The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 3, 2014 on B&B
Once Maya convinced Rick to take the helm at Forrester, she set out to sever his ties with Caroline. Rick tried to marginalize Caroline and Ridge in business. Hope and Wyatt caught Quinn horning in on their sonogram appointment. Ivy, Liam, Hope, and Wyatt landed in Amsterdam for a photo shoot.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 3, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, November 3, 2014

At Brooke's house, Maya asserted that Rick held their future in his hands, but to Rick, the job felt like a consolation prize. "So what? Be consoled," Maya replied. She said that Eric had figured out his mistake, and he wanted Rick to succeed him. She urged Rick to sign the contract and make it happen.

Rick walked away from the papers. Maya said that pride was attractive in a man until it became self-defeating. She advised him to see it as business and take the position of becoming Ridge's boss. It was time for Rick to make a mark on Forrester bigger than Ridge or Eric had ever done, and that was the way to get payback, in Maya's view. Rick said she made it sound exciting.

Maya urged Rick to take the power, and she'd help wield it. She promised to be the partner that Caroline was too immature to be and to always have his back. Rick asked when she'd become so fierce. Maya said she'd been good, expecting things to turn out well, but instead, people had run right over her.

Maya claimed that her family, her last boyfriend before Rick, and the system had all run over her. She asked him where being nice had gotten him and urged him to flip the script and take control. Maya told him to forget about how the opportunity had presented itself and just take it.

In Rick's office, Caroline murmured that her call to Rick had gone straight to voicemail. Hope advised Caroline to let it go for a while because there was no explaining "Ridge" to Rick. Caroline recalled how entitled Maya had looked at Brooke's house, but Caroline asserted that Maya wasn't entitled to Caroline's husband.

Hope asked what Caroline had been thinking to get involved with Ridge. Caroline replied that she hadn't been thinking. She'd gotten caught up in creating and had shared a few kisses. Hope didn't believe the kisses had meant nothing. Caroline insisted that she shouldn't lose her marriage over it.

Hope left, and as Caroline worked, Maya arrived and began moving things around on Rick's desk. Caroline rolled her eyes and asked where Rick was. "With Eric, taking what's rightfully ours," Maya replied. Caroline asked what Maya thought she deserved. "All of it. The money, the power, and Rick," Maya replied, putting Caroline and Rick's picture in a drawer.

Caroline was sure it was all in the same order, and Maya quipped that Caroline should watch her tone with Maya. Chuckling, Caroline said that Maya had had only one night with Caroline's husband and needed to put her feet back on the ground. Maya stated that it would be every night because she and Rick were a team, and soon, everyone would know it.

Maya said that Eric had offered Rick the CEO position, and Rick was across the hall, accepting it, so that he and Maya could run the company together. Caroline told Maya to dream on, but Maya dared Caroline to ask Rick herself. Caroline said Maya had been waiting for a chance to get with Rick. Maya claimed to have made no secret of wanting Rick back.

Caroline declared that Maya had been shameless, and she'd had no respect for Caroline's marriage. Maya retorted that Caroline hadn't had the respect, she'd blown it, and Rick wanted nothing to do with her. Caroline warned "Myrna" not to be so sure. Maya told Caroline to choke on her derision because the woman running the company by Rick's side would be Maya.

Caroline believed that Maya only cared about being arm candy to a rich and powerful man. "Hell, yeah, I want to know how the one-percenters live. Who doesn't?" Maya asked. Maya claimed that she was in love with Rick, and she wouldn't betray him. Caroline refused to give up on her marriage. Maya stated that Caroline would eventually do so because Maya had already ensured that Rick had.

At the sky lounge, Ivy text-messaged Liam, saying she couldn't wait for their next adventure. Hope arrived and asked why Ivy was smiling. Holding up her trophy, Ivy couldn't believe she'd won something at Bikini. Hope asked who Ivy had gone with. "Liam," Ivy replied. Hope mirthlessly smiled.

Ivy asked how pregnancy was. Hope was nauseous all the time but said it was good. Ivy assumed that Hope and Wyatt were excited to have a baby all to themselves. Hope agreed but sensed Ivy was trying to make a point of reminding Hope that she was married to Wyatt and carrying his child. Ivy replied that she wouldn't have thought Hope had needed reminding.

Ivy turned the topic to the CEO trauma, and Hope concluded that Eric would work it out for the best. Hope asked about Ivy's jewelry launch. Ivy was excited but nervous about Amsterdam. Ivy chatted about what a great place the country was and -- "I was just telling Liam the other day -- "

"You should take it slow with him," Hope bit out. Ivy couldn't believe they were having that talk again. Hope professed that she had no right to be interested in Liam's life or have an opinion about him and Ivy; however, it would never happen, and Hope would always look out for him. Ivy asserted that Hope should be happy then, because Ivy felt the exactly same way.

In the CEO's office, Eric received a visit from John, who was dressed in fishing gear. John beamed about the week ahead of them, fishing and visiting Eric's ranch, but Eric said he'd run into a snag. John didn't want to hear of any "buts" because the guys, Barth and Happy, were counting on them.

Eric hugged John and chuckled before explaining that his CEO transfer hadn't worked out as he'd hoped because Ridge still had a roving eye -- that time for Rick's wife. Eric asserted that he just couldn't take time off, but John, who'd flown from Australia for the trip, said Eric wasn't backing out on him.

Rick arrived and exchanged greetings with his uncle. John admired Rick's Forrester features, and as he left, John said he'd see Eric in a short while for the trip.

After John had gone, Eric asked if Rick's visit meant good news. Rick, who'd had time to cool off, still wished Eric had offered him the position first. Eric did, too. Rick felt he'd earned the position and refused to leave it on the table for Ridge, who didn't deserve a reward for what he'd done with Caroline.

Eric was glad that Rick accepted the position. Rick asked for complete support and no interference from Ridge. Eric agreed, adding that he'd still oversee everything as the founder, but he wanted Rick to put his stamp on the business and run it as he saw fit. When Rick signed the CEO contract, Eric congratulated Rick on being the new CEO. They hugged, Rick did not share Eric's smile.

Rick promised not to disappoint Eric. "The way Ridge did, you mean?" Eric asked. Eric felt that Rick had righteous anger about Ridge's behavior toward Caroline, but because Ridge was head designer and integral to the business, Rick needed to be able to work with Ridge. Rick said he'd handle it.

Eric hoped that Rick meant it because family hurt each other but forgave. Rick replied that it was a little soon for forgiveness. Eric asked his son to work on it, to run the business with a fair hand, and not to make decisions based upon animus. "Yes, sir," Rick replied and grinned.

Later, Eric arrived in Rick's office, where Caroline had set her and Rick's picture back on the desk. Eric announced that he'd just met with Rick, who was still upset but wouldn't have time to indulge in those feelings for much longer. Caroline guessed that Rick had taken the CEO position, and Eric asked how she'd known about it.

Caroline explained that Maya had been there, lording it over Caroline. Confused, Eric asked how Maya even knew about it. Caroline revealed that Rick wanted a divorce and was leaving her for Maya.

Back in the CEO's office, Rick settled into the chair behind the desk. Maya arrived, and he asked her to behold the new CEO. She hopped into his lap and expressed pride in him. Maya said it was just the beginning, and the next stop was making a clean slate for their new life together.

Maya explained that Rick had to work with Caroline and Ridge, but Rick was the man in charge. She imagined that it would be fun to run the company, and he'd have all her support and loyalty. Rick felt as if she'd been the only one to tell him the truth.

Maya claimed to love Rick for who he was -- the most kind, generous, honest, and sensitive man she'd ever met. She vowed to never let him go, and they kissed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Liam ran into Hope. In an awkward moment, he admitted that he had been there to see Ivy. Hope changed the subject and explained that there was a lot of drama at Forrester over the CEO position. Hope said a meeting had already started, and Liam said he didn't want to hold her up. Wyatt entered and interrupted.

Wyatt said that he and Hope had to attend their first appointment where they would have an ultrasound and find out if they were having a "bambino or bambina." Wyatt noted that he had seen Ivy in the hall. Wyatt told Liam that he was glad to see Liam interested in Ivy because she was talented and pretty. Hope looked disappointed. She said they had to leave, and they left. Liam looked thoughtful.

Eric met with Caroline, and she worried about what had happened to her marriage. Rick and Maya entered, and Eric advised Rick to get along with everyone. Ridge entered but turned around to leave. Eric insisted that Ridge meet with the family to discuss the future of Forrester. Ridge refused, but Eric commanded Ridge to be seated. Eric, Caroline, Rick, Ridge, Carter, and Maya sat down, and Eric told them that Rick would be CEO, and Ridge would remain a designer. Ridge was quiet.

Outside the meeting, Ivy saw her dad, John Forrester, and she sat and talked to him. John explained that he and Eric had a fishing trip planned in Oregon, but Eric had a meeting and had problems to contend with before they could leave. John quizzed Ivy about Liam, and he said that Liam had made quite an impression on Ivy.

John asked where Ivy would take her jewelry line next, and she said it would be rolling out in Amsterdam. John teased that there were plenty of bridges there, and she might need Liam to protect her. They laughed, and John volunteered to chaperone, but Ivy said she would be fine. "With Liam, I think you will," John said.

John tired of waiting for Eric and decided to interrupt the meeting. John entered and congratulated Rick as the new CEO. John insisted that he and Eric had to leave in order to get to Oregon before sundown. Eric disagreed, but Rick advised that Eric should take time off. "We'll be fine. We'll work it out," Rick said. Eric and John left.

In the meeting, Rick asked if anyone else need a little break away from Forrester because he would not make it easy on them, since he felt everyone but Maya had betrayed him. Rick looked at Ridge and told him he could hold Caroline's hand all he wanted as long as he produced designs. Ridge reminded Rick that Ridge had been wrong to kiss Caroline, and he knew it, but Ridge didn't understand why Rick had decided to punish Caroline.

Rick looked coldly at Caroline and said, "You, you'll be hearing from my attorney." Carter said that "as an attorney," he suggested a cooling-off period, but Rick warned that Carter had better change if he wanted to stay at Forrester. Carter said that Maya had been "a money-grubbing -- " but Rick interrupted that if Carter or anyone insulted Maya, they would be gone because Maya had been the only one who had been loyal to him.

Maya smiled. Caroline looked sad, and Ridge looked disgusted. Ridge wondered why Rick had to throw his weight around. Caroline begged Rick to talk to her privately, but Rick refused.

Rick announced that Maya was the lead model. "Oh God," Ridge said. Rick ordered Caroline to create a showstopper dress for Maya, but Ridge said they had already designed a showstopper. Rick insisted that Caroline had to do a new one. Caroline refused and said that Maya and Rick were rubbing her face in a few kisses with Ridge.

"You are seriously losing it attaching yourself to Maya. I know you're angry and this is no way to handle it," Caroline said. She refused to give up on their marriage. Rick stood up and said the meeting was over. Ridge, Carter, and Caroline left.

Maya whispered that she was proud of Rick because he had stood up to all of them. Rick said he was the CEO, and he would demand their respect. He told Maya that he needed a moment alone. Maya left him alone.

After the meeting, Ridge found Caroline in her office and said that he had wished Rick would see his mistake for leaving her. "Thank you for sticking up for me in there," Caroline said. "It's my fault," Ridge answered.

Caroline disagreed. "It's both our faults, I just got caught up in ... you ... designing, and now he's leaving me, hooking up with Maya. What am I supposed to do?" Caroline asked sadly. She and Ridge looked at each other, and Ridge moved closer, but Caroline walked away.

At Quinn's house, Deacon sat without his shirt on, and Quinn wondered why he hadn't been dressed. Deacon said that he had seen no need to get dressed because Quinn kept ripping his clothes off. She smiled and said that was part of the fun. Deacon playfully said that some of his favorite clothes were in tatters.

Quinn said she had other things on her mind. She explained that there had been a shakeup at Forrester, and she was worried about what it meant to both Hope and Wyatt. Deacon said they would be fine because both Ridge and Rick were smart guys who understood that Forrester needed the Hope for the Future line.

Quinn said she had to leave because she needed to crash Hope's doctor's appointment. "You gotta be kidding me," Deacon said. Quinn said that she refused to miss out on her grandchild's life. Deacon reminded Quinn that she had not been invited, and it would not end well. "Wish me luck," she said. "You're gonna need it," Deacon said. Quinn left.

At Spencer, Liam looked at his phone and read a text message from Ivy, who was looking for him, but Liam prepared to send a text to Hope that asked how her ultrasound had gone, but he didn't send it. He thought about Hope.

Wyatt and Hope entered the doctor's office, and the physician explained that they would not see much on the ultrasound because it was so early in her pregnancy, but they would hear the heartbeat. The doctor also explained that Wyatt and Hope needed to decide if they wanted to know the baby's gender at the next appointment. If they didn't want to know, the doctor would make sure everything was a surprise. Hope caressed Wyatt's face and said they hadn't discussed it. After the ultrasound was underway, Wyatt and Hope grew very emotional. They saw the ultrasound and heard the baby's heartbeat.

Wyatt and Hope cuddled, laughed, and kissed. They tearfully smiled as they watched the ultrasound screen. In the doorway, unseen by Wyatt, Hope, or the doctor, Quinn stood dressed in surgical garb with a mask and surgical cap disguise. She watched the ultrasound screen.

At Forrester, Maya returned to Rick's office with a huge bag. Maya wanted to celebrate. She had Champagne and caviar in the bag and noted that the lead model and CEO needed to celebrate. Rick opened the Champagne. He still looked somewhat sad, and Maya told him that he would forget "her" in time. "Focus on us," Maya advised. She kissed Rick, and he poured the Champagne. They toasted. "To us," Rick said.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy added jewelry to a model's dress, and Liam entered. He didn't want to interrupt, but Ivy said it was fine. Liam explained that he'd seen Hope earlier, and she'd been headed for her first ultrasound. He added that she was clearly tied to Wyatt and Quinn for the rest of her life. Ivy noted that Hope would have to forever look over her shoulder and wait for Quinn to snap.

The conversation changed to Ivy's jewelry designs. Liam said they were beautiful like the designer. Ivy shared that her father had been there earlier, and her father really liked Liam. Liam liked John Forrester as well. Ivy admitted that she'd overheard Liam talking to her dad at Eric's house the last time he had visited. "I appreciate what you said," she said. Ivy's phone beeped, and she had to leave, but she promised to return quickly.

At the hospital, Wyatt and Hope reveled in the joy of seeing their baby on the ultrasound screen. They remarked the baby was so tiny. Wyatt said that he was certain he could see Hope's cute little nose on the baby. Hope tenderly kissed Wyatt and said, "Hey, we made that." Nearby, Quinn had overheard the entire conversation because she had dressed in surgical scrubs that covered her along with a surgical cap and mask. She knocked something over, and Hope and Wyatt noticed her. Hope flipped out.

Quinn tried to explain that she wanted to make things better. Hope was incredulous that Quinn would be so rude. "You completely ruined this moment for us," Hope said. She added that it was time to get a restraining order.

Quinn tried to convince Wyatt and Hope that it was unnecessary because Quinn wasn't dangerous but she was "eccentric and unpredictable." Quinn admitted that it had been a terrible idea to interfere in their moment. Hope insisted that Quinn was nothing but poison and "was not normal."

Quinn tried to defend herself as making mistakes. Wyatt chastised his mother then he turned on Hope and insisted that Hope had tried to cut his mother out of their lives, and she was desperate. He begged Hope to imagine what it would be like if they had cut her mother out of their lives, "My mother would never do anything like this," Hope said.

Quinn said she shouldn't have been there, but she had the best of intentions. Quinn begged Hope to understand that her son was about to be a father, and she wanted to be a part of his life and the baby's life. "I can't give up. I can't walk away," Quinn said. She added that someday Hope would forgive her, and Quinn wanted to prove herself to Hope.

Hope refused. "You've done this to yourself, Quinn," Hope said. Then Hope addressed Wyatt. "I'm not going to listen to you mother. I don't ever want to have this conversation again," Hope said. She left.

Wyatt warned that his mother had ruined the day. Quinn confessed that it had not been a smart move, and she felt terrible. Wyatt told his mother that she had not respected Hope's feelings, and until she did, she would never get Hope to feel anything for her. Quinn argued that she had to do something because if Hope got her way, "I'm out of the picture," Quinn said.

Wyatt warned that Quinn could not continue to put him in the middle. Quinn realized that she had created drama, and she didn't want to jeopardize his marriage because she had worked so hard to make it happen. She promised to be on her best behavior. Wyatt looked confused.

At Forrester, Aly and Oliver discussed that Oliver might shoot the new campaign, but Oliver worried that someone from Europe would shoot it because that was what Ridge had always wanted. Aly told him not to give up hope. Taylor entered and interrupted. Taylor thanked Oliver for all he had done to help Aly get past her grief at the loss of her mother. Oliver said it had been time for Taylor and Aly to heal. Oliver had to leave.

Taylor noted that Aly missed her dad, but Aly said they talked frequently. Aly knew that Taylor had arrived because Thorne had been worried about Aly. Taylor worried that Aly still spoke to her mother as if she were alive. Aly said that she knew she didn't have a traditional relationship with her mother, but Aly spoke to her mother every day. Aly looked over Taylor's shoulder and saw Darla's floating head smiling at her.

Taylor wondered if Darla talked back to Aly, and Aly said that Darla often spoke to her. Taylor tried to convince Aly that her mother was gone. Darla shook her head and smiled. Taylor continued, but Darla and Aly exchanged knowing glances. "I can see her right now," Aly said.

Taylor gently tried to explain that Darla wasn't real. Aly said that she knew her reality wasn't something Taylor could understand, but it was her reality. Taylor tried to convince Aly that she could talk to Taylor if she ever needed to speak to someone, but Aly was unconvinced. Taylor maintained that Darla was not real. Darla shook her head and blew in Taylor's direction, and Taylor felt the breeze. Taylor's hair moved, and she looked in Darla's direction.

Liam had waited for Ivy to return, but instead, Hope entered. Liam asked how her ultrasound had gone, and he asked to see the photos. Hope said that everything had gone well, and she was very happy. Liam looked at the photo and smiled. He was quiet, and Hope shared that Quinn had shown up. "She is 100 percent insane," Hope confided.

Hope said she needed a restraining order, and Liam agreed. Hope said that she didn't want Quinn anywhere near her baby. Liam asked about Wyatt. Hope said she had known that Wyatt didn't want to shut his mom out, but Hope maintained that Quinn was too dangerous. Liam understood that Wyatt didn't want to have to shut his mother out of his life, but he advised Hope to stay as far away from Quinn as possible. Hope agreed.

Liam left, and Ivy entered. Ivy and Hope had a discussion about travelling to Amsterdam together. Ivy encouraged Hope to let go of Liam. Hope argued that she had, but Ivy advised her to stop trying to prevent Liam from moving on with Ivy.

Ivy worried that if Hope didn't let Liam go, it would reflect on their work and the jewelry line. "I'm pregnant, and I've moved on," Hope said, but Ivy reminded Hope that she and Liam would be together if it weren't for Quinn's manipulations. "I'm about to start a life with Liam," Ivy said. Ivy encouraged Hope to enjoy her life and accept that Liam had moved on as well. Hope looked unhappy.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

In the CEO's office, Rick's HFTF team met to discuss the Amsterdam promotion. Rick wanted Hope and Ivy to work as a team and urged them to settle any differences they had. The women tensely smiled and agreed to do all they could to drive the event's success.

Ivy received a message and left to deal with something at the sky lounge. Caroline and Ridge arrived to sit in on the meeting. Rick asked if someone had copied them on the memo. No one had, so Rick told them that their presence wasn't necessary. Ridge asserted that he still wanted to know the plans, and Caroline said she'd heard that Rick wouldn't be going to Amsterdam.

Rick stated that Hope would be handling the photo shoot, and that was all they needed to know. Carter offered to fill the designers in, but Rick found it unnecessary. Caroline asked Hope about a jewelry piece that should go on the trip. Hope said it wasn't going, and Rick loudly interjected that everything had already been approved and packed for the trip. "Approved by you?" Ridge asked.

Rick stated that he was the CEO, but Ridge contended that he was the designer and should be consulted on creative aspects. Rick replied that Ridge would be -- if needed. "You're not," Rick stated. Caroline asked Rick not to be that way because they had to work together. Rick said that were working together, but he needed Caroline and Ridge to leave so that he could finish his meeting.

Later, the meeting ended, and aside, Maya accused Carter of telling Ridge about the meeting. Carter replied that the photo shoot wasn't a secret, and the whole company knew about it.

Nearby, Rick was confident that Wyatt and Hope could handle the photo shoot. Hope stated that Caroline had had a point earlier, but Rick assured his sister that "it" wouldn't be a distraction.

Everyone left Rick's office but Maya, who asked Rick not to let Caroline and Ridge get to him. Rick said Ridge couldn't barge into Rick's office at will. Maya stated that Caroline wasn't welcome either.

Maya tried to sell Rick on the idea of getting away to Amsterdam, but Rick said he had to stay home and work. Maya contended that it would be work, and they could also visit Brooke in Milan. Maya figured it was the beauty of having a private jet, but Rick replied that, even though he'd love to travel with Maya, it was more important for him to stake his claim at Forrester.

In Rick's old office, Caroline paced, explaining why the jewelry piece that Hope had said wasn't going on the trip was so important for a particular design. Ridge replied that a designer would know that. Caroline stated that Rick couldn't shut them out because he needed them.

Ridge concluded that Rick wanted Caroline to pay at home and at the office. She asked if Ridge and Katie were okay. "She'll be okay," Ridge responded. Caroline couldn't believe Rick was leaving her for a gold-digging opportunist.

Later, Carter was working in Rick's old office alone when Maya entered. She said that she needed his help in getting Rick and Caroline's marriage annulled that very day.

Back in the CEO's office, Rick saw a white handkerchief slip between his doors. Caroline entered. He asked if she thought it was funny because he didn't. She said it had gotten her in the room. Rick asked what she wanted. Caroline wanted another chance but would settle for the answer to one question. "How did we get here?" she asked. He figured she could answer that question on her own.

Caroline asked if what they'd had was worth saving or if it had ever meant anything to Rick. She didn't know how he could be so cold to her. Rick said he had to work with her, but he didn't have to like it. She couldn't stand to face each day without seeing him. Rick suggested that she work from home, but she told him that he wouldn't be so upset if he didn't care. She was sorry she'd messed up, but she stated that she wasn't the one who'd walked away.

Caroline was furious that she'd made just one mistake, and Rick had let Maya pounce. Caroline told him to let go of whatever he had with Maya, and he and his wife would work it out. Caroline loved him and implored him to return to home. Rick's eyes reddened with tears, but his jawline was still rigid.

At the sky lounge, Liam was awaiting Ivy, who he assumed couldn't leave on her trip without a goodbye to him. Ivy replied that she actually wanted him to rush home, pack, and go with her. Liam said she'd be very busy launching her line. She replied that having him in Amsterdam would put her at ease.

Under Liam's questioning, Ivy revealed that Wyatt and Hope would be going, but Rick had to remain in town. Liam said that he loved the idea of traveling with Ivy, but he wasn't up for a big Dutch adventure with Hope and Wyatt. Ivy promoted the idea of Liam covering the event for Spencer and bragged that she could get him an interview with the head jewelry designer.

Liam cringed while thinking of being stuck in a jet with Hope and Wyatt, but Ivy said it didn't have to be awkward. Ivy claimed that she and Hope had talked, and Hope didn't want to cause problems for Liam and Ivy. Instead, Hope was focused on her future with Wyatt. Liam said that Ivy made it hard to decline, and she suggested that he make it easy on himself by giving in. Liam gasped and agreed to go.

Later, Ivy was heading toward the exit when Hope arrived. Hope believed that the trip could be a step forward for her and Ivy. Hope felt that the jewelry line deserved the best attention they could get it. Ivy, too, looked forward to the trip and said the four of them would have fun. Hope replied that it would be three, not four.

Ivy explained that she hadn't wanted to be a third wheel around Hope and Wyatt, so she'd invited someone. Hope braced herself and hoped the person was John. Ivy replied that Liam would be meeting her at the jet, and Hope asked if Liam understood that Hope and Wyatt would be there.

Ivy said Liam hadn't liked the idea at first, but he'd changed his mind. Hope asked if Ivy had changed it. Ivy said she'd told Liam about her talk with Hope, and Ivy reminded Hope that they'd just said it was a good time to move forward. Hope asked Ivy if she thought that the four of them on a jet would be hard. Ivy figured Liam wouldn't have agreed if he'd felt that way.

Ivy told Hope to let Liam move on and accept that he was headed into a relationship with Ivy. Hope stated that Ivy hadn't said anything about the new couple taking a trip together, and Hope wasn't comfortable with it. Ivy said that they all needed to find a way to move beyond it like Rick had said. Hope corrected that Rick had meant work and doing what was best for the line.

Ivy asserted that Hope was married and expecting a child, and Ivy was starting a new relationship with Liam. It was an exciting time for them all, and Ivy felt that they should be able to be happy for each other. Ivy really thought they could get along. Hope said they'd find out.

On the jet later, the pilot was holding up the flight for a last-minute passenger, but Wyatt confirmed that everyone was there. As the pilot tried to explain the last-minute addition to the manifest, Liam hurriedly arrived, and the pilot left to prepare for takeoff.

Wyatt's nostrils flared, but he smiled and asked why Liam was there. Liam said he was going to Amsterdam with Ivy. Wyatt and Hope exchanged frowns as Ivy and Liam greeted each other.

The plane took off, and Wyatt complained about Hope not telling him that Liam would be on the trip. Hope claimed that there hadn't been time to talk about it. Wyatt asked if she was okay with it, and she said Rick had told them to get along as a team.

Wyatt claimed that Liam wasn't a part of the team and was just on vacation. Liam chimed in to say that he was there to make sure Ivy got the coverage she deserved. Wyatt claimed that it was his job as the marketer to do that. Hope decided that Wyatt needed to go to bed and ushered him into the back sleeping compartment. She stared at Liam before joining Wyatt.

Friday, November 7, 2014

In Quinn's loft, Deacon wondered how Quinn could slip out of bed without him noticing. Quinn claimed to have a busy day ahead, and he asked if she had grand theft or larceny on the agenda. She asked him if he'd ever been to Amsterdam, and he hoped she wasn't really thinking of going there. Quinn was tempted but said she didn't have to go when she had "this" to fawn over.

Quinn handed Deacon a sonogram photo and told him to take a look at his grandchild. He assumed that she'd crashed the sonogram, and she admitted that she'd gotten busted posing as a nurse in scrubs. Quinn said Hope had been angry, but she couldn't keep Quinn away from her granddaughter. He asked if the baby was a girl. Quinn didn't know, but she had a feeling that it was.

Quinn relayed that she'd spoken to Wyatt, and he'd realized that Hope couldn't keep Quinn away from her grandchild. Quinn thought of sending Liam the sonogram as a reminder to stay away from Hope. Deacon guessed Quinn hadn't heard that Ivy had taken a friend with her on the Amsterdam trip. Chuckling, he asked Quinn to imagine Hope, Wyatt, Ivy, and Liam together on the jet.

In Quinn's view, Liam and Ivy together was exactly what Hope needed to see. Deacon hoped that Quinn wasn't going to fly over there to push Ivy into a canal. Quinn dismissed the idea but decided that Wyatt, on the other hand, needed to take action to ensure that Liam moved on with Ivy.

On the jet, Liam and Ivy were having coffee when Hope and Wyatt emerged from their compartment. The foursome exchanged forced polite greetings, and Hope looked away when Liam saw her staring at him. As Hope and Ivy discussed work, Wyatt received a text message from Quinn.

Liam rolled his eyes as he listened to Wyatt ask Hope if they were being realistic. Hope insisted that Quinn wouldn't be anywhere near them. "I freaking hope not," Liam uttered, and Wyatt scowled.

Wyatt discussed the location and studio shots they'd do. Liam said he'd been getting messages from Spencer that the shoot was creating buzz. Wyatt anticipated it would be greater when the diamond appeared in the boutique as a tie-in with Ivy's line. Wyatt said that his mom was good, but Ivy's designs were holding their own.

During the conversation, Wyatt kept making references to the last shoot in Paris. Liam sat with Wyatt to review the itinerary, and Ivy asked if Hope was okay with all the talk of Paris. Hope frowned, and Ivy stated that she wanted everyone to get along with no jealousy or drama. Hope agreed, saying work was her main focus. Hope hopped from her seat, and Ivy studied Hope as she stared into space.

Dutch music played as a montage of Amsterdam appeared on the screen. At the Dam Square, a Mercedes pulled up, and out of it popped Wyatt, Hope, Liam, and Ivy. They met with Lars, the coordinator, and Liam noted that the square had once been a dam. Lars elaborated that, once, it had dammed the Amsteel River, and from that was born the city's name of Amsterdam.

Wyatt noted that the dam was Lars's location for the photo shoot. Lars offered to show everyone around the city. Each with an arm around the other, Ivy and Liam followed Lars, and Hope observed their closeness. Wyatt smiled uneasily at Hope when she turned her eyes from the couple to him.

Later, the group reached the Amsteel River. Hope exclaimed that she saw why the city had been dubbed the Venice of the North. Lars remarked that the city had over 100 kilometers of canals, and over ninety islands linked by twelve hundred bridges. As the trio neared Ivy and Liam, who were waiting on a bridge, Ivy said that the last thing they needed was more bridges.

Hope caught Liam's stare. He glanced away, and she did too. Wyatt's phone rang. He stepped off to the side and answered a call from Quinn, who wanted to know how Hope felt about Liam's presence. Wyatt relayed that Hope wasn't thrilled. Quinn advised him to do something about it. He got upset, but she ordered him to ensure that Liam hooked up with Ivy and left Hope and Wyatt alone.

Quinn asked if Wyatt wanted her to fly there and show him what to do. He didn't want that. She said the last string between Hope and Liam had to be cut, and Wyatt shouldn't be afraid to make waves.

Wyatt curtly cut off the phone call in time to hear Ivy asking Liam how romantic a canal boat ride would be. "Make some waves..." Wyatt thought to himself and grinned. Wyatt strode over to Lars, who was waving at his boat captain as the boat cruised beneath the bridge.

Wyatt was surprised to hear that the boat belonged to Lars. Lars was proud of his circa 1930s boat and asked if Wyatt wanted to use it with Hope. Wyatt revealed that he wanted to set up a romantic outing for Liam and Ivy. "Like a love boat," Lars replied, and Wyatt agreed, repeating the phrase.

In Rick's old office, Carter was talking to Caroline, but she wasn't listening. He asked if she'd talked to Rick. Caroline stated that she had, but Rick hadn't returned home the previous night. Caroline said that Rick was shacking up with Maya, and Caroline had played right into her foe's "gold-digging hands." She asked Carter what to do. He didn't know, but he didn't expect her to let go.

In the CEO's office, Maya breezed in and greeted Rick with a kiss. At his lukewarm response, she guessed that he was still thinking about Caroline. Maya figured that his wife had pleaded her case about how much the marriage meant to her. Rick replied that it had meant a lot to both of them.

Maya contended that it had only meant something to Rick. Rick relayed that, the previous day, Caroline had said she wanted to work it out, but Maya asked if "it" meant Caroline's infidelity and unfaithfulness. Rick didn't think things with Ridge had gone that far.

Maya insisted that it would have if she hadn't spoken up. She asked Rick if he wanted a woman who he couldn't trust or one who loved and supported him. She said he couldn't go back, and he needed to officially end the marriage.

Later, Maya went into Rick's old office to find out from Carter what Caroline wanted for a settlement. Carter said Caroline was entitled to half of everything Rick owned and asked how it would look to Maya if her married boyfriend lost half of everything -- and possibly half of Forrester.

Maya didn't find it funny. Carter told her to relax because Caroline didn't want anything, and divorce "never came up." Maya quipped that it had better "come up" because she'd told Carter that she wanted the marriage annulled that very day. Carter said he was a corporate attorney. Maya didn't care; she wanted it done. Carter told Maya that it wasn't like canceling a hair appointment.

Maya warned that Carter shouldn't fight her on it, and Carter asked if that was a threat. "From the future Mrs. Rick Forrester," she stated. Carter scoffed, and she said Rick depended upon her to get things done. "Well, you did him in. There's no question about that," Carter quipped.

Maya claimed that Rick needed to be free of Caroline, but Carter corrected that Maya needed Rick to be free of his spouse. Carter asserted that Rick's love for his wife scared Maya to death.

Back in the CEO's office, Caroline slipped in to place something on the desk. When she turned to slip back out of the room, Rick entered. Rick asked if she and Ridge were at it again. Caroline just stood, silently sulking. Rick apologized but said that whenever he saw her, he always thought of Ridge.

Caroline stated that she'd tried to slip in and slip out so Rick didn't have to see her. She didn't want to cause him further grief. He appreciated that. She tearfully asked if he'd spent another night with Maya, and he indicated that Maya was helping him cope. "I'm sure she's loving that," Caroline quipped.

Rick was thankful that Maya had his best interest at heart. "No, Maya has Maya's best interest at heart," Caroline retorted. He contended that he could at least trust Maya, who hadn't stabbed him in the back like Caroline had.

Outside the door, Maya listened in as Caroline expressed how deeply sorry she was for what she'd done. Caroline asked if they could chalk it up to a few bad days, but Rick replied that it wasn't that simple. She agreed, asserting that they each had to learn to forgive. "Me and Ridge kissing and you and Maya -- she's just using you. She's an opportunist, and you're smart enough to see that!" Caroline said. She declared that she loved Rick, and she knew that he loved her, too.

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