The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 25, 2014 on B&B

Hope became disillusioned upon hearing that Liam had attempted to meet her in Paris. With a kiss, Ivy offered to help Liam move on. Bill's wedding plans fell apart when Brooke learned of Ridge's impairment. Quinn tried to make inroads with Bill, and Deacon proposed to Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 25, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, August 25, 2014

At the party, Aly and Ivy tried to occupy Wyatt by plying him for wedding details. Just as Wyatt decided to find Hope, Bill pulled him aside to say that Liam had been in Paris. Wyatt refused to believe it, adding that Liam's no-show was the reason Hope had married Wyatt. Bill explained what had happened to Ivy in Paris, and Wyatt concluded that he was married simply because Ivy had fallen into the river.

"Don't say that," Bill said, sighing. Wyatt insisted that it was true, and if Ivy hadn't fallen, Liam would have made it on time. "And they would be married right now," Wyatt added. Bill stated that Hope didn't have to know about it, but Wyatt declared that he wouldn't keep secrets from her.

Bill reasoned that Wyatt knew Hope; she'd made vows, and she'd stick to him. Bill also stated that Liam wouldn't be a problem because Liam knew that Bill expected him to respect the marriage.

Bill left, and Aly and Ivy stopped Wyatt on the stairs to get him to tell them more about the wedding. Wyatt realized that the two had been delaying him from getting to Hope. Before trotting upstairs, he said he'd tell Liam that they'd done their job.

Nearby, Quinn asked Deacon how it had gone with Brooke. Deacon stated that Brooke knew Ridge's secret, but Brooke would blame Quinn the most. Unconcerned, Quinn said she'd only sent a selfie, but Bill had dropped Ridge from the helicopter.

Quinn laughed when Deacon stated that Brooke was torn up by the news. He quipped that it wasn't fun for him, and he cared about how Brooke felt. Quinn claimed to feel the same way about Bill as Deacon did about Brooke, but Deacon doubted that Quinn got it. Quinn asserted that Bill was the father of her child, and Brooke was the mother of Deacon's child. "I get it!" Quinn declared.

Quinn recognized that things had changed for her and Deacon, and it felt different to be a part of things and to be wanted. Deacon agreed that the day had been good. He could tell it meant a lot to their children to see everyone getting along. "Especially their parents. Now that Ridge's secret is out, who knows what might develop?" she added.

In the kitchen, Ridge admitted that he hadn't been able to draw since the incident. Names, relationships, and memories had confused him at first, but he'd gotten back everything -- except his gift to create. He didn't think he'd ever be able to design again.

Brooke didn't believe it could just be gone. Ridge explained that his mind didn't know how to tell his hands what to do. The tearful Brooke grasped his hands and said they'd fix it because designing "is your passion." Ridge replied, "Was my passion."

Brooke figured that it was just a block, but Ridge yelled that he couldn't design anymore. Brooke asked if he'd dealt with it alone, but he said Katie knew. Brooke asked why he hadn't confided in her. He recalled the rush of being welcomed back to Forrester and the disillusionment when he'd frozen with a pencil and sketchpad in his hands. Brooke remembered that he'd gone home early that day.

Katie entered and asked what was going on. Ridge said that Brooke knew. Brooke told Ridge that designing was his passion and his identity. "Not anymore," he uttered. Katie was glad that Brooke knew because Ridge needed support. Brooke said that she and Katie were there for Ridge.

Brooke couldn't believe it was happening due to Bill. Katie seethed that Bill had wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, "but look what happened." Brooke insisted that Ridge would get his stride back. She said that he was a great designer; he was Ridge Forrester, and he wouldn't lose that.

Just then, Bill entered the kitchen, and the others tensed. Bill didn't see why the three were so serious at a wedding celebration, and he asked them to turn their frowns upside down for Wyatt and Hope. "Or not," he murmured when Brooke looked away. Katie and Ridge decided to leave, and Katie asked if Brooke would be okay. Brooke nodded, and Ridge and Katie left.

Bill asked Brooke why Katie had asked if Brooke would be okay. Bill assumed Katie and Ridge weren't happy about the new wedding for Brooke and Bill, but Bill was sure they'd get used to it. Bill was ready to board the jet for the wedding, but when Brooke didn't budge, he asked what was wrong.

Brooke said Ridge had revealed that he hadn't been the same since the fall. Bill didn't want to revisit that, but she said they had to. Bill knew that Ridge had had a hard time and memory loss, and Bill felt bad about the part he'd played in it. Bill said that his apologies hadn't done any good, but thankfully, Ridge had returned to himself.

Brooke declared that Ridge wasn't himself, and he couldn't draw. She asserted that Ridge's art and gift had been taken from him -- all because he'd fallen from a helicopter.

Upstairs, Hope asserted that she'd waited, but Liam hadn't shown up. Liam replied that he knew she'd waited, but she hadn't waited long enough. Hope began disagreeing, but Liam interjected, "Light blue dress, standing in our spot. You looked beautiful." Hope gasped and began to sob.

"Liam! If you were there -- if you were right there -- why didn't you come to me?" Hope cried. She asked if he'd just stood on the bridge, watching her wait. Liam admitted that he'd been angry when she'd taken the diamond from Wyatt and taken off to Paris with Wyatt. Liam honestly hadn't known if he'd go to Paris to join her. Hope claimed that she hadn't known, either, but she'd chosen to have faith.

Hope claimed that the instructions had been simple, so when the clock had struck three, she'd known Liam's decision. "Except you were wrong. I did everything I could to get to you, but when I did, you were gone," he replied. It didn't make sense to Hope, and she asked him to explain it to her.

Liam said that he and Ivy had arrived in plenty of time. They'd gotten stuck in traffic and had decided to run the rest of the way. Hope asked why he hadn't called her cell phone. He said he hadn't needed to because he had been able to see her from where he'd been on the bridge.

As Liam had imagined Hope's face, her smile, and their reunion, he'd heard Ivy scream. Someone had bumped into her, sending her over the bridge. "What? Are you kidding me?" Hope exclaimed. Hope guessed he'd jumped in to save Ivy. He said he'd gotten Ivy to shore after three o'clock, and he'd run, praying that Hope would still be there. "But you weren't," he dismally concluded.

Hope claimed that she'd waited for what had seemed an eternity. Liam responded that he'd made a split-second decision to jump in the water. "Of course, you did. Of course, you'd save her. I'm not surprised," Hope responded. She told him to understand that it didn't change her perspective or what she'd gone through while waiting for him.

Hope said that when Liam hadn't been there for the tolling of the three o'clock bells, it had meant that she hadn't mattered to him. "But Wyatt was there," she continued. She said that Wyatt hadn't had to say a word, and in that moment, the thought of Liam showing up had become ridiculous. Liam asserted that he had shown up; he'd just been late. Hope cried that she hadn't known that.

"Yeah, well, now you know," Liam sadly uttered.

Wyatt entered. He quickly observed the intense Liam and Hope and said the party was over. Liam and Hope stared at each other. "Come on, honey," Wyatt prodded, touching Hope's arm.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

by Pam

At Brooke's place, Hope and Liam were in an upstairs bedroom. After Liam shared that he'd been at the Eiffel Tower, Hope was despondent, but Wyatt entered and encouraged her to say goodbye to guests downstairs at the party in Wyatt and Hope's honor.

"It's time to go home," Wyatt said. Hope agreed. She left, and Wyatt and Liam sparred about the wedding. Wyatt admitted that Bill had told him Liam had been at the Eiffel Tower to marry Hope. Wyatt had expected Liam to keep it to himself instead of telling Hope.

Liam scoffed and said that too many people had already known about it, and Liam had wanted to tell Hope himself. Wyatt snarked that Liam had been late, and it was a testament to how unreliable Liam had always been for Hope. Wyatt accused Liam of never putting Hope first.

Liam angrily said he hoped Wyatt felt good about what he had done. Wyatt confessed that he was sorry "it had to go down like this," but Wyatt discouraged Liam from trying to change anything. Wyatt said that Liam had disappointed Hope again. "You really want to win this way?" Liam asked. Wyatt suggested that he knew he had always been second choice to Liam in Hope's eyes. "I know that she still loves you, but you never made her happy, and I do," Wyatt said.

Liam laughed at the idea that Wyatt made Hope happy with necklaces, trailers, and schemes. Liam scoffed that Hope would be "chewing off her foot" to get away from Wyatt. "You'll be a jealous little boy who stabbed his brother in the back," Liam said.

Wyatt disagreed. "We have things to do," Wyatt said. He inquired if there was anyone he could call to help Liam deal with the consequences. "Did you give Steffy a call while you were in Paris," Wyatt asked. Liam scoffed.

"My wife is waiting for me. Ivy probably wouldn't have drowned, you know," Wyatt said with malice. He left. Liam looked angry.

Downstairs, Ivy told Hope that if Ivy hadn't fallen into the river, Liam wouldn't have been late. "I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be married right now to Wyatt," Ivy said. She added that they would have celebrated a very different marriage.

Hope couldn't believe that Liam had been in Paris. Hope tearfully flashed back to her wedding and "the leap of faith" she and Wyatt had taken when they'd jumped off the yacht and into the water. Ivy advised that in Australia, annulments were how folks dealt with problems like hers. "I'm married," Hope whispered.

In the kitchen, Brooke and Bill discussed that Ridge had lost his drawing skills because Bill had dumped him into the water from the helicopter. Bill and Brooke had a heated argument. Bill accused Ridge of using his inability to draw to drive a wedge between Brooke and Bill. Brooke was horrified, but Bill maintained that Ridge had interrupted their wedding and hated Bill.

Bill maintained that Ridge had used his inability to draw as a strategy to keep Bill and Brooke apart. Brooke refused to believe that Ridge had been lying about his ability. Brooke told Bill that Ridge had been honest with her, while Bill had lied to her from the beginning about what had happened to Ridge.

Bill dismissed Ridge's injury. Bill said that Ridge had recovered from his memory loss and would recover from his inability to draw. Bill reminded Brooke that his yacht was waiting for them, and the captain was waiting to marry them. Brooke shook her head.

Bill said that Ridge needed a specialist to evaluate him before anyone panicked. Bill promised to hire the finest surgeons, but Brooke was angry that Bill was suggesting brain surgery. Bill maintained that Ridge might not need surgery, but he needed someone to evaluate if he truly needed help.

Bill added that he had been trying to help. He said that they would discuss it on the flight to the yacht. Brooke tearfully refused. She said she didn't want to change Bill, but she did want to respect him. "I think you better go," Brooke said.

Bill tried to smooth things over. He said they had encountered obstacles previously and had conquered them, and they would again. Brooke turned away, and Bill left.

On the patio at Brooke's, Deacon and Quinn discussed that Brooke had been horrified when Deacon had shared the news of what had happened to Ridge. They paused when they overheard Bill in the living room, calling the captain of his yacht. Bill informed the captain that the wedding had been postponed. Quinn was excited that her and Deacon's plan to break up Bill and Brooke had worked. Quinn encouraged Deacon to go to Brooke. Deacon entered the kitchen, and he found Brooke crying.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

by Pam

At Wyatt's beach house, Brooke helped Hope move in. "I can't believe that he was there," Hope lamented about Liam. Hope admitted to her mother that she was confused. Brooke noted that no one could have predicted what had happened. "You married Wyatt," Brooke said.

Hope said it all messed with her head because she and Liam had so much history. Brooke wondered what Hope wanted to do, and Deacon entered and interrupted. Deacon delivered Hope's cat -- whom she and Liam had adopted from the shelter.

Hope was elated to see the cat, but Deacon sensed that something was wrong. Hope shared that there had been a misunderstanding about what had happened in Paris. She explained that Liam had been a hero -- a chivalrous hero who had rescued Ivy after she had fallen in the Seine. As a result, he had been late to meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower. "I'm so proud of him. I was so lucky to have him in my life," Hope said.

Deacon wondered if Hope wanted to change her mind, but Hope maintained that she had taken vows with Wyatt. She told Brooke and Deacon that she needed some time alone. Brooke and Deacon left.

At Quinn's place, Quinn reveled in Wyatt's success of marrying Hope, and she boasted that she had partied with the Forresters and fit in. Wyatt warned her not to be too hasty. He reminded her that she had only been invited because it was a wedding celebration. Quinn continued to celebrate and cheer Wyatt on for having won Hope. Wyatt confessed to Quinn that Liam had been in Paris, and Hope would have married him, but he had been late because he had rescued Ivy after she had been knocked into the river.

Wyatt quizzed his mother to ensure that she had not been responsible for anything that had delayed Liam. Quinn insisted she had done nothing. Quinn was irritated that Liam had shared his story with Hope at a party that celebrated Wyatt and Hope's wedding. Quinn smiled that her baby had gotten married on the Spencer yacht.

Wyatt warned that Quinn had to stay away from Liam and Hope. Wyatt added that he was still concerned about Ricardo's death, but Quinn insisted that she had done nothing wrong. Quinn said that the diamond had worked its magic and put Wyatt and Hope back together. Wyatt agreed.

Wyatt said that he wanted Quinn in his life, but she had to fit in. He started to lecture Quinn again, but she stopped him and handed him a velvet bag with jewelry in it. Wyatt peeked inside and approved. He thanked his mother.

At Forrester, Ivy and Aly met on the roof, and Ivy looked at her jewelry designs. Aly maintained that she was glad they had convinced Liam to share with Hope that Liam had been in Paris. Aly felt it would change Hope's mind about her marriage. Ivy disagreed. "At the end of the day, she's married to Wyatt." Ivy believed that Hope would honor her commitment.

Aly reluctantly agreed. Aly wondered if Ivy had seen the person who had knocked her into the Seine. Ivy said she hadn't, but she was sure it had been a woman. Aly joked that all the Forresters needed to stay away from places that overlooked large bodies of water.

Aly noted that Ivy liked Liam, and Ivy admitted that she did. Ivy added that she had given Liam a friendly peck on the cheek in Paris and had "felt something." Ivy and Aly discussed that Ivy planned to invite Liam to an end-of-summer party at the Bikini. Aly smiled.

In Liam's office at Spencer, Liam flashed back to how he had desperately tried to get to Hope at the Eiffel Tower. He recalled that they had gotten the cat together. He wiped away a tear. Ivy entered, and she showed Liam some photos of her new jewelry designs. Liam told Ivy that she was very talented and every bit as talented as Quinn. Ivy was happy to get the exposure for her line.

Liam realized that Ivy had shown up to check on him. He thanked her. Ivy said that she had spoken to Hope after the party. "She is still in love with you," Ivy said. Liam noted that Hope was married. Hope had chosen Wyatt. "She wasn't forced or manipulated. She had her eyes wide open," Liam said. Ivy invited Liam to the party at the Bikini, and Liam agreed to go. Ivy and Liam embraced.

At the beach house, Hope sat on the bed with her cat. Wyatt entered and said that it was nice to see her there, waiting for him, and it was nice to be married. Wyatt worried that Liam had laid a guilt trip on Hope. Hope said that it had thrown her a little, but she was fine. Wyatt said he had a gift for them from his mother. Hope looked skeptical, but Wyatt said it was okay. He pulled out the velvet jewelry bag with matching wedding bands inside. Wyatt noted that they had gotten married so fast that "we kind of skipped a few beats."

Wyatt put the ring on Hope's finger and said, "With this ring, I pledge my life to you." Hope tearfully placed the ring on Wyatt's finger and said, "With this ring, I commit myself to you as my husband from this day on." She added that they would rock and roll wherever life might take them. They embraced.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

At the beach house, Hope unpacked and smiled wistfully at her wedding band. Wyatt, who was on his way out, said to use any drawer or closet in their home. He kissed her and sneezed. She asked if his allergies were bad. Clearing his throat and looking at Bu, he remarked that they were getting worse.

Later, Hope was alone when Deacon arrived to check on how she was coping with the news that Liam had been in Paris. "Well, it's like you said; Wyatt is my husband," Hope replied. Deacon said he'd also stopped by to see if Hope could offer him some help with Brooke.

Deacon suddenly felt dumb for going to Hope for advice, but Hope was glad that he'd decided to do it. She also felt relieved upon hearing the type of help he needed. He stated that he could use a job and extra money, but he'd never ask Brooke or Hope for that. He knew he'd never have Bill's wealth, but he was determined to prove that he could be the man Brooke could depend upon.

Deacon suspected his desires were just wishful thinking. Though he'd spent time with Brooke, it had only been as consulting parents. He knew they could be a family, and with Ridge out of the picture, it was their chance. Hope wished she could tell Deacon where Brooke's head was.

Deacon declared that he wanted Brooke back. Hope sighed and advised him to be the man Brooke wanted to return to. Hope believed he could do it, but he said it would take patience. The party had given him a glimpse of what it could be like as a family, and he wanted that more than anything.

Hope smiled and hugged Deacon. She urged him to be honest with her mother because Brooke deserved to know how he felt.

At Brooke's house, Brooke reviewed jewelry on her tablet. Upon seeing a wedding picture of herself and Bill, she flashed back to the couple's time in the Middle East. Brooke moved on to gazing at Ridge's old sketches. She gulped wine and remembered Deacon exposing Ridge's inability to draw.

Brooke heard her front door open, and she stated that she wasn't ready to see him. The camera flashed to Bill, who'd just entered the house, unannounced. He noticed the sketches fanned out on the coffee table, and she explained that she was reviewing one of Ridge's portfolios, which was filled with years of dedication, hard work, and achievement.

Bill quipped that he and Brooke had been on their way to an achievement of their own until Ridge had derailed them with yet another news flash. Brooke replied that Ridge hadn't wanted her or anyone to know about his shortcoming. To her, the impairment was a devastation to the fashion community.

Brooke believed that Bill only saw fashion in terms of dollar signs. In her eyes, it was an art, and Ridge had been a master. Ridge's designs told the story of Ridge's evolution as an artist and a person. They depicted Ridge's relationship with his father, his family, his travels, and his loved ones.

Selecting a design from the table, Brooke noted that it showed Ridge's artistic maturity, refinement, and joy. Brooke said Ridge had reveled in his work, and he'd had a true gift. "But you destroyed it," Brooke accused, coldly stating, "Thanks to you, Ridge and Forrester Creations may never be the same."

Bill asked what he could do to fix it, but Brooke didn't know. He suspected that she wanted to forgive him. She admitted that she did. She loved Bill but didn't know how to minimize the situation. She was worried about what would happen to the business, the family, and Ridge if Ridge couldn't draw again. She'd been up all night, pondering whether she could be with a man who'd done that to Ridge.

Bill asked if Brooke had lost the right to be happy. Brooke responded that she didn't think she could be happy under the circumstances, and Bill didn't realize what he'd done. He asserted that what he'd done had been to go after the woman he loved.

Bill stated that Ridge had assaulted him and dragged Brooke from the wedding. Bill claimed that Brooke had been yelling for him as Ridge had pulled her down the beach, and Bill hadn't known where Ridge had been going or what he'd had planned. All Bill had known had been that he wouldn't let Ridge take Brooke from him. "And I'm not going to let him or anyone else come between us now," Bill vowed.

Taking her hand, Bill said that Brooke still wore the ring he'd given her because she knew they'd get through things. He believed that Ridge would recover, and Brooke and Bill would be married. "Because we love each other, and no other outcome is acceptable. You're the only woman for me, Brooke, and I'm the only man for you," Bill concluded. Brooke turned, and Bill nestled his nose in her hair. The camera view split to show Deacon beside them on-screen.

In Liam's office, Bob Barker and Liam discussed the success Liam's article had garnered for the animal shelter. As Bob left, he asked Liam to keep advising people to get their pets spayed or neutered.

Later, Liam was on the phone, trying to tell Alison to make a visitor go away, but Wyatt entered, anyway. Wyatt was carrying a box full of Bu's toys, food, and kitty litter. He plopped it down and refused to live with the "hairball." Liam said Hope wouldn't stand for it, but Wyatt contended that her husband was allergic. "You're allergic to cats," Liam cynically said.

"Yeah. And anything that reminds her of you," Wyatt added. He figured that Liam could use the cat's company due to the lonely nights. Liam looked down. Suddenly, he grabbed a tablet and charged out of his office. Wyatt pursued Liam, shouting that Liam was still taking the cat.

Outside on a pathway, Liam caught up to Bob Barker to hand him the forgotten tablet. Wyatt ran up to them and told Liam that they weren't done. "Just because I'm not some stupid animal lover doesn't mean I'm taking that cat," Wyatt asserted, his face inches from Liam's.

Bob turned Wyatt to face him and asked who he was. Wyatt asked why Bob cared. Bob stated that animal lovers were not stupid, and he didn't like that type of remark. "Sorry. You're right. I meant animal wacko," Wyatt retorted. Bob asked Wyatt to tread carefully, and Liam told Wyatt not to be a "jackass." Bob suggested that a pet could make Wyatt happy, and Wyatt seemed to need that.

Wyatt scoffed, and Bob repeated his mantra of having pets spayed or neutered. "Wacko! Whoa!" Wyatt said to Bob. "That's it. That's it!" Bob declared and socked Wyatt in the face. The shocked Wyatt sustained at least six punches from Bob, who then uppercut him and punched him in the back.

Wyatt hit the ground, and Liam chuckled. With his foot, Bob shoved Wyatt, and Wyatt rolled down the grassy incline. "Really?" Wyatt said as he sat up. Bob proclaimed, "I've still got it, 'wacko!'"

At the sky lounge, Ivy and Aly prepared Maya for a photo shoot. Maya asked for Rick's opinion of how she looked. "Wow..." Carter murmured to Oliver, who guessed it was hard to work with an ex. Carter quipped that the best thing one could do with "a mess like that" was to move on.

Maya was perky during the photo shoot, and her eyes flirted with the camera and Rick. At the end, Rick congratulated everyone and told them to have a great time at the Bikini Bar party that evening. Maya asked if he'd be attending, but he said that Caroline was still out of town.

Maya urged Rick to go out, anyway, and celebrate the success in Paris. Carter suggested making it a guys' night out, but Oliver responded that he had a beautiful date.

Nearby, Aly was excited to hear that Ivy had a date with Liam that night. Ivy corrected that it wasn't really a date, but he wouldn't be sitting at home alone that evening.

As the sun set, Rick, clad in a breezy purple shirt and shorts, arrived in the midst of flashing cameras outside the Bikini Bar. He posed for a few photos and headed inside. The party was in full swing, and when he met the open-shirt-wearing Carter, he noted that the paparazzi had delayed him. Carter replied that Rick had put Forrester on the map and suggested that they celebrate with shots.

Aly arrived with Ivy and Oliver. As Oliver got them a table, Aly became worried about ruining Ivy's date with Liam. Ivy again declared that it was a party, not a date, but Aly replied that Liam would love Ivy's hair. "And speaking of..." Aly said as Liam traversed the crowd to reach them.

Aly left to join Oliver, and Liam complimented Ivy's hair. She said she was glad he'd made it. Liam concluded that a night out was just what he needed.

Friday, August 29, 2014

At the Bikini Bar, the shots were flowing at the crowded, end-of-summer party. Near the bar, Maya grimaced behind her martini glass as she watched Carter dancing with a woman. Ivy walked up and handed Liam a drink. "Sorry, I didn't get you one," Ivy pointedly told the woman he was talking to. The woman instantly peeled away as Liam said, "Nice to"

Ivy and Liam moved to a table with Carter and Rick, who inquired about Ivy's fall. Ivy and Liam explained that she'd been bumped over the bridge and into the strong currents. Carter was impressed that Liam had saved her life, but Rick added that doing so had cost Liam.

By the bar later, Maya chatted with Ivy about jewelry and the new gems arriving at Forrester. Ivy said they were out of Ivy's price range, but Maya doubted that. Ivy said she might be a Forrester, but she was still working her way up. Maya replied that she knew the feeling, just not the Forrester part.

Maya revealed that she'd once dated Rick, and she'd made a mistake in letting him go. Ivy figured that that ship had sailed due to Rick's marriage. "For now," Maya replied. In the awkward silence, Liam approached and asked Ivy to join him outside. She readily departed with him.

Moments later, Oliver caught Maya eyeing Rick and advised her not to go there because Rick had turned her down once. Maya retorted that Rick had loved her once. Oliver shot back that Rick was married. Oliver walked off, and with a revealing smile, she uttered, "He's a Forrester."

Maya strode up to Rick and stroked his back. When he turned around, she noted that he looked alone. He replied that she did, too. "What a coincidence!" she exclaimed, grinning. Rick shrugged, citing that there were eligible guys at the party. Maya said that none of them were for her. "I miss you, Rick, especially at night," she confided, and he grimaced.

On the deck, Liam remarked that it was a beautiful night, and he'd needed it. Ivy agreed, and he stated that she'd been along for his whole crazy ride. She added that she'd even taken a dip into the Seine. "Yeah, well, thanks for saving me," he uttered with a smile.

As they talked, Liam told Ivy that he'd been a tech before learning that Bill was his father, and Bill had moved him into management. Ivy assumed that Liam ran the company, but he replied that no one ran Bill Spencer's company except Bill Spencer.

Bored of talking about himself, he changed the topic to Ivy and her life. "Great family. I came from a great home, and now I'm here," she said, shrugging. Liam joked that she'd been very descriptive. He asked about her father. She relayed that it was probably lame, but John Forrester, Eric's brother, was her best friend. Liam thought that was cool, not lame.

Liam asked if Ivy had friends back home, and she said she had a few. He said he'd noticed that Aly and Ivy had gotten close. Ivy replied that Aly was the best, kind of like that guy who'd saved Ivy's life. Liam chuckled modestly. Ivy grinned, touching his arm.

Liam remarked that the party was great, and he needed to find a way to move on. "Maybe I can help you with that," Ivy uttered and kissed him on the lips. She drew back slowly, and her dancing eyes gauged his reaction. Liam humbly smiled back at her.

At Brooke's house, Bill was willing to do everything he could to help Ridge, but Bill refused to lose Brooke over what had happened. Bill said Ridge would recover, and Brooke and Bill needed to move forward as planned. In his view, he was the only man for her, and she was the only woman for him.

Brooke assumed that Ridge felt alone and lost. Bill said that Ridge had Katie, but Brooke replied that a woman couldn't solve it. Bill pledged that he and Brooke would help Ridge through it. "Let me spend the night," Bill asked and gently kissed Brooke.

Brooke wished it could be so easy, and Bill said it could be. She stated that it was complicated, and it still hurt Katie to see Brooke with Bill. "She's with Ridge!" Bill exclaimed. Brooke insisted that it was all complicated. Bill decided to leave, but before heading out the door, he vowed that he and Brooke would be together again.

At the loft, Quinn arrived and found Deacon deep in thought. She assumed Brooke was always on his mind. Deacon stated that Ridge could recover, and the whole issue would be history. Agreeing, Quinn urged Deacon to make his move on Brooke immediately.

Quinn painted a picture of herself and Deacon in a happy family, sharing holidays together, but it seemed too good to be true to Deacon. Quinn insisted that they could have the sense of belonging that they wanted; however, they had to act before Bill convinced Brooke to marry him, causing Hope and Wyatt to lose the chance for a true family.

Quinn urged Deacon to make a move before Bill did. She reasoned that she'd paved the way, but it had become Deacon's turn. The determined Deacon left the house.

At Bill's office, Bill had just poured a drink when Quinn arrived. "What the hell are you doing here?" he rasped. She claimed that part of her therapy was making amends to people she'd hurt, and Bill was one of those people. "How nice. You're here to apologize. Not interested. Get out," he said.

Quinn claimed to offer more than an apology, and she was sincerely sorry for what had happened with Liam. "What happened with Liam is that you tried to kill him!" Bill responded. Calling her actions heinous and unconscionable, she said she had realized she'd needed help and had voluntarily submitted herself for therapy. She claimed to still be in outpatient therapy.

To Quinn, an apology seemed to not be enough for her actions against Liam, but she wanted Bill to accept one for her bad judgment with the selfie. "Wow, you do have a lot to apologize for, don't you?" Bill remarked, swigging his drink. Quinn said that they at least had a happily married son. Bill bit out that his other son was miserable. "Liam will be fine. I'll see to it," she replied.

"You'll see to it?" Bill repeated with an offended stare.

Quinn claimed it was her desire to mend things with Liam, but she decided that they could discuss it later. She felt that they should be celebrating Wyatt's happiness. Bill was sure Wyatt was doing enough of that for everyone. Quinn was overjoyed that Wyatt was happy, stable, married to the woman he loved, and beginning a family. She exclaimed that she and Bill were a part of it, and he wryly agreed.

"So why not give it another shot?" Quinn asked.

"What?" Bill cautiously responded. Quinn readily told him that it wasn't "us," but the family they'd never had. She said that giving it a shot would mean a lot to Wyatt. Bill advised Quinn to consider checking herself back into the clinic.

Quinn said she wasn't there to pressure Bill, and she knew how he felt about Brooke. Sensing that he was frustrated, Quinn asked if Brooke wanted another apology. "That's not you. Bill Spencer doesn't grovel," Quinn reasoned.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was surprised to see Deacon on her doorstep. He wondered if she was doing the old "drinking in the dark" routine. She responded that she had things to figure out, and he apologized for laying the news on her. She explained that Bill wanted to forget it all and get married, but she had a connection to Ridge. "When he's hurting, I am, too," Brooke concluded. Deacon said that Ridge at least had Katie, and Brooke sadly shrugged.

Deacon changed the subject to his excitement that Hope had returned. Brooke relayed that Paris had a way of changing people, and Deacon responded that it had done it for him and Brooke awhile back. Brooke wondered why she always chose guys who turned her into collateral damage. She joked that her name should be "Brooke CD Logan."

Brooke laughed because she'd forgotten how easy it was to talk to Deacon. She realized she'd had too much wine, and she was yammering on. Deacon told her that he could listen to her yammer all night and then again in the morning. Brooke said that Deacon should probably go, but he doubted he should leave her alone with her "friend from Napa Valley."

Deacon changed the subject to Hope soon making Brooke a grandmother. Brooke joked that he really knew how to cheer her up, but he insisted that she'd be the sexiest grandma on the block. "Stop saying that word!" she told him.

Deacon believed that Brooke would be great at grandparenting, and he would, too. He imagined taking grandkids to amusement parks and asked when she'd last been on a Ferris wheel. Brooke claimed not to remember and murmured that she really didn't want to ride one, either.

Brooke noticed that Deacon had the family thing all mapped out. He said he'd identified a few glitches, too, like Wyatt having a whack job for a mother. Deacon figured that his devastating charm and Brooke's infectious giggle could neutralize that problem. Brooke tried not to giggle but failed.

"I miss you. I miss your body," Deacon confidently confessed, and Brooke seemed to blush. He told her that the times he'd spent with her had been some of the best moments of his life. "I love you. I love everything about you. I miss holding you. Damn it, I want to make love to you, and it's killing me," he asserted, inches from her lips.

Deacon swept Brooke into a purposeful kiss, and she drew back to look at him. He asked if he'd get a slap or a glass of wine splashed in his face. Breathlessly, she asked which he'd prefer. Deacon didn't really care, because to him, the kiss would be worth either.

Pulling out of Deacon's arms, Brooke said they'd always been good at that sort of thing, but it had gotten them in trouble before. Deacon claimed that they were smarter -- or at least she was. With urgency, he said he wanted to give Brooke and Hope something. He professed that he loved Brooke, and he said she had to know that.

Deacon declared that he'd do anything to make himself the man for Brooke. Brooke mindfully said his name, but he insisted that he could be the man she wanted him to be. Deacon wanted her to forget Bill and to join Deacon in loving and supporting Hope and Wyatt. "Our daughter's married. Shouldn't we be, too? Brooke, marry me," Deacon proposed.

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