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Nicole tried to blackmail Maya into extending Nicole's stay and getting Nicole a modeling job. During a talk with Maya, Nicole asserted that Maya was Nicole's big brother, not sister. Katie set out to help Brooke but unwittingly caused Brooke to call Deacon to support her against taking a drink.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 16, 2015 on B&B
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Well-Meaning Family Members Well-Meaning Family Members
Monday, March 16, 2015

At the mansion, Nicole told Maya to be careful of her attitude or else Nicole would go straight to Rick with the secret. Maya asserted that Nicole knew nothing and told her to get out. Nicole figured that Rick would wonder why she was gone. Maya said Nicole had nerve to be in Maya's house, making accusations. Nicole didn't see the problem -- if the secret wasn't true.

At Forrester, the photo shoot commenced at the sky lounge. Oliver was almost ready for the next setup, but Maya wasn't there yet. Rick said it wasn't like Maya, but he'd text-messaged her twice.

Just as everyone was beginning to get anxious about Maya's absence, Maya rushed in and apologized for being late. Aly asked where Maya had been, and Maya murmured to Rick that she'd had to deal with something. Wardrobe and makeup converged on Maya, turning her into a diva in a black angled web-like gown. Rick tried to figure out why she was nervous, but Oliver started the shoot.

"Stop Being a Good Girl" played as Maya modeled. She got into the groove of the photo shoot and relaxed, but once Maya saw Nicole standing behind Rick, Maya's smiles faded. Oliver called for a break in the shoot, and Rick greeted Nicole.

Nicole approached Maya to talk about how glamorous and fun the shoot was. A tight-lipped Maya suggested Nicole leave and return another day for a fashion show or at a time when Maya's lateness hadn't made a shoot rushed.

Rick urged Nicole to stick around, and Oliver resumed the shoot. All of Maya's modeling magic faded, and Oliver asked what was bothering her. Rick asked why the shoot was lagging, and Maya decided she was tired. Rick called it a day, saying he thought they had what they needed.

As the employees reviewed the pictures, Nicole hoped she hadn't been in the way. Rick said she was family and was welcome anytime. Carter, Oliver, and Aly took off, and Maya reminded Rick of a phone interview he had to conduct.

Once Maya was alone with her sister, Maya complained about Nicole being there. Maya felt it was bad enough that Nicole had infiltrated Maya's home, but Forrester was Maya's livelihood. Nicole said modeling was a prestigious job, and she could use some work, too. Maya stated that they weren't hiring interns. Nicole didn't want to intern. She wanted to model. "Make it happen," Nicole said, smiling.

The suggestion disconcerted Maya, but Nicole said she had the same genes as Maya. Maya stated that Nicole was into computer programming. Striking a pose, Nicole claimed that putting on expensive clothes and smiling for the camera wasn't rocket science. Maya declared that she didn't want Nicole working there or living in Maya's house.

Nicole asked if Maya was sure she wanted to talk to Nicole that way. Nicole decided to let Maya get back to her thing but asked what was for dinner. "You cannot be serious," Maya snipped. Nicole noted that Rick had invited her into his home, and Nicole wasn't afraid to use Maya's secret. Maya was outraged that her sister would try to blackmail and control her.

Just then, Rick arrived and asked what was going on.

In Rick's old office, Aly, Oliver, and Carter pondered what was going on with Maya and Nicole. Oliver and Aly suspected that Nicole's visit had overwhelmed Maya, but Carter didn't think hosting family should be that big of a deal. Oliver sensed that something was going on that they didn't know about.

At Ridge's loft, Katie arrived and noted that he'd finally gotten the loft he'd always wanted. He said it was away from work distractions, and Katie assumed he meant Rick and Maya. Katie was shocked to peek beneath a tarp and discover Caroline's sultry portrait beneath it.

Katie guessed that Caroline was inspiring more than fashion in Ridge. Katie also assumed that Caroline appreciated Ridge's support through the divorce. Ridge acted surprised to know that there was a six-month waiting period for a divorce. Ridge said Caroline hadn't planned on getting a divorce, but she had given her marriage a shot with all her heart.

Katie suddenly decided that she shouldn't just be showing up there because she could be interrupting Ridge and his muse. Ridge said they knew each other, but Katie figured they were redefining who they were. Ridge asked how Bill was treating her, and Katie said she liked it. Ridge remarked that Aspen had been an interesting honeymoon destination.

Katie admitted that she'd been telling people she and Bill had chosen it to be close to Will, but in truth, she'd wanted to reclaim Aspen, which had been a huge part of Brooke and Bill's relationship. Katie had wanted to reclaim it for Bill and Katie, and she felt she'd done it. She said she didn't cringe at the city's name anymore

Ridge was glad to hear that Katie was happy. Katie was glad he finally had his place to create. Ridge said she'd always given him what he'd wanted, and it hadn't been that he'd needed a space away from her to create. Katie said it was a place he could share with his muse.

Ridge guessed they were each happy, and Katie wished Brooke was, too. Katie was there to discuss her concerns about Brooke, who seemed off to Katie. Ridge asked what Donna thought. Donna hadn't given much feedback to Katie. Brooke had visited Donna and Will but had seemed aloof. Katie didn't like to think of Brooke being alone, but Ridge stated that Brooke was never alone.

Katie agreed, and she was anxious to know how Brooke was dealing with it. Katie asked if Ridge had talked to Brooke. Ridge hadn't seen Brooke or talked to her. Katie was headed to Brooke's house next, but she planned to pick up Bill first. Ridge asked if that was a good idea.

Katie didn't know if it was or not, but she was trying to not to appear as if she was checking up on her sister. Ridge stated that she was doing exactly that. Katie said she wanted to be there for Brooke, who didn't do well by herself. He called Brooke a big girl who was lucky to have her sister. Katie said that Caroline was lucky to have Ridge. With a hug, Katie left, and Ridge glanced at Caroline's portrait.

Sisters sharing and sparring Sisters sharing and sparring
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Bill and Katie had stopped by to see Brooke. They were lovey dovey, and Brooke looked unhappy. Bill asked if anything had happened while they'd been gone on their honeymoon. Brooke had no news, but Bill said he'd heard that Deacon and Quinn planned to get married. Brooke admitted that she had tried to talk Deacon out of marrying Quinn. Brooke joked that not everyone listened to her advice as well as Katie and Bill had. They all laughed.

Brooke asked about the honeymoon. Bill said that he had wanted to take Katie off on his yacht, but Katie wanted to go to Aspen. Katie and Brooke exchanged a long look. Both of them had memories with Bill in Aspen. "Good choice," Brooke said.

"Aspen was so beautiful. I know this is hard for you," Katie said. Bill remained quiet. Katie wondered if Brooke had been all right. Brooke admitted that she was not where she'd thought she would be "at this point in my life," she said.

Brooke told Katie that she was thrilled Katie was so happy. "Will has his family back together," Brooke gushed. Brooke and Katie embraced. "I wish you both a very successful and happy life together," Brooke said to Katie and Bill.

Later, Katie and Bill left, and tears started to flow after Brooke closed the door. Brooke was distraught, and she walked over to her bar and picked up a bottle of vodka. She walked away from it and picked up her phone.

At Quinn's, Quinn told Deacon that she had wanted to share their wedding news. Quinn wanted to tell Bill. Deacon smirked, and Quinn laughed. They kissed and embraced. Quinn prepared food in the kitchen, and Deacon's phone rang. It was Brooke.

"I really want a drink," Brooke said. Deacon wanted to know what had happened. Brooke cried that she needed him. Deacon told her not to reach for the bottle. "I'll be right over," he said.

Deacon explained to Quinn that he needed to help a friend in a jam. Quinn understood. Deacon wanted to explain about his Alcohol Anonymous friend, and Quinn said she knew it was supposed to be confidential. She referred to his friend as a "he," and Deacon did not correct her. "My fiancÚ steps up when someone's in trouble," she said.

At Forrester Creations, Maya and Nicole had been arguing, and Rick entered and overheard them. Nicole maintained it was "sister stuff." Rick seemed concerned, but he had to leave and begged the sisters to patch things up.

After Rick left, Maya commanded Nicole to stop threatening her. Maya left to visit Carter. "I need your help," she told Carter. Carter laughed and wondered if there was trouble in paradise already. Maya begged Carter to do a background check on Nicole.

Carter was surprised that Maya mistrusted her sister. Maya ranted that her sister had moved in with Maya and Rick. Nicole had been causing trouble and was going to ruin everything Maya had tried to build. Carter told Maya to calm down. He promised to help her.

Maya shared that Nicole was a student at UCLA in computer science and had recently transferred from another school. "Anything you can get on her, I need to know today," Maya demanded. Carter agreed.

In Rick's office, Pam delivered some documents for Rick, and he angrily said he was tired of trying to brainstorm for every department including marketing. Nicole entered and interrupted. Pam left.

Nicole told Rick that he deserved to know what was going on between Nicole and Maya. There had been a lot of tension, Nicole said. They had been apart for a long time and didn't know each other very well.

Rick claimed that Maya wanted to reconnect with Nicole, and he offered to help. Nicole marveled at Rick's trust in Maya. Rick gushed that they never kept anything from each other. He added that Maya had been the only woman he'd ever really trusted. He praised her honesty.

Maya entered and interrupted. Maya wondered why Nicole had bothered Rick, and Nicole said she had stopped to see Rick on her way out. Nicole and Rick discussed that they had been talking about how much Rick appreciated Maya's honesty because Caroline had kept secrets. "Maya's never done that," Rick said proudly. Maya smiled, and Nicole nodded.

Rick got a call for a meeting, and he told the sisters it was an excellent opportunity for them to work things out while they were all living together. "Whatever is going on, I know you two can work it out," he said. He left.

Maya accused Nicole of creating problems, and Nicole inferred that Rick was mistaken about Maya's honesty because Maya had secrets. Maya said they would discuss it at home. Pam overhead the conversation, and Nicole left. Pam peeked into the office and noticed Maya pacing.

In Carter's office, he was on the phone with someone at UCLA, and he asked about a transfer student named Nicole Avant. He wondered what had happened. Carter seemed surprised, and he hung up. Maya received a text message from Carter that he had some news for her.

Maya entered Carter's office, and Carter shared that Nicole had been taking computer science extension courses and had not lived on campus. He added that she'd quit school. Maya looked satisfied and said Nicole had enjoyed her last night at the Forrester estate.

At Brooke's, she had a glass of vodka poured, and Deacon entered. Brooke tearfully said the house felt too empty. She reached for the glass. Deacon begged her not to take a drink and to tell him what had happened. She didn't want to talk about it.

Deacon advised her not to take the drink, but she argued that one little glass wouldn't hurt and would make her feel better. "I don't want to feel like this anymore," she said. Deacon understood. "I'm here to help you. You don't have to face it alone," Deacon said.

Later, in Rick's office, Pam told Rick that Maya and Nicole seemed to dislike one another. Rick noted that Pam and Stephanie had had similar feelings toward one another at one time, and living together had improved their relationship. He anticipated that the same thing would happen for Maya and Nicole. Pam was not as confident.

At the Forrester mansion, Nicole had made herself a sandwich and paged through magazines on the couch. Maya entered. Maya advised Nicole that she'd felt guilty they had not stayed in touch. She'd been excited to see her little sister again. She'd been proud that Nicole was attending UCLA.

Maya said she'd also learned Nicole had been lying and had not been attending UCLA and had no roommate problems. Nicole turned the tables and said it was nearly impossible to get into the computer science department because people from all over the world were in the program.

Nicole maintained that she had wanted a little guidance and love from her sister. Nicole reminded Maya that their parents had been hard on Maya -- which was why Maya had left. Nicole said their parents had not been any easier on her. Nicole had hoped the sisters could be reunited, but Maya clearly intended to turn her back on Nicole again.

"Look where we are," Nicole said. She motioned around the incredible Forrester mansion, and Nicole threatened, "If I tell your secret it will all come crumbling down."

Maya said there was nothing she was ashamed of, but Nicole said she could take it all away with "one word." Maya looked nervous.

Oh brother, what a secret! Oh brother, what a secret!
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Rick looked over documents, and Katie entered. She teased that she was his favorite aunt. Rick joked that Katie had broken the Logan tradition of serial spouses. Katie joked that she would divorce Bill every five years or so and remarry him.

Rick suggested that Katie might never have as many weddings as his mother. Katie asked if Rick had seen Brooke lately. Rick said his mother had been furious that he had broken off his marriage with Caroline. "She doesn't like Maya, and her sister is living with us now," Rick said.

Katie advised Rick to talk to his family more often, but Rick said he'd talked to Maya. Katie scoffed that Maya reflected back everything that Rick wanted to hear. Katie suggested that Rick see his mother.

Rick said his mother had encouraged Rick to save his marriage to Caroline. Katie noted that the divorce had been finalized. Rick agreed that he had a sense of closure. "Caroline can't understand once that trust is gone, it's gone for good," Rick philosophized. He maintained that he would rather be alone than be married and in love with a liar. Katie told Rick his logic was flawed because people lied.

At Quinn's, Wyatt entered and watched Quinn page through bridal magazines. She teased that she might wear black or gray, and she might ask Ridge to design it. Wyatt discouraged her from rushing the dress or the wedding. He was concerned about Deacon. Wyatt joked that perhaps Deacon had been out looking for jobs. Quinn said Deacon had been helping a friend in need, and it was all Wyatt needed to know.

At Brooke's, Brooke refused to put the glass of vodka down. Deacon advised her that it would not block out the loneliness. He reminded her of their pact. He promised to stay as long as she needed him.

Brooke maintained that one drink wasn't the end of the world. Deacon reminded her that she'd felt the need to go to an A.A. meeting and tell her story. "I need this," Brooke said about the vodka.

Deacon disagreed. He knew she was strong, and that she would be there for him if he needed her. "I know if I fall off the wagon, you'll be there to catch me," Deacon said.

Brooke didn't want to talk about what had made her turn to the bottle, but she finally shared that Katie and Bill had stopped by after their honeymoon. Deacon congratulated her for her selflessness. She had given up a romance with Bill so her sister could be happy. Brooke cried.

Deacon looked at all the liquor in Brooke's living room. He got a trash can and got rid of everything. "Get all of this stuff out of here. All of it. It's too much of a temptation," he said. Deacon threw all the liquor out while Brooke watched. Brooke looked nervous, and she thanked Deacon.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya told Nicole she had nothing to be ashamed of and had nothing to hide. Nicole insisted that Maya had to be honest with her.

Maya turned the tables and said that Nicole had been lying all along -- playing on Rick and Maya's sympathies -- pretending to be a college student in need of a place to stay.

Maya told Nicole that she was not taking advantage of Rick or his wealth. Maya explained that when she'd first met Rick, she'd thought he was a waiter. He had pretended to be a waiter, and when Maya had found out who he was, she'd run away. "It was too late. I'd fallen for him," Maya said.

Maya added that she'd never thought Rick would accept her because she hadn't accepted herself. Nicole was touched, but she worried that Maya wanted to kick her out. Maya warned that she would not be blackmailed. "Tell me this secret you think you have, or get out," Maya commanded.

Nicole maintained that she had wanted to get closer to her sister for years. "By threatening me?" Maya asked. Nicole said she'd been just as determined as Maya to make a difference, and she reminded Maya that computer science was "not some chump major."

Nicole said she'd had to drop out, and she needed her family. "Family is supposed to help each other," Nicole said. Nicole dug deeper into what Rick thought of Maya. "Who am I to judge? But Rick thinks that portrait -- he's so proud of the woman you claim to be," Nicole said.

Maya scoffed that Nicole had tried to intimidate her. Nicole insisted that Maya be honest. She recalled the few times Maya had visited for Nicole's birthday and had been an outcast. Nicole recalled that their parents had forbidden her to contact Maya, but Nicole had sent letters, emails, and more.

Nicole cried that Maya had never responded. Nicole said she hadn't been able to imagine why her family would have shunned Maya. After she'd been older, Nicole had done some research and stumbled across some information. "Since you left, you're living a whole 'nother lifestyle ... you're not my sister. Not Maya. You're Myron, my brother," Nicole said.

Oh brother, what a secret! Oh brother, what a secret!
Thursday, March 19, 2015

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 23, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 18 episode concluded.

Oh brother, what a secret! Oh brother, what a secret!
Friday, March 20, 2015

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 23, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 18 episode concluded.

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