The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 13, 2015 on B&B
On Quinn's wedding day, Brooke crashed the wedding with Hope, via video call, to stop Deacon from marrying Quinn. Wyatt attempted to sweet-talk Nicole in hopes of learning the big secret. Liam listened outside a door as Maya and Nicole discussed the secret's possible repercussions.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 13, 2015 on B&B
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Seeing Where We Stand Seeing Where We Stand
Monday, April 13, 2015

In the CEO's office, Rick read the pill bottle. It had Maya's name on it. He asked why she was taking conjugated estrogen. Rick assumed the drug was for older women with bone or menopausal issues. Taking the pills, she said it was complicated. Rick implored her to tell him if she was sick.

Maya told Rick that she needed estrogen because "it helps regulate me." Embarrassed, Rick decided to mind his own business and stop snooping. Maya said he'd been concerned and sweet. She just hadn't known how much a man wanted to know "about all that."

Rick relayed that he was with the woman he wanted to share his life with, and the medication had scared him. Maya said she should have explained right away, but she didn't think about the pills, which were a part of her daily routine. He felt bad for grilling her, but she claimed to just melt when her sexy CEO gave her the third degree. They kissed, and Maya smiled.

Rick was glad to see Maya's smile again. It helped get him through the day. Again, he said the pills had made him believe that something was wrong. Her smile faded, and he asked what was wrong.

Maya noted that Rick had talked about finding the woman he wanted to be with and asked where he saw the relationship going. She seemed to want to cry as she said there was a lot to discuss about where they stood. She wasn't asking for a proposal but wanted to know his view of their future.

Rick said he'd been taking things moment by moment. Maya had been, too, but she felt that they needed to discuss things if they planned to move forward. Rick realized she was a woman and didn't think about things the way men did.

Rick figured it might be that he was going through a divorce or had failed at his other marriage. He wasn't worried about where he and Maya would end up because he knew that he loved her and wanted to be with her. Maya didn't want to pressure him, but she knew there were things they needed to talk about. She said it couldn't happen unless she knew they were going to last.

Rick asked if Maya thought they wouldn't last. Maya believed they would, and he said that she could share whatever it was. Maya wanted to trust and be in the moment. She cut herself off, and Rick asked what it was. She didn't respond, and he asked if she was keeping something from him.

In the studio, Nicole and Carter reviewed her pictures. She'd never thought modeling would be so much fun. Carter advised her to give it time. She asked what he meant by that, and he cautiously explained that it took practice and time. Nicole said it was a good she had a sister who'd teach her.

Carter deduced that Nicole felt Maya owed Nicole something. Nicole asserted that Maya had left Nicole in a household with bitter and embarrassed parents who'd been determined not to make the same mistakes with her that they'd made with Maya.

Nicole had waited for Maya to rescue her, but Maya had never arrived. Nicole said Maya owed her, and they were finally getting a chance at sisterhood. "As long as you keep her secret," Carter added. Nicole claimed not to want to tell Maya's secret and said the road to sisterhood had been strange for her and Maya. Carter advised Nicole not to ruin it.

Nicole figured Rick would know once he proposed. Carter asked if she knew about him and Maya. "You dated?" Nicole asked. He revealed that they'd been engaged, and Maya hadn't said a word.

Later, Nicole remarked that it was an interesting story, and she couldn't believe Maya had led Carter on that way. Carter replied that he didn't think it had been malicious. Nicole figured that Maya had been seriously hung up on Rick to not enjoy a rebound with Carter. Carter said people couldn't help who they loved. He'd thought Maya had been the one, though.

Carter decided that it hadn't been meant to be, and it was a good thing, too. He admitted that he had huge issues, and he hated that he'd been in the dark; however, his problem wasn't Maya's transition. It was that, after their breakup, he'd seen new, unlikable sides of Maya.

A small part of Carter admired Maya for going after what she wanted with Rick. Carter didn't want her to get hurt. Nicole gleaned that Carter thought Rick would leave Maya if Rick knew. Carter thought it was a possible. Nicole asked if Carter would leave. "I don't know. Maybe," he mumbled. Carter stated that it was a big thing to process from a male perspective.

Nicole said Rick would be shocked, but it didn't have to change things. She figured that might have been something to talk about if Maya hadn't had surgery before meeting Rick, but the transition had already occurred. Carter said Maya might not have needed to say anything from day one, but he asked Nicole to look at how far Maya had taken it with Rick and with him.

Carter stated that Rick didn't like lies and had a history of lashing out. Carter didn't think Rick had been told a lie as big before. Nicole stated that, to Maya, it wasn't a lie. Nicole guessed that Maya was holding off to see if Rick was serious enough about her to propose. Carter said that, proposal or not, it had to be weighing on Maya. He asked if it wasn't easier just to tell the truth.

In Rick's old office, Ivy was second-guessing herself in light of Rick's decision to put her in competition with Quinn. Liam urged Ivy to be confident and not view it as a competition. Wyatt listened in from the cracked doorway as Liam encouraged Ivy. Liam reminded her that, no matter what, she was the Forrester, and he'd be there to remind her that she "kicks ass" at work.

Wyatt entered and joined the conversation. Liam joked that he was there to make sure Ivy wasn't slacking, and Ivy murmured that she couldn't afford to slack. Wyatt told her that she didn't have to feel threatened by Quinn because there was room enough for both designers. Liam asserted that rehiring Quinn was just another reason that Rick shouldn't be CEO.

As Wyatt disagreed, Quinn arrived. She asked if Liam was there to see her. Frowning, Liam assured her that he wasn't. .She said she'd assumed that his magazine might want to do a feature on her return, and if they ever did want that, she was available for a quote. Liam asked if she was just as shocked as sane people were about her rehire.

Quinn guessed Liam had earned the right to belittle her -- if that made him feel better. She said she'd been shocked, but no business should put all its jewelry eggs in one basket. She declared that she'd changed, and she no longer recognized the woman who'd gone after Ivy and Liam in the past. Ivy said she wanted a good working environment, but the situation was awkward. "Oh, honey, I'm not going to shove you off of anything again. I promise," Quinn said.

Liam wondered how long the new Quinn would last. "Forever!" Quinn exclaimed, and Liam asked if it was a side effect of Deacon. Quinn said Wyatt wouldn't stand by her if he didn't believe in her. She reasoned that Wyatt and Forrester had given her a chance and asked if Ivy and Liam would, too.

Liam said that Quinn was asking for a lot, and though he couldn't speak for Ivy, he'd already given Quinn second, third, and fourth chances. He was done. He hoped Quinn was genuine for everyone else's sakes, but when it boiled down to real change, Liam didn't believe she had it in her. Quinn accepted Liam's feelings but said she really did mean what she'd said. Liam wondered if Quinn would mean it the next day, and Quinn replied that she'd prove it with her actions.

Quinn remarked that she'd done something right because Ivy and Liam were still together. Liam told Quinn not to take credit for him and Ivy. Wyatt asked Liam to see how hard Quinn was trying. Liam asked what Wyatt wanted, because Liam couldn't forgive Quinn and didn't know how Wyatt could.

Wyatt said he could do it because Quinn was his mother, and though Quinn had messed up a lot of things for people, she was really trying to make amends. Wyatt felt that they needed to be adults about it because Ivy couldn't learn to work with Quinn if Liam was constantly brooding about what Quinn had done to them. Wyatt asserted that they all had to move beyond the past. Quinn looked hopefully at Liam and Ivy.

Singing, modeling, and keeping secrets Singing, modeling, and keeping secrets
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Oliver and Othello chatted in the Forrester studio. Nicole entered, and Oliver introduced her. Oliver shared that Othello composed and mixed music for Forrester. Nicole said she wanted to sing, and Oliver added that she also wanted to model.

Othello laughed, and Nicole insisted she was improving on her modeling. She added that she could really sing. She belted out a quick tune, and Othello was impressed with her range. Nicole maintained that it ran in the family, and Oliver was surprised that Maya could also sing.

Othello and Oliver suggested that Maya and Nicole could sing together at Forrester, and Oliver noted that they couldn't stand each other long enough to do that. Nicole disagreed and said they saw things differently. She left to see Maya.

Oliver told Othello that the two sisters were on some kind of collision course. Othello claimed he wouldn't mind getting to know Nicole better. Oliver cautioned him, but Othello said he was friends with Maya. He thought she'd earned everything she'd worked for at Forrester, and he'd never seen Rick so happy.

Oliver worried that Ridge, Ivy, and everyone had been unhappy with Rick at the helm. Oliver wanted everything to settle down so the company could stabilize. Othello suggested that if Rick and Maya married, it might add stability to the company -- they could be a new version of Eric and Stephanie.

In Rick's office, Rick and Maya discussed that Maya appeared to be worried about her future with Rick. Rick wondered if Maya trusted him. "I do trust you," Maya said. She added that she was not worried, but Rick observed that she had been keeping something from him. "Maya, what is it?" Rick asked. Maya looked sick.

Rick encouraged Maya to let it out. "Everyone makes mistakes," Rick confided. Maya said she had not made a mistake. "Nothing is gonna change the way I feel about you. You do believe me, don't you?" Rick asked. Maya nodded. Rick gushed that the past of the woman in front of him didn't matter because it had all "made you the person you are today, the person that I love." A tear rolled down Maya's cheek.

Later, Rick and Maya cuddled on the couch, and Rick insisted that none of her past mattered to him. "I'm committed, and nothing's gonna change that," he said. Rick understood that she might question his love until he backed it up.

Maya joked that they were going to "lock the door and get naked" so he could prove his commitment, but Rick grew serious. He acknowledged that it had been difficult for her to support him while everyone else disliked him. "You stuck by me when I needed someone," he said.

Nicole entered, and Rick welcomed her. He told her how much he had appreciated Maya's support and honesty. He admitted that he'd been wrapped up in business, but he promised that he and Maya had a great future in store. "My divorce is in process, and she will see me on my knee," Rick said. Maya smiled, and Nicole nodded her approval. Rick left.

In Wyatt's office at Forrester, Liam, Wyatt, and Ivy discussed that Rick had commented that Ivy's designs were too industrial. Ivy and Wyatt agreed they had no idea what Rick had wanted them to change. Wyatt added that even though Rick had rehired Quinn, it should not be considered a competition between Ivy and Quinn. They all agreed that Rick was not a good leader. "How do we get rid of the CEO whose last name is Forrester?" Ivy asked.

Wyatt asked Liam about the hostile takeover plan, but Liam said it had all changed. He suggested they had to find a way to get at Rick another way. He suggested they divide and conquer Maya and Rick.

Ivy said the two were never apart, and they all worried that Rick had been trying to clone Maya to be the next Stephanie Forrester. They lamented that if that happened, Rick would be CEO for life. Wyatt and Liam agreed their first joint venture would be get rid of Rick.

Rick entered and wondered what they'd been talking about. Rick chided them for allowing Liam in company meetings, but Liam noted that he had stock in the company. Rick suggested he attend shareholders' meetings. Rick added that Bill had "pilfered twelve-and-a-half percent of the company."

Discussion returned to the jewelry, and Wyatt and Ivy admitted that they did not understand what changes Rick wanted. Rick understood that Ivy was new, but he was disappointed that Wyatt did not understand his demands. He told them to talk to Maya because she understood what he wanted.

Liam pointed out that the public had loved Wyatt and Ivy's designs, based on his recent articles, but Rick said those were past reviews. Rick worried about the future. Wyatt left.

Ivy and Liam accused Rick of treating his employees like house servants, but Rick admonished them for not having a sense of humor. "It's disgusting -- not funny. It's demeaning," Ivy said.

Rick turned the tables and accused Ivy and Liam of planning and scheming against him. Ivy and Liam exchanged glances. Liam said that Rick had been a poor leader. Rick crowed that his successful sales figures were all he needed. He added that he'd had little help from anyone but Maya. He trusted her implicitly.

In Rick's office, Maya and Nicole continued their conversation. Nicole professed that she was happy that Maya and Rick were so in love. Maya confessed that Rick was suspicious that she'd been hiding something. He'd seen her estrogen hormone therapy pills fall out of her purse. She worried that her life was spinning out of control. Nicole said that Rick clearly had promised that a marriage proposal was in the offing as soon as his divorce was settled.

Maya worried that nothing was etched in stone. "The man loves you," Nicole confided. Maya said she would tell Rick about her past in her own time and in her own way. "Not Carter's way, not yours -- mine," she stated.

Nicole said that she wanted Maya to be happy. "You're my sister, and I know how much this means to you now," Nicole said. Maya confided that Rick was everything to her, and she couldn't lose him. "He's the end and beginning of everything for me," Maya said. She begged her sister to keep her secret a little longer.

Outside the office, Wyatt prepared to enter, but he stopped when he overheard Maya and Nicole's emotional conversation about keeping a secret. Maya confessed that she was scared about Rick's reaction. "No one else can know," Maya commanded. Maya made Nicole promise not to tell anyone because if her secret got out, it could destroy Rick and the company and create a major scandal. "No one can ever know," Maya said. Wyatt listened intently.

A bumpy road at Forrester A bumpy road at Forrester
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
by Pam

In Rick's office at Forrester, Maya and Nicole discussed how important it was to keep Maya's secret because if it leaked out, it could ruin Forrester, and Rick could lose his job. "No one else can know," Maya said.

Nicole promised to keep Maya's secret. Outside the office, Wyatt had overheard the conversation. He didn't know the secret, but he smiled at his discovery and that it was so important that Rick could lose his job. Wyatt left unnoticed.

Inside the office, Nicole said she felt like she and Maya were really sisters. She was grateful that her modeling career had kicked off, and she would never tell anyone that Maya was a transgender woman.

Carter entered, and Nicole worried about Carter keeping Maya's secret. Carter admitted he was uncomfortable with keeping the secret from Rick. Maya maintained that she would tell Rick when she was ready.

"It's my life," Maya announced. Rick entered and asked what had happened. Carter looked away. Carter explained that he and Maya had had a disagreement. Pam entered and reminded Rick that he had a meeting with Quinn, and she added that Carter also had a meeting with Quinn.

Pam told Rick that she couldn't believe he had rehired Quinn. Rick defended his decision and advised that if anyone was unhappy, they could leave. "I'm allowed to have an opinion, and you're going to be sorry you let her back in," Pam said.

Carter and Pam left, and Nicole and Maya shared that they were both fans of old movies while Rick listened. Maya said there were a lot of DVDs at the house, and she loved the comedies. They agreed to watch a movie and make popcorn together. Nicole left, and Rick praised Maya for repairing her relationship with Nicole.

Maya agreed she really liked her sister, and she saw a lot of herself in Nicole -- someone who had been fighting for a better life. She and Rick smiled, and Maya said she was happy because she had the best man, and he was all hers.

Rick asked about Carter, and Maya explained that it was awkward between them and always would be. "It is inevitable," she said. Rick agreed that Maya had almost married Carter, and Rick would be just as awkward if he had been in Carter's shoes.

At Spencer, Katie was on the phone with a client, and Bill and Liam overheard her conversation. "Hey, that's my husband you're talking about," Katie said on the phone. Katie hung up, and Bill and Liam surprised her.

Bill said that he had been impressed with the hot, efficient ball of hyper energy he had witnessed. "I may need to cool you down," Bill said. Liam begged his dad to save the innuendos for private time, but Bill countered that he never picked on Liam for panting all over Ivy. Liam shook his head and smiled.

Bill countered that Katie was his hot wife, but Katie agreed that Bill's conversation had been inappropriate for the office. She teased that she would have to call HR. Liam cheered her on. Talk turned to Rick and how he had rehired Quinn.

Bill and Liam worried about how Rick had treated Ivy and the other employees. They added that Ivy had literally worried about Quinn sticking a knife in her back. Katie looked pensive. Bill lamented that Little Ricky had made a lot of decisions the Forrester family would regret.

Wyatt burst into the office. Katie, Bill, and Liam stopped mid-conversation. "I might have something on Rick," Wyatt said. He explained that he was not sure what it was, but he'd overheard Maya and her sister talking about some "epic secret that could send shockwaves through the entire company," and Rick could be out as CEO -- if the secret got out.

Bill and Liam hoped it would help with their takeover. Katie suggested they take a step back. Wyatt said he knew where to start: with Nicole. Wyatt left, and Liam followed him. Katie was conflicted because Rick was her nephew, and no matter what they did to anyone at Forrester, it would affect Brooke.

Bill noted that there would always be collateral damage. Katie said it was "the height of irony that Bill was going after someone for being a tyrant." Bill defended himself and reminded her that he was the CEO of multinational company -- not a dress factory.

In another office at Forrester, Quinn and Deacon cuddled and discussed that Quinn had sent out Evites for their wedding. Quinn worried that no one would show up, but she and Deacon agreed they didn't care. "This will be my first wedding," Quinn said. "And hopefully your last," Deacon added.

Quinn hoped that people would notice that she had changed. Deacon said Quinn often put on a brave face, but he realized how much it meant to her to be accepted. Brooke entered and gave Quinn and Deacon disapproving looks.

Quinn said she was waiting for a meeting with Rick. Brooke said she had received Quinn's Evite. "Are you coming?" Quinn asked. Brooke looked skeptical. Brooke declined to attend and advised Deacon to bail.

Quinn pressed on. She maintained that she wanted to invite the mother of her groom's child, and Quinn hoped that Hope would attend also. "Don't count on it," Brooke advised. Quinn hoped that Rick would attend out of professional courtesy. Brooke scoffed.

Quinn said it would be nice to have both Wyatt and Hope at the wedding, but Brooke reiterated that Hope would not attend, and neither would anyone else. Quinn maintained that she had changed. Brooke reminded Quinn that she had been horrible to everyone in the family.

"Disapprove if you want, but you will not interfere with our wedding," Quinn ordered. She added that Brooke had had more men in her life than anyone could keep track of, but Quinn had loved only two men: Bill and Deacon. She planned to celebrate that Deacon supported and loved her.

Quinn begged Brooke to get along with her for their family's sake, but Brooke ignored her.

Carter entered, and Quinn asked if he had received her Evite. Carter stammered that he had, but he seemed to be looking for an excuse not to attend. Quinn said they'd wanted him to perform the wedding ceremony. They offered to pay him, and they promised it wouldn't take much time. Carter reluctantly agreed. Quinn hugged him. Carter left, and Quinn had to leave. She announced to Brooke that she didn't care what Brooke did. Quinn left.

Brooke told Deacon that he was making a mistake. She added that she had been lost, and he and A. A. had helped her. "Now you're lost," she said. Brooke insisted that Deacon had to be crazy to go through with a wedding to Quinn. "I won't accept that. I'll never accept that," she said. Brooke maintained that she cared about Deacon. "I am not going to let you marry Quinn," she said.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Nicole scanned the crowd, looking for someone. Wyatt noticed her and asked if he could help. Nicole said she was looking for Oliver because she wanted to see the photos from her shoot.

Wyatt was surprised that Nicole was a model. She replied that her sister had helped set things up for her. "Maya has a lot of influence," she said. Wyatt agreed, and he said it was mind-blowing how far Maya had progressed -- from an "ex-con to queen of the manor."

Nicole agreed. She asked if Wyatt liked Maya, and he responded that some people saw her as a manipulative gold-digger. He admired that she had seen what she'd wanted and gotten it.

Nicole said she lived at the Forrester estate with Maya and Rick. Wyatt asked if they were all getting along, and Nicole admitted that "it had been bumpy at first. I had to do a lot of negotiating," she said. Wyatt said he wanted to get to know Nicole better. Nicole agreed.

Quinn and Rick Aren't Going Anywhere Quinn and Rick Aren't Going Anywhere
Thursday, April 16, 2015

In the CEO's office, Quinn humbly listened as Maya praised her work. Rick told Quinn to just make sure she made the adjustments he'd asked for. Quinn wondered if he'd gotten her email. He said he got hundreds of emails. Quinn stated that she'd sent an email invitation to her wedding. Maya and Rick exchanged glances as Quinn said she hoped they'd make it the next day.

Rick quickly stated that it was a busy week, and Maya added that they had a lot going on. He told Quinn they couldn't make it, and Quinn bitterly smiled. Rick hoped it was okay. Quinn claimed to understand and expressed how happy she was to be back at Forrester. Rick appreciated Quinn's talents, and she relayed that there was no one better for Forrester's CEO position than Rick. He replied that they weren't getting rid of him anytime soon.

Quinn left. Rick said people were human and made mistakes, but he couldn't believe the nerve of the woman for inviting them to her wedding. He figured no one would attend it because she'd alienated herself from everyone. Maya felt bad for Quinn.

Rick said there was only so much one could forgive, and Quinn had dug her own grave. He asked if Maya knew the destruction Quinn had caused. He didn't know that he could forgive what Quinn had done to Hope. To him, it was one thing to be rehired, but it was another thing for Quinn to ask people to embrace her or support her wedding to Deacon.

In Rick's old office, Brooke forbade Deacon from marrying Quinn. Brooke believed that as a recovering addict, Deacon should concentrate on himself and not a marriage to a lunatic. She asked how he thought it would affect Hope, from whom Quinn had taken so much.

Deacon said he'd invited Hope to the wedding. He doubted Hope would attend but added that Hope hadn't read him the riot act, either. Brooke asserted that Hope would never be okay with him marrying Quinn. Brooke was frustrated that Deacon wouldn't wake up and let her help him as he'd helped her. Brooke insisted that he wouldn't marry the crazy Quinn.

Quinn charged in and ordered Brooke to stop bad-mouthing her. Quinn had invited people to the wedding to show them how much she'd changed. She said that Brooke didn't have to attend it but had to stop trying to prevent it. Brooke refused to let Deacon make the biggest mistake of his life. Quinn asserted that Deacon wasn't Brooke's toy to play with; he was all Quinn's.

Deacon told the women to stop it and put it to rest. Brooke said he had no one else looking out for him, and she was trying to protect his relationship with his daughter. Quinn accused Brooke of guilting Deacon into not marrying Quinn. Quinn asserted that she and Deacon would get married the next day, and it would be a beautiful wedding -- without Brooke.

Brooke left, and Deacon expressed pride in how Quinn had handled herself. He claimed not to care what anyone thought because he knew who Quinn was and loved her anyway. The couple couldn't believe they were doing it, and he said it was her last chance to back out. Quinn refused, and he said she was about to make him the luckiest man in the world. "Damn right I am," she replied and kissed him.

Elsewhere, Brooke made a call, asking someone to help her stop Deacon from marrying Quinn.

At the sky lounge, Wyatt chatted with Nicole, seeking to learn her take on Rick and Maya. Wyatt guessed that Nicole got to see a whole other side of the couple that no one else did. Nicole relayed that she and Maya had just begun being sisters. He said he had her beat because he'd only learned a couple years back that he had a brother. Nicole said Maya hadn't been around when Nicole had been little, and Nicole was just finding out who Maya was.

Wyatt thought that was great and asked what Nicole thought of Rick. Wyatt considered Rick to be a mystery, but Nicole said Rick was very talkative with her. Claiming he'd never had a good rapport with Rick, Wyatt asked what Rick liked to talk about. Shrugging, Nicole said he talked about the usual stuff, and she got along with Rick better than Maya.

Wyatt guessed that meant Nicole knew "the secret." Nicole suddenly remembered she was supposed to have coffee with someone, and she scurried off.

Later, Nicole arrived in the CEO's office while Maya was taking her pills. Nicole remarked that she'd encountered Wyatt. Maya explained who Wyatt and his family were and asked if he'd been nice to Nicole. Nicole responded that he'd been very nice to her.

At Spencer, Bill was anxious to know what explosive information Maya and Nicole could be hiding. Katie didn't think Wyatt should have listened in on the sisters, but Bill gave Wyatt a gold star for it. Bill wanted any information he could get to take down Forrester. Katie guessed that Wyatt would manipulate Nicole, but Bill said Wyatt would make himself available if Nicole wanted to spill anything.

Katie wasn't sure that Bill was going about things in the best way. Bill was upset with the way Rick was handling people and Bill's investment. Katie guessed he thought rehiring Quinn had been a bad idea, but Katie wasn't so sure of that herself. Bill asserted that Katie would be. He believed Wyatt was their best shot and hoped Wyatt was making headway with Nicole.

Katie didn't want to be involved or know the details. She didn't want Brooke to be upset to learn that Katie had known about it from the beginning. Katie doubted Brooke would agree with Bill's take on Rick. Bill knowingly replied that Brooke was Rick's mother.

Katie added that she was the aunt. She was conflicted, even though she knew Rick was being a jerk. Bill corrected that Rick was being abusive. Katie wondered if it was Maya, who had too much influence on Rick. Bill added that Nicole might have too much, as well.

Wyatt arrived to tell Bill about the vibe he'd gotten from Nicole. Bill rasped that they couldn't take over a company with a vibe. Wyatt explained that Nicole had been guarded, wondering what the devastatingly handsome man wanted from her. Bill and Katie ordered Wyatt to get on with the story.

Wyatt told them what he'd learned about Maya and Nicole's past relationship and that Nicole had bolted upon him using the word "secret." Bill thought Wyatt was on to something. Wyatt was sure that Rick and Maya had a secret and that the Spencers would figure out what it was.

Hope for Deacon's Wedding Hope for Deacon's Wedding
Friday, April 17, 2015

In the CEO's office at Forrester in the morning, Maya noted Nicole's sudden interest in Wyatt and said he was probably at his mother's wedding. Nicole coolly asked for the scoop on Wyatt. Maya described Wyatt as the son of the insanely rich and powerful Bill Spencer. Nicole guessed Wyatt would wind up the same way -- unless he was on the outs with his father for some reason.

Nicole asked why Wyatt didn't work at Spencer. Maya tried to make a long story short as she explained how Quinn and Wyatt had contracted with Forrester to oversee the jewelry collection. Maya teased Nicole about her inquisitiveness regarding Wyatt. Nicole said she couldn't help it if Wyatt was -- "Hot?" Maya interjected. Nicole claimed to be thinking "handsome," but hot worked for her, too.

Rick messaged Maya to let her know an outside meeting was running long. Nicole remarked that she'd wanted to talk to Rick. Maya tensed, and Nicole asked Maya not to do it every time Nicole wanted to speak to Rick. Nicole wanted to be sisters. Maya did, too, except for "everything else."

Nicole didn't think there was anything else -- except for Maya opening up to Rick. Maya insisted that until she was ready to tell Rick, Nicole and Carter had to be the only people who knew. Nicole wanted it to work out but said Maya couldn't control Rick's reaction.

Maya felt that Forrester wasn't uptight, and the whole industry was open-minded. Nicole noted that Forrester was more traditional, and it might lead to a lot of publicity. Maya said Rick wouldn't let it go that far, but Nicole replied that Rick might not be able to stop it.

Across the hall, Liam told Ivy that they could kiss at home every morning if she moved in with him. Ivy didn't want to leave Aly in the mansion with Rick and Maya. Liam informed Ivy that Wyatt had possibly stumbled onto a secret about Rick that would send a shockwave through Forrester.

Liam explained that Wyatt had overheard Nicole and Maya talking, and the sisters apparently knew something that involved Rick and Forrester. Liam felt that it could be a game-changer and revealed that Wyatt would try to get the information out of Nicole. Ivy couldn't imagine what Rick could have done to devastate Forrester. Liam reasoned that Rick might have underhandedly gotten the CEO position to do something underhanded with it.

Ivy wondered where they'd be if Wyatt got nowhere with Nicole. "Plan C?" Liam said. Ivy asked what that was, and Liam replied that she'd know when he knew. Liam suddenly decided that he had to go, but he didn't leave without one more kiss.

In the corridor, Liam sneaked over to the door of the CEO's office. He cracked it open in time to hear Maya say that Rick's position couldn't be jeopardized, and Forrester had to be protected at all costs. Maya was afraid that Rick's world could crash down around him. Maya declared that she couldn't let that happen, and no one could find out.

At Spencer, Brooke arrived to see Katie. Brooke knew her sister was worried about her. She said she'd been going to support meetings and had turned a corner. Katie was happy to hear it. Brooke said Katie wouldn't be so happy to hear that Brooke was still worrying about Deacon.

Katie remarked that Quinn and Deacon would wed that day. Bill and Katie had invitations but no intentions of attending. Brooke quipped that Katie should have seen the look on Brooke's face upon receiving her invitation. Brooke blamed Quinn for Hope losing the baby, losing her marriage, and being an ocean away from her family. Brooke was convinced Quinn would cause just as much havoc in Deacon's life -- if the marriage took place.

Katie asked what Brooke was planning. Brooke ranted about Quinn, who Brooke didn't believe had changed. Brooke believed Quinn would revert to type, and Deacon would have to suffer. Katie asked about Hope's view of it. Brooke conveyed that Hope wasn't attending the wedding, and Brooke didn't know why Deacon would ever think Hope would approve of it.

In Brooke's view, Deacon had improved himself, but there would be no escaping Quinn's craziness once he married her. Brooke felt that she had to act before it was too late. Katie believed it might already be too late. Brooke said she still had time. Katie turned to grab her purse to go with Brooke, but when she turned back, Brooke was gone.

At Wyatt's house, Deacon wore a suit and paced in the living room, recalling Brooke's wedding protests. Wyatt arrived and asked if Deacon was ready. Deacon wondered how to convince Wyatt in ten seconds that Deacon was right for Quinn. Wyatt bade Deacon to start the convincing.

Deacon understood that no one was thrilled about the wedding. Waving his hand, he said to look around; he and Quinn had no guests to even celebrate the union. To him, it wasn't easy to love Quinn, but he was in. Wyatt chuckled, knowing the feeling.

Carter arrived, and Deacon said Carter was right on time. "I'm also pushed for time, so let's get started," Carter replied, hurrying inside. Wyatt went to the bedroom to check on his mother, and Carter pinned a black boutonniere on Deacon. Carter guessed that Deacon had pre-wedding jitters.

Deacon recalled that Carter had almost married Maya. Carter relayed that Maya had ditched him for another man, and he was glad for it because she wasn't who he'd thought she was. Carter asked if Deacon ever thought that about his bride and if the pre-wedding jitters were really second thoughts.

Deacon concluded that Carter didn't know Quinn like Deacon did. Carter walked away, and Deacon's eyes widened with nervousness.

In the bedroom, Wyatt informed Quinn that Carter had arrived. Quinn smiled and said she couldn't believe that, after all the years, she was finally getting married. She had two dresses to choose from, and Wyatt guessed that one was leather. She joked that she was saving leather for the honeymoon. "La, la, la," Wyatt said, pretending not to hear the bedroom talk.

Quinn asked if Wyatt was okay with her wedding. Wyatt relayed that, no matter his reservations, he wanted it to be the start of something wonderful for her. He joked that Quinn was a handful -- on a good day; however, there was someone for everyone, and Wyatt was happy for Quinn and Deacon.

Wyatt returned to the main room to announce that the bride was ready. Carter asked about the guests, but Deacon said they didn't need guests. They had the couple, family, and an officiate, which was all the couple needed. On a tablet, Wyatt played Wagner's "Bridal Chorus."

Quinn entered in a sleeveless white gown. Deacon kissed her cheek, but Carter said kissing happened at the end. Carter began the ceremony and asked for objections. Quinn said that there were no guests bedsides Wyatt, so there were no objections.

Just then, Brooke tore open the door and declared that Deacon couldn't marry Quinn. Quinn told Brooke there was nothing else she could say to stop the wedding. Holding up a tablet, Brooke said someone else might be able to get through to Deacon. "Dad?" Hope said in a video call on the tablet.

Deacon asked what Hope was doing. Hope said she'd been stunned to hear that Deacon was going to marry Quinn, but Hope hadn't really believed he'd marry a woman who'd done the things Quinn had -- especially to the daughter he claimed to love. He told Hope that it wouldn't change anything, but Hope was sure Deacon would get drawn into Quinn's craziness. Hope said they had overcome a lot to be father and daughter, and she implored him not to marry Quinn.

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