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Steffy overheard Thomas and Ivy talking about their indiscretion. Steffy outed Ivy to Wyatt, and he broke up with Ivy. When Ivy confronted Steffy about blabbing to Wyatt, a minor scuffle between the women led to Ivy getting electrocuted by malfunctioning electrical equipment.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 30, 2015 on B&B
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Steffy threatens to expose Ivy and Thomas Steffy threatens to expose Ivy and Thomas
Monday, December 30, 15

At the sky lounge, Thomas and Carter worked out. Thomas had thought Carter would be at the holiday dinner. Carter joked that he'd had a date and said some friends had had a dinner. A model named Kaley greeted Thomas as she walked by. Thomas barely looked at Kaley, and Carter sensed that Thomas was seeing someone.

Thomas admitted that he was trying to put something together. Carter asked if it was at work, but Thomas complained about how Ridge and Steffy were on him after the intern thing. Thomas felt that he should be the one giving Steffy love advice, not the other way around.

In the CEO's office, Liam and Steffy talked about when the couple would get married. Steffy hardly wanted to wait a year, and they joked about eloping that afternoon. Liam asked if she wanted all the bells and whistles of a wedding. She did, but it didn't matter because, at the end of it, she'd be his wife.

Talk turned to Ivy and Thomas. Steffy reported that nothing had happened when the pair had been alone at the mansion. Liam assumed that Thomas had made his move and Ivy had denied him. Steffy relayed that Thomas had been tight-lipped about it. "Yeah, because he got hosed," Liam said.

Steffy replied that Thomas wasn't giving up. Liam didn't think it would matter because Ivy was into Wyatt. Steffy didn't want to make a big deal of it; however, at the family dinner, she'd seen Ivy and Thomas interacting, and when Thomas had tried to touch Ivy, she'd pushed his hand away.

Steffy guessed it was probably nothing, but she'd gotten a secretive vibe from Thomas and Ivy. Liam smirked, and Steffy insisted that the conspicuous Ivy had been looking around to see who'd noticed them. Liam said Ivy could have been annoyed, and Thomas could "come on" really strong.

Steffy wondered why the pair had been so secretive. She said Wyatt trusted Ivy and believed he could depend upon her. Liam asked if Steffy's issues with Ivy were coloring Steffy's view. Steffy insisted that she and Ivy were in a good place and were working through their issues. Steffy said she wasn't accusing her cousin of anything. Liam responded that it was good because doing so would really screw things up.

In the design room, Wyatt tempted Ivy with doughnuts. Ivy warned him to hide the contraband from Pam. Wyatt had figured Ivy needed a recharge. Since baked goods wouldn't do it, he asked what would. Ivy flashed back to making out with Thomas. She hugged Wyatt and said "this" was all she needed.

Later, Thomas arrived. Wyatt and Ivy were examining jewels, and Thomas asked if the jewels were from the San Francisco trip. Wyatt affirmed that they were the first batch. Thomas asked if Wyatt would fly out again for the rest of them. Wyatt asserted that if he did, Ivy would go with him. Thomas said Ivy would go if she wanted to, which she hadn't wanted to do the last time.

Ivy claimed it had been due to the collection. Surprised that work kept her from doing so much, Thomas asked if it had kept her from getting home. Averting her eyes, she said she'd gone home and worked. Thomas recalled that she'd gone downstairs for something she'd wanted. Ivy glared at Thomas.

"She was working in her room," Wyatt replied. Thomas said that Ivy had changed her clothes and returned downstairs for "something hot. Soup. The lady was hungry," Thomas concluded. Perplexed, Wyatt wondered what they were talking about. The surprised Thomas said he thought the couple told each other everything about every moment in a day.

Annoyed, Ivy said that she and Wyatt were like that, and she had to get back to work. She looked for her tablet, and Wyatt said it was in the other office. She asked him to retrieve it, and he left.

"That wasn't funny!" Ivy told Thomas after Wyatt had gone. Thomas grinned, saying that she knew he wouldn't reveal anything. Ivy asked if she really did. He said that no matter what he thought of Wyatt and Ivy's relationship, it was Ivy's decision. All Thomas wanted was a chance to prove his case.

Back in the CEO's office, Wyatt entered to retrieve Ivy's tablet. He decided to show Liam and Steffy how hot Ivy's designs were. As he opened her tablet, Steffy asked if it the tablet was private. Wyatt said it was fine, and he and Ivy didn't keep things from each other.

Steffy asked again, and Wyatt asked what was going on. Wyatt had thought Steffy's issues with Ivy were behind them. Steffy claimed that it wasn't about the issues, and she'd just asked a question. Shaking her head, she decided she had to go. Wyatt stared quizzically at Liam as Steffy exited.

Back in the design room, Thomas told Ivy that it might have started out as a game, but he really liked her and wanted to see where it went. He touched her ear and said one night with her wasn't enough. Brushing his hand away, Ivy said he was making it more than it had been; they'd stayed in the same house, not the same room. He asked whose fault it had been.

Ivy stated that it shouldn't have gone as far as it had. Thomas replied that each time they hung out, it went a little further. Ivy declared that it wouldn't anymore. "Never?" he asked. Ivy scoffed, and he guessed she wanted to settle for Wyatt, though Wyatt could never satisfy her.

Ivy stated that she'd never said anything like that. Thomas claimed that Ivy didn't have to say it. He could see that she was attracted and tempted. Ivy replied that whenever she said how she felt about Wyatt, Thomas didn't listen. Thomas claimed that she kept saying she was with Wyatt but hadn't explained why. Ivy replied that she didn't think she had to.

Thomas insisted that it didn't make sense for Ivy to be with Wyatt, whose own father didn't respect him. Ivy said Thomas didn't have to get it; he just had to accept it. Thomas said he got it that Ivy felt bad. Ivy declared that she was committed to Wyatt. Thomas stated that she didn't want to hurt Wyatt. "I love him, Thomas. That's why you need to understand," Ivy responded.

Ivy conveyed that she wasn't with Wyatt because of work or obligation; they loved and supported each other. What she and Wyatt had was incredible. She didn't want to jeopardize it. Thomas asked why she'd kissed him. Ivy didn't know, but it wasn't her. She didn't act upon feelings like that.

Thomas said it wasn't wrong to act upon passion and desire. Ivy said it was wrong if it wasn't with her boyfriend. Thomas believed that having the feelings with someone else should tell her something. Ivy called the act selfish and thoughtless. He said she'd done what she'd wanted, and she shouldn't feel guilty. Ivy replied that she did feel guilty; she wasn't in the same position as the single Thomas was.

In the corridor, Steffy approached the cracked door of the design room. Inside, Ivy said she couldn't act on any impulse that she had because she was in a relationship. She decided to tell him -- for a final time -- that what had happened between them that night should never have happened. She felt guilty, she felt awful, and it could never happen again. Steffy hid as Ivy left the room.

Back in the CEO's office, Wyatt asked his brother why Steffy was acting weird and suddenly concerned about Ivy's privacy. Liam asked if Steffy had been acting weird, and Wyatt accused Liam of doing it, too. Liam said it was Thomas, not Ivy. Wyatt figured no one was happy about that guy.

Wyatt complained about Thomas' condescending attitude and reminded Liam of Thomas' behavior in the meeting. Liam said Thomas' attitude hadn't changed. Wyatt relayed that Thomas hadn't let up on Ivy, who was with Thomas. "Then what are you doing in here?" Liam asked.

Wyatt said it was because he feared he might hit Thomas. Liam asserted that Wyatt had just said Thomas was getting too close. Wyatt stated that Thomas wasn't letting up, but Ivy wasn't having it. Wyatt figured that Thomas could make a fool of himself, but Wyatt was too smart to play the jealous Neanderthal boyfriend.

Ivy entered, saying that Wyatt was too smart for his own good. Liam took off, and Wyatt guessed Ivy had heard the conversation. She had, so Wyatt stated that he'd meant it when he'd said he wasn't stressing about Thomas. Ivy repeated that Wyatt didn't want to sound like a jealous boyfriend. Wyatt said he wasn't jealous because he knew Ivy could handle Thomas.

Ivy admitted being caught in the middle because Wyatt didn't like Thomas, and she had to also hear what Thomas had to say about Wyatt. She said she'd made her position clear, and as far as she was concerned, Thomas would no longer be an issue for them.

Back in the design room, Thomas measured Helen, a model, and she mentioned that a club was opening that weekend. He asked if she'd go to it, and she said she would if he asked her. He guessed she'd caught him at the right time. She deemed it her lucky day, and he said he was glad it was someone's.

Steffy breezed in and asked for a moment alone with her brother. Thomas told Helen that he'd message her later. Once alone with Thomas, Steffy said it wasn't nice to lead Helen on when he had a woman in his life. He claimed to have lots of women in his life, like his sister and mother. Steffy said she was referring to the secret one, the jewelry designer.

Thomas replied that they'd already established that Ivy was with Wyatt. Steffy replied that it hadn't stopped Thomas from kissing Ivy. Thomas called it old news. Steffy asked if she was supposed to believe he'd spent a night alone in the mansion with Ivy without a goodnight kiss. He quipped that she was rubbing it in that nothing had happened.

Steffy revealed that she'd overheard Ivy talking about how guilty she'd felt. Steffy asserted that Thomas had lied to her about that night, and Ivy felt terrible about whatever had happened. Steffy figured it was why Ivy had avoided him at Thanksgiving. Thomas said Ivy and Steffy were making a big deal out of nothing. Thomas tried to leave, but Steffy said she'd tell Wyatt what she'd heard.

Turning around, Thomas asked why. He said that he and Ivy had made out a little bit, but that was it. Steffy was upset that, the moment Wyatt had left town, Ivy had made out with someone else. Steffy asserted that she'd told her brother to respect that relationship.

Thomas insisted that the relationship was fine and intact. Steffy said Ivy was supposed to love Wyatt, not cheat on him with Thomas. She stated that Ivy had betrayed Wyatt, and Wyatt needed to know it.

Which Forrester will kiss and tell? Which Forrester will kiss and tell?
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Steffy debated whether Ivy had cheated on Wyatt with Thomas. Thomas maintained that they had kissed and made out, nothing more. Steffy insisted that if Ivy had been truly loyal to Wyatt, she would never have kissed Thomas.

Steffy couldn't believe that Thomas had been so bold as to go after Ivy. Thomas said that Ivy had been a willing participant. Thomas advised Steffy to quit being so melodramatic. Thomas reminded his sister that he and Ivy had kissed, and it had stopped there. He added that they had done nothing Ivy deserved to be publicly shamed over.

Steffy quizzed Thomas about why he had decided to go after Ivy. Steffy guessed that it was all to get back at the Spencers. Thomas agreed that it had been a challenge at first, but he genuinely cared about Ivy. He insisted that Ivy could "do a hell of a lot better than a Spencer."

Steffy countered that Wyatt could also do a lot better than Ivy. Thomas argued that Ivy was "gorgeous, stunning, and different." He reminded Steffy that he had not crossed any major lines.

Steffy disagreed. She said Ivy was supposed to be loyal to Wyatt, who deserved a loyal girlfriend. Thomas advised his sister to pretend she had seen nothing and let it go. "I'm sorry. I don't think I can do that," she said. She left, and Thomas looked worried.

In another office, Ivy and Wyatt kissed and embraced. Ivy told Wyatt that she had already told Thomas that Wyatt was the only man in her life. Wyatt said he wished he could have seen Thomas' face. Ivy turned away and looked guilty. She said she had to tell him something, but Liam entered and interrupted.

Wyatt quizzed his brother about whether he and Steffy had made any wedding plans. Liam said they hadn't. Wyatt noted that it had to feel good to know that he and Steffy were finally going to be together "after all this time." Liam said he had known they were meant to be together. Wyatt noted it was good to have a trusting relationship. Ivy looked guilty, and she left the brothers alone.

At the Spencer house, Bill admired Katie while she cooked pasta. "You look hot," he said. She teased that it was because she was barefoot, in the kitchen, and ready to serve him. They both laughed, and Bill kissed her. He said that they were lucky. He was grateful for all they had. He wanted the same for his grown sons. Katie noted that Liam and Steffy were engaged, but she wasn't sure Steffy would give Liam much stability.

Bill wondered if Wyatt and Ivy were headed toward marriage as well -- "a double wedding," Bill said. Bill was amorous. "Just kiss me like you mean it," he said. Katie remarked that Bill was happy because he had just closed a big deal. He agreed, and after they ate pasta, Bill and Katie made out and removed their clothes. A shirtless Bill laid a half-naked Katie on the kitchen island and kissed her passionately.

Later, Wyatt and Ivy made out in another office. Wyatt remarked that Ivy had brightened his life, warmed the cold spots, and provided charm and fun to everything. He was glad they had met and had become best friends first. Wyatt preached that they had learned to trust each other right off the bat. Ivy looked guilty. "I want to deserve that. I will. I promise," she said.

Ivy told Wyatt how much she appreciated him and didn't want to lose him. They kissed some more. Thomas entered and demanded to speak to Ivy alone.

Ivy refused and said that he could say whatever he wanted to Wyatt and Ivy because they had no secrets. Thomas balked, but then Ivy refused to stay, and she left.

Wyatt warned Thomas to stay away from Ivy. Wyatt reminded Thomas that Ivy had already told him to leave her alone. "Back off," Wyatt said. Wyatt added that she was not available and was committed to him. Liam listened at the door.

Later in another office, Steffy told Liam that Thomas had confessed that he and Ivy and had been making out at the Forrester mansion when Wyatt had gone out of town. Liam argued that Thomas often embellished things.

Steffy maintained that Ivy had cheated on Wyatt. Liam was unconvinced and believed the truth was somewhere between what Thomas had said and Ivy's version. He advised Steffy to stay out of it. He said it a half dozen times and encouraged Steffy to let Wyatt and Ivy work things out.

Steffy sat in her office, and Ivy entered to tell her about a meeting. Steffy quizzed Ivy about spending a lot of time with Thomas. Ivy chalked it up to choosing jewelry to go with his dress designs, but Steffy eventually called her out. Steffy admitted that she had learned all about Ivy's encounter with Thomas while Wyatt had been out of town. Ivy dismissed the idea at first, but Steffy pressured her.

Ivy admitted that she and Thomas had kissed, but it would never happen again. Ivy added that it was none of Steffy's business. Steffy argued that Wyatt would soon be her brother-in-law, and he deserved a woman who would be loyal to him. She insisted that Ivy had to tell Wyatt what had happened -- or Steffy would. Ivy looked distraught.

Will she or won't she? Will she or won't she?
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Ivy insisted it was none of Steffy's business that she and Thomas had kissed. Steffy maintained that Ivy had cheated on Wyatt. Steffy insisted that Ivy had to tell Wyatt -- or Steffy would.

Ivy said it had all been a mistake. She couldn't believe she had done it, and she felt horrible about it. Steffy understood and maintained that she wasn't trying to attack Ivy, but she wanted to stand up for Wyatt.

"Wouldn't you want to know?" Steffy asked. Ivy agreed she would, and Steffy added that it was only fair. Ivy said she had no excuse, but there was something about Thomas. "But it doesn't change my feelings about Wyatt," she said.

Ivy promised to tell Wyatt. She did not want Steffy to tell him. Steffy agreed. Ivy said she would tell Wyatt immediately.

In the design office, Wyatt lectured Thomas on staying away from Ivy. Liam had been standing in the doorway and overheard the conversation. Thomas invited Liam in to make it a "family affair." Wyatt continued to reiterate that Ivy was his girlfriend and uninterested in Thomas. "So back off. Ivy is committed to me," Wyatt said. He declared Ivy was off-limits.

Liam stepped in and said that Wyatt had made his point, and he was sure that Thomas would agree. Thomas said that he understood why Wyatt had been attracted to Ivy, and he wasn't trying to cause problems. "But I don't get what she sees in you," Thomas said.

Liam left, and Wyatt continued to badger Thomas. Ivy walked in, and Thomas left. Ivy looked upset. Wyatt said he felt he might have gotten through to Thomas. He noticed that Ivy was agitated, and he asked what was wrong. "It's Thomas," Ivy answered.

Wyatt understood that Thomas had been making unwelcome advances, and he hoped it would end. He knew that it was all Thomas' fault, because he had become accustomed to "the models drooling over him."

Wyatt wanted to stop talking about Thomas. He wanted Ivy to meet him for dinner and a jump in the ocean. Ivy said it sounded wonderful, but they had to talk. Wyatt agreed and said they could talk over dinner. They kissed, and Ivy told Wyatt what "a wonderful, kind man" he was. "I appreciate you, and I'm so happy with you," Ivy said.

At Bill's house, Katie and Bill were in bed, and they noted that the silence was nice because Will had been napping. Bill promised that Katie would not be getting any sleep because he had plans for more one-on-one time with his wife. They drank wine and made out. Katie said that she liked the new Bill.

Bill agreed he had wasted "way too much time worrying about Liam and Wyatt." He felt they were getting their acts together. He added that Katie should admit that Steffy was the right woman for Liam. Katie grew cool. "We were having such a nice time," she said.

Bill said that Steffy clearly loved Liam. Katie said she felt Wyatt and Liam should do whatever they wanted to do. Bill wondered if Steffy and Liam might want to marry at the Spencer house. Bill was happy that his boys appeared to be settling down, especially Liam. "He deserves some happiness like this," Bill said.

Bill added that Hope had put Liam and Wyatt through the ringer. Katie cautioned Bill not to talk badly about her niece, but she understood that Wyatt and Liam had experienced a lot of drama. Bill and Katie made love.

Later, Bill and Katie snuggled, and Bill said he wanted to "do this more often." Katie said she loved that he appreciated her. They exchange I love you's, and Bill admitted that his new, improved version was "just a byproduct of having such a phenomenal wife." "It doesn't get any better than this," Katie said. "No it doesn't," Bill agreed.

Liam entered Steffy's office, and she reminded Liam that he loved her and had proposed to her. "What did you do?" he asked. She admitted that she had told Ivy she knew about Ivy kissing Thomas, and Ivy had to tell Wyatt or Steffy would.

"Oh, my God, Steffy," Liam shouted. "I'm glad I did it," Steffy countered. Liam was exasperated. Steffy maintained that she was looking out for his brother. Liam replied that it was up to Ivy to tell Wyatt -- not Steffy. Steffy called Ivy untrustworthy, and Liam grew impatient. "Let Ivy be the one. Promise me, Steffy," Liam pleaded.

At Wyatt's, Ivy lit candles and spread them around the room. Liam entered and said that he had received Ivy's text. Ivy started to explain, but Liam said Steffy had filled him in. Ivy said she planned to tell Wyatt that evening. She didn't have a reason for falling for Thomas' flirtations. Ivy worried that Steffy would tell Wyatt, but Liam promised that Steffy would not say anything. Ivy wondered if she would lose Wyatt. Liam said he had a right to know. Ivy wanted to get it over with.

At Forrester, Wyatt entered Steffy's office to deliver some papers. Steffy started a conversation about Ivy's commitment to Wyatt. Steffy hoped that Ivy appreciated him. Wyatt happily said she did. Steffy wondered if he knew his girlfriend as well as he thought he did.

Wyatt grew impatient because Steffy clearly had something she disliked about Ivy. Steffy said she was looking out for Wyatt. He thanked her but said there would be no issues if her brother Thomas, "the resident playboy," hadn't been hitting on Ivy. Wyatt maintained that Ivy was loyal to him and would not betray him.

Steffy wondered if Ivy had been so innocent. She suggested that Wyatt talk to Ivy. "What are you implying? Tell me what you think you know," Wyatt ordered. "She's been unfaithful. Ivy cheated on you with Thomas," Steffy announced.

Steffy beats Ivy to her confession Steffy beats Ivy to her confession
Thursday, December 3, 2015

In the design office, Quinn ran an idea past Thomas then asked to get personal with him. She said that she knew he had a thing for Ivy, her son's girlfriend. He figured she was fighting her son's battles. Quinn didn't know there was a battle for Ivy and quipped that Thomas was supposed to be irresistible to women. He asked if Quinn thought so. "No, but you do," Quinn replied.

Thomas guessed that Quinn was an exception to the rule. Quinn said he couldn't handle a woman like her. He asked if it was a challenge. In a cutesy voice, she called him a charmer with an ego. Quinn said she wasn't defending her son's relationship. She just didn't want Wyatt to get hurt. Quinn had learned to like Ivy, but in Quinn's view, Wyatt was better suited for Steffy.

Quinn knew that Thomas had no respect for Wyatt, which was the reason Thomas was going after Wyatt's girlfriend. She also didn't think Thomas would even be interested in syrupy Ivy if Ivy didn't belong to Wyatt. Thomas gleaned that Quinn had no respect for Ivy.

Quinn said she liked Ivy; however, Steffy was a powerhouse, and Wyatt and Steffy had once shared an interest in each other. Thomas noted that the problem with Quinn's romance novel was that Steffy was in love with Liam. Quinn didn't get why Steffy was. Thomas assumed it was history. Quinn said Steffy hadn't learned from it, and Thomas quipped, "And thus is doomed to repeat."

Quinn remarked that Wyatt being with Steffy would open up the field for Thomas. Thomas noted that Quinn was calculating. Quinn claimed to just want her son to be happy. She hated to say it, but she felt Ivy was beneath Wyatt. "But not beneath me?" Thomas asked.

Shrugging, Quinn figured that, in Thomas' view, all women were beneath him. She noted that he treated them all the same, like pleasure pieces. He said it wasn't true, and she asked if he could be serious about a woman. He replied that it wouldn't be the first time. She asked if he could be serious about Ivy. He said an affirmative response would fit into Quinn's calculated puzzle.

At the beach house, Liam didn't understand why Ivy would cheat on Wyatt -- and with Thomas of all people. Liam had always known her to be a good person. Ivy replied that she was fallible. Liam asked how she could let it happen with Thomas. She replied that it had been a perfect storm; Thomas had saved her from the falling light, and they'd been alone in the house.

Liam asked if Thomas had been aggressive with her. Ivy claimed that Thomas had been a gentleman. Liam quipped that gentlemen didn't make moves on unavailable women. She guessed that she hadn't resisted enough. Ivy claimed that Thomas had a swagger with women, and before she'd known it, they'd started kissing. She knew it sounded really bad.

Liam stated that it hadn't been as bad as it could have been. Ivy replied that she wouldn't have gone all the way. Liam believed that Thomas would have, and it was the reason Liam felt that she had to stay away from Thomas. Liam didn't even think she should be in the same office with Thomas. Ivy declared that it wouldn't happen again, and she'd made it clear to Thomas.

Ivy figured that she'd put Liam in a tough position. Liam said that he and Wyatt had their differences, but he wanted what was best for Wyatt. Liam had thought it was Ivy. Ivy exclaimed that it was she, and Liam replied that he wasn't the one she had to convince. Ivy said she was human just like anyone else, and she couldn't lose Wyatt over something like "this."

Liam told Ivy to be as open and honest as she could be. Ivy asked what to do if it didn't work. Liam replied that she had to tell herself that it wasn't meant to be. Ivy bashed herself for hurting someone she loved "so much." She stated that Wyatt had to forgive her. She was sure it would take time, but she said working through things was what she and Wyatt did together.

Liam hugged Ivy and said to let him know if she needed a shoulder.

In the CEO's office, Wyatt was disappointed in Steffy for carrying on the vendetta against Ivy. He said that Steffy didn't really believe what she was saying, or Steffy was deluding herself if she did believe it because Ivy wouldn't cheat on him with Thomas or anyone else.

Wyatt felt that Ivy had been the most loyal woman he'd ever been close to. Steffy explained that, after she'd learned from Thomas that he'd kissed Ivy at the office, she'd told him to back off and respect the relationship Ivy had with Wyatt; however, Steffy had then overheard Ivy, who'd been emotional and guilt-ridden, telling Thomas that "it" would never happen again.

Still in denial, Wyatt asked what it had been. Steffy said she'd gone to Thomas for an explanation, and though Thomas had denied it at first, he eventually admitted that something had happened. "Did they...?" Wyatt slowly asked. Steffy indicated that it wasn't what Wyatt was thinking, but she'd confronted Ivy, who then confessed to cheating on Wyatt with Thomas.

Steffy relayed that after she'd confronted Ivy, Ivy had had no choice but to admit it. Steffy had told Ivy that Wyatt deserved to know. Even though Ivy had said she'd tell Wyatt, Steffy didn't know if Ivy would. Wyatt asked if Steffy was sure there hadn't been any sex. Steffy asked what the difference was and said kissing and making out was still cheating.

Steffy was sorry about dumping it on Wyatt, but he'd deserved the truth. Wyatt felt like an idiot, but Steffy said Ivy was the idiot for turning her back on him. He guessed he needed to talk to Ivy. He thanked Steffy and walked out.

Later, Liam arrived and told Steffy that Ivy had called him over to the beach house to talk about what she'd told Steffy. Steffy was sure Ivy wouldn't tell Wyatt the truth. Liam replied that Ivy would do just that, and it would blow Wyatt's mind. "No, it won't. Wyatt knows. I told him," Steffy revealed.

Back at the beach house, a solemn Wyatt arrived. Ivy offered him some wine and said that they really needed to talk. He noted her jitteriness, and she said something had been weighing on her. She asked Wyatt not to doubt how much she loved him. Wyatt's support and love meant everything to her. She said he'd been good to her and good for her.

Wyatt said they'd been good for each other, and they could take whatever the world threw at them. They'd had each other's backs through honesty and trust. Those things had been what their relationship had been based upon. Ivy replied that he'd once said he'd never give up on her or on them, and she needed to know he'd meant it.

Wyatt stated that he'd never go back on his word, not to someone he loved and trusted so deeply. He said they'd been through a lot of disappointments and rejection. It had supposedly been their fresh start. He recalled that he'd made light of Thomas flirting with Ivy.

Wyatt recalled that he had been flattered that someone had had the hots for his girl. He hadn't needed Ivy's reassurance because he'd had total faith in her. Ivy shed tears as he guessed it had been misplaced. He said he'd been so sure and so wrong. "Thomas? Of all people, Thomas?" Wyatt asked.

Ivy said that it had been stupid and a mistake. She didn't even know how it had happened. She asserted that she was "so in love" with Wyatt, and he was the only man she wanted to be with. Ivy reached for him, but he pulled back. She asked Wyatt not to give up on them.

Ivy gets the shock of her life Ivy gets the shock of her life
Friday, December 4, 2015

In the design room, Thomas noted that Quinn was pushing hard to match-make Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn disagreed and called herself an observant mother. Quinn thought the relationship Wyatt had with Ivy was tolerable, but Wyatt would be a better fit for Steffy.

Pam arrived, looking for Ridge or Steffy. Pam relayed that Jake had messaged her about the backstage electrical system being on fire. Just then, Pam received a message that Jake had reached Steffy, and Pam told Quinn and Thomas that they could carry on.

Pam left, and Thomas asked Quinn to say she hadn't started the electrical fire. Quinn grimaced, and he said he'd heard the stories. She replied that she was reformed, but Thomas said he'd heard the stories about Liam. Quinn stated that Liam was as annoying as hell, but she wasn't starting any fires around him. "Stabbing attempts, though," Thomas said, and she guessed he'd done his homework.

Quinn had no ill will toward the "rescue ranger." In her view, Steffy wasn't one of those women who needed to be saved normally -- except from Liam. Thomas figured Quinn thought Wyatt was the man for the job, and if things didn't work out for Ivy and Wyatt, Quinn might get her wish.

At the CEO's office, Liam was upset that Steffy had told Wyatt about Thomas and Ivy. Steffy hadn't wanted to be the one to do it, but because she believed that Ivy wouldn't do it, Steffy had felt that she'd had no choice. Liam exclaimed that Steffy had known how important it was to him, she hadn't given Ivy the chance, and Steffy had done the opposite of what he'd told her to do.

Steffy had thought Liam would trust her judgment. Liam countered that he'd thought she'd trust his. Liam had been with Ivy, who'd been preparing to confess. He was sure that Wyatt would go home and toss Ivy out, and it wasn't fair that Steffy had robbed Ivy of the chance to tell Wyatt gently and in her own way. "Why did you have to interfere?" Liam grumbled.

Backstage later, Steffy and Liam had arrived to talk to Jake and the maintenance man as they descended the steps of a raised landing on which a tall bundle of sizzling wires sat. The maintenance man didn't know what the issue was, but while he and Jake went to switch off the main breaker, he asked Liam and Steffy to make sure no one got near the wiring.

The men left, and Steffy joked about her and Liam guarding the shorted-out electrical board. She said they had electricity between them even when he was mad at her.

Liam and Steffy resumed arguing, but when the power went out for a moment, Steffy joked that it could have been their moment. Liam wanted Steffy to stop playing around. Steffy said that Ivy didn't need protecting, and Steffy had tried to avoid telling Wyatt, who'd managed to pull it out of her. The lights flickered again, and Steffy asked if it should have happened.

Liam replied that none of it should have happened, and he'd thought Steffy had been done with all the animosity. Steffy replied that she was trying to be, and she'd only done what she'd thought was right. Liam stated that he knew it, and she asked if he'd forgive her. He said it wasn't he who needed to; it was Ivy and Wyatt. Liam asked Steffy to leave the situation alone and stay away from Ivy.

At the beach house, Ivy pleaded with Wyatt not to let the kisses with Thomas ruin their relationship. She said she hadn't given up on them, and the kisses hadn't even been about them. Wyatt replied that if she believed that, then he never even knew her. Ivy said she was freaking out, trying to figure out how to make it work. Wyatt asked her why she'd turned to Thomas.

Wyatt didn't know why Ivy would look twice at Thomas -- or any man -- if she loved Wyatt as she'd said she did. Ivy didn't know what to say. She admitted that there had been an attraction. Wyatt raged that Thomas was good-looking, as was any model around the job; however, Wyatt thought he'd been in a committed relationship, which meant that he didn't let attractions dictate his choices.

Wyatt asked if Ivy knew what he'd been saying to his mother while Ivy had been making out with "Mr. Abs." He said he'd told his mother that he'd trusted the loyal and devoted Ivy, who'd been good to him. Ivy claimed to still be that person, but she'd just been a little lost.

Wyatt guessed that being lost wasn't hard for Ivy, who'd used that excuse for the blackmail after Aly's death. He figured that there was more, and Ivy admitted that there had been other kisses. The seething Wyatt asked if she really wanted to be with an entitled, spoiled brat who just wanted to sleep around and have one-night stands.

Ivy declared that she didn't want to be with Thomas. She said she was in love with Wyatt, and she needed to know what to do. She wanted him to trust that it wouldn't happen again, but Wyatt thought she'd used the wrong word choice. Ivy said she wanted to deserve his trust again.

Wyatt couldn't believe he'd been gone for one night, and Ivy had turned to Thomas. Wyatt said she was asking him to constantly worry that a man would say one nice thing to her, and it would get her into bed. Ivy objected, but he continued, saying he'd thought she'd wanted a relationship with honesty. He recalled that she'd laughed off his concern, as if she'd had no interest in Thomas.

Ivy claimed that she hadn't realized the appeal yet. Wyatt couldn't believe he'd had to find out from Steffy. Ivy became outraged because she'd told Steffy to stay out of it and not say anything. He asked if Ivy was seriously upset with Steffy. Ivy replied that it hadn't been Steffy's business, and he'd needed to hear it from Ivy first.

Wyatt asserted that Steffy was his friend, who'd been looking out for him. Ivy called Steffy's actions self-serving. Ivy believed that Steffy didn't like her and had told Wyatt to prevent Ivy from revealing the issue in the right way. Ivy asked him not to let Steffy win by ending things end because of her. Wyatt replied that Steffy wasn't the cause; Ivy was.

Wyatt refused to share Ivy with another man or to wonder who she'd be thinking about when she was with him. Ivy declared that it wouldn't happen. "If you want Thomas, you got him!" Wyatt concluded and stormed out of the house.

Sometime later, Wyatt returned to talk to Ivy more, but she wasn't there. He flashed back on their time together as he sat down to wait for her.

At Pam's desk later, Ivy asked where Steffy was. Pam stated that Steffy was backstage, dealing with an electrical malfunction. Ivy said that if anyone needed her, she'd be dealing with Steffy's personality malfunction.

When Ivy arrived backstage, Steffy was text-messaging Liam about whether Jake had found the breaker. Ivy figured Steffy was plotting to break up someone else and said Steffy had only told Wyatt to hurt Ivy. Steffy said she'd only done what she'd thought was right, and she'd had to tell Wyatt the truth. Ivy argued that it had been Steffy's twisted version of it, and Wyatt had walked out on Ivy.

Steffy said she was sorry, but the responsibility was on Ivy. Ivy figured Steffy hadn't been able to wait to blab to Wyatt. Steffy decided to leave, but Ivy continued to argue as they passed by the steps to the electrical landing. Steffy told Ivy that it was on her, and she couldn't blame Steffy.

Ivy grabbed Steffy's elbow. Snatching it back, Steffy instructed Ivy to unhand her. Steffy said that Ivy had done the cheating and needed to take responsibility. Steffy and Ivy talked over each other as Steffy checked her phone. Ivy grabbed it and tossed it through the rails guarding the tall bundle of popping wires. The phone slid beneath the wires on the landing.

Outraged, Steffy climbed the steps to the landing and bent over to retrieve the phone from beneath the bundle of wires. Ivy followed and grabbed Steffy's arm. Steffy snatched herself away and inadvertently knocked Ivy into the sizzling wires. Horrified, Steffy watched Ivy get electrocuted for several moments. Motionless, Ivy slid down to the floor, and Steffy screamed for help.

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