridge. Wyatt felt sorry for his father but concluded that he had more important things to think of on Valentine's Day.

Wyatt had made dinner reservations at Il Giardino, but he decided that cuddling on the couch felt better. Hope admitted that she'd rather stay there and order in. She thanked him for making things special, but all she wanted was to be there with him. She said he didn't have to keep making things up to her, either. She believed he was a better man, and she wanted him to believe it, too.

Wyatt ordered some Thai food, and he and Hope toasted to their first of many Valentine's Days. Hope said it should be their tradition to sometimes do nothing, and Wyatt was fine with that, as long as they did it at the beach. It meant a lot to him that they were thinking long-term. He was grateful to have her, and he loved her more each day. They wished each other a happy Valentine's Day and kissed.

At Forrester, Rick and Ridge concluded a meeting, and Ridge thanked Rick for biting his tongue about the engagement. Rick replied that he wasn't enthusiastic about it, but he planned to support his mother. Ridge thought that was good but asked if Rick were willing to take it a step further.

Rick stated that supporting his mother sometimes meant picking up the pieces after Ridge left her. Rick said he'd believe in Brooke and Ridge's destiny for as long as Brooke needed him to, but he hoped Ridge wasn't expecting him to throw a bachelor party. Ridge replied that, traditionally, it would be one of Rick's duties -- if Rick agreed to be Ridge's best man.

Rick asked if Ridge had considered their father for the job, but Ridge replied that he wanted Rick to stand up there and help unite the family. Rick asked Ridge to say that he wouldn't hurt Brooke and that he'd mean every vow. Ridge said he was ready, and he and Brooke could make it work.

Ridge asked if Rick would stand with the bride and groom, and Rick agreed to do it. Rick wanted his mother to be happy, and he thought it would be a positive gesture for him to make. "Thank you. And you're right; we can skip the bachelor party," Ridge said and left the office.

At Spencer, Liam went to Katie's office to let her know that he'd seen Ridge. Liam wondered if she knew what was happening, and Katie bitterly replied that Ridge was marrying Brooke, just as Katie had asked him to do. Liam urged Katie not to deny her feelings for Ridge. Though Katie knew that Liam meant well, she asked him to leave it alone.

Liam continued to try to reason with Katie, but she told him to stop. "Stop saying what you want to hear?" Liam asked. "Yes -- no!" Katie responded and decided she couldn't listen to Liam any longer. Katie insisted that Ridge was with Brooke, and that was the way it was supposed to be.

The frustrated Katie left, and on the desk, Liam saw photos of a wedding shoot with Hope in them. Overcome with memories of their relationship, he grabbed his phone and texted a happy Valentine's Day message to Hope. Sighing, he erased it without sending.

At the park later, a song played, and Katie flashed back to memories of being there with Ridge. She made a pallet on her sweater and sat down to read. Nearby, Ridge was also strolling through the park. Over the wind, Ridge and Katie's voices recited verses from Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Love's Philosophy."

At Brooke's house, Brooke answered her front door and was shocked to see Bill standing there with roses. He told her that the limo was waiting, and they had dinner reservations in Santa Barbara. She glared at him, and he said he wasn't giving up. Sighing, she murmured that she had something to tell him.

Brooke thanked Bill for the flowers. She stammered and said she knew that giving up wasn't in his vocabulary; however, she declared that it wasn't happening for them -- ever. Bill said they'd discuss it over dinner, but Brooke blurted out that she was engaged to marry Ridge.

Outraged, Bill asked how Ridge deserved another chance with Brooke. "How do you?" Brooke quipped. She wanted to be with Ridge, who made her happy. "What -- for a day?" Bill contended. She reasoned that Katie had made Bill happy, but he asserted that he and Katie didn't want each other.

Brooke said that Bill could have his marriage, his son, and his company back. She insisted there was no other man for Katie, and she ordered Bill to be with Katie. "I want to be with you," Bill uttered. He asserted that Ridge would let her down again, and Bill didn't understand why she couldn't see Ridge for who Ridge really was.

Bill called Ridge a soft, indecisive man who ran whenever his feelings were hurt. Bill declared that there wasn't a shred of indecision within Bill, and Bill reminded Brooke that they'd shared a goal. Brooke asked him to go, but Bill asked where the papers were.

Brooke acted as if she didn't know what Bill was talking about, and Bill clarified that he meant the papers Katie had signed to give him back the company and custody of his son. Brooke said she didn't have them, but he didn't seem to believe her. Bill told her that if she gave him the papers, they could have it all again. He declared that he loved Brooke and only Brooke. She told him to stop it. He touched her face and slowly walked out the door.

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