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Rick and Maya named their baby. Ridge shanghaied Thomas into moving to Shanghai indefinitely. When Nicole and Maya confronted Sasha with a pregnancy test, Sasha tricked an unwitting and expectant mother into donating a urine sample to Sasha's cause.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 23, 2016 on B&B
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Nicole and Sasha talk mother-to-mother Nicole and Sasha talk mother-to-mother
Monday, May 23, 2016

At the photo studio, Sasha cooed that Julius was about to be a grandfather. Julius replied that he already was one, and he was in exile due to her. Sasha thought there might be something they could do about it. "You help me; I'll help you," she said. He said she could forget making any deal with him.

Sasha told Julius that they were family, and she was going to have Zende's baby. She just needed her father to back her up for once. Julius asked if Zende had agreed to "any of this." She was certain Zende would, but she needed Julius' help in getting Nicole to back off. Julius said to get her head out of the clouds because Zende might not agree with any of her plans.

Sasha asserted that Zende was a good man who cared about her. She asked if Julius would help her. In exchange, she'd put in a good word for him with "Aunt Viv" and the girls. Julius said to leave him out of it. Sasha decided she'd just pay a visit to Nicole herself -- one mother to another.

At the hospital, Nicole was devastated by Zende's news. Zende said he'd just found out and had wanted to tell her right away. She asked if it was his. Zende indicated that it was what Sasha had said, but he'd thought they'd been careful. Nicole lamented that she'd thought she and Zende had had a second chance. Zende insisted that they still did.

Zende explained that he'd been just about to end things with Sasha when she'd given him the news. "Of course she did," Nicole replied. Zende said they couldn't let it destroy what they had. Nicole asked what they were supposed to have at that point. Zende implored Nicole not to give up. He still wanted a future with her, and he knew that she wanted it, too.

Dr. Farrell arrived but offered to leave because Nicole had a visitor. Nicole murmured that Zende was just leaving, and he silently exited. The doctor checked Nicole over and said that, because everything looked good, she'd set up Nicole's discharge for that evening. As the doctor left to prepare the papers, Sasha arrived with flowers to congratulate Nicole on her little princess.

"She's Rick and Maya's," Nicole said. Sasha stated that the baby had arrived out of Nicole's body, and it couldn't have been easy to give her up. Nicole bit out that they were the baby's parents and had been all along. Sasha wondered where her niece was and if she had a name yet. Nicole shook her head, and Sasha imagined that the name would be Forrester fancy and regal.

Sasha asked how the birth had been and if it had hurt. Nicole described it as surreal and spiritual. It had been the hardest, most amazing thing she'd ever done. She wondered why Sasha had asked. Sasha said she'd always been curious, especially after becoming pregnant herself.

Nicole revealed that she'd heard, and Sasha looked surprised. She was further surprised to hear that Zende had told Nicole about it right after he'd told Nicole that he loved Nicole and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sasha asked why he'd say that. Nicole indicated that he regretted breaking up with her and wanted another chance to be together.

"He actually said that?" Sasha asked. She assumed that Nicole had agreed. Nicole said she'd been ecstatic until she'd heard about the pregnancy that had happened out of nowhere when Zende had been just about to break it off with Sasha. Sasha claimed that she'd planned to tell Zende during the special night she'd arranged. She didn't expect Nicole to be happy for her.

Nicole stated that Sasha was in the hospital and could go to the lab for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Sasha said she'd already taken a home pregnancy test the other night. Sasha claimed it wasn't about her. It was about Nicole having a baby, which was something else they'd have in common.

Nicole asserted that Sasha had taken Nicole's boyfriend, had kept a secret for her whole life, and hadn't told Nicole that they were sisters. She said it had better not be another of Sasha's lies, but if it was, they'd all find out if it was true or just a lie to hold onto Zende.

At the cliff house, Bill arrived, wearing his sword necklace. Liam said Bill didn't have to keep checking in. Liam offered to visit the family at Bill's house. "I'll let you know when it's a good time," Bill replied. Liam asked if things were okay. Bill indicated that it was nothing for Liam to worry about.

Liam said he needed Bill's support, and Bill promised he'd get the book thrown at Quinn. Liam elaborated that he wanted help with Steffy and Wyatt. Liam said that Quinn had manipulated them all. Bill intended to see Quinn behind bars for it. Liam replied that there was nothing he wanted more, but it wouldn't change the outcome or that he'd lost Steffy.

Bill ascertained from Liam that Liam's health had improved. Bill asked about the "emotional stuff" and wondered if Liam had seen a therapist. Liam responded as if he'd been dragging his feet on making an appointment. Bill knew that it sounded weird out of his mouth, but he really believed that Liam needed to seek professional help. Agreeing, Liam guessed it was a process.

Liam said it was amazing because he'd really thought he'd been Adam, and he'd only known how he'd felt about Quinn. "Which was that you were in love with her," Bill added. Liam agreed. Liam didn't know how to explain it, but he'd seen goodness in Quinn's eyes. Bill looked uneasy, but he let Liam keep talking. Liam said he'd seen devotion and trustworthiness. "Quinn..." Bill finally said with emphasis. Liam stated that he'd been far gone and unable to see clearly.

Liam remarked that Quinn was in jail, begging him for another chance. Bill wondered how many chances she thought she was entitled to. Liam related that Quinn had claimed to be still in love with him, and she wanted to be with him. Bill stated that it was because she was delusional.

Liam said he wanted everything he'd lost, especially Steffy. Bill empathized with what Liam had gone through, but he asked Liam to not worry about Steffy for the time being and instead focus on pressing charges and making Quinn pay for what she'd done.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Quinn wanted to know if Lieutenant Baker would charge her with something and remarked that he couldn't just hold her there. Baker said she could call her lawyer. She hoped it wouldn't be necessary and said Liam might not press charges.

Baker asked if Quinn had been aware that Liam had been impaired when she'd kidnapped him. Quinn replied that she had not kidnapped Liam. Just then, another officer announced that Quinn had a visitor, and in walked Wyatt, his sword necklace gleaming in the dim light.

The officers left the two alone, and Quinn thanked Wyatt for visiting. He asked if they were treating her okay. She indicated that they were, but they hadn't charged her with anything. "Not yet," Wyatt responded. She said to have faith; Liam might change his mind. Wyatt couldn't even believe that she'd done what she'd done. He asked why she'd done such a thing. "For you. I did it for you," she said.

Wyatt stated that Quinn had manipulated Steffy and him, too. Quinn explained that she'd thought she'd done what had been best. Wyatt said he hadn't asked her for any favors or help, and she should have stayed out of it. All he'd ever wanted was for her to stop messing with people's lives, but she couldn't help it. Quinn agreed that she couldn't when it was about her son's happiness.

Quinn noted that Wyatt was happy with his new bride, but Wyatt exclaimed that didn't make up for what she'd done. Quinn didn't mean that it should make up for anything, but she stated that he was where he was meant to be. Wyatt asked if she regretted playing house with and hiding Liam.

Wyatt reminded Quinn that Adam was a non-existent entity that she'd created. Quinn replied that Adam was the real Liam. Wyatt exclaimed that she was speaking of her least favorite person on the planet. She couldn't make sense of it herself, but she'd seen in Liam something she hadn't seen in any other man. She asserted that Liam felt as strongly as she did.

"It was make-believe, mom!" Wyatt said. Wyatt added that Liam hadn't known himself or her, but when he'd remembered, he'd wanted nothing to do with her. It was the very reason Quinn was at the jail. Quinn said Wyatt could help Liam see that she was an obsessive mother who'd believed Wyatt was better off with Steffy. Wyatt doubted Liam would agree.

"Then tell him I love him!" Quinn decided. Wyatt grimaced and grumbled, but she said Liam had to see her for the woman he'd cared about. Quinn was desperate and said her fate was in Liam's hands. She told Wyatt that he had to talk to Liam and convince him not to lock her up.

Later, Wyatt arrived home. He text-messaged Steffy to ask if she was at work. He asked her to get home because he missed her. He tossed the phone aside and wrestled with Quinn's insistence that he help her out with Liam.

Back in the interrogation room, Baker returned to continue questioning Quinn. He asked how long she'd planned to hide Liam and keep up the marriage charade. Quinn said Liam had wanted to be there, and he'd been happy and peaceful. She said it had been a beautiful time. Baker questioned her about her intention to take Liam out of the area. She explained that they'd been packing up, but their destination hadn't been mapped out.

Another visitor interrupted the session. It was Liam. Quinn's eyes sparkled. Liam said he'd gotten a message and had arrived as soon as he could.

Baker explained that they'd been holding and questioning Quinn based upon Liam's statement that she'd kidnapped him and held him against his will. Baker wanted to know if Liam wanted to proceed with charges so they could have Quinn arraigned and put on trial for a possibly long prison sentence.

Baker said it was all up to Liam and asked if Liam wanted to press charges or not. Quinn looked at Liam, almost imperceptibly shaking her head.

Liam has a big decision Liam has a big decision
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
by Pam

At Liam's, Liam flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Lieutenant Baker. Liam remembered that Baker had asked him if he was ready to press charges. "You want to press charges or not?" Liam recalled that Quinn had shaken her head at him.

Lam's phone rang and returned him to reality. It was Lieutenant Baker. "I can't hold Quinn much longer without formally charging her," Baker said. Liam answered that he would be at the station shortly with his attorney. Liam hung up, and Wyatt showed up at Liam's home. Wyatt asked to talk to Liam, but Liam said he was on his way to the police station.

Wyatt begged Liam not to press charges against his mother. Wyatt understood that there was no rational explanation or excuse for his mother, but Wyatt maintained that Quinn needed "more help than we ever thought." Wyatt added that Liam drew out good things in Quinn, and he worried that all of that would be lost if she was sent to jail. "She'll have to harden up just to survive," Wyatt said.

Liam was unsympathetic. "She stole my life from me, and she gave it to you. I'm not gonna let her get away with that," Liam replied. He pointed out that he would be married to Steffy if it hadn't been for Quinn's interference and manipulation. Wyatt refused to argue about Steffy. He argued that his mother was bright and funny. "Have some compassion. Show some generosity," Wyatt begged. Liam said he had to leave. He shook his head and walked out.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill discussed that Liam had asked Justin to accompany him to the police station. Bill was grateful that Justin would accompany his son. "She stole his life and held him hostage," Bill said of Quinn. Justin agreed, but he said it would become a "he said, she said" story. Bill worried. He reminded Justin that he was on Bill's payroll, and he had to look out for Liam's best interest. Justin left.

Later, Wyatt visited Bill. Wyatt admitted he had stopped at Liam's. Bill assumed it had been a fight over Steffy. Wyatt disagreed. He admitted he'd asked Liam not to send Quinn to jail. Bill argued that Wyatt was wrong. "You're not doing her any favors. She thinks she can get away with every outrageous thing," Bill said.

Bill added that it was not Wyatt's decision. Bill was confident Liam would press charges. "I'm sorry, Wyatt. She's going away for a good long time." He added that Quinn had no one to blame but herself. Wyatt maintained that she didn't deserve prison. Wyatt added that he hated what she had done to Liam, but she was his mother, and prison would not help her.

At the police station, Quinn paced a room and flashed back to when Liam had told her that he loved her when they had lived together at the cabin. She remembered telling him that she loved him. She smiled. Lieutenant Baker interrupted, and Quinn asked if Liam had pressed charges. She maintained that she was not a criminal. "Maybe misguided sometimes," she said.

Quinn's attorney entered and told her she shouldn't have been talking to the police. He asked to speak to his client alone. Lieutenant Baker said that Liam would be there soon, and he would either charge her or let her go. "I believe Liam will refuse to press charges," Quinn said and smiled.

Baker left, and Quinn's attorney told her to remain quiet during the meeting. He ordered Quinn to avoid heartfelt appeals to Liam. Quinn said she understood. "I have so much to prove, and I can't do that from behind bars," she said.

Baker entered followed by Justin and Liam. Quinn immediately started to chatter. She maintained that she and Liam didn't "need lawyers and cops." She addressed Liam and acknowledged that she had done him wrong, but she had never lied to him about her feelings. "You know that we had a connection," she said. She begged him to honor their commitment. "Please don't send me to prison," she said. Liam looked conflicted.

Quinn's attorney maintained that Liam had never truly been abducted, and the sex he'd had with Quinn had been consensual. Liam argued, but the attorney forced Liam to admit that Quinn had never restrained Liam or held a gun to his head or a knife. He further quizzed Liam about how Quinn had taken care of him. She had picked him up in the parking lot -- she had not pushed him or hurt him, and she had never barricaded him in her cabin. "You were free to leave," he said. The attorney insisted there had been no abduction. Liam argued that he hadn't agreed to be there.

"Did you resist? Make advances of your own? Tell her that you loved her?" the attorney quizzed. "Yes," Liam said quietly.

"Did you ever say stop?" the attorney asked. Quinn smiled. Justin asked to speak to Liam alone. Justin and Liam left to talk in the hallway. Quinn asked her attorney and Lieutenant Baker about her fate. "What if he does press charges? What about bail?" Quinn asked. Baker and her attorney said a hearing would be set, and everything depended on the judge. Quinn's attorney said her past deeds could indeed return to haunt her.

Outside the room, Justin and Liam discussed that proving Quinn had been trying to hurt Liam would be next to impossible in court. "Do we even have a case?" Liam asked Justin. Justin maintained that there were a lot of gray areas, and Quinn had a lot of strong arguments. Liam admitted he didn't want to go to court and let the whole world know what he'd been through if nothing would happen to Quinn. Justin agreed it was a difficult case to prove.

Liam and Justin returned to the room. Liam told Quinn that she had stolen his life and kept him from medical treatment when he'd had a brain injury. Quinn tried to interrupt, but Liam stopped her. "I'm talking. I don't care about you. I never will," he said coldly.

Quinn said she should never have taken him from the parking lot that day, but she insisted her time with Liam had been the happiest time of her life. "I can be that woman again," she said.

Liam angrily told Quinn that she had cost him "the woman I actually love." He added that she had played a role and manipulated him. "You are the same conniving, scheming monster you were in the real world," he insisted. Baker interrupted and demanded that Liam press charges, or he had to let Quinn go.

Liam takes on Quinn Liam takes on Quinn>
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
by Pam

At the police station, Liam, Justin, Quinn, and her attorney, Ed De La Rosa, discussed whether or not Liam would press charges. Liam asked Quinn how she could ever imagine that he would have feelings for her. Quinn responded that she was hoping for a miracle. Baker insisted that Liam make a decision on whether to press charges. Quinn looked hopeful. "I want to press charges," Liam said. Quinn looked shaken.

Baker pulled Quinn aside and read her rights to her. De La Rosa spoke privately with Liam and Justin. De La Rosa reminded Liam that he had not been held against his will, and Quinn had consulted a doctor.

De La Rosa suggested that Justin speak to his client again. De La Rosa warned Liam that the trial would linger much more than a few days, and it would drag his entire family into it. He wondered if Liam really knew what he was facing. He walked away, and Justin whispered that Quinn's attorney was right.

Liam argued that Quinn had "screwed up my whole existence." Justin pointed out that her attorney would put him through hell, and it could all be for nothing. Liam was furious that Justin wanted him to let her walk away. Justin suggested that it was better than facing her every day in court.

At Spencer, Bill told Wyatt that Quinn needed to pay for her crimes and needed to go to jail. "She interfered in our family, and she's crazy and dangerous. She has to pay," Bill said. Wyatt insisted she didn't deserve to go to prison. He added that she had already lost her job and everything that went with that. He explained that Liam seemed to be "the only guy I have ever seen her have feelings for." Bill interrupted and said that it was imaginary Liam or Adam that Quinn had fallen for.

Wyatt added that he hated what Quinn had done to Liam, but she was Wyatt's mother. He had to support her. Bill said it was understandable that Wyatt wanted to protect his mother, but Wyatt needed to understand what it meant to Liam. "He needs closure," Bill said, and he added that Quinn deserved to be put away for a long time.

Wyatt worried that Bill had no room for compassion. Bill disagreed. "She's still breathing," Bill countered. Bill added that he had done nothing to Quinn after what she had done to Liam.

Wyatt maintained that Quinn had changed because of her relationship with Liam. Wyatt said that she had needed someone like Liam her entire life. Liam's gentleness had made her a better woman. Bill didn't believe it. Wyatt concluded that Liam would press charges. Wyatt hurriedly left for the police station. Bill called after him.

At Katie's, Katie played with Will and got him to eat an orange. She teased that he was the orange monster, and she was the tickle monster. Brooke entered, and she and Katie discussed that Brooke had been checking up on Katie. They discussed that after the misunderstanding the last time Brooke had been there, Katie had realized she needed to be strong. Brooke congratulated Katie because she hadn't had anything to drink.

Brooke said Katie seemed to be stronger. Katie agreed. She said she had started to see things more clearly. She worried that Bill had enough craziness to deal with because of his older sons and Quinn. Brooke agreed it had to be hard on all of them.

Katie acknowledged that she had not been supportive enough of Bill, who had also been hurt by what Quinn had done. "I haven't been there for him in a long time," Katie said. She added that Brooke's admission that she still loved Bill still hurt her and always would. But Katie quickly added that she would not use it as an excuse to fall apart. She announced she would hold it together for her son, her husband, and her family. Brooke was teary eyed and grabbed Katie's hands.

At the police station, Baker told Quinn they had some paperwork to fill out. De La Rosa, Liam, and Justin watched. Quinn apologized to Liam and admitted she deserved everything he was going to do to her, but she regretted that she would never have a chance to make it up to him. Baker said they needed to get Quinn processed, and he guided her out of the room.

"Hold on. I changed my mind. I'm not pressing charges," Liam said. Quinn smiled. Liam and Justin left the room. Baker filled out paperwork and said Quinn was free to go. Baker and her attorney advised her to stay away from Liam Spencer.

Outside the room, Liam asked Justin what he was supposed to move on to. Quinn had destroyed his life. Wyatt showed up. "What the hell is going on here?" Wyatt demanded. Wyatt thought that Liam had pressed charges, and he started accusing his brother of having no compassion.

Liam said Wyatt's mother deserved to go to jail, but he had not pressed charges. Wyatt thanked him and said it wouldn't have been good for her. Wyatt promised to never forget what Liam had done for his mother. Liam sighed.

Liam entered the room with De La Rosa, Baker, and Quinn, and he asked for a few moments alone with Quinn. "Leave us, please," Quinn said. Baker and the attorney left. Liam sat down. "Who are you?" he asked Quinn.

Quinn admitted that she had asked herself the same question. "You are a master manipulator," Liam said. Quinn admitted she had done plenty of manipulating. Liam lamented that Steffy was married to his brother because of Quinn. "Steffy was everything to me. I will not give up on her," he said. Quinn admitted she had hurt him, but she promised to redeem herself.

Liam countered that he never wanted to see Quinn again. "Forget about me. After today, we're done," he said. Quinn insisted that she owed him for her freedom and second chances. She explained that he had taught her goodness and the meaning of sacrifice and how to love. She promised she would never forget that, and she wanted to make him proud of her.

Quinn understood that Liam hated her, but she vowed that he would see her change. She was the woman in the cabin -- the one who had "goodness and tenderness -- your words. You made me believe in myself -- that I could be a remarkable, loving woman. I'm that woman who was in the cabin with you that you respected, and you admired and you loved," she said. Liam looked conflicted.

Outside the room, Wyatt told Justin that he was relieved his mother was free. He knew that she felt horrible about everything she had done to Liam, and she had been repentant -- a credit to his brother. He insisted that for as wrong as it had all been, Liam had changed her and made her a better person. Wyatt hoped she stayed that way.

Sasha is put to the test Sasha is put to the test
Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Thomas discussed business. Thomas had an expectant look on his face, and Ridge asked what the matter was. Thomas wanted to have Douglas that evening and spend uninterrupted time with his son. Ridge said the only one that got to call Douglas his son was Ridge.

Ridge reminded Thomas that the walls had ears. Thomas said to look, but Ridge quipped that Thomas needed to look. Ridge explained that, despite Rick, Ridge was CEO and in control. One day, Thomas would lead Forrester, and Ridge had thought a lot about grooming Thomas for the CEO position.

Thomas, in Ridge's view, needed overseas experience, and therefore, Thomas was headed to Shanghai. Thomas asked if Paris wasn't far enough away for Ridge. Ridge insisted the help was needed in Asian markets. Ridge called it the greatest experience of Thomas' life and said that, when Thomas returned, Ridge could tell Eric that Thomas ready to take over.

Thomas said it was still years away. Ridge replied that he still needed Thomas to be ready. Ridge claimed that there were commercial flights that went between home and there all the time, so Thomas could be back when he needed to be. "To see my son?" Thomas asked, and he added that Douglas was his son whether Ridge wanted to call him that or not.

Ridge insisted that he wanted Thomas to understand that being CEO meant sacrifices. Thomas wanted Ridge to be honest about wanting to get rid of Thomas. Ridge admitted that emotions were raw, and it might be good to have some space. He told Thomas that men raised other men's babies all the time, and Ridge cited that Eric had raised him instead of Massimo.

Thomas pointed out that Ridge and Massimo were estranged. Ridge said the situations were different. Thomas noted that Massimo hadn't known until much later, but Thomas already knew about Douglas. Thomas assumed Ridge wanted Thomas to man up and forget he had a son. Ridge told Thomas to do what was best for Douglas and added that Thomas needed to get on with his life.

Ridge believed the trip would make Thomas a better designer, businessman, and person. Thomas only contended that Ridge wanted Thomas on the other side of the world. Ridge insisted that it was to secure his sons' futures. Ridge was sure that if the secret got out, Eric would hand the business to Rick, who'd run into the ground, and he asked if it was what Thomas wanted.

Thomas asked if Ridge knew what he was asking of Thomas. Ridge believed he was asking Thomas to do the right thing. Thomas said he would be shipped off to Shanghai so that Ridge would enjoy his perfect little life. Thomas didn't know what Ridge thought had happened on conception night. Ridge got upset and yelled, asking if Thomas really wanted to have that conversation.

Thomas didn't, but he also didn't know if he could leave. Ridge said he loved Thomas, even though it didn't always seem that way. Ridge said he'd brought Thomas into the crazy, complicated world, and they all made mistakes. Ridge clarified Douglas wasn't a mistake but a great gift.

Ridge felt that he was giving Thomas a great gift so that he could take the Forrester reins. It was what Ridge needed Thomas to do. Whipping out a ticket, Ridge said he'd booked the flight, and Thomas was leaving that day. "This is something you have to do," Ridge stated.

At the mansion, Eric, Brooke, Vivienne, Nicole, and Zende gathered around Maya, Rick, and the baby, who was swaddled in a pink blanket. Zende and Nicole were preoccupied with talk of Sasha, but Rick called them over for an announcement. He and Maya had named the baby.

Handing Nicole the birth certificate, Rick asked if she approved. The name was Elizabeth Nicole Forrester, and Rick said they'd call her Lizzie for short. Maya said they were honoring Beth, Rick's grandmother, and Nicole, who'd made the miracle possible. Nicole and Maya hugged, and Nicole stared dismally at the baby.

Maya put the baby down and watched Zende and Nicole head into the kitchen. She followed the pair and overheard enough to glean that Zende wanted to be with Nicole. Maya hugged Nicole, and Zende said that he wanted to spend his life with Nicole and never disappoint her. He feared that he already had, though, because Sasha was pregnant.

Later, Maya had been filled in on how Zende had heard about the pregnancy. Zende said he didn't want to hurt Sasha, and he wouldn't turn his back on his child. "If there is a child," Maya quipped. Nicole asked if Maya also thought Sasha was lying.

Maya believed Sasha was desperate to hang on to Zende, and it was odd timing. Nicole said she'd told Sasha they'd find out if she was lying. Maya saw no reason to wait to find out.

In the living room, Eric, Brooke, and Vivienne discussed Zende and Nicole with Rick. They saw it as a hopeful sign that Zende had shown up at the hospital. Zende entered, and Rick asked if there was anything to report about Zende and Nicole. "Or should I pump Maya for details?" Rick asked. Zende replied that Nicole and Maya had left to take care of something.

At the photo studio, Julius griped to Sasha that he should be at the mansion with his family, but he wasn't because Sasha had wanted revenge about her paternity. As she put on makeup, Sasha said that if it was any consolation, she hadn't been invited, either. He wasn't surprised, given what she'd been up to. He said that getting pregnant by her sister's boyfriend wasn't the path to the love she wanted.

Sasha asserted that Zende and Nicole had already been broken up. Julius said Zende hadn't stopped loving Nicole. Sasha wanted Julius and her to work together, but he refused to get between his daughters. Sasha claimed she could help Aunt Viv forgive him if he supported Sasha and the baby. Julius said that if Sasha was pregnant, she should have nothing to worry about.

Julius expressed confidence that Zende would do the right thing by the baby, and Nicole would never stand between a father and a child. Sasha relayed that Zende had asked Nicole to return to him, and Nicole had agreed. Julius was pleased, but Sasha said things could still work out for her. She believed Zende loved her, too. Julius asked if Zende had said it or just made a baby with her.

"If that's what's even happening here," Julius added. The timing of the pregnancy was fishy to him. Sasha claimed that there was nothing fishy about it, and Nicole would just have to deal with it.

The photographer Jeremy arrived. Julius said he'd thought Sasha worked with Zende exclusively. "Obviously not, and if you don't mind, you can kick rocks," Sasha replied. Julius grinned at her dismissive behavior. She told him not to forget her offer for them to help each other.

Julius left, and the photo shoot commenced. Jeremy had problems getting Sasha in the mood. He guessed it was because he wasn't Zende. Jeremy asked if she and Zende were dating, engaged, or had kids. Sasha said she didn't have kids. Jeremy bet she wanted her future kids to be Zende's. She smiled, and Jeremy snapped away. Her smile faded when she remembered Nicole warning Sasha that she had better be telling the truth about the pregnancy.

Jeremy decided to end the shoot and try to work with what he had. She apologized and said she had a lot on her mind. Jeremy left. Sasha changed clothes and was about to leave when Maya and Nicole arrived. Maya assumed that Sasha had really thought that Maya wouldn't find out. Sasha claimed that an off-day modeling was no big deal. Maya replied that Sasha was pregnant with Zende's baby.

Maya called it awfully convenient of Sasha to trap Zende. Sasha was offended and asked Nicole if she'd told Maya that Sasha was using the pregnancy to trap Zende. "If you really are pregnant," Maya added. Sasha acted surprised and said she didn't even get the benefit of the doubt.

Maya replied that she was looking out for her sister. Sasha quipped that she was also Maya's sister, if Maya hadn't forgotten. "Sister-to-sister, let's get it all out on the table," Maya said, whipping out a pregnancy test. Maya told Sasha to show her sisters that she was telling the truth.

The flush-free pregnancy test The flush-free pregnancy test
Friday, May 27, 2016

In Ridge's office, Ridge tried to convince Thomas to take the necessary steps to become Forrester's future leader. Thomas contended that the steps were far away from Douglas. Ridge said Thomas would be there for Douglas, just not under the same roof, which was better, in Ridge's opinion.

Thomas wasn't convinced that it was about business. Ridge explained that Rick would figure it out from the way Thomas interacted with the baby, but they could use Thomas' trip to kill two birds with one stone. The trip would keep Thomas out of Rick's sight and also gain Thomas some knowledge.

Thomas asked if it was really the best option Ridge could muster up. Ridge said it was for the company, for Douglas, for Thomas, and for the family. Ridge reasoned that Thomas had to prevent Douglas from growing up in a scandal. "Go to China. It's the right thing to do," Ridge concluded.

Later, Ridge was sketching with Douglas cradled on his left arm. Caroline said it would be a lot easier to do if he put the baby down. Ridge didn't want to let go of his boy and said that it was a training session. He said it had been the same with Thomas and asked why she thought Thomas was so talented.

Caroline asked where Thomas was because she was supposed to review a sketch of his. Ridge relayed that Thomas was probably packing for his Shanghai trip. Caroline cooed that it was nice of Ridge to give Thomas a vacation. Ridge replied that it wasn't a vacation; it was an indefinite transfer. Caroline questioned the reason for it and for not sending Thorne or Rick, the head of International.

Ridge explained that they'd had a lackluster quarter in China. Thorne was too busy, and Ridge didn't want to work on Rick's résumé. Ridge wanted work on Thomas' so that Thomas could take over instead of Rick someday. Caroline reasoned that it was a long, long way off, unless Ridge was surprising her with a retirement.

Ridge wasn't, but he said that if he died in a day, Rick would take over. Ridge didn't want that, so Thomas had to be ready. Caroline said Ridge was being morbid. She asked if there was any other reason and if "we" really needed to send Thomas halfway across the world. She stated that she'd promised Thomas that they wouldn't shut him out and that they'd keep him involved.

Ridge said that Thomas would be involved -- from a distance. Ridge cited what Thomas had done by taking off with Douglas and said it was too dangerous to have Thomas around. Caroline replied that Thomas wouldn't do it again. Ridge agreed, saying it was because Thomas wouldn't be there.

Ridge felt that he was doing what was best for everyone. He said Thomas could mistakenly say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Caroline didn't believe Thomas would because he knew what was at stake. Ridge said Thomas had just been there, saying, "My son this and my son that." Ridge stated that if someone like Pam had overheard, everyone would know.

A morose Thomas entered with a bag. He asked for the files Ridge wanted him to read. Caroline asked Thomas if he was ready for Shanghai, and Thomas sadly said that he was. He asked, "May I?"

Thomas picked up Douglas and marveled that he would be much bigger the next time Thomas saw him. He said he'd miss Douglas more than Douglas knew. Ridge took the baby and handed Thomas a plane ticket. Thomas glanced briefly at Caroline, who shed a tear as he exited. Once Thomas had gone, Ridge uttered that it had to be done.

In the photo studio, Maya held out a pregnancy test and told Sasha to prove that she was having a baby. Sasha told them to trust that she was pregnant, and Maya suppressed a laugh. Sasha asked if they thought she was lying, and Nicole remarked upon it being convenient. Maya said to just take the test. Sasha replied that she wouldn't, but Maya stated that Sasha would indeed.

Sasha was insulted by Nicole and Maya's expectation that she'd take a pregnancy test right then and there. Maya quipped that Sasha would go to the bathroom, not remain in that spot. Sasha said she didn't have to prove anything to them. Maya decided that she and Nicole would inform Zende of the refusal, and he'd demand that Sasha take it.

"I already took one," Sasha claimed. Maya and Nicole were in agreement that taking another one wasn't a big deal. Snatching the test box, Sasha decided that, as ridiculous as it was, she'd do it. She strode out, and once alone, she stared worriedly at the test.

Outside the bathroom, Sasha encountered Jeremy, who was waiting for his wife. His pregnant wife rounded the corner, and Jeremy left to pull the car around. Looking at the wife, Sasha noted that she must be due any day. The wife responded that she was overdue and would be glad to get the baby out so she didn't have to pee every ten minutes.

Sasha told the woman that maintenance had said the toilets were broken, and no one could flush the toilet. The woman decided to wait until she got home, but Sasha assured her that maintenance didn't mind if she went -- she just couldn't flush. Sasha explained that pipes would burst, sending water everywhere, but she encouraged the woman to use the bathroom. "Just don't flush," Sasha added.

At the mansion, Eric was glad to hear that Zende had changed his view about Lizzie's birth. Zende said that if Nicole could forgive him for being a jerk, he'd love to pick up where they'd left off, but it was complicated. Rick didn't understand the complication because Nicole had never wanted it to end, and a baby was no longer between the pair.

"Unless maybe there is," Zende hinted. Vivienne asked what he meant, and he revealed that Sasha was pregnant. Vivienne couldn't believe it was happening after all Nicole and Zende had endured. Brooke said the pregnancy didn't mean that the couple couldn't move forward together.

Zende stepped away to take a call from Nicole, who wanted him to get to Forrester in time to receive the pregnancy test results. Zende informed everyone that Maya and Sasha had gone to Forrester to deliver a pregnancy test to Sasha. "Good for them. They should be bringing her a pregnancy test," Rick responded. Zende didn't think Sasha was lying, but he said that if she was, he was about to find out.

Later, Thomas arrived at the house and asked Rick, who was alone, if Zende had just sped off. Rick said Zende was late for something and asked why Thomas was home in the middle of the day. Thomas relayed that he was packing for a business trip to Shanghai. "Really? How long you gonna be gone?" Rick asked. Thomas didn't know and guessed it would be until Ridge said the job was done.

Thomas went upstairs. Eric entered and inquired about Rick's pensiveness. Rick asked if Eric had known that Thomas was headed to China. Eric hadn't known but remarked that Ridge was interested in expanding their presence in Asia. Rick quipped that Ridge was expanding his presence everywhere.

Eric told Rick to stop obsessing about Ridge and concentrate on what was good in Rick's life. Rick said he was thankful in life, but becoming a father had given him an overwhelming sense of responsibility. It reinforced what Rick already knew -- that Forrester needed to remain Forrester. Rick had a Forrester daughter, not a Marone. He believed the company should carry on through the Forrester bloodline. Ridge shouldn't be in charge; Rick should.

Later, Brooke and Vivienne were in the living room instead of Rick and Eric. Brooke believed a doctor was still in order. Vivienne hoped a negative test would make that unnecessary. Brooke asked if Vivienne thought Sasha could be lying. Vivienne said she wouldn't be surprised because of Sasha's history.

Later, Rick and Eric were alone together, back in the living room. Rick said the CEO position should be his. Eric replied that the decision had been made. Rick countered that decisions could be reversed. "If need be," Eric added. Eric said Ridge had proven his integrity, and Eric had no intention of replacing Ridge.

Back at the photo studio, Zende had arrived. Sasha entered and got upset that her sisters had called him there and that he couldn't take her word for the pregnancy. Maya said not to get upset with Zende because it had been Maya's idea. Zende said they just wanted the truth and asked to see the test.

Sasha handed it to Zende, but he said he didn't know how to read it. He gave it to Maya, who said the test was blank. Sasha said it would take a minute to register. Nicole asserted that Sasha wasn't pregnant, and Maya accused Sasha of lying to hold on to Zende. He asked if it was true.

Sasha said she couldn't believe Zende had asked it. She glanced down at the test and said she saw something. "Is that what I think it is?" Sasha asked.

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