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Liam finally realized that Adam and Eve had never exchanged vows; it had been Liam and Steffy instead. A surprise visit to Quinn's cabin forced Wyatt to choose between his mother and brother, and Steffy and Liam reunited on the beach. Brooke caught Katie with her hand in the granola bar box.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 4, 2016 on B&B
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Liam demands answers from Quinn Liam demands answers from Quinn
Monday, April 4, 2016

At Forrester, Rick, Maya, Pam, and Brooke ate in the CEO's office and remarked about the quick wedding for Steffy and Wyatt. Pam guessed Steffy was over Liam. Brooke thought it was strange that no one had heard from Liam, who seemed nowhere to be found.

As evening fell, Maya, Rick, and Brooke continued working. Brooke sent a message to Katie. Rick asked how Katie was. Brooke expressed concern because she knew how hard stopping drinking could be. Rick stated that it was Katie's commitment to make, and even Bill couldn't make it happen. Brooke hoped Katie could do it but was worried that it had gotten out of hand.

Rick suggested that Brooke take Katie to one of her group meetings. Brooke wanted to, but she didn't think Katie would go, especially with her. Maya stated that Katie knew Brooke cared about her. Brooke hoped that the wedding had reminded Katie how fortunate she was to be in a strong marriage with a devoted husband like Bill.

At the beach house, the newlyweds ran along the beach, exclaiming that they were married. When they went to the beach house, all their guests were there except Caroline and Ridge, who had gone home to be with the baby. Bill toasted to the couple and to Steffy officially becoming a Spencer. On behalf of his side of the family, including Phoebe, Thomas wished the couple well.

The couple kissed each other. Bill and Katie took it as their cue to leave. Eric told Wyatt that with Bill gone, Eric was free to say that Wyatt could return to Forrester whenever he wanted.

Quinn announced that Adam was whisking her away on a mystery vacation. Wyatt thought it strange for Quinn to have a vacation. He was also bummed about not meeting Adam. Steffy said they understood it might be too soon for it.

Quinn claimed that since Wyatt wouldn't be at work, and things were slower, she could get away. She was relieved to go on vacation, knowing that Wyatt was settling in with his new wife. She was overjoyed about the marriage and would have done anything to make it happen.

Quinn asked her beautiful daughter-in-law to remember that she had a man who'd away be there and would never let his wife down.

Quinn exited, and Thomas and Eric said their farewells. Steffy grew tearful, thinking of how she'd felt Phoebe and Stephanie's spirits that day. She asked Thomas and Eric to go on and leave before she started crying. After they'd gone, Wyatt hugged Steffy, glad to be alone with his bride.

Steffy and Wyatt relaxed on the sofa with wine and thought of how well the day had gone and how well-behaved their fathers and Quinn had been with each other. They agreed that getting their families together proved how miraculous their love was. Steffy was glad she'd married Wyatt.

Wyatt asked if Steffy was okay with staying in Malibu. Steffy said it was their home, where they'd fallen in love, and she wondered why she'd want to leave. He thought she was wonderful, but she said to wait until he lived with her a few weeks. He joked about her being a high-maintenance sleeper, with masks and earplugs. She was messy, too, but perfect for him.

Wyatt planned to never take Steffy or their relationship for granted. He called her incredible and smart for heading Forrester and having the brains to marry him. He promised to be the man she could count on and vowed he'd love her above all others. He stated that she was his best friend and beautiful wife.

Later, Katie and Bill arrived home and entered their kitchen. Katie remarked upon the wonderful day and how much Wyatt had appreciated Bill's support for the wedding. Bill had been honored that Wyatt had asked. She said she'd had a great time, and she'd done it without drinking. She remarked that Bill had kept a close eye on her, but she'd been a good girl.

Bill said he loved Katie, and he was protective of her. He agreed that she'd done well; however, it had been her first outing, and he knew the alcohol could be tempting. Katie insisted that she'd been just fine, and the sparkling water had been delicious. She told him that he didn't have to worry about her. She had everything under control, and she thanked him for trusting her.

Bill said he didn't know what they'd have without trust. He wanted Katie to keep the lines of communication open. Katie said she knew. She said she'd had a lot of issues and things buzzing around in her head. It had caused her to self-medicate; however, with his support -- and Brooke's distance -- Katie believed she'd be back to herself in no time.

Bill was proud of Katie. He knew she'd get through it. She asked him not to worry about her. He said she was the most important person in his life, and it was his job to worry about her. Before leaving, he said he loved her and would see her upstairs.

Once alone, Katie checked her phone and saw a message from Brooke, who asked if everything was okay. With a frown, Katie called Brooke. Brooke asked how the ceremony had gone. Katie said it had been fine, and she hadn't drunk -- if that was what Brooke wanted to know. Brooke said that Katie had lied to Bill. Katie was aware of it but said that she and Bill were in a good place. She insisted that she was getting herself under control.

Brooke replied that she understood, and she would be there for Katie if Katie wanted. She didn't want Katie in pain or for it to damage Katie's marriage. Katie said that she and Bill were in a good place, and if Brooke didn't want it to hurt the marriage, then Brooke wouldn't say a word to him.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam envisioned the veiled mountain bride striding toward him. He took a tissue and covered the top of the mystery woman collage, so that it mimicked the veil of the bride. Liam forced himself to focus, and he blinked, recalling kissing Steffy at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Hearing a car pull up, Liam closed the laptop. Quinn arrived, and Liam asked how her day had gone. He noted that she had a tan and asked where she'd been. She remarked that he hadn't packed much, and seeing the albums, she told him that he was driving himself crazy with them. He asked how he was supposed to remember anything.

Quinn stated that the past was past and asked what it mattered because they had their future and life together. Liam said he wanted to know more. He wanted to know about their wedding day. Quinn asked why he was looking at her the way he was, and he noted that she seemed to avoid answering questions about his past. He cited how she never wanted to talk about their wedding.

Quinn claimed it had been a sunny day, and they'd gone for steak afterward -- no big mystery. Liam said she knew it was more than that and asked why she couldn't be honest with him. "Is your memory coming back?" Quinn asked.

In his mind, Liam saw images of Steffy on their wedding day. "What is it? Adam? What do you see?" Quinn asked.

Never seen that look before Never seen that look before
Tuesday, April 5, 2016
by Pam

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Steffy kissed on the couch and talked about what kind of tattoos they would get to represent their wedding bands. They discussed honeymoons and second honeymoons. Wyatt teased that they didn't need to plan a honeymoon "because everyday is a honeymoon." They made out, and Wyatt complimented her on her beauty. "Unbelievable," he said. They agreed they were both blessed. He said he could stare at her face all day. "I'll always be here for you. So will the rest of me," Steffy said.

Wyatt carried Steffy into the bedroom, where Wyatt had covered the bed in flower petals. They made out and made love. Later Wyatt teased that he loved calling her his wife. "Gotta get back to my wife," he said. They laughed. "And God, do I love you," he said. He promised to never take her for granted. "Not one day. Nothing will ever come between us," he said.

At Quinn's (Eve's), Quinn asked Liam (Adam) what he remembered, and Liam flashed back to his memory of marrying Steffy, but he lied to Quinn that he didn't remember anything. He asked her to tell him more about their past. Quinn grew angry that he had an obsession about finding out who he was.

Quinn said she had tried hard to keep him alive. Liam said he wanted to be normal again. Quinn maintained that he was not going to find anything about himself in the photo albums. Liam didn't understand.

Quinn said she felt Liam had taken advantage of her. She maintained that she had been caring for him and helping him learn about himself. She shouted that they would never be as happy as they were at that moment.

"You are my husband. Look in the mirror," she shouted. Liam backed away from her. "I haven't seen that before. That look in your eyes. I don't know that look," Liam said. He worried that he didn't know her. He had never seen that look before. "Or have I?" he asked.

Quinn quickly apologized. Liam noted that she had said they'd had problems in the past. He wondered if she had ever attacked him in anger before. Quinn admitted she had anger issues, but she softened and said that he had helped her heal through those issues.

Quinn said they had to get away from the cabin because they had been cooped up for too long. Liam argued that he was on the verge of something. He could feel it. She wanted him to remember, but she wanted to get away. Quinn prepared to finish packing, and she kissed him. Liam was distant.

After Quinn left the room, Liam opened his computer and stared at the image of Steffy he had created from his memories. Liam paced around the room. Quinn re-entered. She said that she had been under a lot of pressure at work, and she had taken a leave of absence to get away from it. "I just want to be with you," she said. She said the cabin was too small, and they needed to rebuild their lives.

Quinn wanted to go to Oregon, forget about their past and start over. "I love you. Plain and simple," she said. She wanted them to go fishing and kayaking. She promised she was doing it for him. They hugged, and Liam looked somber. Quinn went to bed, and Liam stared at the image on his computer and flashed back to his mountain wedding to Steffy. He saw her face. Liam smiled.

At Katie's, Katie pulled out a pint of vodka she had hidden in a box of snacks. She flashed back to lying to Brooke and Bill about her drinking. Katie remembered getting caught by Brooke with a bottle of vodka she'd hidden in the canisters. In walked Brooke.

Brooke glared at Katie, who was holding the bottle. Katie said she hadn't had a drink. She was tired of Brooke and Bill breathing down her neck. She maintained she was fine and had had a tough few weeks, but she was better.

Brooke warned that hiding a bottle was not better. Brooke said that Katie was out of control. Katie argued that Brooke had stressed her out. Brooke countered that Katie could not continue to lie to Bill. "He's not stupid, you know," Brooke said.

Katie begged Brooke to give her more time. "Time for what? I know the drill, Katie -- one more day," she said. Brooke insisted that Katie had to tell Bill.

"He's my husband. It's my marriage. My business," Katie countered. Bill entered and interrupted. "Brooke, what are you doing here?" he asked. Katie answered that Brooke wanted to hear all about the wedding. Katie teased that Brooke was a huge fan of beach weddings. "She's had a few herself. No one rode in on horses today," Katie said.

Brooke sheepishly agreed. Katie gushed that the Forresters and Spencers had all gotten along. Everyone had behaved. Bill agreed. Katie said it meant a lot to Wyatt that Bill had been his best man, and they had gotten close. "Sounds like a nice family event," Brooke said.

Bill noted that Liam had been missing, and it bothered him. Liam needed to get back to his life and take control of it. Bill admired Katie because she had gotten control of her life. Katie urged Bill to be patient with Liam.

Katie told Bill that she would fill Brooke in on the wedding details and be up to bed shortly. Bill and Katie kissed. Bill left. Katie gushed that Bill trusted her, and she didn't want Brooke to ruin that. "Katie, you can't just wean yourself off of alcohol," Brooke warned.

"I'm not an alcoholic," Katie said. She ordered Brooke to stay out of her business. "You will sabotage my marriage. Let it go. Don't come between us. Don't do that again," Katie advised.

What has happened here? What has happened here?
Wednesday, April 6, 2016
by Pam

At Wyatt's, Wyatt delivered breakfast in bed to Steffy. He said he'd made all her favorites. They both flashed back to their wedding. They remembered their vows and commitments. They discussed that it had seemed like a dream.

Wyatt and Steffy agreed it hadn't been a dream. "Starting a life together -- it's crazy. I love, love, love, love you, Mrs. Spencer," Wyatt said. They kissed and ate breakfast.

Steffy said that Wyatt's mom had truly raised a romantic guy. Wyatt answered that he had to pay Quinn a visit. Steffy teased that he wanted to hang out with his mom on their honeymoon. They laughed.

Steffy said it was fine "as long as you make it up to me when you get back," she said. "I don't deserve you," Wyatt said. Steffy said she could score some points with his mom if she let him spend time with Quinn before she and her new man left town.

Wyatt and Steffy agreed the new man had been a really good influence on Quinn. Steffy pointed out that it would be good for Wyatt to meet his mom's boyfriend face to face. Steffy suggested Wyatt call his mom first, but Wyatt didn't want Quinn to find an excuse for why he shouldn't visit. Wyatt and Steffy wondered if Adam was really Deacon. Before Wyatt left, he reminded Steffy that he was a really good guy, a good husband, and an even better kisser. "Love you, husband," Steffy said.

At Spencer, Justin entered Bill's office, and Bill said he had an assignment for him. "Find my son. Find Liam," Bill ordered. Bill said he'd heard nothing from Liam, and it was unlike him. Bill said that something was off. Bill showed Justin his last text message from Liam. He wished he had done something sooner.

Bill said it was unlike Liam to cut himself off indefinitely from his family. Justin countered that Liam had stayed in touch, but Bill said it wasn't good enough. Bill said he was worried about his son. "Find out where he is and what he's up to," Bill said.

Justin left, and Bill stared at a photo of Liam. Bill flashed back to when he had given Liam his sword necklace. "I know how you feel. I need you to understand. You are William Spencer the third," he remembered. Bill flashed back to saying it would be an honor to stand up for Liam at his wedding. Bill recalled several memories.

Justin entered and said that he could find no charges for travel or anything on Liam's credit cards and no ATM usage. Justin added that Liam had been gone quite awhile to have not spent anything. Justin wondered where the retreat had taken place. Bill didn't know, and he insisted that Liam had vanished. "What the hell has happened to my son?" Bill asked.

At Quinn's, Eve (Quinn) told Adam (Liam) that they needed to pack the last boxes in the car. She told him that they had rented a cabin in Oregon so they could get a fresh new start. Quinn took a box to the car, and Liam packed a few books in another box. He noticed a small jewelry box that had a sword necklace in it. He stared at the necklace.

Quinn entered and saw him staring at the sword necklace. "What are you doing with that?" she asked. Liam wondered if it had been a gift to him. Quinn said it had. "You never really liked it, and I put it away," she said.

Liam asked its significance. Quinn stammered that he was asking a lot of questions again. She asked if the necklace had sparked any specific memories and if he was remembering anything. "What if I am?" Liam asked.

Quinn worried that Liam often became frustrated when trying to remember things. She worried that his obsession with photo albums and the necklace wouldn't make anything better. "You don't want me to remember," Liam said. He walked into the bedroom.

Quinn followed him and said that when he tried to force things, it made him upset. She tried to convince him that the move to Oregon would be beneficial. She was sure that once he relaxed, the floodgates would open in time.

"I don't have time," Liam said. He felt that Quinn was upset every time he asked a question. He didn't understand. "You're my wife, and you love me, and I know that," he said.

Quinn maintained that she had done everything for him, for her family. "Everything is gonna be fine. I promise you," she said. They sat on the bed, and Quinn said it was the room where they had reconnected. Quinn suggested they reconnect again before they left. "Let's give this room a proper goodbye," she said. She kissed him.

Outside, Wyatt walked up to the door of Quinn's cabin and noticed the "for rent" sign. Wyatt knocked on the door and peeked in the window. He opened the door, and he walked into the bedroom. He saw Liam and Quinn making out. "What are you doing? Liam? Mom, have you lost your mind? Liam, have you been here the whole time?" Wyatt asked.

Liam and Quinn jumped up from the bed. Liam looked fearful. "What did you call me? Who are you?" Liam asked, backing away.

"Come on, man. It's me," Wyatt said. Liam looked scared, and Liam and Wyatt both glared at Quinn. Wyatt confronted Quinn. "What have you done to him? Oh, my God, Mom, what has happened here? Mom?" Quinn backed away and stared at Wyatt.

Wyatt threatens to turn Quinn in Wyatt threatens to turn Quinn in
Thursday, April 7, 2016

At Bill's office, Justin suggested that Liam might be using cash, but Bill disagreed. Justin said Liam's last transaction had been the return trip from Australia. Bill couldn't believe he'd let his hurt feelings prevent him from looking for Liam. Justin stated that Liam had text-messaged that he was fine.

Bill contemplated whether someone else was using Liam's phone. Bill decided that they had to call in some favors with the authorities and have Liam's phone pinged for its exact location. Justin made a call to get things started, and Bill stated that it had been his nightmare that giving his sons his last name would put targets on their backs. Justin didn't think it was where the evidence was pointing.

Bill and Justin researched whether Liam was in police custody or in the hospital but turned up nothing. Justin learned from the police that Liam's phone wasn't tracking, and it probably meant that it wasn't on. Bill stated that it could mean the phone had been stripped, trashed, or tossed in the ocean.

Justin asked what Bill was looking at, and Bill replied that he was on a missing person's identification site set up by the coroner's office. Staring at the corpse of a stranger, Bill said it was someone's son. Justin told Bill that Liam was not dead, and Bill would not find Liam on that site.

Justin asked who else Liam had contacted. Bill picked up the phone and called Steffy. She answered by calling him Bill and refusing to call him "Dad." Bill asked Steffy to meet him at the cliff house. He said he wouldn't ask her to do it if it wasn't important.

Later, Steffy crept into the cliff house. She recalled Liam asking her to marry her and was startled by Bill, who'd emerged from the bedroom. Bill didn't mean to scare her and remarked that he was scared, too.

Bill wanted Steffy to search every inch of the house to find anything missing or anything out of place. Steffy didn't understand why, but he insisted that she just humor him.

Steffy complied and afterward informed Bill that she hadn't found anything out of the ordinary except for the big piles of mail. Bill said it was unlike Liam not to pay his bills, but the house utilities had been shut off for nonpayment. He asked about Liam's text communications. Steffy relayed that a month or more back, Liam had said not to contact him and to leave him alone.

Bill asked if anyone had called, impersonating a bill collector. Steffy didn't know why Bill was putting her though the questioning. She'd already thought of all the things Bill was saying. She asked why he was making her admit again that Liam didn't care about her. Bill replied that he believed Liam did care.

At Quinn's cabin, Wyatt strode out of the bedroom, headed for the door. Quinn and Liam both exclaimed for Wyatt to wait. Quinn tried to explain that she'd been taking care of Liam, and Wyatt was scaring Liam to death. At the same time, Liam was insisting that Wyatt repeat the name he'd called out. "Liam. Your name is Liam!" Wyatt replied. Wyatt asked if Liam seriously had no memory of things. Liam stated that he only knew what she told him. "Who are you really?" he asked Quinn.

Liam frantically asked Wyatt who he was to Liam. Wyatt wanted Liam to slow down because his head was probably spinning. Liam was disillusioned because he was living a lie. Quinn interjected that it was real, and she'd been there with him. Wyatt said they'd all thought Liam had been staying away voluntarily, and as Quinn shuffled Wyatt to the door, Liam asked who Wyatt referred to. Quinn told Wyatt that he owed it to her to at least talk to him. She screamed, asking if he wanted to lose everything. She said she didn't, and everything was a lot.

Wyatt and Quinn went outside. Through Liam's mind flashed people who'd called him by his name. He rushed to the front door, but it was locked. He yelled that he wouldn't be lied to again.

On the other side of the door stood Wyatt and Quinn. Wyatt yelled to Liam that Wyatt wasn't going anywhere. Noting that there was a padlock on the door, Wyatt was shocked that Quinn locked Liam in the house when she wasn't there. Quinn claimed that the real estate agent had put the lock on the door to keep the place safe while she and Liam traveled. Quinn relayed that Liam was happy with her, but Wyatt didn't think it seemed that way.

Quinn explained that Liam had suffered a concussion, and it had taken her time to figure things out. She said Liam had been perfectly fine when he'd awakened; he just hadn't remembered anything. However, what had started out as one thing had turned into something else. Wyatt told her to not even say she'd done it for him. Quinn responded that Wyatt had certainly benefited from the opportunity. He asked how he'd benefited from her packing up and leaving him alone.

Quinn reasoned that Wyatt had his wife and father, so he'd never be alone in the world. She said they'd see each other from time to time, and no one had to know. Wyatt told Quinn that the jig was up, and she wasn't going anywhere. Quinn yelled that he didn't understand what it was like to be alone, but she'd finally found someone who made her glad to wake up in the morning. She wouldn't give Liam up, not even for Wyatt.

Wyatt was shocked, realizing that his mother was in love with his brother. He said she had kidnapped a man and called it love. Quinn conveyed that she'd cared for Liam, who could have left at any time. Wyatt stated that Liam was helpless, didn't remember anything, and could barely stand up. Wyatt added that she hadn't even taken Liam to the doctor.

Quinn said she'd spoken to a doctor about Liam, but Wyatt replied that it wasn't even the same thing. Wyatt said Quinn hadn't helped Liam because she hadn't wanted to get caught. "You're crazy!" Wyatt decided, adding that it was just like the other times.

Quinn claimed it was nothing like the other times. She believed that she and Liam had shared something, and Liam had opened up something in her that she'd never known existed. Wyatt said he'd get Quinn all the help she needed. He realized that he had to pretend she wasn't sane or responsible for her actions, but they each knew it was her conscience, not her sanity, that was missing.

Wyatt demanded that Quinn open the door and let Liam go, otherwise, Wyatt would call the police. Quinn insisted that there was another option. They were each very close to having all they'd ever wanted, so she suggested that they just part ways. Wyatt exclaimed that Liam despised her. She said she'd changed Liam, and he'd changed her. Wyatt replied that Liam didn't seem smitten.

Quinn thought Liam just needed to spend time with her. Wyatt said it would never happen. Quinn was glad Wyatt was happy, no matter what his happiness had cost her. She said to keep that happiness, all he had to do was forget what he'd seen at the cabin and go back to the life he'd always wanted, the one he so angrily resented her for giving him.

Inside, Liam slammed his fist on the door. He had flashes of Bill being happy with Liam's first article, of Wyatt calling him brother, and of Steffy saying she loved him. He went to the bedroom to view the photo albums and remembered Bill bellowing that Liam was at Spencer Publications. He remembered Quinn putting a sword to his throat, saying "live by the sword, die by the sword."

In his mind, Liam recalled the mountain wedding to Steffy. Liam ripped apart the photo album in his hand. He screamed that "she" was a liar, and it hadn't been her. "S -- Steffy," he uttered.

Back outside, Wyatt said Liam was probably calling the police. Wyatt then realized that Quinn probably hadn't let Liam have a phone. Wyatt deduced that Quinn had been the one sending the messages to Bill and Steffy. Wyatt declared that it was over, and he'd tell Liam whatever Liam couldn't remember. Wyatt said Quinn would go to jail -- if Bill let her live that long.

Quinn wondered where Wyatt would go after his marriage was annulled for handing Steffy back to Liam. Quinn guessed it would be somewhere in the bowels of Spencer Publications because Liam would want his office back. She said Forrester would dissolve the jewelry division because he wasn't a designer. Wyatt declared that he was Bill Spencer's son. She asked what it had gotten him and insisted that she'd paved the way for what he had right then.

Wyatt exclaimed that he didn't want it that way because it was wrong. Quinn said happiness had a price that only a fool would be too proud to pay. She conveyed that life wasn't meant to be spent on a hamster wheel, spinning happiness for the very people who put them there. She claimed that Liam had been a prison, too, but Wyatt didn't want to hear it.

Quinn asserted that she and Liam were changed people. She said she loved who she was because of Liam. She hadn't known who she'd been trying to be beneath her own bitterness, and Liam had been freed from obligations.

To her, Liam was a kinder and gentler man without all the conditioning upon him. She felt that they were pieces to the same puzzle, and it was inspiring. She wished everyone could walk away from their old lives and obligations like Liam had and be new and fresh like babies. Wyatt pointed out that Liam was an injured man.

Quinn insisted that Liam was happy. She felt that she and Wyatt could be, too, if he refused to be ashamed of how he'd gotten all he had. She said the most beautiful thing she could give him as a mother was to say goodbye and for him to never see her again.

Wyatt kicks down doors to rescue Liam Wyatt kicks down doors to rescue Liam
Friday, April 8, 2016

At the cliff house, Steffy was frustrated by Bill's incessant questions about Liam. She didn't know the answers. Bill replied that none of them did, and all they'd gotten had been "crickets" while Liam had been at a mysterious retreat instead of showing up for family events. It didn't sit right with Bill.

Bill went upstairs. When he returned, he expressed frustration because he didn't even know what he was looking for. Steffy had thought about it and agreed that it didn't sit right with her, either, for the old Liam to be angry and distant; however, she reasoned that it was a new Liam.

Bill believed it was one thing to stop contacting Steffy, because relationships sometimes soured, but he didn't understand why Liam would cut out him or Caroline. Steffy put forth Wyatt's theory of Liam trying to find himself. "No, something's wrong. I feel it, and I know you feel it, too," Bill concluded.

Steffy believed that she and Bill had to accept Liam's choices. She noted that Liam had text-messaged her to leave him alone instead of calling for help. Bill explained that Justin had reported no credit card activity by Liam since Liam had left. Steffy concluded Liam was using cash.

Bill wondered whose cash it was because Liam's account was empty. Steffy suggested that Liam had gotten another credit card. Bill stated that he and Justin had done a thorough check. "Liam has disappeared. He' in trouble, and we have to find him," Bill decided.

Steffy and Bill concluded that it was time to call the police. Bill assumed authorities would want to hear the message Liam had left her. Steffy still had it. She started to consider a "what if," but she decided she couldn't because many things had changed.

Steffy suggested calling Liam and telling him they were going to the police, and he'd have to call back to prevent it. Bill agreed to do it and said he'd make it clear on the message that he wouldn't take vague or dismissive messages in return. Only a live conversation with his son would suffice.

Steffy didn't want to be there and hear the call in case Liam still wanted nothing to do with her. She headed outside for the beach.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam picked up another photo album with pictures of him and Eve at the motorcycle wedding. He realized that he actually shared the memory with Steffy. "Steffy, I remember. It was Steffy," he said tossing the book aside. He slumped to the floor, recalling flashes of Steffy.

Outside, Quinn implored Wyatt to be smart about it and just leave. Wyatt couldn't believe she expected him to do it, but she insisted that they could have everything they'd ever wanted if he would just leave and never look back. Quinn told him to go and live in peace, but Wyatt replied that being unable to look his wife in the eye would not be living in peace.

Wyatt stated that Steffy would leave him. Quinn replied that it was why she was advising him as she was. He clarified that Steffy would leave him for lying to her. He asked if Quinn didn't think he'd keep his wife if Liam went back home. Quinn asked if Wyatt wanted to take the chance.

"Wow, you are crazy!" Wyatt decided. He said Quinn's actions were disgusting, and she belonged in a mental institution. He wondered how he'd turned out half as well as he had by being her son. He demanded the keys. When Quinn refused, Wyatt kicked in the front door.

Liam emerged from the bedroom. With urgency, Wyatt stated that Liam didn't know who Wyatt was, but he needed to trust and go with Wyatt. Liam replied that he could do it because he was talking to his brother. Quinn looked upset as Wyatt and Liam grinned at each other in relief. Liam said he was starting to remember more and more. "You're insane," he said to Quinn.

Quinn replied that she'd taken care of Liam, and he'd been sick and had needed help. Liam exclaimed that he'd needed it from a doctor. She claimed to have researched his condition and consulted a doctor. She said she loved him. Liam asked how she could possibly think it was love.

Quinn said she felt it, and Liam did, too. "Getting to know you the way I did --" she began to say. Liam cut her off, saying, "Getting to know me? The man without a memory?"

Quinn claimed that Liam had still been himself, and Adam had been the best part of Liam. Quinn said "he" had been kind and gentle, and "he" had talked sweetly to her. Liam seemed like he'd be sick. She stated that he'd gotten to know parts of her that no man had ever known. Liam screamed that she'd kept him there against his will. Quinn stammered that she hadn't planned on doing it or on any of it happening, but when he'd fallen, she hadn't known what to do with him.

Wyatt yelled that taking Liam to a hospital might have been a good choice. Quinn said she'd thought she could handle it. Liam couldn't believe he'd been in and out of consciousness, and she'd been lying to him, telling him that they were married.

Wyatt's eyes bulged, and his mouth gaped as he listened. Liam called her a monster. "Adam, please -- " Quinn started to say.

"You robbed me!" Liam bellowed. He said she'd robbed him of his life and family. Quinn asked him to see that she'd become his life and his family. "Oh, God," Liam murmured. She said that was why she'd done it all and had waited on him hand and foot. He said to stop pretending that she loved him, but she replied that he'd called her his angel. She said they'd been happy and could still be.

Quinn pleaded with Liam, saying that they could still go. Their bags were packed, and they could still leave and start over as Adam and Eve without anything hidden. He told her that she wasn't his Eve. Holding up pages from the doctored album, he said she'd tried to convince him that it was her, but he'd never been able to shake the feelings that his Eve was somewhere out there, waiting for him.

'I'm going home Steffy," Liam said. Wyatt appeared concerned by the statement.

Quinn said that Liam was confused, and he and Steffy had been together a long time back. Liam didn't want to hear it. He remembered enough to know what he and Steffy had, and he believed that she was worried sick. Wyatt agreed that Steffy was concerned, and they all had been. Liam headed for the door, anxious to see Steffy and explain.

Quinn grabbed Liam's hand, but Liam snatched it back. She suggested that he rest and get the rest of his memory back. Liam insisted that he was going right then. Quinn implored Wyatt to help her. She said she and Liam shared something special and belonged together. She was sure Liam would forgive her, but he just needed to spend time with her and remember his feelings. She figured that she just needed to get Liam away from that place and the memories.

Liam agreed that "Quinn" would be going away -- to prison -- because it was where she belonged. Quinn told Wyatt that he wouldn't let it happen, and it was his chance to do the right thing. "I will," Wyatt said, looking at Liam.

Wyatt spun Quinn toward Liam. Liam held her still until Wyatt grabbed her from behind. She screamed and pleaded for Wyatt not to do it to her. Liam opened a door by the fireplace. They lifted the protesting Quinn and carried her in there.

Liam shut the door and braced himself against it until Wyatt found a key in a desk drawer. Wyatt told Liam to do the honors. As Quinn yelled for Wyatt and banged on the door, the men locked her inside. Liam threw the key into the living room and asked Wyatt to take him to Steffy. Once in the car, they called Steffy, but the call went to her voicemail.

Back at the cliff house, Bill contemplated making the call to Liam. Wyatt called. Bill answered, saying that he'd been just about to call Liam and asked if Wyatt knew what to say. Wyatt suggested that Bill say "hello" because Liam was in the car with Wyatt. "Dad?" Liam said.

Bill's eyes widened. Liam said he was there, thanks to Wyatt. Bill asked what was going on. Wyatt said it was a long story, but they'd explain if Bill would meet them at Liam's house. Bill revealed that he was already there. He was with Steffy, who had headed for the beach. Bill believed she'd be happy to see Liam. Liam grinned in excitement, and Wyatt barely smiled back.

At the beach alone, Steffy said to please be okay and asked where Liam was.

Outside the house, Liam and Wyatt arrived. Liam was surprised to see that it was where he lived. Wyatt gave Liam directions to get down to the beach. He told Liam that Steffy had been the most worried of them all, so Liam should get down there and let her know that he was home.

Wyatt entered the house as Bill was ending a call to someone about having located Liam. Bill asked Wyatt where Liam was, and Wyatt replied that he'd shown Liam how to get to the beach to find Steffy. Bill was confused because Liam ought to know how to find the path he'd used a thousand times. Wyatt stated that Bill wouldn't believe what Liam had been through.

Back outside, Liam ambled down a shrubbery-lined pathway until sand was under his feet. He located Steffy sitting yards away, her silhouette dark against the sun. Liam ran toward her. Steffy turned and was taken aback to see him. She ran, too, and jumped into his arms. "I'm home," he breathlessly said, "I'm home." The two clung to each other.

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