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Deacon and Quinn urged Wyatt to take off for Italy to heal with Hope. Rick pressured Eric to sign the papers giving Rick absolute control of Forrester. Caroline was stunned when Rick announced that he'd share the company and his life with Maya, not Caroline.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 29, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, December 29, 2014

At Maya's place, Maya was worried about what Rick and Caroline had discussed but decided that she and Rick being together was all that mattered. Maya hugged Rick, and upon receiving an icy response, she concluded, "But not for much longer."

Rick told Maya that everything was the same, but he was under tremendous pressure. He didn't know how long he could keep it up. Maya urged him to stick to the plan. He wanted to, but he said that Caroline was talking about having a family.

Astonished by what she'd heard, Maya asked if Rick had slept with Caroline. Rick denied it, and Maya asked if he wanted to. Rick stated that he wanted to get control of the business before he and Maya were found out. Maya guessed that he was worried about Ivy talking.

Rick figured that once the silence damming Ivy's mouth broke, all hell would break loose. He was sure he'd lose his position and wouldn't ever be president again. He decided to go to Forrester and get his father's signature on the papers right away. Maya kissed him and wished him luck.

At Forrester with Ridge, Eric discussed a lecture series Eric planned to do at design schools. John would join Eric on the trip to hunt out more adventures for them. Eric felt that Rick was in a better place, so it was a good time for Eric to leave. Ridge claimed that the problems were long behind everyone, and Eric said he was sorry for how things had gone with Ridge and Katie.

Caroline stopped on the office threshold as Eric asked if there was still a chance for Ridge and Katie. Ridge said that there wasn't, and Caroline told the men that she could return later. Eric indicated that he was the one leaving because the designers had work to do.

After Eric had gone, Caroline asked if the breakup had been because of her. Ridge replied that the relationship had simply run its course, but he was happy for Rick and Caroline. She asked if Ridge meant it. Ridge did and stopped himself short of saying he'd take action if Rick misbehaved.

Caroline said Rick was busy with work and didn't want to disappoint Eric. Ridge said it was the quickest way to lose the job. He concluded that Rick was doing well at work and at home.

Ridge asked if she and Rick were planning to have kids. Caroline looked startled by the mention of it. Ridge hadn't wanted to put her on the spot, but he'd recalled that she wanted to start a family. He believed that the beautiful, talented Caroline would be a good mother.

Later, Caroline was designing alone in Rick's old office when Maya arrived. Caroline tersely asked what Maya wanted, and Maya claimed to have heard that big things were happening at work. Without glancing up, Caroline asked how Maya knew that. Maya responded that being discarded by Rick didn't mean that what happened at Forrester didn't happen to her, too. Caroline declared that nothing big was happening at Forrester, or Rick would have told her.

Maya smiled and walked over to the desk. Caroline asked what else Maya wanted. Maya said that she wasn't with Rick, but she was still happy that he was CEO. Though Rick wasn't wowing people on the runway like Ridge, Rick knew exactly what he was doing.

Outside the CEO's office, Rick recalled Eric threatening to fire Rick if Rick didn't reconcile with Caroline. Rick entered the office and engaged in a talk with Eric about Eric's upcoming trip. Rick thought it was a great time for Eric to go away -- unless Eric was worried about how Rick would handle things in Eric's stead. Eric expressed that he and everyone had confidence in Rick's leadership skills.

"Everyone except for Ridge," Rick stated. Eric asked if Ridge was being supportive. Rick said it was what Ridge wanted everyone to believe, but Ridge was biding his time. Rick believed that Ridge would wait for Eric to leave before undermining Rick. Eric disagreed, but Rick was certain that Ridge would turn the place into chaos.

Rick also believed that Ridge would fill Eric's head with garbage upon Eric's return. Eric objected, and Rick said he knew that Eric didn't play favorites and believed in the brothers equally. Eric said it was true, and Rick asked Eric to prove it. Pulling out his contract, Rick said it was his security, and he asked Eric to make it so that Rick could choose when he'd step down as CEO. Rick urged Eric to sign the papers and show Rick that Eric cared about the brothers equally.

At the loft, Deacon and Quinn urged Wyatt to be with Hope in Italy. Wyatt replied that each time Hope saw him, she saw what his mother had done. It was paramount to Deacon that Wyatt help Hope heal, and Quinn said Wyatt needed to do it before Liam beat Wyatt to it. Deacon chastised her for the statement, but she stated that she didn't want Liam to get there first.

Wyatt agreed with the idea that he and Hope needed to heal, but heading for the door, he asserted that there was something he had to do first.

Sometime after Wyatt had left, Quinn whipped out her phone. Deacon asked her not to call Wyatt and to be okay with him finally speaking to her again. Quinn was concerned that she could lose Wyatt for good if he lost Hope. "If my daughter and your son are meant to be -- " Deacon said.

Quinn cut Deacon off to insist that the couple was meant to be, and losing the child didn't change it. She wanted the couple to recover from the loss and eventually have another child. Quinn put down the phone, and Deacon said he was proud of her for giving her son advice and then stepping back. He joked that she might become the most reformed mother of the year.

At the cliff house, Ivy filled Liam in on her confrontation with Rick about kissing Maya. Ivy sensed that it was more about lashing out at Caroline than true feelings for Maya, but when Ivy had confronted Maya, it had been apparent that Maya wouldn't back down.

Liam stated that his cousin had no idea of what was happening behind her back. Ivy explained that Rick was severely bitter that the indiscretion had been with Ridge, and Caroline would already have Rick's forgiveness if it had been any other man.

Liam understood Rick's pain, but he didn't like that Rick was playing vengeance games with Caroline. Ivy could see that it was taking tremendous restraint for Liam to stop himself from going to Caroline, but Ivy said that she could lose her job if Rick found out she'd told Liam. Liam seriously doubted it, and Ivy asked him to think of how devastated Caroline would be. Ivy hoped Rick would ultimately do the right thing, and if he did, they could spare Caroline the pain of knowing about the kiss.

Ivy believed in the power of people to turn stupid choices around and fix them for the people that they hurt. Liam said she understood what love and forgiveness were about. Liam pulled her in for a kiss, but Wyatt entered the house and announced that he needed to talk to Liam about Hope.

Ivy took off, and Wyatt asked if Liam had heard from Hope. Liam hadn't and asked what the issue was. Wyatt said he felt that, with each day, he and Hope were drifting further apart, and he couldn't let it happen. Wyatt announced that he was going to Italy immediately.

Liam began to speak, but in a tidal wave of words, Wyatt said he'd made up his mind. Wyatt felt that he and Hope couldn't rebound from the miscarriage while apart. He believed that they needed to say things to each other and heal, and he refused to let it be the end of his marriage.

Liam said he knew what it was like to lose a child, and Wyatt and Hope had Liam's support for whatever they needed to do to heal.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Rick demanded that Eric sign the papers Rick had drawn up that would protect Rick's position as CEO at Forrester. Rick wanted Eric to sign them before Eric left for a vacation with John. Eric balked, but Rick said he needed the vote of confidence from his father.

Rick reminded Eric that Eric had originally chosen Ridge over Rick many times before -- most recently as CEO. Eric apologized, but Rick worried that Ridge would undermine his leadership at every opportunity in Eric's absence.

Eric stated that the CEO position had never been a dictatorship. Rick maintained that he could feel Ridge breathing down his neck. Rick predicted that Ridge would find fault in everything he did. He knew that Ridge would exaggerate every error. "It happened in the past, and it will happen again," Rick said. He said that he'd been forced to live in Ridge's shadow his entire life.

Rick pressured Eric to trust him. "I have big plans for this company," Rick declared. He added that he and Caroline had been functioning as a team. "So for me, sign the papers," Rick commanded. Rick added that Eric needed to revisit Ridge's history -- he had pushed Eric out once before, and he had pushed Thorne into the basement. Rick vowed that would not happen to him.

Eric took the papers and paused. Eric promised to think about it, but he vowed that he would never sign the company over to anyone in perpetuity. He might agree to one year, "and that would be non-negotiable. What you're asking is unprecedented," Eric bellowed. "Dad I need this," Rick replied.

On the rooftop lounge, Carter worked out, and Ridge entered to meet with him. Carter had been surprised that Rick had agreed to allow Caroline and Ridge to team up again. Carter suggested that Ridge was single again, and should enjoy it.

Carter wondered if Ridge had been pining away for Katie -- or if it was Caroline he wanted. Ridge was evasive. He said he felt like a struggling artist and had been sleeping at Forrester. He recalled that he and Katie had been on a fast track to get married. "I'm not sure what happened. I guess I wasn't paying attention," Ridge confessed.

In another office at Forrester, Maya and Caroline argued. Caroline encouraged Maya to get a life because she had been rejected and humiliated after Rick had broken up with her. Her gold-digging schemes had blown up in her face.

Maya replied that she had an insatiable thirst and an eye on the bigger prize. Maya stated that she had a permanent position at Forrester, but Caroline laughed that Eric had saved Maya's position because Rick had intended to fire her. "I'll take my chances," Maya spat back.

Maya encouraged Caroline to return to New York, but Caroline sneered at Maya, who said they were cosmically connected. "Why don't we just stay out of each other's way," Caroline suggested.

Maya reminded Caroline that her liplock with Ridge was what had sent Rick into Maya's arms. Maya noted that Ridge and Caroline were once again working behind closed doors, "furiously fighting that wild, crazy attraction," Maya said. Maya suggested that Caroline stop fighting her attraction to Ridge. Maya left, and Caroline rolled her eyes.

Later Caroline continued to work on a design, and Ridge entered. He wondered why she was working so late. She replied that she wanted to finish the design so she wouldn't have work on her mind when she arrived at home. She wanted to concentrate on her husband.

Ridge made some suggestions for the design and gently guided Caroline's pencil as she revised the design. She stopped and told him they couldn't do that. Ridge understood. Caroline took a deep breath. Ridge said he'd never meant to hurt her and he was glad that she'd worked things out with Rick.

Caroline confided that she wanted to have a baby, but Rick had been distant and they had not been intimate. Caroline wondered if Rick's loving actions at work were all an act. She worried that she had lost him, and she wanted to hold her husband again.

At home, Eric welcomed Carter into the house and asked Carter to review some papers that Rick had drawn up. Carter said that it was clear Rick wanted to run the company and could run it into the ground if Eric signed the papers. "And no one could stop him," Carter noted. Ridge defended Rick and said that he didn't think the request was outlandish. Eric admitted he would consider a year.

At Maya's, Maya greeted Rick and wondered if he had good news. Rick noted that his father had not signed the papers, but he was close to striking a deal for one year. Rick said that was plenty of time for them to build the company and be accepted as a couple. Later, Maya and Rick got into the bathtub, and they made out among the bubbles.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed that Rick had not even touched Caroline since they had reunited. "He's always too tired," Caroline confessed. But Ridge noted that it didn't make sense.

Caroline assumed it was because of her involvement with Ridge, but Ridge suggested it was something else. He couldn't believe that Rick could be distant. Caroline hoped the evening would be better -- a commitment to their marriage in the New Year.

At Maya's, Rick and Maya made out in the bathtub, and Rick told Maya that he was confident his father would sign the papers that would give him complete control of the company. Maya worried, but Rick said that his father was a smart businessman who would want to read and analyze the fine print.

Rick told Maya not to worry. Rick was so confident that he suggested that since Eric would be gone on an extended trip, it might be time for them to move into Eric's house. Maya said she had just moved, but Rick gushed that the big empty Forrester house had only Ivy and Aly in it. "Pack your bags," he said.

Maya was unconvinced that they needed to move, but Rick persuaded her with promises of the swimming pool and view. He said it was time to take over the main house. He promised it would be only one more day. He dressed to return home to Caroline.

Maya warned Rick to be careful because Caroline would want to celebrate New Year's Eve with her husband. Rick promised he could handle Caroline. "Happy New Year, my love," Maya said. They kissed passionately.

At Eric's, Carter suggested that the papers Rick had drawn up had some scary stuff in them -- especially the complete control clause. Eric maintained that he understood the significance. "Are you signing these papers?" Carter asked.

Eric said that Rick had asked for a vote of confidence, and Eric said that Rick deserved it. Eric added that he knew Carter had heard Ridge's side of the story, but he knew Carter was smart enough to know there were two sides to every story.

Carter commented that Rick had not always deserved Eric's confidence. Eric sighed that he felt it was time to pass the baton off to Rick and Caroline. Carter looked skeptical. "Is this the way to do it?" Eric asked. Carter asked to look the papers over thoroughly, and Eric wondered if it was necessary. Carter assured Eric that it was. He left with the papers.

At Liam's, Liam and Ivy prepared to celebrate the new year. Liam teased that the new year had already arrived in Australia. Ivy said that some of her friends were probably still in clubs. Liam asked if Ivy wanted to go to a club. "I am exactly where I want to be," Ivy answered.

Ivy added that she wanted to snuggle with Liam, and he happily said he was looking forward to staying in with a beautiful woman. They kissed, and Liam received a message from Caroline with a fireworks emoticon. Rick asked if Ivy had said anything about Rick to Caroline. Ivy replied that Rick had made it pretty clear that it was a goodbye kiss.

Ivy confessed she couldn't keep it secret much longer, and Liam promised to keep the secret, but he said she needed to tell Caroline. Ivy and Liam drank Champagne and used the noisemakers. Liam was thankful that the year had almost ended, but Ivy stopped him. She understood that he'd had a dramatic year, but she'd had the one of the best years of her life with a move to Los Angeles, her own jewelry line, and falling in love. She flashed back to times in Paris and Amsterdam with Liam. "It was an epic year," she said. Liam promised that 2015 would be even more epic. They kissed.

Caroline returned home, and she had thought that she'd heard Rick in the bedroom, but he was not at home. Someone knocked at the door, and Caroline assumed it was Rick, but it was Eric, who had been looking for Rick. Caroline said he had not been home. Eric asked to visit with Caroline. "Your husband wants me to do something," Eric announced. Caroline looked confused.

Eric explained that if he signed the papers Rick had presented to him, he would be unable to ever replace Rick as CEO. "Rick tells me he needs this," Eric said. Caroline wondered why Eric would ever want to replace Rick, and Eric said he didn't want to replace him. "Are you ready to take over? Is everything good between you?" he asked.

Rick entered with a bottle of Champagne, and he kissed Caroline passionately. Rick asked Eric to stay and celebrate. Eric declined to stay, and added that he had been telling Caroline about Rick's proposal. Caroline told Eric that she had complete faith in Rick. "I believe in him 100 percent," she said. Eric looked pleased.

At Forrester, Carter entered Ridge's office and showed Ridge the documents that Rick had drawn up. "Rick claims that he has proven himself, and Rick considers you a threat," Carter said. Ridge reviewed the papers. "What are you up to, Ricky Boy," Ridge wondered aloud. Ridge was convinced that something between Rick and Caroline wasn't right.

At Maya's, Maya drank Champagne by herself and fantasized about living in the Forrester mansion. She fantasized that she and Rick discussed that they had believed in one another. Rick and Maya admired a giant rock of an engagement ring on Maya's finger. Maya smiled at the thought.

Maya's phone rang, and it was Rick, who explained that Caroline was in the shower. Maya told him he had missed beautiful fireworks. He promised that they would be better the next year.

Maya hated that they had to pretend, but Rick promised it would only be for another day. They said goodnight, and Rick hid his phone and pretended to be asleep. Caroline crawled into bed with Rick after she had showered, but Rick pretended to be asleep. She wished Rick a Happy New Year and looked angry.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This programming change was anticipated and there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regularly programming resumed on Friday, December 26, and picked up where the Wedneday, December 24 episode concluded.

Friday, January 2, 2015

At Forrester, Rick met with Maya at the sky lounge to tell her that his lawyer was on the way. Though Eric hadn't given Rick all he'd asked for, Rick was glad to have a year to prove himself as CEO. Maya was excited that he'd have a year with her and could end the charade with Caroline. Rick left, saying he'd text-message Maya when it was done.

Later, Othello arrived at Maya's request. She informed him that Rick's plan was happening as they spoke. Maya nervously tapped away on her phone and explained that Rick had to get Eric's signature on the papers before anyone caught on. Othello didn't know how Maya didn't have a problem with what Rick was doing to Caroline. "Do I think he could do that to me?" she knowingly asked.

Othello rephrased and asked why Maya was nervous if she thought Eric would comply. Maya claimed that she and Rick weren't liars. She and Rick never hid what they wanted, and because she always kept it real, she doubted she could keep up the charade for another day. Her phone beeped, and she had to go; however, she said not to worry because once Rick called her, she and Rick would emerge as "The Future Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr, CEO of Forrester Creations."

In Rick's old office, Ridge tried to convince Caroline that Rick was up to something with the papers Rick wanted Eric to sign. Caroline felt that if absolute control would make Rick more confident and secure, then Eric should give it to Rick.

In the CEO's office, Eric bade goodbye to the retiring Gordon. Gordon left, and Carter arrived to advise Eric that a year was a very long time to hand over power to Rick, especially if something went wrong. Resolved, Eric said he was leaving town with his brother and needed to act upon it. Carter stressed that once Eric signed it, no one could contradict Rick's ultimate power, not even Eric.

Rick arrived with his attorney, ready to sign the papers. Carter said that Rick shouldn't expect an immediate answer, and Rick asked what he hadn't done or said to convince Eric. Carter interjected that he, Forrester's counsel, had to caution Eric and Rick about the long-term ramifications of the proposal.

Rick asserted that he was already CEO and needed to be focused. He wanted security and no interference from Ridge while Eric was away. Eric looked at the papers again, and Carter slipped a text message to Ridge to say that Rick was making his move.

Rick explained that Ridge could undermine Rick's decisions and cause gridlock. Eric said Ridge didn't want that any more than Rick did. Rick asked what would happen if Ridge disrupted things and Eric wasn't there to remind Ridge who was in charge. Rick noted that Eric had taken the position away from Ridge after a couple days, and Rick merely wanted to carry out his own vision, unimpeded.

Confident that Caroline and Rick were the future of Forrester, Eric leaned over the desk and signed the papers. Just then, Ridge and Caroline barreled into the office. Ridge announced that he knew about Rick's papers, but Rick gloated that it was too late -- they'd already been signed.

Outside the door, Pam eavesdropped on the meeting. Ivy asked what was going on. All Pam knew was that half the company was in there arguing, and Rick's attorney was in there. Ivy asked if the argument was about work or something else. Pam couldn't tell and asked what Ivy thought. Ivy said she was trying not to think about it at all.

Ivy left in search of Maya but found Othello in the sky lounge. She threw a barrage of questions at him about Rick and Maya, but Othello only shrugged in response. Ivy believed something was happening between Rick and Maya, and Othello said it was complicated. Ivy deduced that Othello knew something, but when he played dumb, she revealed that she knew about Rick and Maya.

Ivy asked if the affair was still going on, and Othello's eye rolls and shrugs told Ivy that it was. Angry, Ivy said that he needed to tell her if Maya and Rick were planning something that would hurt Ivy's friend, Caroline, and Ivy would put an end to it.

Back at Pam's desk, Maya was about to enter the CEO's office, but Pam stopped her from interrupting the meeting. Maya decided to wait in a chair. Pam tried to politely get rid of Maya, who said that Pam could do what she had to do, but Maya wasn't leaving.

Back in the office, Ridge refused to let the papers leave the building, but Eric stated that it was signed and done. Caroline thanked Eric, and Rick's lawyer left with the paperwork. Eric explained that Rick would have the security he needed to run the company for a year.

Ridge argued that Eric had given Rick carte blanche. Caroline declared that Rick wouldn't hurt the company. Eric stated that Caroline and Rick were reunited, and Eric trusted them to lead the company into the future. Ridge asked what would happen if Rick made a mistake, and Ridge emphasized that Rick had already led Eric into a bad choice that very day.

Eric said Rick had proved himself and handled a bad situation with maturity. Ridge corrected that Rick had thrown a tantrum. Ridge asked why Rick needed Eric's trust in writing and advised Rick to handle his trust issues on his own. "This is the exact reason for it, Dad," Rick replied.

As Caroline continued to advocate for Rick, Rick secretly messaged Maya to prepare to enter the meeting. Ridge didn't like that no one could tell Rick what to do. Rick said he wasn't going to run the company alone, and Eric stated that Forrester had always been a team effort. Rick asserted that it wouldn't change, and Forrester had always had a history of strong couples.

Caroline grinned as Rick declared that he'd continue the tradition, and the biggest thing he'd learned over the last months was the value of a great partner. He claimed that he couldn't have done it without "her," someone who'd been trustworthy and loyal to him. Caroline thanked him; however, everyone's heads turned when Maya entered and said Rick had asked to see her.

Back outside the office, Othello strolled up as Pam continued eavesdropping at the office door. He asked what was happening. Pam conveyed that Rick had gotten Eric to sign some papers, and Ridge was upset about it. Pam believed it was a big deal and noted that most of the staff was in there, including Maya, who'd just entered after getting a text message from Rick.

Pam noticed that Othello didn't seem surprised and questioned why he was there. He claimed to have stopped by because he had a gig in town that evening. Her eyes lit up, and she insisted that he knew something. He decided to return later, but Pam said he'd told him what she knew. He revealed that big changes were about to happen, and he was kind of looking forward to them.

Back in the CEO's office, Eric told Maya that it wasn't the time. Ignoring him, Maya said she'd gotten Rick's text. Carter and Ridge tried to usher her out, but Rick said he wanted her to hear what he was saying. Caroline decided that she did, too, and said she was just thanking Rick for his kind words.

Maya asked what Rick had said, and Rick stated that he'd just gotten irrevocable control as CEO for a year. Maya congratulated him. He discussed everyone working as a team while Eric was away, and she said she'd do what he needed. Rick added that he wouldn't be working alone, and he'd need a partner who'd be there celebrating with him and helping him overcome challenges.

Caroline said she looked forward to being there as Rick's wife and partner. Rick told Caroline that he wasn't talking about her; he was talking about Maya. Caroline, Ridge, Carter, and Eric looked shocked as Rick said the cat was out of the bag -- he and Maya were still together. Caroline exclaimed that she and Rick were married, but Rick said the marriage had ended the day she'd betrayed him with Ridge. Standing by Maya, Rick said he'd share the company and his life with Maya.

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