The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 5, 2015 on B&B
Ivy used Eric to get her back into Forrester, but to Ivy's chagrin, Steffy made her the new face of the lingerie line. Desiring a baby made of Avant and Forrester DNA, Maya asked Nicole to be her surrogate. Ridge decided to claim Caroline's baby and send Thomas packing to Forrester International.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 5, 2015 on B&B
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Ridge learns that Caroline is pregnant Ridge learns that Caroline is pregnant
Monday, October 5, 2015

At the beach house, Wyatt and Ivy cuddled under a blanket by the fire. It was hard for Ivy to avoid thinking about not having a job to go to in the morning. She felt there had to be a way to get her job at Forrester back and said even Liam hadn't wanted her fired. "That's if you believe him," Wyatt noted. Ivy wondered if it was time to go over Steffy's head and appeal to Eric.

Wyatt thought it would be risky because Steffy would tell Eric about the blackmail. Ivy reasoned that Steffy would also have to admit to hitting Aly with the tire iron. Feeling punished enough, Ivy decided that she'd go to Eric, and Steffy could deal with it in whatever way she wanted.

At the mansion, Ivy and Wyatt arrived as Eric was reading the paper. Ivy thanked Eric for the flowers he'd sent, and he said it was the least he could do upon hearing that she'd left the business. Ivy said it hadn't been her choice. Wyatt added that Steffy had gotten security to escort Ivy out. Eric thought Ivy had been a great addition to the team and said she'd be missed.

Ivy conveyed that she was there because she missed the job, and she wanted it back. She believed that Eric could get through to Steffy. Eric stated that he didn't know what he could do because Ridge and Steffy were in charge. Wyatt replied that Eric was Eric Forrester, founder of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Eric stated that he was a consultant and out of the loop, and he wasn't even sure why Ivy had been let go.

Ivy said that Eric was the voice of reason, Steffy looked up to him, and he could get through to Steffy. Ivy had thought Forrester would be her home and her future, but it had been taken from her. She asserted that it was where she belonged, but she'd considered returning to her old life in Sydney.

Family was important to Ivy, but she barely saw her father when he was in town, and she couldn't remember when she'd last seen her mother. Eric stated that Ivy wasn't going back to Sydney or anywhere, and he wouldn't let her leave. Wyatt seconded the sentiment.

Eric still had no real explanation for Ivy's firing, except for trust issues. Ivy replied that no one knew the whole story. He said Ivy should tell him. Ivy stated that it was about Steffy's role in Aly's death.

At Forrester, Steffy was livid that Thomas had hit their father. She called it the most disrespectful thing a son could do and asked why he couldn't be adult about his feelings. Thomas didn't see what the big deal was about the intern and noted the models Ridge had hooked up with in the past. Steffy said it wasn't the same, but Thomas didn't buy it, adding that Charlotte was an adult in college.

Thomas said Ridge had been bossing him around and talking down to him, and it had frustrated Thomas. Steffy replied that Thomas hadn't needed to hit Ridge. Thomas guessed that all of the anger from the past had rushed to the surface, and the father and son had more issues than he'd realized.

Thomas tried to work but couldn't. He threw his pencil across the room, and Steffy told him that he had to deal with his anger issues. Steffy claimed she got upset with their father, but she'd never hit him. She asked Thomas to consider that Ridge might be frustrating and distant.

Thomas claimed that Ridge hadn't been around and could barely make "every other weekend." She replied that Ridge had been under a lot of pressure from work and being torn between two families. Thomas asked about Taylor's kids. Steffy said stuff happened, and marriages broke up. She asked him to look at what they had gained at the company and be grateful for the opportunities they'd been afforded instead of being negative about the past.

Thomas claimed Steffy had been Ridge's favorite, his best friend, and his little girl; however, Ridge and Thomas butted heads naturally in a weird power struggle. Thomas doubted Ridge thought he could do anything right. Steffy said it wasn't true and that Ridge respected Thomas.

Thomas and Steffy concluded that they'd had it easy, but he added that he might not have been looking for "all that stuff." Instead, he'd been looking for what he hadn't been getting. She asked if he meant attention, approval, and all that stuff. Thomas admitted that he might still be looking for it. Steffy replied that he obviously had daddy issues, but hitting Ridge wouldn't get Thomas anywhere.

Thomas claimed his old wounds had burst with pain from when Thomas and Taylor had needed Ridge, but Ridge hadn't been there. Thomas said he'd take it back if he could. He wanted a good relationship with Ridge. She concluded that he had to make it up to Ridge somehow. He didn't even think Ridge would talk to him again.

Steffy doubted Ridge would turn his back on Thomas for any reason, and she said the two men needed time to cool down. Thomas hoped things worked out, and he didn't want weird tension between them. He wanted to be involved in Ridge's new family because it was growing their family.

Steffy was glad Thomas had changed his feelings about Ridge's marriage. Thomas replied that he'd just been worried that Caroline could end up hurt. He was happy for them, and he was glad that Ridge would give Caroline the child she'd always wanted.

At the loft, Ridge didn't believe any of what Caroline was saying. He stated that Thomas and Caroline wouldn't do it to him. Caroline started explaining the phone call from Thomas that had led up to his arrival at her hotel, but Ridge was still trying to process that she'd said she'd slept with his son.

Caroline wished she'd stayed at the loft with Ridge, where she'd belonged; however, Ridge had ended things, and she'd just wanted to numb her pain. She said she'd taken the pills so that she wouldn't feel, and when Thomas had arrived, she'd drunk. She said Thomas hadn't known about the pills. Ridge quipped that Thomas had taken advantage of her, but he hadn't known about the pills.

Caroline stated that Thomas had been drinking, too, and he hadn't known. Fixing a drink, Ridge cynically agreed that Thomas hadn't known. She stated that Thomas had been drunk, too. "I get it! I heard you!" Ridge screamed, slapping the drink, which spilled in all directions. "He didn't know about the drinking. He didn't know about the drugs. He didn't know that your heart belonged to me!"

Ridge recalled that Thomas had been at the loft earlier that very evening, and Ridge stated that Thomas had known exactly what he'd been doing. Ridge contended that if Caroline had been as messed up as she said she'd been, Thomas would have seen it. Ridge stated that Thomas wasn't an idiot, and if Ridge could see such a thing, so could Thomas.

Caroline said she and Thomas had talked about it, and Thomas wasn't that kind of person. Ridge yelled, asking if she really thought Thomas hadn't known. Caroline yelled back that she didn't know. All she remembered was Thomas being there as a friend, and she'd awakened later. Ridge responded that Thomas knew she wasn't that kind of woman, and Thomas should have checked on her and left like a gentlemen; however, he hadn't done it. Instead, Thomas had stayed with her.

Ridge was upset that his own son had done it to Caroline. Caroline began yelling, upset at Ridge's insistence that Thomas had done it on purpose. She screamed that she couldn't handle thoughts like that and declared that Thomas was Ridge's son. Ridge bellowed that he knew who Thomas was to him, but he asked who Thomas was to her.

Ridge said Caroline kept calling Thomas a friend and comforter. "Who is he to you now?" Ridge asked. He repeated the question until Caroline exclaimed, "He's the father of my baby!" She clasped her mouth, holding in sobs. Ridge asked her what she'd said.

Caroline began babbling about thinking it had been Ridge's baby. Ridge sank to the floor in silent dismay. She explained that once Ridge had relayed that he couldn't have children, she'd known that it had to be Thomas' baby. "You're pregnant with Thomas' child..." Ridge stated.

Ridge and Caroline plan their future Ridge and Caroline plan their future
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
by Pam

At the loft, Ridge was devastated to learn that Caroline was pregnant with Thomas' child. "My beautiful wife and my son having a baby," Ridge said sadly. He had tears in his eyes. Caroline said she had hoped that she could forget all about that night with Thomas like it had never happened because she couldn't remember it. "But now you're pregnant," Ridge said.

Ridge asked if Thomas knew, and Caroline said that only Ridge knew. Ridge asked again about the night with Thomas. "Tell me what he did to you," Ridge said.

Caroline recounted her memory of the evening. She said that Thomas had called her after she'd left Ridge, and she had been hysterical. Thomas had been concerned about her and visited her. Ridge understood that she thought of him as a friend who had wanted to help her. Ridge noted that everything had been good and right between them, and everything had gone wrong.

Caroline defended Thomas. He didn't know that she had taken pills, and she had followed it up with a lot of wine. And Thomas had been drinking, as well.

Ridge told her to stop defending Thomas. "Look at me," Ridge said. He added that Thomas had said horrible things to him. He knew that Thomas wanted to hurt him. "He slept with you because he wanted to hurt me. He did. He broke my heart," Ridge said.

"What do we do now?" Caroline asked. Caroline said she would go away. Ridge refused to lose her because he had almost lost her once, and he couldn't do it again. "We can figure this out. You shouldn't have to go through this," he said. He asked what she wanted to do because they did have options.

Caroline wanted to keep the baby because many people tried for years and never had children. She worried that it might be her only chance. Ridge agreed. "We're having a baby," he said. He added that they would raise it as their own.

Caroline marveled that Ridge would do that. Ridge said he wanted something good to be the result of the situation. He promised they would be okay. Caroline agreed. Ridge smiled. Caroline wondered how they would tell Thomas.

"He's never gonna know about this baby," Ridge said. Caroline argued that they couldn't keep that kind of news from him. Ridge disagreed. He said that he had married her and promised to take care of her. "You're my wife, and that's our child," he said.

Ridge said that Thomas was incapable of being a father. He stressed that the night that Thomas had been a "friend" to her, he had taken advantage of her. Thomas used women and interns and hit his father. "He's a child himself," Ridge said.

Ridge understood that it was not the perfect dream for either of them, and he didn't want to raise his grandchild. "But I'll do it for you. I'll do it for us," he promised. He added that he would love the baby with everything he had.

Ridge sat down and cuddled Caroline. He promised fairy tale possibilities, and he insisted that Thomas would not be a part of that life. "Or anywhere near you," Ridge said. He reminded her it was "our child now, our secret. Say yes," Ridge said. Caroline looked at Ridge and agreed. "This is our baby. Thomas will never know," she said. They hugged.

At Forrester, Charlotte and Thomas kissed in an office. Charlotte worried about how embarrassed she would be the next time she saw his dad because she had seen Ridge at the Forrester mansion when she had been with Thomas and shouldn't have been. Thomas told her not to worry.

Charlotte suggested their next meeting should occur at her place. Thomas agreed and held her hand. She turned to leave, but Steffy entered and overheard some of the conversation. Steffy advised Charlotte that she shouldn't be there with Thomas. Charlotte told Thomas she would call him later, and she left.

Steffy chastised Thomas for creating a war with their father over an intern. Steffy advised Thomas not to answer if Charlotte called because it was inappropriate. She wondered what was wrong with him that he was hooking up with interns and punching their father. Thomas advised Steffy not to worry about him.

Monica entered and delivered fabric samples. She said that she was glad to have both of them back from Paris and working together. She knew their father was proud of them. She left, and Steffy told Thomas she understood that it was hard to get past old wounds, but they were both lucky.

Steffy insisted that Thomas had to apologize. She reminded him that they had both been extremely vocal about their father's romance with a woman half his age, but Caroline and Ridge were clearly happy and ready to start a family. Thomas agreed, and he said he wanted to be a part of Ridge's new family. Thomas said he originally had worried that Ridge would string Caroline along and then leave her, but he was glad he had been wrong. Steffy advised Thomas to apologize and stay away from interns.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric met with Wyatt and Ivy. Eric wondered what had happened between Ivy and Steffy. Ivy explained that Steffy and Ivy had become enemies the night that Aly had died. Eric couldn't understand why, and Ivy explained that they had argued.

Ivy didn't tell Eric the truth about everything that had happened. Instead, she insisted that they were cousins and family, and she wanted to remain a part of Forrester Creations. "My last name is Forrester, too," Ivy said. She admitted that she had lost Steffy's trust but wanted to regain it.

Ivy was upset that she had been kicked out of her own family's company. Eric understood that she wanted him to intervene and go over Steffy's head. He told her that he no longer had a position at the company, but Wyatt argued that he was the company. Eric agreed he would speak to Steffy. Ivy hugged him, and Wyatt smiled.

Forrester apologies have surprising results Forrester apologies have surprising results
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
by Pam

At the loft, Ridge and Caroline got ready for work, and Ridge reminded Caroline that Thomas could never know about the baby. Caroline didn't want to go to work. She felt they could work from home and give themselves time to process everything that had happened. Ridge refused. He wanted everything to seem normal.

Ridge told Caroline he wanted to make everything right "for that innocent little baby inside you." He encouraged her to "stick to the plan." They embraced.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Liam sat at a table. Quinn entered and sat across from him. He encouraged her to sit at another table, but she refused and said if she sat at another table, he would accuse her of stalking.

Quinn told Liam that she missed Ivy. Liam was surprised, but Quinn explained that Ivy was an artist, and she and Ivy had learned to respect each other. They had bounced ideas off each other. Liam wondered why she couldn't bounce ideas off Wyatt.

Quinn launched into her tirade of how Wyatt should be busy with a leadership role at Spencer or Forrester and have more pressing matters than making jewelry. Liam rolled his eyes, and Wyatt showed up. Wyatt asked what they were talking about, and Quinn quickly responded it was Ivy.

Wyatt told Quinn and Liam that Ivy was downstairs, working on getting her job back. Quinn was pleased, and Liam was surprised. Liam felt Ivy would never return.

Quinn noted that Steffy and Ivy could learn to get along again just as Ivy and Quinn had. "I pushed Ivy off a bridge. She hated me for very good reason, but we learned to respect each other as artists," Quinn said. She noted that Ivy was looking for a second chance. Quinn left.

Wyatt dished that Ivy and Eric were there to visit Steffy. Liam presumed Wyatt and Ivy had encouraged Eric to visit Steffy on Ivy's behalf, but Ridge was the CEO, and Steffy was the president. Wyatt reminded Liam that Eric had founded Forrester Creations. "He still has influence," Wyatt said.

Liam countered that Steffy would never trust Ivy again. Liam guessed that Ivy had not told Eric the whole story about blackmailing Steffy. Wyatt grew quiet. Liam added that Eric would never side with Ivy over Steffy.

In Steffy's office, Thomas worked hard on the new lingerie line designs, and Steffy entered. She ignored Thomas, and he said he would apologize to their dad. He promised that Ridge would get over their argument. Steffy told him not to waste time waiting to apologize.

Eric entered with Ivy, and Eric asked Thomas to leave. Thomas complied. Eric told Steffy he did not understand why Ivy was no longer working at Forrester. Steffy refused to discuss Ivy's employment, and Steffy assumed that Ivy had begged Eric to intervene on her behalf. Eric reminded Steffy that Ivy was family, and he had promised her parents that he would take care of her. Steffy refused to rehire Ivy.

Ivy begged Steffy to allow her to return and prove that things could be different. Steffy refused and told Eric that the situation was more complicated than he realized. Steffy told her grandfather that Ivy had blackmailed her. Eric looked surprised. Steffy and Ivy stammered about the evening that Aly had died.

Steffy explained that Aly had tried to hit Steffy with a tire iron and had then tried to kill her with a rock. Steffy had hit Aly with the tire iron in self-defense, but Ivy had had a video that had not shown that Aly had attacked Steffy after trying to run Steffy over with her car.

Steffy dished that Ivy had blackmailed Steffy and had said she would go to the police with the video. Eric asked about the video, and Ivy admitted she had deleted it. Eric wondered why Steffy hadn't told the police, and Steffy said she had been freaked out the night Aly had died and realized that if she changed her story, no one would believe her.

Ivy interrupted that she had overreacted, but Aly had been her best friend. Arguing ensued between Ivy and Steffy. Eric told them to stop. "This is inappropriate and disturbing. You both need to let this go and move on," he said. He added that they had to rebuild trust, and it would take time, but Aly loved the company and her family. Eric ordered Steffy to allow Ivy to return to the company.

Steffy hesitated, but she acknowledged that Eric had the ultimate voice. Ivy promised to respect Steffy's authority. Ivy thanked Eric, and he insisted that they would get along and move forward. Eric left.

Ivy thanked Steffy and said she knew she had a lot to do to earn Steffy's trust. Steffy said she was glad to hear it. Steffy eyed lingerie designs on the drawing board and said she had an idea for how Ivy could prove herself.

In Ridge's office, Thomas sat and scanned the room. He looked at photos of Caroline and briefly recalled their romantic tryst. Caroline and Ridge entered. Caroline stopped. "Thomas!" she proclaimed, stating that it wasn't a good time. Ridge, with a banged-up eye from when Thomas had hit him, glared at Thomas.

Thomas noted that Ridge's eye looked bad, and he stammered apologies. Caroline told him it was not the best time to apologize. "I know you're angry," Thomas said. Ridge was clearly beyond angry. He told Thomas that what he had done "would not go away with a couple of 'I'm sorry's."

Thomas admitted that he'd lost control and lost his temper. He added that things had been building up for a long time, but he had hoped to reconnect with his father the way that Steffy had. Thomas reminded Ridge that he had been hurt many times as a child, and he had pulled it all up at once and overreacted by hitting his father. Thomas recalled that Ridge had destroyed his first designs when he had returned to Los Angeles.

Ridge mocked him. "What I did hurt your feelings?" Ridge asked. Thomas said he would take responsibility, and he had overstepped. "You stepped way out of bounds," Ridge said. Caroline tried to tell Thomas to stop and return at another time, but he continued.

Thomas said that Ridge was looking at him the same way he always did when he was angry. He wanted to take it all back. Ridge agreed he should be ashamed of himself. Thomas begged Ridge to get past it. He didn't want them to harbor resentment any longer.

Thomas asked for Ridge's forgiveness. Ridge glared at him. "I don't even know who you are anymore," Ridge said. "I am your son," Thomas said emotionally. Ridge noted that Thomas had wanted to join the design team in Los Angeles, but plans had changed. Thomas was needed in Paris.

Thomas was confused. He had worked hard on the collection and wanted to finish it. "My wife and I will finish the collection," Ridge said coldly. He told Thomas to pack his bags because he would be on a plane that day.

Ivy agrees to model for the bedroom line Ivy agrees to model for the bedroom line
Thursday, October 8, 2015

In the CEO's office, Thomas was disconcerted by Ridge's command that Thomas leave for Paris that very day -- especially because he'd just gotten settled in and had become a member of the design team. He saw no reason to return to Paris at that point. "You're the reason!" Ridge bellowed.

Ridge seethed that the reason was Thomas' total disregard for anyone but himself. Thomas had a sinking feeling it was about more than the punch. He asked if it had to do with the intern. Ridge figured that Thomas had so little respect for women that he wasn't ashamed of the intern incident. Thomas stated that it hadn't been his smartest move, but he was sure there wouldn't be a lawsuit.

Ridge asked if Thomas would smile his way out of it. He said that actions had consequences, and it was time Thomas learned it. He was done with Thomas wreaking havoc on the company and people he cared for. Ridge was done with Thomas hitting Ridge for saying something he didn't like.

Thomas wanted to make up for it, but he felt he couldn't do it from Paris. He said their work and their teamwork was only the beginning. Ridge replied that they couldn't work together anymore. Thomas asked if it was the punch or sex with the intern. Ridge stated that sex was just another thing Thomas took. Thomas asked where Ridge's rage stemmed from and said the punishment didn't fit the crime.

Ridge agreed that it didn't, but to him, it was a start. Ridge declared that what Thomas had done would have a lasting effect, and Thomas needed to leave. Thomas guessed Ridge was right. Thomas wanted to be there, but "if my own father doesn't want me here..." Thomas asked Caroline, who'd been skulking in the corner by the sofa, to weigh in, but she cut her eyes away.

Ridge left to check on the jet, and Thomas told Caroline that it was crazy. In a hushed tone, he asked if she could change Ridge's mind. "No," Caroline quietly bit out. From the aloof way she was acting, Thomas sensed that something else was going on. He asked if Caroline had told Ridge about the night Thomas and Caroline had been together.

Caroline said that Thomas had hit Ridge. Thomas wished he could take it back. He said Ridge couldn't know about the night that hadn't been supposed to happen. He asked Caroline not to leave him hanging and wondered how he could persuade Ridge. She told Thomas to stop fighting the inevitable. She stated that Ridge didn't want Thomas there, so he should do as Ridge said and leave.

Thomas left the office. Standing by the elevator, Ridge said the jet would be ready. Thomas apologized and conveyed that he should never have swung at Ridge. Ridge stated that it had been just one thing Thomas shouldn't have done. Thomas added that he'd been wrong about the intern.

Thomas believed that Ridge was right, and Thomas needed time to reflect and reevaluate. He offered to return whenever Ridge wanted because he believed he belonged on the design team. He knew it couldn't happen then, but he'd be ready when Ridge was. Ridge said Thomas should pack.

Thomas held the elevator for Ridge, but Ridge stated that he'd wait. Ridge studied his phone as Thomas said that was it. "That's it," Ridge repeated without looking up.

Caroline approached as the elevator doors closed, and she walked back to the office with Ridge. Ridge said he hadn't planned on doing what he'd done, but he hadn't been able to look at Thomas. It had been hard not to throttle Thomas. Caroline said it was probably for the best.

Ridge emphasized that it was for the best because Thomas had taken advantage of the compromised Caroline. Ridge couldn't forgive Thomas. "It's my son, you know...My boy. I can't even look at him," Ridge sadly said. Caroline hugged Ridge from behind.

At the sky lounge, Liam and Wyatt pondered whether Steffy would give Ivy back her job. Liam noted that Wyatt was protective of Ivy. Wyatt stated that someone had to be, and Liam still had the power to hurt her. Wyatt didn't want Liam giving Ivy any trouble about the video and ordered Liam to be nice, something Liam was supposed to be good at.

Eric arrived and announced that Steffy had rehired Ivy. He assumed the men knew about the issues with the video, Aly's death, and the blackmail. He said it was a shame that no one had told him any of it because they could have nipped it in the bud sooner. Liam asked if Steffy had been upset that Ivy had gone over her head. Eric said it had been that way at first, but she'd respected his wishes.

Eric felt that Ivy belonged at the business, and Liam agreed. Wyatt asked if Liam meant it. Liam replied that Ivy was a great person who'd gotten lost for a minute, which could happen to anyone.

Eric felt that they needed to practice forgiveness and compassion. He wanted Aly's death to be a reminder that anyone could be taken at any time without a chance for a fresh start. Liam hoped it was the chance for them to perform as a cohesive Forrester team.

Eric left, and Wyatt asked if Liam was surprised that Steffy had forgiven Ivy. Liam claimed to be proud and said that given enough time, the sometimes hotheaded Steffy would let go. Wyatt didn't think Steffy was the type to forget. Liam replied that forgetting and forgiving were two different things, and Wyatt, who didn't know Steffy, couldn't accurately assess how she acted when she had a grudge.

Wyatt relayed that Ivy had dealt with enough. Liam was sorry that he'd hurt Ivy, and he was glad Wyatt had softened the blow. Wyatt said that it only mattered that things had worked out. In his view, Ivy deserved her place there, and he hoped Steffy didn't make Ivy jump through hoops to keep it.

Liam believed Wyatt liked painting himself and Ivy as victims. Wyatt didn't think Liam wanted to go there and reminded Liam about the Forrester "kumbaya" they'd agreed to have. Liam asked why Wyatt had to assume the worst about Steffy. Wyatt asserted that it was not farfetched to think that Steffy would put Ivy through the paces; it was the fundamentals of payback. Liam stated that Steffy wasn't like that. "Yeah. Okay," Wyatt quipped.

In the design room, Steffy asked if Ivy was ready to jump in and prove herself. Ivy was eager to do so. Steffy showed Ivy a lingerie sketch. Ivy loved it but didn't think the opinion of a jewelry designer mattered. Steffy hoped she hadn't led Ivy to believe her opinion didn't matter, and she said it would be preferable if Ivy actually liked the product.

Ivy assumed Steffy wanted jewelry accessories for the lingerie line, and Ivy made some suggestions. Liking the ideas, Steffy said she'd pass them on to Quinn because Ivy would be busy with a new assignment -- if Ivy was willing to be a team player.

Steffy wanted Ivy to be a new face of Forrester -- for the lingerie line. Ivy wasn't excited about the idea, and Steffy stated that Ivy had wanted to be the Face of Forrester. Ivy said she'd imagined herself doing it in clothes. Steffy claimed that lingerie was clothing. Ivy had thought Steffy was "repping" the bedroom line. Steffy said she was too busy and had a corporate image to uphold.

Steffy called it a tremendous opportunity and called Ivy her natural successor. Ivy said the job didn't feel like her. Steffy apologized, stating that she'd misunderstood Ivy's desire to prove herself and do anything that Steffy asked. Steffy said Ivy was acting as if Steffy had asked Ivy to take off her clothes and dance on a pole, but Steffy was actually offering a high-profile, respectable proposition.

Steffy thought it was weird because Ivy had been acting as if she was grateful to have her job back. Ivy claimed to be. Steffy stated that the first time she asked Ivy to do something, Ivy was turning her boss down. Steffy said Ivy was either a part of the team, or she wasn't. Ivy wondered if it was a real opportunity for Ivy or just a chance for Steffy to have fun at Ivy's expense.

Steffy asked why she'd do that. Ivy replied that Steffy wanted some kicks, but Steffy told Ivy to be more confident. She was sure Wyatt told Ivy that she had a great body all the time. Ivy said it wasn't about body image, and she didn't see parading around in underwear as a character-building activity.

Steffy claimed models would jump at the opportunity that Steffy was gifting Ivy. Ivy asked if Steffy really wanted Ivy to rep the line. Steffy claimed she did. Ivy asserted that she'd be happy to do it and asked when she'd start.

Maya asks Nicole to have a baby for her Maya asks Nicole to have a baby for her
Friday, October 9, 2015

In the CEO's office, Steffy read Ivy a press release about Ivy rejoining the jewelry team in addition to being the face and body of the bedroom line. Ivy tensely nodded, and Steffy sensed there was an issue. Ivy replied that she'd already said that traipsing around in underwear didn't feel right to her, but if Steffy wanted Ivy modeling lingerie, then Ivy would model lingerie.

Liking what she heard, Steffy selected a teddy from a rack. She wanted Ivy to feel comfortable in lingerie on and off the runway and to lose any inhibitions immediately. Steffy told Ivy to try it on for Wyatt and get comfortable with it. Steffy tried to suppress a satisfied grin as Ivy exited.

Liam entered as Ivy passed him. He congratulated Ivy, who tersely thanked him and said she'd see them later. He asked Steffy what was going on with Ivy. Steffy called them first-day jitters and claimed Ivy would be fine -- or at least Steffy thought so.

Liam noted that Steffy seemed okay with Eric getting Ivy her job back. Steffy claimed that she wasn't okay, but she was making the most of it. Liam asked what that meant and what she'd done. Steffy relayed that Ivy had said she'd do anything to prove herself, so Steffy had made Ivy into the lead model for the bedroom line. Steffy quibbled about being very busy, but he said she had to be kidding.

Steffy reasoned that the line needed a spokesmodel, and her "wonderful grandfather" had gotten Ivy rehired. Liam interjected that the rehiring was Steffy's real problem. Shrugging, she reasoned that Ivy was back, so they might as well put her front and center.

Liam stared at Steffy, who then reasoned that Ivy had wanted to be the Face of Forrester badly enough to blackmail for it. Steffy concluded that Ivy could be the Face of Forrester and show off her entire body. Steffy asked what the problem was.

Liam asked if Steffy realized that Ivy wasn't like Steffy. He said Ivy was shy, and prancing around in tiny underwear in front of cameras wasn't Ivy's thing. Steffy replied that Ivy would get over it and be fine. He asked what would happen if Ivy wasn't fine. Steffy insisted that he had nothing to worry about.

Liam said he knew what Steffy was doing; she was making Ivy's life a living hell just because she could. He understood that Steffy was still upset about the video incident. Steffy admitted that she was "pissed," but Eric wanted them to work together. She said it would take time for Ivy to earn her trust.

"By modeling lingerie for you?" Liam asked. Steffy said that Ivy wanted to be a team player, so Steffy was throwing her back into the game. He noted that she was admitting to thinking of it as a game. Steffy insisted that it could be good for Ivy, and no one knew where it would lead once Ivy surpassed her insecurities. He said Steffy was having too much fun with it.

Steffy claimed Ivy had no reason to be insecure. She said she'd given Ivy items to wear for Wyatt. "If anyone can talk her off a ledge, it's her boyfriend," Steffy concluded.

At the beach house, Wyatt was surprised when Ivy arrived. He expected her to be at work, where he'd assumed she'd been since the crack of dawn. Ivy replied that she had been. She showed him the lingerie and asked if he recognized it. Wyatt didn't, but she said he would once he saw her in it on the runway. She announced that it was her new job, courtesy of Steffy.

Wyatt assumed that Ivy believed Steffy had done it to her on purpose. Ivy didn't know what else to think. To her, it was classic Steffy, and Ivy believed she'd walked right into it. Ivy didn't want to be in public in her underwear. She revealed that she'd had nightmares about it in the past, and she didn't want to be a part of Forrester if it meant she had to do it.

Wyatt told Ivy that it was exactly the reaction Steffy wanted, and he asked if Ivy would let Steffy pull her strings. He felt that Ivy was gorgeous and had no reason to be self-conscious. He predicted that she'd be every man's fantasy, if she already wasn't, and the designs would fly off the shelves.

Wyatt asked for a sneak peek, but Ivy refused. "Fine," he said and removed his shirt. He figured he'd look "damn sexy" in lace. Ivy was mortified, but he said the only way to keep him out of the lingerie was for her to put it on first.

Later, Wyatt was antsy while waiting for Ivy to change. He knocked out some push-ups to release some of his testosterone, and Ivy strolled out in the black, one-piece with a retro-fitted bottom. Wyatt loved it, and Ivy wondered where he'd been when she'd been battling body image issues.

"Trust me. You won that battle," Wyatt responded while holding Ivy. She said that modeling it for him was one thing, but modeling it before cameras and an audience was another. He believed Ivy would be Forrester's sexiest model, and people would forget about Steffy and Brooke. He said he wasn't out to pressure her, but his unbiased opinion was, "Hot damn." She smiled as he kissed her.

At the sky lounge, Nicole and Zende flirted and worked out. He asked if she'd let him cook dinner for her that night. They kissed and joked about him kissing his workout partners. He listed girls he'd worked out with and kissed, but she wasn't fooled. She didn't believe Zende was a player.

Zende and Nicole flirted more, and he made it apparent that he wanted the night to be special. Nicole told him that she was on the way home because Pam was concerned that Maya and Rick hadn't returned from lunch. Nicole also wanted to catch up with her sister.

At the mansion, Maya and Rick kissed, and he suggested that they play sick and not return to the office that afternoon. Maya believed that Pam would be at the door with chicken soup. As Rick pondered ways to keep Pam out of the house, he thought of hiring a guard dog. He then remembered that Pam had a way with dogs, and he recalled that Tiny had been her baby.

"Maybe we should have one of those," Maya said. Rick thought she meant a dog, but she clarified, "A baby." He was taken aback by the suggestion, but he admitted that he saw her looks each time she'd see a mother and a stroller. She said they were happily married, and she wanted a family with him.

Rick confessed that he'd already looked into adoption. The method had worked well for Zende, and there were many kids just waiting for a good home. Rick was confident that they could have a child by Christmas. Maya was a proponent of adoption, but she wanted the baby to be part of each of them. She asked how he felt about surrogacy.

Rick thought that having a child that was part of each of them would be great, but it wasn't possible. Maya had been reading online and had learned that it wouldn't be impossible. He said they'd have to find a surrogate that they trusted, and she replied that she was already a step ahead of him.

Rick asked if Maya had talked to someone. Claiming she wouldn't do that without consulting him, Maya stated that she did have a person in mind who could make it possible for their baby to be part Avant and part Forrester. She said there was only one person who had the genes and the eggs. "You're talking about..." Rick assumed.

Maya asked if Rick would be okay with it. Rick hadn't really thought it about. After a moment, he said it would be a great answer. They hugged, and over her shoulder, Rick looked uncertain.

Just then, Nicole arrived, relieved to see the couple. She said that Pam was ready to send out a search party for the missing employees. Rick said it was what they got for playing hooky. Nicole offered to leave and let them get back to it, but Rick said her timing couldn't have been better.

Rick and Maya sat Nicole down to talk to her about how happy they were. Nicole didn't understand what the talk was about. Maya said it was about family and how much she loved her sister. The sisters said they'd always be there for each other. Maya hoped Nicole meant it.

Rick asked how Nicole would feel about them having a baby. Nicole thought it would be great, and the couple would make great parents. She assumed that Rick and Maya would adopt, but Maya replied that they were also thinking about surrogacy to have a baby that was part Rick. Maya claimed that she'd wanted to tell Nicole first because of how much Nicole meant to her and because of how supportive Nicole had been. Smiling, Nicole asked what little sisters were for.

Nicole believed Maya deserved to have a baby. Maya added that the baby would have her genes and Rick's genes; however, Nicole noted that it wasn't possible for Maya. Rick stated that he'd thought that, too, until Maya had suggested otherwise. Nicole didn't get it.

Maya said she knew that Nicole was young and had just moved to the city to start her life; however, it would be the best and biggest gift Nicole could give Maya. "Would you be my surrogate? Would you have our baby?" Maya asked. Nicole's eyes widened, and her lips parted in shock.

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