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Ridge's doctor confronted Ridge about his son's paternity. Charlie discovered Liam's parking lot collapse on video, but Wyatt asked him to keep it quiet. Steffy agreed to elope with Wyatt, and Liam remembered an elopement of his own. Nicole was outraged that Zende had started sleeping with Sasha.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 21, 2016 on B&B
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The Forrester baby gets a name The Forrester baby gets a name
Monday, March 21, 2016

At the mansion, Caroline and Ridge cared for the baby and talked about how the baby's grandmothers, who'd just left the night before, wanted more pictures and videos of the child. Ridge was sad that one grandmother wouldn't know the child. Caroline said they'd tell the boy all about Stephanie.

The couple still hadn't named the son, and Ridge suggested Douglas for the name. Caroline noted that Stephanie Douglas Forrester was quite the role model. He figured the name would mean Stephanie was always looking out for the boy. Caroline loved it and said Douglas loved it, too.

Ridge received a message of congratulations from Pam, who also reminded him that work was piling up. Caroline thought he should be on parental leave, but he said someone might try to step in and take over. She replied that Rick would be having a baby soon, too, and Rick's focus would change.

The couple decided to fill out the birth certificate. Caroline wrote in the name and signed it and said it was the dad's turn. Thomas entered and asked what was going on. Ridge said Thomas should be at work. Thomas replied that he was playing hooky because his father had a new baby.

Thomas presented a gift for the child. He'd gotten the idea because Stephanie had had one made for Ridge at birth. It was a tee shirt that read, "Design School or Bust!" Thomas relayed that it was like father, like son, and Ridge replied that it was thoughtful.

Thomas guessed they were in the middle of something. Caroline explained that they were filling out the birth certificate. Thomas was anxious to know the name, and Ridge revealed it. Thomas loved the name. He told the baby he was glad Douglas had a suitable name, and Thomas welcomed his little brother to the family.

Thomas figured that Douglas would be a tennis star. Caroline said it was a long way off, but Thomas recalled how Ridge had gotten him into it very young. Preparing to leave, Thomas kissed the baby, and Caroline tensed. He reminded Ridge to sign the birth certificate because it wasn't official without the father's signature.

Ridge signed it and asked Thomas to keep him updated about the office. Ridge didn't want Rick getting any ideas in Ridge's absence. Thomas left the house, and Ridge asked if Caroline was okay.

Caroline asserted that Ridge was Douglas' father, but she'd been unnerved by Thomas' interaction with the child. Ridge told her that the baby and Thomas would cross paths, but Douglas was their child, and no one could ever know anything different.

At the cliffs, Quinn shoved Deacon off the incline and into the ocean. She ran back through the thicket and collided with Liam, who was rushing back to her with her inhaler. Wheezing, she claimed to be okay but asked if they could go home because she'd had enough for the day. Liam turned to head back to the car, and Quinn smiled a little before following him.

Back at their cabin, Quinn wanted to shower. Liam wondered if she was okay and if she'd always had asthma problems. She claimed that she had, but she hadn't had an attack in a long time. She didn't want to think about the exhausting event. He was sorry he hadn't been much help and had left her alone while getting the inhaler. He said anything could have happened while he'd been gone.

Quinn flashed back to pushing Deacon and murmured that she'd done what she'd had to do. She didn't want to talk about it anymore, and Liam wondered what was really wrong. She claimed to be emotional and didn't want to lose him. He guessed that it was about her dying friend. He promised her that he was her husband; he said he wouldn't leave and would be hers then and always.

Later, Quinn entered in a robe after her shower and panicked when she saw Liam on the computer. He was researching her condition and was surprised by the number of deaths it could cause. Quinn asked not to talk about dying. He offered to get some food and asked what she wanted.

Quinn just wanted to be "her" again. Liam was confused. She said she wanted to be the woman she'd been becoming because of him, and he'd made her a better person since their first kiss. Quinn remarked that things happened that were out of their control. He likened it to his memory loss.

Quinn murmured that it might be a good thing that Liam didn't remember as far as she was concerned. He asked why she'd say something like that. Quinn replied that she'd done a lot of things that she wasn't proud of. He stated that it didn't matter, and not a lot of wives would have hung in there to take care of him as she had done.

Cupping his face, Quinn said Liam's eyes were gentle and kind. She didn't want to lose "Adam," and she wouldn't allow anyone to intervene. She said she loved him too much. Liam asked what was really going on with her. She didn't want anything to ruin what they had, but he said they were in their own little world. She replied that it wouldn't be that way forever.

Quinn decided that they should go somewhere else as soon as possible. She wanted to start over, but Liam said he didn't want to. The cabin was all he knew. She suggested going to a remote area in Alaska. He didn't want to move to the cold. She replied that he had liked it before, and Liam was surprised to hear it. Quickly, she said it might not be a good idea, and she didn't want to risk it.

Liam asked what Quinn didn't want to risk. He didn't understand, but he said she might need a break from worrying about him and working. He assumed she was overwhelmed and needed a change of scenery. Quinn replied that she wanted to change everything about her life -- except for him. He was the most important thing to her. She needed to make sure they spent the rest of their lives together.

Liam replied that there was nothing to figure out, and he was committed to Eve. Quinn said there were people and forces at work, and if anything tried to take him away from her --

Liam asked who was saying such a thing. He assured Quinn that everything would be fine. Nodding, she tearfully asked him to hold her. Liam held Quinn, and she asked if he could love her. He said that he could. She asked him to promise he'd never leave her. Liam promised. He stated that she was stuck with him forever.

Thomas Forrester bonds with Douglas Thomas Forrester bonds with Douglas
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Caroline smiled and cuddled their new baby, Douglas. Ridge worried that if he stayed away from the office for too long, Rick would try to take over. Ridge kissed the baby in Caroline's arms.

Ridge noted that Caroline hadn't put the baby down since he'd been born. Caroline agreed and smiled. Ridge asked if she needed anything, and she said she had everything she wanted. Ridge smiled.

"Look at me," Ridge said. He added that he was married to the most beautiful woman, had a cute little guy, and was living in the family home. "It's incredible," he said. He kissed the baby, and the baby smiled. Ridge kissed Caroline, and he left.

Caroline talked to her son and told him that if he wanted to be a designer like his daddy, Forrester was a tough place to work. Thomas entered and said he was on his way to the office. He admired the baby and said that Douglas blew him away. Caroline agreed. She said she hadn't been able to stop staring at him since he'd been born. "He is surrounded by love," Thomas said.

Thomas asked to hold the baby, and Caroline looked uncomfortable, but she handed Douglas over to Thomas with instructions of how to support his head. Thomas smiled. Caroline told Thomas to relax and loosen his arms. "He is a game-changer for all of us," Thomas said.

At Forrester Creations, Maya entered Rick's office with shopping bags, and Rick wondered what she had bought. Maya pulled out baby booties and other items. She was excited that it was almost time for them to meet their baby. Rick whined that nobody would care because Ridge had just spawned another child.

Maya refused to believe that the family wouldn't be happy for Rick and Maya. She wished that things were better for Nicole. Maya was upset that Zende had dumped Nicole. Rick said there was nothing they could do.

In Zende's office, Sasha looked at Zende and asked, "Are we gonna talk about it or pretend it didn't happen?" Zende "acknowledged" that they had been together. He flashed back to being in bed with Sasha. "Acknowledging is good," Sasha said. Zende said they would see where it went, but he begged her to say nothing to Nicole or anyone else. Sasha said she was good at keeping "big honking secrets." She shook her head, and Zende left.

In Rick's office, Maya was alone, and Zende entered. He asked if she knew where Nicole had been. Zende confessed that Nicole had refused his calls and ignored his texts. "I'm sure I can guess why," Maya said. She noted that Zende had dumped her sister.

Zende maintained that he couldn't take the ride on her journey to have a baby. He said it was nothing personal. He couldn't fake it that he could watch Nicole carry another man's -- his uncle's -- baby.

Maya said she was disappointed because Nicole had thought Zende had supported her. Zende admitted that he could not wrap his brain around it, but he hadn't stopped caring about Nicole. Maya said he was entitled to his feelings. Zende left.

In Zende's office, Sasha was at work, and Nicole walked in. Nicole asked about Zende, but Sasha said he had left. Nicole was glad because she had wanted to talk to Sasha. Nicole apologized for being underhanded when she'd had Sasha fired. Sasha said Nicole had made up for it by getting her job back.

Nicole lamented that she had a big void in her life. She had lost her first love. She said that Zende had been someone special. Nicole noted that Zende was strong, gentle, sensitive, and funny. Sasha felt for Nicole. "I wish Zende could have hung in there a little longer," Nicole said.

Zende entered and said he had tried to contact Nicole many times. Nicole said they didn't have anything to say. Sasha said she would leave them alone. She told Nicole that she loved her and left. "What did you want to say?" Nicole asked Zende.

"Sorry I hurt you." Zende said. Nicole said it had hurt her that Zende hadn't been able to stand being close to her since she had started to show. "The situation is too much for me to handle," Zende said. Nicole felt he had closed his mind to it, but she had thought that he'd understood how hard it was for her. She reminded him that she had one chance to do something wonderful for her sister "no matter what it costs." Zende looked away.

In Rick's office, Rick and Maya were working, and Sasha interrupted. She shared that Zende and Nicole were talking, so she had left the office. Maya hoped that Zende wanted to get back together with Nicole. Sasha said it wasn't going to happen. Maya wondered why Sasha would be so negative. Sasha said she had a feeling Zende wasn't going to change his mind. Maya and Rick remained hopeful that Zende and Nicole would reunite.

In Ridge's office, Pam and Eric welcomed Ridge to work, and they were amazed that Ridge could tear himself away from his family. Ridge said he wanted to grab a few things and check in at the office. He planned to return home quickly. Pam and Eric said the baby was adorable, and Ridge had a wonderful new family.

Ridge admitted that if someone had told him he would be so happy two years earlier, he would never have believed it. Eric wished Stephanie were there to see the baby. Ridge admitted that he missed Stephanie every day. He said he and Caroline had decided to make Stephanie a permanent part of their son's life by naming him Douglas -- Stephanie's maiden name. "Perfect," Pam said.

"Stephanie would be so proud. You were more important to her than anyone else," Eric said. He agreed that it was fitting that Ridge's son would have Stephanie's name.

Pam, Eric, and Ridge toasted with Champagne. Rick entered and mocked the celebration but later joined in. Ridge, Eric, and Pam shared the news of the baby's name, and Rick laughed. He agreed it was perfect along with the portrait above the fireplace.

Eric noted that Rick would soon have a baby. Rick added the pregnancy was on course. Eric said there were a few new Forresters in the family. Rick seemed sarcastic in his congratulations, but he toasted the baby's name. Pam said she was going to cry. Eric, Ridge, and Rick presented hankies. Pam said they had all been well trained.

Later, at the Forrester mansion, Ridge entered and saw Thomas holding the baby. Thomas greeted his dad and said he was holding his little brother for the first time. Caroline looked uncomfortable, and Ridge said he had to pull rank. He asked to hold his son. Thomas handed Ridge the baby.

"One day I'll have this. Thank you for letting me spend time with you," Thomas said. Caroline looked uneasy. Thomas left.

"What was that look?" Ridge asked. Caroline admitted that Thomas holding Douglas had freaked her out. Ridge reminded her that Douglas was their child, and no one, including Thomas, could ever know otherwise. Ridge told her they had to have a relationship with Thomas, and she couldn't let it freak her out.

"I know, but ..." Caroline said. Ridge interrupted that there were no buts. "This is our boy, our blessing," he said. Caroline confessed that it was hard to watch Thomas hold Douglas. "He's his brother," Ridge said. He warned Caroline not to try to justify telling Thomas anything because they would lose everything. "We would lose each other. We are a family," Ridge said.

Ridge insisted they had decided to keep a secret. "This is how it's gonna be. No one is ever gonna know," Ridge advised. Tears rolled down Caroline's cheeks.

Never let him go Never let him go
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Caroline met with Jarrett and a photographer. Ridge said it was only fitting that Jarrett would be the person to introduce Douglas to the world. Jarrett admitted he had dropped everything when he'd received Caroline's call to photograph the family.

Caroline urged Jarrett and the photographer to hurry in order to get Douglas with his eyes open because he would soon be asleep. Jarrett commented that Douglas was "every bit as handsome as his father." Caroline looked at Ridge.

Jarrett was happy to see Stephanie's portrait above the mantel in place of Maya's, and he was happy that Ridge and Caroline had chosen Stephanie's maiden name for their son's first name. Ridge said that Stephanie had loved grandchildren, and he wanted to make her a part of Douglas' life. He added that Maya was very important to the family, but she no longer lived in the house.

The photographer got some great portraits, and after the photo shoot, Jarrett thanked Ridge and Caroline for the "precious shots." Jarrett said Douglas couldn't have picked a better mom and dad. Ridge walked out with Jarrett, and he returned to Caroline. Ridge reminded his wife that they had made it all happen. They were in charge of the Forrester estate and the company -- because they had made the right choices. Ridge kissed her, and she looked pensive.

Ridge worried that she had "that look again." Caroline promised she was "not freaking out." She agreed they had made choices, but she couldn't help but think about Thomas. "Think about Douglas. That's enough. He's our son, and I'm his father," Ridge announced.

Ridge didn't want to discuss it anymore. He warned that it couldn't come up again because it would tear his family apart. Caroline said she wanted to be honest about how she felt. Ridge understood, but he didn't want Douglas to suffer for what had happened: Thomas had taken advantage of her when she had been in a drugged state, he reminded her. Caroline looked sad.

At Forrester Creations, Maya, Sasha, and Rick discussed Zende and Nicole. Maya wondered if Zende and Nicole would get back together. Sasha said that the reason they had broken up hadn't changed. Maya countered that she believed Zende and Nicole would work things out. Sasha said it was too late for that. Maya refused to believe that. Sasha left.

Maya and Rick went into Ridge's office. Rick said that he didn't think Ridge deserved to sit in CEO's chair. Rick admitted he missed being CEO. Maya agreed it had been exciting. Rick and Maya wanted to build a legacy for their son or daughter.

Rick lamented that Ridge had taken everything from him, and they were living with his mother and taking orders from Ridge at work. Maya reminded him that it didn't matter because he would be an amazing father.

Rick didn't let up. He ranted that Ridge had manipulated people to get his way, and he had used everyone to feed his ego. Rick wanted to get back in the CEO chair, but he acknowledged it was going to be difficult without his dad in his corner.

Rick didn't want Ridge's animosity toward Rick to affect Maya or the baby. Rick announced that he was Eric Forrester Junior, and he wanted to be back on top. Maya wondered where they should start. Rick said they had to find something to use against Ridge -- who always had secrets. Rick and Maya agreed to find something.

In the studio at Forrester, Zende and Nicole discussed that Zende couldn't feel the way he had about Nicole because the baby had changed things. Zende said he would always care about her, but he had never agreed that she should have his uncle's baby. Nicole looked at Zende, and she knew something was different. She guessed that he had been seeing someone else. She wondered if it was Veronica from legal or one of the models. Zende said he didn't want to blame anyone else. It had started out as a friendship.

Nicole figured out that it was Sasha. Zende admitted that Sasha had been a friend to him. "I didn't want this. I wanted to be with you," he said. Zende felt he had to be honest with her, and he had from the beginning. He had not wanted her to become his uncle's surrogate. "Why was their happiness more important?" he asked.

Nicole became emotional. She reminded Zende that she wanted to give a gift of a baby to her sister. She had wanted him to be understanding and put their relationship on hold. Zende said he had tried, but she had to see it from his side. He had warned her before she had made the decision to become a surrogate. "I'm adopted, but I am still a Forrester. My uncle's baby is inside of you," he said.

Nicole realized that Zende would do whatever he wanted. Zende countered that he hadn't stopped caring about her. "I'll always care about you," he said.

Nicole lamented that she and Sasha were best friends and had grown up like sisters. Nicole cried. "If you and Sasha ever ...," Nicole stopped because Zende looked guilty. Nicole realized Zende and Sasha had already been intimate. "Please tell me it's not true!" she begged. Zende said nothing, and Nicole walked away sobbing.

In another office at Forrester, Sasha was working, and Julius entered. He asked about Nicole. Sasha answered that Nicole and Zende had been talking, but they had broken up. Julius said he had not heard anything.

Sasha informed her father that it was over because Zende had been seeing someone else. Sasha announced that she was the someone else, and Zende had wanted to keep it a secret until he could tell Nicole. "You?" Julius asked.

"So disappointed, Dad? He's still seeing one of your daughters," Sasha countered. Julius said he had told her to stay away from Zende, but Sasha informed Julius that Zende and Nicole had broken up on their own.

Sasha reminded Julius that Nicole had tried to get her fired, and Julius asked if it was revenge. Sasha said it was not. She added that Zende was probably telling Nicole. Julius worried that Nicole would be hurt. Sasha worried that she would get fired again. "I'm not going anywhere," Sasha shouted. She shouted Nicole's pain was nothing like the pain she'd lived with her entire life.

Julius ordered Sasha to keep her voice down. Sasha reminded her father that he had never allowed her to be a part of his life when she had been growing up. Julius countered that he had taken care of her and her mother, and they had lived just blocks away. He had done the best he could, and he had worked his butt off to support them.

Sasha cried that it had all been a secret. He'd kept Sasha and her mother close but not too close. She called him a mean man. "Vivienne would leave you in a second," Sasha warned. "Do it," Julius dared her. He had tired of her threats. He told her to stop being so dramatic. Sasha scoffed and said she was more like him than Maya or Nicole would ever be.

"You will keep this secret," Julius commanded. Sasha shook her head. "Secrets don't solve anything," she said. Julius begged her to give Zende and Nicole a second chance, but Sasha said Nicole had caused it for herself. Julius agreed that he had warned Nicole not to listen to Maya, but she had refused.

Julius promised to stay out of it. Sasha threw her arms around her father's neck and hugged him. "Daddy, thank you," she said, but he did not embrace her. She angrily said he wouldn't even hold her and show appreciation. She added that Zende was the only man she needed in her life. "Zende is a real man, and he cares about me. I'm not letting him go, no matter what," she shouted.

Charlie sees Liam pass out in the parking lot Charlie sees Liam pass out in the parking lot
Thursday, March 24, 2016

At the mansion, Caroline felt anxious about leaving Douglas at home with the nanny, Patty. Ridge urged his wife to join him ten minutes down the road for lunch. He assured her that Patty was a professional, and Eric was also there to help. Grinning, Ridge asked his wife to have a date with him.

Caroline reluctantly agreed but tried to go upstairs to give Patty some final instructions. Ridge lassoed Caroline back to him and promised that everything would be fine.

Later, Ridge and Caroline were out to lunch, and Caroline was already missing the baby. They toasted to the baby and being good parents. Ridge tensed and noted that a man had been staring at him for a while from across the room. Though the man looked familiar, Ridge couldn't recall who he was.

As lunch continued, Caroline joked that the guy was checking Ridge out because Ridge was really fine. Ridge said he knew the guy from somewhere. He just didn't know where from. Caroline couldn't stand being away from the baby any longer. Ridge sent her home and stayed to pay the bill.

The man who'd been watching Ridge approached. It was Dr. Wolin, who'd grown a beard since diagnosing Ridge with azospermia. The doctor had heard about the baby. Ridge hailed the miracles of medicine, and Dr. Wolin asked what doctors Ridge had seen to cause the miracle.

Ridge didn't see it as relevant. Dr. Wolin agreed that it wasn't -- because Wolin had run Ridge's tests again and again. Each time, the sperm count had been zero. Wolin asserted that there was no way that the baby was Ridge's.

At Forrester, Rick rummaged through files to find dirt on Ridge. Maya wasn't sure it was a good idea. Just then, Thomas entered and asked what they were doing. Rick thought it was obvious -- he was trying to prove Ridge couldn't be trusted. Rick said Ridge was always trying to pull one over on Rick, and Rick didn't trust Ridge one bit.

Later, Rick was with Charlie in the security office. Rick had a ding in his car and believed it had happened in the Forrester parking lot. Charlie reviewed surveillance footage but said it could take a long time to find the culprit if it had been weeks since the incident. Rick suspected Ridge had backed into it.

Rick left Charlie to study the footage. Alone, Charlie griped that Rick's Roadster was probably leased. On Charlie's screen appeared Liam and Quinn standing together in the parking lot. In the footage, Liam fell down. Charlie gasped and rewound the footage again and again.

When Rick arrived back in the CEO's office, Maya said that she and Thomas were discussing babies, which had a wonderful way of pulling people together. Thomas stated that his differences with his father were in the past, and he fully supported his father. Thomas knew that Rick was irked by Ridge's success, but Thomas insisted that Ridge wasn't hiding anything.

Later, Rick and Maya were alone. Rick refused to back down about Ridge. Maya said the baby might be softening Ridge, but Rick asserted that Ridge was only out for himself. It seemed that Ridge had the perfect life and family, but Rick vowed to find a way to take Ridge down.

In the design office, the distraught Nicole had just filled her parents in on what had transpired with Zende and Sasha. Julius was silent as Vivienne consoled her daughter. Nicole believed that Sasha had stabbed her in the back. Julius said he'd predicted it from the beginning. Nicole asked if he was happy to be right. He wasn't, but he said she'd asked too much of Zende.

Vivienne asked Julius not to lecture Nicole and to stand by Nicole. Julius decided that he had to stay out of it and leave it between Nicole and Sasha. Nicole could stand if it had been a stranger, but not someone who'd been practically family. Nicole didn't know how Sasha could do it to her and said it was a boundary one didn't cross.

Julius was sure that Nicole would meet another guy in the future and forget all about Zende. Julius believed that what had been done had been done, and it was time to move on. Nicole couldn't believe he was siding with Sasha over his own daughter. Nicole raged that he was supposed to support her, not some girl who he didn't even like.

Later, Nicole was alone, and she flashed back to times with Zende.

In Zende's room, Zende, fresh out of the shower, opened his door and found Sasha on his doorstep with a bottle of wine. Wiggling herself, she said she wanted to have a party. He wasn't in the mood, but she entered the room anyway. He revealed that he'd told Nicole about them. He didn't really want to talk about it. Sasha didn't care if they talked at all, and she kissed him.

Zende pulled away. He wasn't in the mood due to his thoughts. Sasha said he should be feeling, not thinking. They made out more, and Sasha peeled off her clothes.

After sex, Sasha and Zende were in bed, and she asked if he was glad she'd visited. She wanted to know everything about him. They discussed him getting up early and having a fitness "bromance" with Carter. She joked that she might get jealous. Zende asked where she got her sense of humor and if it was from her mother or her father.

Sasha relayed that her mother had been strict. Zende asked about her father and if he was alive. Sasha said no one really knew her father, and he was alive. Zende remarked that Nicole's father could be a piece of work. Sasha remarked that being with Zende felt good. She said that he thought she was smart and sexy. She told Zende that it felt good to be held.

Zende was sorry he'd started talking about Sasha's father. It wasn't a romantic topic. Sasha recalled that Zende had mentioned talking to Nicole and wanted to know what he'd said. He replied that he'd told Nicole everything, and Nicole knew he and Sasha had made love. Sasha became emotional about the way he'd described it. For her, it had been making love, and she asked if he'd felt that way. Zende politely smiled, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

A memory sparks within Liam A memory sparks within Liam
Friday, March 25, 2016

At Il Giardino, Dr. Wolin insisted that Ridge's sperm count had been zero. Ridge stated that it had been, but it had changed. Wolin replied that Ridge could say what he wanted to the press, but Wolin knew the truth -- the baby wasn't Ridge's.

Wolin saw no shame in couples turning to donors. Ridge asserted that there had been no donor, and the child was his. Wolin chuckled and suggested a paternity test. "That young wife of yours is keeping a secret," Wolin insisted. Ridge declared that Wolin had no idea of what he was talking about.

Wolin stated that the science spoke for itself in regard to a vasectomy. Ridge claimed to have had it reversed, but Dr. Wolin replied that it would be pointless without viable sperm. Ridge argued that he'd gotten a second opinion from someone who'd actually known what he'd been talking about, and it had resulted in Ridge having a beautiful boy with his beautiful wife.

Ridge said that Wolin's suggestions were starting to upset him, and he told Wolin not to say it to anyone else. Wolin grumbled his agreement, and Ridge left the restaurant.

At the mansion, Caroline told Douglas that an hour away from him was a lifetime, and she hoped he'd been good for the nanny. Thomas, who was at the door, had heard her mention the nanny. He said that the next time, he'd be glad to drop everything to hang out with Douglas.

Thomas wondered if it was too early to put Douglas into modeling, but Caroline wondered if Thomas didn't think Ridge would push for designing. Thomas believed that Ridge would let Douglas choose what he wanted, and she expressed surprise that Thomas had complimented his father.

Thomas said Douglas was reminding him of positive things about Ridge, who wasn't the demanding, secretive guy that Thomas had accused him of being. Douglas was helping Thomas to see Ridge in a new light and reminding him of the kind of father Ridge was. Thomas would always be grateful that Caroline had had Douglas.

Ridge arrived and found Thomas in the bedroom with Caroline and Douglas. Ridge wondered why Thomas wasn't at work, creating sketches, and Thomas left to get back to work.

Caroline asked Ridge what was wrong, and if anything had happened after she'd left the restaurant. Ridge denied that anything had happened. Holding Douglas, Ridge said it had bothered him to see Thomas in the room. Ridge wanted to protect his family. Caroline said no one would ever know.

At Quinn's cabin, Quinn broached the idea of moving again. Liam said they'd just moved there, and he asked about her job. She said she could take a leave of absence. In her view, they'd been cooped up in the cabin. Due to his improvement, she wanted to take him out and make new memories. "Adam and Eve conquer the world. What do you think?" she asked.

Later, Liam was alone. He pulled out the photo albums and expressed frustration with his inability to recall his own wedding. Liam stared and stared at the Ajax Mountain photos. Suddenly, snippets of the bride walking the dirt path buzzed and sparked in his mind.

At Forrester later, Quinn met with Eric to discuss taking a leave of absence. Eric had heard rumors about a new man in her life and asked if she might be back with Deacon. She replied that she didn't think she'd ever see Deacon again. Quinn wanted a leave of absence to concentrate on her new relationship but offered to work remotely if need be. Eric decided not to stand in Quinn's way and to let Ridge know about the leave.

In the CEO's office, Wyatt arrived to see if he could help Steffy end her workday faster. Steffy said she needed his mother to be more like him with her timely delivery of work. He stated that his mother worked at her own pace, but if Steffy had to fire Quinn, he hoped Steffy would do it after the wedding. Steffy just needed Quinn to return correspondence, and Steffy noted that Quinn was the only one left to manage the jewelry line.

Steffy left to take care of some paperwork with Carter but said she'd meet Wyatt later. Holly arrived, anxious to get some jewelry pieces to Sean for a shoot. Wyatt promised he'd get them. Holly left, and Charlie, who'd heard that Wyatt was in the building, rushed in.

Wyatt promised that he was still allowed to enter the building, but Charlie said he needed to show Wyatt something. Charlie wasn't sure if what he'd found was a security breech, but he wanted to show Wyatt some footage of Liam and Quinn.

Wyatt followed Charlie to the control room, where Charlie played the footage of Quinn and Liam in the parking lot. Wyatt watched Quinn tug at the motionless Liam. Charlie asked if she'd told Wyatt about it. As he watched Quinn drive off in Liam's car, Wyatt said she sure hadn't, but she was going to.

Later, Wyatt went to the design office, where Quinn was packing up. "Where is he?" Wyatt asked Quinn. Quinn didn't know who Wyatt meant, and Wyatt said he'd just learned that she was probably the last person to see him. "Where is Liam?" he asked.

Quinn thought it was an odd question and said Liam wouldn't ask her for a ride to the airport. Wyatt revealed that he'd seen footage of Quinn in the parking lot with Liam, who'd fallen. She sensed an accusatory tone. Wyatt exclaimed that he was worried, and the footage was dated the same day that Liam had disappeared.

Quinn said Liam hadn't disappeared. He'd gone "on an ex -- extended -- spa," she stammered. Wyatt noted that it had been the same day that Steffy had expected Liam to show up at home to work things out, but Liam had never shown up. Wyatt asked what she'd done to Liam.

Quinn claimed that she hadn't done anything to Liam, and she'd gotten in his car to take him to the hospital. Quinn created a tale about Liam waking up in the car and refusing to go to the hospital. She said all Liam had wanted to do was get out of town and do yoga. "Yoga?" Wyatt repeated.

Wyatt asked if Liam had driven himself. Quinn said Liam could rescue himself, just like he rescued others. Wyatt wanted to know why Quinn hadn't mentioned it awhile back. He said that she hadn't said anything about the collapse, and Liam might be off in a hospital somewhere -- or worse.

Quinn asked why Wyatt cared, and he said it was his brother. She advised him to take care of Steffy and not wait for Liam to get done with yoga and decide to treat Steffy as she deserved. Wyatt said Steffy would turn Liam down. Quinn believed it would be better if Steffy did it as Mrs. Wyatt Spencer, and Quinn urged him to marry Steffy.

Later, Wyatt reported to Charlie that it wasn't what it looked like on film. Wyatt repeated Quinn's story about Liam waking up in the car, but Charlie said he'd still talk to Quinn, who should have filed an incident report. Wyatt told him to let it go and not tell anyone else. Wyatt felt that the last thing Quinn, who was trying to fit in, needed was a witch-hunt after she'd tried to help Liam.

At the beach house, Steffy thought about her engagement ring and her mountain wedding to Liam. She sent Wyatt a message that she was going for a walk on the beach.

Wyatt found Steffy later in the spot where he had proposed. He was ready to get married and wanted to avoid seating charts and all the things that made weddings complicated. He wanted to marry Steffy on the spot where he'd proposed to her, and he wanted to do it as soon as possible.

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