The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on B&B
Oliver got fired and rehired at Forrester within the same day, and Ridge, who'd sought Rick's job, wound up sharing the Forrester vice-presidency with Brooke. Maya became flustered when she saw Oliver out with Aly. Eric decided that if Ridge wanted to run the company, then Ridge had better return to Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 31, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, March 31, 2014

In Bill's bedroom, Quinn was hiding in the closet as Brooke asked Bill if someone had broken in. Putting on his shirt, Bill claimed that he'd just been upset and had broken some things. He wanted to go downstairs to talk, but assuming that Liam was still home, Brooke said she and Bill needed privacy.

Brooke hadn't liked the way she and Bill had left things, and she didn't want to be cold to him anymore. Bill figured that she'd been that way because of how everyone talked about them. Bill had been hearing negative things about himself all his life, but he didn't care. "Loving me makes you -- you, and I can't get enough of it," he told Brooke, and in the closet, Quinn grimaced.

Brooke recalled that she'd wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bill. She could picture them raising their children, but trading husbands with her sister was weird and wrong to her. She wouldn't say she didn't love Bill, but she wasn't ready to be with him after losing her life and family with Ridge.

Bill offered to continue to wait for her as he'd already done for months. He wanted her to stop calling herself a failure, and he didn't think that she'd lost Ridge. "You outgrew him," Bill concluded.

As Quinn fought her impatience in the closet, Brooke asked Bill if he'd ever thought it was too late for them. "No, never," Bill replied, stroking her face. Brooke wondered if it would be better to start over with someone new, and she figured there were thousands of women out there.

Bill didn't want anyone else, and he didn't know why Brooke wouldn't let go of a man who thought he was too good for her. Brooke said she knew what a good person Bill was, but she felt that she needed to be a good person, too. She needed a little time, and she asked if Bill could give it to her.

Bill agreed to do so, and he kissed Brooke. Brooke said she wouldn't have been able to sleep unless she'd had that talk with him. She decided to go home, and Bill walked her downstairs.

When Bill returned to his room, Quinn was lying on the bed. She said she had needed to get out of her clothes, but Bill replied that she wouldn't do it there. Quinn said she'd been a pretty "stand-up guy" for him earlier, and Bill asked why she hadn't ruined things for him when Brooke had been there.

Quinn guessed Bill would have loved to see Quinn and Brooke fight over him; however, Quinn didn't want to steal him from Brooke, and she wasn't sure Brooke wanted him, either. Bill stated that Brooke didn't need to know about what had gone on between him and Quinn. He felt that the freak session shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Quinn claimed not to want her reputation dragged back into the sewer by Bill. Bill was glad because, in his view, it hadn't meant anything anyway. She said he had nothing to worry about from her.

At Forrester, Aly took selfies in Rick's office. Liam arrived, and she explained that she was working on her Forrester directory entry. Aly needed a photo and a title, but she didn't think "Shadow" was a good option. Eric had told her that she could make up another one, and Liam suggested that she call herself an HFTF intern. Aly thought it was genius.

Aly offered to try to figure out where Hope was, but Liam didn't want Aly to disturb the "dynamic duo" on his account. He was there because he'd just wanted to get out of the house. Aly offered to have dinner with Liam after she'd taken her photos in the studio with Oliver.

Liam took a few pictures of Aly with her phone but asked for a rain check on dinner. He had a strong suspicion that his father would need him later that night. Liam advised Aly to make sure any guy asking her out was worth it, and she shyly replied that she'd never had a boyfriend before.

Surprised, Liam said it was easy to do. He stated that it was like learning the words to a song she already knew. Aly's eyes softened, and Liam bade her farewell. She smiled after he left.

In the studio, Oliver conducted a photo shoot with Maya. The air was awkward between them because of their past kiss. Maya said that it had been a one-time thing, and she was glad that they could still be friends. Oliver couldn't get why she wasn't married yet, and she asked why he was single. He told her not to ask if she didn't want to know. "Maybe I do want to know...friend," Maya replied.

Oliver delved into his history, and Maya was surprised to learn that he'd had a relationship with Hope. He was sad to say it had ended poorly. Oliver was glad that things had worked out well for him with the Forresters, but he understood that one could only get so far without being in the Forrester family. He wondered how things would be if things had gone differently with him and Hope.

Later, Oliver was alone when Aly hurried in, apologizing for being late. She said a friend had visited her, making her late, and she didn't have too many friends. Oliver found that hard to believe, but she replied that people thought she was too opinionated. Oliver told her that she had nothing to worry about because her last name was Forrester.

Aly was worried about what she'd worn, and she felt self-conscious before the camera. Oliver quickly put her at ease, and she realized that she kind of liked the photo session.

Aly remarked that the ladies in the sewing room had a pool going to determine if Oliver would have a date for the spring showing. Oliver advised her to bet on him being solo because the chances of him getting a date were slim. Aly said she didn't believe that, and smiling at Aly, Oliver realized that his luck might change.

After the session had ended, Aly decided not to keep Oliver any later, but Oliver said that he had no one to go home to, either. He wanted her to look at her photos, but she replied that she didn't like having her picture taken. Oliver stated that he'd thought they'd had fun. Aly corrected that she'd meant that she wasn't good at taking pictures.

Oliver said that Aly didn't have to be good at taking pictures. Instead, he had to be good at it, and she was lucky that he happened to be the best. He invited Aly to see the pictures, but she didn't like to look at pictures of herself. Oliver thought that was a normal reaction, and he asked her to pick a favorite photo for the directory. She preferred that he pick it, so he selected one.

Aly wasn't excited by the picture, so Oliver suggested that they look through more photos. Aly asked him not to. She said that the women in her family, like Steffy and Hope, were gorgeous. Aly didn't believe that any picture would change the fact that she was average. Oliver wondered in what universe she'd be average. Aly didn't even know why they were discussing it because looks didn't matter.

"Especially when you don't see them, Ms. F. But I see you," Oliver replied. Aly bade Oliver a good night. At the door before exiting, she smiled and thanked him.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
by Pam

At Katie's house, Katie and Ridge awakened in bed, and Katie told Ridge she was happy. Ridge said their relationship was "the best thing I never saw coming." Katie agreed. "Funny how things work out," she said. Katie offered to make breakfast, but Ridge said he had to get to the meeting he had called at Forrester.

Katie kissed him, and Ridge said he didn't want to leave, but he had to go. Katie was glad they were together. "Get used to it. I'm exactly where I want to be," Ridge said. Katie reminded him that Brooke would never give up. Ridge assured her that Brooke was in his past. He was confident she would learn to accept it.

Later, Donna stopped in to see Katie. Donna noted that Katie positively glowed with happiness. Katie said that Ridge had changed everything. Katie confided that Ridge supported and respected her, and it felt good. Katie added that the house, which she'd felt was too big and lonely without Bill, seemed warmer and full of life. Donna hugged Katie, but Donna added that it was odd to see Katie with Ridge. "I never wanted to be happy at Brooke's expense," Katie confessed.

Katie and Donna worried about R.J., but Donna added R.J. had already comforted Brooke when he'd found out his parents would no longer live together. Donna promised that they would all get through the awkwardness eventually.

Katie asked about Brooke. Donna worried that Brooke had been cynical and spent a lot of time alone. Katie countered that everyone had to be alone sometime. Katie apologized for her candor, but she added that Brooke had often been defined by hopping from one relationship to another.

Talk turned to business, and Katie warned that Ridge planned to be very involved at Forrester. Donna was sure that Eric would be glad. Katie noted that a lot of people would be unhappy, but Ridge had a clear vision of what he wanted at Forrester.

At Forrester, Eric and Brooke met, and Eric was worried about Brooke. Eric wondered what Ridge had been thinking because he had originally returned home to be with Brooke.

Brooke said that things hadn't worked out. She said she understood that she had to stop defining herself through the man she was with. She admitted she wasn't even sure who she was anymore because it had been so long since she had been without a man. She claimed she could get along without a man.

Eric gushed that Brooke was beautiful inside and out -- one of the most wonderful human beings he had ever known. Eric added that Ridge's decision made no sense.

Brooke acknowledged that Ridge had made his decision. Eric asked about Bill, but Brooke insisted she needed some time alone. Brooke decided to redirect her energy to her kids and back into Forrester business. Eric agreed it would be good to have her back. He had to run to a meeting, and Brooke volunteered to sit in. "I'm gonna change, Eric. You'll see," Brooke said.

In Rick's office, Hope and Rick discussed that Brooke had seemed depressed, but Hope noted that Brooke had gone out the previous night. Hope and Rick agreed they were worried, but Hope added, "Brooke Logan bends, but she does not break."

Caroline and Carter arrived for a meeting that Ridge had called with everyone. Rick quizzed Carter about the meeting because Rick knew that Carter had been Ridge's right-hand man. Carter deflected the question and said that Ridge would arrive soon.

In the Forrester photo studio, Oliver opened an email from Ridge that shared Ridge's distaste for all of the HFTF photographs. Maya entered, and Oliver was worried. Maya assured Oliver that it wouldn't be a problem, but Oliver wasn't so sure.

Ridge arrived at Forrester in a good mood. "Hello, beautiful," he greeted Pam. Ridge asked if everyone had shown how important Pam was to the business. Pam asked for a raise, and Ridge said it had already been handled. He added that he wanted Oliver at the meeting. Pam said she would tell Oliver.

In the meeting, Rick, Hope, Brooke, Eric, Carter, and Caroline told Ridge about the success of the Hope for the Future line. Rick added that HFTF had done well at the Rodeo Drive boutique, and he shared that Wyatt's latest idea about the Stephanie Forrrester jewelry display had been a major success.

Rick added that the couture line had also been doing well. Ridge interrupted and asked why the company had a split personality. Ridge displayed two ads side by side on the office screen -- couture on one side and HFTF on the other.

Ridge said that Hope's line appeared to be from a different design house altogether. Hope balked, but Ridge insisted that the new campaign for Hope For the Future needed a new photographer -- "Oliver's not cutting it," Ridge said. He added that he wanted a more European look that complimented the couture line, and he was shutting down the Los Angeles photo studio immediately.

Oliver entered. Ridge compared the photos on the screen for Oliver, and he said the two campaigns did not work well together. Carter explained there were creative differences. "You're firing me?" Oliver snapped at Ridge. "Yes," Ridge said. Oliver left, visibly furious.

Brooke, Hope, Caroline, and Rick argued with Ridge that Oliver was like a member of the family, but Ridge insisted it was business. Rick stood up and shouted that Ridge was not CEO and had no decision-making power. "That's the other reason I called this meeting," Ridge said.

Caroline defended Rick and his business decisions. She maintained that the company had been profitable. Hope agreed. Brooke pointed out that Ridge had left the Los Angeles office and wanted nothing to do with it or anyone when he had chosen to stay in Paris.

Brooke insisted that Ridge had no right to dismantle a team that had worked to restore the HFTF and couture lines to profitability. "This team has proven themselves more than once," Brooke said. She added that Rick had earned his right to be president. She claimed that nothing needed fixing, and Ridge's assessment of everything was wrong.

Brooke warned that Ridge's coup would not work. Ridge claimed that his decisions were purely motivated by business. "It has nothing to do with you," he said to Brooke.

Brooke scoffed, She addressed Eric and noted that there could only be one president. "Is it Ridge or our son? Brooke asked as she scowled.

Oliver returned to the studio and told Maya that he'd been fired. He surmised that Ridge was going to steamroll his way back into control. Maya was shocked that Ridge had fired Oliver.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Brooke, Hope, Caroline, and Rick objected that Ridge had been gone from Forrester for more than a year and had no business putting himself in charge and firing Oliver. Eric spoke up that the arguing had to stop.

Brooke noted that Ridge was a designer and had not been CEO in a long time. Ridge countered that Eric had to agree that Forrester needed to rebuild its reputation. Brooke insisted that she had to speak to Eric alone. Brooke glared at Ridge. Brooke told Ridge she would never let Ridge push her son out of Forrester and drop the HFTF line. Everyone left the meeting so that Brooke could speak to Eric.

In the photo studio, Oliver told Maya and Aly that Ridge had fired him and was shutting down the studio. Hope arrived and predicted that Eric would veto Ridge's decision. Carter showed up and apologized for Ridge's actions. Carter added that he knew how much Maya had liked working with Oliver.

Oliver started packing and noticed old photos he had. Many were of Hope and Oliver, and he flashed back to earlier days when he and Hope had been in love. "Remember this one?" he asked Hope. "Look at that -- we were such babies," she said. "It seemed like a lifetime ago," Oliver said. Hope sighed. She left.

Aly hoped Eric would tell Ridge he had been wrong about firing Oliver, but Oliver noted his name was Jones, not Forrester. He was expendable. Oliver pulled out a picture he had taken of Aly, and he called her ultra-glamorous. Aly believed that Eric would change his mind.

In Rick's office, Rick confronted Ridge. Rick couldn't believe Ridge's arrogance about the president's position and how Ridge had dumped Brooke for Katie. Rick reminded Ridge that Eric was Rick's father but not Ridge's father. "You're not a Forrester," Rick shouted. Rick was convinced Ridge would hurt Katie too.

In the corridor, Hope, Carter, Caroline, and Pam discussed the chain of events. Caroline didn't want to leave Ridge and Rick alone. Caroline interrupted Rick and Ridge, and she faced off with Ridge. "Taking over this company from Rick is not an option. You are minimizing our accomplishments," Caroline said.

Caroline noted that couture had been the foundation "back in the day, but we have to keep evolving," she said. Caroline recommended that Ridge had to get his head out of the 90s. Ridge smiled. She told Ridge to get out a pencil and "get to sketchin'."

Caroline left, and Ridge noted that Rick's wife and mother were in his corner. Rick countered that Ridge wanted to undo profitable work. Rick said they'd been better off while Ridge had been in Paris. Ridge said he knew how to run the company, and he would never answer to Rick. Ridge understood that Rick wanted to blame Ridge for everything that had happened with Brooke.

Ridge pointed out that he had returned to Los Angeles to marry Brooke and reunite their family for R.J.'s sake. Rick objected that Ridge had always had a pattern of rejecting and reuniting with Brooke. Ridge said it had gone both ways for decades, and Brooke had a pattern of hurtful affairs with Nick, Deacon, and Bill. Ridge said that he would always love Brooke, but an affair with Bill was something he couldn't forgive.

In Eric's office, Eric wondered why Brooke had become so hostile toward Ridge. "He left me for another woman -- Katie," Brooke said. Eric was in disbelief that Ridge would have done something so foolish. "I don't know who Ridge is anymore," Brooke said.

Brooke poured her heart out to Eric about Ridge. Brooke warned Eric not to trust Ridge because he had tried to oust Eric as CEO before. Eric remembered. Brooke insisted that it was all Marone arrogance, and Ridge had acted just like his father, Massimo, who had walked out on his company and his family.

Eric argued that he had been proud of Ridge, who had accomplished a great deal at Forrester. But Brooke argued that Ridge could not be trusted. Brooke noted that Ridge had already targeted Oliver and Rick. "I hate this," Eric said. Brooke encouraged Eric to stay with Rick. "He's your son, and he he's loyal and dedicated," she said.

In Rick's office, Ridge said that Brooke had spent enough time alone with Eric. Ridge and Rick returned to Eric's office and interrupted Brooke and Eric. Hope, Caroline, Maya, and Carter returned. Ridge pressured Eric for a decision. Rick reminded Eric and Ridge that they'd had bigger profits than they'd seen in years.

Ridge disagreed. He said they had been one of the greatest fashion houses in the world but had started "selling T-shirts to little girls in malls," Ridge said. Hope objected that the company had been successful while Ridge had been pouting in Paris. Hope added that they had started to appeal to a more youthful audience of women.

Brooke refused to allow Ridge to take his hostilities toward her out on her children. Ridge maintained it was business and not personal. Eric said they had all given him something to think about. He realized that his two sons could not get along and work together. "Clearly we cannot go on the way we are. There can only be one president, and I have my decision," Eric said.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

In Eric's office, the staff continued to bicker about who would lead Forrester. Eric declared that everyone would work together without acrimony. He said that before him was a business decision about whether to absorb HFTF into couture and strengthen the brand identification or to leave HFTF as it was.

Ridge insisted that HFTF had caused Forrester to lose its identity. He implored Eric to agree, and Rick asked if Eric really did agree with it. Eric concluded that he didn't agree with it, and he didn't agree with closing the photo studio in favor of the one in Paris. Eric decided that Oliver wouldn't go anywhere.

Hope asked who'd be president, and Eric decreed that Rick would continue with his job. Eric stated that Ridge had vacated his position, and Ridge needed to work his way back up again. Ridge didn't know what he'd work his way up from because he didn't have a position anymore.

"You do now. I'm making you co-vice president -- with Brooke," Eric replied. Ridge looked at Brooke, and she rendered a surprised but satisfied grin. Hope, Caroline, and Carter left the room, and the brooding Ridge quipped that he should get Thorne's old job as head of shipping, since Thorne was in Paris. Eric told Ridge not to behave that way because it wasn't a demotion.

Loosening his tie, Ridge asked what he should call Eric's shortsighted decision in the face of potential problems for the company. Rick said they didn't need Ridge to ride in on his white horse to save them from themselves, and Brooke remarked that Rick's leadership had made the company more successful. Ridge assumed that she was insinuating that it was more successful than when he'd run it.

Brooke said that Rick's team had done something that Forrester hadn't done for a very long time. Ridge asserted that he knew they needed to reach out to the next generation, but HFTF had taken on a life of its own. Angry, Rick said Ridge's problem was that HFTF had succeeded more in Rick's tenure than in Ridge's, and Ridge wanted to tear down their progress.

Ridge asked for Brooke's opinion. Brooke said that Eric thought the best thing was for Rick to be president, and as co-vice president, she'd support Rick. Rick decided that the company would stay its course, and Ridge questioned Rick's unwillingness to do what was right in front of him. Brooke replied that not only was the statement an insult to Rick, but it insulted her and Eric, as well.

Rick felt that insults were in line with Ridge's treatment of Brooke. Ridge stated that Rick wasn't a designer, and he didn't have Ridge's experience. Ridge predicted that, even though Rick had a good team, it couldn't cover his inadequacies forever, and one day, "Daddy" wouldn't be able to defend Rick.

Brooke retorted that "Daddy" didn't have to defend Rick. In her view, Rick wasn't a designer, but he was a good person who ran the company well and who didn't run when things got tough. Brooke said it told what kind of man Rick was, and it was more important than the ability to sketch a gown.

Ridge shuffled Brooke to the side and said he still didn't think Rick should be president, but if "Mommy and Daddy's" decision made Rick feel secure, then Rick should enjoy it while it lasted.

In the corridor later, Caroline and Carter discussed the surprising turn of events at the meeting. They noted the startled reactions Brooke and Ridge had given to Eric's decision. Caroline felt redeemed because Eric hadn't allowed Ridge to throw out her husband, but she wished Ridge had tried to work with Rick. She said that even Carter had to agree that firing Oliver had been too much.

Rearing to back up Rick if needed, Caroline tried to eavesdrop with a cup to the door of the CEO's office to hear what was happening. Carter asked if she'd pummel Ridge with her pearls. She said she wouldn't, but she'd lend them to Oliver for the job. Carter tried to dissuade her from listening in on the private conversation, and she wondered how much he'd known about Ridge's plans.

At the door, Caroline thought she'd overheard Ridge still pushing for the Paris photo studio, and Carter wondered if Eric would reverse his reversal of Ridge's decision. Caroline doubted that would happen after Hope had already gone to tell Oliver that he still had a job.

Later, Rick and Eric entered Rick's office and wondered whether they should have left Brooke and Ridge alone together. Eric was proud of Rick's leadership, and Rick was grateful for his father's faith in him. They hugged, and Rick noted that Brooke had been about to punch Ridge in the nose as she'd defended Rick. Chuckling, Eric said Brooke would make a great vice president.

Back in the CEO's office, Brooke flashed back to the day she'd seen rose petals in her fountain and Ridge at the top of her steps. She remembered trying to get forgiveness for being with Bill and the last wedding to Ridge that had never happened.

Ridge asked if Brooke was proud of herself or had enjoyed seeing him humiliated earlier. Brooke stated that he'd overstepped, and management had pushed back. He cited that she'd led the charge to somehow get Eric to throw his support behind Rick. Brooke stated that Eric had asked why she'd been so hostile toward Ridge, and so she'd explained it.

Assuming that Brooke had told Eric about Katie, Ridge stated that it had been his story to tell. "But you didn't tell it, did you?" Brooke asked and concluded that Ridge hadn't because he'd known that Eric wouldn't approve. Ridge said he knew that Brooke was hurting. She shot back that he was "damn right," and she was hurting for their son, who Ridge had let down to be with her little sister.

Brooke warned Ridge to watch out, because he'd soon see why Katie had only been with one man. At that point, he'd realize that reading poetry wasn't enough. Ridge guessed Brooke thought that would be when he'd want to return to her. In that moment, Brooke realized that she didn't even want him to do that, not after the way he'd attacked Hope and Rick earlier.

All Brooke wanted at that point was for her children to be protected and to have a place at the company. She asserted that Rick had rebuilt the business after Ridge had left, and while Rick had unified everyone, Ridge was a divisive force. "You don't deserve to be the president of this company. And you won't be...not as long as I'm here," she declared.

In the studio, Oliver packed his things. Aly looked at an award with his name on it. About the award, he said it was ironic to him that, just a few weeks earlier, Spencer had dubbed him the young photographer to watch, but Forrester had canned him. Oliver was confident that he'd find another job. She replied that Ridge shouldn't have fired Oliver; she never would have done that.

Aly didn't think Oliver should give up. She said it wasn't over, and they shouldn't pack up the studio because Eric could decide something else. Oliver declared that Ridge was a Forrester, and if a Forrester wanted Oliver gone, then Oliver was history.

Oliver stared at his badge and recalled the way Ridge had fired him. Oliver asked Aly to turn the badge in for him, but she refused to allow Oliver to be fired. She headed for the door, but he said he didn't want her to plead for his job. Aly didn't plan on pleading; she intended to tell her uncle how boneheaded he'd been to let Oliver go.

"I agree," Hope said as she entered the studio. Aly told Hope that someone needed to talk sense into "that man." Hope assured Aly that someone already had, and Eric had reversed Ridge's decision. "You are no longer fired. Welcome back!" Hope exclaimed.

Oliver was stunned by the news. Aly thought he deserved an apology and a raise, but he replied that he didn't want to capitalize on the issue. He thought it was enough that people had stood up for him, and he said he couldn't thank Hope and Aly enough. Oliver said that if Ridge took over again, Oliver's butt would be back on the line. Hope figured that fear applied to everyone, but Oliver didn't have to worry because the team had Oliver's back.

Hope left, but Oliver was still worried that the company could decide Ridge's way at any point in the future. Aly was certain that Brooke wouldn't let Oliver go anywhere -- unless he wanted to. Oliver didn't want to. He loved the place, and to him, the Forresters were an amazing family.

Oliver assured Aly that he couldn't let himself be blindsided again, and Aly vowed not to let it happen to him again. She offered to let him know the moment she heard anything about his position. Oliver thanked her and called her an amazing person. Aly grinned in response.

Friday, April 4, 2014

In the photo studio, Maya was happy about Oliver retaining his position. Aly arrived and agreed with Maya that people had his back. Aly said Ridge had to go through her before firing Oliver again.

Maya took off to meet Carter, and Oliver invited Aly to get some coffee with him. She stammered that she couldn't because she had a goldfish to feed on schedule. Oliver said having coffee wouldn't take all night. Smiling, Aly agreed to go with him.

At the Bikini Bar later, Maya had drinks with Carter and warned him to be careful about befriending Ridge. She said that Rick was the president, and he didn't like Ridge. Chuckling, Carter replied that he had it covered. Carter felt bad for Ridge because the company meant a lot to Ridge, and Eric had shut him down. Carter predicted that Ridge would be running the company eventually.

Carter noticed Oliver arrive with Aly and asked Maya if they were dating. Maya quizzically watched the pair and said they were just friends as far as Maya knew. Carter said she was staring, but she claimed that she was just intrigued because Aly was a little young for Oliver. Carter guessed that meant the pair was dating. "No!" Maya exclaimed. "I don't know," she concluded, pursing her lips.

At Oliver and Aly's table, Aly confessed that she didn't like coffee. Oliver replied that it didn't matter what she drank; he just appreciated her company. He placed his hand over hers, and as she smiled, he thanked her for sticking up for him. Aly called Ridge a bully and said that Oliver wouldn't believe the stories she had about how Ridge had treated her father and others.

Oliver had observed that Ridge could be harsh with many people, like Rick and Hope. Aly bit out that Ridge needed to respect Hope's line more. Oliver had garnered that Aly really valued HFTF's message. Aly was surprised when he said that he did, too, and Hope's message needed to be heard.

Oliver went to the bar to get their drinks. When he brought back a hot tea for Aly, he accidentally spilled it on her hand. Maya watched from her table as Oliver pressed his lips to Aly's hand and asked if it felt better. Aly's eyes fluttered, and she became flushed with feelings.

In Rick's office, Ridge handed Rick some sketches and said there would be more on the way. Ridge also acknowledged that he had a meeting on his calendar with Caroline. As Ridge started to leave, Rick asked if Ridge had anything else to say. Ridge seemed to not know what Rick was talking about, and Rick asked if he'd get an apology for Ridge throwing a fit and trying to take Rick's job.

Just then, Katie arrived to see how the meeting had gone. Grinning, Rick said the meeting had gone well, and Ridge finally understood his boundaries. Ridge stroked Katie's arm, and grimacing at them, Rick hastily decided to go.

Rick left, and Ridge bitterly said that Daddy had given Rick his way -- as always. Ridge explained that Brooke had Eric wrapped around her finger and had taken Eric aside to convince him of her view. Ridge revealed that Eric had announced that he and Brooke would be co-vice presidents.

Katie scoffed, noting that Ridge, who'd been the CEO and president in the past, had been relegated to share a desk with Brooke like Pam and Donna did. Katie called it Brooke's dream scenario, but Ridge said it wouldn't last for long. He intended to talk to his father again because he'd put in too many years to just give the company to Rick.

In the CEO's office, Brooke thanked Eric for allowing Rick to continue with the presidency. Eric had hated to disappoint Ridge, who'd accomplished a great deal at Forrester; however, Rick had been doing well in his position, and Eric hadn't wanted to just take it from Rick. Eric predicted that Ridge would accept it once he figured out that he was better off working closely with Brooke.

Brooke wondered what Eric was planning. To her, working closely together meant spending late hours with Ridge, and she asked if Eric was trying to play matchmaker. Eric guessed that Brooke wanted him to mind his own business, but he conveyed that he'd made the decisions he'd made precisely because he was minding his own business.

Eric declared that Ridge and Brooke were the future of the company. Brooke corrected him, saying that Rick and Caroline were. Eric said that Rick and Caroline would eventually lead the company, but in the meantime, they needed to ask themselves who they wanted to be in the media as the face and leaders of the company. In the past, Eric and Stephanie had been the couple at the helm, but because Stephanie was gone, Eric felt that Ridge and Brooke should be at the forefront.

Brooke said not everything that should happen did happen. She intended to work side by side with Ridge and make Eric proud, but she didn't think Eric should hold his breath for more. She was glad to know that she didn't need Ridge in order to be happy, and she could grow as a person without a man.

Later, Eric was working alone when Ridge strode in and told Eric to take it back. Eric took off his glasses and asked what he should take back. Ridge told his father to draft a memo or do whatever he needed to do, but Rick couldn't be president. "It has to be me," Ridge declared.

Ridge asked why his father had chosen his brother. Eric said it had been Rick's experience. Ridge scoffed, guessing Eric did whatever Brooke wanted. Smiling, Eric assured Ridge that it had been Eric's decision. Ridge declared that it was his legacy. "You left," Eric replied.

Ridge growled in frustration. He said he'd been training to take over from Eric from the moment he'd picked up a pencil. Eric readily agreed and said it was exactly the point. To Eric, Ridge was the best designer in the world, but Rick was the president. Ridge called it ridiculous. Eric yelled that Ridge had been gone a year, and he couldn't expect to return and have things as they'd been.

"Especially now -- with your personal life the way it is," Eric grumbled. Eric wondered what would happen when people learned that Ridge Forrester was shacking up with Bill Spencer's wife. Eric asserted that Ridge didn't want to get in the middle of "that." Ridge believed he was already in the middle of it, and he was in love with Katie.

Eric exclaimed that Katie was Brooke's sister. "So what? I don't understand -- " Ridge started to say, but Eric cut Ridge off. "I don't understand! You want to take this company into the future, do it with Brooke," Eric decreed.

Ridge explained that he'd found something special with Katie, and his personal life didn't matter at work. Eric replied that it was a public relations nightmare. Ridge said they'd weathered scandals before, mostly Eric's, but Eric relayed that children were involved. Eric questioned whether Ridge wanted to put R.J. and Will through that just to punish Brooke. Ridge claimed he wasn't punishing her, but Eric believed that was exactly what Ridge was doing.

"You spent all these months in Europe, trying to decide whether to forgive her or not. You know what happens when you're gone like that, pouting someplace? Life goes on. Now get over it. Just get over it," Eric demanded. Eric told Ridge to get over the jealousy and do what was right.

Ridge asked if denying his feelings was right. "Oh, Ridge, grow up," Eric quipped. Eric asked if he really wanted Eric to replace Rick with Ridge, who'd run off with Bill's Spencer's wife and left the path open for Bill to get with Brooke. To Eric, a "fool like that" wasn't good enough to run the company.

Eric ordered Ridge to end it with Katie. Ridge sarcastically assumed that if he did that, "then" Eric would give Ridge Rick's job. "No. No, I'll give you mine. You want to run this company, get your ass to Brooke, where you belong," Eric concluded. Ridge asked if he'd heard Eric correctly. Eric replied that Forrester would be Ridge's once Ridge went back to his family and Brooke.

Back in Rick's office, Rick told Brooke that she was his favorite co-vice president. Laughing, Brooke requested that Rick be patient with Ridge. She figured Ridge would hate working under Rick but would get used to it. Rick had been nervous about the outcome of the meeting, and it felt good to him to know that Eric had faith in him.

Rick got called away to work on something, and as Brooke sat down to work, Katie entered to say that she'd heard congratulations were in order about Brooke's new position. Brooke thanked Katie, who then asked if Brooke had gotten it through old-fashioned flirting. "What?" Brooke asked in disgust.

Katie had surmised that, unable to accept that Ridge could want Katie, Brooke had worked her magic on Eric, and suddenly everyone's favorite fashion couple was together again as co-vice presidents. Katie was sure Brooke had already put the reserved sign on the steam room door, but Katie wasn't going to let Brooke get away with it.

Brooke said that the job had been Eric's idea, not hers. The disbelieving Katie reasoned that if it had all been Eric's idea, then Brooke could have turned it down. Yelling, Brooke asked what Katie wanted Brooke to do. Brooke assumed it was to stay at home and cry her eyes out. Brooke said she wouldn't do that. She'd go to work, and she'd protect her children instead.

Brooke believed her children needed her after Ridge had pushed them around and had fired Oliver. Katie said Ridge had the right to fire Oliver, but Brooke replied that Ridge had to check with Rick first. Brooke had no problem with Ridge being there, but he had to know that she'd be there, making sure that he played fair.

Katie guessed that she was Taylor in the situation, and as Taylor, Katie was supposed to watch things happen, knowing they should be stopped because nothing was innocent with Brooke. Brooke declared that it was just a job. Katie asked who Brooke was kidding and said that in a month, Brooke would be giggling and standing around in her lingerie.

Katie, who claimed to have watched the way Brooke had operated for years, asked if stealing Katie's husband from her could be enough. Katie asked Brooke to enjoy the fruits of her labor and be happy with Bill. Katie declared that Ridge loved Katie, and not even Brooke could interfere with that.

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