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Zende declined to move into Brooke's house with Nicole and confessed that he couldn't cope with the pregnancy. Steffy prepared to move into the mansion with her family, but Wyatt hoped a marriage proposal would make her consider his place. “Adam” and “Eve” confessed their love for each other.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 22, 2016 on B&B
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Ridge and Caroline move into the mansion Ridge and Caroline move into the mansion
Monday, February 22, 2016

At Bill's house, Brooke told Katie that she didn't want Katie's husband. Katie didn't believe it and noted that Brooke was in the house, having a secret meeting with Bill. Bill said he'd arranged it, not Brooke, and Katie replied that he'd lied to her. Bill stated that he'd told her that he'd had an outside meeting, which had been true, and he was meeting with her sister because they had a problem.

Katie declared that the only problem they had was Brooke. Bill didn't think Katie was thinking clearly because she'd been drinking. Katie insisted that she'd seen Brooke whispering with Bill, and Katie had been there before with Brooke. Bill denied whispering.

Katie was convinced that Brooke wanted Bill to believe in the drinking problem so that she could get closer to him. Bill replied that Katie had to stop "this." Katie stated that she didn't need him defending Brooke to her. He responded that what Katie needed was coffee. Katie cynically said it was true because she had to be drunk and not speaking for herself.

Katie figured that Brooke was loving it. "Not one bit," Brooke replied. Brooke said she might have deserved Katie's insults at one point, but not any longer. She insisted that she was there for Katie, not Bill. The tearful Katie said her biggest problem was that she wanted to believe her sister, but doing so had been Katie's biggest mistake. Katie accused Brooke of taking Bill from her.

Brooke said it hadn't been what had happened, but Katie reinforced the statement, saying it was what Brooke did. Katie refused to let Brooke do it again and said Katie and Bill were rock solid. Katie ordered Brooke to get out. Brooke strode out the door, and Katie strode over to the bar.

Later, Katie returned to the room, after checking on Will, and swiped her drink off the coffee table. She couldn't understand why Bill would have Brooke in their home with their son or why he had lied to her about it. Bill insisted that he hadn't lied. He said Brooke had her own drinking problem. He asked who was better suited to talk about Katie's. Katie persisted in believing she didn't have a drinking problem.

"Then give it to me," Bill demanded. Katie held back the glass. She said she was just trying to cope and take the edge off. She claimed to want the drink because she was being forced to ask questions that she wasn't sure she wanted the answers to. She asked if he wanted to be there and if their life and family was enough. Katie asked if she was enough or if Bill wanted her sister.

Bill told Katie that he loved her, but she said he'd loved Brooke once. Katie wished she'd never heard Brooke tell Bill what she'd felt. Katie wanted him to know he had an open door, and she wouldn't cling to him like an insecure child. "Stop it! Enough!" Bill declared.

Bill took the drink. He said the drink was talking, not Katie. Katie replied that it was she, and she felt that everything was slipping away -- that she was slipping away. He told her that he wanted her back on her antidepressants. Katie replied that it had been postpartum. She didn't need pills and had been fine for a long time. He stated that depression could be a lifelong battle.

Katie flashed back to her dark time. Bill said he didn't want her to go back to that dark place. Bill and Will needed her, but they were losing her to a fear driven by alcohol. She sobbed that they weren't losing her. They were the most important things to her, and she couldn't stand anything threatening what they had. Bill said that nothing was threatening them, and he wouldn't let it.

Katie asked Bill not to say it unless he meant it. "Of course I mean it," he replied. Katie asked him to hold her, and he did. She asked him to say that she was as important to him as he was to her. Katie was afraid because she needed him so much and didn't want to live without him.

At the mansion, Rick and Ridge bickered about which portrait would hang on the wall. Rick looked to Eric for support, but Ridge asked if Rick expected Eric to turn his back on his wife. Rick called it insulting and wrong. The argument devolved into Rick pointing out that Ridge wasn't Eric's real son and that Ridge had stolen the company.

Caroline arrived in time to hear Eric decide that they'd find another place for Maya's portrait, and Stephanie's portrait would remain where it was. Rick snatched up Maya's portrait and yelled for Maya. Maya rushed to the top of the stairs. "Pack your things. We're leaving," Rick said.

Later, Rick and Maya arrived downstairs with bags. Eric didn't want Rick to leave that way. It was Rick's home, but it was also the family home. Eric felt that Ridge was right about their siblings wanting to see Stephanie's portrait in the living room, and Eric wanted the kids to see it.

Eric said Maya's portrait could go anywhere else in the house. Maya readily said she was okay with it, and she'd always felt that if Eric wanted to put Stephanie's portrait back up, it would be fine. Rick disagreed. Rick said it wasn't about the portrait; it was about Ridge getting whatever he wanted.

Ridge thought Rick should admit that it had been wrong to remove Stephanie's portrait in the first place. Rick said that "Dad" hadn't said anything because "this" was how Rick always reacted. Rick insisted upon sending movers for his things. He refused to have Ridge lord over him.

Eric said it wasn't that way, but Rick believed it was. Ridge agreed that Rick should just go. Rick said he'd go, but he'd be back as soon as "this beautiful portrait" was hanging back on that wall.

Maya and Rick left, and Eric grimaced.

Ridge and Caroline suggested getting something to eat, but Eric wasn't in the mood. Ridge reasoned that it might be good for Rick to be on his own for a while, and Eric said Rick had been pretty sheltered. Ridge said Eric could get his house back, but Eric said he liked the guesthouse. Eric added that, without Stephanie, the main house wasn't the same.

Caroline let Eric know that he wasn't alone. Stephanie was still there, and so were Ridge and Caroline. Ridge suggested that he and Caroline move in. Eric said Rick might return to reclaim his home. Ridge replied that Rick had no sense of humor and wouldn't change his mind. Eric said that they didn't have to do it for him. Ridge decided that he liked the idea of raising his child where he'd been raised.

Caroline remarked that they had a midwife, and the baby could start its life right there. Ridge liked the idea of him and Eric being together again for holiday parties. Eric hated how Rick had left that day, and it hadn't felt right. Eric sadly agreed that Rick probably wouldn't change his mind, and if Rick wouldn't live there, Eric said Ridge's proposal would be great.

Looking at the portrait, Eric said Stephanie would like it, too.

Eric took off for the guesthouse, and Ridge and Caroline settled on the sofa to discuss how they felt about the move. Ridge said that Venice had been nice, but he wanted to share the mansion with her. Caroline remarked that Thomas lived there, and he wanted to mend the relationship with Ridge.

Ridge did, too, and he figured the move might help. Ridge asked the portrait if it was what Stephanie wanted -- peace in the house. Ridge said they'd soon have a boy or a girl. Caroline replied that she had to tell Ridge about a major boo-boo the ER doctor had made. She taunted that she knew something Ridge didn't about the baby's gender.

Excitedly, Ridge told Caroline to reveal it, and she said he was the proud father of a little boy. Ridge told Stephanie's portrait that they'd have another boy, and the couple kissed.

Later, Brooke was at home with Rick and Maya. Brooke asked to what she owed the special visit, and Rick revealed that they'd moved out of the mansion. Brooke readily invited them to live with her. She said Nicole could live there, too. Brooke squealed at the thought of the baby being at her home. Rick said the best part was that there would be no Ridge. With hugs, Brooke welcomed Maya and Rick home.

Disappearing into thin air Disappearing into thin air
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Wyatt kissed. Wyatt asked if Steffy had any regrets. She didn't. They discussed their love affair, and Steffy said she loved everything about being with Wyatt. He agreed, and he said he had shared with Quinn that they were together.

Wyatt said that he planned to visit his mother at her new cabin. Steffy liked that he had planned an unexpected visit. "Sneaky. I like it," she said. Wyatt said that his mother sounded different, and he wondered if something had happened in Quinn's life. He teased that he would be thinking about Steffy while he was gone -- and what he wanted to do with her later. Wyatt left.

Steffy sat at her desk and stared at a picture of Liam. Thomas entered and said that he had seen Wyatt leave. He noted that she was still with Wyatt. Steffy smiled. Thomas sighed, but he added that Steffy had been smiling more frequently since she had been with Wyatt, so he thought it was an improvement over the way that Liam had treated Steffy.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam was asleep. Quinn entered and said she had been shopping. She'd bought a new pink top and a sound machine to help him with his headaches. She modeled the top. Liam liked it. She said her color palette had been nonexistent. She had worn mostly black for a long time. "Stunning," Liam said about the pink top.

Quinn admitted she had never really felt soft and feminine. Liam said he wanted her closer to him. She hugged him, and Liam smiled. Liam noticed that she had one fingernail painted blue. He asked about it. She said it was in memory of a child that had been lost a few years earlier.

Liam wondered if he had known about it before because he didn't remember it. She said it was too painful to discuss. "Maybe it's time to let it go," Liam said. Quinn maintained that the nail marked a loss. Liam wondered if she would forget the loss without the blue nail. "It's bad to hold onto pain," he said. She countered that she wanted to mark the pain, but Liam said she was marked, and he pointed to her heart.

Liam left the room and returned with nail polish remover. He removed the polish on her finger and asked of it was okay. Quinn smiled. Liam stumbled and was dizzy. She told him to return to bed, and she said she felt lighter. "I couldn't have done that without you," she said.

"That's what we do -- Adam and Eve helping each other, loving each other," he said. She kissed his forehead, and he fell asleep. She turned on the sound box and left the room.

Quinn looked at her finger, and someone knocked at the door. It was Wyatt. "Aren't you gonna invite me in?" he asked. He stared at her pink top. He wondered why she had gotten "girly." Quinn worried that she looked stupid. Wyatt said she looked different.

Wyatt wondered who Quinn had been trying to impress. He saw a man's sweater and wondered if someone was in the other room. He teased that she and Deacon had gotten back together, but she said they had not. Wyatt moved toward the bedroom door, but Quinn told him to stay away.

Wyatt said he wanted to meet the man in the other room. Quinn said he was asleep. Wyatt wanted her to awaken him. "You are acting stranger than usual. What are you hiding?" Wyatt asked.

"Oh, my God, I think you're actually blushing," Wyatt said. Quinn covered her cheeks and promised to introduce them at another time. "I can tell you're uncomfortable with this conversation," he said. He walked toward the door, and Quinn blocked his path.

Quinn knocked over a chair, and Liam awakened. He called out and asked if everything was all right. She said it was fine, and she called him Adam. Quinn encouraged Wyatt to leave. "I've never seen you so nervous," Wyatt said. In the bedroom, Liam got up and walked to the door. He peeked out and saw Quinn arguing with someone, but he couldn't see Wyatt.

At Brooke's place, Rick and Maya discussed that Rick wanted to return to the Forrester mansion, where he could reclaim his birthright. "We are going back to claim what's mine," he insisted.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Caroline canoodled while movers delivered their furniture. Eric entered and wondered what they had done with Rick and Maya's belongings. Ridge said they had packed everything up and moved it into the garage. Ridge maintained that Rick had made a decision to move out, and they had moved in. Eric noted that it had been abrupt.

Rick and Maya showed up, and Rick said that no one had called him to share what had happened. Ridge reminded him that he and Maya had moved out. Rick was angry. "You don't live here," Ridge said. Maya and Rick sneered at Ridge.

Rick said that Ridge was trying to take something away from him again. Eric argued that it was a family home, and he sided with Ridge. "So you are cosigning on his disrespect," Rick said to his father. Rick picked up Maya's portrait, and he and Maya left. Later, Rick told Maya that he hated Ridge because he had replaced Rick's family with Ridge's family in the family mansion.

Steffy and Thomas joined Eric, Ridge, and Caroline at the Forrester mansion. Steffy asked what had happened to Maya and Rick. Ridge reported that Rick had thrown a tantrum and moved out. Steffy and Thomas marveled that Ridge had moved in so quickly. "Your dad makes things happen like that," Caroline said.

Steffy asked to move in because she was uncomfortable with her living arrangements. Ridge agreed to her request. He added that Thomas could move into one of the guesthouses while Eric lived in the other. Ridge was happy to have his entire family under one roof.

Caroline looked forward to having the baby in the house. Ridge said that it would give them all a chance to get closer. Ridge added that he had been tough on Thomas. "No harder than I deserve," Thomas answered. "I'm grateful for what you've brought to my life and glad you're here," Ridge said. Ridge reminded everyone that he was in charge. Steffy teased that they should call him King Ridge and begin bowing. They all laughed.

Later, Steffy talked to her dad alone. He asked how she was, and she said that Wyatt was a great guy. "But he's not Liam," Ridge noted. "Liam isn't Liam," Steffy said. She added that he would never have blown her off with a voicemail and then "disappeared into thin air."

Familiar voices ring at Quinn's Familiar voices ring at Quinn's>
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy told Ridge that she'd thought she'd be living with Liam the rest of her life. Ridge noted that she was with Wyatt instead. "Yeah, where's that going?" Ridge asked. Steffy explained that Wyatt had been really good to her, and she cared about him. "But you're not over Liam, are you?" Ridge asked.

Ridge advised Steffy that he had been in love with two people before, but she had to let one of them go. Steffy agreed, but she said being with her family was the best thing she could do for the time being -- until she could talk to Liam face to face. Steffy left.

Caroline joined Ridge in the Forrester living room, and they discussed that they were glad to move into the house. Ridge noted that Steffy was with Wyatt, but she was clearly not over Liam. He wanted to keep her involved and distracted. Caroline said they were one big, happy family. "Mom loved this house," Ridge said. He noted that every piece of furniture, dish, and rose bush were all there because of Stephanie. Her portrait on the wall kept her memory alive.

Caroline was happy to be in the place where Ridge had grown up. She worried about Liam and Steffy, but she added that Steffy had been spending plenty of time with Wyatt. They kissed, and Caroline said she was glad they had put down roots for the baby.

At Quinn's cabin, Wyatt pressured Quinn to let him meet her new man, who was sleeping in the other room. Quinn was adamant that Wyatt had to leave. "I've never seen you so nervous," Wyatt said. In the bedroom, Liam peeked out and saw Quinn talking with someone, but he couldn't see Wyatt.

Quinn promised to have Wyatt over for dinner soon, but she needed him to leave. Wyatt begrudgingly left. Quinn checked on Liam, who said he'd overheard her talking to someone. Liam said he felt sick and dizzy.

Quinn worried she didn't have any more medicine. She embraced Liam, and he asked for water. Quinn left to get the water, but Liam insisted on knowing who she had been talking to. Quinn froze then she covered her conversation with Wyatt by saying she had been talking to a friend who had borrowed some tools. Liam stood up and wondered if it was someone he might recognize. Quinn said it was no one who would help him.

Liam sat down and said he was dizzy, nauseous, and had a terrible headache. Quinn promised to go to the store. "I would do anything for you," she said. She asked Liam not to get up without her. He moaned and lay down. She left the bedroom and grabbed her purse but left her cell phone behind.

At Brooke's place, Rick, Maya, Zende, and Nicole complained to Brooke that Ridge had moved all of Rick and Maya's stuff out of the Forrester mansion and moved their own furnishings in. "He can't do that." Brooke said, but Rick objected that it had already been done. Brooke maintained that Eric wouldn't agree, but Rick told her that Ridge had Eric's support.

Rick explained that Ridge had removed Maya's portrait, and Rick had refused to return until Maya's portrait was back on the wall. Brooke acknowledged that Ridge had staked his claim. "Where are we supposed to go?" Rick asked. Brooke asked them to move in with her. Brooke welcomed Nicole and Zende, as well, but Zende said he had not been kicked out of the Forrester mansion yet. Rick advised him to keep a bag packed.

Rick and Maya thanked Brooke and cooed that they all would spend more time together waiting for the new baby. "And this house had been so lonely and quiet for so long," Brooke said. She said her heart melted just thinking about Nicole's pregnancy. "There's nothing more important than a brand new baby," she said.

Rick said it was a positive thing for all of them to be living under the same roof in the house where he had been raised. Rick and Maya thanked Brooke for her support. Brooke said she couldn't wait to be a grandma. She volunteered to do some babysitting, and Nicole also volunteered. Nicole asked Zende if he was up for it as well, and he quietly agreed.

Rick and Maya caressed Nicole's pregnant tummy. Zende was lost in thought. He remembered early times in his romance with Nicole, long before she had agreed to be a surrogate for Rick and Maya. He seemed distracted.

Later, at Forrester Creations, Wyatt and Steffy discussed that there were a lot of new living arrangements. Steffy explained that Rick and Maya were gone from the Forrester mansion, and Ridge and Caroline had moved in. Steffy said she was moving in also. Wyatt teased that she was living in the castle on the hill.

Wyatt had hoped Steffy would live with him. Steffy said she wanted to spend some time with her family, but she planned to spend plenty of time at the beach with him. Wyatt promised to help her move on from Liam, "wherever he is."

Steffy asked about Quinn's new place. Wyatt said it was surprisingly nice but very different from her loft above the business. He added that it was in a rustic remote location, and she seemed much more bohemian and less goth. He attributed it to the new man in her life.

Steffy asked about the new guy, and Wyatt said he had been there, asleep, but Quinn hadn't wanted to introduce him. Steffy said it would have been awkward. Wyatt said he had never seen Quinn so anxious. Steffy said that Quinn was way behind on delivering pieces for the new line. Wyatt promised to call her, but Steffy reminded him that he had a meeting. She promised to take care of it herself. Wyatt left.

Steffy called Quinn's cell phone, which Quinn had left at the cabin, and the ringing phone bothered Liam. He called out to Quinn to answer it, but Quinn was gone. Liam stumbled to the phone to answer it. He was in pain and dizzy, but he answered. "Hello," Liam said. "Who is this?" Steffy asked.

Deacon asks if Quinn loves Liam Deacon asks if Quinn loves Liam
Thursday, February 25, 2016

At Brooke's house, Zende and Nicole discovered a romantic setup in the kitchen. Nicole wanted to leave before they interrupted Brooke's evening, but Zende said that Brooke had given him free reign over the kitchen because he'd told her that he had something special to celebrate.

Nicole joked that he had better not be celebrating her moving out of the mansion. She reminded Zende that he could move into Brooke's house, but Zende said it might send Ridge the wrong message.

Zende poured sparkling apple cider and toasted to Nicole, who inspired him as no one ever had. Zende felt silly about his past apprehensiveness about the pregnancy. He respected her. He wanted her to know it was true despite his past worry about the pregnancy's effect on their relationship. He admired her for staying true to herself. He had a feeling that he'd be admiring her for the rest of his life.

Nicole told Zende that he was understanding and encouraging. Zende stated that it was easy to do it from the sidelines, but she was the one making the sacrifice. He stated that he couldn't and wouldn't. Nicole face grew grave in response.

On the phone at Quinn's cabin, Liam strained as Steffy asked who he was. He replied that he was Adam and asked who she was. Just then, Quinn arrived to retrieve her forgotten phone. Nervously giddy, Quinn took the phone from Liam and said the call was probably for her.

On the call, Steffy said she'd thought she'd had the wrong number. Overly cheerful, Quinn said she understood why. Steffy and Quinn discussed when Quinn would have the necklace that Steffy had been calling about, and Steffy congratulated Quinn on her new relationship.

Quinn stated that Steffy didn't know how great it was to have someone like Adam in one's life. "Then again maybe you do," Quinn added. Steffy said Wyatt was just what she needed, and Quinn conveyed that she'd always thought it would work out for those two.

After the call, Quinn prepared to head back out for the store. Liam asked if he knew the woman who'd called earlier. Quinn asked if talking to the woman had triggered anything. He said it hadn't, but he wanted to know about the woman. He figured that hearing Quinn's work stories might trigger something for him. Quinn doubted it, adding that he didn't even go to her office Christmas parties.

Liam sarcastically quipped that he'd been a catch before. He said she probably preferred that he didn't have his memory back. Liam was bothered by the fact that, on the phone, he hadn't been able to explain who he was. He wanted to know what his last name was. Quinn stammered until she produced the name Adam John Smith. She asked if it rang a bell.

It didn't ring a bell for Liam, and neither did the nickname A.J. that Quinn said his foster parents had given him. He was surprised to learn he'd had foster parents. Quinn said she'd wanted him to remember for himself. She described to him the lonely childhood he'd had without siblings and how he'd bounced from foster home to foster home without building lasting connections.

Quinn said it had been painful for Adam, and he'd been lonely before they'd met. She assumed he didn't remember because his brain was blocking the pain. She'd dreaded telling him or having him remember. She hadn't wanted to see him go through the pain again. Liam figured that she hadn't wanted it, especially if he couldn't remember their times together.

Quinn claimed that nostalgia was unimportant. Liam reasoned that he'd feel closer to her if he could remember their first date or their wedding. Liam wanted to see photographs of their life together.

Quinn claimed that there had been a fire, and the couple had lost a lot of memorabilia. Liam wanted to see whatever she had. She stammered to explain that she had boxes of stuff she'd packed away because of the move, but she'd make it a priority to dig them out for him.

Liam got dizzy, and Quinn put him to bed. She wanted to go pick up his medicine, but he said he'd be okay if he just slept. He said she was so good to him that she even protected him from his own past. He drifted off to sleep, and she went into the living room.

Someone knocked on the door. Quinn got upset when she opened it and found Deacon on the doorstep. He wanted to grab a bite to eat. She rasped that annulled couples didn't eat together. Deacon noted that she was tense, and he figured out that it was because Liam was still there.

Deacon couldn't believe it and asked if Liam was actually still alive. Chuckling, Deacon decided that he wanted to be there when Liam figured himself out. "Man, that's gonna be a fight worth paying for," Deacon stated. He asked how long she'd keep it up.

Quinn didn't know and guessed it would be until Liam remembered. Deacon asked about her plan with Wyatt and Steffy, and Quinn relayed that the pair had grown closer, just as she'd known they would. Deacon asked if she was hoping that Steffy and Wyatt would be married with a dog and white picket fence, so that when Liam remembered himself, it wouldn't matter anymore.

Deacon said nothing was more insane than Liam buying the story of a marriage to Quinn, whom Liam detested. Quinn admitted that she and Liam didn't get along but said Adam was nothing like Liam. "Adam is Liam," Deacon replied. Quinn told Deacon to get out. Deacon claimed to be concerned about her and the stress of her lies. He asked how she avoided physical contact. Quinn looked away.

Deacon figured that if the man thought he was Quinn's husband, then he'd be trying to hold hands and play kissy face. Deacon asked if she was going along with it. Quinn remained silent, and Deacon warned her that, sooner or later, Liam would want more.

In Quinn's persistent silence, Deacon figured out that sex had happened. He asked how she'd gotten through it and if she'd had to close her eyes and think of him. Quinn asked him to leave. Confused, Deacon asked if she actually liked it with Liam.

In the bedroom, Liam awakened and heard muffled voices.

Back in the main room, Quinn said she could never have feelings for the spineless twerp, but there was something about "the kind and gentle eyes." She said the eyes could see right through her and wanted to care for her.

"Oh. My. God," Deacon uttered. Quinn said that there might be more for her than men like Deacon had given her, and maybe she wasn't duplicitous and cutthroat. She claimed she hadn't always been that way, and she'd once been an innocent girl.

Deacon decided that the amnesia was contagious. He reminded Quinn of how it had all started. He called her a bad, bad woman who'd kidnapped an unconscious man to help her son hook up with the man's fiancée. Quinn claimed that she'd done nothing but care for and nurse Liam. Deacon asserted that she'd done it for Wyatt's sake, and as soon as Adam figured out he was Liam, he'd put her in jail.

Quinn said that no one had ever talked to her the way that Adam did, and no one had ever cared for her that way. She reasoned that once he got his memory back, it might not matter if he was feeling the way that she was feeling. Deacon asked what feelings she was talking about. "What? Love? You're in love with Liam?" Deacon asked.

At Forrester, Wyatt arrived in the CEO's office, and Steffy relayed that Quinn's new boyfriend had answered when Steffy had called Quinn earlier about the necklace. Wyatt was very curious about the man. Steffy replied that he'd sounded sweet and young -- the total opposite of Quinn's type.

Unconvinced, Wyatt said sweet wasn't Quinn's thing. He quipped that anyone could sound sweet on the phone. Steffy replied that she couldn't wait to meet the guy. Wyatt had been worried about who Quinn would date after Deacon and wondered if she'd found someone that Wyatt would actually approve of.

Wyatt asks Steffy to marry him Wyatt asks Steffy to marry him
Friday, February 26, 2016

At Brooke's house, Nicole was concerned when Zende remarked that he wouldn't make the choice she'd made. Zende said it was the reason they were celebrating her. He added that she'd made a lot of people happy. She was living with Rick and Maya, and it was real. To Zende, it was kind of crazy that she was having his uncle's baby and had a closer relationship with Rick.

Nicole said it wasn't true. Zende replied that she was carrying Rick's baby, and biologically, the baby was also hers. She believed it was true -- technically -- but it didn't have to affect her and Zende. She worriedly noted that he'd set up a nice dinner. Taking her hand, he said that he loved her and wanted a life with her, but the situation was too much for him.

Zende admitted that the whole thing with Rick and Maya was too bizarre for him. Zende loved her, but he couldn't see Rick cooing over Nicole's belly. Nicole said she'd ask Rick to refrain from doing it in front of Zende. Zende claimed it wasn't the point; Rick was excited to be a father, as he should be.

Nicole stated that Zende had said they'd get through it. Zende relayed that he'd thought they could. He didn't want to feel the way he did, but her pregnancy with his uncle's baby was too much. He'd tried to convince himself to wait it out, but it had only gotten tougher. He'd wanted to be okay with it. Nicole said she thought he could be. Zende wished he could be, but it didn't feel right to him.

Nicole conveyed that they were both trying to figure out the weird situation. Zende stated that he wasn't judging her for her choice. He hoped she wouldn't judge him for being unable to live with it. She replied that she wouldn't, but she believed their relationship was stronger than it.

Zende stated that they could have an incredible life with marriage and kids. He could envision his wife having his child, and it would be beautiful to him; however, he didn't know what to do with "this." He wanted his wife to be solely committed to him and his family. "But's just gotten way too complicated," Zende stated. He couldn't be a part of it.

Nicole sobbed that Zende didn't have to be. Zende said he'd tried to be open-minded, but he couldn't. She suggested counseling, but he felt it wouldn't help. He said he'd been adopted, so one would think he'd understand. Though there were many types of families, he just wasn't ready to be with a woman carrying another couple's baby.

Nicole realized it meant that they had to break up because she was already pregnant. The two shed tears. Zende said he'd always love her, but he couldn't do it. He kissed her and held her.

At the cabin, Liam awakened and heard muffled voices. He flashed back to Steffy saying "hello" on the phone earlier, and his brain whirled in thought.

In the main room, Deacon told Quinn that she couldn't be in love with Liam Spencer. Quinn quipped that Deacon, of all people, should know her better. He replied that if she could fall in love, it would have happened with him. Quinn stated that "this" was as far from what she and Deacon had had.

Quinn concluded that Deacon was there out of jealousy. Deacon admitted to needing money. She guessed his sugar mama had bailed. She said she was no loan officer, and he'd have to earn it. She wanted him to doctor photos of Adam and Eve's happy life together. She listed life events like weddings, honeymoons, and vacations. Deacon said she'd lost it and was digging a deeper hole for herself.

Liam called out to Eve, asking if someone was there. Quinn yelled back that it was just the garbage man. She hustled Deacon to the front door and told him to find pictures of Liam on the web, doctor them up, and make sure nothing in them would jog Liam's memories. "You really think I'm going to do this, don't you?" Deacon asked. She replied that he wouldn't see a penny from her if he didn't.

Quinn threw Deacon out and went to see Liam in the bedroom. Liam asked if seeing visitors would help him remember. He wanted to do something and had tired of being in bed. Doubting that meeting the garbage man would help, she said resting was more important than he thought it was.

Liam apologized for sounding ungrateful and taking his frustration out on Eve. He explained that none of it, not even his last name, was familiar to him. He said he wasn't getting better. Quinn told him to be patient and let her care for him. She was sure his memory would eventually return. Liam sadly questioned whether that was true. He said he hadn't even had a flicker of their life together.

Taking Quinn's hand, Liam said he just had Eve. She was his whole world. He needed the warmth of her touch and the kindness in her eyes more than he'd ever had. Quinn replied that Liam had never said anything like that to her before.

Liam said he should have, and it shouldn't take a situation like that to make a man appreciate his wife -- especially Eve. To him, Eve was beautiful, kind, warm, and sensitive. He loved her. "What?" Quinn replied, half gasping. Liam stated that he didn't have to remember to know he loved his wife. Quinn replied that she loved him, too, and he held her.

At Forrester, Steffy was worried about Quinn's unfinished necklace. Wyatt said it wasn't like Quinn, and it had to be the new man in Quinn's life. Steffy suspected that Quinn was falling in love.

Later, Steffy and Wyatt arrived at the beach house. Steffy gathered her things to prepare to put them all in one place at the mansion and to move out of the cliff house. Wyatt said the mansion wasn't her only option, but she reasoned that with her family was the right place for her for the time being.

As Steffy packed up a box if items, Wyatt asked if there would be no more wondering or waiting regarding Liam. Steffy was ready to move forward. Wyatt said that it was his and Steffy's time. Steffy didn't think living with her family would prevent anything for her and Wyatt.

Wyatt decided that he'd help Steffy move, but he hoped she wouldn't be at the mansion long. He said that his life was better with her in it. He wanted to see her beautiful face first thing in the morning and kiss her lips before bed every night. He asked if she'd move in with him. Steffy was leery of moving in with a man again unless they were married. "Okay. Then marry me," Wyatt said.

Wyatt recalled that he'd already told Steffy that he would give her time to think about it. "Time's up!" he said, chuckling. Wyatt got down on one knee and opened a box with a ruby ring inside. He asked her to marry him and be his wife.

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Read the B&B Two Scoops commentary
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