The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 25, 2016 on B&B
Katie overheard Brooke's confession of love to Bill and vowed to wipe Brooke out of her life. When Liam awakened, he didn't know who he was, but he was grateful to his angelic caretaker, Quinn. Wyatt and Steffy drew closer after Wyatt gave her what she needed to let go of the guilt from the miscarriage.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 25, 2016 on B&B
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Katie overhears what she should never know Katie overhears what she should never know
Monday, January 25, 2016

At the cabin, Quinn asked Liam why he'd kissed her hand. The dazed Liam didn't understand what she was saying. She promised to take good care of him and asked if he knew what day it was or who the president was. Liam couldn't provide answers, and she asked if he knew who he was.

After a while, Liam roused again. Quinn asked how he felt. He murmured that he felt weird and drifted off to sleep again. Quinn said they were in a dilemma. She wasn't quite sure what to do.

Quinn pondered that it had been fate that Liam had passed out in front of her, and it might have happened because Steffy and Wyatt belonged together. Quinn wasn't one to mess with fate but she promised to take good care of Liam -- and give Wyatt the chance he deserved at happiness.

"I'm tired..." Liam replied. Quinn had a medical site up and was tracking his symptoms. She told him to let her see what it said about rest, but he fell asleep. She joked about him, of all people, being helpless in her bed -- and he wasn't even tied up.

Quinn decided that Liam's body was telling him that he needed to rest. She figured she'd give him that time, so they didn't have to call emergency services. Quinn planned to take care of Liam, and she believed that he'd be okay. She just needed a little more time.

Quinn flashed back to locking Liam in the steam room. She recalled sticking him in the neck with his sword charm and attacking him at the cliff house with her hand-crafted sword. She clasped the hand that he'd kissed as she remembered him kissing it, and she looked sorrowfully at him.

At the beach, Wyatt and Steffy kissed and sat in the sand. He said that the kiss had been good and joked that practice made perfect. She replied that he was cute. He was glad she'd finally noticed.

Wyatt and Steffy continued to frolic and play at the beach. Steffy exclaimed that it had been just what she'd needed. Wyatt said it meant that he knew what was best for her, so when he said something, she had to just shut up and do it. "Not a chance," Steffy playfully replied, and he spun her around.

Later, Steffy and Wyatt arrived at Wyatt's house, and she couldn't believe how long it had been since she'd had fun at the beach. She wanted to downscale her life and ride the waves all day. He replied that he'd done it for a few months and had lived in a little beach shack in Hawaii.

Steffy said she might be too driven to take a hiatus like that. Wyatt decided that they should look for a place at the moment. Steffy realized that the craziest thing about Wyatt was that he was serious about it. Wyatt stated that he was happiest going with the flow. She said it was the kind of mentality she needed and wondered where he'd been all of her life.

Steffy appreciated what Wyatt had done and how he'd helped her forget about Liam for a few hours. Wyatt thought he should say his job was done, but it wasn't. He believed she was too great of a person to be waiting around in pain for Liam. Instead, she should be deciding about someone who appreciated her. Steffy asked if Wyatt had any suggestions, and he stated that he had an idea.

Wyatt was sorry that Liam had hurt Steffy, but Wyatt figured that beach days helped. He offered the use of his shower, and after thanking him again, she headed to the back to take a shower.

Quinn called Wyatt and asked what he was doing. "Talking to you..." Wyatt replied. She wanted to know if he'd been with Steffy and if Liam had showed up. Wyatt relayed that Liam had text-messaged that he wouldn't be there, and Steffy had been upset. Quinn quizzed him on what was going on, and Wyatt revealed that he and Steffy had hung out at the beach.

Quinn called it quality time. Annoyed, Wyatt said he and Steffy had had a good day, and even though he hoped to use his brother's absence to sway Steffy his way, he reasoned that he and Steffy had each been through a lot. Quinn said to take it easy, take advantage of the situation, and charm Steffy. Quinn was sure Liam wouldn't be an issue that night. "I'm hanging up now. Bye," Wyatt said.

At Forrester, Eric greeted Katie, who'd arrived to let Forrester know about editorial changes at Spencer. Eric was glad to see her and after complimenting her, he asked how things were going with the threesome at Spencer. Katie believed it was "so far, so good."

Eric admitted that he'd questioned the wisdom of Brooke and Bill working together. Katie remarked that Eric hadn't been the only one. No one was more aware of their history than Katie; however, Katie couldn't imagine life without her sister, and she also loved her husband. Katie believed that living in the past was a mistake, and forgiving and moving on was the right choice.

Katie's sense of forgiveness reminded Eric of her mother. Katie said it hadn't been easy, but it had paid off. She was right where she wanted to be, surrounded by family and rebuilding her relationship with her sister. Katie felt connected to Bill. What she and Bill had been through had made them stronger, and with one look from him, she could tell how much he loved her.

At Spencer, Bill wished he could turn off his feelings, but his memories kept taking him back. It had been the most incredible time in Brooke's life, but she said they couldn't think of it. Bill didn't think it mattered what promises they made or intentions they had; none of it would change what they'd had and how they felt about each other. Brooke refused to get between Katie and her family again.

Bill stated that he wasn't asking Brooke to do it. He felt he'd never been happier with Katie, and he didn't want to compromise Will's family or place in the world. Brooke said they just had to bury their feelings, but Bill asked how it was working for them thus far. Brooke didn't want to talk about it, but Bill said he'd put his feelings on the line, too.

Brooke stated that she and Bill had opened their hearts and been honest about their feelings; however, they couldn't act upon them. She said she couldn't work there otherwise. She asserted that they'd made a vow to be friends. He asked if she could do it. Brooke replied that she could, and betraying her sister wasn't an option.

Bill didn't want to jeopardize everything he had, either, but he also couldn't pretend that he didn't feel what he felt. Brooke insisted that he had to. He asked her if she could do that after all they'd shared. He recalled that they'd been building a life together. He couldn't forget all they'd gone through. He didn't want to forget -- but he could let it go.

Bill said that he could stay committed to his family, but he couldn't erase "us" or Brooke from his mind. Brooke said that after she'd lost Bill, she'd locked herself in her house and turned to alcohol, but it hadn't worked. She'd ached for him more.

Brooke wished things could be different, and they could have a chance; however it wasn't in cards. She appreciated everything Bill had done for her. He'd given her strength and made her believe in herself the way no man ever had.

Unbeknownst to Brooke and Bill, Katie pushed the office door open a little and watched and listened to them.

Brooke didn't know if she could work there each day, and she felt that Katie would know something. She decided she'd turn down the job offer, but Bill believed it was too late for that. Brooke insisted that it was too risky. She wasn't good at hiding her feelings, and Katie knew her too well.

Cupping Bill's face, Brooke said that she loved him, and he'd always be the greatest love of her life. She stated that Katie could never know it.

Katie shrank away from the door. As Brooke hugged Bill, Katie sobbed outside the door.

Memories return with consequences Memories return with consequences
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
by Pam

At Spencer, Katie stood outside the door to Bill's office, and she overheard Brooke tell Bill that he was the love of her life and always would be. Katie ran away from the door, sobbing.

Brooke insisted she had to leave Spencer. Bill said it was not a good idea. Brooke wished that she had kept her mouth shut about the fact that she still loved Bill. He reasoned that they had lived together and almost been married. It was normal that they would still have some connection. "You're married to my sister," Brooke reminded him.

Bill maintained that the important thing was that no damage had been done. "We haven't crossed any lines," he said. Brooke agreed. Bill pointed out that he didn't want to lose his wife and family, and Brooke didn't want to lose her sister.

"Her happiness means more than anything," Brooke said. Brooke and Bill agreed to hide their feelings and leave them in the past. They vowed that Katie would never find out that they had kissed. "We can do this. We are strong enough. She will never find out about any of this," Bill announced.

Katie cried in another office where she tried to convince herself that what she had seen hadn't happened. She insisted aloud that it wasn't happening. "She said she wouldn't do this. She promised," Katie said through tears.

Katie shook as she took a drink of liquor. She grabbed a picture of herself with Brooke. Katie flashed back to her wedding day when Brooke had promised she would never interfere in Katie's marriage.

Katie flashed back to when she had asked Brooke to work at Spencer. She smashed the picture and fell to the floor. She grabbed her chest, and Brooke entered. Katie shrieked at her. "Don't you touch me," Katie said. Brooke tried to care for Katie, and insisted they had to call the doctor.

"I know what you said. I know what you said to Bill. You're still in love with my husband!" Katie said. Brooke turned and looked guilty.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt got two beers from the refrigerator, and Steffy walked out of his bathroom after she had taken a shower. She noted that they had the same taste in shampoo, but Wyatt admitted that the shampoo belonged to Ivy. Steffy changed the subject and said she had needed the day in the ocean with Wyatt. He asked if she had heard from Liam, and she had not.

Wyatt said he was surprised Liam hadn't shown up. Steffy lamented that Liam had refused to give her one more chance. "All he had to do was come home. I don't understand why he didn't," she said.

Steffy asked how Wyatt was doing. She sympathized that his girlfriend -- almost fiancée -- had left the country. Wyatt said he knew his relationship was over, but Steffy was in limbo.

"You're better at hiding your hurt than I am," Steffy said. Wyatt insisted he was trying to put it all behind him. Steffy joked that he had to get rid of Ivy's things.

Wyatt joked that the flowered shower cap, leopard things, and bedazzled robe were all his. They both laughed. "You bring out my adventurous side," Steffy said. Wyatt noted that it was better than watching Bob Hope movies.

"You're gonna be okay. You're gonna get through this," Wyatt said. The conversation changed to the kiss they had shared on the beach. "You kissed me," Steffy said. Wyatt disagreed and said it had been Steffy who had kissed him. They laughed and flirted. "I want to get on with my life. I have so much history with Liam. I'm confused why he ended things," she said.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam continued to sleep. Quinn's phone rang, and Quinn lectured the caller. "You have some nerve," she said. Ivy was the caller. Ivy told Quinn that she had enjoyed working with Quinn. She insisted that she had loved Quinn's son.

Ivy asked about Liam. Quinn wondered why she would call Quinn to ask about Liam. Ivy explained that she hadn't heard from him after he'd fallen and hit his head on the plane in Sydney. Quinn angrily told Ivy that Ivy had not had any compassion for Wyatt. She hung up on Ivy.

Quinn stared at Liam and wondered if he was all right. She flashed back to when Liam had fallen over in the parking lot. Quinn used Liam's phone to send a text message to Steffy. "I need some time on my own. It's over," she wrote and sent the text. Liam slept.

At Wyatt's, Steffy read the text, and showed it to Wyatt. "Screw him," Wyatt said. He added that Liam didn't have the decency to see her in person. Wyatt called her the most fantastic girl in the world.

"I feel something between us. I feel it, and I know you do too," Wyatt said to Steffy. He told her they could have an epic, once-in-a-lifetime wave. He remembered Steffy had once told him -- when they'd first met -- that she wanted a man she could count on. "That's me, Steffy. I'm that man," he said. He caressed Steffy's face and kissed her.

Love lost for livid Logans Love lost for livid Logans>
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
by Pam

At Spencer, Katie glared at Brooke. "Go ahead. Tell me I heard wrong," Katie said about the conversation in which Katie had overheard Brooke and Bill claim they still loved one another.

Brooke countered that Katie needed to call a doctor. Katie seethed that the real disease affecting her heart was trusting Brooke.

Brooke tried to calm Katie. "Nobody crossed the line," Brooke said. Katie reminded Brooke that she had overheard Brooke tell Bill that she was in love with him. Brooke replied that she hadn't wanted to take the job at Spencer. Katie warned Brooke not to dare suggest that it had been Katie's fault. Brooke promised nothing would ever happen again.

Katie scoffed. "You believe every word that comes out of your mouth. You don't even know when you're lying," Katie said. Brooke tried to dismiss Katie's anger, but Katie was livid. She acknowledged that Brooke wanted a secret with Bill. Brooke tried to tell Katie that it was all her fault -- not Bill's.

Katie angrily chastised Brooke. Katie said that she had felt sorry for Brooke because Brooke had been lonely and drinking. Katie had heard Brooke call Bill the "love of [her] life" because she wanted to go after him because she needed someone.

"You're only going after him because you can't get Ridge," Katie said. Katie sneered that Ridge was in love with beautiful Caroline and about to have a baby, but Brooke knew she might have a chance with Bill because she could get him away from a "plain old Logan." Brooke interrupted. "Nothing happened and nothing ever would as long as you and Bill are together," Brooke said. Katie seethed that Brooke clearly had realized that Bill would be available when Katie wasn't around. "You haven't given up on Bill because you don't think I'll be around," Katie said. Brooke said that Katie couldn't possibly believe that Brooke wanted her dead.

Katie said she had let Brooke back into her life because Brooke had struggled with liquor and loneliness. Katie added that she had worried that Brooke had made herself miserable because of Katie. Katie lamented that the minute she had turned her back, Brooke had betrayed her. Brooke refused to listen, and Katie physically went after Brooke and tried to slug her, but Brooke stopped her.

"Go," Katie said. Brooke professed that Bill hadn't betrayed her. It had all been Brooke's fault. Brooke begged Katie not to cut Bill out of her life. Katie countered that Brooke would have no control over what Katie did. Katie added that "No" was hard for Brooke to hear because no one ever said that to her -- not even her parents. Katie remembered that Brooke had always had the looks, the body, and the spotlight.

Katie said she had never believed what people had said about Brooke, but they had been right. Katie said that Brooke had done things for men that other women did for men for money. Brooke looked hurt. "Move along. Take your business elsewhere," Katie said. Brooke cried and slammed the door after she left, and Katie sat down on the couch and cried.

In Bill's office, he instructed Alison to find an island to take Katie. Alison quizzed him about the occasion, but Bill said he didn't need a reason to show his appreciation for his wife. Alison agreed, but she said it would help to know how bad whatever he had done was because it would impact where she looked for a vacation. Caroline entered and agreed with Alison's evaluation of the situation. Alison smiled and left.

Caroline said that whenever Ridge wanted to do something nice for her, he took her to Mulholland Drive or to the beach. "That's because he's cheap," Bill said. Bill wanted to do something special because Katie put up with him, and he didn't know why. "No one does," Caroline said.

Bill and Caroline changed topics, and Caroline showed him a book that one of her mothers had been writing. Caroline added that she was glad to hear that Brooke had joined Spencer Publications because it made her life easier at Forrester. She thanked Bill because he had "removed one of the biggest workplace stressors." Caroline hoped that things worked out at Spencer for Brooke. Bill said that Katie loved having Brooke at Spencer.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt asked Steffy what Liam had said in his text. Steffy said he had ended it, and Wyatt and Steffy agreed that Liam would never make a major decision and text it to her. He would have faced her. "He always does the right thing," Steffy said. She lamented that she had always been the impulsive one. She admitted she had been confident that Liam would change his mind.

Steffy prepared to return home, but Wyatt asked her to stay. Steffy asked for tips on how Wyatt had survived after he'd pledged his life to someone and had it end. Steffy referred to his marriage to Hope and his relationship with Ivy.

Wyatt said that he had learned to make himself happy before and after his relationships had ended. Steffy worried that she didn't know what made her happy anymore. "Stay around, and let me remind you," Wyatt suggested.

Wyatt said he was surprised Liam hadn't shown up. Steffy lamented that Liam had refused to give her one more chance. "All he had to do was come home. I don't understand why he didn't," she said. Steffy flashed back to her last conversation with Liam when she had begged him to give their relationship another shot.

Wyatt put his coat on, and Steffy asked where he was headed. He said he would give her some space. He advised that when Liam called, Steffy needed to consider what to do and not just get back into the relationship because it was comfortable. Steffy agreed.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam continued to sleep. Quinn looked at Liam's phone and viewed all of his wedding photos with Steffy. Liam opened his eyes and looked at Quinn. "You. I saw you," Liam said. Quinn was nervous and encouraged Liam not to talk. She said she was certain he had a lot of questions "like what you're doing here with me."

"I saw you taking care of me," Liam said. He apologized because he didn't remember anything. He agreed it was awkward. "I don't even know your name," he said. Quinn thought he was teasing her. She reminded him that he had passed out.

Liam noted that he had "a beautiful woman taking care of me," he said. Quinn told him to stop. She went to get him water. Liam drank a few glasses of water and said he was tired. He fell asleep again.

Quinn flashed back to when Liam had passed out in the parking lot at Forrester. Quinn left the room and called Wyatt. She quizzed Wyatt about his relationship with Steffy, and she advised Wyatt to spend time with Steffy and to warn Steffy not to take Liam back when he did return to her. Wyatt told Quinn that folks at Forrester had been looking for Quinn, but Quinn said she was too busy to call anyone at Forrester. Wyatt ended the conversation.

Katie wants off Katie wants off
Thursday, January 28, 2016

At Brooke's house, Eric, who'd let himself into the house, found Brooke in her kitchen, hugging a photo of herself and Katie. Brooke was crying and told him that she knew she shouldn't have tempted fate by working at Spencer. Brooke revealed that she'd hurt her sister again, and Katie knew about Brooke's feelings for Bill.

Eric ascertained that Brooke hadn't been able to get over what she and Bill had shared. Brooke claimed she'd tried to get over it, and, there was no way Katie would forgive her a second time. It was killing Brooke that Katie had heard Brooke confess that she was still in love with Bill.

Eric reasoned that what Katie hadn't had to hear was that Brooke had crossed the line. Brooke wondered what reason Katie had to believe Brooke, who hadn't been completely honest until then. He believed that once Katie calmed, down, she'd realize that Brooke had been putting Katie and her family first. Brooke believed it was different that time, and she had lost her sister forever.

Eric referred to the ups and downs he'd had with Stephanie. At times, it had seemed as if they'd never reunite, but it had been inevitable. He felt it would be the same for Brooke and Katie in time. Brooke loved her sister and couldn't imagine life without her. Brooke wouldn't lose Katie, no matter how long it took and no matter what she had to do. Eric hugged Brooke.

At Spencer, Bill located Katie in his office, and in a sultry voice, he asked why they weren't on their way home together. Katie calmly told him that she knew who the love of Brooke's life was, and that man was Bill.

Bill grabbed a nearby drink as Katie ranted about how she'd let her guard down and felt sorry for the lonely Brooke. Katie said it was a shame upon her for thinking Brooke would change. Katie seethed that, in exchange for her trust, at the first turn of Katie's back, Brooke had told Bill that she loved him. Katie asked how Brooke could do it to her again.

Katie felt it would be different if Brooke had been honest with Katie and Bill, but Katie couldn't deal with the fact that it had happened behind her back. She believed Brooke had gone to Bill privately on purpose to develop intimacy and secrecy between them. "We all know where this leads," Katie bit out. She asked how Brooke could have done it to Bill and how she'd expected him to react.

Bill told Katie not to worry about him. He was concerned about the sisters' relationship and blamed himself for pressing Brooke work at Spencer. "Because of me. And because we were trying to help her. And this is how she repays us. It's disgusting. You're my husband," Katie defended. She stated that she was Brooke's sister. "Have a little self-control for a change!" Katie bellowed.

Katie went on about how she'd felt sorry for Brooke and had given Brooke an opportunity without being naïve to Brooke's past. Katie had wanted to believe that Brooke would never betray her again. Katie exclaimed that she wanted Brooke gone and out of their lives that instant.

Bill reasoned that Katie was understandably upset, but Brooke was her sister. "I can't just cut her out of my life? Watch me!" Katie defiantly responded. She said they'd all done the dance before, but Brooke always managed to turn on the tears. Brooke cried, and they forgave the unforgivable -- but not that time. Bill told Katie to calm down because "this" wasn't good for her.

Katie stated that she wanted Brooke out of Spencer and their lives. She didn't want Brooke anywhere near their son. Katie believed that Brooke would ruin everything -- whether she meant to or not -- and Katie would never trust her again. Bill hugged Katie.

Katie picked up the phone and told Bill to ban Brooke from the building. Bill said he couldn't, and Katie ordered him not to defend Brooke. Bill explained that they'd just hired Brooke with a great deal of fanfare, and they couldn't just flip on it. Katie didn't "give a damn" what anyone thought. She needed to know that Brooke was nowhere near Katie's family.

Bill understood why Katie felt that way "right now." Katie interrupted him and asked if he hadn't been as shocked by Brooke's words as Katie had been. She believed that Brooke had put him in a terrible position, and nothing was sacred to Brooke. Katie loved her husband and family and wouldn't just lie down like a victim and let Brooke take what she wanted. Katie vowed to protect what was hers, and said she'd never let Brooke have him.

At the beach house, Steffy was alone, and memories of being with Liam flooded her mind. Wyatt arrived. She wondered where he had run off to. Wyatt was anxious to take her outside, where he'd left something he'd gotten for her. He said it was his way of trying to set her free.

Wyatt took Steffy to his carport, where she asked what was with all the junk. Wyatt called it nostalgia, not junk. He grabbed his boogie board and remembered Quinn thinking he'd been too young for it at fifteen. Steffy recalled being a daredevil in her youth. She said she'd been fearless -- or reckless, depending upon who one asked.

Wyatt remarked that Steffy always got back on if she fell off, even if it meant a few scrapped knees or a bump on the head. Steffy sensed that he was trying to make a point. He revealed that when he'd stepped out for a while, he'd gotten her something. Wyatt pulled a tarp, and it slid off a brand new black motorcycle. Gazing at the bike, Steffy became distressed.

Steffy stammered, wondering why he'd buy her a motorcycle. She asked if he'd forgotten the accident and miscarriage. She hadn't ridden a motorcycle since then. Wyatt said she'd always been the one to hop back onto the bike -- until the accident. The accident had changed her and was holding her back. He believed a lot of things were holding her back, and it was time to move forward.

Steffy claimed that she'd let go a while back. Wyatt believed she partly blamed herself for getting on the motorcycle and taking a chance in her condition -- or whatever Liam had told her. She replied that Liam had been looking out for her.

Wyatt didn't want to bash Liam, but to him, his brother believed that if everyone just lived by the rules, everything would turn out fine. Wyatt stated that not everyone lived by rules. People like him and Steffy enjoyed life and didn't live in fear or protection of it -- even if it meant heartache. Wyatt said that Liam loved her spirit but probably wouldn't admit that he also feared it, which was why he'd tried to change her in ways he hadn't even realized.

Wyatt believed Liam needed Steffy to be less spontaneous and more predictable, like him. "Me? I wouldn't change a damn thing about you," Wyatt said. He just wanted her to take a step forward, and he'd thought that the beach day had been just that. He said he'd always be there for her, right by her side, if that was what she wanted. By her side was where he was starting to feel he belonged.

At Quinn's cabin, the events before and after Liam's fall rumbled through Quinn's mind. She almost spilled a glass of water, which caused Liam to flinch in his sleep. Quinn removed her wedding ring and said she hadn't been fond of it. She then slipped Liam's sword necklace from around his neck.

Later, Liam opened his eyes. He uttered that he remembered who Quinn was. He called her his guardian angel. Quinn replied that no one had ever called her an angel before. She was glad he was feeling better. "Am I?" he asked, trying to sit up.

Pushing Liam back down, Quinn said he would be -- as long as he didn't overdo it. Liam said she was kind, and he owed her. Quinn decided that it was the other way around, and she owed him.

As Quinn read a magazine. Liam began to look worried. She asked what he was thinking about. Liam said he didn't know, but he felt like someone needed him.

Some grow together, and some are torn apart Some grow together, and some are torn apart
Friday, January 29, 2016

At Quinn's cabin, Liam had the distinct feeling that someone needed him. Quinn figured that he needed some soup. She rushed off to order takeout from a Japanese restaurant.

Later, Quinn lowered a tray with the soup over Liam's lap. Liam struggled with the spoon, and she asked if he needed help. "Maybe," Liam responded. She placed her hand over his and helped him ease it to his mouth. Liam thanked her and said she was "so nice" to him. Quinn disingenuously responded that she liked taking care of people. Liam could tell and told her that she had kind eyes.

As Liam ate, he couldn't shake "the feeling." Quinn assumed that it was a feeling that he'd forgotten something, and she assured him that he'd remember. He replied that it wasn't a something. It was someone. Liam tried to get up, believing that he should leave.

Quinn asked Liam where he'd go. Liam didn't know -- maybe to where he belonged. She wondered how he knew he didn't belong there and that she wasn't the one who needed him. Smiling, Liam said he didn't know who he was or where he was, but he at least felt safe. It was like being in the arms of an angel. He kissed her cheek. Quinn frowned and touched her cheek.

At Wyatt's place, Steffy was leery of the motorbike Wyatt had gotten. She didn't think she was ready for it. Wyatt believed that she was, and he said it was an important step in moving on. He retrieved some helmets and said it was time to go. She responded that she hadn't ridden since the accident. Wyatt cited the way Liam had been treating her and asked if it was time to close the chapter.

Steffy noted that Wyatt had a helmet, too. Wyatt indicated that he had a bike out back. She agreed to ride the bike but said she needed to do it on her own.

Music played as Steffy cruised down a beach access road reminiscent of the back road she'd taken when she'd had her accident. Steffy arrived back at Wyatt's house. She hopped off the bike and into his arms, gratefully thanking him. He told her that they could sell the bike, but she said not to. She didn't know how he'd figured out that she'd needed it, but she really, really had needed it.

Inside the house, Steffy said she hadn't believed she'd ever ride again, but being back on a bike and facing her fears had relieved a lot of guilt. She felt it was thanks to Wyatt understanding her and being there for her. Wyatt said he always would be, and they kissed. He felt that meeting his past girlfriends' needs had been like a guessing game, but understanding Steffy was natural to him.

Wyatt believed that he could see what Steffy needed, and he could deliver it. Steffy asserted that he did deliver -- more than he knew. She said he was a man who followed through and asked if he knew how unique it was and what it meant to her. Wyatt and Steffy kissed again.

Steffy pulled back and said she couldn't do it. Wyatt guessed it was because of his brother. "Wow," he murmured. Steffy knew that he didn't want to hear it. Wyatt understood it, but he didn't want to do "that" again. Steffy assumed he meant falling for someone with feelings for Liam, but Wyatt had meant falling for someone who didn't see that she deserved more than Liam.

"I do!" Steffy replied. She knew she hadn't deserved Liam leaving her, but she was still trying to figure out why. She didn't know how to believe it. Wyatt indicated that he wanted to help her. "Let Liam go," Wyatt uttered. They kissed again more passionately.

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to Katie saying she'd never let Brooke have him. Eric appeared in the doorway and told Bill that they needed to talk about Brooke. Bill fixed him a drink and filled Eric in on how Katie wanted to cut Brooke out of her life forever. Bill didn't think it was what Katie needed, but she was in too much pain to see it.

Eric told Bill to make Katie see before it was too late. Though Bill was just as concerned as Eric, Bill indicated that there was only so much he could do. Bill had a wife and family to focus on. They were Bill's priority. Eric stated that if Bill really meant it, they wouldn't be where they were at that point.

"Excuse me?" Bill replied. Eric didn't believe that Brooke's feelings were one-sided or that there hadn't been some sort of signal from Bill. Eric had loved Brooke for a long time and said that feelings like those never went away.

At Brooke's house, Katie arrived in the kitchen. Surprised, Brooke offered to make tea. Katie slapped down an envelope and said she wouldn't be there long. In the envelope was Brooke's voided contract. Katie suggested that Brooke talk to Alison about retrieving belongings because reentering the Spencer building was out of the question. Katie said Brooke was no longer welcome at Spencer, near Katie's son, and certainly not near Katie's husband.

Katie said she wouldn't make the mistake of letting Brooke circle or letting Brooke in. Brooke replied that she'd stay away. Katie stated that Brooke had been biding her time. Brooke replied that she'd hidden her feelings for Katie's sake and had believed that enough time could pass. Brooke guessed she'd been naïve. Katie replied that Brooke hadn't been the only one.

Katie wondered how their mother would feel or what she would say. Katie moved on to Storm, who'd sacrificed his life for them. She asked if Brooke was laughing in his face. Katie cited Stephanie, who'd fought Brooke for years and said Stephanie had known who Brooke was. Katie declared that she'd fight just as hard, if not harder, than Stephanie to keep Brooke away from Katie's family.

Katie believed that Brooke hurt everyone she had contact with, and she wouldn't waste a single moment on Brooke. She felt that no one mattered as long as Brooke got what she wanted. Brooke exclaimed that it wasn't true, and she'd struggled with her feeling because she did care.

Katie no longer believed in Brooke. Katie called Brooke a myth, like the tooth fairy, that their mother had made up, and Katie had believed in her for too long. Kate said that Brooke's need to have every man as a conquest was pathological, and Brooke couldn't be saved because she was sick.

Brooke didn't think Katie meant it. Katie stated that Stephanie had many words for Brooke, and they'd all meant the same thing -- that Brooke was sick. Brooke turned her back to Katie. "And cue the tears!" Katie yelled. She ordered Brooke not to put on a show for her.

Brooke said she wasn't doing it; she just didn't believe it had gotten to that point. Katie said it was because everything was always about how Brooke felt. Katie exclaimed that Bill was married to her, and it was her life. Katie said that Brooke couldn't just take any man because Daddy had left her behind, and Katie proclaimed that Bill loved Will and Katie.

Brooke claimed to know that and asked the huffing Katie if she was okay. Katie braced herself against the counter. Brooke tried to assist Katie, but Katie slapped Brooke and said not to touch her. Brooke asked if Katie was okay. Katie moved away, and leaning on the table, indicated that she was.

Brooke asked if slapping her had helped. Katie told Brooke not to talk to her as if she was three years old. Brooke said that Katie's hatred hurt. Katie was sorry she wasn't playing the oblivious, doting wife. Brooke stated that she'd wanted to stay away, but Katie had kept convincing her to take the job. Katie sarcastically agreed that it was all her fault.

Brooke asked Katie to understand that Brooke had closed herself up in her house and had started drinking to try to cut off the feelings because she'd known she had to do right by her sister, who she loved. Kati said the words didn't mean anything, and Brooke only knew how to do right by herself.

Katie grabbed her things to go. She said that she hadn't wanted to do it, but she needed Brooke to stay away. Brooke said that she would, but she was there if Katie ever needed her. Katie replied that she wouldn't need Brooke, not ever again, and she left.

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