The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 21, 2014 on B&B
Bill and Justin denied culpability in the helicopter incident, but Deacon charmed the proof out of Alison. Ridge hijacked Bill's helicopter and threatened to dump Bill out of it if he didn't admit to what he'd done in Abu Dhabi. Wyatt offered Hope the blue diamond.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 21, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, July 21, 2014

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill discussed Ridge blaming Bill for the incident, and she wondered if it was time for Ridge to seek professional help. Just then, Katie returned to the house with a few more questions. Even though Bill was the father of her child, she knew that he had a complicated relationship with the truth, and so she asked him to just tell her what had happened.

Bill declared that he hadn't tried to kill Ridge, and that was the end of the story. He decided to head to the office and leave the sisters alone to talk. He handed Katie his drink on the way out and told her to lighten up. Katie took a swig and put down the drink.

Katie stated that Brooke probably wanted to believe in Bill. Brooke added that she wanted to believe in Ridge, too, but Ridge didn't have the right pieces.

Hope arrived from upstairs and asked what was happening. Brooke explained that Ridge was holding Bill responsible for the helicopter incident. Hope didn't know how that could be possible because Bill hadn't been in the chopper, but Katie explained that Justin might have been the pilot who'd dumped Ridge into the gulf upon Bill's orders.

Deacon entered the house, unannounced, and Brooke and Katie scowled. Brooke told him that he couldn't show up there anytime he felt like it. "Even if I come bearing gifts?" he asked, gesturing to a small bag in his hand. In it was Hope's favorite flavor of Italian ice.

Deacon had seen Bill drive away and was happy to have the Logan women to himself. Brooke pointedly asked what Deacon wanted, and he claimed to be there to make sure Hope was okay after what Quinn had done to her and Liam. Hope said she was fine. Deacon wasn't surprised to hear that because, in his view, Hope was strong, resilient, and beautiful, just like her mother.

"Your mother and I are very proud of you. Aren't we, Brooke?" Deacon asked. Katie informed him that they were in the middle of something, and he asked if it would kill any of them to cut him a little slack for his effort. Brooke said she was grateful for the help Deacon had provided Liam. Deacon sensed that, even so, Brooke was still leery of him due to the past.

Hope didn't want to rehash things; however, Deacon said that Brooke was right, and he might be a grandfather by then if he hadn't let Bill spring him from prison. Deacon felt that Bill had a talent for letting others do his dirty work.

Deacon took Hope's treat to the kitchen, and the women wondered what he'd overheard when he'd arrived. Brooke doubted he'd heard what Ridge suspected Bill of. Hope asked what would happen if Bill had actually been behind it.

Deacon reentered in time to hear Brooke say that Bill had been trying to give her a dream wedding, but Ridge had shown up and fallen after interrupting the wedding. She'd thought that nightmare had ended when she'd found Ridge; however, it hadn't because of Ridge's accusations. Deacon chuckled, amazed that Ridge thought Bill had dumped Ridge into the Persian Gulf.

Katie said that Deacon hadn't been meant to overhear them. Deacon replied that, subconsciously, they wanted his help. He claimed to be a man of many talents with a soft spot for the Logan women. He asked what the plan was to figure out if Bill had done it.

Deacon suggested putting pressure on Justin, but Katie replied that Justin was as loyal as Alison. Deacon recalled Alison as the blonde assistant, but Hope corrected that Alison had darkened her hair. "Really? How does that look?" he asked. "I suppose it's closer to her natural color -- if there is anything natural about her," Katie snipped, and Deacon scraped the air as if he had claws.

Brooke insisted that she and Bill were in love, and he couldn't do something like that. "Could he?" Brooke added. Hope proposed using Donna to get to Justin, but Katie felt that neither Justin nor Alison would turn on Bill. Deacon flashed back to kissing Alison in Italy, and he decided he knew how to help Brooke. Brooke didn't know how, but he said it was his chance to show what he could do.

At Spencer, Ridge grabbed Justin by the collar and demanded that he admit to dumping Ridge into the gulf. Ridge said he'd seen the jacket logo, and he knew Justin had been there. Jerking away, Justin replied that Ridge wasn't making any sense. Ridge claimed that he wasn't after Justin and didn't want Justin in jail for attempted murder. He just wanted Justin to admit to following Bill's orders.

"Ridge, Ridge...That's enough," Bill softly said as he entered the office.

Justin told Bill about Ridge's accusation, but Bill said he already knew. Justin claimed he'd been explaining that he'd only been at the wedding in case Bill had needed a best man. Ridge asserted that Justin had been there to exact Bill's revenge, and once Ridge had proof of it, Bill would lose his business, family, and Brooke.

After Ridge had gone, Justin wondered what Ridge would do next. It didn't matter to Bill what Ridge would do because he couldn't pin "jack" on them. Bill asked if Justin had cleaned up all the evidence and trails. Justin claimed that he had, and they were squeaky clean.

Alison entered and said she'd seen Ridge "stumbling" into the elevator. Bill replied that Ridge had ludicrous ideas about Justin piloting the helicopter. Bill asked what she knew about it. She said there had been an investigation, but nothing like that had been uncovered. Bill asked why not. She said it had never happened, and she dared anyone to prove it had. "That's my girl," Bill responded.

Later, Alison was deleting things on Bill's computer when she received a call from a man who spoke Italian. She recognized him as Deacon and asked why he was calling. He asked if she still had a soft spot for bad boys. She claimed that she did, but Bill wouldn't appreciate distractions from her work. Deacon assured her that she would, and he promised to be on his way there.

Alone in her living room, Brooke flashed back to the moments before the helicopter took off and then to Ridge's fall. Bill entered and informed Brooke that Ridge had been at the office, accosting Justin. Bill said he and Justin had talked Ridge down, but Katie would probably refuel his paranoia. Brooke doubted Katie wanted to do that.

Bill cited that Katie was the only person -- other than Brooke -- who could get through to Ridge. Bill felt that Katie couldn't keep coddling Ridge, and Ridge had to keep slinging around accusations. Bill claimed he was trying to be patient, but it was a bit much for Ridge to be in Justin's face about it. Bill said his patience had its limits. "And then you push back," Brooke concluded.

Bill's brow rose, and he asked if Ridge had gotten to Brooke, too. Brooke said that she hated asking, but she needed the truth because Ridge could have died. "Did you try to kill him? The absolute truth, Bill," she asked. Bill declared that he hadn't tried to kill Ridge. The tense Brooke smiled, but tears rolled down her face as she hugged him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
by Pam

At Katie's place, Katie asked Ridge if he still felt the same about Bill since he'd had a chance to sleep on it. Ridge reminded Katie that Bill had no moral compass. "Ridge, we are talking about attempted murder," Katie reminded him.

Ridge was infuriated by Bill's arrogance "more than anything else," he said. Katie wanted Ridge to be 100 percent sure in his accusation. Ridge assured her that he was positive of what he had seen. Ridge was convinced that Bill had chartered a helicopter in Abu Dhabi. "Do you believe me?" Ridge asked. "Of course," Katie answered. She promised to help Ridge prove his theory.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill discussed that Ridge had blamed Bill for the incident, and Brooke wondered if it was time for Ridge to seek professional help. "I just feel horrible -- so compromised," Brooke said. Bill said that he hoped Ridge found help before his potential slander continued.

Brooke left the room, and Bill took a few phone calls. Brooke reentered and wanted to know what Bill had been talking about. Bill admitted that he had planned a wedding for them in Catalina. Brooke was surprised that Bill wanted to get married in a few hours. "Don't you?" Bill asked Brooke. She agreed, and they hugged.

Brooke thanked Bill for believing in them and never giving up. "I'm a flawed man, Brooke," he said. Bill said he had made mistakes in judgment, but he never wanted to lose Brooke. Brooke assured him that he would never lose her.

At Spencer, Alison advised Adele that a fully stocked bar meant that every bottle had to be full. Adele wondered if she was supposed to throw out half bottles. Alison suggested that Adele be creative. Adele doubted that Bill wanted to waste booze, but Alison told her to follow orders. Adele left, and Deacon entered.

Deacon called Alison beautiful in Italian. Alison wondered why Deacon would risk running into Bill. "Your boss did run me out of town," Deacon said, but Deacon added that Bill knew Deacon was in town because Deacon had met with Brooke and Hope. Alison insisted that Deacon should not be at Spencer.

Deacon maintained that he was a sucker for brunettes, but with a face like Alison's, hair color didn't matter. Deacon asked for a hug, and Alison teased that she wasn't sure Deacon deserved one, but she obliged. They hugged.

Alison admitted that she was glad that things were good between Deacon and Hope. Deacon fondly recalled the time that he and Alison had spent in an Italian farmhouse. Deacon reminded Alison that he had been defensive, but he wasn't that guy anymore.

Deacon wanted the chance to prove that he was different. Alison agreed to give him the chance. Deacon played with a helicopter model in the office. He remarked that Bill not only had a helicopter but a model of it.

Deacon said that he and Alison were close to rich people but had no way of ever experiencing what rich people could experience. Deacon suggested they hijack Bill's helicopter. He teased that they could do it and have a good time.

Alison confessed that the helicopter was on the yacht in the Middle East. She advised that she really couldn't talk about it. Deacon noted that rich people never had to worry about crowded airports.

Deacon lamented that the rich life never seemed to trickle down. Deacon added that Bill didn't even have to employ a private pilot because he had one in Justin. Alison took a call from Bill and noted that he was chipper. Bill told her that he was planning his wedding with Brooke, and it would take place that day.

After Alison had hung up, Deacon noted that Bill and Brooke were getting married. Alison agreed. Deacon added that it had to be convenient that Justin was a pilot. Alison turned secretive and noted that it was none of Deacon's concern.

Alison warned that Deacon had to leave, and Deacon asked if he could spend some time alone with Alison. She agreed and told him that he had her number. Deacon promised to call her. He left and looked satisfied with the information he had gathered.

At Katie's, Adele entered with file folders. Katie thanked Adele for her loyalty. Adele promised that she had collected everything she could. Katie noted Bill had always been obsessive about documenting how money had been spent. Katie, Ridge, and Adele searched through receipts but found nothing for a helicopter. Ridge was frustrated, but Ridge and Katie thanked Adele for trying.

Katie encouraged Ridge to sit down and relax. Ridge lamented that Bill's lackey had dumped Ridge into the sea out of a helicopter and had gotten away with it. Ridge worried that he would never uncover the truth. Ridge insisted that Bill had to have made a mistake. The doorbell rang, and Deacon entered.

Deacon shared that he had discovered that Bill's helicopter had been docked on the back of his yacht in Abu Dhabi. Ridge and Katie thanked Deacon. Ridge noted that Bill had been lying to everyone. "Thank you, Deacon. Bill Spencer is officially out of business," Ridge said.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill discussed that Bill had planned their wedding on Catalina Island. Bill explained that he would helicopter over to Catalina, make sure that everything was ready, and then return for Brooke. Bill claimed he would leave nothing to chance. There would be no interference and no surprises. Bill and Brooke laughed and kissed and promised to be husband and wife by nightfall.

Bill called Justin and Alison in a conference call. He advised Justin to get access to Rupert's helicopter because he wanted everything to go off without a hitch. Alison said the wedding planner and team were already in Catalina, and the copter was ready. Justin promised to have it gassed up and ready to go.

Brooke listened and offered to help in the effort. Bill refused, but he advised that she could plan every anniversary party they would ever have. Bill encouraged Brooke to call Katie, but Brooke said that Katie would not be happy for them. Bill left.

At Katie's place, Katie, Ridge, and Deacon discussed that Bill's helicopter had been in Abu Dhabi on his yacht, so Bill hadn't needed to rent a helicopter. Ridge promised that Bill would not get away with lying to everyone. Katie pressured Ridge and Deacon to stop the accusations. She added that she was worried, but Bill was the father of her son. "I'm gonna put him behind bars," Ridge said.

Deacon and Ridge agreed that Bill was not going to get away with what he had done. Deacon got a call from Alison. She asked him to get together later, and Deacon teased that her boss must have given her time off. Alison shared that Bill and Brooke were getting married on Catalina Island. She added that everyone was in panic mode at Spencer, trying to make plans but keep it secret.

Deacon and Alison hung up with plans to meet later. Deacon explained to Katie and Ridge that Bill and Brooke were getting married. Ridge insisted that he would visit the scene of the crime. He left. Deacon left to visit Brooke.

Deacon showed up at Brooke's, and Brooke dismissed him. She said she was too busy to talk. But Deacon warned, "You're wrong about me." Deacon added that Brooke was wrong about Bill Spencer, too. Brooke claimed that if Deacon had listened to Ridge, Ridge had been hurt and confused.

Deacon begged Brooke to listen to him. He insisted that Bill was responsible for what had happened to Ridge. Brooke refused to believe him, and she told him to leave. Deacon knew she was getting married. He warned her not to do it.

At Forrester, Wyatt pulled the Hope for the Future diamond out of his backpack. Hope and Liam entered, and wished Wyatt good luck on his first day back at Forrester. Wyatt thanked Liam and Hope, and Wyatt and Liam teased one another about how they had protected and saved each other. Hope noted that even when they were getting along, they were competing with each other. They argued that they were not competing. Wyatt thanked Liam for his second chance at Forrester.

Liam, Hope, and Wyatt discussed that there was a lot of potential for Ivy's jewelry line. Ivy entered and met Wyatt. Ivy shared that she was sorry to hear that his mother had experienced a difficult time. Wyatt thanked her. Liam kissed Hope goodbye, and Wyatt turned away.

Wyatt and Ivy discussed the logistics of the new jewelry program and agreed that Ivy would design, and Liam would handle the manufacturing. Hope noted that Ivy would not have her own office but could work on any drafting table she could find. Hope added that Wyatt and Quinn had done most of their work at their own facility but worked at Forrester for meetings. Ivy asked if it was awkward for Hope to work with an ex, and Hope noted that no one had trouble working with exes at Forrester, because if they did, nothing would ever get done. Ivy nodded in agreement then left.

Wyatt returned, and Hope said that Ivy and Wyatt seemed to be a good team. Hope added that she had not told Ivy any of the details about Quinn. "I don't want any awkwardness between you two or us," Hope said. Wyatt said that all he had felt was gratitude for getting a second chance. He didn't want to waste a moment.

"Good luck," Hope said. She left, and Wyatt opened his backpack again. "I got all the luck I need right here," Wyatt said. He pulled out the Hope for the Future diamond.

At Spencer, Bill showed up in Liam's office and announced that he was leaving for Catalina Island, where he planned to marry Brooke in a simple ceremony in a vineyard. He wanted to keep it secret with no reporters. Liam and Bill embraced, and Liam said that he was happy for his father. Bill left, and Liam sat down and daydreamed about Hope.

At the airport hangar, Justin entered the locker room to the helicopter area, and he waited for Bill. Justin opened a locker, and put on his flight jacket with the Spencer logo. Ridge showed up and punched Justin -- knocking Justin out.

Later, Bill showed up at the airport, but noted that the chopper engine had started. Bill got on board and chatted that Brooke would finally be his. "Forrester can't stop us." Bill said, "I'm always in the driver's seat. He's no match for me."

In the pilot's seat of the cockpit, Ridge sat at the controls, hidden from Bill's view. He wore a hat and headphones with Justin's Spencer Publications flight jacket pulled up over his neck.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

In the CEO's office at Forrester, the employees and Liam had gathered, and Hope introduced Ivy to Othello, who was in town for work. Ivy asked him some informed questions about her trade, and then Hope told Othello that Ivy was a jewelry crafter. He wondered if Ivy would work with Wyatt and Quinn, but Aly readily stated that the Fullers no longer worked there.

Just then, Carter arrived with Wyatt and Wyatt's contract. Aly was shocked, and Eric revealed that Wyatt's company would produce Ivy's designs. Maya told Eric that it was a brilliant idea. Eric credited Hope and Liam with the idea. Carter and Oliver's gazes soured when Maya coquettishly said she was sure Eric had given it his stamp of approval.

Aly asked if Liam was really okay with Wyatt being there. Liam responded that he and his brother had found a new appreciation for each other. Eric stated that he'd gathered everyone to say that it was a new beginning. He felt that they all needed to work together and respect each other.

Everyone took their seats for the meeting. Eric congratulated Hope on having two stellar quarters. Rick felt that keeping the momentum wouldn't be easy without Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope stated that they hadn't completely cut ties with the business because they had Wyatt. Eric believed that Ivy and Wyatt could handle it, but they had been inundated with questions and suspicions about Quinn.

The team discussed how they'd kept news about Quinn out of the press, and Aly asked why they hadn't cut ties with Quinn's company and Wyatt, who'd become a liability. Aly claimed not to mean any offense, but Wyatt agreed that, if his mother's behavior leaked to the press, it could cause a scandal.

Hope reasoned that they'd weathered storms before. Agreeing, Eric felt that they'd be fine. Eric said that Wyatt had proven himself, they needed him, and his company would take to Ivy's designs. "I couldn't agree more. Good point, Eric," the smiling Maya stated, and Carter sneered at her.

Eric was ready to focus on redirecting the line, but Ivy didn't think rebranding was needed because the HFTF message still resonated. "Another great point," Maya chimed in. Oliver rolled his eyes, and Carter's nostrils flared. Rick and Carter remarked that they needed another great marketing campaign like the diamond, and Wyatt expressed confidence that they'd have that kind of success again.

Eric asked if Ridge had signed off on Wyatt's contract, and Rick asked where Ridge and Brooke were.

After the meeting, Hope and Liam were alone in Eric's office. Liam remarked that Aly had had a good point. Hope agreed but figured they'd have to deal with a scandal whether Wyatt worked there or not. Hope expressed pride in Liam for standing by his brother. He laughed and said that it had been the way he'd pictured it would be. "And all it took was mutual trust," Liam added.

Liam and Hope moved on to discussing Ivy, who they agreed fit in well. Liam noted that Wyatt seemed to have big plans for HFTF and asked if Hope knew about them. Hope had no idea, and Liam wondered what Wyatt was up to.

In Rick's office, Wyatt and Ivy looked over Quinn's jewelry, and Wyatt thanked her for being kind about Quinn. Ivy said that designers were entitled to be a little wacky. Ivy thought Wyatt was wacky, too, and she joked with him about "swashbuckling" with Hope, Ricardo, and the diamond.

Ivy had heard about Ricardo's death and wondered what would become of the diamond. Wyatt asked her what she'd do with it. Ivy imagined doing a blue line with different, sparkly hues of blue. She was inspired at what she, Hope, and Wyatt could do. Wyatt asked if she could keep a secret. She agreed to it, and he pulled out a large jewelry box. Opening it, he presented the HFTF diamond, and Ivy gasped.

At Brooke's house, Katie arrived at Brooke's request. Katie saw a garment bag and asked if Brooke was going on a trip. Brooke announced that she and Bill were getting married in Catalina that day. Feeling that the wedding was sudden, Katie asked if it had been planned and whose idea it had been. Brooke said Bill had sprung it on her, and she would have told Katie if she'd known any sooner.

Brooke asked if Katie was okay with it. Katie said that the only reservation she had was that she didn't believe that Bill was the man who Brooke thought he was. Brooke threw up her hands and insisted that the speculation about Bill was just a wild conspiracy theory.

Katie insinuated that Bill had been rushing Brooke to the altar ever since Ridge had started suspecting Bill. Brooke warned Katie not to become obsessive. Katie claimed not to want to believe something like that about the father of her child. Brooke felt that Katie shouldn't believe it because Bill wasn't a killer. Katie offered to reason with Ridge if Brooke would postpone the wedding.

Brooke wouldn't hear of it and said Ridge was the reason she wasn't already married. Katie asked what reason there could be that the helicopter had banked, sending Ridge out the door. Brooke assumed that a reason existed because it had happened. Katie questioned the weather conditions at the time of the incident or if the pilot had even warned his passengers to buckle their seatbelts.

Brooke said that Justin piloting the helicopter was too far-fetched, but to Katie, it wasn't any more so than Ridge falling out of it. Katie insisted that Brooke hold off on the wedding for a few days, so they could sort things out, but Brooke said Bill didn't want to keep waiting. Katie remarked that his persistence was a red flag. Brooke claimed that she didn't want to wait, either.

Katie decided that Brooke didn't know Bill like Katie did, and he'd do anything to get what he wanted. "Including murder?" Brooke dubiously asked. Katie flashed back a knowing stare. Brooke was done with the wild speculation and declared that she was marrying Bill that day. Katie warned that if Ridge was right, Brooke would be married to a man who'd done the unthinkable.

Brooke denied that Bill had had anything to do with the incident, but Katie said Brooke didn't know that. Katie insisted that Bill was capable of anything, and if Brooke didn't see that, then she was marrying a man she didn't know. Brooke stated that Bill had changed since he'd been with Katie. Katie laughed, but Brooke said it was too late because Bill was already making arrangements.

Katie maintained that Brooke needed to know what she was getting herself into by being Bill's wife. Brooke claimed to know. She said that Bill could be extreme, but not with something "like this." Katie theorized that Bill wanted Ridge to pay for breaking up the wedding. Brooke thought it was inane that Bill would want Ridge's life as payment. Brooke declared that she'd be Mrs. Bill Spencer by the day's end, and there was nothing Katie could do to stop it.

At the hangar, Alison discovered Justin in the locker room, straining to get to his feet. Startled, she asked what had happened, and he said Ridge had attacked him. Justin didn't know where Ridge or Bill was, but upon noticing that his flight jacket was gone, Justin asked Alison if she'd seen a helicopter.

In the helicopter, Bill put his phone away, stating that there would be no wedding crashers that time. He felt around the cabin and asked where his seatbelt was. "You looking for this?" Ridge asked, holding up a strap. Bill seemed surprised, and then he scowled. Ridge looked over his shoulder and said Bill had believed that Ridge had only studied poetry while in Paris.

Talking through his headset, Bill ordered Ridge to land, and Ridge noted that the "Stallion" was nervous. Bill demanded that Ridge return to the hangar, but instead, Ridge increased the elevation. Bill asked what Ridge wanted, and Ridge ordered Bill to admit to instructing Justin to dump Ridge from the helicopter in Abu Dhabi.

Bill told Ridge to go to hell, and Ridge banked the helicopter, jolting Bill back against the cabin wall. As Ridge tossed the helicopter to and fro in the air, Bill steadfastly denied culpability. Ridge banked hard, and Bill clutched the window frame, straining to keep from falling out the open window.

Ridge claimed that air traffic control in Abu Dhabi would soon confirm what he already knew, so he said Bill might as well admit it. Bill said nothing, so Ridge tipped the chopper more, and alarms began chiming. "Yeah, you bet I did," Bill bitterly admitted, demanding, "Now put my chopper down, and I'll tell Brooke." Ridge leveled out the helicopter, and Bill was snarling mad in the backseat.

Friday, July 25, 2014

In the helicopter, Bill declared that no one "cheap shot" him at his wedding and got away with it. He admitted he'd been behind Ridge's incident and demanded that Ridge land "his" chopper.

At Brooke's house, Brooke vehemently denied that Bill had arranged the accident, but Katie decided that they probably shouldn't call it an accident anymore. Brooke insisted that she would have known if Justin had been waiting for the newlyweds in a helicopter; however, Katie contended that Brooke wouldn't have known anything because Bill had arranged surprises.

Bill arrived with a brooding snarl on his face. Relieved to see him, Brooke asked if all was okay and if they were still getting married that day. Ridge entered, and Brooke asked if he'd been harassing Bill. She said she understood that Ridge had been through a horrible ordeal; however, she'd been there, and Bill couldn't have orchestrated a helicopter while she and Ridge had run down the beach.

Brooke also didn't like the accusations of attempted murder or that Bill was a killer. It made no sense to her that her groom would want to hurt the father of her child. Ridge said Bill had thought he'd get away with it. Done with the accusations, Brooke told Ridge to keep his thoughts to himself, because she and Bill were getting married without any more interruptions.

Turning to Bill, Brooke asked if the wedding site was set. Ridge chimed in that Bill had never made it to the wedding site. Bill quietly stated that he'd been on the way to the site when Ridge had hijacked Bill's helicopter. Katie and Brooke were shocked to hear that Ridge had piloted the helicopter, and Ridge responded that it was a good way to garner a confession.

Brooke concluded that it had been a kidnapping, but Ridge dismissed the term with a grunt and shrug. Brooke asked Bill not to press charges against Ridge, who was confused and needed help. "I'm not pressing charges," Bill flatly responded. Brooke was relieved, and Katie asked what had happened.

Ridge said that on the helicopter ride earlier, Bill had forgotten to put on his seatbelt, just as Ridge had done when Justin had piloted the Spencer helicopter in Abu Dhabi. Brooke asserted that the helicopter hadn't been there. Ridge stated that it had been on the yacht, and Justin had been waiting to pick the couple up after the ceremony.

Brooke shook her head. Ridge insisted he hadn't imagined seeing Justin's face or the Spencer logo. Looking at Bill, Ridge continued, "And he saw us climb into the helicopter. I put a seatbelt on you, but I couldn't get one on me. He knew that, so he gave the order," Ridge concluded.

Brooke ordered Bill to defend himself. Bill stated that there was nothing to defend; it had been his helicopter, Justin had been the pilot, and Bill had ordered Justin to dump Ridge into the water. Brooke didn't want to believe it, but Bill said it was true. She exclaimed that Ridge had almost died. Bill responded that he'd never intended Ridge any harm. "Then why?" Brooke asked.

Bill told Brooke that she knew why; she'd been there. Ridge had interrupted their wedding and dragged her away. Bill said he'd been angry, but he hadn't had time to think. He'd just wanted to stop Ridge and get her back. Brooke couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Bill conveyed that it had been an impulse. He'd told Justin to cool Ridge off without intending Ridge to be hurt. Brooke asked what Bill had expected. "That he knew how to swim! That there would be a splash, like jumping off a high-dive," Bill responded. He'd figured that Justin would take Brooke back to shore and go fish Ridge out of the water -- or Ridge would have already been on shore by then.

Bill had never imagined that Ridge would go missing and had been relieved that Ridge had surfaced. Bill admitted that he'd been living in fear. "You?" Brooke knowingly asked. Bill insisted that he'd been afraid of what the disappearance would mean to everyone, but once Ridge had returned, Bill had known everyone would be okay.

Brooke's stare narrowed on Bill. Bill said he'd just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson. Brooke just continued stare wordlessly at Bill. He raged that Ridge had "cheap shot" him in the face as his own wedding. "Now nobody is gonna do that to me and get away with it. Nobody!" Bill declared.

Brooke looked away. Bill asked her to say something and to tell him that she understood.

At Forrester, Ivy was amazed to hear that Ricardo Montemayor had willed the blue diamond to Wyatt, and she asked what Wyatt would do with it. Closing the box, he said he'd let it work its magic. Just then, Liam arrived to commend the pair on the earlier meeting. Wyatt decided to take to Hope the piece that he and Ivy had been discussing, and Ivy was sure Hope would like it.

Wyatt left, and Liam asked how Ivy was settling in. He imagined that it was hard to change continents so quickly. She relayed that she was doing okay, and her mother kept in constant contact with her. She mentioned that she was making a video for her mother and asked if Liam would be in it.

Happy to help, Liam stationed himself behind the desk. Ivy filmed a short piece with her phone, telling her mother that, in the executive suite, one never knew who they'd bump into. Liam popped into the frame and greeted, "Hello, Mum!" Giggling, Ivy said her mother would really love it.

Liam was amazed that Ivy's mother knew who he was. Ivy revealed that he and Wyatt were famous in the tabloids. "'Who will Hope choose?'" Ivy quoted. She was skeptical about Hope and Wyatt being over but still working together. Liam said she'd heard Wyatt, and Liam felt that, after all the ups and downs, Hope was fully committed to Liam.

Ivy said that Liam was a nice guy, and it wasn't her business either way. She figured she was there to work. Adding that the video wouldn't make itself, Liam ordered her to get back on it.

In the CEO's office, Hope was thoughtfully pairing jewelry with designs when Deacon arrived. "Like mother, like daughter," he warmly stated about Hope's business side. He remarked that he'd never accomplished as much at her age, but she recalled that he'd owned a bar. Chuckling, he said she inspired young women to live a life of meaning, and he'd inspired them to "other things."

Hope giggled. "You even have the same giggle she does," Deacon noted, grinning.

Deacon asked how Hope and Liam were. Hope giggled as she described Liam hobbling around on his boot. She thanked Deacon again for helping Liam with Quinn. Deacon claimed he was trying to change, and Hope said she could tell. He hoped Brooke would see it, too, some day.

Hope frankly responded that she didn't think Brooke wanted anything to do with Deacon. Deacon dismissively smiled and shrugged, saying he knew that. Hope added that Brooke would not be interested in Deacon romantically and asked if Deacon understood that Brooke was with Bill.

Deacon declared that Bill wasn't the man Brooke thought he was. Hope wasn't fond of Bill but stated that Bill had proved himself to Brooke. "Proved what? That he's a jerk?" Deacon quipped. Deacon admitted that he was also a jerk, but he at least knew his own limitations, unlike Bill. Deacon was confident that Brooke would soon see Bill for who he was.

"Can I just come out and ask you something?" Hope asked. Deacon replied that she could ask anything. She asked if he still had a thing for her mother. After a pause, Deacon decided to let her in on a secret. "Any guy that's ever been with Brooke Logan still has a little thing for her," Deacon said.

Hope chuckled uncomfortably. Deacon added that, in the past, every man had been second to Ridge, but Ridge was with Katie. "And my mom is with Bill," Hope stated again. Deacon responded that he didn't see that lasting, and Hope asked what he knew that she didn't. He said he'd been working on something to help her mother out, but that was all he wanted to say about it for the time being.

As Wyatt entered, Deacon said he was on his way out. Before going, Deacon told Hope that he wasn't delusional. He just believed that with time and effort, Brooke would appreciate his changes and cut him slack. With a wink and a smile, he asked who knew what the future held.

Later, Wyatt and Hope were working at the sky lounge. Hope showed Wyatt one of Ivy's necklaces and raved about the Forrester's new jewelry team. Wyatt thanked Hope again for giving him another chance at work. Hope wondered how he'd top himself after the Mexico trip, during which they'd acquired the use of the HFTF diamond.

Wyatt called the trip the beginning of a great adventure, and he was sure there would be more. Hope agreed but doubted that any would be with the diamond. He decided to show her something, and she asked if it was for the line. He replied that it was for her. He opened his hand and revealed the blue diamond in its diamond-encrusted spoke setting.

Hope gasped and exclaimed his name. She stammered but couldn't even ask the questions on her tongue. Wyatt said that Ricardo had given it to him, and in turn, Wyatt was giving it to Hope. She broke into a glorious smile and gratefully hugged Wyatt.

By that time, Ivy had made her way to the lounge to continue filming, and she accidentally caught the hug on video.

Back in the CEO's office, Deacon returned to say something else to Hope, but she'd already gone. He picked up a promo picture of Brooke's Bedroom, featuring Brooke, and his mind flashed back to the first time he'd been intimate with Brooke.

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