The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 28, 2016 on B&B
Katie swore she'd stopped drinking. Brooke discovered a hidden vodka pint in the kitchen, and Katie begged Brooke not to tell Bill. Liam created a photo collage of the woman in his memories and became intent upon finding her. Wyatt and Steffy married each other in a beachside ceremony.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 28, 2016 on B&B
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Katie hides liquor in the flour jar Katie hides liquor in the flour jar
Monday, March 28, 2016

At Katie's house, Bill and Brooke entered the kitchen to join Katie, who'd made them dinner. Katie had set up the dinner to announce that seeing her therapist, who'd confirmed what they all knew -- Katie was depressed, and drinking wasn't helping the matter. Katie claimed to be done with drinking.

She was sure Bill was monitoring the liquor cabinet and had seen only his favorite liquors there. She said the liquid levels should prove that her drinking days were behind her. She was pulling herself together, and she just needed a little reassurance from Brooke and Bill.

Katie knew that it made her sound insecure. Brooke and Bill disagreed and were willing to give her reassurance. Bill relayed that renouncing alcohol was a personal decision. Katie said she didn't need a sobriety lecture, but she did need to know that Brooke and Bill were loyal to her.

Bill said he was, and she shouldn't have to ask. Katie asked about Brooke, and Brooke affirmed her commitment. Katie didn't know how to believe Brooke, but Brooke stated that Katie would in time. Katie guessed it was time for dinner, and as she prepared a plate, Bill and Brooke exchanged looks.

During dinner, Bill asked what spice he tasted in the food. Katie said it was thyme. "Half past," Bill joked, and Brooke erupted in laughter. Katie frowned. Brooke asked for the recipe. Katie said she'd send it to Brooke. Katie frowned again when Brooke asked Bill to show her pictures of Douglas.

As Brooke looked at the pictures, Katie hallucinated that Brooke was feeding Bill and whispering in his ear. She looked under the table and imagined that Brooke was playing footsy with Bill. "Stop it! Stop it!" Katie screamed, banging her hands on the table. Startled, Brooke and Bill looked up, and Bill asked what they were supposed to stop. Katie accused them of flirting with each other right in front of her.

Bill and Brooke became confused, but Katie told them not to try to deny it. Brooke and Bill insisted that no one was flirting. Katie told Brooke to be honest about wanting Bill. Brooke replied that she'd never do that, but Katie said Brooke had already done it.

Brooke decided to leave. She stepped toward Katie, but Katie warned Brooke not to touch her. Brooke stated that Katie needed to be with her husband, and Brooke left.

Bill asked what had just happened. Katie said she was feeling insecure because of Brooke. He felt that Brooke was doing all she could to rectify the situation and asked what more he and Brooke could do to reassure Katie. Katie said not to give up on her. Bill didn't plan to. He loved her and wanted nothing more than for her to be healthy and happy.

"But sometimes, Katie..." Bill said. Katie stated that it was her depression, and she needed his support. He told her that she always had it. Hearing a noise, Bill decided to leave to check on Will.

Alone, Katie reached into the flour jar and pulled out of pint of clear liquor. She swigged some and returned the pint to the flour jar.

At the beach, Wyatt put on the charm to convince Steffy to start their journey right away. Steffy agreed to do it, and the couple returned to the house. Wyatt was ready to have the wedding in the next day or two and said to leave it to him. Spontaneity was their trademark. "It's what we do," Wyatt said.

Wyatt and Steffy believed that they'd have an exciting future. Wyatt said they'd gotten together without it being forced. He believed there was a reason they were together, and it had needed to happen.

Steffy hugged and kissed Wyatt. He broke out the Champagne and started a guest list. They discussed inviting immediate family but leaving out Rick's family so they didn't have to invite everyone at Forrester. For Wyatt's family, he mentioned Katie, Quinn, and his father. Wyatt said he'd invite Liam if he were in town. Steffy said she knew Wyatt would, and it was okay. She kissed him and placed her head on his shoulder.

Wyatt hoped that once Liam was back, things would be normal. He wanted to resume a brotherly relationship with Liam. Steffy said Liam had made his choice to leave without seeing or speaking to anyone. Wyatt flashed to Liam collapsing in the video. "Steffy..." Wyatt said.

Steffy asserted that Liam wasn't part her life anymore. She'd always have history with Liam, but he was gone. Steffy said Wyatt was there, and she wanted a life with him. Wyatt promised that they'd have it, with or without Liam. "Nothing and no one will be able to take that away from us," Wyatt said.

At Quinn's cabin, Quinn arrived home and saw Liam staring at the wedding photos. She said he'd seen them before, but he replied that it hadn't been in the same way he was seeing them that day. "It's happening, Eve. My memory. I think it's coming back," he told her.

Quinn was shocked to hear that Liam had heard nature sounds and had seen her walking toward him in the memory flashes he'd had while looking at the mountain wedding photos. He relayed that he hadn't seen her face, but he remembered being there.

Quinn said it was wonderful and asked how Liam's headaches were. Liam was too excited to even notice headaches, but he knew that she didn't want him to get his hopes up. She replied that it would be devastating for them both. Chuckling, Liam said he loved her, but he asked her to imagine how much more he'd love her if he could remember what they'd gone through and what she meant to him.

Liam was elated that their wedding day had been the trigger. He promised that he wouldn't get his hopes up, and hugging her, he asked her to not worry about him. He didn't feel that he was much of a husband because she had to nurse and care for him. He asked her to consider how happy she'd be if it wasn't the case. He felt himself getting better, and it was what he wanted for them both.

Quinn said Liam didn't realize that she was a changed person because of him, and his memory didn't matter to her. Liam responded that it mattered to him. Showing her the photos and pointing to the bride, he said he knew that he had been happy in the pictures because of "that woman standing right there." He asserted that "she" was putting the smile on his face.

Quinn saddened. Liam asked what was wrong. He noticed that she was shaking. She said she didn't want to lose him. Grasping onto him, she repeated that she didn't want to lose him.

Later, Liam returned to the photo album. In his memory, the face of the bride became just a little more clear. He grinned. Behind him, Quinn watched and shed a tear.

Wedding bells ring a familiar tune Wedding bells ring a familiar tune
Tuesday, March 29, 2016
by Pam

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Steffy were excited about their upcoming beach wedding. "It's going to rock being your wife," Steffy said. They made out. Wyatt said he had it all planned for their spot on the beach. Steffy marveled at his planning. "Are you always this thoughtful?" she asked.

Wyatt answered that he liked to plan ahead and keep his lady smiling. "My wife smiling," he corrected himself. He wondered if Steffy had talked to her mom. Steffy said that she couldn't reach her, but she added, "At least your mom will be there."

Wyatt and Steffy discussed that Quinn had felt they belonged together all along. "It's cute how much she loves you," Steffy said. Wyatt added that he hoped Quinn could find someone to make her as happy as they were. He felt Quinn deserved something good in her life. Wyatt wondered if Steffy had told Ridge and Thomas. She wanted to tell them in person.

Steffy asked about telling Quinn in person. Wyatt said they should drive up to her cabin and tell her about the wedding date. It would give them the opportunity to meet her new guy. They decided to call her instead.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam looked pensive when he talked to Quinn. He said that some memories were resurfacing, but then they quickly evaporated. Quinn said that he was trying too hard to remember. Liam lamented that his damaged brain should have some memories. He had looked up thousands of Adam Smiths. "But none of them are me," he said.

"Let it go for a while," Quinn said. Liam insisted that he had to find out who he was. He looked through the photo album she had given him and apologized that he had been obsessing. She said she was a reliable source for him. Liam said he wanted to return to the place where they had been married. "I want to see it. It looks like it's in the mountains somewhere," he said.

Quinn tried to persuade him to stop. Liam argued that his memory could return, but Quinn worried that if it didn't, he would disappointed again, and that was when his headaches started. Liam argued that it would be worth the trip. Quinn said they would have to make a detour because they had a trip planned to see the world. She wanted to make new memories. She reminded him that she had taken a leave of absence so they could go away.

Liam left the room to get some wine. Quinn's phone rang, and it was Wyatt. He announced that he and Steffy's wedding would be in a few days. Quinn was ecstatic. Wyatt told her to take her mystery guy. Quinn worried that she had planned to head out of town.

Wyatt insisted that his mother had to be there. He added that it was time for Adam to meet the family. "I'm not taking no for an answer. I'm not asking. I am insisting," Wyatt said. She told him she was happy for him and promised to try. She hung up.

Liam returned with wine and looked at the photo album again. Quinn stood in the doorway outside. "It's like you already left. You seem far away," he said. Quinn said she was there. Liam started again on the photo album. "I think if I keep examining every detail ...," he said. Quinn didn't want Liam to be so anxious. "Let's make new memories. See the world," she said.

Quinn said she had something to do the next day, and Liam offered to go with her, but she said she needed him to stay at the house, pack it up, and prepare their bags so they could shut down the house and leave on their trip. "Why do you always leave me here," Liam asked.

Quinn apologized. She promised to do better when they were on the road. "Nothing else matters if I'm with you," he said. Quinn said she planned to take a shower and go to bed. She left the room, and Liam looked at the wedding picture in the album. He remembered that his bride had walked toward him, and he suddenly had a vision of when she had lifted her veil.

At Forrester, Rick and Brooke discussed that Brooke had had a disastrous dinner at Katie and Bill's. Brooke said Katie had been fine and then had gone berserk and accused Bill and Brooke of flirting.

"Were you?" Rick asked. "No. Of course not," Brooke replied. Brooke lamented that Katie had accused Bill and Brooke of having feelings for one another. Rick asked if Brooke thought that Katie had been drinking again.

Brooke didn't know, but she said that Katie had scared her because she had been irrational. Brooke noted that Bill loved Katie, but he was not a patient man. She knew he would eventually shut down. Rick said that Brooke knew Bill well. Brooke said that Katie's drinking could be her undoing and could start a vicious cycle that would force her to lose Bill.

At Bill and Katie's place, Katie was in the kitchen, and Bill said he was headed to bed. He wanted Katie to join him, but she said she had to make a snack. She advised him she would be up shortly.

After Bill had gone upstairs, Katie grabbed a pint of vodka hidden in a canister on the counter. She swigged it down then pulled a bottle of mouthwash out of a drawer in the kitchen.

Katie gargled with the mouthwash and later entered the bedroom with the plate of snacks, and Bill was on the bed.

"I love it when you read my mind," Bill said. He grabbed her, but she pulled away, and he wondered why. Katie tried to dismiss it. She said she thought she had heard Will. Bill worried that Katie was not well because she had concerned him when she had gone off on him and Brooke earlier.

Katie justified her response because she had been feeling insecure, but she reminded him that she had been seeing her therapist. She regretted that she could do or say some things that she couldn't take back. She needed his patience while she readjusted to medications and antidepressants.

Katie also needed Bill's reassurance. Bill promised to be understanding and patient. They made out, and Katie interrupted because she wanted to change.

Katie returned in sexy lingerie. They made out. Bill asked if she felt better. She said she did, but she had the hiccups. She started to laugh, but Bill accused her of drinking, and he said he could smell it. Katie maintained it was mouthwash. "And what else?" Bill asked.

Bill accused Katie of lying to him about drinking. Katie patiently said she was fine and not drinking. "Check the level of the bottles. I won't be offended," she said. He asked again if she had been drinking. "No, not a drop," Katie answered.

Bill worried. Katie worried that it could be awhile before her medications and her body evened out. "See this is where that patience comes into play," she said. Katie told Bill she felt a lot better and didn't want to have a relapse. "Can we please move on to something else?" she asked. Bill agreed. They started to kiss and made love.

Later, Bill reminded Katie to hold onto thoughts of how he loved her throughout the day. She knew he was afraid she would turn into some kind of crazy person. "You won't let it happen," she said.

Wedding memories begin to surface Wedding memories begin to surface
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
by Pam

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Steffy discussed that they had to prepare for their wedding, which was scheduled for the next day. Wyatt posed a challenge. The first person to finish all their wedding tasks could demand a shirtless selfie from the other. Steffy smiled and told him to puff up his chest for her in his photo. They walked out together and agreed Wyatt had to get a best man, and Steffy had to get maid of honor.

At Quinn's, Liam quizzed Quinn about their wedding. He asked about the person who had married them. Quinn said it had been a minister from the mountain resort. He said the name would be on their marriage license. Quinn stammered that all their legal and medical documents had been packed away.

Liam didn't let up. He asked if somebody else had been at their wedding. He asked if Quinn had a sister. Quinn paused. "Have you remembered something, Adam?" She asked.

Liam answered that there was a face he could almost see. Quinn quizzed him about whether it was a man or woman. She added that it might be someone he recognized from a movie. Liam grew defensive. "You don't seem to want to help me," he said.

Liam lamented that they had a whole history that he couldn't remember. Quinn said she had to meet with a real estate agent about selling the cabin. Liam was distant. Quinn asked if he was all right. He said he was fine. She asked where he had put the photo albums. He said he had forgotten. She seemed surprised.

After Quinn left, Liam pulled out the photo albums. He looked at the wedding photos and had flashes of memories from his wedding to Steffy on the mountain. Later, Quinn returned, and she found Liam looking at the photo albums. She remarked that he had remembered where he'd left them. He agreed. Quinn said the real estate agent had told her she would lose money if she sold the cabin. Liam said they didn't have to sell. Quinn left the room to make lunch.

Liam looked at the photos. He recalled Steffy walking toward him at the wedding on the mountain. He still couldn't see her face, but he heard her voice. "Marry me," he heard.

At Spencer, Brooke walked into Bill's office. She worried that she should not be sneaking into his office because if Katie found out, she would think the worst. Bill said he was worried about Katie, and he needed Brooke's opinion.

Brooke said that after their dinner the previous night, she had felt that Katie had been irrational. Bill asked if Brooke thought that Katie was still drinking. He shared that Katie had told him she was no longer drinking, but he wasn't sure he believed her. Brooke said that Katie's irrational behavior didn't have to be linked to drinking.

Brooke reminded Bill that Katie had been irrational before. Bill worried that she had compounded it with drinking. He couldn't tell if she was lying. Brooke responded that they didn't have the power to stop Katie, but they needed to offer support. Brooke maintained that it had been important to her when she had gone through her own drinking problems. Brooke promised to check in on Katie at home. Bill thanked her.

At Forrester, Ridge and Thomas discussed Thomas' designs. "So, this is what you came up with?" Ridge asked. Ridge was not a fan of Thomas' designs that included high-low skirts. Thomas claimed women loved them. "No, no," Ridge said.

Caroline entered with the baby and wondered who had ordered a bundle of joy. "Must have been me," Ridge and Thomas said in unison. They all ogled the baby, and Steffy entered.

Thomas told Steffy he needed her opinion because their father had been brutal in his critique of Thomas' designs. Steffy said she was just visiting and not working. "I'm getting married tomorrow," she said.

Ridge, Thomas, and Caroline were happy for Steffy. Steffy said she needed Caroline to be her matron of honor because her mother couldn't be there. Caroline agreed, and they embraced.

At Bill's office, Wyatt entered and asked Bill to be his best man. Bill encouraged Wyatt to ask his brother, and Wyatt balked that he wasn't going to do it. Bill worried that no one had heard from Liam.

Bill and Wyatt joked a few minutes, but Bill knew that Wyatt was serious about the wedding. They teased one another. Wyatt received a text message from Steffy that she had her matron of honor.

Wyatt said he had just lost a bet and owed Steffy a shirtless selfie because she had her matron of honor before he had a best man. Bill laughed. Wyatt teased that when he did see Liam, Bill would profess that "Wyatt had to beg me." They both laughed.

Bill gave Wyatt a hug and said he would be honored to be Wyatt's best man. Bill noted that Wyatt had always felt that Bill had shown favoritism to Liam. Bill wanted Wyatt to know he loved him and was happy for him. They embraced.

At Forrester, Ridge made phone calls to order flowers, and Caroline and Steffy gushed over wedding plans. Ridge told Steffy that her wedding gift would be a house full of wedding flowers because that was all she had given him time for. He asked about the guest list, and Steffy claimed it was in her head.

Ridge asked if Liam had been invited, and Steffy countered that her mother had not been invited when Ridge had married Brooke. They argued briefly. Wyatt entered and said that Steffy had her person of honor, and he had his person of dishonor. They all laughed.

Ridge asked why the wedding had to be done in such a hurry. He wondered if Wyatt feared that someone might stop them. Ridge added it was the same way Wyatt had behaved and operated with Hope. Wyatt argued that it had been a long time before and that he loved Steffy.

Wyatt added that he and Steffy had been in love and been abandoned and rejected, but they were the real winners. They would make promises to one another, and he couldn't wait to marry Steffy.

At Katie's, Katie cleaned up the kitchen and flashed back to the time she had overheard Brooke whisper to Bill that she loved him and that he was the greatest love of her life.

Katie shook her head. Then she recalled dinner the previous night when she had screamed at Bill and Brooke to stop flirting with one another. Katie shook her head again and reached for the pint of vodka she had hidden in the sugar canister. She took several swigs.

Katie flashed back to Bill quizzing her the previous night about her drinking. She recalled lying to him that she had quit drinking. She took another swig of vodka. She set the vodka down on the counter, and she heard Brooke enter the house. Katie called out to Brooke and told her to get comfy in the living room, and Katie promised to make coffee.

Brooke wanted to sit in the kitchen, and Katie quickly hid the pint of vodka behind the canister set. She made coffee. Katie asked how things had gone at Brooke's since Maya, Nicole, and Rick had moved in. Brooke said it was busy.

Katie apologized for her behavior the previous night. Brooke advised Katie that she didn't want their relationship to become one apology on top of another. "What would you like it to be?" Katie asked. Brooke responded that she wanted them to be honest with each other without fearing the end of their relationship. "Are you still drinking, Katie?" Brooke asked. "No. No, I quit," Katie said. She poured coffee for both of them.

Brooke said she didn't want to belabor the point, but she was worried. They heard a noise, and Katie said it was the nanny outside, playing with Will. She went outside to check on them. Brooke prepared to put sugar in her coffee, but the sugar bowl was empty. Brooke walked over to the canisters and looked at the sugar canister, but she saw the pint of vodka hidden behind it. She picked it up, and Katie returned. Brooke looked at her disapprovingly.

"Did Bill send you?" Katie asked. Brooke said he was worried and knew that something was wrong. Katie's phone rang, and it was Bill. Katie said that Bill should be way too busy to call and check on her. Bill announced, "Wyatt and Steffy are getting married tomorrow."

Katie said she knew that would make Bill really happy. He added that he was going to be the best man. He asked about Katie, and she said, "Everything is fine." Katie hung up. Brooke looked surprised. "Nothing is fine," Brooke said. Brooke maintained that Katie couldn't keep secrets from Bill. "Tell him the truth," Brooke ordered.

Katie said she couldn't tell the truth. She felt isolated when Bill didn't trust her. She opened a drawer to get a towel and saw another pint of vodka. She quickly closed the drawer. "You can't say anything," she warned Brooke.

Liam recalls Steffy's face Liam recalls Steffy's face
Thursday, March 31, 2016

At Quinn's cabin, Liam looked at the wedding pictures and stroked his beard. He asked Quinn if he should shave it to look more like "this guy." Setting the photo albums aside, Quinn said she liked him just the way he was, and he should be packing to leave on their big adventure in a day.

"Well, what's the rush? I don't get it, Eve," Liam snapped. Quinn reasoned that everyone needed a change of scenery, and it might help his memory. Liam replied that it was what he was doing right then and there. She said she knew what was best for them, and she had something she needed to do.

Tucking a garment bag on her arm, Quinn said Liam wouldn't be cooped up for much longer. Liam wanted to go, too. He was going stir-crazy in the house. She needed him to pack, and then they'd go up to the beautiful and remote Death Valley. She said she loved the beard, and he should keep it.

Liam grinned, and Quinn exited. He tossed a suitcase onto the bed and stared at the stack of photo albums. He packed a little but couldn't resist opening the photo album again. In his mind, the bride raised her veil. Steffy's face appeared. Shaking his head, he stared at the picture of him and Quinn.

In the beach house, the crinkly-haired Steffy looked in the mirror, and with a smile, she flashed back on the various times Wyatt had talked about the future and on his marriage proposal.

At the beach, Wyatt was satisfied with the flower arch on the sand and the eight chairs forming two rows and an aisle before it. He went to the house, where Katie and Bill wondered where he'd been.

Wyatt said he'd been checking on the wedding site and sarcastically thanked them for congratulating him on his wedding day. "Few chairs, some flowers. You're good to go," Bill concluded. Telling Wyatt to "never mind" her "romantic" husband, Katie congratulated Wyatt. Bill joked that Wyatt was lucky Bill could clear his schedule. Bill congratulated his son, and Katie wondered what was keeping Quinn.

Wyatt changed into a spring gray suit and tie. Bill decided to advise to his son on handling his father-in-law-to-be. Though Ridge's marriage to Caroline had softened Ridge a bit, Bill felt that Wyatt was a Spencer who needed to watch his back. Katie asked if Wyatt had to watch out for Douglas, too.

"Did someone mention my boy's name?" Ridge asked, entering with Caroline, Eric, and Thomas. Caroline apologized for being late, adding that it had been hard to tear herself away from the baby. Thomas noted that Quinn wasn't there. Bill found it surprising, and Katie asked if they should call Quinn. Wyatt was sure it was fine and said Quinn would arrive with the new man in her life, Adam.

Caroline went around to the bedroom terrace to enter and help the jittery bride get ready. Steffy said Wyatt had better not be in his favorite board shorts for the wedding. Caroline relayed that Wyatt couldn't be happier, and she was excited to welcome Steffy into the Spencer family -- again.

Caroline was glad that she and Steffy were family. She admired Steffy's strength and confidence and believed Steffy and Wyatt were perfect together -- like Caroline and Ridge.

In the living room, the men toasted as Katie gazed out the front door. Bill approached to see if she was okay. She claimed that weddings made her nostalgic, and he need not worry about her.

Thomas remarked to Wyatt that they were about to be brothers-in-law, and Wyatt said not to look so overjoyed about it. Thomas stated that Wyatt had better treat his sister right. Wyatt responded that there was nothing to worry about. He'd prove his love to Steffy all of his life.

Quinn arrived in a lavender dress, anxious to see "her groom." As Wyatt greeted her, he asked where her date was. She claimed it was premature to invite the man, and besides, the day was all about Wyatt and his bride. She cooed over Wyatt, who said she was embarrassing him.

Ridge went around the side of the house to visit the bride. To him, it had been just yesterday that he'd driven the pigtailed Steffy to school. Steffy claimed she'd never worn pigtails, but he insisted upon remembering it that way. He said he'd never been more proud.

Steffy hugged her father. Ridge was sorry her mother wasn't there. Steffy replied that Taylor was there in spirit through the beautiful bouquet she'd sent, and Stephanie and Phoebe were there, too.

Steffy stated that Ridge was her biggest champion, even if she screwed up every other day. As she fought off tears, he said she'd made mistakes, but she'd also become the president of a major fashion house and had young women looking up to her. She added that she was soon to be married to a wonderful man and asked what more a bride could ask for on her wedding day.

Caroline entered to help Steffy finish getting ready, and Ridge returned to the living room, where Thomas was cynically telling Wyatt that remaining in Malibu for the honeymoon was "so romantic." Reverend Rydale arrived, and Quinn decided to check on the bride.

In the bedroom, Quinn announced that the minister had arrived. At Quinn's request, Caroline left to give Quinn time with the bride. Steffy said Quinn really didn't have to say anything. She knew that Quinn had been rooting for the couple since before there had been a couple.

Steffy admitted that she'd been leery because Quinn had been obsessed with Wyatt's love life in the past; however, she'd noticed Quinn's restraint, which she and Wyatt appreciated. Quinn believed that Steffy had said what Quinn had planned to say but better. Quinn advised Steffy not to look back at the past and added that she was thrilled for the couple.

Quinn returned to the living room and sent the guests to the beach to await the bride. Alone with Quinn, Wyatt decided that he had to ask one more time if Quinn had done anything to Liam. Quinn swore that Liam and collapsed but had wanted to leave town instead of going to the hospital. She said that Wyatt was marrying Steffy that day and shouldn't give Liam another thought.

Ridge returned to the bedroom to retrieve Steffy, who'd changed into a strapless gown. It was made of an eggshell-colored, scalloped bustier top with a gray skirt, draping in layers, on the bottom. Gazing at her, Ridge grew too emotional to make a fatherly speech about marriage. Steffy said she knew what she had in Wyatt. "Let's get you married," Ridge said.

On the beach, Bill told Wyatt that he was impressed that Wyatt had put it all together himself. Wyatt's eyes widened when he saw the barefoot and veil-free Steffy descending the stone steps, her skirt parting in a split to her hip as she made her way through the flowers and foliage.

Back at the cabin, Liam laid out his photo albums and grabbed the laptop. He scanned the Internet for female photos and cut and pasted parts of them into a photo editor. He selected a nose, eyes, and hair, and his collage somewhat resembled Steffy.

Wyatt and Steffy exchange vows Wyatt and Steffy exchange vows
Friday, April 1, 2016

At Quinn's cabin, Liam persisted in making his mystery woman collage and comparing it with his photos and memory flashes. He was sure he knew the woman. He began to think that "Eve" was keeping something from him. He wondered if Eve was keeping him from "her."

Liam asked himself what he was doing to question Eve, who'd been a saint in caring for him. He gasped, holding his head and meandering around the room with the photo album. He felt crazy, and he couldn't think. Settling down, he decided that he had to find the woman.

Liam flashed to when he'd first awakened at the cabin, and "Eve" had been there to welcome him. He recalled wanting to stay with her and recover and flashed to learning that they were a married couple named Adam and Eve. He remembered telling Eve that he loved his wife and her blushing in response.

To the collage resembling Steffy, Liam said he didn't even know who she was, but it felt as if he was losing her.

Liam didn't know where to even look or if the woman existed. He felt that she had to exist and that she meant something to do him. He urged himself to remember. Liam restlessly paced the cabin, begging the collage to tell him who she was and where she was.

At the beach, the wedding guests stood, and Ridge walked Steffy down the sandy aisle to meet Wyatt at the altar. The minister opened the ceremony by welcoming everyone and explaining the moment on the beach where they decided to begin their life together and join two strong families.

Eric spoke about how happy he was that day for his grandchild's wedding. He read a passage from Colossians about patience, love, and forgiveness. "Take care of one another," Eric advised.

Bill spoke next, saying Steffy was lucky that Wyatt wasn't as rough around the edges as Bill, who'd married a strong woman, too. Bill was proud of his son and proud to have Steffy as a member of the Spencer family.

Ridge said Steffy already carried two proud names, and she was about to take on a third. He felt that Wyatt's time at Forrester made it seem as if Wyatt was already family. He gave his beautiful, fearless daughter a hug.

To Wyatt, Bill whispered his concern about "mommy dearest" doing something crazy. Wyatt said Quinn wasn't like that anymore, and Bill nodded for Quinn to stand and speak. Quinn hopped up in delight.

Quinn noted that the couple was happy. It was everything a parent wanted for their child. Wyatt had always been Quinn's priority. She'd do anything for Wyatt and had strived to give him every opportunity she could think of. Standing there at that moment, she knew that it had all been worth it.

Quinn said they all deserved someone to love them and inspire them to do things they'd never known they could do. Quinn basked in the wonderful day and new adventure for them all. She said she loved Wyatt, and she congratulated the couple. Mother and son hugged.

Reverend Rydale moved on to the vows portions of the ceremony, and Steffy and Wyatt agreed to take each other as husband and wife. The guests were surprised when the ring portion of the event arrived, and Wyatt said there were no rings. The couple had decided to tattoo bands on their fingers.

Next, Wyatt was supposed to say his personalized vows, but he said he couldn't without acknowledging his mother, who'd known how good Steffy would for him. He said that Steffy was fearless and made him want to take chances every day. He felt free to be without limitations, and he'd always be honest with her and put her first. His commitment was forever.

Steffy said that she and Wyatt were there in their spot, and Wyatt kept giving her incredible memories on that beach. Filled with tears, she expressed that she was grateful for him, a man she could count on, who would make her laugh. He was spontaneous and daring but also constant.

Steffy had trusted Wyatt enough when he'd taken her surfing to say "yes," and she was doing the same thing that day. She trusted that his commitment was forever because hers was, too.

Reverend Rydale concluded the ceremony by pronouncing them husband and wife, and the guests cheered as the newlyweds kissed. Caroline took pictures, and the family gathered around the couple to hug and congratulate them.

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