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Rick told Ivy to keep her mouth shut about his affair or lose her position at Forrester, but Ivy leaked news of the kiss to Liam. Quinn and Deacon urged Wyatt to visit Hope in Italy. Rick was affected by Caroline's kiss.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 22, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, December 22, 2014

In the CEO's office, Ridge flashed back to one of the first times he'd designed through Caroline's hand. Carter ducked in to invite Ridge to check out a new club. Ridge said he was fine and didn't need a babysitter. Approaching a rack of clothes, Carter decided that he could use a new shirt. Ridge said to grab one and get out, so at least one of them could enjoy the night.

As Carter undressed, he tried to talk Ridge into getting a beer together. Ridge turned that down, too. Carter thought it was messed up about Ridge and Katie. Ridge said he couldn't do anything about it. Carter mumbled that he couldn't do anything about his own situation, either, but he had to try.

Ridge inquired about the situation, and Carter announced that he needed a woman in his life. Carter had thought he'd had one in Maya until she'd gone after Rick. Ridge assumed Maya was probably regretting doing so, and Carter replied that he'd tried to warn Maya that it would only be a matter of time before Rick would find his senses and return to Caroline.

As Carter tried on shirts, he said Ridge had to be excited to work with Caroline again. Ridge admitted that he was. Carter was surprised Rick had agreed to it. Ridge figured Rick wasn't as childish as Ridge had thought. Carter said the mess with Maya hadn't inspired confidence in Rick. Ridge agreed, but Rick's reconciliation with Caroline made Ridge think that he might have been wrong about Rick.

It sounded to Carter as if Ridge was glad about the reconciliation. Agreeing, Ridge said there had been no reason for Rick to leave his wife in the first place, and Ridge had Caroline had resolved their feelings before Maya had thrown the designers under the bus. Ridge and Carter concluded that Rick seemed to be over it, and Ridge admitted that he was impressed by the way Rick had stepped up.

Ridge asked why Carter was looking at him "like that." Ridge admitted that designing with Caroline had been magical, but things had changed. "Things are different now," he insisted.

At the mansion, Caroline walked in on a tense conversation between Rick and Ivy, who claimed to be having a simple difference of opinion. Caroline said that Ivy should have sent him home and reminded Ivy of the conversation the women had had about Rick being all about work. Rick stared at Ivy as if daring her to contradict the statement.

Rick advised Caroline not to discuss their situation in front of Ivy, but Caroline replied that she'd already "talked Ivy's ear off" about it. Caroline figured that Ivy had told her to cut him some slack because Ivy was as much of a workaholic as he was. Ivy assured Caroline that talking to Rick hadn't been how she'd planned to spend her evening.

Rick promised Caroline that he'd be back at the guesthouse just as soon as he wrapped things up with Ivy. Caroline left, and Rick dismissed Ivy. Ivy told him that she wasn't done. He asserted that he didn't have anything else to say, and neither did she.

Ivy began talking about what she'd seen between Rick and Maya, but Rick roared that it was none of Ivy's business. Ivy asked him to say that he wasn't having an affair. Rick remarked that he'd hate to see her mess up what she had at Forrester, and she quipped that she'd hate to accuse him. "Then don't," he replied. He stated that Forrester had done a lot for her, and he expected her to do "this" for him. "No one needs to know that you saw me with Maya," he concluded.

Later, Rick arrived in the darkened guesthouse. Caroline was draped across the bed. "Finally. I thought you'd never get home," she said, and he nervously smiled. He wanted to turn on the lights, but she said not to. He claimed to be tired, and she admitted that she was tired, too. She was tired of waiting for them to move forward. "Let's have a baby," she proposed as she neared him.

Rick questioned whether it was the right time. He was still settling into his position, and she was embarking on a new collection. Caroline claimed that she could work while pregnant. She asked if he wanted a baby. Rick said he did, and it was the ultimate experience for parents. Pulling him toward the bed, she said that she wanted to share it with him. She kissed him, but he turned his face away.

Rick got off the bed. Caroline followed him as he mumbled that they'd just gotten back together. Caroline replied that they'd survived a crisis, their love was stronger than ever, and that love could make a baby. She helped him out of his shirt, and he offered to talk about it the next day. She said they didn't have to talk at all.

Caroline began kissing Rick's neck, but he completely shut her down, insisting that he was tired. Disappointed, she lay on her side of the bed. Rick turned his back to her as he climbed beneath the covers, and he flashed back to Caroline confessing to kissing Ridge. As Caroline was trying not to cry, speak, or touch him, silent tears streamed down his face.

At Maya's place, Maya explained to Othello that Eric wouldn't let Rick be CEO unless he was married to Caroline. Maya was convinced that Rick would fix things, and once he did, he wouldn't have to spend another night with Caroline. Othello concluded that Rick was playing Caroline. Maya conveyed that Eric hadn't given Rick a choice, and Caroline deserved everything she was getting.

Othello couldn't believe Maya didn't have a problem with the situation. It wasn't perfect for Maya, but she claimed that she'd been through worse. She noted that her apartment was nice, and she'd stay there until she moved into one of the Forrester mansions with Rick. Othello asked how much the place cost her, and she indicated that it wasn't costing her anything. Guessing that Rick was footing the bill, Othello announced that "this" was crazy.

Maya claimed that she didn't want to put Othello in a bad position, but she knew that she could confide in him. She said she and Rick wanted security, and Rick had a plan to become permanent CEO of Forrester. Once he convinced Eric to sign the papers, it couldn't be undone. She said that she and Rick would run Forrester together, and "to hell with Ridge" if he didn't want to listen to her "husband."

Othello asked if Rick and Maya were really getting married. "As soon as we can. I've had a good time being Forrester's lead model, but I'd much rather be the family's next matriarch," Maya replied.

Sometime later, Maya was alone when her doorbell rang. She assumed it was Rick returning to her, but she was surprised to find Ivy on her doorstep. Ivy wanted to talk, but Maya said it was late. Brushing by Maya to enter the apartment, Ivy stated that it was about Maya and Rick. Maya said that, after the way Rick had treated her earlier that day, she'd be happy never to see his face again.

Not in the mood for the pretense, Ivy revealed that she'd seen Rick kissing Maya earlier outside the apartment door, and she'd already confronted Rick about it. Maya assumed that Rick had told Ivy to keep quiet about it, and Ivy said that she'd do it if Maya respected Rick's marriage. Maya figured that Ivy meant to respect it like Ridge and Caroline had. "How about respecting yourself?" Ivy quipped.

Maya grew indignant when Ivy said Caroline and Rick needed time to heal and forgive each other. Maya refused to turn her back on Rick, whom she loved more than Caroline could. Ivy noted that Maya and Rick were not together, but Maya asserted that they would be. Ivy asked if he'd told Maya so, and Maya ordered Ivy to keep quiet before she found herself boomeranging back to Australia.

Maya asserted that Rick had worked too hard to have someone mess things up for him. Ivy claimed to just be concerned. Maya assumed the concern was that Rick would wind up with someone like her. Ivy denied it, but Maya said the good life wasn't reserved for Forresters. Maya felt that she worked hard and contributed to the company. She asked if it would really be so bad if she became part of the family. "Wow," Ivy replied.

Maya told Ivy to mark Maya's words -- Rick's relationship with Caroline would end.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Maya, Rick, Pam, and Ivy met. Rick and Pam shared stories about Forrester Christmases. Pam turned on a carousel that had been in the family for years. She also made everyone giggle when she showed off her illuminated holiday necklace.

Ivy teased that they needed to add illuminated jewelry to the upcoming couture line. They discussed the Christmas festivities at Eric's, and Rick added that everyone volunteered at the mission prior to attending the dinner party at Eric's.

Ivy agreed that it was a great idea, and Maya insisted that she wanted to help, and she promised to take mashed potatoes to dinner. Pam reminded that it would be awkward to have Maya volunteer at the mission or to attend the open house at Eric's. Ivy agreed. Maya wanted an invitation.

Pam left, and Maya confronted Ivy for trying to keep Maya away from the Forresters. Rick tried to stop Maya, but Maya dished that Ivy had confronted her the previous day at her condo about her relationship with Rick. Rick reminded Ivy that he'd told her to forget that she'd seen Rick and Maya together.

Ivy insisted that Rick still loved Caroline -- it had been obvious. Rick disagreed. Maya hissed that Ivy had threatened her to end things with Rick. Ivy defended herself and said that she was concerned about Rick losing both his job and his wife. Maya angrily told Ivy that she'd made a big deal about one little kiss, but Ivy said she'd known it was much more than that.

Rick threatened Ivy's job at Forrester and her stay in the United States. "You like your job, right? Then pretend you know nothing about us," he ordered. Maya smirked, and Ivy sneered at Maya.

Ivy attempted to leave, but Maya stopped her and warned that Maya and Rick had a long history as a serious couple "before Caroline's claws came out." Ivy wondered again if they were both willing to risk everything. Rick dismissed Ivy, and Maya smiled. Rick worried that Ivy would say something, but Maya confidently predicted Ivy would say nothing. Rick worried that he had to get his father's signature quickly.

Maya purred that she hoped Rick would leave the Christmas dinner at Eric's and join her at the luxury condo. Rick asked if she liked her new home, and she replied that she loved it, but she would love it more when he was there full-time. Maya wondered if Rick was being intimate with Caroline, and he said he had not. Maya kissed him passionately.

Rick advised Maya to stop because someone could walk in. He added that she had to remember he had tried to fire her in front of everyone at a recent meeting in order to convince the Forrester team that he had renewed his marriage with Caroline. Caroline remembered that it had been "the performance of lifetime" for her. Rick promised that they would spend the next Christmas together. Later, at the mission, Rick entered with Maya, and he announced that they would be there for Christmas. "Wow," she said.

On the rooftop, Ivy's father, John, shared with Jared that he felt bad that Pam had been mourning the loss of her dog for years. He had wanted to get her something special, and he set up a fashion show with dogs from a shelter for Pam to choose a new dog.

Inside at Forrester, Wyatt sat restlessly at his desk. Pam entered and tried to cheer him up with her Christmas sweater and her illuminated necklace. Wyatt couldn't muster a smile. Pam asked how he'd been doing and if he'd talked to Hope. Wyatt answered that he'd spoken to Hope the previous night "for five seconds."

Wyatt added that Hope would stay in Italy for Christmas. Pam guessed that Hope didn't want to leave her mom alone, but Wyatt was convinced she didn't want to return to him. Pam and Wyatt walked out to her desk in the reception area, and Wyatt looked at the photo of Pam's dog, Tiny, who had passed away years earlier. Pam lamented that everyone at Forrester had known how much Tiny had meant to her. Wyatt said Tiny looked like a friendly fellow.

Pam encouraged Wyatt to attend the Forrester Open House at Eric's for Christmas. Wyatt thanked her, but he declined and left. Pam flashed back to happier times with Tiny.

John showed up and interrupted Pam's daydream about Tiny. John begged for a hug. John teased that Chuck, meaning Charlie, hadn't been hanging around her. Pam laughed and said that it was Charlie's day off. John invited Pam up to the sky lounge.

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt moped alone, and Ivy entered. Wyatt shared that Hope would not return home. Wyatt feared that Hope continued to push him away. Ivy said she felt sorry for Hope, but she added that they had both lost a baby and should be grieving and healing together.

Wyatt agreed with Ivy, but he felt Hope had decided to move on without him. Ivy tried to comfort Wyatt. Ivy noted that Hope loved Wyatt, and she encouraged him to have faith. Wyatt asked about Ivy's plans because it was "the most wonderful time of the year," he said, mocking the song. Ivy said she would spend Christmas with Liam.

Wyatt was surprised, He said that he'd thought that Liam would have been in Italy with Hope. Ivy looked uncomfortable. Wyatt asked if Hope and Liam had been talking. Ivy admitted that she had not asked, and Liam had not said anything. Wyatt cautioned Ivy about making plans, and Ivy looked away.

On the rooftop sky lounge at Forrester, John and Jared surprised Pam with a parade of dogs, and they hoped that Pam would choose a new dog. The dogs included Bernie, a tiny lapdog; Brando, a bulldog; Diablo, a miniature collie; and Pixie, a larger dog. Pam insisted that she could never choose one.

Pam thanked Jared and John, and she said she needed another year to decide what she wanted. Jared understood. He said that Forrester employees had already expressed interest in most of the dogs if Pam hadn't wanted them. Pam thanked Jared and John for the effort. John pulled out some mistletoe and asked for a kiss, and Pam obliged.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
by Pam

At the beginning of the episode, Eric announced that the show would take viewers inside the Union Rescue Mission to meet guests -- real people in need, not actors. Eric added that the mission would serve more than 4,000 meals that day. Maya, Ivy, Eric, Carter, Rick, Othello, and Aly entered the mission. Eric thanked all of them for volunteering.

Eric advised that the mission's directors, Andy and Kitty, had arranged for them to talk to residents at the mission. Eric added that he, Maya, Ivy, Carter, Rick, Othello, and Aly would serve food and hear the stories of residents -- they would build relationships and friendships -- a lot of wisdom would be shared in the building.

Later, Eric greeted Andy, who was in a wheelchair. He discussed that his foot was painful, but nothing would stop him from helping the residents. He added that the hardest thing for him had been raising enough resources to feed the need of the people in the community. "You can never do all that your heart wants to do," he said. Andy added that the mission served 800 people under its roof, but there were 2,000 more on the street. He noted that many had turned their lives around.

In another part of the mission, Maya talked to a family who had found a lot of love and support in the mission. A single mom and her kids had lost everything and were rebuilding their lives. "We are starting over with everything, so it's hard," the mom said.

Another resident shared that he had craved drinking, but at the mission, God had helped him to relieve the craving. "Here I got my sanity back," he said.

Eric spoke to a man who expressed his gratitude to the mission because it had taken a man who had been broken form alcohol and drugs and built him back up. "Learn how to love one another as brothers and sisters -- it's as simple as that," he advised.

Aly and Carter met with a mother, who had a psychology degree, and her family who had been in an auto accident and lost everything. She had lost her job and wound up homeless. "This place makes you realize you don't have to be so fiercely independent. We almost have our lives back," she said. She added that unfortunate things happened to many people.

Eric met with the chef, and he said he was the dayside cook. He made 1,500 meals every day, and they served meals four times a day. He added that the goal for that particular holiday meal had been to feed 4,500, but it had been more like 5,200 meals served. He shared that he had the satisfaction of helping someone in need feel valued. And he did it with food.

Rick and Othello met with a family in which the father said he had been blessed to find a place that would take him and his children. He advised people to never give up.

Aly and Maya talked to another mother with children who had moved her family so many times that the kids had been in many schools. The kids sadly shared that they had trouble making friends and couldn't get good report cards.

Carter talked with a man who said he'd wished someone had told him as a teenager to stay away from drinking and drugs because that was when he'd gotten hooked. Maya met with another woman who shared that she had gotten her children and her dignity back. She said that others could do the same. "Your light inside will shine," she said.

Later, Maya sang a song, and vignettes of the residents with Maya, Ivy, Aly, Eric, Rick, and Othello were on the screen. Then, Maya welcomed all the kids on stage with her, and Rick, dressed as Santa, greeted them and handed out lollipops.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This programming change was anticipated and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Friday, December 26, and picked up where the Wedneday, December 24 episode concluded.

Friday, December 26, 2014

At the cliff house, Liam and Ivy had coffee and discussed how her time at the mission had affected her. She felt they should be doing even more -- and not just on the holidays. Liam expressed that he'd had a good time with at his family's holiday gathering, and Wyatt had made the most of it, even though he was still hurting over Hope's absence.

Ivy couldn't believe that Hope had just taken off, and Liam said Hope just needed to get her life straightened out. Ivy asked if Hope wanted Liam's help with it and if he'd heard from Hope. Liam hadn't, and Ivy asked where things stood. He said that he thought Hope would be okay physically, and Ivy stated that Liam knew what she was asking.

Ivy acknowledged that things had changed, and though she felt the same about Liam, she asked if he wanted Hope back. Gasping, Liam said he couldn't answer that. Ivy asked if he couldn't or wouldn't answer it. Liam acknowledged that the miscarriage had changed things; however, it hadn't changed the facts that Hope was married, and he was with Ivy.

Liam cupped Ivy's face and kissed her. He asked if she wanted to go to the beach, but Ivy said her orders were streaming in. He suggested telling Rick that she'd be in later, but she revealed that she and Rick were at odds because she'd seen Rick kissing Maya.

At the warehouse, Wyatt was anxious to learn -- before Quinn arrived -- if Deacon had heard from Hope. Deacon hadn't. Wyatt blamed himself for the loss of his child, but Deacon didn't want Wyatt to blame himself or Quinn. Wyatt decided to leave before Quinn got back there, but when he opened the door, Quinn was on the threshold.

Quinn was glad to see Wyatt and asked about his holiday. Wyatt bit out that it had been fine and without drama. She asked how he was, adding that she'd been worried about him. Wyatt was upset by her worrying, but Deacon said that a mother would always worry. Wyatt stated that he didn't need mothering, but Quinn asserted that she needed forgiveness for causing his pain.

Wyatt told Quinn that she was forgiven, and they needed to let it go at that. Quinn couldn't leave it at that and advised Wyatt to go to Italy because his wife needed him. Wyatt didn't want advice on how to deal with his marriage. He said that Hope had willfully left him, and he wondered if anyone understood that he'd lost a child, too.

Quinn claimed to understand Wyatt's pain more than anyone because she remembered all the questions Wyatt had asked about his missing father. Deacon added that Hope had gone through the same thing as Wyatt because Deacon hadn't been there for her childhood. Quinn and Deacon urged Wyatt to understand that Hope and Wyatt needed to grieve together in order to heal.

In the guesthouse, Caroline arrived and gave Rick, who was in bed, a cup of coffee. She noted that he'd been out-for-the-count after Christmas dinner. Rick said that they'd given out of a lot of meals at the mission, and he asked about her Spencer brunch. She'd enjoyed it and noted that it had been cute to see how much Bill enjoyed being a father.

Caroline offered to make breakfast for Rick, but he declined. "You won't let me do things for you anymore," she murmured. He chuckled at the conclusion she'd derived due to him not being hungry. She shot back that the conclusion was due to her sensing that he was still angry at her.

"I'm here, aren't I?" Rick asked. Caroline agreed that he was there but added that he really wasn't. She begged to know how to earn his forgiveness. As Rick dressed for "work," he asked why she felt he hadn't forgiven her. Caroline noted that he was different. It was an effort for them to love each other, but they were supposed to be beyond their issues.

Rick claimed that they were beyond the problem -- or at least he was. Caroline declared that she wanted the marriage to work. She'd been certain that they were on the right track, but she questioned whether it was still true. He decided that he really had to go, but she insisted that they resolve the issue.

Going through his briefcase, Rick said there was nothing to resolve. Caroline closed the case and told him to stop it and look at her. She declared that she loved him, and despite the issues, she knew that he loved her. She was committed and wouldn't let them slip away from each other. She said that they'd promised each other. "I know," he uttered.

Caroline implored Rick not to push her away. She declared that he was the only man she wanted, and she wanted to prove it to him for the rest of their lives. She wanted to give him a child who'd be a part of each of them. She believed that it was the new start they needed.

"Let me love you," Caroline said and kissed Rick. Rick seemed affected by the kiss but said he had to go to the office. "Right now?" Caroline cynically asked. In her frustration, she almost turned away, but Rick cupped her neck and said he'd be back. Caroline began to cry when he walked out.

At Maya's place, Maya was painting her toenails when Othello arrived in need of an espresso. She told him to make it himself because she was "pedicuring." He sighed, wondering what was missing from Maya's luxurious life. She said that it was her man, and Othello guessed that Rick was at home with Rick's wife. "Pretend wife," Maya corrected.

Othello was proud of Maya for participating in the mission work. Maya said it was about time she gave back. She wasn't happy that she'd had to avoid Rick at the mission but believed she'd have no more nights alone once Eric signed Rick's papers.

Othello began to worry that Maya was getting ahead of herself. Maya considered that she might be, but she asked if it was so bad to love someone and have a dream. She believed that Rick could get control of the company and marry her, and she'd give Rick the life he deserved.

Othello left, and Maya stared at pictures of her with Rick. She daydreamed that she was running Forrester, and Caroline entered the CEO's office with designs. Maya frowned at the designs and tried to send Caroline back to the drawing board. Caroline quipped that Maya wasn't running the company, but Maya informed Caroline that Maya was Rick's wife and the Forrester matriarch.

Later, Rick arrived, and Maya kissed him. Rick had a tight and wary look on his face, and she assumed he'd had a tough Christmas dinner without her. She told him that it'd be the last one apart, and Rick anxiously walked away from her. Maya guessed that it had been really tough; however, she felt that she could remedy it with "hot, buttered Maya."

Rick didn't warm up to the idea, and Maya guessed that Eric hadn't signed the papers. Rick replied that he and Eric hadn't discussed it again yet. Maya asked what the matter was. Rick revealed that he'd had a difficult morning, and he and Caroline had had a talk. Maya anxiously asked what kind of talk and what was going on.

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