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Liam arranged a jet ride for Wyatt and Nicole. Wyatt romanced Nicole into revealing that her secret involved Maya. At the height of his success, Rick contemplated proposing to Maya. Deacon and Quinn tied the knot despite Hope and Brooke's pleas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 20, 2015 on B&B
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Standard of excellence in fashion and marriage Standard of excellence in fashion and marriage
Monday, April 20, 2015

Outside the CEO's office at Forrester, Liam eavesdropped as Maya realized that she and Nicole shouldn't be talking about the secret in the building. Maya sprinted to the door, opened it, and exclaimed Liam's name when she saw him on the threshold. Maya said she hadn't heard Liam knock.

Liam apologized and asked if the rumors were true that Maya wouldn't be the only Avant on the runway. Nicole was excited when Maya introduced Liam as Wyatt's brother. Liam added that he was Ivy's boyfriend, so he and Nicole would see a lot of each other.

Looking at Nicole's photos, Liam remarked that Wyatt had said to keep an eye on the rising Nicole. Maya was surprised Wyatt had said it and not Ivy. Liam claimed that both people had said it, but the words had more weight from the bigwig Wyatt, who saw potential.

Smirking with suspicion, Maya felt that potential was exactly what Wyatt should see, but Nicole still had a lot to learn. Liam added that Nicole had her sister to show her the ropes. Maya contended that fashion was a tough business, and connections weren't always enough.

Maya cited that Ivy being a Forrester didn't guarantee success. Liam quipped that the same apparently went for Spencers. Maya told Nicole that Liam didn't approve of Rick's treatment of Ivy and Caroline. Liam said he'd add Aly to the list. Maya noted that Liam thought Rick was being too harsh.

"Well, is he?" Nicole asked. Maya said Rick held people to the same standard that he held himself to, and he wouldn't change his standard of excellence just because it rubbed people the wrong way. Liam asked why Rick would when he had irrevocable control, and there was no one to complain to.

Liam said one shouldn't ask the employees how Rick was doing, not that anyone would complain for fear of ticking off the boss. Liam guessed it was good to be king when no one could "knock you off your throne." Maya's fake smile faded, and her glare sizzled.

At the beach house, Quinn complained to Brooke about carrying Hope, via video, into the wedding. Across the room, Deacon video-chatted with Hope. Hope said that Quinn would never be a part of Hope's life, and if he married Quinn, he wouldn't be a part of it either. Quinn went over to try to talk to Hope, but Deacon said not to. Quinn began to talk anyway, but Deacon asked her to stop.

Talking to Hope, Deacon stated that he knew she was upset, but he loved Quinn. He believed that people could change, and he'd changed for the better because of Quinn. Deacon intended to marry Quinn and hoped his daughter could accept it one day. Hope said she wouldn't. Deacon figured that they had to discuss it more, but not on his wedding day. Hope clicked off the call.

Returning the tablet to Brooke, Deacon said Hope had hung up on him. Quinn asked Brooke to look at what she was doing to Deacon and Hope. Brooke was shocked that Deacon would choose Quinn over Hope. Deacon said he was marrying the woman he loved, but Brooke stated that she'd told Hope that he wouldn't hurt Hope that way. Quinn asserted that Hope's hurt was due to Brooke using her.

Carter asked if they needed a break or would continue. Deacon told Brooke that he understood and appreciated how she felt, but he'd made up his mind. Brooke decided she couldn't watch Deacon do it, and she left. Quinn thanked Deacon, and Deacon told Carter, "Let's do this."

Wyatt noted that they were at the "speak now" phase of the wedding. Carter jokingly asked if anyone else wanted to speak. While the couple and Carter chuckled, Wyatt decided that Brooke's interruption had made him realize that he had something to say.

Hearing Hope voice had made Wyatt think. To him, marriage was a leap of faith, and he asked the couple to stick it out through the tough times. Deacon said Wyatt didn't have to say that. Wyatt knew he didn't because Deacon had already stood by Quinn when no one else -- including Wyatt -- had.

Wyatt wished more people were there to witness it; however, he recalled that his mother had said it wasn't about how big one's family was -- it was about how much love was in the room. Wyatt was grateful that Quinn had devoted her life to him, and he wanted for her the same happiness she'd given him and more.

Wyatt and Quinn hugged, and Carter asked the couple to pledge themselves to each other. Deacon and Quinn exchanged personal vows. Quinn asked Carter not to forget the other thing, which was a surprise for Deacon.

Quinn told Deacon that she didn't like to make promises and limit her options. She'd thought a relationship would tie her down, but Deacon built her up. She didn't think she'd ever find a man who'd love her for herself or one that she could put up with. Deacon guessed her vow was to put up with him. She said she'd do her best, even if it was hard, because with him by her side, nothing was impossible.

Deacon told Quinn that everyone thought he and Quinn would fail, but they would prove everyone wrong, just as they'd done all their lives. They'd fought alone against the naysayers, but from that point on, they'd fight together and make each other happier than anyone had ever imagined.

The couple exchanged their rings as a token of their faith in each other and their love for each other. Carter asked the couple to hold hands. He produced a black, studded sash. Deacon remarked that Quinn had said she'd keep it traditional. Quinn said it was the oldest wedding tradition around.

Carter wrapped the sash around their hands. He decreed that the wrapping was a symbol of their bond, and their hearts and minds would be united, just like their hands, to help and support each other for the rest of their lives. Carter pronounced the couple as married.

Quinn said Deacon wouldn't get away from her "now," but he responded that he didn't want to. The couple kissed again and again and grinned, nuzzling their noses.

At Spencer, Bill and Katie discussed Brooke's attempt to stop Quinn's wedding. The talk turned to the big secret at Forrester. Katie wasn't convinced that Wyatt had heard anything significant. Bill insisted that something big was happening, and his boys were going to make things happen. Katie said Bill sounded proud. Bill was proud -- especially of Liam, who was starting to be more like Bill.

The frustrated Brooke arrived and informed the Spencers that she hadn't stopped the wedding. Brooke had been positive that Deacon would listen to Hope, who refused to accept Quinn. Bill called it an ultimatum. Brooke said Deacon didn't see it that way and didn't seem to think it would destroy his relationship with Hope. Bill said it proved what he'd said all along -- that the losers deserved each other.

Is Rick hiding a secret? Is Rick hiding a secret?
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Wyatt shared with Ivy and Liam that his mother had married Deacon in a ceremony at his house. Liam wondered if there had been any drama, and Wyatt admitted there had. Wyatt explained that Brooke had interrupted the wedding. Brooke had delivered a tablet with Hope on video feed to try to persuade Deacon not to marry Quinn. "It didn't happen. I now have a new stepdad," Wyatt said. Ivy and Liam were surprised that Brooke and Hope would go to such lengths, but Wyatt said it didn't matter.

Discussion turned to Nicole and Maya. Liam said he'd overheard them discussing that something Rick had done or was going to do could affect the company. Wyatt had planned to meet Nicole and get some information, and Liam advised that Nicole was hot for Wyatt.

At Forrester, Maya announced to Nicole that she was heading home, and Nicole noted that Rick was crazy in love with her. Nicole wondered if Maya had changed her mind about telling Rick about her secret before he proposed. Maya said it was personal, and the timing had to be right. "I will tell Rick I'm a transgender woman if and when he proposes," Maya said. Nicole said she would see Maya at home. Wyatt entered and greeted both Maya and Nicole. Maya left.

Wyatt told Nicole he had a proposal for her. He asked her to be one of the jewelry models. Nicole was thrilled. He added that she would be in all the Forrester media and print advertising. Nicole was very excited. He asked if she had to check with Rick or Maya, and she said she had made the decision to model.

Wyatt didn't want to get in the middle, and Nicole said it would be fine. She and hers sister were getting along, but they had a lot to work out. Wyatt said he had some of the jewelry at his home if she wanted to see it. Nicole asked to work on the pieces immediately, and Wyatt agreed. They left for his house.

At Quinn's, Quinn and Deacon made out on the couch in a romantic setting. Deacon had decorated with candles. He added that he had champagne on ice for Quinn, but Quinn maintained that she didn't need it. "I don't need anything but you," she said. Deacon couldn't wait to get his hands on her. They returned to making out on the couch.

Deacon and Quinn discussed why it had been a great wedding day. Deacon gushed that Quinn had been a blushing bride, and he would never forget that beautiful dress she had worn. Quinn said there had been a significant hiccup in the day when Brooke had interrupted. Quinn noted that it had to have been difficult for Deacon to have to listen to Brooke and Hope diss her. "It meant a lot that you stood up for me," Quinn said. "No one and nothing was gonna stop that wedding," Deacon said. Deacon hoped that Hope would someday be accepting.

Quinn gushed that it was time to reward her husband -- and she loved saying that she had "a real live husband." Deacon called her his wife and claimed he was a lucky guy. They cuddled, and Quinn was flattered and grateful. "I can't imagine being loved this way. I can now," she said. Later in bed, Deacon and Quinn agreed they had made a pretty good start and planned to love each other for decades. Deacon expected she would outlive him, and he added how sexy she was.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick admired the painting of Maya on the wall, and she entered and interrupted him. She noted that he loved the painting, and Rick said he loved the woman in the picture "for everything she is." They kissed.

Ivy interrupted when she entered with Liam. Ivy announced she had a guest for the evening. Rick gushed about how beautiful Maya was. Liam noted that Rick had gotten the girl, the estate, and the quarterly figures. He wondered what else Rick would get in the future.

Rick noted that many employees felt his bedside manner needed tweaking. Ivy agreed. Liam asked if wedding bells were in the future. Rick said he could do anything with Maya by his side, and he planned to be CEO for a very long time. Rick added that things had been falling into place.

Liam noted that the big bump in sales had been due to Ridge and Caroline, and Maya noted that it had been Rick's pricing that had influenced the bottom line. Rick congratulated Ivy because Ivy's jewelry line had also influenced sales. Rick noted that he'd gotten the best out of his employees. Rick also paid tribute to Maya, the face of Forrester. Rick added that Maya had always supported him. "A man in my position needs someone like Maya. She's like no one else," he said.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Nicole hung out, and Nicole noted that he had a great place. Wyatt attributed it to the fact that he had awakened one day and discovered he was a Spencer, and his father had given him a place to live. Nicole said that she would play in the ocean waves every day if she lived there.

Nicole said they should have margaritas and music before she modeled jewelry. Wyatt laughed and said he had music. She checked his phone and made fun of his music. Instead, she used her phone to play music and playfully urged Wyatt to make the margaritas.

Wyatt delivered the margaritas, and Nicole gave them her approval. She said Wyatt seemed more like a martini man. Wyatt said he was more of a scotch man, but he guessed that Rick was a martini man. Nicole agreed that Rick and Maya had martinis every night and stared at her portrait. Wyatt pointed out that he and Maya had a lot in common.

Wyatt said that Maya had started in a family with nothing and had become woman of the year, thanks to Rick. Wyatt shared a family secret and confessed that his mother had told him for years that his father had died. When he'd discovered that he was a Spencer, it had been awkward, but it had all worked out, and his had life changed forever -- just like when Maya had hooked up with Rick. Wyatt noted that Rick and Maya seemed like the perfect couple. "I wouldn't go that far," Nicole said.

Wyatt assumed there were secrets at the Forrester mansion, and he encouraged Nicole to share them. Nicole said that she and Maya had just started getting along, and Maya hadn't always been the way she was. Wyatt asked about Rick. "There's something going on there -- it's major, isn't it? You can tell me," Wyatt encouraged. Nicole looked surprised.

Cracking the code in Margaritaville Cracking the code in Margaritaville
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Maya and Rick discussed that Nicole had not called about being late for dinner. Rick teased that people Nicole's age never called anyone anymore. Maya agreed and noted that she had just received a text message from Nicole that she was going to be a jewelry model for Wyatt and would be home later. "Heart, heart, heart," Maya read and laughed.

Rick noted that Wyatt was probably trying to suck up, and he was all for it. Maya said that Liam and Ivy had been strange during their visit. Maya wondered if Spencer might have planned a big exposé on Forrester, but Rick said he had nothing to hide.

Aly entered and delivered crab legs that Rick had wanted. She told him that she had cracked all the shells for him so he wouldn't have to deal with the mess. Rick was disappointed. He had wanted to crack the shells.

Aly apologized and prepared to return to the kitchen, but Rick told her to leave the crab legs. He ordered Aly to make him a turkey burger, and he was very specific about what he wanted on it. Rick also asked Aly about the additions to her shoe line. Aly excitedly said she had images for him on her computer. Aly returned to the kitchen, and Maya playfully chastised Rick for his treatment of Aly.

Carter showed up, and Rick invited him to share in some the snacks Aly had made. Carter marveled that Aly cooked for them. Maya offered Carter some wine or tea, but Carter declined. Carter delivered some files on a flash drive. Rick thanked him and left to upload the files in another room.

While Maya and Carter were alone, Carter encouraged Maya to tell Rick the truth. "Don't do to Rick what you did to me," Carter said. "You really loved me. I'm sorry I hurt you," Maya confessed. She added that Carter had helped her, and she had treated him badly. She added that when a question of marriage and children arose, she would tell Rick the truth. "Unless Nicole tells him first," Carter said.

Rick returned and thanked Carter. Rick said he wanted to clear the air about Carter's feelings for Maya. Carter admitted it had been awkward between them. Carter said he'd never understood Maya, but he wished them both the best. Maya thanked Rick and Carter, and Carter left.

Rick said he didn't trust Carter because he had been Ridge's buddy, but Rick added that he did trust Nicole.

At Forrester, Liam and Ivy sneaked into Rick's office in the dark. Liam wanted to turn on the lights, but Ivy was afraid someone would see them. They used their flashlights to look through drawers.

Liam suggested that whatever they were looking for had to be in a locked drawer. Ivy said locks wouldn't stop her. All she needed was a paper clip. Liam teased that she hadn't needed a key to his house -- she could have broken in.

Ivy used a paper clip and unlocked a drawer that included ginseng, and Ivy said he had to have used it to become more virile. Then, Liam found a sexy picture of Donna. Ivy noted Donna had a great body, but she wondered why Rick would have such a picture of his aunt. Liam said it had to have been Eric's stuff.

Liam and Ivy agreed it would have been a lot easier if they had known what they were looking for. They noted that Rick was too smart to leave a paper trail, and they hoped Wyatt was able to get some information from Nicole.

Liam and Ivy wondered if Rick had fudged the Forrester numbers, and Ivy said they should look for a double set of books. They looked around the office, and Ivy found a safe behind a painting. They tried everyone's birthdays they could think of as combinations but had no luck. Ivy suggested that Liam could hack into Rick's files to see if he had been messing with the numbers. Liam agreed.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Nicole chatted, and Nicole made some more margaritas. Wyatt admitted that he was still technically married. Nicole said she was curious about his wife. Wyatt dished that he and Hope had not been married long. They would have been starting a family.

Wyatt said Nicole was the first woman he had taken home since his marriage had fallen apart. He thanked Nicole because she'd even gotten a laugh out of him. "I feel comfortable talking to you. Sharing my innermost secrets. I hope you feel the same way about me too," he said. Nicole said she did.

"I have told you all my deep, dark secrets. Now it's your turn," Wyatt said. Nicole wondered why Wyatt was so curious about Maya and Rick. Wyatt explained that he wanted to get ahead at Forrester. "I need to know everything about him, and I got the feeling you can help me," Wyatt said. Nicole shook her head and smiled.

Wyatt told Nicole about how Rick had wanted him to get down on his knees and beg for his job after Wyatt's marriage to Rick's sister had fallen apart. Rick had been kidding, but Wyatt said Rick treated people terribly.

Wyatt begged Nicole to tell him something about Rick. Nicole excused herself, and went into another room. Wyatt's phone rang, and Liam asked if Wyatt had made any progress. Wyatt said he and Nicole were getting along and having margaritas. Wyatt admitted that he liked Nicole. He hung up.

Nicole returned and said she'd had a good time, and she had called a car because it was late. Wyatt said he didn't want her to leave. He kissed her. "Stay," he said.

No laws against proposing No laws against proposing
Thursday, April 23, 2015

At Spencer, Liam questioned Wyatt's kiss with Nicole. "Have you seen Nicole?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt liked her, and he noted that his marriage had been over for a while. Liam understood Wyatt's need for female attention but insisted that Wyatt keep his game face on, so they could oust Rick as CEO.

Wyatt and Liam discussed what Rick could be hiding. Liam said he'd been up all night, researching, but had found nothing. He told Wyatt about the theory that Rick was cooking the books. Liam decided that while he continued to investigate, Wyatt should meet with Nicole again -- to talk. "I know!" Wyatt replied. Liam had an idea for the meeting -- the Spencer jet.

As president, Liam offered to authorize it, but Wyatt quipped that he should ask their father if he wanted to use it. Wyatt asked why he needed a jet to impress Nicole. Liam stated that Wyatt could be charming -- when he wanted to be -- but one reason that Nicole was hanging out with him was his last name.

Liam suggested going to San Francisco for dinner and popping Champagne at forty thousand feet. "That's kind of badass," Wyatt replied and decided that he and Nicole were going on an adventure.

Liam realized that it had been a "really, really, really, really" long time since Wyatt had been on a date. Liam wasn't endorsing anything and insisted that whatever the pair did on it was their business. Wyatt said he couldn't help it if he liked Nicole. There was something about her that reminded Wyatt of himself. Liam thought that was sick and insisted that Wyatt keep his eye on the prize.

Later, Liam smiled when he got a call from Caroline, who was at a desk in New York. She readily ranted about Rick's enigmatic and incessant revisions to her work, which she was certain were for Rick's amusement. Liam stated that he'd thought things had improved with her and Rick.

Caroline replied that Rick had claimed to be pushing her to be her best, but she felt that he was just pushing her. Liam said to hang in there because he had a new lead that might end Rick's reign of terror. Liam missed Caroline. She missed him, too, and added that she was hanging out with her mamas. Liam asked why Caroline was away for so long. "You'll know soon enough," she cryptically replied.

At the mansion, Nicole grinned to herself. Maya noted that her sister had gotten in later than usual the previous night. Nicole explained that a meeting with Wyatt had turned into a date. "Nicole, you did not!" Maya exclaimed. Nicole replied that she hadn't done anything but dancing, and she said, "I've got me a Rick."

Nicole gushed about her beach house evening, but Maya wanted to know how "you and Wyatt" had happened. Nicole said they'd gotten caught up in the moment, and she wouldn't mind getting caught up again. Maya wanted Nicole to slow things down and be less available.

Nicole asked Maya to just let Nicole enjoy it. Nicole wasn't looking for a big commitment, but she was sure Wyatt would want to see her again soon. Maya warned Nicole not to get her hopes up.

Just then, Wyatt called to invite Nicole out for a mystery evening. Maya scowled when Nicole offered to cancel her "other plans" to make it, and Wyatt said he'd send a car for Nicole. After the call, Nicole was ecstatic about her official date, which would start in a limo. Maya asked Nicole to be careful and not to say or do anything she'd regret. That time, Nicole scowled.

Alone later, Maya flashed back to Rick calling her a woman of integrity and to Nicole saying that Maya was really Myron, Nicole's brother. Maya solemnly popped her estrogen pills.

Later, Nicole changed into a sleeveless black dress, and Maya suggested that Nicole cover up with a sweater. Nicole asked if there were any Brooke's Bedroom clothes laying around, in case Nicole needed them. She claimed to be kidding, but Maya looked worried.

At the jet later, Wyatt checked a Champagne bottle. Nicole arrived and was floored to be traveling on a private jet that evening. She'd only seen the jets in the movies, and it was the best surprise she'd ever had. Wyatt said the night might be full of surprises.

After takeoff, Nicole and Wyatt cracked open the Champagne, and she asked where they were going. Wyatt called it a secret. She said she'd told Maya about him and the other night. Wyatt assumed that Maya had played her big sisterly role. Nicole remarked that Maya had said Wyatt wouldn't call, but he had. Wyatt replied that he'd wanted to see her again.

Proposing a toast, Wyatt said he didn't take anything for granted, and though things were new, Nicole could share anything with him. He felt that being up-front was the only way to see where things could lead. He wanted them to have no secrets and not to wonder what the other was thinking.

At Forrester, the bearded Eric surprised Brooke and Rick, who hadn't known he'd be in town. Brooke couldn't wait to hear about Eric and John's worldwide adventures. Eric asked how things were there. Brooke said Rick was doing amazingly well. Eric was glad that Rick was in a good place.

Eric liked that profits were up in every market and said Forrester was on a roll because of Rick. Rick called it a team effort, but Brooke said it began at the top with Rick, who'd created more respectability for the family. "To the Forresters and the Logans. Two great legacies," Eric added.

Eric felt that Rick filled Eric's shoes seamlessly. Rick said there had been bumps, but Brooke relayed that everyone made mistakes. Rick wanted to be the son Eric had hoped Rick would be. Eric conveyed that Rick was. Rick believed he could be better. Rick wanted to learn from Eric and believed a man had no greater teacher than his father.

Eric felt that Rick's stewardship had been stunning. Brand image and integrity were more vital than ever in their business, according to Eric, and he wanted Rick to make that a new priority. In appreciation of Rick's accomplishments, Eric gave Rick a watch that Eric had been given after receiving a lifetime achievement award. The humble Rick stated that he remembered the event.

Eric and Rick hugged, and Eric said he was proud of his son. Rick rendered an emotional expression as he admired the watch. Eric said that Rick could pass it on to his son one day. Rick hoped it wasn't too far off. Eric asked if Rick and Maya were that serious. Rick indicated that he and Maya weren't talking babies, but he was thinking of proposing in the near future.

Brooke reminded Rick that he was still married, but Rick said there were no laws against proposing. Brooke saw no harm in waiting, either. Rick stated that Maya had been wondering about their future, and she'd never let him down. He didn't want to risk losing her.

Loyalty, honesty, distrust, and mistrust Loyalty, honesty, distrust, and mistrust
Friday, April 24, 2015

In Rick's old office, Maya arrived to see Carter. From the look on Maya's face, Carter gleaned that she was struggling with keeping her past from Rick. Maya didn't want to keep the secret but didn't think it was relevant because Rick only knew her as a woman. Carter said Maya hadn't been born that way; however, Maya insisted that her mind had always known, and her body had matched it in time.

Carter figured that Maya had gone through a huge emotional experience during her transition, and stated that Rick had never met the woman who'd struggled to become what she was that day. Maya claimed that she'd introduce Rick to that woman once she knew there was a future.

Carter asked if Maya trusted Rick. She said she did, and Carter asked why she wouldn't tell Rick. She wanted to tell her story in her time and her way. Carter warned that someone else could tell it first.

Carter had already agreed not to say anything, but he wasn't sure about Nicole. Maya wanted to trust Nicole, but Nicole had started seeing Wyatt. "What's that about?" Carter asked. Maya explained that Nicole had been either at the house or at Forrester before getting involved with Wyatt. Carter warned that it seemed to be fast. "Too fast," Maya stated.

At Forrester, Brooke asked if Maya was pressuring Rick into marriage. Rick said Maya didn't operate that way, but Maya did want to get married. Brooke advised Rick not to jump from one marriage to another. Eric reasoned that marriage symbolized family values, maturity, and commitment; Maya and Rick loved each other; and marriage looked good on a résumé.

Rick believed that Maya had integrity, she'd never betrayed him, and he'd be lucky to call her his wife. Brooke was glad that Maya made Rick happy. Rick felt that happiness had been elusive for him. Eric said he'd had high hopes for Rick and Caroline. "But then enter Ridge," Rick quipped.

Brooke didn't see why Rick couldn't enjoy his happiness with Maya without marriage. Rick claimed that marriage was what he wanted. He craved stability at work and at home. In his view, much of what he'd accomplished had been due to Maya's faith in him, which had spurred his faith within himself. Rick was awed by what Maya had added to his life, and to him, she was everything.

Maya arrived in the CEO's office, and Brooke relayed that Rick had just been talking about her. Rick gushed about how Maya understood what stability and loyalty meant to him. Rick stated that it hadn't been easy growing up as a Forrester and having the family business laundered in public. He blamed Ridge and Ridge's womanizing for it.

Rick asserted that the family he'd make would fly under the radar of the harassing paparazzi. It would be harmonious and scandal-free. He believed he could have that with Maya.

Rick was humbled in the presence of the three people he loved most in the world. He appreciated the unconditional support and was proud to experience the joy of the legacy Eric had passed down. Rick felt that Brooke had been through a lot of disrespect due to Ridge. Rick said it was over because he had power, and he'd use that power to protect Brooke against Ridge or anyone else.

To Maya, Rick said she'd been there every step of the way, and "this is our reward." He said that she added honesty and integrity to his life, and the two hugged.

At Spencer, Liam and Katie were meeting in his office when Bill arrived. Bill was confused upon seeing Liam, who Bill had believed was on the jet. Liam relayed that Wyatt had taken Nicole on the jet. Katie asked if Wyatt was exploiting the girl's feelings for information. Liam said Wyatt also liked Nicole.

Unconcerned about feelings, Bill said they had to accomplish the goal by any means necessary. Bill quipped that Wyatt was taking going "under cover" seriously, and Katie stated that Wyatt's feelings could make the plan backfire. Liam was confident that Wyatt would be strong and get the secret.

Liam revealed that he'd overheard a conversation about the secret, too. He suspected that Rick might be massaging his numbers, but Liam hadn't found anything while combing through Rick's office. Bill figured Rick was too smart to leave anything in an obvious place, and his piquing Spencer senses warned him about Wyatt becoming vulnerable to Nicole and worrying about her "little feelings."

"Oh, we can't have that," Katie mindfully quipped. Liam was sure that Wyatt wouldn't get distracted, but Liam believed that, under the spell of Wyatt's charm and romance, Nicole was probably giving up the secret at that very moment.

On the jet, Nicole believed she could get used to private jets, silky Champagne, and Wyatt. Wyatt said he liked her, too, and the pair toasted to being straight with each other from the beginning.

Nicole figured Wyatt jetted all over the place, but Wyatt corrected that he rarely took advantage of his father's jet. Wyatt believed he'd have a jet of his own someday. She asked where they were going, and he revealed it was San Francisco. He joked that a lot of hearts got left in the romantic city. Nicole said hers was halfway gone, and the two kissed.

Later, Nicole frowned at the caviar appetizer. She made a fuss about eating it, but once she tried it, she said it was good. She conveyed that she didn't need dinner in a fancy restaurant in San Francisco and preferred to stay on the magic carpet ride in the sky. As Wyatt considered it, she kissed him.

Nicole revealed that she was keeping a secret. It had meant a lot that Wyatt had shared his past with her the other night, and she was ready to share what she'd been keeping. She prefaced herself by saying she didn't move that fast with guys normally, and Wyatt said it meant the honesty was working.

Nicole revealed that she knew something big. The news would blow people's minds, Forrester might not be the same, and Rick might not recover. Nicole's face darkened, and she decided she wasn't sure she could say it. Wyatt offered to guess, but Nicole realized that she couldn't discuss it, especially not with him. He asked what that was supposed to mean.

Nicole said Wyatt was too connected, and if his brother learned of it, it would be all over the media. Wyatt stated that brothers were not like sisters and didn't whisper secrets back and forth. Nicole wanted to return to enjoying the moment. He said it was only the beginning. He wanted to show her a world she'd never seen -- but he had to feel as if she trusted him.

Nicole figured Wyatt wouldn't stop until she told him. Wyatt, intrigued by the secret's description, prodded her to trust him and tell him. "I'm trusting you with this," Nicole said. "Maya is..."

"Maya?" Wyatt quizzically repeated. "Maya's what?"

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